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NEW YORK, July 24 (Associated Press) From all sides of
the Sotssons-Rhcims salient the Allies continue to press in
sewine up .tighter he pocket in
ol Ihe Wn Prince an.) imkira;
tion of his shattered forces.' In1 alf fifectWn.-I igihr were made vefr
terday although they were not, generally, so lortg as in the previous
fighting. 'Ihe pains made yesterday were nevertheless of predt
strategic importance. 1
The German disaster threatens the, whole of the vim llinden
hurg plan for the balance of the offensive, it is recognized ly sonie
in Lierlin. wiss advices said last night that although the public
wa not fully advised in Germany of the reverse to the German
arms enough hail leaked through the news channels to seriously
alarm the people. The Frankfurter Zeitung is quoted ;is saying
l'och's counter attack threatened to head off the whole of
the von Hindenburg plan. '
German losses are conservatively estimated as in excess of
180,(C)0 men in addition to the terrain, guns, munitions, supplies an'd .
materials that have been taken and destroyed. The Renter's cor-'
respondent said yesterday that according to careful estimates, which
warrant acceptance of the figures as conservative, the German have
employed since July 15, between sixty and seventy army division's
and in the period since that date they have lost in killed, wounded
and prisonersot less than 180,000 men.
Important gams were made in the fighting of yesterday along
... r,. . , . , ... '. .
the Ourcq River. In that sector several villages were occupied arid
about 1800 orisoners besides manv deserted truns and machine iruns
were captured. In this advance heavy pressure had to be ovcrconlg
but the gains were most satisfactory. 1
Proceeding up the river, the French on the north bank and the
mericSns on the south the Allies overcame the pressure of the
German reserves and the French took the village of Montgru arid
proceeded on to the outskirts of Oulchy la Ville where they were
within seven miles of Fere en Tardenois which allows the guns of
the batteries that have been brought up to dominate the Armen
tieres Tardenois road, thus further interfering with German com
munications. On the .south of the Ourcq the American forces crossed the
Chateau Thierry road and advanced a distance of about three-quarters
of a mile eastward.
From Oulchy, looking up the river, the French could see fires
blazing in Fere en Tardenois and in Villers Hatrendos, indicatitlg
that the foe was burtuiff' supplies aixl materials in preparation for
a hasty abandonment bf thosfc jiiMnts in retreat to the Vesle River.
"Ne.rr Montdidier the French Torces scored another important
advance and one of the longer gains of the day. They reached the
westerly fringe of the wood north of SauviUers-Xongival, a total at!
vanre of two miles on this front for the day. In this advance they
took three villages within fifteen minutes' time ami took 350 prison
ers and fourteen machine guns.
The French now control the heit;Wts dominating the Avre Val
ley. I'.etween the Ourcq and the Marue the French recovered all
ground lost in enemy counters on Monday in the Grissoles fegioli.
seven miles east of Chateau Thierry.
Near Marfeux, in an early attack the French took Pettichamp
wood near Marfeux, taking 200 prisoners and a number of guns. !
In the face of a stiffening resistance and after considerable dif
ficulty the French effected another crossing of the Marne at Poh
;ul ison east of Reuil and proceeded forward. i
Throughout yesterday reserves were brought up by the enemv
and new batteries placed thus stiffening the resistance at ''man v
points of the salient. This movement is expected to continue to
retard progress as it did yesterday but is regarded as a covering
movement for the withdrawal of the army which appears inevitable
In the air lighting of yesterday, official advices from Paris said,
the French and liritish aviators downed thirty seven enemy planes
and set lire to four observation balloons. Flying out over the enemy
lines they dropped many tons of bombs on several points of Ger
man concentration.
NfcW YORK, July 24 (Associated
Press) General do Coutte, who is her
h 1I exl us the. "Chateau Thierry Vic
tor" and ha been in command of the
French und American troops in thut
soi tor, is a very youBg man for the
honors which lie hit won. He is able
and brilliant and is one of the young
em of the French generals.
At the outbreak of the wur he wan
a roloui-L
w. a. a.
TOKIO, July 2.1 fHpecinl to Nippu
JliM Funeral surMnes of the (121 of-
(Welti and Hailnrn hIiii were klled when
the Japanese battleship Kawacbi was
blown up a week ayo at Toknyuma
Harbor were held luxt Sunday after-
noon with military h onorn.
