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itishr.and Italians Gain Important Points
1 :DH East
at .
PAltlH, July 25 (Associated Pretta) The Entente pinchers are closing in slow
ly but 'Surely npon the i portions of the Crown Prince's army mill south of the
.. - V?Pl5 Iiiver ; in the Manie,alient aiui.it is heoining more and more apparent
i iluaia portion of that army 1s to be pocketed and captured unless the German retreat,
now in Ml. swing,, can lie hastened. Eve:i this hope for the Germans ts lathing
leSs possible" of fulUraent with each hour, as the Allies close in from opposite direc
tions and cut one after the other the road over which ihc Germans must retire.
Yesterday; on the center of the Alsuie-Marrie.Jine, the Americans made a notable
- advance,' cutting their way east for nearly two more miles, taking five heavy guns,
fifty machine guns and niariy more prisoners. ,
Opposite, on the Rhelms-Marne line, the l?ntlsh smashed the German rear guards
and gained important ground in Vrigny woods, southeast of Kheims. This gain is
important as it still further restricts the mouih of the pocket in which the Germans
are struggling in an1 effort to extricate themselves.
Violent German counters were made at various points, and while these held up
the general advance of the Allies at, places along. the front they failed entirely in
checking the inexorable progress of the French, Americans and British, all of whom
made notable gains. On the west side of the salient the Allies' front on the south
ern end is now near Coiney, on the Soissons-Chateau Thierry railroad seven miles to
the norUt of the latter city. This brings the American advance at this point ten ami
a half miles from the starting point of last Thursday, when the big counter offensive
was laniiched by Foch. , ,
On lhe Center, tyhere the main American gains were made yesterday, mixed forces
f French and Americans advanced for nearly twd miles, bringing the line to the east
f Courpoil, north of Epieds. Last night there was desperate' fighting around both
tjyixjic nun uujjiy , iwiu ui wuitn viiHge were recap
tured by tlie Americans aiid cleared of the enemy. In the
advance yesterday afternoon
Germans were pnsonereti ami neavy . losses infllcteu on
the Germa linear-guards tvho attempted to hold their posi
tions. Heavy fighting in the (hatlet woods resulted in
the wiping out of the German machine gun crews aud the
capture of all their gunH. In this fighting Rrecy was
The occupation of Trugny on the Ourcq by the Franco
Americans is most important as from this point guns have
been brought to bear uikhi the important center of Fer-cn-Tardenois,
one of the principal German supply points, which is now under
bombardment- ,. ' "'
Reports of the battle on Tuesday show that the Germans lost
very heavily, eighteen hundred and fifty prisoners being taken, in
cluding three battalion commanders. The booty captured by the
Allies included four cannons, fifty-five trench cannons and more than
three hundred machine guns.'
From Fr;nch headquarters at noon yesterday the reort.s show
ed violent fighting on both sides of the Marne pocket, with the
Germans making the most desperate counters. There were not
many fluctuations of the general line during the first hours of the
day, but what changes were recorded were practically all in favor
of the Allies. Southwest of Rheims the crack battalions of von
Moduli's army were brought into the fight against the British and
Italians, but even these troops could not stand the hammering of
the Allied artillery and the persistant rushes of the Infantry and
tzavc ground repeatedly. The Hritish and French qruns have lc-n
augmented on this front and are hammering the German lines in
The early reports from American headquarters on the Marne
stated that American, French and British battalions were hammer-1
hie oil ,l,oth German Hanks in ceaseless attacks, their efforts hcitiK
J. 1 ' n i a t . . .
Ccrierally favorahle despite the fact that the Crown Prince li;td
wrought forward fresh troops to hold his badly shattered lines. The
favorable weather had brought out droves of alrcrafts, resulting in
numerous air lwttlcs The Allied machines found the air clear for
observation work and their reports
,. ,,.. I . , ,i ...
infill! vifl II I II tl 1119 in lll 1 1 II 1 1 1 li;ill IIIOWB,
Prisoners brought into the American lines reported the pres
ence of General George Michaelis, a short time ago tmncrlal chan
cellor of Geriuatiy, who is now commanding one of jhe brigades
under von Rochm.
