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July 25. 1018 Last twenty
four konrt ralafall T.
Temperature Mln. 70; Max.
82. Weather, Cloudy.
One MmUmi and On Wheatleea MeJ
VOL. LII. NO. 60
Crown Prince Now Fighting To Save His Army From Second Sedan
foch using pincher
tactics And closing
steadily on enemy
Germans Crowding Reinforcements Into Al
ready Congested Salient In Effort To Check
Allies Long Enough To Permit a Safe
Retirement Million Huns Now
In Battle Zone
PAKIS July 26 (Associated Press) With his ave
nues oFescape slowly closing behind him, the Crown
Prince is continuing to pour reinforcements into the al
ready congested Soissons-Rheims pocket in order to check
the Allies sufficiently long to enable him to extricate his
army. Despite the heavy reinforcements, the Cierman
line contiuued to bend and give, with Foch's forces throw
ing back the desperate counters and gaining at all the
vital oints.
Foch is now using against the Germans the "pincher
tactics" which von Hindenburg used so successfully
against the Russians and attempted time and again to
use on the western front, and already it is apparent that
he will,ultlmate!jrjbapture many of the more than half
million Gennana Apparently 'witWn.ve.,gra8pvBlu)ttld
he succeed in his tactics, the third battle, of the Marne,
Which ;6pep.e4xt7Wrre4iay8rago inr a great German "offen
sive and a drive for Paris, will end in the greatest de
feat qf the great war.
The battle has already become the greatest battle
of all times. Within the Marne salient at the present
time are at least seventy German divisions, this many
having leen identified within the past few days. This,
even with the lessened strength of a German division,
brings the number of Germans in the zone of the present
battle close to a million men, all engaged. Opposing
these are as many, or more, men of the Allied force.
The Germans are fighting with very much less ar
tillery than the Allies, having rushed the greater num
ber of their guns to the north of the Soissons-Rheims line
in order to save them from falling into the hands of the
Allies. The Allies have brought up mucJi artillery and
nearly every foot of the ground still held by the Ger
mans is under shell fire. Every section of railroad avail
able for German use is dominated by the Allied gUus.
Everv highroad and tram line is being bombarded.
From the advanced positions captured west of
Rheims by the British in their latest advance along the
Vesle Valley, to the heights southeast of Soissons oc
cupied by the Americans, an opening of twenty-one miles
is still left for the Germans, but all of it is under artil
lery fire, with this gap threatening to dose still further.
Yesterday the Americans on the center of the west
ern side of the salient gained east of Armentieres and
Oulchy le ('hateau and the highroad center of Fere-en-"
Tardenois has been brought under a heavy crossfire.
From Fere en-Tardenois radiate eight roads, upon which
the Germans have depended for the supplying of almost
their entire western line since the cutting of the Soissons
( 'hateau Thierry railroad. The American and French
guns are now pouring a torrent of shells into Fere-en-Tardenois
and that center of supplies must le practical
ly untenable, although the Gewnans must hold it or en
danger their entie right flank.
On the opposite side of the salient, the German de
pendence is upon the Fismes-Verneuil tram line, within
shelling distance of which are French, Rritish and Ital
ian batteries for its entire length
So far in the battle the French forces have taken
more than twenty-five thousand prisoners, over five hun
dred guns and a thousand machine guns. Fourteen per
cent of the prsioners taken to date are loys of the 191!)
. The pincher tactics of General Foch, according to the
latest bulletins from the front last night, are showing
more and more signs of success. Fresh German troops
are being brought in the battle and these have been
counter attacking at many points with the greatest of
fury, with the heaviest of the counter drives directed
against the Americans and French in the Ourcq Valley
and against the Rritish opposite, immediately southwest
THE SOISSONS-RHEIMS POCKET-M.p'.of the section of France where the greatest battle of the year is raging along the
. imtf.a,,fifty;mle emi-circle- Th Amerlcins and French are amashing against the Germans on the western side, with British.
French and IUUana driving forward along the eart. tha afcject being to hem a half million Germans in. The British yesterday thrust towards Flame to
ZSZLSTZJSt T' rlr?1 ?ld r1 " ' the Huns, the tram .
