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Vmlcgate Kslaniananle has formally
Sn-Tiouoc his ii fi ! i 1 11 f y to succeed
liihtsrlf in emigres.
The announcement in made in n let
ter written yesterday to Kmil A.
Berndt chairman of the iicpiihlicnn
Territorial Central Committee, which
will lie road at the Republican con i
volition today. ,
Although the delegate's formal nn I
nnuncemcnt of hi- candidacy haa boon I
entfsldernl.lv delayed, it has been taken
for granted in moat quarters thnt he
would run njain. Ilia letter, however,
is of unusual into rent a outlining what
he stands tor ami nhnt. inferentiallv.
the Reput.li.nn party in Hawaii may
be ejected to stand tor in the eoming ,
en in pa in ii. :
Kuhio' leltoi is essentiully a "war
letter, " w ritten f rom a nr time stand
point. Indeed, lie suggests in it that
if it wore not fm the war, his being
a rnnilidiife for reelection would not
lie a certainty. Hut he says he fools
that at the pn-enl time Hnwnii needs
fc representative at Wn.-hi ngton who
is experienced uod familiar with 11:1
tioual affairs. Mix decliiriition of inn
(Hilary . he snv, is not entirely itollisli
Although leaving the question oi
pint form entirely to the Republican
invention, the delegate says he trusts
the riiim iitlmi will adopt a plunk
pledging every momber of the legis
lature to support most heartily any
mearure introduced looking toward the
successful conduct of the war.
Text of Letter
The text of Delegate Kulanianaole
letter to t hnirman Hermit is as fol
f am in receipt of your letter of
July 17. Mils, in nhich you, as chair
man of the Republican Territorial Cen
tral Committee, courteous!? and with
T-i.im- proprieiy, suggest mar i maKe to represent the people or Hawaii in
some announcement nt tho present time congress, my acquiescence in the vor
eoucorning my candidacy for election diet sbjll not only be' cheerful, but
as delegate to the sixty sixth congress, my efforts to assist our people during
You, as chairman of the Republican the present crisis shnll not be lessened,
party which has honored me for so V'e are engaged in a struggle for demo
many years as its choice, and the peo .-racy. Whether I me at Wnikiki or
pie' of the Territory who have elected nt Washington, my services in the
me for eight successive terms, covering struggle may at any time be com
a period of sixteen years, have the mandeered.
right tn ask me to make clear my poai ! "In further conclusion, and not
tion. dealing with the question of platform,
"At the coming primary election I or of my own candidacy, I wish to es
shall be n candidate for the Republican ' press the hope that the coming eoa-
muiiunAtiun for delegate to congress,
and. if chosen at the primaries, will
be the candidate of that party at the
general election.
"In advance of the convention to
meet in Honolulu tomorrow, called for
the purpose of formulating a platform.
I naturally hesitate somen hut to enter
in detail into my mows on some of the
questions which undoubtedly will be j
wisely solved by my constituents who
will be members of that convention.
Wants More Home Rule
"I wish to say, however, that I
strongly favor any move nhich makes
more for home rule fur our Territory.
Persistently and consistently and in
Mic'illy have 1 urged this in con
(Jtew.s. - 1 trust and I believe the day
tTliroOrtie when nil our land problems
may be soKed by our local legislature
wilhnett result to congress. We are)
alt-earr? gjven that ihht on the qnes
tion of woman sufTiage. I am quite
honvfi'l that shortly a Ian will be
enacted by the terms of nhich the
plunks in the national platforms con
cernirg home rule on federal appoint
meat shall be more than mere sciaps
of paper. After the war the question
of prohibition is left with us. Slowly,
but gradually and surely, no are be
ing secured the same pou its as those
possessed b soeiei'ii states. Kwut
iinllv e lime all of them.