- w. a. s.
(Nil) UN, I'tuh, .lulv 2: -(Official,
The I'tnh Ctiinent eviiipiiny insued or
lieil itHinj lu ruitti nuiK "ill B V l ,tn,u,iiiMi
idnnt te manufacture potus!
meat , uuHt by meaus tf uu
u from ce
iu cli'i ti i. :il
which they have camrht the army
more untenable h..,.r!y ihe ,!-
i'i l'ici -New him
( Associat
n'cii rt'i-civr.l
lu re Unit :i i r forces of the Allien hove
lies! rove I the repair? which the (ler
mum ha. I lie(;un to miike to the mule
gnl lock at ZeebruKirr, raided anil
I ...I .. .. .1 m.
a iew moiiMis ago. me
.iiiM-n outi- uisu Fuccee "e.l lu siliKllltf
two torpedo boil fa
the cniml remain
in the hurl, or mi. I
YOKK, July 23 (Assoc Intel
Prince Tokugnwa. head of the
' '
1 Imperial Uel Cross mission
yx'-rlnv enroll
i".- nti i j lint
"I himself In the life
of lied Cross sub
will c m
i I lie niluT nine uieinbem of the com
! in is!" on took nut annual membersh
l I . 'KI.AND, Ohio, Juiv 21 (Olti
cull mi" I rCHII ell T OI ine ilfOllier
hoiiil of Kailway 'Ira in men ounoniK'i'n
Mint I I,., I.! mcmberx are serviuu with
the I nited states aruiy aud navy.
i raw
tor ah rimm i
in lit
Official -Reports Differ Widely
from Allied and Neutral
AMSTEEDAM; July ' tM-fc-fAeaociat'
.1 PruM)-rrOffMel eport from Berlin
enntlnoe to claim,, sorceuies on tie
Western front and iw in striking con
trast with the hews reaching here frorn
Altied aad- neatrat ehannsl. The r'
- - " wesoffiriaJly presented to
tha Berlin public last evening said:
British attacks were repulsed at
many point jon Snndsv and our an!
.Ilii.!..? . '
" Ylrda the mr did not re
:- th:r AttaoH" en tht eoatb of tls
Ain beranfe of the bavy luaaea they
hav mi4ainrl. i I' ,
I evealng there e-ere locul h
(fnc.'mntii on the weet .bene of tie
Avre aad the Or0WPlnf'a torrea
I repelVpil anil fmatrated joint enniaj
1 attack between Mniaaona and Rheiida.
Public Malnfermed .
The Oermaa ptihlie la alao bolup told
by innpired-neeapanera end offiviaf at
teranrr that thr "ambitlona attaiupte
of the PreiMh and, Amerieaaa.te brrk
through the German line have failed
bccaniw nf r elantfe defennr. " '
Tha arml-official Wolff Bareen ilwetla
th Amariraa, due te the fact, it aaea.
that the. Americana are miaed for th
flrnt time "with aaeagea nd nigger'
inatrad of the French. It lm deelaree
that at many 'polat in the moohtain
the American dead lie ia front of tie
German positions. i
W. a. a. .
I 24 t Aeaoc lated Preig) Americaa eel-
atore yeaterday took rver from the Brlt-
ieh one of the moat import a at airplaM
aUtiona on -the Engliah eoant Frert
thi' ey will patrol a large
aea area.
w. i a.
TOKIO, July 83 (Special to Niptm
Jiji) The shortage of rice begiaa to
be ao acute in Japan that the govern
ment, tti rough the department of agri
culture and eommere.e, haa ordered thfct
any peraon, tfaie including high officials
ea well at eommoMern, who haa m sup
ply of over ive bushels of rise for te
month of July will have to-eubndt
report . to the Japanese '. goyeirtmeajt.
the new erop of rice will be harvested
during the months of October aad Nw
ember. The Intention of the govern
ment ia to And out exactly how much
rice there ia in Japan. t
a, a. . -
LONDON, .lulv 1.1 (Asaooieted
I'rcM) In the opinions of British gev
ernment oftteials Germany's emotional
crisis due to air raids on Cities along
the Rhine will be of long duration,
with progressive attrition of German
The Rhine, they point out, ia a broad
river ns well as a long one and it is
an unmistakable guide to airmen flying
nifrli by day or night. Many monition
tow ns nre distributed along that stream.
