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J EW ATTACKS "it I lrln taken in. coui iter r
i niiL unmiiLU
Assaults Are Launched At Hair
Past Five o'clock Yesterday
Afternoon and Gain More Than
a Mile Before darkness Falls
Germans ' Bring Up Reinforce
mcnts In Effort To Check Ad
vance and Their Tanks Are
Quickly Driven Back
(Associated Press) At
half-past five o'clock yesterday
afternoon the Americans on the
Aisno-Marnc front, hoth on the
Soissons ami the Chateau Thier
ry fionts, hegan a new advance
and when darkness fell they had
pushed forward for a distance of
al'oiit a mile and a quarter and
were still advancing late last
night through the darkness in
the face of the opposition of
strrirgthened German forces, for
reinforcements had been hurried
forward in an effort to check the
hcn the new advance of the
Americans was started late yes
terday, afternoon and early laM
evening a vicious machine gun
fire ly the enemy hampered their
progress hut only for a short
time. Iong after darkness fell the
German artillery continued to
fire hut the guVis of the gains of
the Amef Leans from the new bat
tery locations were fully protect
ing tlit: advance.
In the course of this advance
several towns were captured and
more prisoners, field guns and
machine guns were ukcii in addi
tion to the total of seventeen
thousand reported earlier in the.
It this advance can he contin
ued a little further it will sever
the German lines of communica
tion and thi threatening danger
the' German omniauders recog
nized when they hurried rein
forcements in an effort to stem
the steadily ada:icing tide of
The German.-, attempted t
counter soon after the advanc.
started and sought to u-.c tank;
against the Americans hut the
hot fire that wa showered
against the tank", put a nunihei
of them out of scrviic and com
polled the rest to retreat, leav
ing the attempted counter a com
plete failure.
The American transport serv
ice is now undergoing a real test
and is meeting the demands made
upon it. Both in the transport
of the wounded and in the bring
ing up of supplies the service is
operating adequately.
tSorrt'tary of War Maker on Tlium
iluy saiit; "Tlii war ili'iartuiPiit ha
rettaved from (ii-iiural I'er-ihiuK run
tinnation of the opening of the coun
ter olTi'iini o. In thin Ami-rii-an tioopr
f uitfticiputini; lioth iin complete di
s yWotm anil hi units iu imsoi-iation
With French liv imoiiM. The tirnt ot
Joetived were everywhere attainwl.
While no ari-oiint ha Immmi taken it in
'ear that inaiiy priaoner have lieun
taken anil lare immU'rn uf kuiiu ami
muih war material eaplurixl."
ieneral Mitnh, chief of Mt a IT, at tin'
weeklv cnnfereiice of the hoU"ie miti
tary committee xuhl tliat eiuht 'In in
ioim of American troops inn lielievei'
to te reprefeuteil in the Allieil ti'ht
on the A'ihiic n . I the Marne. Hi
Btateil that the drive now umler wa
will not replace nor hunler prepura
tiotn for a )ireut Alliel offensive the
latter part of this year, lie e premed
gratification at the part Ainerii-ar
troops are pluying-
General I'ershiiiK in hm cooimuniipie
of July 1M atateil that Amcricanx co
operating with the French iu the at
tark ou the enemy 'a point iunx hetween
the Aimie ami the Mnrue (m-ni I ifiicl
the Oeruian line to a .leptli of ev
oral in lle, ciiptiiring masy pnuneiii
and garis.
lis saiit t hiit on July 17 uoui UIu-iiub
Scottish Forces lead, jivay and,
Australians Tpllow With
Another Success
.OX PON, July 80 (Associated
Proas) In a eurprtse attftck launched
yMteolny on the KUn.lcr. front, t j
tmh tronm swept the florniao out of ,
Meteren, io the It allium aeetor, inllirt
inp heavy easualttee and. ruptunon
three bun.lrod of tho gnrrieon mi l many
machine guns. A force, of Australians
ilrove forward and captured u tleiinau
tronch nystem south of Meteren, tak
ing eighty more prisoners and ten ma
chine guns.
Both attarks took the Germans by
I surprise and the,. British lops was
small, wbilo the positions taken am
of importance. Holding Meteren gives
tho British the advantage of the high
ground overlooking a section of tho
(lernian lines where Crown Prince Hup
preeht dinired to keep the movements
of his troops see ret.
fp to last ,night the Germans had
attempted tio counter attack to regain
thoir lost positions.