"I should lie, e much to .ontiliue in
congress to aid in tl iteiision of
thes 1'iiwei- granted o our people,
Wliilther r tod or n,.', I -hall e
ercise anv intliiiece 1 netv pofes to
Accomplish the end- to whoh I hae
made refereioe
4But my chief iIcmic t'or reelection
comes rather from a belief that in the
present crisis I may be of assistance
to mv follow citizens of Hawaii. Neith
er egotism nor boast fu Iness prompts the
statement that 1 am mil acquainted
with Washington departmental routine,1
and with expeditious methods (if secur- ;
ing results. This naturally comes from
my long expenem e as a delegate. The !
knowledge which I have thus acquired
il the property of inv constituents n ml
they hue the rieht to make a draft
on me for it. la an nffieiul position
that knowledge is iiiliaitely more valu j
able to the people of Hawaii than were i
I in private life. In offioiul life I I
may demand; in private life I may only
request. In official life demands ill
be honored; in private life requests
are quite often pigeon-holed.
Experience If Needed
"Innumerable quest ions will arise
during the continuance of the war.
Home will deal with tho tmtiomil guard;
auuie with the status of some soldiers
from Huwaii; some with pensions; some
with allotments; some with tho status
of returning soldiers; some with the
necessity for legislation on land mat
tors to care for returning soliders. With
these and a hundred and one other
mal'ers the delegate to congress will
have to deal. A new man, unacquainted
with affairs in Washington, und inex
perienced, even though possessed of the
abilities bo may claim for himself, will
be sadly hnudicpaped in handling them.
"1 have little to say about the plat
form to lie adopted, being convinced
that the delegates to t he co-i out ion will
deal with it wisely and in a pntri..tic
manner. The Republican party itself
Heeds little splice iu which to epics
ita loyalty. In congress, time mnd
time again, it has come to the support
nf thr commander-ln chief, even when
I hi nan being attacked iy momln'm of
hit own party. In short, our record in
j thin respect speaks much louder thno
11 nv words or pi oil god we ran employ.
When we have criticised, it has boon
' constructive criticism, and admittedly
i liooii productive of needed reforms. I
. liaift nnlv tn aev tYtlm iitt la r ra
,,,.,, thnf I trust the Republican party
in rnnvciition assembled shall adopt u
plank plodding every member of the
''Ci"1"""' support moat heartily
hiiy mi-iisuri- nil rutiiirivu in llio icgisut-
tore looking toward the aurressful con
dui't of the war. I myself hnve no
doubt but that the people of Hawaii
v i 11 cheerfully acquiesce in any sacri
(ice required of them by any such Inn.
Our record on to date insures this.
Question of Public Lands
,.,, hr,m(.l,teading, I have little
doubt but that the coming legislature
solve all problems, and will make
recommendations consistent with the
recent proclamation of the President
for the enactment of lawa for any
change deemed necessary in existing
laws. Subdivision of pastoral lands
into small areas of not less than one
hundred acres nor more than 1000
acres, for the purpose of promoting
lunches under citizenship ownership,
should be urged. I trust, too, that a
plunk shall be t-mbodied in our pint
form by which recommendations to
congress will be made for the giving
of preference rights to returning sol
diers. Secretary of the Interior I.ano
tins given careful study to this question,
and will undoubtedly aid whoever may
be elected as delegate In the passage
of some such law.
I ' ' In conclusion. Mr. Chairman, nor
mit me to sav that this declaration of
my candidacy is not altogether selfish.
I am not quite sure what I should have
done had the war not been Is progress.
Permit mc tn say further that should
my constituents believe that some one
other than myself .is better qualified
vention, in the selection of members
of the next territorial committee, shall
apply the acid test of loyalty, and that
no one shall be chosen a member of
that committee whose patriotism can
in the slightest degree be questioned.
The conduct of our campaign must be
by people one hundred percent Amer-
W. S S.
Woman's Hand Is
Used To f lose '
Non-Fighter's Lips
or ease of ' ' be
on a st reel u r
an hour w lien
Ohio, Juiv ' Anoth
'niet'ul wha you sav
dime ii p re- t-nt Iv at
men and women are
m then places of bus
going to an. I from their
i uess.
Will, h..w modi I
' i.-h.
lo you
I a iiiati
think the m;i! will la-t '"
of Ins seatipate.
"Can't l.i-t too Ion
chuckled the -raimahv
moliov ri'lit nl.ni.
tor uie.
