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Until otherwise prQYlded, tha board of directors of the Company and
the officers thereof shall b
QEOROE SHERMAN President and Director
R. A. OOOKB 1st Vice-President and Director
O. R. REMENWAY 2nd Vice-Presldeut and Director
F. O. ATHERTON Secretary and Director
R. H. TRENT Treasurer and Director
Without a dissenting vote hut with would receive lH".r0 a share. Mr.
the stock of Goorg ltodlek, unvoted, ! Trent repljod that if tfie plnn went
the stockholders of II. Hackfcld & through Kodiek might consider himself
iv. ii. n i . i i certain to receive approximately that
C ompany, Limited, yesterday rH nrm-h a share.
resolutions providing for a null- of tin- -Mr. Milvcrton presented an amend
going business anil assets of the com ment to the proponed reitolntion which
pany to le funned and which will be was similar ,to the one adopted but
known ns American Factors, Limited, differed in thnt it provided that not
Thus was put into effect the first stage more than two thirds of subscriptions
of the plnn of the Custodian of enemy to the stock of the new company
property for the settlement of the af- should be paid in Liberty Itonds, thus
fairs of the big Ocrmnn owned con (assuring one third cash for distribu
cern.Wore an adjournment was taken f tion among those who, like Kodiek,
ntitil two -o'clock Monday afternoon, i wanted cash in lieu of their holdings.
Immediately after the meeting the Rood Defended
directors met and took a further step f The proposali of Mr. Milvcrton were
in determining upon tho officers of discussed at length, his limitations on
the proposed new company ami the I Liberty Honds meeting with strong
incorporators, who are the same as the opposition but the other features being
five directors. It is expected that tho : unopposed, his point on the advisabili
articles of incorporation will be filed ' ty of iimiiring an early distribution
this morning, or certainly by Monday. ' of proceeds was considered well taken.
No Real Opposition I Relative to payment in bonds Mr.
While no direct opposition to the ' Tront and Mr. llngens said there
plnns of th rnstndititt developed at should bo no attempt made to dictate
the meeting, suggestions of changes in to the custodian and that the limits
the text of the resolution were made tion would appear to be such an at
by F. W. Milverton, representing ! tempt. Mr. Trent added that whether
as attorney Gcorg Kodiek, F. W. Klo- subscriptions could be paid in whole
buho and Merman Schtiltzc, the purposo or in part in. Liberty Honds would de
being to limit the amount of Liberty pond upon circumstances but that such
Honds to lie taken in pnymont for trust bonds would not be taken If they had
certificates of stock in the new eon- been bought in open market fur the
eern and to expedite tho time in which urpose of use in payment for shares,
the affairs of H. Hackfcld St Company , Thus the discussion continued until
shall be closed up so that it will not noon whon an adjournment was taken
requir,. tho- sale of all of the trust
certificates before dissolution of the
present concern is brought about. The
plan of Mr. Milvcrton was accepted
in purt. His suggestion Hint not more
Ihan two thirds of payments for trust
certificates shall be in Liberty Honds
was changed to eighty percent ami his
suggestion for a speedy dissolution and
distribution of proceeds of sale wns
considered good and adopted.
Objects to Bonds
It nppeared to be the purpose of Mr.
Milvcrton, representing Kodiek, Kle
balm an I Hchult.o to huo it so ar
ranged that payments in Liberty Honds'
might be suflicient to pay the custo
dinn the share of the proceeds of the
sale of the business which the stock
he holds for enemy aliens' ntay ho en
titled to but that there be no more
bonds taken and that the minority
stockholders receive all cash instead 1
ol l.HM'rty Jloii'ls, in part, a contin
genev which might nrise.
The resolution as presented provided
for a sale of all of the trust certificates
of the American Factors, Limited, be
fore the dissolution of II. Iliickfebl &
Company he started. The custodian had
previously said that if the entire stock
of the new corporation was not sold
he would purchse the unsold part nnd
this made possible Ho' carrying out of
Mr. Milvcrton 'a suggestion.
Amendment Accepted
The amendment that was adopted
was as follows:
"That the board of directors of H.