General Ilaig reports that German
raids in forco on the Bomnie. at Vil
lers Brcttoneaux and MorUineuurt were I
all repulsed.
Fail To Get Loaded Craft and
Loss of Life Is Small When
Three Ships Go Down
LONDON, July 19 (Associated
Press) Three , naval and transinirt
losses through the attarks of onemv
submarines were announced yesterday,
two troopships and a naval sloop hav
ing beeu drat mated. .There was no loss
of .life when the twa transports went
down, but a puniber of naval men are
believed to have been killed or drown
ed in the destruction of the. sloop. Of
the crew of the latter, which was lost
ou Tuesday, only twelve have been
brought to land.
The former Canard liner Carpathia,
of i:t,H(Kt tons, was the larger of the
two traniortB sunk. Hhe wns at
tacked off the roast of Ireland, en
route to the United Slates. Then
were no lives lost, all of her lifty
Hcvcn passengers and the members of
her rrew being rescued.
The second transort announced lost
was the Baronga, the date and loca
tion of this sinking not being an
nounced. The admiralty reort shows
that there were no casualties.
WASHINGTON. July 10 (Official)
Germany is having difficulty in se-t-trring
men to man its submarinos and
fears that if tliu truth worn known of
the losses being sustained through tho
wholesale, destruction of divers by the
Allies, it would bo impossible to so
euro enough men for the new ones
built to replace those loot. Thin is
evidenced by the oflieial dojHteheH re
cjvived here which show tho efforts
made to conceal these losses. A Gcr
man high commnnd naval order for
bids the publication of a statement
in- a death notice that the dead man
was a member of a submarine crew
unless the loss of the submarine bus nl
rnaly been announced by the govern
w. s. s.
WASHINGTON, July l -(Official)
The national advisory committee for
aeronautic division announces that it
has secured the serv ices of Dr. George
!c Rotheat, nn aerodynamical expert
of lVtrogrni1, in an advisory capacity.
Doctor Motheriit was lately professor
of splied mechanics at a RuMsian uni
vorsity and employed as tho technical
exert in Russian airoplnne factories.
He escaped after the revolution olid
ma le his way to this country.
He claims to have desitrned an en
tirely new type of aeroplane capuble
of making a transatlantic flight.
w a. a.
HAN FRANCISCO, .Tulv Pt-iOffl-
-:..t. I ut ILt'.lt... Ma,
York, United Mutes Consul General at
:,r,he -vl
.u,.u mt nk.nt il .luta in IlluCA nf
F.dward T. Williams who has resigned
to join the faculty of the I'niversity
of California.
The successor of Consul Miller has
not yet been announced.
w. a. s.
When You Eat Too Much
Distress in the stoma, h after eating
is relieved bv taking one-of Chamber
Iain's Tablets. Try it the next time
you eat more than you should. For
sale by Bensou, Smith ft Co. Adver
the Americans repulsed two detach
nients of ciieinv troopwnuriug French
helmets and coals.
Casualties so far as reported yester
day in the army were killed in action
five, died i f wounds one, of disease
sev en, other i iiiiscs one. The list of
Hounded gave I lie names of lifly-eight
severely wounded. One was missing.
Among the MurincssixttH.il were .killed
iu action aud elt-vcu died of wouuds.
.- -n i art fin
:ttV --i tt
Berlin fcdfniti Assaults "pAetrat
cd Lines At Some "Isolated"
Points of Front
ItKRMX, July 20 Associate! Press,
viu limlon) A omchil pimnirv of i
jho Imttle along tho ALin Morno frost .
wun inauoil yMtenlar. It ar
" Allied . troops, through a surprise
counter attack, broke into the Germs n
front on Thursday, driving wedges In
to the infantry and artillery lines t
itolnted points Vetwoca the Aisne and
the Marne. Those attacks forced
back the Gurmaa line,' but the posi
Iiohs wore later strong. henod and the
Alliel were pre fintcd from breaking
"rii;e July IS we hare taken" more
than twenty thousand prisoners."
A late oflieial communique last night
"The forces of the Crown Prinee
have rcpulsqd new French attempts-to
penetrate our' positions ' 'between the
Aisnc and the Marne, The enemy suf
ferc.l heavy losses in the repulse."
. . .-vr-r-T-.w.a...-
Will Decide On Methods of Dis
tributing Food To Allies
After Harvest Ends
LONDON, July 20 r (Associated
Press) Herbert Hoover, American
food administrator, arrived in Kng
land yesterday' to attend a conference
f the food administrators of Britain,
Frnnre, Italy and Oreeee, at which
t he European f od situation will be
carefully discussed and a general, sys
tematic plan of food distribution to
follow the present harvest will be
drawn np.