1 'in making
A won
no I.
is.te heard
hi I seal,
ol speaker
t lush,-nn
hit linn a
she shoI.
other stno
son on !lo
A ci
lent durin
lot I
Ami t
ng ln
e. fa,
a io c,
U' v
n n
i l or in ot he i
I. older."
inati remained si
of the jouriicv
Just a Bundle of
tvrry P turr
Nt "imu'Mj on I m rve -ai i-t't-'ii
come f'iiiii hhiI kilit'. Manv u per
ion wli" win rii-K o 4T t nt'lett uutl in trou
bl'l with ni'iii ;i t i:t, rtii'iiitt'tl i' pa itii
unl J'lH'kiii In- vtiiill finii 1 1 u i -k n'licf
through n ;M.t..i K i-ii r r'iiil It v o.i
ltivc in rsinif att;nk", with vi 'a Ion,
hnrkiu'liPH, i'v tpf!U t n i Mhnrc.
Hiiootin pn i riM, 1 1 v I rt n 'n Hurkm h-
Kidney I
are fi.i
and luiv
t llllllMl llu!
V i I am-
tin- relief
if such
of weak kidni
iiiic-k benefit
" When V. hi
tier the Nam. '
I kid ue 1 eii.i-
I '.-I 'l sin. i -' i ask for
I v a k di: t : 1 1 1 1 v for
Hoan ' I
no litliei
nil are
kill !:
In. a
I I I v
- II '
K i I in-v 1Mb and take
i ' I'm I -i Ii K i 1 no v
ii! dr "ri-.is a id it-lie
. u.-iil- d oe.l.t of
' e
I.- il 'l-.l'i-ler I ru- I'.i, nr
a s ,, , i, ,v ( -,, n;;i , ! - f r the
nan l-l:ili.s ( Ad . a rt iMUliellt
ITaro Investigation
Is Proceeding
Slowly, Low Reports j
j Delay Is Caused By Time Needed
! By Growers and Venders To1
I Secure Data Necessary In An-,
swenhg Questions j
I Invest igntioii of the taro anil poi
pi ices for the purpos,. of finding uieth
o Is for increasing the Island produc
tion snd taking steps for theieonscr
Mition of the prislnct and distribution
of the plants, which is being conduct
ed by a special committee named by
James I . Pole, chairman of the food
commission, is being delnyed somewhat
by the slowness with which the special
icpoits from the taro growers and deal
ii- are secured, says Kben Low, head
f the special committee. The two
other members of the taro and poi
loninittee are .lonah Knmnlae and f.
K. Ai.
When the in witigntion is complet
e l. Low believes the food commission
v ill have accurate and full details of
the industry which will permit it to
net with absolute fairness to both the ,
producers and consumers in regulating
prices and planning for an increased
pioluction. j
Heretofore, all such investigations
haw liren conducted on a sort of hit
or miss filnn, in which the venders and
planters gave answers to questions
whuh would suit their purposes, if
not guided and controlled by 100 per
cent honesty. The result was that
there was such n discrepancy In lig
ures submitted il was nearly impossi
ble to arrive at any pmotieal solution
of the problem involved.
This, though, it is hoped will be
obviated by the present investigation,
in which the venders and planters are
required to submit reports eertitie I to
In-fore a notary public. On necoiitit
of this requirement the venders and
planters nre very careful to make a
close study of their business before
making a reort, as they reali.e the
rigidness of the investigation.
A personal investigation has been
made by Low of reports coming to him
and members of the food commission
that there had beeu destruction of
plants and taro land allowed to lie
idle so there would be no danger of
oi er production, which would tend to
lower prices. The result of this per
sonal in t'stigation l.ow is not ready
to announce now until the complete
report is made by the special commit
- w. s. a
Newspapers Must
What they Preach
While Urging Economy They Are
Required To Cut Down on Use
of Essentials In Order To Meet
Acute Shortage of White News
While the no u Kpn ni k of the coun
tiy arc ursine; upon their readers the
necessity of economy and the discon
tliiiiaiue of purchases i f uon essentials
they nre thcnisehei a-d;ed -itrictly to
conserve absolute ensoul inls and the
rules of ocnnoriy nhich they are asked
to obnei if are soon tn bo extended and
made even mure strict.