Mini ulso within easy reach of Allied
nmnen are tho iron towns dotting the
ri er Saar.
Germany cannot, it is argued, put up
an effective air barrage along the whole
length of the Rhine and the Saar, kl
though she can, by robbing her buttle
line, keep fighting planes on the Rhine
to ttnek the raiders. However, whln
thoHritisb recently raided Haarbruek
en. Germany lost three to one whpn
she sent up fighting machines for de
fi'nse work, and Haarbrurken ws?
bombed just the same.
w. a. a.
MSTKRDAM, .lulv IS ( Aeeoc i oied
Tress! A. curious food hoard haa boen
discovurwd at Kinbeck, aaya the HoUth
Hanoverian Oazette, in the parish
church baptismal font. Investigations
following a denunciatory letter reveal
ed six hundredweight of oats and a
hundredweight each of rye and beans.
' '0"KVt AUKV.-Iulr 18f Associated
Press i With a view to putting do We
the alarming growth of gambling, the
Hungarian government ha prohibiten
all games of chant at cluba and Ha loo. r
in Huiliipest and police have been give-
I ... '
authority to enter private cluba at on
tune, suv ( Kriiinn i.soar.
a. s
' milVfiTOM. Inly 2.1 ( AsHoeint
1'ress) Casualties reported today
Annv Killed in action, twenty
four; died of wounds, three: of diseaee.
fh .
of other causes, Ave: severely
wounded, sixtv seven; iuisin, one
Marines Killed in action. four:
lied of wounds, three; severely wouod-
n i teen; missing, one.
Hecavs of lu tonic ad taxaUve, eBsci.
I.AXATIVa) fcJIOMO Ql'INlJia wUl bctobad
' cttcr tha ordlMfQwIa,. DhImImhii
iicrvoiiHiic-.i. Dor ringing ia the head. B
iu, mWi, ,(ire is only su "Uroroo Oulaisw
The tisua'-cs r j H. v. Uia ; at, c.ic
i 1 1 I M i i a
r yEESHH ROD M IS k i fl R R f 'ST
.-..'.... IX VI U ' V . . - 1:11 I 11 I II I ' 'I II II 1 1 liUill II
IORTIiAND, Maine, Jaly-4-.(I)estroyuit fishing craft, bergae Mid '
other wuitiied i4 def eeuMleaa craft, the 0rmaa tttYtivreJder la itlll openv! t
ing a IT the Kew England coast and on Monday mornlnr aank Uie JtabJjDg :
eikootter Robert trd Richard off the Q low ester aew.-.f-J mh.i.'-,
t-! Tone enrvtvora of the trrw of hi- rmrhtd fferinehehk-irtrrt, thO
B-ate yeatcrday motnluf and brougbtvdeUU o..tt einkanc. ;
Monday morning a ivbraarliie emargeil pair. the. Robert aad Richard t
and lent a rbell across her bows which brootht tha axhMta- nff ttabd
kug.. lfh Rsliermen immediatejy took rto ttelt- heata ad - wei-tr f -tha .
)ver'a,rew beacded the eUiooner, ook her and planted a' botab
in her hich exploded jooa after the- Teutona -AeciarUd. - rhe dtwra''1
Ust aeen heading south and travel lr)f e)tt tha sorfacei
Yecterday afterneon a tteamet arriyed if,brtflac avreai irar f ';'
the crew of tha fieker and Captain Wsjjoq the aekoonarv . tT .
. Tha itapWOn snya that tha, anata'af, tha dleer told aiv that ho former- '
ly Jlred on the Maine Coast. .,. -m .n... ...
It la considered here that thls.aSalr, fouewlng tha atprabee of a
diver off Oepo Cad, effe-tttally r la art up any Biystes-y as to the aoertw or '
i tft wplesien which sack the awhoeanV Ontaae aajt tMeeja. n , .
" ' ' .''- ' . - " v " 1'J 1 " ' ?