Hackfcld k Company, Limited, will
then proceed to sell the said trust cer
tificates at a juice of one hundred Hud
fifty dollars ( if I "jli.tMi ) for each share
represented; ami II. Iliickfebl & Com
pany, Limited, shall be disiucorporat
ed, ami the net proceeds of sale of
haid trust certificates divided pro lata
(Mining all of its stockholders in pro
portion to the number of shares held
bv them respectively, and according to
their several classes and proport tonale
rights, as a final d i1 libut ion of its
assets; provided, that such dissolution
proceedings may Is the discretion of
the directoqs be instituted before the
sale of all of said trust certificates in
ant icipnt ion of the same being sold
pnor to the taking effect of the tit'.
dec of i isso'ut ion ; uml provided fur
thcr that the directors may at any
time in their di-cretion distribute in
the way of dividends any funds avail
able up to the lull amount of sur
plus and undivided profits; and that
the board of directors id' il. Hackreld
& Coinpanv, Limited, may in their dis
cretion leccive in payment or part
pav lueiit for any of said trust ccrtiti
cates not to exceed in tho aggregate
eighty percent (Ml'! ) of the whole
amount receivable for said trust cei
tificates, or sale thereof, in Cuited
Wales Liberty H inds computed at par
and the balance in cash."
Resolutions Pass
With this amendment the lesohition
passed by a vole of :;!I,mmi shares in
its favor. Mr. Milvcrton voted the
shares of Kleliahu and Scliiill.e in the
attirmat ivc ami explained that lie hud
not the aiillioiity to vote the two hun
died shales held by Itodick. lie was
to" cable Kodiek yesterday afternoon,
loeommendiiig his ucicptume of the
plan mi l uut hot i.at inn of the attorney
to sign the minutes for him, Kodiek,
ami an atlii iniitivo nn-wer is expected
When the meeting was called to or
di'i slnullv after ten o'ch'ck yestel
dnv moiiiiog, Kichaid II. Trent, rep
lesenlative id' tin1 enemy propel t cus
todiau and a director of II. Ilai'kfeld
, 1'i.iiipMiiv, Limit. 'I, gave a review
of the hit mi t i ii ri and explained the
p lupuses of the plan. It was the only
plan that was sat isl net oi v to the
todiau and iunt be adopted if
business of llnckl'cll Ji Company
to be coil' i meal.
Rod'.ok's Ideas
w a .
M .Milvctt.,
Scliiiltye and Kb
t Ii,' 1 1 11 . i mat i v e fi
(, .lick con-iden
i ni i Ii .''.'. and
I. I 1 hat
mild v ole in
n tie .l:in an. I that
.1 llackt'eld shares
wanted assurance lie
until two o'clock. During the reces
difficulties were pretty well adjusted
and when the meeting reassembled lit
tie time was lost before the Milvcrton
amendment was amended, added to the
resolution and the resolution ns thii'
intended wns passed. The agreement
was then signed by all sine Kodiek
slid his ratification is expected before
Monday when another meeting will be
Directors Meet
Following the stockholders meeting
there wns a short meeting of the di
rectors of II. Ilnckfcld & Company and
steps were tnken to incorporate the
new company as told above.
In the agreement which was annexed
to and made a part of the resolution
and ' in the articles of Incorporation,
was embodied the amendment previous
lv made to tho agreement and article
an printed so as to protect those w h
inav loan on trust certificates from for
fi'lture of the collateral. It is pro id
I'd that such loans must hae been
approved by the directors of the coin
pany but if so approved and the rer
tinYatcs Inter ordered forfeited, tin
amount loaned shall be paid to tie
creditor nnd only the balance forfeit
In the agreement, also, 'appeared tin
names of seven, instead of only live
trustees, to hold and vote the share
until three yesrs after the war, tin
mimes of A. W. T. Itottomlov nnd
I Wilcox being addud to Ceorge Slier
man, F. C. Atherton, Kicliard II
Trent, Richard A. Cooke, and Charier
It. 1 1 emeu way.
LONDON, .July 7 (Associated Cress
How n submarine which destroyed a
munition ship was itself crocked bv
the explosion is related in a ISritisI
Admiralty statement.
T,he ship was torpedoed without
warning by the I bout, which thei
rose to the surface and opened lire
with her guns. The (termini's seenn.'
round exploded in the iimiiiunit ion hold
No terrific was the explosion that fo'
loel that the submarine was ulmo
ilciuolishi'd by the concussion. Her gin
was lif ed anil lluni; sideways, her sob
was torn out nnd she foundered almos
as ipiicklv as the steamer.
A rescued member of the inunitio.
dnp's i row thus described his expo
r.enc e :
''Almost immediately lifter the sub
uwriue's second louud wc w ei t all eu
velopc l hi black i louds. Wc heoi
rushing, roaring, gurgling noise. Some
thing gave our boat an ugly twist an
threw no' overboard. When I came in
I fouled a blanket or taupauliii with
my he. id and right hand, and it seemed
a long tiiuii before I could get clear
Kvcu then everything-was still in dark
iiess. Then the uir gradually became
clear, and, seeing a boat, I struck out
for it and was hauled aboard. "
1. .
