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. V
1 fail rou;DD iti . battle Me :i
"R. SMITH, Hakalau't invalided veteran, and the two tags
-that sent him on hit Vvay to ?Blighty".
fw - tra utko Hunt, t
KmasfAfililSttkM Pre.
WAMK S.fll Tyt W.R UNIT Ife.
Wwi4 01 P
"TT TSf " . -In A S.u4.-IH.
4 l Qua Wimi
Pi KB :; , Nu! ,
'i''w 5 hit" I'Sj v
(Concluded from
the Manic and Rliciins ithc British Btforcd advances, taking 20CT
prisoners ami forty machine gups. North of the ( )nrc llicre-wre
Ml hifatitrv rntraL'cmcnL'i. At that time''rt:norts fn mi lieailnimrtoi's
i. ah tl 3ffjri'jja'( tliat' the enemy was evidently making preparations
lyr luuiRT rrireai norm oi me iviarne.
; l.ast nilit, said French reports received at an early hour this
'morning, the French smashed a strong counter attack and captured
,a, thousand prisoners. ..... -l
niouth of Soissons yesterday the French advance continued and
crdnsedThc Soissons-Thicrry road north f-Villcnioiitcrre, opposite
tfucr.ancy. .....
W. R. Smith of Hakalau, who was
badly injured by a ( German bIioII in
night battle on Viray Bidgn, on April
9,, 1916 and la now back is, the Islands,
4fishs two ordinary-looking taps as
among the most treasured war relics.
Om is the card pinned to hie elothes
when -he was picked up on the battle
field by the 'stretcher bearer. The
other is his "Mighty" ticket.
' The card which was attached to him
Xt the first aid dressing station, con
tained the surgeon 's brief notes of his
Wounds, ' his name, rank and number.
As each successive surgeon looked after
him, lie glanced rtt the fard and knew
exactly how' to handle him, without
asking 'many questions.
After serving in n base hospital un
til he wan able to be transferred, to give
place to some newly-wounded arrival, A
"bllghtly" tug wns tied to his clothes
and he wns shifted over to Kn aland,
quit a happy soldier, for "blighty''l
is England, and it means the best of
hospital attentions.
The first eard is placed in an en
celope of eollnloid to preserve It from
being damaged by water or blood.
Tonight at the Y. M. 0. A. Hmith
will give a talk on the war as he saw
it on the western front, his narrative
made :np of experience which eame to
his personal attention. In Addition,
there will be shown some ' now war
film. This will he Mr. Ntnith V lirst
lecture effort, nnd being an island 'mart,
the 'Y" officers arc preparing to sent
a full house in the big lecture hall.
23, 1918. -SEMI-WEEKLY.
mtis pMiTSto
' I
(Concluded from Page 1)
and substantial portion of the Russian
people can stand alone against the Inva
sion nniK'ortdermininir of the Hun.
Ship Board Prepared
' British and Freneh operations are un
der way, and American military ma
chinery Will soon be in operation. As,
already forecast, the men of America
will go from the West Const, some prob
ably from Camp Kearny and some un
doubtedly , from American Lake. Just.
hew large a diversion of American ship
ning'to ttiriflo service will be necessary
fal not known, but that the Shipping
Beard fa in i position to care for all the
Fernanda necessitated by this expedition
is known.
While Jto intimation of the Trc
idrtnt'n attitude eon be obtained from
the 'White Hou-e, it is definitely as
certained that the other governments
have started their machinery nnd it is'1
S definitely known that such aetiotl
waa absolutely contingent on the con
sent and cooperation of the American
' government. '
IIBllTJNv Via London, July 23--(A-soclated"
PrVssi---" Fighting 1h Prance
oa Wnndayi'Wnii n Complete success for
the German, nt m." was the official
report issued bv the war ministry . last
night.' "All of the Allied assaults
were repulsed at every point."
'sc w. a. a.
WAftHtKTtW, July 22 (Official)
Farmers IhMtughortt the United States
are being iirged by the department of
agrieulf ure to IncreRvc the area planted
thU Yall 't winter wheat to a 'tdtal of
47S,000,o6ft ieeea which it is estimated,
would 'wVh tfofsial growing Conditions
produce imre-e of 66,1)00,000 bush-
w vn the. total .yiciii and lnsnra the
' BrasVest PrrtO of winter whent in history.