For u lone; time the price of news
print paper Iiiih been mounting higher
ulnl higher and the new Mpapers were
unable to "lueak the trust." Now
tho time Ii;m cnnie when theie is un
in tu fl I mid in ute shortage In news print
paper and the wuod pulp from which
tl.e paper is made. liecause of this
the ihmuiiil ha- i nine from the gov
eminent through the wur industries
board that tl,e new .-papers of the coun
try shall i:i.c less print paper and let
tors hae been sent t.i nil of the pa
dii.h and
eeklv. tolling them
t tin-in. This letter
nt oi inn un ics which
M '
Npeeili.-. a i
it culls " p
ellll Ilia- In
-bull be p I
I he war i .
I n rope.
i ndi . i:.
hu It ll ;
1 1 m i nn r ' '
Ii -nut ii I t',
.i a
lis ii, t fu
ll titi the next
it fewer nigra
I eon line of
unit ries
I u 1 1 l ine ii 1 s the '
I. .ii;' III Mlglll'
will I, aw- to
' ex
tweeu lie
N en sdoii l
orilei only as many
certain they can sell
be permitted to re
ami (Jet their money
i r I v and the news
only n h in n ii y papers
they can sell for
' be "stuck."
copies ii-- the are
for I he will nut
t urn uusril.l , ,. i, ,
refiiiiiled a- I
boys will take nut
if I hey ai.
t hev will ut liei w is
More an- tli
war industries
I lisem, I i
return of iini-
I list-II n 1 1 n l
or flee n i. un.
D'so.lill i,e
II II boil t e
i nj-ie .,- !..
1 II W 11 .s I I ' I .
t isin
- ibiiiaiiils inii'li1
Iniard :
tin- ai.eptaii.e
Id c,,,,es.
t'n- use nf all
bv the
of the
opies 4ti
v ork i ii(!
stat ute
"U '
I Ii
ial ad pi
I I ee ies
uiiiie than
: iurpies,
forcing of
tu ad
I'll li 1 I
el I.
"idol .'
I I X I In-Ill I I
i a n le- , 1 1 n . i .
I':- ..n-i
is at -r , ,
' ' 1 -' I : "
in, oe i i-:-i". than ihcy
-!l in '..td.-r to hold
I r : . ' i ink of pa
-i. .,, ii-t-,,1 .,,-'1
' a ' - - i a I: t s, i l
-' I - ii -' i .j 1 1 1 pi i n t
J a III. n I . I -il'ii-H-i
'., ,-c. cut-, dealels. nr '
H I " -se nf sei 111 I II
' 'el II-, lie es
I I I I , I,- I s
new .b.
t I
I l
1 ' ' . I . i- "... -! I-
tin lie', ut I nut en;l nt . I'liiiiir 'l.-l-li
II. I "I ' ' Ii in-t a iili w hero t III
sal i . I I i - ,i:!,, ici.i i ,, . ,, 1 1 n .
t aiui I v
Program Is Alt Cut and Dried and
There Is Nothing In Sight To
Arouse Much Interest
The Republican Territorial conven
tion, nhich will meet in the niakni
pavilion of the Young n of garden at
nine o'clock this morning, promises to
be (he most peaceful gntheiing of the
kind the Republican party has ever
held in these Islands. There was last
night not the sign of a ripple of any
sort.. During the day there were a
number of meetings of ub committees
to discuss various planks in the pro
posed platform, nnd last night, while
the dornmcut wns still in pieces, it
was in snrta fchape that the platform
committee, to be named by the chair
this morning, will have little difficulty
in putting it together in such way
t'int it will probably be apptoed by,
the convention.
The meeting will be .died to order
by Chairman Kmil K. I'.etnilt, of the
territorial central commit lee. Kli ,IS,
Crawford will start out u secretary,
and nill probably be ele, to. I permanent
secretary. I
Honolulu Chairman
Although entitled ti
ninnent diuirmnn of
Knuni will not do so.
clnmso the per-
t ! (invention,
Chniles A. Rice.
ho bud been mention,'
I fm the place.
failed to pet away fiom Nawiliwili
Saturday afternoon! .1 M. Knnoakna,
who n also rH'inrj coi,piiered, con
tracted a heavy eold a day nr so npo
and last niuht bis oue was in such
bnd shnpe that he nnn-uinred that he
would not be a onndidate for the
honor. Tbia hrinirs the matter sciinre
ly up to Honolulu, and here the two
names mentioned are A (I. M. Robert
son ami Committee f'hairman Berndt.