Masnd upon the needs of the Allies
and of the American . forces now aud
to be in the field daring the coming
vear, Hoover will prepare his plans
for food conservation throughout the
United States. The Allies will con
tinue to look to North and South Anier
icn for a largo proportion of their
food supply.
, W.
WASHINGTON, July 19 (Official)
At the opening of the put f inctory
session of the senate today where the
only business was to adjourn over
three days to the first of next week,
tho unusual seetacle was afforded of
a Japanrse clergyman delivering the
invocation. This was done by Bishop
llirawia of the Methodist Kpiecopal
Church nt Tokto who came to this
country t attend the an nun I confer
ence of the Methodist Church South.
spirit! ivoLf
WASHINGTON, July 1 (Oflieial)
--An o'lnial despatch from Zurich
says that the decision of the Poles
of Austrian Silesia to join the Csechs
in common opposition to the govern
ment of the (,'nntral Powers has pro
voked great enthusiusm in Bohemia,
and Montwn. Hnports from V'ienuu
say thut tl"- Austrian government is
having iuerrn-e-l difficulty in suppress
I ing the activities of the tj-cas nan
S'avs iu tin-it manifestations uf hog
, - - w. . a .
WASHINGTON. July l!) ( Associat
ed Press i Prince Tokugavva and his
colleague the Japanese imperial Re I
Cross MisMun were officially received
by President Wilson at the White House
today. They were introduced by Chair
man Davi-.uu uf the American lied
JI'NKAI', Alaska, July 7-(Associated
Press i lour government patrol
boats of the submarine type are HOW
located in Alaska waters nt Kufchikan,
Yalder.. Juneau and Bristol May to do
patrol work and make speedy trips
when necessary.
While no apprehensions am felt here
of danger from submarine,, the locating
of the chaseis has caused a strong feol-
ing of security.
IV. a a
Kl. PAs I Ten as, July 7 (Associut
ed I'll-". II Paso ice men must
weih eveiv piece of ice before it is
delivered at the back door of Kl Paso
homes. This wan the order of the
ity vieichinsster. It 1ms long been
he -prnctMe of the. local jo wagon
drivers to guc -h nl weights of ico and
the eoiiipln in- of slioit wi'iuht caused
WASHINGTON, Julv HI -(Oflieial)
The shilHillie bnltld to lav II 11 II ')U II C ld
that contra-t. have I ecu let for sixty
one Khips of t.lli.Hiui i.,ns den Iweiglil i
capacity, of tins .".'.Ili.KiMi tons will be j
steel sh.ii. mil the balance wooden.
AMSTI-.I.'D M, July Pi I Assnciated
press, A bliruiug Zeppelin fell lletir
Dttlhciin on Sunduy.
iunniffD m inMnriM
:Zl&w'mm gazette, xunsjaAV,
i Off Coast of Long Island;; -. -a .n,.
No Lives Lost, Is Report''..!
WA8HIN0TOK. Jly ll)-(AooUt
I'd I're); Sinklsg of the Tinted Htatet
n,,.-a h ih. . .in.,rmiit t..
day Beaorta rivt! by the irenart-
meni maicaie mat int'ic whs no ion
of life.
The announcement of the navy de-
imrtruent Bf 4h ainkiuc of the faiir
cruiser saidt - "The navy defrtment
bns received word from the tbird naval u,TH " uanieenipa oniy, ido van
department thnt the I nitod States fornla made way -for -new CsUfornis
Steamer Ban "Diego sank ten miles nd Hs nama waa ehaaed 4o the-Baa
so u then st of .Fire Island l.iht at half
past tea o'clock this mommy.
"One b Bit-or and two boatloads of
the cppmi have been lumled at a life
saving station on. Long Island. Other
survivors art in boats and fnur steam
ers are standing by. s. far as has
beet) aseertamei there hns been no
loss of life.
"The cause of the sinking has Hot
yet been determined.
Th Man Dlun a an smnred i
crnMc.r of l.(W0 tons displneement and
her complement was 1 1 14 officers and ;
Tha armored ; cruiser Snn Diego is
well, known la .Honolulu where she has
often sailed when, she was known as
the- California -She was here at the
optra ing of Pearl Harbor when she wa '
Mi's'l of tha I'scittc neet or wnicn
soclated lrees) Meet augar pro
iIin tion ia to. establish' a new
recoM this year according to the
foreeast of the department of ag
ricultare which completely up
sets the rather pessimistic reports
that have been made.