Important Modifications of Regu
lation Received Jn , Cable
Message From Crowder
Irepcbucan territorial platform
respect has been productive of prac
ticttl resultH in some matters, and has
created an atmosphere which will
eventually lead either to stntphood, or
freedom' of action on the part of the
Territory almost equivuletit thereto.
Home BuIa . . . ,
The following is the platform formally drawn up and adopted at the Ko
publican territorial convention yesterday:
The Republican party of Hawaii in
convention assembled for the purpose
of adopting a platform, pledges first,
foremost and all important, its support
of -the war policies of our country.
Militarism must be wiped out) denioe-4-acy
niiuit'rUle. We pledge each dud
every Republican candidate for the leg
Mature . tu. siuuqrt ,
dor wBiifli nfiiVed'tlte delegates to tho
first 'Continentnl Congress of the Unit
fed Sttes to adopt the Declaration of
dndopomMice, every measure which
will help win the war, and win it now.
The Republican party in congross, and
in-very $tate of the Union hits, in
support of 'war incasureH, disregarded
partisanship, and within the Territory
of Hawaii will follow that course
where success in defeating of our en-
oinics is involvod.
More than a million American young
men are already in France in the uni
Fornf'of the United Hfatos, where, with
the assistance of our Allies, they will
wip 'from tho earth military despot -isjii,
that menace to freedom of the
world. Millions more nre ready to
,ioiu them if nm oKsary. To all of these
the Republican party of Hawaii sends
cheer and encouragement. Their sac
rifices shall not be forgotten in the
years to come when peace is restored.
The record of the Republican party is
clear and illuminating in this icspwt.
Tho necessities of soldiers who hnve
fought for the honor of our couutry
have always been rcrogui.od find cared
for. Fidelity to the ilug of our conn
... . .....t i... ti... t......i.i:
w,, ...o..n ..,.,..., v v... .,.... ' . ...i.:,!.,,,. i i. ,iiriu,.t,i ,:... i
of the ueeds und neceisities of I , ,,
vaiitis, wiiosc iiim-noii snH.li oe to cuii
Tha r Republican1 ijiarty hits from its
organization in this Territarv bm
h the same ar-i coaiujUCjl W 4hfJdVe of home ruin.
principle and demand that, except as
modified by tho necustrities of war, Ha
waii be permitted toy settle her owp-.
prohlems ami her aflnirs be ihIiihiiis
tereel by tier own citir.ens, ami in this
connection wo cull attention to the,
constant violation, by the Democratic,
jmrty of the spirit Of the Organic I.aw
iind the exress declaration of its
platform in not ty tne sectional ap
pointment to the jinliciary and other
positions of men who are not within
the spirit of the Organic Act.
Public Lands
We believe that any amendments to
our Organic Act of the laud las of
the Territory should, before enactment,
Hrst receive the sanction of the Icgi-t
latuie. We held, that the Territorial
I Democratic adminintrution has utterly
! failed to encourage or assist the home
Bteaders in their endeavors to secure
homes, whereas it has nlways been the
I policy of the Republican party that
homcstcading should bo upheld, nni
prospective homesteaders encouraged
rather than discouraged,
j We believe in tho creation of n com
mission with broad powers, to be ml
alj the privileges .of citizenship, and
should ahnrc the burdens of government'
with men. We believe Hint this right
should be granted to them, and this
burden cast upon them without recourse
to a referendum, in nrder that at tho
first election succeeding the next sea-'
alon of fhe legislature, all women with
in the Territory of Hawaii shuM hnve
the riirht to vote,
We plodire the representatives of
cur party during the war to tho utmost
eeonomv iu the administration of pub
lic nffairs. consistent with the public
weal, in order thnt everv man and
every dollar available to Hawaii maV
be poured forth against the common
Graduated Tax
Believing that the' burden of Ter
rifctfriaJ taxation should lie more efjuH
nbly adjusted th.in af preiferi, we ad
vocate the enactment of a graduated j
mx law, oy ine lorms or wnicn
percentage of taxes on sain lies
Hueorees shall increase in proportion to
the amount of such salaries and iu
U Tenement Legislation
Believing that tenement house life
party of the ueeds und necessities
the soldier who has shown that fidcli
ty, and for the widow or orphan when
he has lost his life in the service.