Gzec ho -Slovaks Take
TOKIO, 'July 24 (Special Cable te -
Nippu Jlji)-rreparations for the Bib- j
Han expedition are going ateadily for
ward ,ml Uie iiHiuinvnca of ita lepar
lure la lionii by the announcement
that a Japan p-e Ked Croaa eorpa will
learrn foabiticria July 80. The an
nouncement wan maile by Huron T.
Iahiiuro, proxiilcnt of the Red Croat
of Japati.. ..
Jdaanlime h.'nvy fighting i in prog
ram, between the Caeelio-Blovaka aai)
the BoUheviki. the latter reiaforce4 ty
former German ami Austrian-priaoijerii
Xrkntak Taken , i ' u y , -i .
.. After ilayn of hard battling Ihg
Czecbo-Slevak fofcea have, fully ecu-
fiei. IrknUk. Otter t reports (.racei veil
olfty ay that the -RaJirala aivtlUelr
Teuton Allies are danperately attacking
Semi Doff. ta I hU fofcea. .
ftWfMfftciW Ta Attn .
t Anfoj-itihg to one who met General
Result Js Falling Off of Seventy -
et isnrtAr- I- r-i-r .
jive jniuiuii in rureiun
' Trade Report
AVABHINfiTON, July 2.1 (Official)
Decreases of 7!l,(t0,0()0 in Uniteil
tHatee foeein trade for tbe ft seal year
ending Jiilie AO as rumpareil with 'the
ear-eiidibic June .10. 1117. The .fall.'
lug, n4.M iu -the value of exports for
, 11 . . - L. ...
ta.pt.rta Vf.owe.1 an increase v aad the
ngtires reneer me growt or oor in.lue-
tries and the shipment of supplies tof
American foreaa iu .France.
The bureau of foreign and domestic
commerce -oiiHouaces -that America's
foreign trmle for tha fiscal year ending
ane .in totaleil f.t,,4,otK),()UU compare !
with ISH.OOO.OOd in the preceding
year. Imports were valued at $2,946f
000.000 aurea. of $287,000,000. Ex- ,
pons was? vaiuen at ao,ve,uuu,uuu, a
decrease of .'IC2,()(H),000. The trade bal
ance is 2,u2,00O,000 compared with
:t,o1 1,000,000 tbe preceding yeajr. Gold
imports wern ia4,(ioo,ooo ad.exporyi
$l.0(n),0OO. Silver importa were J70,-
uoo,uuu and exports f I as.WO.OOD.
Government Takes Over Tele
phone and Telegraph Lines
But Not Ocean Cables
WASHINGTON, July 2.1 (Ofl'icin' )
Telephone, telegraph and radio lines
will be under government control from
and after July -10 under the proclama
tion which has been issued by Presi
dent Wilson in accordance with the
authorisation of congress. Ocean cables
and radio lines are not taken under
this ploclamation but may be taken
over later if it shall be considered nec
essary. The control ia for the dura
tion of the war.
Alitkoj-ltv to ooerste the elnotrie.l
ommunlcation lines that are thus to
Bh take-over at tbe end of the month,
is to be vested in the postmaster gea-
i.ral as controller or director.
i - w. a. a
1 1 ' V " ''.''" ill
... - , -.- . : I
- w
. i . . . . . " .
ROME, July 24 (Associated Press)
In Albania the advance of the Ital
ian and Freuch forces continues. Fur
ther surceases were won yesterday.
Pushing along the crest of Maliat lo
ve, the Italian, Captured Hill 900 after
some Kara righting,
Further east the French bare oc
cupied the heights on the left bank of
the Holla River which gives them a
eoBimsndlng position from which to
a. a.
LONDON, July 2.1 (Associated
Press Berlin despatches reaching here
via Heme, Switzerland, say that dec-
eral von Hindenburg is seriously ill
and will be unable to puticipate iu mili-
tary operations during tbe present ytsar,
" w
-26, !918. SEMI-WEEKLY,
i ii t i - j ( ,
. m . u ' . r
Beminoff during a journey to Blberta.