Estimates of the sugar beet
cjop for'the yeur 1918 as fore
cast by-he department of agri
culture wre given out yesterday.
The forecast is for 6.247.000 tons
of beets which is 267,000 ton
more than last vear and estab
lishes a'aew high record.
- w. a. a. -
WA8HIMGT0N, July 19 (Official)
President Wilson lias signed the I gent by tll ,neriran Bed Cross fas
Rivur and Harbor Appropriation Bill ( soon as a 'ship which has been e
whioh tarries au appropriation ,of I cured for the purpose can be des
20,000,000 for tho year. It is one 1 Ptrhed. The stoamor will carry. ,
T ' ' 7, large cargo composed of food, clothing
of the smallest River and Harbor BUls .,i n,,,,!;,,!,,. ..rincluallv. !
that has been passed In mnny years.
It continues existing protects and
provides for emergencies but makes no
provisions for any new important
w. C. 8.
LONDON, July 7 ( Associated Press) ,
--. The old time book buyer has almost i
disappeared in London. His place lfis
been taken by the new patrons of lit
erature the niunilion girls and the
young women employed in govcrniiiunt
departments "d who are earuiug mo'.'
money than they had ever dreamed of
receiving in wages in their younger
"The girls from the niuni'i'.ns plnn'4
Slid other branches of the iro- erum'"t
service buy books in iin nt.it inn that
would surprise people who do not know
them," said a london book seller re
cnnt.lv." They have taken the place of
the old tinier of whom we all were ho
fond. Oolite a number of girls come to
my place and buy a five or six shilling
novel every week; As for the cheaper
editions of popular novels, our difliculfy
is not to sell them, but to obtain sufti-
cieut stocks to supply the trade.
w. a a.
UJNDON, July 7 (Associated Press)
Schoxil boys in Groat Britaiu huive
orgiini.ed this year on a more exten
sive t.cale than ever for work during
the summer on the farms. Thousands
of' boys have retrpouded to the call for
volunteers and are spending their vaca
tions in the couBtfy to aid the farmer
in any sway possible. Tlie boys are paid
on a "piece work" erale.
For agricultural workers of eightocn
years old and over io "Nortlihampten
idrire tho agricultural wages board re
cently doeided upon the luiniuiuin rates
for the summer, designating thirty shil
lings for a six-uay working week nf
fifty four hours. After October the
minimum wage is to be the same for
tin eight hour day, with one duy 'a rest
each week.
W. . -,
A MSTV.RDAM, July 7- ( Associated
Press i The plnrl to connect Eiiroipe
with Asia by bridging the Moxporus
ha n 'W assumed a more tangible shape,
iic or in iz to 'he Osinsnis.-he Lloyd.
The bridge will have separate tracks
fin :i rnllwnv, a tram line, aud for
vcl i. olnr and ie rinn iiillle. Its
to' ii I leii'flh will be -.-'SI yards, nil. I
its eievafio.i 140 feet nbove sea level,
ho us to allow for the passage of the
lurgest vessels.
july ; Sii. wsHu-weekly. '
t a i i- i i m m mm mm . a k bi h m. mm
. ... ' . . V
v -' J it'lV
aha rav one .ox
crular known, . a .of the California
tka Wlfl. vi-f .....i.
of this type were the Wert Virginia,
wiaryiaou, v-oioraao, noutn midu lia
PitUburr. : Hhe wa laanohett 4b Jlpril
nd wai a twenty-two knot eraft.
ni k waar oeetoea vo no tonjrrr
"na erulaers for. states, aueh aamea to J
Mego, While la port here she has been
eeo by thousands" bf Honohilans and
hundred have bcn"alard of her. , .
' The report, of tho navy department
does not assign a cause for the sinking.
Fire Island i light 1 at the entrance
of Great South Bay on the south vfcrtrti
of Long Island and 4s about sinty
- hillrs from the entrance of New York
harbor. . . ,- a.-...