Hawaii recognizes the coumgoj pu
triotisru and promptness of her soldiers,
whether volunteers, national guard or
drafted men, and we pledge our sup
port to them and their families while
they are battling for our Ijberties and
our laud, and we further pledge our
legislators to the enactment of such
legislation ns will give each nnd every
soldier of Hawaii the vote who is elig
We reeogni! thnt the outdoor lifo
of u soldier singularly fits him for
agricultural pursuits, and wc therefore
idedge the party that in proposed
mendioents to the laud -laws of the
Territory of Hawaii ,:to the needs of
our returning soldiers shall be care
fully studied, and that wherevor pos
sible preference rights in and to the
public lauds shall be granted to them.
A careful survey of all lands should
t om-B be made, ami also aln extensive
research into their condition und
adaptability for use and occupation by
Hie soldier who lias served his coun
Our Delegate to Congress ,
Wo heartily endorse the course pur
sued by our iHdegate to Congress, .1.
K. Kalanianaole, in his efforts uni
formly successful, in the interests of
the Territory. By reason of his in
tlinate aciiHiiitHiM'e with departmental
routine, his long experience at our
national cspitol, ami his close anil ac
curate knowledge of the ueeds of our
oWn people, his services, particularly
at the present time, have been inval
uable.' All of the niiiiienins appeals
atfeing from the situation created by
the was made to our Delegate hnve
bpea expeditiously, satisfactorily and
successfully responded to by him, and
lie cannot be commended too highly for
his close attention to his constituoifta.
Particularly do we endorse the
course of our Delegate in his endeav
ors to secure for the people of the Ter
rrtory the largest lui-usure of Inline rule,
and Ihe right of our people to enact
laws for I lie solution of all home pruLj
li'ins. His consistent rourc in this
trol all agreements between mill own
ers and homesteaders concerning the
distribution and sale of water, the man
ufacture and purchase of products, nnd
the division of proceeds between the
mill owners and the homesteaders; and
thnt snid commission should be grant
ed full power to make pulijic nil facts
rebitive to tho separation of the same.
We believe that with a government
commission working sincerely and earn
estlv to advance the interests of the
small producer of the staple crops of
the Territory of Hawaii, hnmestetulinir
will be a success, and our public lands
will eventunllv be dotted with prosper
ous. contented any happy homes.
We favor extension' of the Organic
Act so that it will be possible to sub
divide pastorul lands into small ureas
of not less than one hundred acres and
not more than five hundred acres, for
the purpose of promoting ranches under
citir.cn ownership. By the adoption of,
such an extension the evils of the pros
cut system, under which only wealthy
corporations and individuals are per
mi t oil to lease from the government
large tract of land, will he remedied,
anil individual citizens "of moderate
means will be allowvr to compote iu the
leasing of- such lands.
Prohibition '
We command the prohibition bill
passed by congress und of which our
representative, Delcirnto Kuliin, secur
ed the enactment. Thai law, fecogn'iK
ing the principle of home rule, provides
for nossilde submission , to ,vie 0f t ln
people here the issue of prohibition two
years after the conclusion of peace.
Woman Suffrage
We favor Ihe enactment by the next
legislature of the Territory of Hawaii
of u law grunting to all women who
are citizens of the United Stutos tin
right to vote.
The Republican party was the pioneer
of this movement within the Territory
of Hawaii, and pledges all members of
the party who may be elected to eon
suniiunle the movtmeiit instituted by
the party. We firmly boliny thai the
women,.tf :tlie Territory , are entitled to
is not conducivo to the physical orjnud.--tq
WASHINGTON-, July 2:; (Official)
-r-Ainjiir.aO-,cit: miners established a
new reeotfj for production Inst week
when for'th seven days ending July'
JJI, there Wa'"mi nod l'l,--13,000 tons of
bitumiuuup -AOtkl,, it is announced by
the fuel administration. This was an
increase. ! -0,01)8,000 over the week
ending Jily,1.J and is 1,031,000 tons
inure than-kkv average weekly require
meat's MvbftitpR to figures ;ootn piled.