WASHINGTON, July 18 (Official i
Hy proclamation l'resiilent Wilson
has opened up more than S22K,(IOO acres
to homesteaders in the Nevada mouii
W. S. I. 1
moves Hie cause. Used the world oc,
'o cine a cold in one day. The sigtia
lure d V W. t.KOVH is oil each bo.v
Maiiulaiturid )y t'..e I'VKIS r'I '
wlNL' CO.. S. oui, USA
jljlo Has Our Sea
Monster Beaten
to a Thin Frazzle
Thft Boys Up There Can Tell
Some Regular Yarns of Horri
fic Bugs and Things But,
They yoj t Have Prohibition
Honolulu V little old sen monster that
rhewod holes in a swimmer off Wnikiki
Hoach last Thursday fades into msig
oiflcaoce alongside some of tho monsters
fhat Inhabit Ililo nod the region thero
about s. Whnt s n plnin, onlinary sea
monster compared to a centipede three
feet long nnd ns big around as a inan'.i
arms, sucn as is the subicd of discus
ition in Ililo vnrning circles I
Bllt then, Honolulu's drv, while the
prohibition iaV'e won't hit Ililo until
the twentieth of nevt month.
Here's the wav the Ililo Tribune
tolls the storv:
For many yenrs past the Knu dis
trict has lieen note. I for producing
the tallest flli stories thnt were ever
spread throughout the group. When
Bill Kpnnell wai abve and n resident
of I'unaliin he used to stiirt some of the
strangest ynrns ever heard. Hob Kor
rest, who also at one time resided in
Kau, was equally as noted for lisTi and
bird stories. Then the genial Harry
I'atten, who niitny yenrs ago resided at
Hllea, seemed to have caught the habit
nhd he has told some hummers during
the past. However, nil those stories
related to fish, eels or birds, and have
been told many times Tin
latest one
is a story nbout i
habits nnd is voucl
i ntipedes and their
ed for by the prom-
inent banker.
Talk Veers From Tish
There were several one time residents
f Knu congregate. I in ILIo on Satur
day night and the talk veered around
from onormous fl di and the catches of
'ornicr years to centipedes. Nobody
knows how the subject came up, but
Tom 'ook hnd something to do with it,
fdr it was he who mentioned the fact
'hat he once saw a centipede that was
at least twelve in lies long and as
hick as a broom handle, its body color
ed blue and gold auyl its head carrying
horns ns large as a cow almost. Tom
"ockoned that rrentuiv had been feed
ng on sugar cano.
Ilnrrv I'atten took a hitch ami then
old of the centipede that (lilbert, his
ion, had found ill the attic of Mick
'lichnrds' house tit I'uiicu the time that
V hole had to be cut in the roof of the
louse in order to get a; a beehive that
tad been established there some years
icfore. The honey began to drip
hrougli the ceiling and it wn-. thought
idvisnble to remove the sweet stuff and
also tho bees.
(ilbert, then a small boy. rt-.is keen
ifter honey and he, of course, managed
0 creep into the attic. He there found
1 t remeudoiis amount of honey, sixty
r seventy pounds. It was while study
ng the best way t get the honey
iway from the bees that Gilbert saw
omething crawling along tho joists.
The creature, w-a ,7'ju( Jong as that,"
Mid I'utten senior in telling the story
(retched his hands nbout three feet
part, nnd it was "as thick as that"
with another signal made by trying to
nelose his forearm with one hand. It
ns a centipede, sure, nnd it took as
Much killing as a snalie would have,
ieclared the banker.
"That centipede hnd been living on
'loney for some years," added Mr. I'at
in "and it certainly was a big one
"lure should Inve been two hundred
.minds of honey in thnt attic, but the
entipede hud lived high."
;ielp! Asfistanco!
Tom Cook gasped and then remarked
hat sometimes in the Kau district ecu
ipe.lcs were so plentiful that it was
hi 1. 1 to walk along the road without
leading on the creatures.
"Why, yes," butted in I'atten, "why
I remember once when there was mu- li
a in up niiiuka, the water scared the
entipcles ami they enme down in thou
amis from tho woods to the flat below.
They were piled up six inches deep as
In'v tried to escape the Hood and you
oul. I hear them talking. It sounded
I e a peace talk in the lleichsl ag. ' '
The meeting then adjourned in m
,'iice, although Tom Cook was hoatd
ii ii 1 1 ii . n g to liimselt us he walkcl up
he street.
"unidi'liit inn or mcrtT nf t In1 M.'iuk
.(' II ;i w;i i i m r Hi h1'i & i n 11 j h ti v i -ii
mi n r I'll ;ts n i- il'i I i t y I "it t hi r
hii t is nut ni ii firnu'-l lV t he iiiiiiihc
Knit of tit he r t' t ho lw i ti t rcaHt cl
III ;l HUl.-t.