Franco-American troops before noon had succeeded In clearing
he greater part of the Chatlet woods, tin -ompfete cajHure of which
was reported in the-night eommunin.ics. The Germans were con
tinuing their rearguard actions, relying p mcially upon machine
guns, their artillery having been withdrawn in a hurry to prevent
the wholesale loss of guns as the Allies sweep forward.
In the capture of Epieds and in the advance beyond that vil
lage, the Americans were able to bring a porthn of their cavalry
into inc ngnting
TOKIO, July SM --(Miwtial Cubic to
Mi(Mi Jiji) I'roinier Count Teruurhl
intimated that lie Would renign frmn
tHe remWnl'iy ua aooii ur lie i nt.le
to (lnj a. micc.tiHsur. lie in now nigoti
I'tinir vith c.ertnia inflientiul atntia
i"cti ia to lilt new miccenor. When
the iiP;otiatiiiiiH nr-j . him Udeil he will
-ii I"1- t.io (, -.l.i net tn Hi,, iii-xv prem
ier and retire from pnliticul life.
The i-ep.iil wilh (ht -ivcii in the
Kokumin Mliiiilinn. the luigi-Kt and
iMiat i ll ft tied t i h 1 .l.iuuien- newipipir
in the country. The K-i'dimin prexn ih
NUi'porliiic; Coint Teniuehi iiinl 1Ue t c
lire Hilid to lie in i-Iim' timeh with ei,eli
other, ao the reort given that he
houIJ reaigu is cuti'linied.
W dl A ah
rorward Again Un West
beyond Armentiertes mahyj
were of great assistance to the I
LONDON, July 25 ( Associated
I I'teaa) A big strike in Ionia of the
munition factories of Birmiuuhain haw
lieeii tailed, accprding to a Central
News report. The union heia stute
that aixty Jve thuuaaud worker ore
involved. ThiM- are ao itatails aa to
the grievances -of the munition vork
w. a. a.
21 - ( Associated Press) Anirriean avi
iituiH ventcrilny took over from the Urit
inie of the mint important air-l-liiiie
KtntioiiH on the Kiiliali ro:iKt.
Kioin this nt 11 1 in n tky will patrol a
large ocu area.
JMi 'dft 0
Reports. From Front Indicate
That Greater Successes Are
About To Be Announced
WASHINGTON, July 25 (Associat
ed Press) Reports from General Per
ehing dealing with the situation on the
Marae front Indicate the hopes of (he
American' command for still further
and greater successes to come.
These reports last night state that
the main Oermaa railroads supplying
the enemy's lines south of Noissons
are now useless to him, having; been
rut in places, while the gnus of the
Allies are now reaching the main wagon
roads and are hammering these con
stantly, rendering them unfit for heavy
traffic and unsafe at all times. Other
roads are being bombarded by the Allied
airplanes, which are also showering
taa Qerman billets and concentration
points with tons of explosives and are
War ring the German columns and sup
ply trains.
14 is known that the Germans have
already succeeded In withdrawing the
larger number of their guns and are
stripping all their lines within the
salient of the heavier weapons.
American aviators yesterday, in the
fighting over the German lines, iihot
down five enemy machines without loa
inl A n . ,.t ik.:. -
It is officially reported here that the
French, to the west of the Hoissona-
tensive on Tuesday, takincr fifteen hun
drod Prisoners northwest of Mnntdi.iier
ne r renen niaao eonauleranle gain
and their own Iompi were alight.
mi omrial statr.mrnt of tbo gmw
nil Hituation, Sx-rotary Baker yrstrr
,,nv r,,lK,rt"' tbat the proven of
Franco American offeimive rontin
He said:
"We are taking more and more ter
ritory every day and the progress made
is entirely satisfactory. "
(iuneraj March, chief of stall, said
that the advance pf the Allied and
A merican forces nround the A (sue
Mane .salient has been practically
sad" for .the last two days daapite
the fact that the Gentians threw 15
fresh divisions of troons iito the fi 'lit
lng at Soissons and the south, where
Uermans are now jrhting desperately
to retain the Mingle, railway line remain
iug In thoir hands, over "which henvv
material can be removed in retreat. If
this ruilway, which runs from 'ismes to
Ker eu-Tarilenois, is reached by the
Allies, the German force remaining iu
the salient will lie pocketed.