The speeding up of the production
the of bituminous coal is brought about
and I with several objects ifi 'vlew. The zone
system, uhch. n.nkes it necessary for
the states fn a particular zone to use
the cHd '.pro-tlicedjit Jthst cone so us
to suvC 'transportation. ' As anthracite
coal is miwd chiefly in I'ennsvlvnnia
.q jtwTinuOMsia ttxrut - in some
moral welfare of our people, we favor, puna of tbe Kucky mountains the larg
the -abolition 0 tenement houses. We ; er pSrt of the country must uso bilu
pledge all Republicans who shall be I minoua coal.
elected to the next legislature of the I It is desired to obtain a sufficient
Territory of Hawaii to support a law
the Territory of Hawaii tho broadest
permissible under the Organic j
deul with the subject. 1
Act to
We believe thnt o law should be
enacted by which all attempts ut pro
liteering may be severely punished. To
this end the powers granted the food
Commission by tho law of 1017 should
be broadened in such a way that the
Coinmii'sion may be given ample pow
ers to investigate fully all profits enm
11I by individuals or corporations with
in the Territory during the war peri. id,
and thi.t the law should be further
amended in such a manner thnt vjn'due
adanee in prices which may be dis
loscd by such in watifntion may be
1'rovisinn should likewise be made
MiHt mercantile licenses shall be re
yoked or refused where such investiga
tion shows an unwarrantable advance
in the prices of commodities.
We endorse the public school system
in Hawaii, iiirluding the College of Ha
wnii, as developed under republican
principles, and further endorse school
policies which will extend the benefits
of the system to tho portions of our
population iu need of enlightenment
i n the duties of Americuu citizenship,
and their training along vocational and
particularly agricultural lines.
Recuperation Camps
We urge that the proper territorial
oili. iuls usk the Uuited Htates Govern
uient, without deluy, that suitable siti-s
in the Islands be selected nnd used us
recuperation camps for returned in
juretl.ior iHn-hi soldiers who would
be benefitted by the superior and unique
climatic advantages of Hawaii.
Federal Farm Loan
We favor the extension of the Fede
ral Farm Loan Act to Hawaii, and iu I
the event thnt the provisions of that 1
act cannot be so extended, we favor I
legi-dut ion extending similar advan
tages to the farmer homesteader in this
In conclusion, we feel that we will !
go before our people at the coining !
general "Mectlon iri November, Confident
tl.ef Hie'VeVoid of the Republican party
in "hf,"'pnst, and the adoption of the '
foregoing principles will result in over I
whelming victory, both for our caudi
date for Delegate to Congress, and our ,
candidates for the legislature of the
If, when the legislature assembles, the
war has not lieen concluded, the mem
bers of the Itonohlicnu party wrll be
There upholding our country: if it has
been concluded with a vic tory, ns it will
be eventually, our Republican members
will be tbcre, making their first enre
that of the returning soldiers, ami of
the widows nnd orphans of ' those who
have not returned but have given their
lives for liberty and democracy.
accumulation to pi-event a repetition
of lust year's coal fumine.-
Anthracite coal i best suited for
use on steamships, especially for the j
navy, giving less waste and more hint j
for its bulk and not throwing off 11
heavy black smoke.- It is desired to I
conserve anthracite coal for that pur
pose and many homes and business
houses tbst formerly used anthracite
have hud to adapt their grates to tin
use of bituminous.
( i' . j
WASHINGTON, duly 2.! ( Associat
cd I'rcssi In order to insure mi a, li
quate supplv of southern coal for the'
New hlnglan I states the government '
has taken o- r the ('ape Cod canal, j
This will further relieve the railroad.-,
and is designed to keep barges steadi
Iv moving fuel from New Yoik ami 1
other southcih purls.
- W. I. .
OY8TKK H.V, July 23 (Associated
Pressi RooMM'lt will not again make
the race for governor of New York
state. He positively declined the
Invitations of the opponents of (io
ernor Whitman, who is BCekiug the no
nitiatlon. , '" .