Tint- far ljitl lmvt imt Izmir In
Mini informal il isciiHKion, t ho ruiimr
:iv, an I sm-li jiImiih ih lmvt I'itii
't 1 1 1 ' I thus in to i lually at o not ilrfi
' tr.
Jt N .ml.;.'.,. thnt th.' offer of the
tin jt'HH'11 ct V.trrirnn !rtor . I ini
tr t. to A. W. T lloUontloy of Bishop
('oni-anv i f ; i r i 1 - ii4poftFi ltc foi
I he i 1 1 en hit ion of t he rumor.
It' .-in h roiiH'il j;i t inn shoiil-l he cf
1 rrt 'J it w on l'l ha e toil.- olri a I lr
Ixwiiin oil ItiiMiifsi iiffaii'N in lloiin
Jit In. i'Sie in 1 1 v hm tu future loiihtin
as the I'ltins uf Itinnop & Coinpanv weir
iih-hnlfl in thoM of the Bishop Stieet
1 1 ii m i 11 ess renter project.
. fl. S.
Siimuel Wilder, sou of Mr. and Mo
l. Vihvr of 4li.il Street, hjis en
listed ill the I'll y tiMjt-vild Ijifiuitiy ain1
hopes to see finlitaiif.' in Kiauce. lie i
under the draft n;e and had to .senile
tl onsent of his parents to enlist. II.
left a position with Brewer & '0111
pa n v to joi n t he army.
Yomm Wilder comes from one of the
k ii man i na families of Honolulu, nhiih
has lieen proininentlv identified will'
patriotic work since the lieui mil ii(j ol
the war with (icrmanv. His mother
and sister Helen were in London when
the iMiropetin war started in l!IO, where
their sympathies for the Allies liei-nuie
vcrv prniiounred licfore returning to the
Government and Manufacturers
Take Steps Looking Toward
Vast Business Growth
NKW YORK, July 111 (Oflicinl)
doing hand in hand with preparations
for the winning of the war, .ire plans for
the extension of the commerce anil the
trade of the country nnd the drawing
still closer of commcicinl relations of
tho United States with the other na
tions of the world and especially those
of t bo Far Knst. Announcement of
two such plans, on" bv manufacturers
nnd the other bv the government was
made today.
Into Far East
The government s part in these plans
is told in the announcement by the
bureau of foreign and domestic com
mercp of a Fsr I. astern division with
C. M. Rishop of New York as its head.
This comes a Official recognition of the
closer relations that have grown up
between the Unite. I States ami the na
lions of the Orient. It is the first step
'.lie government has taken looking to
ward the development of commercial in
terrouse with them on a large scale. It
was made possible by the lirst appro
print ion that congress has ever made
for the specific purpose of developing
the far eastern trade.
The permission of the government to
American Ba'nkers to participate with
hankers of Oreat Britain, France and
Japan, in making a loan to China will
also, it is expected, have its effect on
business nnd commercial relational with
the Orient. While the details of this
loan hnve not yet been completed it is
understood that the share of til o Am
erican banker will be approxximatelv
!)().non,n(in. v
Manufacturers Combine
Plans of bnsines houses to expand
their trade in various sections of tho
world are announced bv the Allied In
.nstrial Corporation which reports that
for the first time American manufac
turers have formed a combination for
the development of foreign Irnde. For
tv four mill owners whose sales aggre
gate annually 100.11(10, (ion have author
:red n cornnration to send agents to
Central nnd South America. Culm, Porto
Rico, the Dominican Uepublica. the
Philii iiines. the Straits Settlements to
introduce their goods. Keeiprocnl en
eoiirngenient of trade is planned. The
firms include makers of textile goods,
henting and lighting svstems, chemicals
'enther nod rubber articles ami toys.
w. s. s.
Hackfeld Official
Suggests Name;
Wins Ten Dollars
Renton Hind, Consulting Engi
neer, Only One Who Foresaw
Choice of American Factors,
Limited, As Company's Title
Of all thus,
the eompanv
sin eshin- of
who f names fur
which is to prove the
llaekfeld & Coinpanv,
theie was jn-l one mnn who hit it
nyht ami so I: will not have to divide
the prize offeied to I!. H. Trent of ti n
dollars to the person who ave the
n.-line that shoiil I lie selected. Tine,
there weie s.....:il near uesseiM Imt
there wa no pi . ision inaile for them
Hid o the ten .lollar .lieek of It. II.
Trent was la
Kenton Him I,
lllickfeld A '
leae for the
I ii i Ii t mailed to If
. .insult i nu engineer of
.a . any, who will soon
I 'h i lippi ties.
at eoiltei.lenee that the
It is a ... ii'iai
Ita Hie W h le h a .
elected should hav e
I. ei'll till' sl'aest
II. llackt'eld A
tli.-iih his com
pany had n-a"
Ainellcnii Kact.