After the eredential- committee has
completed its work, the platform and
other committees will be named, fol
luw-ini; which e reoesi nill pnibnjdy
be declnred.
Will Endorse War Po'.icy
Aciorlitijr to bponker H. 1.. Hoi
stein, who has been one of the morf!
diligent workers on the platform since
his arrival in the city, the platform
w ill endorse the war policy of the Wil
son administration and will eontnin
pl.inks on the following subjects:
' Profit eerinjr in foodstuffs should be
Kndorsement of the work of Dele
Kate Kuhio.
Needs of soldiers returaing from tbe
war. and rileding the party to give
them preferentinl rijrhtsi in taking up
public lands and obtainiag homes.
Knilorseinent of woman suffrage.
Public school system should be fur
ther developed along vocational liues.
Opposition to changes in the land
laws by congress until such changes
have boon npproved by the territorial
Tenement house life is not conducive
to tbe moral or physical welfare of the
people. The party will support a law
which will (five powers to counties to
deal with such conditions in their
Divide pastoral lands owned by the
Territory in areas of not less than
10(1 acres nor more than 500 acers and
make the same available to bona fide
raisers of live stock.
That the burden of Territorial taxa
tion be more equitably distributed than
in the past. This plank advocates a
graduated tax law, by the term of
which the percentage of taxes on
salaries and incomes generally shall in
crease in proportion to the amount of
such salaries or incomes.
Those are the planks which may be
regarded as decided upon by those wbo
have been working on the proposed
platform. It is expected that others
will bo brought iu this morning, in
which case they will go direct to the
platform committee.
Kuhio' s Announcement
As stated in yesterday's issue, Kuhio
nill present ill writing the formal mi
iiouiicemeiit that he will ngaiu be a
ciindidate for congress. Tn his letter,
published elsewhere in this paper, he
gives Ins views on various political
It is figured that the con volition will
be iu session a part of the morning, at
nhich the work will be practically fin
ished up. The afternoon session will be
given over tu some extent to speech
making. Adjournment sine die will be
taken before four o'clock.
Maul Delegates
The Maui delegates, who arrived yes
tonlny to join those already here, were:
llarrv Baldwin, Dr. W. J). Buldnin,
II. H. Penhallnw, H. A. Wadsworth,
Trunk K. Baldwin, D. T. Fleming, P. J.
loudness, J. W. Kalua 8. K. Kalama
nnd Philip Pali, of Molokai.
Desha Boosts Kuhio
e. Stephen 1,. Desha, Republican
leader of Hilo, who arrived ill the city
yesterday, feels quite certain that Ku
hio w ill be reelected to congress by
the largest majority ever given to him,
a h hiui-.-li he anticipates that the total
vote this year will probably be light
or I la ii two vears ago.
I think 1 understand popular feel
ing,'' he mi)s, "and from what 1 have
I,,:, i, I nnd know of the situation I
feel certain that Kuhio will come out
vi-tor by an overwhelming vote of
' - . or six to one. Kuhio has done well
fur us, and his work is improving the
lung, r In is in congress. This is no
tune tu think about u change, and I
cm confident that the people of the Is
lands fully realize thut fact. The
Prince nill curry every island in the
1 1 bv ma inrities never realized be-.
fore-no matter nho ruus against
Ii un. ' '
S, enter llulstein, of the house of
io re.-ontntiM-s, holds about the same
- I-' rem whnt he suvs. undoubted
Iv Kuhio has an enormous lead on the
i.lumJ of Hawaii at the preseut time.
P;0 IR S "
- -1
Angels Now But OneM MAY DECIDE
Game Short
of Winning Pennant
Today's Battle With Vernon Mty
Decide Pacific Coast League
Flag Race
(Aaaoclated Press) Loa Angslea
Mid Vernon broke eren yesterday
In their double-header of the
championship aeriei of the Pacl-
I He Ooaat League.
Bill Esslck'a Vernon Tlgeri
won the first came of the day,
hutting out Wade Killlfer's An
gels by a 8-0 score. The second
game went to Los Angeles, the
score being 4-3.