It tho Ran Dlegt has encountered,
aubmarine It will mftrk the closest ID
Poneh. of one of -the enemy diver
to New forkharbor since their
appearance off tho Atlantic Coast more
than a month ago. '.mi these diver raid- j
rs or other, enemy craft. have managed
to drop a aoatact mine anch practise
would serMHasly handicap American
The report, however, says nothing of
any explosion and the fact that it ie
Indicated no live were lost would seem
to indicate the lose of the big armored
crmser resulting from some nrncr ""e
AMSTERDAM, July 20-r(Associat-ed
Press) la ' an effort to placate
Germany for the assassination of its
ambassador, Russia is taking the lies
of numbers of persous and many more
are under arrest.' 1
The Cologue Gaxette is authority for
the statement that already the deiith
sentence has been executed on thirteen
revolutionary Socialists on charges tof
participation in the plot and tht
many others are under arrest and have
been placed in confinement.
: w. a. g.
WASHINGTON', July B0 (Aseociat-
C(I prP!1s)Relioi -fdr Russia is to be
( nPp0rts fro,n Potrograd tell of he
increase in the number of cases 'of
cholera. ,
Other reports tell of the spread jof
the dread disease to Sweden.
. .- W. a. a..
LONDON, Julv 7
( Associated
.Press) -flood lungs are the most 1m
p'.rtnnt reipiireinent for nn airman, 4o-c'lire-l
Msj. Martin Flack, head of he
A:r Mintstrv's Medical deartmerit.
"Keen sight, good hearing, and good
hi'ids, are all important to an ail
p. bit," he said, "but the most impr-t.-'nt
thing of all is lungs. The sucreas
f d pilot is generally a deep breethtr,
v ho can take in more oxygen then the
o- linury man is able to hold his breajth
binder. He is thus able to withstand
the strain of an atmosphere where ex
yjren is getting rare."
A site. I whether there was such , a
t'.ing as the "living temperament!. "
Major Flack said: "Yes, I thiuk there
is, ami it will to a certain extent, over
come, ilirabllity. One of the most fa-
inous Jiritish airmen is a man of dim
inutive stature, who had considerable
llflicultv in passing the ordinary phys
ical tests. " '
Coustautly repeated medical exami
nations of airmen are requited .in tfhe
Pritish cervice, h aiL "Qut medijal
officers, " he explained, "are expected
to look upon the pilots under their
charge as human machines, to qsy
whether they are fit to take the ir,
and to take wtepa constantly, to kqep
them up to tun. form a lift to reineve 1(he
causes of mental or physical distress.
" We keep iasistiug ou hardening ex
ercises, f jr there is uo doubt That a
man so baldened, sitting io liltkt cloth
iug uses-much leas oxygen than qne
I who has not umlergone these aarflsu-
iiig exercises.-- Careful wav htng u We,.
ussnry over what the .airman oats,
drinks and smokes, and we attach the
highest Imuortancs to providing the
men with mental detraction.' One of
the best forms of montal distraction
fur sirmea appears, (to te gardening
W ASIIINCiTOTv, July 19 (Ofileist)
- A loan of 2,770,000 has been grant
ed to Belgiuiu, tnnkiug a total loan
to Belgium of UI6,2.r0,000 and the
total to ths Allies today sof $6,271,
P.ZQ OINTMENT it guaranteed tu
cure blind,. Weeding, itcbinx Or pro
Uu.liqii PILIC9 in .6 lo, W.daj s 01
inonev irliiu.lcd. Alanula.uliilT.4v
Hie ' AklS r'UDlCINUCO , SI 11:1
VJ. O. .. ' -''
, in ; ; ; -, . .
t. Th Allies have appar'entlv taken the InitjaUve 'ali along
the western front,with the German .offensive eighty-hours
after It wa launched, along a sixty-five-mile iront, a com
plete. failure, .the objectives aimed at in the first day never
having been reached at any point. ; , , -:
V,. ;0n.the Flandem Jrpnt, General Haig reports the recap
lure by . the firitisfi et an Important point,, the town p Mete
tenwrttv further- gains on, the Somme and the repulse 6f
German raldesr, . - . .,; t .- .... ..
. The Germans are apparently unable to stem the advance
of Jhe Franco-Americans on the Aisne-Marno frontr where
Important advances were made yesterday with the number
of German prisoners since, Thursday morning increased to
seventeen thousand, not including those taken in the furious
afternoofi advance of the Americans. ,. . ,
- On the east ide of the Marne salient the French, and
Italians have made substantial gains, at isolated poiats, all
Increasing the pressure upon the forces of the rown Prince,
who, unless they are able to use their reserves to regain their
Pnes.will be forced to retire and readjust their positions, In.
whicli event a greater Franco American offensive may be
expected. ' . . .,
: East of Rheims the Germans have swallowed their losses
in killed and wounded and have made no further attempt to
resume their offensive.