Ins only h 1 1 .
aestel n iini'it"
of an emidove ..I
ompa n v , Limit ed, a I
i 1 1 on with the com
1 no si i;n i flea nee a e I
. it . Limited, was no'
-lion. Mr. Hind sua
. i of different suitable
n-i hoppencd that
i.aars " t hat ha vo not
. i e se crul who came
: In mark. There w a -
0 I in tors ( 'iiinpaiiy ' '.
1 a fact ors, Limited ' '.
. t .a s ( 'ompany, I a nut
lie American Factors
names an. I it
of them met
Alllo ML' the
counted th.-r.'
crv close la
The Ao.eri.;
The Amei.a
' ' A mer.cn n I '",
d ", and "T
' 'ompany, I . i m 1 1
nl w iio let I
' conij any ' '.
As to ii nam
Xhleis & Cole
iwaid of Mi.
'ars for n a et
nltely nettled,
he miiy not la
' hat ten dollni
he re' ail 1 1
t'eld A Compni
ioiiig business :
it would, of
out .
It w as M i . II 1 1. I
t a ' t ho " a ml a
tor the successor ol
. there has been ti"
. tit 's offered ten did
.. name has been deti
is even possible that
ailed upon to puy out
..r it is possible that
. . Is I. much of Hack
iniiv be sol I as a
! if that does huppen
use, let Mr. Trent
I.I )MM ) .1 a' . 7 ( Asso. into, I I're s
The plev a 1 1 1 tu I -per '.h.ola.'e an!
the coining rest i i ' s on mi le o ' new -
papois, except ! ii "so who hae iln I
orders with news .iciitliur induced
the anthoiities ,. ..st the Hritish nn I
French Official " nmiiiiiiiiios outsj.lo
the Press lliil.au , Whitehall.
An interested yesterday watch
I'd the tlrst I a i it ten copy of the
lilltlsh Official be . put into its fiai.f
Illd It took .-a. III.
end ll
The san e 111V1.
he i ' I .-II. h (Ilia I
Ii s ' a hi I he
' el e .( ev a Inn a t . I
t roai t he u.aj'.t 1 1
ie lor then all d
as disjilav ed vv h-a
as , .!,.. I, , ; .
n. h In, i.' la :. i i
.1 a . a r an . u ' :i ,
n II I. at I e I s.
Sergeant Klein Is First To Be
Naturalized Under New Law;
Is Anxious To Fight Huns
t . ii,. (.
A mcri
ca took nn alien enemy yes
who has Veil ''-rVt n i 'Vol-
months to hae this hatmv fate bfall
him. Capture of ths willing prisoner
wns not mn.lc on the West Front In
the successful French-American offen
sive, but here In Honolulu, after he had
persistently importuned government
offldnls until he could no longer be de
nio.l his wish.
8er(t (inslnv Klein, is the happy
""prisoner." Yesterdny ho waa an
nlicn enemy, hut today Sergeant Klein
is nn American citizen for he had tho
distinction of heiutf the ,fat .alien
enemy naturalized in the Hawaiian Isl
and since war with Germany began.
H.V Idrth Hergeant Klein is a Hohe
minn, nml was a subject of Astria
Hungary, and a thorough "Kaiser and
llmpcror hater."
I'ntil very recently any hopes that
Sergeant Klein formerly had of becom
ing nn American citir.cn, seemed very
distant of realization. Then congress
piiHsc.l amendments to the naturahra-
'ion nw, wlm-li before barred the nat
uralization of nu alien enemy while the
L'ni'ed States was at war with Oer
:nnny nnd Austria Hungnry.
Sergeant Klein was among the first
to apply for this privilege after thia
news reached Honolulu. He has been a
most persistent caller at the federal
offices ever since, but did not have his
wishes grnnted immediately because of
the delay in the arrival here of blanks
from Washington. These blanks have
not reached here yet, but the federal
officers decided to give the Bohemian a
chance to become a citizen, and make
out the necessary forms without wait
ing for the printed ones.
Anxious To Fight
"Are you willing to fight against
Austria iliingnryt the sergeant waa
asked yesterday during the course of
his examination by Judge Horace' Vao
ghan. His reply was that he was not
onlv willing but anxious to do ao, and
had been so for many long years.
After this reply the oath was ad
ministered, and then the sergeant re
ceived the congratulations of all those
in the court mom. The first two to
congratulate him were two army offi
cers, who hnd appeared as hia wit
nesses. As proof that he wnnts to fight the
(iermans and the Austriaus, Sergeant
Klein is to be transferred from the
Qiiarterinnsters Corps, with which he
has been attached, to the infantry to
day, for which he had made application
so as tu stand a better opportunity of
getting "over thero."