Ute 43ihvrian leader, opposing the role
of the -Bolshevlkl la a young man tot
tweaty-aitht years of ace. Ilia father
ia a Oonsack -and mother a Mongol. Hi
real rank in the army is eaptaia,:bbt
aa his staff are officers of the -rank kw.
ieolsael,.,and .general , who look . jap la
oioicas meir uomaianiier. , i '
.'.Duriag coaveraatioa with Oeneral
Seniinoff he pointed out that .Biberte
If la too war a natural annex ef ei
ia, that.it la bound to stand bjr ltl
abil that' the people of Siberia ,bee
nataiDfa eommoa with the tuneiasei
H4 aa.id.thaj be Was an Oriental, net.
a JUuDpeaa. Wrth the help of a neigh;
bor rower ia he east, he saicV thjat,
Siberia must separate Itself from Euro;
(man jRnasla and ostabllah its indepeml,
eaee. 4. Seniinoff ie cleaeiibed as a tnka
ef womlerful energy atfd a born leadfir
.,f inea.
A K jM ft
' ' 1 - i- -v-c ' l,-l''V
State Department is rnformedo
"SiHm ;Cohditl6ni "Tnat
Grow Steadily Worse?'- :,
i -, . u., .tt- : .if$ i-t- t .
vVABlITNOTON, Joly 23-(01cial
rln connection with plans for the e;
lief expedition to . Rusxis, to be .sotit
Sy the American Bed Cross, tb sta
apartment haa leer'ned that starts'
jtioa aad economic end fiuanrial Uas
iw wreaien .mat naioriunate country
hit MwkVom .av . ,4ftat tlHicroV.
jpftaU or the-,118 harvaet cajre VOty
. .poof,' aad the financial chaos" ia imesr
cpmplet. ' '.' jv " ' j . ' '
The Rusaian fommisnarist Tor Ecen
omiss ln-U latest infortjiation anjirlhat
the number bf leldt uttIVated in 1HU
4s eomoared 'with' 191B' is only thlrtvi
iht berftnt in the- trovlnek itf Klk
ro wenty eight in Saratov, thirty Ad
Samara and thrrty-four ia.jtajsaa." j
unsni anu nirvyxour .m.svajcjia. 1
Preliminary aid from . the American
people will soon.be fUshed la a-epeial
American Bed :Oosa- h.irs ..inc4diaij'
food; clothing ahd ntedieal uppHa i '
,t it.aa ft ii. 1
Will Not Be Observed In Hawaii
But Is Being Celebrated In 1
Salt UW City '
Today is Pioneer Day in alt Chur. hei
of Jesua Christ of Latter Day tteiats
r in muni tie, and as a rule is generally
observed as a holidatk particularly
throughout Ctah and Idaho, but vtlll
not be observed iu Hawaii as soeh ty
the Mormon communities. Aa ob?tsr
vnnee of the day was held in the
r'x.rches in Houolulu and at Laic lastt
Citiaena of Utah today are cele
brating the anlveraary of the.ndyent,
of the Mormon pioneers Into the state
and the f4lt Lake valley, ratrlotia
exercises being held in the Salt Lake
"'"-riiac-io nu . . uay ...
T . 1 I . 1 J 11 .. KU
, '"I" throughout the Mate. ,
bo,u aewty-ona years ago
,hut ,he or1,ttt"1 .P4 .1
pioneers, nnuvr ine leaiicrsnip vi rvci
dent Brighdm Young, cmo through
Kniigratlou canyon into Halt Lake
valley sad began preparations to ee'jtle
there. i '
"This is the place we will muko ur
home," are the words crcuitod i to
Young when he ik: eyes on
valley, and the work of re
the land and plnuliug of en p
was begun-.imuodiatoly. The fweidy
fourth of July haa tdue.e been rt-og-aiz'l
as the natal day f ttah.
The advance, scouts of the niormon
party bad entered the valley two.dyk
before , and wJien thev reported their
diseo'very f, tb 'al ey, P esila'
;Vou,tg u.he,l )
on and reached, the
future home of the Pioneers two dty
Jeter. "First elinrch services, were held
tha foltbwi'ug Hunday, and itbey am
aid to have been the first. Christian
services to have been held in Utah.,
w. a. a.