Los Angeles has now won four
games, while Vernon has taken
two. Today's battle may de
cide the championship, for Loa
Angeles needs to win but one more
game to win the series and carry
off the year's pennant.
- w. a s.
Olga Dorfner Breaks
American Record
For Two-tweoty Yards
VI. A XI tl) A, California, July
-2 (Associated Press) Miss
Olga Dorfner in competition here
yesterday made the 220 yard
swim distance in 2:5ii 2 5, lieating
Miss Frances Conells, who; held
the previous American record for
the distance at 2:5!.
w. a a -
Expediency Dictates the Neces
stty For a Manager To Act
Quickly, He Says
One of the surest tets of the nble
mutineer is abilitv tn profit by trades,
siivs .Inhn .f. Mi-Cmn, manager of the
Ke.v York Niitionnl (limits. And a. big
li';u irmle is Uy uo means an effort
to sandbag the oilier fellow, as some
of the newspaper boys would like to
iiinke out. A luiselmll trnde is precise
ly on nur with international com
ineiie. The country that produces iriiu
is Milling and aiiiiniin u trade its
surplus with Hie country tiiat uroiiiu-c-.
n ii ovei supply id siijiur. Kvery club
is developing bust-hull talent of Minn
Kind. Kvery club in sijtuiiifi up youn
players from the linsh leiif;ues, hopiii);
that a reasonnlile percentage of these
players will become major leairuers.
There is much waste of effort here,
for nothing is more uncertsin than the
ability of a youngster who looks (food.
Time alone will tell the story and the
best baseball judgement on earth is
frequently at fault in siiiitijj up sn.-li
Old do, Young Come
This continual effort to dcM-lop yoiin
players, foniliined with the continual
wastage from the loss of old veterans
ho have pn-.se, I ulimj results in an
oveisopply of talent at some position
and a u en k lie-s at others. So the nn'i
snne. logical thiiiu to do is to trade the
u'mei-s you don't need, however jiood
thev may lie. for other players tlia'.
oii do need and must have, altliou1!
thev may not lie altogether satisfc
The piildie, not initial urnllv, is .''"."!
"i I d Iwnit trades I, cause they do no
know what the parties in the .transae
lion renllv had in mind. Where n man
njier ex.-halites Inn .".nil hitters for an
other who c nu hit for but .-lid the pub
lie is almost certain to claim that the
mutineer vtune This does not ne
eessarily follow. The manager miydit
Iiiim- hud half a ili)'"n flood outfielders
and no dependable shortstop. He mi(.'lt
:ietiiallv benefit from giving to jroud
out fielders for one fair shortstop. It's,
the saine old story of trading what lie
doesn 'I need for v hat he dues
A basebnll i-lnb is a mni-hine. It' 'iiu
own an automobile it d ies you un enod
tn hae five or si-i extra tires if your
brakes won't work. Il does yon no
j;oiiil to have three or four proinisiiiL
utility infielders if you are weak be
hind the bat Metier (live away a
whole raft of players you don't need
tor one von do.
And there is another uncle 'o bi
Labile tiades, whieh is couiuionly over
loohed bv the public. The clement of
tune freipientlv- enlers into a trade and
is its detenu i ii i no factor.
Sov ei nl M'tihniis a-j,i I made n trade
ith 'i nn n nit i lor 1'il'her I'roiiiine.
Tin- trade involved mv releasing (iioh.
ell-- of the best tl-ild baseineil ill the
I , 'I -1 iii - V h.a e ri t ! v I jlot till,J oil
II, .' ' ' 11 1 1 - -, , -1 i 1 1 1 1 . 1 ,- I'-olil'lll did'- 't las'
il eriat while an I wasn't a world beat
ei Hut I i-nii -'s-.ire a n v mi? . WHu v ants
to I low Hint I wns iie-feetlv satisfied.
"'. needed a pitcher badly at tlu-'tii'ie
Kioii'ine was nble lo win fiv or si-c
nil i niioita nt iraines when I needed
them most, and was a ijccisiti? fa-t'
in winning the pennant. When he hid
served the purpoM' for which I e""e 1
1,'nn. a temiiotarv sioo l-iiii at a i-ritial
lime in the lace, lie had repuid me f -i
all he lost.