Other ican.li latns liavp offered to
Htep aside if the former President
would consent to Again occupy the
'chair that was Ins before he Was elect
ed to the i- e presidency but till of
these offers he ha thrust aside and
hus said his decision' is Anul.
1 Wl.H,.'-'.,
ROME, .luK ( Associated I'rcssi
--Owing to tin I'levalcnce of the grippe
fpiikrUiitiiie regulations have been put
into effect which prohibit the holding
o f all pu'bllc meetings including church
services. The epidemic is of the t pi
ll nowu as Spa n 1.1I1 grippe.
LONDON. lulv L (Associated
Press) - A ust 1 m ' euhinet has resigned
ns was foreia-t in the despatches of
Sunday. The resignations have been
accepted to I., .-nine effective upon Hie
announcement of n new premier bv
Kit-g Churles and Hie SVlectinn of a
cabinet by him.
List of Non productive Occupa
tions Is Enlarged Non-Et-scntiflls
MVlr Und New Job
New and important modifications and
explanations of the "Work or Kight"
regulations were received yesterday af
ternoon by cable by Onpt. H. -Gooding
Field, selective draft officer' of tha Ter
ritory, from Provost Marshal General
Crowder, of Washington. These latent
rules appreciably extend the 'Work r
Fight" rules to inolude a great many,
who, by the first reading of the regula
tions, were excluded from its provi
sions. . ; .
Because ( that the message received
by Captain Field is of very grant in
terest both to employes and employers
in tne islands.
How Thty Stand
For the purpose of making the wtatua
of the "Work or Fight" rule plain as
It 'now si anils, the original selective
service regulations are here given, and
the text, in full, of the cable -received
yesterday which modifies them, a read
ing will enable both employers and em.
ployes to know just where they staud
What the Law Says
Section 121 K of the regulations de
flues non productive occupation or em
ployment as follow! - '
"In the present emergency it ia not
posaible to extend the protection of de
ferred classification to those registrants
engaged in certain occupation or em
ployments which are nonproductive.'
"There is a great demand for labbr
in all productive occupations and em
ployments, and especially in agricul
ture and other necessary industries.
Therefore, registrants who have been
given deferred classification and who
can engage in some productive occupa
tion or employment Without substan
tial financial loss or hardship to them
selves or others should be willing to
seek so hie productive; 'occupation or
employment or enter the military 'ser
vice rather than remain in an occupa
tion or employment in which they are
rendering no effective assistance to the
"If a registrant is idlo, he, of course,
is not occupied or employed at all, and
his status of idleness furnishes ground
for the withdrawal of hia deferred
classification or late Order number; and
the regulations applicable to idle regis
trants shall be doomed applicable also
to gamblers of all description and em
ployes of ruce tracks and bucket shops,
and to fortune tellers clairvoyants,
liiulmlsts, ami the like, who, ror the pur
r..Au..u i.AUA P.....,t..A..u i.nii 1... ......
sidered us idlers.
"The employment or engagement of
any able-bodied registrant of military
ago in any of the following occupations
or employments is not sufficiently effec
tive, in the present emergency, to justi
fy the' postponement of his call into
military Bttrvice, notwithstanding Jie
may-have a late order number and not
withstanding he may have been placed
iu Class 11, III, or IV ou the ground
of dependency; and all registrants en
gaged as follows are 'to be considered
by local and district boards as engaged
111 nonproductive occupations or employ
ments: Must Change Work
(a) Persons engaged in the serving
of fond and drink, or either, in
public places, including lintels
und Hoi-inl ctulw;
(b) Passenger elevator operation
and attendants; and door men,
footmen, carriage 'openers and
other attendant in clubs, hotels,
stores, apartment lionscs, ollice
buildings, and bathhouses;
(c) Persons, including usheis and
other attendants', engaged and
occupied iu and in connection
with games, HKrts, and amuse
ments, excepting actual perform
ers in legitimate concerts, operas,
or theatrical performances;
(d) Persons employed iu domestic
(e) Hales clerks and other clerks
employed iu stores and other iner
I esiitile establishments.
I The New Modifications
I The full text of the message modi
fyiug and explaining the above is:
"I. Paragraph A of Hection pji K
does not include managers or clerks,
cooks or other employes, unless they
are engaged in the service of food nmf
drink or either.