On the Rheims aide of the salient
nfUcial reports show that the enemy has
been thrown back on an average of a
mile and a half on a ten inilo front,
despite the heavily wooded country and
the high ground which aids the Uermnn
The area loat by the (iernians last
week about equals that gained by them
on the Klanders front lust April
Ociinral 1'ershiug's communique of
Julv 23 says:
"Houh of the Ourcq our troops have
continued to proas the retreatiug ene
my. Our uaits epoasing 4u Marne
Hi.m'd )M)asssion pf Jaulgonne and the
wods to the west. Iu the Lorraine
section, a hostile raiding party wan re
pwlsed on the night -of July 22 3. "
y. a a. , .. r
WASHINGTON, July 24 (Oiioial)
A conference with Uoruiau rfreot
tivis at Jiwue for the xiinji of
prisoners between the United Htates
and Germany will be held late In Au
gust, the stute department announces.
FltlDAY ULYi 26V iM.
TlieGefiD.ii Version
01 EkntYesiejil
OffJefi; Taken , Frbm PHsoncrs
Show Hun Comman(lcr$ Are
Appealing Te Troops NoW and
No Longer Threatening the
LONDON, .Inly 25 (Associated
Presa)-" Bet ween SoUsoni and .Rheims
yesterday was mueh rjnieter" announces
tbo official, (ierman report sent out by
wireteaa. from Berlin last alght. this
report aay that there were "partial
engagements" south of the Ourcq and
sonthweat of Kheims.
Captured orders, taken from German
u4er officers yesterday by the British,
show that the Oerman commander! are
dephsHug the lack of discipline which
is sow .-baeoming evident throaghout
the ttermaji forces holding the Marae
sallaat. The tone of the erdera la rath
er ait arrpeal to the men to stand firm
and carry out their military task rath
er than threat of punishment that
may follow refusals to, obey, the trend
ol the Orders indicating that the Ger
man commanders relalae that their -so
diort art In a dangerous mood.
W. a. a, .
SfcATTLE, July 24 (Official) Pr.
Uinko Rich, exiled Jugoslav leader,
in a spaeth made here said that "in
all plaeca where the Jugoslavs hear
.hem, tho- names of Amnrica arid Preai
dent Wilson, are signala tarn acclaim.
They fcra. a sign of a kind of revolu
tionary spirit of all onr hopes. Ton
of Araeiiea are proclaiming through
President i Tj'ilson the irineiplea Bod
ideals of freedom and brotherhood, and
ne have fh' deepest gratitude to you
for it because you will not atop util
tbeae principles are realized.
"No o cared for us Jugoslavs
before tfc war and what you knew
of us came through Austrian and Ger
man sources . which represented ua as
barbarians. If we can get the oppor
tunity toIITive' aa a nation you will
never be ashamed of your youngest
W. g. ft.
BOSTON, July . 23 (Associated
Press) Oswald-Kunhanlt, former Ger
man Austrian consnl here, was arrested
yesterday amt held as an enemy alien
by the federal authorities.
It is reported, that his. arrest comes
in connection .with an allcyed jiln ,t"
aasist the German submarines opernt
ing off the A Mantle coast, but this re
port the federal offiecra will neither
deny uor roufirm.
NEW YORK, July 4 (Official )
H. Montague Donner, president of the
Finland CoustUutioual League of
America, has issued v itatemeiit say
ing all -danger ia past of a break be
tween Finland and. the Allied govern
ments and expressed too hope that
President W.ilson will declare sympnthy
with Finland nn4, hit intention on be
half itf the Allien to so that Finland is
allowed to retain her full independence
after the ar. He said the efforts of
German propagandists to persuade the
Finns to favor a constitutional mon
archy have failed utterly.