WnJ rh M UM 11 hown rmniut from the Marne at Verneull to name The railroad has already
i T Artcn Cpt" Amtiares, on the Ourcq iver, but the rtwork of red. centering at Fere-en Tardmols. six mile,
oflhe ASJaM aeeta hi. men along waat Is left of his western front. This town la now the immediate objective
-tj 4 1
VASS MVi"eneu3urff 7 Rilly
j sciM or nhms y i i i ,r'f, "aaaa- EpernayjC
9- . 1 '
I'AKlM, July 2U (Official by Ansoci
atii l'resa) On the Ourcq valley front
the fighting procecilfil throughout yos
tcriluy with the same general success
h on the previous days of the counter
offeimi ve.
North of the river the Franco Anier
i una occupied Oulchy lc ville, ufter
haul fighting.
In the southern end of the Marnu
hii I i ii t the Franco-Americans advanced
for three kilometers at certain points,
notalily in the region of Dormaus.
Southeast of Aruiefltiercs, on the
south liank of the Ourcq we hnve occu
pied Hill 141 and have won across the
Niinteuill stream.
We have captured the village of Oo-ni
ry and the greater part of tho Tournelle
wooiIh anil have extended our progress
in the forest of Fere.
Our general advance continues under
favorable conditions in the Kis forest,
north of Dormans.
Southwest of Khelms the enemy con
tinues his violent attacks between Vri
gy and St. Kuphraise, gaining a temp
orary foothold on Hill 1M0. By a coun
ter we regained this position, taking
a hmided prisoners.
Official communiques from French
hesilquarters announce that tho Allied
troops are now within three miles of
Fere-en-Tsrdenois. which is the junc
tion point for eight roads and the cen
of Khciins. The Allies, however, have also been well re
inforced, and are holding the (iermaus with great slaugh
ter and themselves pressing steadily forward at nearly
all ioints
Along the two wings of the salient the artillery tir
ing is the heaviest sustained big gun battle of the war,
tly roar of the fighting Iwing distinctly audible in Paris,
fifty miles away.
Prisoners taken in the offensive! actions of the Ger
mans say that the Germans have orders to resist any
further advance of the Allies at all cost and to die fight
ing rather than concede any further ground.
On that section of the Marne front still held by the
Germans there was also heavy lighting yesterday, the
Germans attacking east of Dormaus, taking the advanced !
positions of the r rench in the first rush. This grouix
was later regained by the French.
From Allied Capitals On the Great Battle
ter of the German communication sys
tem for a wide region on their right
The Allies are shelling and bombing
heavily all the main towns in the center
of the salient, while a few kilometers
more gain on their Hide would enable
the Allied artilleVy to nweep the entire
territory still held by the enemy.
LONDON, July L'(i (Associated
Ticks) The latest reports from the
Marne front state thut the twenty one
mile mouth of what i left of the (ler
man salient has now been brought un
der Allied artillery fire, with the Brit
ish and Franco-American guns having
all the lines of German retrent well
within range.
On the went side of the Marne pocket
the Franco Americans have strengthed
their lime within he past twenty
four hours, taking forty square miles
of territory between Armentieres and
the Marne. Tho Franco American artil
lery is now cross firing upon Fere en
Tardenois. West of Rheims. on their side of the
salient, the British have male gains,
advancing past Gueux and Merfy, in
the Vesle valley.
Press despatches to the Pall Mall
Oaaette say that the rumor is current
1 st British field headquarters that the
British yesterday morning made most
important gnins west of Rheims in the
1 1 i i ( t ion of Fismes, midway between
Rheims and Soissons, and that the
French have pushed their lines east
to meet the British. The extrication
of the Crown Prince's army, as tho sit
nation stands at present, is seemingly
WASHINGTON, July 2 Yesterday
nioining the Franco Americans advari
ced their lines on the Marno salient i A ii.eiuans ad vunced bet ween the Ourcq
front, the gains north of the river be , and the Marne, penetrating the encmv
mg made by a steady advance, with the positions northwest of Jaulgonne be
Gcrinau continuing to retire northward. 1 tecn one ami two miles
Showing Made On Western Front
So Excellent That Germans
Have Cause To Sorrow
WASHINGTON, July 25 ( Associat
ed Press) Fifty thousand more lie
groes have been called to the colors
under the selective draft by Provost
Marshal General Crowder, and thev
will be employed for general military
ser ires.