PARIS, July 20 (Assoctitcd Tress) Rcpuisirjg a nuntber of
heavy- counter attacks from the reinforced Germans along the
Aisne7Marnc front and continuing their advance in the face of hit
tor opposition, the French and. Americans made additional . gains
esterday. They have increased the number of prisoners taken,
he count at noon showing a total of seventeen thousand, and they
have vastly increased their capture in guns, the latest reports front
headquarters showing three hundred and sixty field pieces of various
alibre among the spoils of the past orty-eight hours.
Yesterday morning the Crown Prince's reserves began arriv
ng in force along the threatened sections of the German front an 1
these were thrown into the battle in an effort to drive the French
.nd Americans back. Particularly heavy drives were made against
he Americans', who held their ground and gave way at no point.
The Germans brought a number of tanks into the fighting, which
. lujckly became targets for the American gunners and were so baUy
Mattered that they had to be withhdrawn beyond range of the shells.
l;V, Late" reports' from trench arid American headquarters last night
how that substantial gains were made all along the twenty-five-tile
front, with the German reserves beaten and pressed back. The
Germans fought desperately to hold their ground on the north and
KMth and sent a heavy force against the center in an effort to regain
ositions from which they could attack the France-Americans on
-he Soissons plateau. At all points these German counters wctc
'teld and then smashed back.
The Germans appear unable to stem the advance, despite t he
jtmost recklessness in their use of the manpower and their losses
'jave been heavy. On Thursday the Germans surrendered readily
'Hit yesterday, while their losses were even heavier than the day
Sefore, the number of prisoners was materially less anil the number
if dead and wounded many times more.
The greatest gains yesterday were made in the center of the
twcnty-five-mile line and .on. the southern end of the fighting area,
vhere the Americans last night had gained the heights north of
'ourchamps, making a total advance of three and a half miles east
ront Torcy, the original starting point, and bringing the Americans
i a point within two mihis of Chateau Thierry and almost due north
f that town.
The Entente guns now dominate Soissons and the capture of
liat position is anticipated unless the German resistance heroine
materially stiffer. From the Soissons plateau south the new line
runs through Vaux, Villcrs-I lelon and Hilly sttr Ourc, the deepest
ains being to a depth of seven miles, with the average along the
.ntire front about two miles. -
The road uMn which the Germans have depended between
lissons and Chateau Thierry has beeu cut on both the north ami
outh and the railroad connecting Soissons and Yillers Cottereis
is cut, with the Entente cavalry operating to' the north of it.
The Germans still have powerful forces south of the Marne,
but (these have entirely ceasetl their efforts to advance and have been
thrown upon the defensive, with the Americans attacking southeast
.f Chateau Thierry and the French driving vigorously against the
ast side of the tip of their salient before Epcrnay. Here, the French
egained Ocuilly, where the Germans had a foothold in the outskirts
)f the town. This is a mile south of the Marne and eight miles
vest of Epcrnay.
Along the eastern side of the Marne salient the fighting has
been constant, with the Entente on the offensive and making a
number of gains. The French have retaken Mynt Voisiu and the
Italians have thrust the Germans back from Moulin d'Ardre. He
capturing Roicourt, on this front, the French made prisontys oi
Tour hundred men and took four cannon. ,
Fighting far in advance of the Americans and French ..infant ry
.he Allied airmen are constantly engaging the enemy and the bridges
thrown by the Germans over the Marne are the targets for scores
. bombs.'. The enemy's ammunition dumps, billets ajxl concen
ration. camps are being constantly bombarded roin the air, with
he (ierman flyers promptly engaged whenever they rise. Y ester
lay the British and French flyers shot down twenty-seven German
lanes and smothered all attempts' of the enemy to use observa
ion balloons.
7 (Associated,
Press) The "last will" of Alexander
Helkirk, the original of Kobinson
Crusoe, was sold at auction here this
month for '100. The will begun:
"I'eing now bound out on a voyage to
sen, and calling to mind the perils and:
dangers of the seas and other uncer-
la.lu.tys' tit thut transitory lio.r:.'
mm t- -w .i iQof..io
twenty thousand workers of Porto
Hico bsve voluntarily enrol let) in the
United States government 'Employment
service.- I hey will lie liiongi.i io too
I'nileil Stoles soon, iriveu ernJov nnv I .
and paid on the scale of labor of the
oumc .Iuns in the .n ,i, ,
are uiveu empivyiuuut,

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