When you fail' te provide totrr faV
II v with a bottle of .phanjberlaie
Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy .at this
season of tbe year, y?u re neglect
ing them, as bowfl complaint Is Hire to
be prevalent, hnd ft is too dangerous
a uiajfldy to be trifled with, This is
especially true if there are children in
the family. A dose or two of this rem -
edv will place (he trouble within con-
trol and perhaps aave a life, or at least
n doctor s bill. For sale by all deal-
m Hensou, Huiith k Co., Ltd., Agents
for Hawaii.
WEEKLY. ; v .; V-,-; -v.-,-.: .
I i a li i ii ii i ii ii i in n ii a i i hi i 1 1. ... n ,
Now, Rear Admiral He Came To
'''ix'.v.-i.ft ik ' i
i nawan A9 . ueuienani ana -
'k.'11iter.ti6rojned Slatiotr' J
. LONDON, -July Zl -M (Associated ,
Preeit-Abokrd the grand fleet fleg
ehtp,' King reVg yesterday decorated ;
taited States Rear Admiral Hugh Rod-'
man "Kaight-t Commander of the Or-'
det of Aath '' and Read Admiral Joseph
ttttsasa "Knight Coaoniaadsr of the Or
derafl t. Michael and George, t
. Sear Admiral .Hugh Rodman spent a
eotnridetable tinas da Hoaolulu about
Bfteew ytsaxa ago and is well remem
bered by kanaaiaaev He tins here
a a Uanteaaat, ,took his examination
and bees ate t liataaatorrrnaadelr
while .here -aad wae ia eemmaad of the
aaval tstatlea here. He areat to the
Orient 4a J90. ; ,ihee then he baa vis
ited Honolulu a a urn bar of. times and
haa renewed some. of the earlier friend
ships which he, formed.
JHe is remembered as an ardent sports.
tnaa who took Occasion when the chance
presented itself to go hunting on the
other lelandi .
m. a. a. .
Aoathv Exoressed On Other
rV 'I.UmJ. tkrttt. nil. rt-t.:
laistiius Kf iin nuu upciny
' Opposed
'ii. '..I,..-1
The Civic. Convention, scheduled to
0 opened on Maui about the middle
f -September, may net be neld, owing
to1 the apathy expressed toward it on
-arious islands, llilo having already
'ntroiroced that it ta opposed to hold
Ihg convention of this character this
yeae. -y v - .
v-Alexander Hume Ford, of the Pan
Paoiio Union, i said yesterday he had
tuat -hoard from Maui, and that . his
Informant had expressed the opinion
tho. asvention would aot he held.
o-Although the-Honolulu Chamber of
Commerce paaend 'reaolntious. last Weil
jeenskSr ;avrable'. to koldiag -the eon
-atioa, nasi so - informed the Maul
Chamber -of i Commerce, ao reply has
vet iboea voceived from the Valley Island-.organisation,
- not evon au ac
knowledgement, of the receipt f the
Kven.on Maui the feeling with re
enrd to the. holding of the convention
la about,", M,ty-fifty ", as expressed at
the . lu"t local i liainUer t,f comuiereo
Tha Pan Pacific Union will not have
representatives at the Maui session,
Mr. Ford stated recently, as the
Union's plans, are to celebrate Balboa
Day about September 17, and all its
attention would chave to be given -to
that 'annual -event. )
' -...' '
Son of former .Manager McFie
'Drigiriated Design For Great
' ' .Engine of -War
It was a rob of Hawaii wlio Invented
he "tank" which, is now playing so
important a part in the operations on
the western battlefront. information
has been received here, and is suh
itatiated by local men who are fumi
Mar with tbe matter, that the inventor
)f the modern fire spitting Juggernaut
if war was a son of R. A. MeFie
Mr. McFie was formerly manager o
Kllauea plantation, on Kauai, ..and is
now a coffee planter lnPorto Rico.
The son was born on Kitauea plun
atlon. He is now in tbe aeronautic
fervee of tha liritish nnvy. Aftei
ltiifieatlng the Idea of the buttle tank
he was given an order to draw a di
sign ' and construct one. His design
waa accepted pud the ordnance de
rartmeut took it and designed one of
their own along, eimilar lines and put
li into active service.
Young McFie is at present
for, the-. British navy.
-. w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, July 84 (Associa
ted Peeee) Sales of War Savings
stamps- are aaeuming greater volume
every, day and last week, undoubt
Jdly indueed id part by the news from
'he bsttlcf routs in Fnrnco, established
the be w record of 5.1,020,000 fur the
week- " .