S'-'gonnt Klein was recommended for
a commission ut the beginning of the
war but was barred from the promo
tion because of his alien euemy citizen
ship. With this bar removed he will
likeiy very soon be given hia delayed
promotion. . . ,
Dcaorted! Hun Army
Sergeant Klein oame to America
about five years ago, after he hail suc
ceeded in deserting from the Austrian
Hiintriirian army nnd escaping from that
country. Hut it was not army life
from which ho had deserted, as he
showed by joining the American army
two weeks after lie had landed in
New York.
"They treat a man like a dog
i hat count tv. It's different here,"
commented yesterday after he had
come nn American citizen.
Petitions for the naturalization
other alien enemies now in the army
will not bo tiled by the federal officers
until after the regular forms reach here
from Washington, it was said yester
lav. Arrival of these forms will be
announced as soon as they reach here.
"There were exceptional reasons for
accepting the petition of Sergeant
Klein," it was explained by the dis
trict uttorney yesterday.
When the mutter of the county
lai l;o't is out of the way nml
the l.onid of supervisors settles down
I" biiMin-HS Hgaiu, it is the intention
of Supervisor Mott Smith to get the
boa id interested in the enlargement
I i n I do elopment of the waterwoiks
'.stom of this rtty. The recent trow
I l ie which residents in Nuuanu Valley
and in the upper levels of the city
ha I in securing pure drinking water
luring the dry season has prompted
Mr. Mutt Smith 's activity along these
1 1 lies.
The Supervisor from the rock
ribbed coast of Kahala, according to
a statement which Jie made yesterday,
is in favor of the installation of a
dual water system. One system would
le siyiplied with artesian water from
'lie mountain springs which would be
used exclusively for drinking and do
mestie purposes and the other sv s
lorn would take care of the mil face
in I
rain water which would be use I
iiigatioii, power and titc prote.
purposes. Mr. Mott Smith is iilso
in of bringing here from Wash
on a ii expert from the geolognal
ev to go over the water situation
tins island and make suggestions
t he betterment of the local wate-
sit uat loll.
w. s a.
M NHQI'K F.T H, Michigan, July III
i ss.iciatcd l'rcss) -Three persons wctc
lil!e. I ami several hundred thousand
d. I la i s 1 worth of damage was do lit- i a an
explosion ut the nitrate plant of th
Aetna l.xplosivcs Company near Ish
peming, this state. ,
w. a. a
i Mistress in the stomach after eating
i iclieved by taUing one of Chiiuibel
lam's Tablets. Tty it the next time
v.. a eat moie than you should. For
sale by nil dealers. Heusou, Smitli A
Co, ltd, Agents for Hawaii.
Cutting Insurance
Rates Plan of
New Rating Bureau
Replacing of Tenements By Cot
tage Community Centers Is Ex
pected To Have Effect of Low
ering Premiums
New officer" of ihc board of Are
underwriters, who were named at the
board ' annusl meeting yesterday, and
new department thst was established
a fire insursnce rating bureau will
deal with the project of cutting insur
anee rates in Honolulu. One of the
active movers in the general plan of
lowering insurance rates is (Inventor
McCarthy, who, ns a fire commission
er before he took office as Oovernor,
had an active part in compiling the
new fire regulations.
The project of replncing tenements
of the city with cottage community
centers is another factor in the situa
tion which is expected to have a di
rect bearing on the question of in
surance rates here. The rating bureau
which was established is the first the
Territory has ever hnd and carries ont
a provision of nn insurance law nmen.l
inent enacted at the 1HI7 session of
the legislature. The rating bureau will
be under the control of an executive
body the members of which are: The
Bishop Insursnce Company, Henry Wi
terhouse Trust Company, von Ilainin
Young Company, Alexander & Habl
win, C. Brewer t Company, the Ha
waiian Trust Company and T. II. Da
vies ft Company.
In the past rating has been done
by the board of underwriters, but
this procedure is changed by the
amendment of the insurance law.
Officers of the board of underwriters
elected yesterday are: president, John
Waterhouse; vice president, Zeno K
Myers; treasurer, Henrv Waterhouse
Trust Company: auditor, Audit Com
pany of Hawaii; secretary, Bernard
r'roisett; executive committee. Castle
k Cooke, Schumaa Carriage Company,
B. F. Dillingham Company, Guardian
Trust Company, Hawaiian Trust Com
pany, F. W. Marfarlane and Secretary
w. a..
Queens Resort Under 100 Per
Cent Americans and New
Name Opens
NEW! YOBK, June 31 Officially it
was announced yesterday that the in
song and story for more than twenty
five' year famous Astoria Fehuotzen
Pnrk, located at Stninway avenue by
Broadway, this day into oblivion
passes and in its place to the public
the famous resort by the 100 per cent
good American name Astoria Casino
favorably known will be.