"J. The words 'other attendants'
Iu paragraph B of Section 121 K in
elude bell boys am) , also include por
ter iiiile. such porters are engaged in
heavy woik.
Parngraph O of Hection 1 i! 1 K
includes, in addition to ushers, and oth
er attendants, all persons engaged and
occupied in gnmes, sports nnd amuse
incuts, except actual performers in legi.
timate concerts, operas or theatrical
pei formers. '
"4.- Paragraph U tif Hection 121 K
does not include public or private
chauffeurs unless they are also engaged
in other yctupations or employments
frmlStrf'' WWfc'-W . -'U
In Down Town Store
"5. Paisgraph E of Section P-'l K
does not iuclndi) store executives, mini
agers. superintendents, nor the I I-,
of such deportment as accounting.
It nu in- in 1. advertising, credit, puiclia
ing, delivery, receiving, shipping and
pr, William Henry Fry, superintend
erll of the Methodist Episcopal mission
In Honolulu, lias returned from a trip
tp the eastern pnrt of the failed
Htates, dining winch he was thorough
ly Impressed with the belief that Ha
waii is not a whit behind the efforts
of any other section of the nation in
her war act ivi t ies.
Ho asserts that he has een more
women knitting in one week in Hono
lulu than he saw during his three
months' travel in the Htates. Doctor
Fry was 111 Oregon on the Fourth of
July and witnessed pnrt of the. ship
launching celebration on that day.
Doctor Fry arrived bock in Han Fran
cisco from New York in time to at
tend the "Hawaii Night" of the Ad
Club contention at the Stewart Hotel.
Ho any he was much surprised to find
so many Island people there.
w. a. a, .
Iloaotal. July 2. 1913.
1-1 A Union In, Mil.
Ilrrwor A Co
The Hilo Hoard of Trade has voted
that it would be a mistake to hold a
tivic convention this year, on account
of the war nud disturbed conditions
genernllv; am! has so notified the Maui
Cl.amber of Commerce. This would
seem to put the ipiestion, now, up to
the Kauai Chamber of Commerce and
the smaller organizations of Honolulu,
the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce
having already endorsed the conven
tion. Members of the Maui chamber
in. the. city yesterday stated that the
Valley Isle stood ready and willing to
pull off the convention or to abandon
it, as a majority of the commercial
organization might elect, '
w. a. a. '
AMSTERDAM, July 8 (Associated
Press) Of the Province of Branden
burg' forty-three diundrcd church
"jells, SUM) have been claimed by the
German army authorities for gun metal.
Some Whk-h have gained a respite for
nrrietie and historical reason date
from the early hplf of the thirteenth
w. 0. a.
Kws rinritatton Co. . .
Jtslkn Slig. Co
Ilnw. Airctl. Co
lis. C. A H. Co
IIhw. Hng Co
llonoksa Hng. Co
Ilniiiiiiiii Pliant- Co
Mntelilnann Hug. I'tant.
Kshiirn l'lsnt. Co
Ki-kaha Hug. Co
Kolna Hub Co
Alt llryii.- Kuvnr Co., 'Ltd.
Onlui Una-. Co. . .
Olns Kllgnr Co.. Mil
Oiiotneti Hugsr Co
Pan it lis 11 Hug. t'lant. Co..
1-Mclhe Hng-iir Mill
Pills 1-lnnliilton Co
IVMkf-o sartfsr Co.,
Pioneer Mill Co
Him Carlo M. CO.. Mil
tfitlntna Airtvtl Co
W'alluku 8K"r Co
Endau Dev. Co., Md
Knwl -Cooper Mining1 Co
Il.lku F. A I'. Co.. I'M. ..
Haiku K. a I'. I n . Coin...
Hsw. Con. II v. Vr, A
Haw. Con. Ky. (V V
Hsw. Con. 11 v. Com
tlswallsn EliH-trlc Co. ...
Haw. I'lm-apple Co
Hon. II A M. Co. Ltd. ...
Hon. ) ., Mil
lion. K. T. A 1,. Co
Inter-Island . N. Co. ...