For the seventeen banking days of
July np to the close -of the lust week
tbe total sales were tl37,85l,00(). To
date the sales have been 8447,820,870.
WASHINGTON, July 81 (Associa
ted Press I Secretary- of Wiir Haker
annoaneed today that when congresf"
reconvenes the' War dopatTmoiit will
eeouest new eonrooriationa. hnvin"
plans for a modification of the draft
ages and a aomawbat larger military
i i w. a. a
Margaret, the nine month old ilnui;h
ter of Mrs. Coekett and of the lnt
Clifotd K. Coekett,' died at tilne thirt
yesterday .moreing at the realdet" :
Ouliek Avenue. The funeral will I
held at font o.'eWk-fill "nf'r.io"'
interment to be iu the Kulihi Cutln.li
BY Sf Of H
, ii j ; -i," i
k .
Intelligence Departments Say
They Find Indications That Re
treat of. Germans IS Becoming
More Widespread 'r ' .'
ARTILLERT shelling
-; -
Resistance Is More Desperate
But Gains Are Continued In Ail
Three Sectors of Americans In
Solssons-Rheims Salient
... ... "ft v'.t . :,
ASHlNGTON. July 24-
(Associated Press) Driv
ing forward along the south bank
of the Ourcq, pressing further
westward to the northeast of
Chateau Thierry and along the
Marne,. in three different sectors
of the Soisson-Rheitns salient.
Along the Ourcq they advanc
ed a distance of more than a kilo
meter encountering hibre deter
mined .resistance which made
their progress less rapid. In that
sector they cut the road to Cha
teid'Thierry.'irere they also took
Bttczancy., , In this sector tha
American, , forces' captured four
CJerman, tanks which they forced
the.'fenemy tp abandon in bayonet
charges, after having surround
ed the big tractors.
To the north of the Marne they
held Chartered, advanced ai.J
took Jaulgbine,. about a mile east
of Charteves, and at Jaulgonne
they Enlarged the bridge head.
Advancing from here they took
300 prisoners.
T t. - . ii . . r -1. ..
in inc sctiur iiuriiicai oi viiii-
teau Thietry the battle is becom
ing more open and at one point
yesterday xJiH Americans advanc
ed in skirmish formation over
wheatfields and through woods.
. .. , . t. ,
Reports received last nifcht
from the headquarters on the
Marne said that intelligence de
partments reported informa
tion that indicates the German
rt-treat is extendmg. The French
and American batteries are heav
ily shelling the foe far back of
their lines, greatly hampering the
movement of supplies and troops
and adding to the disorder and
General Pershing iu his com
munique for July 22 said:
"Yesterday evening our troo;iV
.-ontinued their advance in co
operation with the I'rench suu'.h
of the Ourcq and crossed the
oissous-Chateati Thierry road
Uetween Oufce. and Clignon.
Massed through the towns of
liezuepieda and Carteves.
"Other American units crossed
the Marne from positions south
f the river and occupied towns
vhose conditions showed that the
nemy abandoned them in geat
Press cables report the capture
!y the Americans of Jaulgonne
on the Mafne and Buzancy south
of Soissons and that the advance
continues. The Americans cross
ed the Marne on a 12-mile front.
w. a. f. ,
forty-two concrete
' ships Will be built
BAN FllAMciSCO, July 2.l-(Offl
ial) Forty-two concrete ships of
'ypes siinilur to the steamer Faith are
o be built by the government, it i
unonncert by the representative of the
'mergimey fleet corporation who iu-
iiAeted I he .Vilk lt.1...- .
e pliteed, he said.
Kiidit of these concrete vessels,
vhich are all to be of a standard type
mi or nuu ions burden, are to be built
n a yard hear here.
w. . .
ID.UIiriM 1 . 1 .. no ...... ...
(rnriai; ,
Through the efforts of the free service
uirenu of the United States shipping
onrd H40 senmen have been placed
. active seivlee In tbe United States
'erchnnt murine in the past two weeks.
'I.ese men have cume from all narta
,? .'' I.V-VJ- I-'-..:. " '
i me uouuiry.

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