It is in this historic hall that for
the last twenty-five years every im
portant political meeting held has Ix-en
including such speakers as that 100
per cent American Theodore Roosevelt
and Carl Evans Hughea when they
among others of the United States
candidates for President were. During
candidate for Oovernor of the Empire
States, including such candidates as
William Sulzer and Charles S. Whit
man, has during his campaign the
famous ball visited, the largest public
hall in Queens. Here also the scene
of the famous speech of Judge Alfred.
Denton wns when ho in his famous
campaign for Judgte against Thorn
dyke C. McKcnnee os Kockaway Beach
Here also wHthin the last twenty
five years hotly there have been cam
pnigiia for Borough iPreidn'iit, Vtc.,
contested including such famous
speakers as Joe Caasidy and Maurice
K. Connolly, the KM) per cent. Amer
ican and of the famous Board of hsti
mute already twice by virtue of his
office ex officio a member. Yesterday
a souvenir announcement card of the
opening of the new Astoria Casino to
Mi. Connolly sont was, thereby the
recipient of nisnyi telegrams from his
admiring friends him making.
For the benefit of the public the hii
iioiinrcment that hereafter and under
its 100 per cent American management
on advance on the prices of beer from
the wood, soft dirnks, sausages, pigs'
knuckles, msde is that charged will be.
From the custom of dancing in the eve
nings no departure. Bring your wives
and sweethearts. Basket parties wcl
The public warned is that hciesf
ter under1 the stalwart American man
agement of Astoria Casino the custom
of the OerniHii language on the shoot
in" galleries or while at rifle practice
will tolerated not be, and all persons
in these cases suspected immediately
leave the park will be reipiested.
This rule will be with strictness en foil
ed and to lake effect immediately, the
propiietor himself personally respon
sible holding.
I'iAWDSKV, Kntfliui-I, July 7 1
uitt'l l'n"Mi A wIihIi- woinlun i-mu
ti-t'ii tmiN it'triitlv wanlt(t up on trn
h(n is l.finii utili.4'l tor war ni
;to4' I iv the National ShUhc t'oumil
I itvcri in r nht it i llt'-l Will HM I lr 1 in-i-r'M't'llnnt
for I tMtihtiM'n pnun l hIo-II-
Ii i le
the Itoni
will he nie.l it in
of phosphnt ii man ores
. t ease the nu ppl
foi the land
NKW YORK, July 7 . A -s
I'rcssl A (ieiiunii letter ijiim.
n record of (sM'iity six years of
in Soemerda was reeentlv sent
setAe three mouths in prison r'..r
ina'' thirtx 11m ctiffee b.-an-had
fallen fi a parcel po-l .
in the post otliee, sio s the ll 'lll
Little Interest Shown In Republi
can Convention Many Dele
gates Won't Attend
An effort will be made this morning
to arrange a caucus of Republican dele
gates to Monthly's ennention for
sometime this afternoon. All of tho
Hawaii delegates who will be able to
Attend at all will nrrive this morning,
and a part of the Maui delegation wil!
be with them. The remainder of Msni
and the Kauni bunch will nrrive to
morrow. What is almost the eve nf ,
the convention funis the proposed plut
orm contsined in a msss uf sugges
tions. The platform does not exist, in
other words, snd it will be up to the
delegates to get together this after
noon and tomorrow and whip it Into ,
some sort of shape, if the oriinal
idea of expediting business on Monday
is carried out.
There is unusual apathy in regard to
the convention, and although an effort
will he made today and tomorrow to
awaken a little enthusiasm, there is a
chilliness about the whole propodtion
which even the hot weather has seem
ed unable to dissipate not even hot
air appears to help. Making a pint
form is a dry business, anyway, ai.'l
as there has been no promise of any- .'
thing else nearer fireworks for the
coming convention, there has rome
about ii sort of "don't care much
cither way" feeling on all of the isl
ands, with the possible exception of
Maui, where some of the party leaders
have mnnnoed to work up a little steam. .
Delegates Who Are Coming
Nothing is yet known nbout the Hiln
delegation, which will arrive this morn
ing, no list having bqen sent down,
Vp to last night headquarters had re
ceived notices that the) following (M
Out of 1fl2) delegates would anrely bo
present in the convention, on, Mondavi
Second District, West'Haw ail TI. J
Ilolstein, (leorge C. Wntt, E. K. Akina,
John A. Mnuuire. TotaU our; en- ..
titled to sixteen.