AMHTKRDAM, July 24 (Associated
Press) A despatch from Moscow says
that the Hnlslieviki officials have, shot
more than to hundred Hociul Revolu
Uuuists fur participating in the plot to
aaaiaainate the late German ambassador,
Pr. .von Mirhanh. --
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neys, no timi' to recover. When the
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UuHoilau loluuda. (Advertiscoieut)
Submarine Losses,
June Sniallest Since September 1916
LOKOOW, Jul B6 (AaoctaUd Trwrs) The Joan Is tLttvbt tT tbo
BrttUk sad tbo ,Al lo during too mootlt of Jaae, a reparrted resterxLay by
tha admiralty, aBow tbo least tonnago of any month sine September of
The Iwraao iaalrsdo Uieso Creos ordinary tsarina risk and onomy allien, the
figures being Moolvcd with the groatoat of satisfaction ao showing tha de
cline is tho eflecttrenMs af thai submarlno campaign, all tha mere satUfao
tory In view of tho vastly lncroaood tonnage now being launched fro in Brlt-1-h
and particularly from American yards. ,
Tho losses for tho month. Including att tha merchant soott of tho AUloa
and the Vnltod sHwtoo, totot . 6,689 gcoos tons.
Tho leoaos for tho aoartor oadlng Jtwo 30 total 046 J78 tons, marking
this as tho smailest anartor U loioo stooo the third quartet of 1918, while
tba rcpjrta Of tho sailing! to ai.d from llrltlah and French -porta show a very
doddnd tn ere ana. - .
Tho ton nape loot through alnklag la June was amallor than that of May
by 81,806 tons.
. ,1
Starts Movcmeat Forfeaoe That
Would Acknowledge Her
As War Victor
AMSTERDAM; July 24 -(Associated LONDON, July 23 (Aaiweloled
I'resa) -Germany has authorised Bpain Press) After a leaperato dgbt, ltlng
to make definite jeaee proiosla to the aome hours, a flotilla of Oerman sub
Entente, according to a report pub- 1 marines sunk the Rritish linf Jua
lishe.1 yesterday In the Berlin Vot- tieia, a huge vessel of SOS sroaa tone,
waerts, the miding organ of the Ho- , . TT , . .
CialistsJ The term, as proposed by O.T T,B of ,h rrw w"e kMt in tk
mnny and oatKned in Vorwaerts, would all the passengero and the others
be on the basis of the statu ono ante
so far as the western front is concerned,
bnt would leave to the Central l'owers
all their gains on the cast.
The Bpanish government ia author
ir.ed to sound the Entente out on pro
poaal for pence with no annexations in
Western Kurope ami no indemnities to
be paid by either . f!wmr yH
withdraw prorlaioaaUy from Belgium
and Northern k'ranue bui wui h.u
sovereignty over Alaare Lorraino. ,
la - consideration of the aabwae of
Belgium and tho surrender of tho -eon
quered tlistrkrta of Kram-e, tha felntmte
on its part will not aneotlon tho legality
or binding affect ef tho BnenVLitovsk
and subsequent treaties with . naoia,
tho treaties with the Ukralno ad that
with Rumania. The Bavlnaa -roarrange-ment
shall be as now set forth on the
military oinp.
Tho aubnnquent disposition .of Bql
ffium Is io be nettled nt the umm fm-
forenoe, nt which is ahto to be taken np
lor. settlement the question of "the
freedom of the sens. " ,
Germany will- likewise demand ss
terms -of peace the dismantling of the
British tie fan sea at the entrances af the
Hue Canal and at (libraltar, with the
further right far fiermanv to have the
use-of the . Bcitiiih and French coaling
stations throughout the worJ'L
The various dcroian colonies taken
by the British,' French And Japanese,
mvo -hu m UHingu u iud sius 4w
g I
WASHINGTON, July 84 (Official j
The food .administration announces
that .consumers are , not expected to Je '
required to pay , more than) ten to
!wf! e. ient a pound for rife when
the 1019 crop i dislrihtitod. Arnnue
merits are belnv . snmtilcted with the
:ll t T .i . j-nl
Mi't'ers ior aanuung iP crop, miners
will not be permitted
I ,tq aell clean rice
for more than price, ranging between
i 3 H to I t cent a pound.