This tune element is often the in n i n
tiling in a trade. The manager e-iui-immediate
results, lie wants n reit " i
man to do a certain work at a certain
tune The time is icullv the most iui
portunt consideration uf all. I wouldn't
Amerioan' League Club Owners
Meet Today In Cleveland; Na
tional Tomorrow In Pittsburgh
CHICAGO, July 22 (Aasoojated
Prase.) The future of organized
baseball in thii country la itill yery
much In Question. While Indica
tions last night eeemed to bear out
the belief that professional baee
boll will be suspended by the mag
nates at a meeting to be held tome
time this week, orders were leaned
yesterday to continue pUy until far
ther notice.
The American Association doted
lte season today and the pennant
for the year h awarded to the
Kansas City club.
American League owner will
meet today la Clereland. The ma
jority of the club owners are said
to faror closing the teaaon Imme
(Uattly In order to comply with the
letter and spirit of the ruling made
by Secretary of War Baker on the
"work or flght" order promulgated
by Enoch B- Orowder, proToat mar
shal general of the United States.
Interviewed on the question of
closing immediately, many of the
National League club owners said
I yesterday that they faror contln-
uini? with the schedule of games and
and running the season to an end.
The National League club owners
will meet tomorrow at Pittsburgh
The following are .the results of yes
terdny's major league sanies:
American League
I i At Washington Washington 4, Chi
I ea'o 'J.
M At 1'hilndelphia Cleveland .1. Miila
,J delphin L' fflrst game); Cleveland 5,
I I'liilndelphin 5, (jflme i-alled in the
ei;;ntn innine; i,y ngreement, on ae
count of approaching darkness.
National League
At Cincinnati Huston 5,
- (first (ininel: Cincinnati 7
'second ejame).
At St. Imis - New York 5
'J i fist (jaine ) ; New York li
Hoston .1
I. inns
2 f sei ond en nie I.
Today 'a Scheduled Games
American leaeue--Chic.-njn
at Unshini'ton
St. I -lis at New York.
I)etr..il nt Boston.
Cle eland nt Philadelphia.
How Series 8tands
Washin:'to' 3, Chicago ll.
.hoston Detroit 1.
I'liilndelphin H, Cleveland 2.
New York 1, St. Ijouis V.
National League
Vn frames scheduled for today, may
play postponed pnmes.
Series Ended
ew- York I. St. I.ouis 1.
Rrooklvu M. Chicago 0.
I'hilndeli.liia L'. Pittsburgh '2.
liostun '2. Cincinnati 2.
. W 8 8
Paul MiTlne, president of the Paci
fic l.eiiejue, is visitinj; in llil-i and tak
ing ib a view of the Volcano of Kil
aueii. lie will remain about a week in
the Hie; Island and while there will
look o. cr the lucul amuteur baseball
have been so anxious to secure Fronime
a n refill. ii addition to mv iiitehii:''
' staff. Hut ivlien I pot him 1 needed
! him and he came thniuj;h just ns I
e.viic'.-l he would. Ueiieriilly when 1
, male a trade I have immediate results
'ii' my mind and therefore sometimes
Jcive awav more value for a certain
i plavi than , 'cms jasilfied by his coin
j pa ri; t iv,- i-In sS. Hut so long as he due -
tli" s; ei-i-il work 1 want him to do. I
; lllll s;i t ,sf le .
i Cnnie Mack's System
! The lll-n. IL--.1 V li.l '" -
j ' I"1 In- hard- must
I" -.- diirccnt ne 'thrills.
of course, fol
He is building
f"i tin- l-itoie. His trades are general
Iv bnse.l on what he considers eomparu
ri' i' nbditv. It' he can trade one man
v In. l,it--. .Vi'tii for another just as good
ho in addition hits for .Si0 lie has
profited bv the transaction. Connie
Mac! ''in (!'-'' vears has been en'raged
in this Kind of slow building, Irving to
er.-ute a winning club ill place of a
r, .-'c, orga iiiy.nl inn. Most of my
trades. ,..-..i r. have not been made
ni -.irdii.g to this system. I have gen-Jcnl''-
hud immediate results in view.