Third District, Maul. ' Molnl ni ' and "
I.anal 1) T. Fleming W. A. Collins,
Oeorae II. Dunn. I'hilip 1 Pnli. Man,
uel I'estnna Kdward Wniahoo, I). Ku
amu, H. B. IVnnhaHow, George H. Cum
mings, 1'. J. (loudness, H. A. Wads
worth, C M. W. Knmai. K. J. K. Na- ,
wahine, Frank Y. Baldwin. (Jomes I'aa
chaol, W. B. Hardy. C. C. Campbell,
John Makahio, O. 8. Ooodaess, Joa
quin Vincent, S. K. Kalama. Manuel 8. '
de I'onte. K. .1. Waller, H. A. Bnld
win, H. V. Robinson Sr.. Wm. Weight, '
R. A. Drummond. Wm. 1. llaia Jr.,
John Fnssnth, .1. Kaalaunhi. Oeorge P. '
Cooke, J. I). McVeigh. W. .1. Ooodhne,
Chas. K. Manua. Total, thirty four;
entitled, forty.
Fourth District, East Oahn-r-Kmll A,
Berndt, A. F. Clark, Henry Frietss. Ed
Towse, Genrge-'MAcy, John K. Kama-,
noulu, C. 'Kamoa' Kealoha, Ilenry van ,
Giesen. John H. Wise, Carl A. Wide ?
mann, J. B. Enos, E. Buffandeau, II. B. '.
Bailey, Oeorge Maile, John Lucas, r.
U Withington, Clnrence 1- Crabbe, Wm.
Thompson, Apaki Manuwai, John Pan,
Sam I.eialoha, (Tins. Akau, Anthony Y.
Seto, f S. Achong. James J. Jarrett,
E. Faxon Bishop. Total, twenty sit;
entitled, thirty nine.
Fifth District. West Oahu Charles
Bridges,- Oscar P. Cox, John Gomes
Borate, Ruel Kinnev, David Douglas,
W. K. McPherson, M. K. Richards. R.
M. Duncan, Nagaran Fernandez, Wm.
A. Hall, James H. nakuole, Henry Vier
ra, Wm. H. Crawford, David F. Notlev,
D. I.. Akwai, D. P. Kauhini, Wm. II.
Knox and Wm. Kaka. Total, eighteen;
entitled, thirty three.
Sixth District. Kauai, and Niihau
John M. Kaneakun and S. W. Meliculii.
Total, two; entitled, fourteen.
Kuhio and Oohan
Kev. Stephen I.. Dosha declared
through the Ililo Tribune om Sunday
that "Kuhio will beat Joe Cohen bv
a five to one vote in the race fir dele
gate." Desha takes Cohen to task for
saying that Kuhio had never done any
hi in; for Ililo, and oiiits as evidence
to the new Federal building, which he
credits to the Delegate.
Profiteering Probe
It is stated thnt a plank to be pro
nosed at the caucus today for em
bndiment in the Republican platform
will urge that the Territorial Food
Commission or koi ither organisation
be given full power to make an ex
haustive investigat ion into profiteer
ing, if there be any, nod to fix pennl
tics for imposition upon nny concern 1
found to hnve unduly advanced prices,
particularly on food stuff's.
Abuna Again
Robert Allium, tritfhc polieeumn and
member of the house of repri'.-ent at i vs
will be a candidate for re election this
William II. MeClellu'l' who has lieen
by sort of common consent entrusted
with the duty of framing a platform
for the Democratic pnrty, has dug up
the musty records and past platforms
from the office of William K. Miles
and elsewhere and with a tros'v pair
of scissors and bottle of m"--lle;e is
turning out h o'atform which l.e avers
any true Houibon can eioss his henrt
and swear to auv day in the v celt an.f
Sunday, too. "It is mote pui'imi. to
make idnt forms. " he says, "when you
know how to go about it. Conventions
are only time and ttionev westers."
1.1. I'XSll. Ti-jiiM,
e.l I 'i ess i A not hci
sulTei cd a ioleot
Julv 7 AsNocint
border character
death here when
IUe Mdetete, an A me r iea n bin u aative
of MoiiHii pnrciitao. was a.iideulnl .
Iv shot ami killed by a drug crazed
Mcxii nu m loss south Y, Paso striM't.
As a 1 1 1 1 1 e i, I lender, an organizer of
N'exi '.ati frnteinal soticties and a par
ti'ia nt in Vi xiean imliticul ami r i
luti"liat a'Tans. Ahb'lcte was well
I nit-A a M .' the entile bolder. llo
wits a f I loud ol' the pool Mexirlllls anil
did iniieh ehata I a l.le work turning these
v.' t
-., .ft,f
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... I
Oi- 1"
1 -'fi '!
' Witt
' i'.l '
!,(.! ;
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in-' I
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, i c
k 41.,'
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