WAHHINOTON, July 4 (Associa
ted Press) Today ' list of casualties
announced oy me war Department is
no iuiiiiwb;
Army: K'JIed .in action, twenty;
died of wounds, fourteen; of other
causes, twenty-three; wounded, fnrty
ciybt; missing, one; prisoner, one.
WASIIINOTON. July 'Jl - (Vfticiah
- Sweden has adviaed the state de
l.artinont tliat Turkey, ajiswering the
deiunnd of the United, 8 tat en, has prom
ised tu lo it ijl duty when the facts
are eatahlished in connection with (be
seir.u-re of the American couHulatc and
looting of the, Anqrinsn hospital at
TabrU, i'rain by Turkish troops. The
reports say aommiwIcwMon .with Tabriz
is dinVult,, out . tha, Turkey ia doing
its utmost to lea.ro the. full details.
LONDON, July' . 03 (Associated
Press) A strong eiqurt of Ustinguishe,d
'awyers of Kiigland. Scotland and Ire
land is to be sot ip to consider vo- j
man's plea that aha now has u legal,
rifht to it in the Uouae of Commons, f
The Lord Ch nr.ellors of Knglaud and i
Ireland and the Lord Auvoi nte of Scot
bind will sonn-h the bases of the British
Constitution for , any statutes dealing
with the following questions.
Is the woman Member of Parliament
Imrmd bv Htntnja.1 .
(an ahe be no,inlnateil ill an election?
Has nhe a common law right to ait
in Parliament f
When the legal experts have given
ilicir verdict it witl b for the govern
ment to decide, wky'.tru'r or not the
limine of ( 'oniliiou should lie invited
to take a step In favor of making it
possible to elect women to Parliament.
The Labor party executive hsn de-
I t i led to draft a bill giving women the
i ri nht to r-it in Parliament.
w. a. a, -
V. ASHINC.TON, July e4-(Associa-ed
I'rcssl- -Veiny inlolligeuce uicn a ml
department of justice agents have un
entered frauds in profiteering of liirm1
I'-lcn' Mniiv nrmv supply cuiitrncls
ne said to he involved.
No detnilM of the frauds Iism- ,ccii
I 's
Steadily. Declirilngf
. " i .
After Plucky Bailie fbe jfcreat
Justicia Is tilnkr-Tcn
of Crew Lost
of he crew have been landed oftfolY.
Reports of the attack oa tho 4ig vea-J
ael are eoiirtivtisg, some stating that
the nmnlr of aubmarlnes engaged Was
three, while other reports put the Bom
ber as high ss eight. The abttle took
fdare otl the Irish coast and H was at
an Irish porj that tlte sorrivors were
The gun crews on tbo liaer raade a
deaperate resistance, lighting oil day In
a running battle, with tho number of
V boats being added, to as dho. ehoaf
went on. Kioall -two torpedoes, oot
f a large number tftad, Uuh Hho hull
opposite the engino room, thrawisg tho
ongioes out f oonwniasioa and leaving
the ship at the fuaxejr of . tbo -aabma-rines.
Four other .torpedoes were then
fired and the Justicia created . Into a
wreck. i
The naval gunners of the big (hip
did some wonderful shooting. One
torpedo rushing in a direct Hoe towards
I "odo tbo target f tho
gunners, a hell striking tho torpedo
and ri-torvtug it far enough away
frwm the ship to do nedamaeo. An
other torpedo waa deflected from ita
line by well plaeed sherts. Tho gun
ner also kept the snhsnorinoa well
away and repeatedly drove them un
der when they rose to aeouro tho range
for thoir torpedoes.