The German wireless station at
N a uen is Hooding the neutral nations
with propaganda in which the Ger
mans complain because the Ameiiiau
army contains black lighters on the
western front.
However, British and French news
papers highly pruisc the negroes com
posing sin h western front detach
incuts and say that thev behaved with
remarkable coolness during the heavy
bombardment to which they were sub
jeeted last week and that afterward
they repulsed a German attack, French
despatches said, so that military chiefs
do not wonder that Germany 'Ma
incuts" their presence.
WASHINGTON, July 25 (Official)
Sec i clary Daniels announced today
that the navy personnel now numbers
nunc than half a in 1 1 1 i on men in all
brum lie anil will probably reach more
Hut ii ,(111,0(10 before the' end of the
e 1
. 1
Along the entire forty five mile front
held by the French and American forces
there were gains during the early part
of the day, although the Germans are
violently resisting. In their present
ad vanee the Kutente troops are paving
less attention to the nests of machine
guiiM, passing over these and maintain
ing a steady pressure on the main Ger
man rearguard, leaving the machine
gunners for " moppers up" who follow'
the main advancing force.
General Pershing, reporting on the
peiations of Wednesduy, savs that the
Editor Admits That He Received
Hundred Thousand Dollars
For His Services
NKW YORK, July 28 (Associated
Press i George M. Viereck, aditor of
the "Fatherland" which afterward
changed its name to " Viereck 'a Week
ly" has admitted that his publication
wan Mibsidi.cil and paid for dissemin
ating the German propaganda which it
published ami which resulted in its
being barred from the mail and finally
Announcement as made from the
office of the attorney general of this
stale esteidav that Viereck has ad
mitted that lie received sums which,
in the aggregate, amounted to about
tlnii.inio from Hrnstorff uud Duriiha and
thai these sums were paid to him for
the I'linting of pamphlets and books
an t the disscmi uat ion of German propa
ga li 1 a.
W g. 1.
V I l. N A. ,lol - ( Associated
l'ie- To sue, eel von Heydlei and to
(Hi ic a new intoiiet, Huron hi Mus
s-ll. k
li'iinrio oiiiiinler of cducatli'ii.
Icclcl b Chailes. He ill
I to toiui a new go er li tnciit .
Shells and Destroys Enemy
Trenches and Artillery Em
placements and Repulses Foe
In Patrol Encounters
In Picardy British Are Victors In
Local Engagements and Allies
Gain Three Miles on Twelve
Mite Front
(Associate Press) Anti
cipating the launching of an Aus-tro-German
offensive on the Ital
ian front, which was indicated by
troop concentration and patrol
activities, the Italians yesterday
took the initiative. There was
lively shelling by" the Italians
along a considerable part of the
front ,uv which ...severe,.'. damage
was inflicted. andputrp."eincotnt:'
ers of some violence In the Tren
tino, the Brenta and the Piave
Karly official despatches from
Rome yesterday said that there
were growing indications of the
imminence of an Austro-German
offensive. Many German troops
were reported to be arriving in
Austria and were being concen
trated hack of the line with the
evident purpose of a gigantic
Later the despatches from
Rome told of the steps taken by
the Italians to thwart or to ham
per such offensive. The night of
ticial communique from Rome
said: "From Valarea to the
I'renta in the mountain and Asi
a'ii sector and along the I'iav
from (,'andclu to Zenson, our bat
j teries heav ily shelled and dt
I stroyed large sectors of the enemy
trenches and did much damage to
their artillery emplacements.
"l.nemy patrols were repulsed
at Sielvio, near Mori and at
Monte Santa Bella on the lef'
hank of the Brenta.
"In the air fighting two enenv
machines were downed."
LONDON', July 26 (Associa
ted Press) Local engagements
of some violence 'with success at
tending the British arms wer
reported as having occurred in tho
vicinity of Meteren. Villers Bret
t.meau and Alliert, heavy casual
ties in some instances being in
ilicted on the enemy and a num
ber of prisoners and machine
otitis taken.
At an early hour yesterday
iimniin the enemy attacked fou
British outposts to the south ot
Metered and were repulsed, suf
lering comparatively heavy casu
alties in killed and losing a few
prisi mers.
At daylight the Londoners
executed a successful raid on
enemy trenches to the southwest o'
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