Mill. Tel. Co
ahn U. A I,. Co
I'nhanf Kubuer Co
Helsma-Dlnulni-. fd. . ,
Bme (H0, Pd.)
Tsnjoog Olak Unbber Co.!
Reach Walk I. D. BH..
I'smakna IMtch Co., as .
Hn. Con. Ry. (t . .'
Hsw'n Irr. Co., As
Hsw Tit 4 Kef. 1900..
Hsw. Tr. V Pah. Inn.
Haw Ter. l'uh Imp. 4
w-riM iHin-iwini
Haw. Terr'l. 8Mi
Him On X.'WH. Dr,,.
Honokna Mug. Co..
Hon. tins. Co.. Mil., ns
Knnsl Kr Co.. As
Msnoa 1. D. V. . . . ..
M ltrvile Bug. Co.. 0 .
Mutiinl Tel. Co.. ns . . .
Oabu It A I.. Co.. 5
Oahu Mug. Co..
Olas Hnr CO.. T.
Pacific QnDO A F. Co.,
Ban Carlo Milling.
1H ....
2m 54
J5 10
10 11
11SI ......
V-' I
1H0 170 I
14.1 144
in4 1
10 1
80V4 .....
The profits made by Japanese, ship
ping companies are attracting wide
tpread interest and comment among
British and American ihipowning in
terests, especially those of the Nippon
Yusen Knisha, which company is re
ported to have converted a'gross profit
of 4, 1)2 1,500 in 1914 to a gross profit
of 8fi,812,500 in 117. Tho dividend
has risen from twenty percent to sixty
per cent and the reserve appropriation
from 771,04)0 to 9,112,WI0. At the
name time the depreciation and other
allocations, which in 1014 aggregated
about .1,000,000, are this year HI,
5(I5,010. Other shipowners have made
plenty of money during the war period,
but it is doubtful whether any native
case can show uch remarkable nd
vances as these.
- wv. a.
77 V4
10 '
Onomes. 33. 4.150; McRryrte, 130, 8.00.
Osini. a. 31.K7H; H C. & 8. Co., 10, 40J0;
Vt'iilnluu. r. 24 ..TO.
June 1-4, IBIS -'
W analysis beets (no adrlcea).
UU9 fVnt fTnr flaw Rtinn .
July IK. 1018
New Vork
(No qooUtloB).
tew; York stocks, i
NEW, VOKK. Jnly 23 (AaaocUted
PreM Following are I be opening an4
closing 'quotations of stock In the Mew
York Mark yesterday.
Information has renehed the Kred
Waldron Coin puny that a rescue ship
was despatched from an Anstrnliuu
port to get the crews of the .lohu
Murray and Annie Larscn which wore
man-one, I 011 Maiden Isluud utter the
two slii were wrecked iu the same
SXt. i'or a while it was thought it
might be necessary to have a trans
I'ucilii- liner change her course so tin
persons marooned on Maiden Island
could be rescued, but this was obviat
ed by the sending of a rescue ship
from Australia.
(iiner departments; iloes not m,
legislered pharmacists employe. I
wholesale slid retail drug stores
estatiliHliini-nt, and iloes
tui-cling m 1c much,
drivers, eleel ricinils
l.i 1 is, uphidsterers,
lining hea v sink
duties of 'I'lclk.
"li. The tvords
1. 1.
not Hi'
buyers, ,- h
engiuwrs, en
ay i-iiii
,. !-e
other clerks' in paragraph K of Sec
tion 1-1 K do include tho clericul force
in the oflice and in all other depart
mcnts of stores uud mercantile estub
lishmeuts. Reta.lt and Wholesale
"7. The word 'stores and other mer
cantile establishment' in paragraph K
of (Section 121-K include both whole
sale and retail stores and establish
nients engaged in selling goods and
" H. Til addition to the cases w here
reasonable excuses may be accepted for
temporary idleness or for being en
gaged in a nun productive occupation
or employment, local and district boards
have authority under the regulations
to withhold or postpone iietion for a
reasonable time in cases where it ap
pears that the registrant iu good faith
Is or has been selecting productive em
ployment, and that euch reasonable
postponement will enable In 111 to se
cure such employ men t.