I Still another detail in big league
I trades is frequently ignored. The man-
t a'.'er may n I one or two particular
j pin vers to round out an otherwise stroii'.'
club and make it a winner. The di'
; feren-e bet" ecu a winning club and
a ' also rp n is nsunllv due to w euknes-'
in one or two positions. The manage--1
if he is on the iob, knows those posi
ions nnd -''so knows the precise men
M wo .dd IJ ' ".nr" to round out
''.;; i-'"1 ' ""i time during the sea
' ,.i, -liei, he I. as -i cl.'in.p to pet flies..
1 r 1 's i-lul, he is justi
lie ! a ibiiu" it 'f he gives three men
'' he trade. Baseball Mnga
Win 1,
von fail to provide your fam
ilv with a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic .Hid I liai rlmea Remedy nt this
sea-on of the year, you are neglect
-ii ; tl.ein, as bowel complaint is sure to
lie pi i-v a lent , ::ml it is too dangerous
a ne la.lv to be tiilled with. This is
e..,,iil!v 1 1 iii- if I here are children in
t' : 1 1 1 -1 1 -. . A dose or t ivu of this rein
i'i I v ,.; j r 1 1 i the trouble within eon
'id: ed pel haps jivr ii life, or at least
a "in toi 's lull. For sale by nil deal
e- . Hi uson, Sniilh 6i Co., l.ld.. Agents
fur llawuii
fw t T'tanfstloe Oompsy
WallnHu Agricultural Co Ltd
Apf haa 8uear Co., Ltd.
KnhaU Bngar Cmvpaty
Wahlawk Water Company, Lto
Castle &Cooke,
Fulton Iron Works, ot Ht. Loon
Babcoek A Wllem Company
Green's Fuel Reonomlser Com aa
( has. C. Moore A Co., Engineers
. . 'v .-
of buslnesa firms and individuals
Invited. Our present extensive
clientele testifies to the satisfac
tion we give our patrons tn con
siderate, conservative financial ser
vice. Bank of Hawaii,
Corner Fort and Merchant Htreets
Regular Bailings to BRITISH
COH'MBIA (change at Victoria, B.
C, for Heattle; Vancouver is eon
neeting point for passengers by
to or via tH. Paul, ChicaCgo or Mon
trenl), FI.:i, NKYV ZKAI.AND and
Theo. H. Davies & Co.Ltd
' ' hqnoluldt. a.
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Kw Plantation ("o.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Pulton Iron Works of St. Louis
Hlake Steam Pums
Western ( entrifugala
Balieork It Wilcox Boiler
Oroen 's Fuel Keonomiser
Maish Steum Pumps
Matsou Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Shipping Co.
Kobala Sugar Co.
chinery of every description nude to
Issued Tuesdays and Fridays
(Filtered at the Postoflice of Honolulu,
T. II., as second class matter)
Per Year SLMHi
Per Year ( foreign I i(i:i.O(i
Payable Invariably in advance.
Tat Assooiatsd Prsss is sxclusivsly n
titled to tht im for republication of all
aswt-dospatchos ersdlUd to It or not other
wis credited In this paper and lso tbe
local news pnbUsaed tbereui.
C S. CRANE, Business Manager.
UKS MOINKH, Iowa, July 4 Harvey
Thorp of Kunsas City outpointed
Charley White of Chicago here today
iu their twelve round bout ul the West
em l.eugue Baseball Pari;. Thorp was
I he aggiessor all the w ay and won six
of the rounds. White won three and
three were even.
Hay Wheelock of Camp lodge knock
ed out Jimmy I.anning of Mcaniiuoii,
Knusus, in Hie seventh round, und
Johnny Meyers of J)es Moines knocked
ut liny Condon of Camp Dodge iu the
fourth round.
TI Kl.OCK, California, July A Joe
Rivera and Joe Benjamin, lightweights,
fought a fast four round draw here to
AKRON, Ohio, July ti,- Ted "Kid"
Lewis welterweight champion, won
easily over Johnny (iriftiths in a twen
tv round bout ut the Stute uniiorv
here this afternoon. After going easy
fur the first few sessions. Ted cut
loose in the sixth and was much the
better from then on to the last hull.
CIIAHI.KNTON. West Virginia, July
4 Jack Dillon of Indianapolis ami AI
McCoy of Brooklyn fought a close ten
round uu decieiou bout her tonight.

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