Federal Employment Bureau
"9. Ical board are instructed to
cooperate with the state director of
the dieted State employment service
or local n .'nuts- of Such service, when
adtjsed of the appointment and loci
tioa in older that this agency of the
got eminent may be enlisted to a-sist
registrants engaged in non productive
occuplitions or i-Biplnved to obtain work
of a pioduitive character as s,,eii as
possible and with the least liuidship
or incioix enielleo to this end li-cnl
hoards should furnish to sucli dneitors
or agents the nunii-s and uddiesNes of
such legUtiaotw to whom nnt.ee In np
pear lias been given, sh-"il-l furnish
such diiectois or agents with the names
and nd'liesses of regislia-its who niny
iuitlire for i ufnrmiition in n-pect of
li i-hange of eniplovineiil and ret'ef ffll
egisirnnis leipiesiing si'h 1 n t 01 11 1 u Uoll
in vi 110
T B714,
6flU odVs
3S4 svi ,
07 M
7tVi 7714
74 73
87 M1V
00 80
"4 M
3S H2
x 7
149 lWlli
W14 tw't .
.-11 xtu, .
lrtVfc 15 .
145i 140 .
115 M
UO-s, o ;
VJM 127 -
34 83V
t o2
72Vi 72 ',
44 4.1
24 24-,
3)1 sn
H4 m '
40 4o
2 tMI '
1S2 irs
121 121
107 111
XI Nlii
.85 ,.
42T4 42.. '
-1 .)-.
American Sugar .
American Un-t
AssMriaterl till .
Alaska Uold ,
American Locomotive .
Auierk-an Tot At TeL ..
Amerli-en Huieller
Anierlcan Slept Fdry. . .
Atehlsoo Hallway
Anacwnda Copper ,
llulilwin Locomotive . .
Iliiltlrcoce A III1I0
Itrthlebem Htm! "If .. .
I'lilliornla Prtrolrum .
Central lalbcr
Canadian I'aHfle
c. M ft At. Fsrtl .
Colo Fnel A Iron
4-ruelble Htocl
Culia Nugar Cane
Krie common
(ieneral Kle- trlc
Meoeral llotors (new) . ..
tlreat Northern I'M
International Nickel . . . .
Keuuecvtt ('uniR-r
I-lilgh Vallejr Railway . .
Hew York -Central
Hay Consolidated
Kearllug common
Hoimblli-au Iron common
Southern I'ai-IHc
I11IU1I Htates lluhlx-r . ..
TexH OH .
I'uloa I'aelltc ,
I lilted Htates Ktecl
I tab
WestlTIl I'nlou
11. U TKx-DtTloViiU- ll'uijuounl.
HA. ritANCItiCO, July 23 (Awo-t-xl
fnmi-t-ullowiug are tb opulag aad
i-loslug iootatlon of -ngar and thr
stocks In the 8aa VrancliKe market fe.
terday: , ,,
Hsw'n Com'l
Ilawiillnn Hugar Co. .
Ilouokaa Hugsr
ulna Hugar Co. ..'
Oaltii Pugar Co. . '.. . .
Iluichlnaon Hnnar Co.
I'nauhau Hngsr Co. . .
(luoiiH-a HiiKsr Ct. . ..
Honolulu Oil
Honolulu 1'luHtnlluii (
Kllgels Copper Co. . . .
I'.IU .
4.40' '
1 Sules f-tcrh-i 11 'id ' Mates
I to the
il 1 n et 01 s or agent s of t he
cmplot men I sen ice. ' '
A "strong bo,' alleged to hav
coetaineil, liftt'en hgn'reil dollar la
coin, was reportml v stolen from the
-li'M-t office (if the Vell y'atfo' e
press couipuuy Miuii.tini( early Buuday
morning. The entire detcctivg force,'
after forty eight hour sleuthing, have
ili-cowrcd what they toy is the handle
of the brix. W.-Hs, Fargo official fail
to er plain why au'ch a sum bf mtmey
was left overnight in as little pro
tected a place ns, their station orlice.
To keep the deHectlvea on the jofc, g
reward, of a hundred dollars is. under
stood to hiite been orcrcd for the re
turn of the money. ' 1 '

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