The Jiiftieia wan huilt at tbo Dutch
liner Mnteudam. being .uncompleted in
a British yard when war waa declared,
Hhe was eoomandeered by the admiral
ty and haa oinca been In tho govern
meet service.
m tm '4i tl'il : 'z
f-Ve-hOOI HC Onl KeQUiretTieni
i ,..jj ifT. ' h ' -J
Would Have Barred
Many Orientals
('ol.. U. C. Merrlum, chief of staff,
ennnunced yesterday that a meesage had
just been received from the war depart
ment at Washington, approving of
fifty-eight Inches as a minimum height
here for entrance into the arm v. Re
1 centjy(
telegram was received an-
iiouiii iiig tli lit ine minimum was sixty
Immediately the Induction of a num
ber of draftees under this height was
halted, and the men held at Port Arm
strong. The department wired to
Washington for authority to induct the
men at fifty-eight inches.
The new authorization permits the
mustering officer to proceed na before
Had the sixty-inch order been adhered
to about six perc.eut of the men already
in service would have been discharged
It waa shown to the Washington au
thorities that the stature of Filipinos
aud Japanese bore was generally under
o iv inch requirement and unless
lowered would seriously hamper filling
up the two Hawaiian Infantry regi
ments. A.P.Bfiffi)iu
, News reaohed Honolulu ' yesterday
of. the doa-th last r'riday.st JIoaoLaa,
Hawaii, of Arthur 1'etere Brick wood,
aged fifty-five, of pneumonia. Deceas
ed, was born in Honolulu, and haa ,a
number of relations and many friends
here. ,
When iuite young, Urickwood ,s
employed in the Honolulu , poatol&ce.
After annexation he went to Hawaii
and was aasiHtant to JJufus A. layman
at 1'uauhau. He nest served aa captain
of police, resigning tbat office to,ge
Hunkaa. ns assistant to Jubn Katt, '
a position he held at the time of hi i
death. , . L
Hrirkwoiai waa a brother of Mr,
Walter M. (iiffard, Ur. Kuchauan sod
Mrs. Houston, the latter the mother of
Commander Houston, of the navy.
no help in sight
ZI R1CH, HwiUerland.July 2l-(As-sociated
l'ress) ABttter complaint has
been made by Jtaput.y Pik, nA MlUie r of
the lower houe of the AwsUuui parlia
ment, about food coudituui in Bone
mm He declared ht there has been
no flour or bread in wwturu Itoliemin
I'nr iiiii!h. lie snid Unit ntnrvutlmi
'hi l'i)-,-ii i nciite nbd Unit its l-iuil'llt
mMc con4i'tpiehcea are biccling liots
iicct'MMtuting martial law. i
i airw-j ipaqii, ) ruiftHivye. piiovr
Render Position of Germany's
Ally Alonrj Matedohlin Front
Most Prccirloiis ''Albanian
vuiib? i uny in i vnvrmui iiu
PARIS, July 23 (Associated
Tress) Attacking " heavily,
the Scrhians yesterday in Dieted
heavy losses tipou the IlitlgarUns
north of MonaKtir, on the Mace
donian rorrt. The battle 'way
L -t . I. . LjlJ'f
tlie .Cerna River, which the Ser
bians cleared for a considerable
This attack:, in conjunction with
the continuous advance of : the
French and Italians in Albania,
renders the Bulgariau positions to
the east of Lake Ochrida more
and more difficult to hold and a
readjustment of the Rulgar line
may be forced.
irDT?iiirlti inuaurrvn
The Italian-French smash from
the Adriatic to the mountain Re
gion west of l-ake Ochrida, be
sides resulting in severe losses in
men and supplies to the Aus
trian holding the Albanian end
of the line, has completely sliat-
iered (he Austrian plans for an
offensive on their part in Alba
nia. It has also created a nerv
ousness among trie Pulgarians
that is apparent in all their recent
operations as far cast a Lake
The French and Italians iuve
now occupied the entire mountain
region dominating the right side
of the Devoli Valley above.'itj
confluence with the Huota. The
recent advances of the iFrinc'r
ItaJians have given them the vil
lajfM of Izgyuba and KokoHbvo.
On the twenty-first and tweaty
secotrd, in the fighting iri' the
mountains, six hundred and forty-two
prisoners were taken, with
a nurnber of mountain batteries
ami large quantities of supplies.
The fl irll 1 1 rtin tuae rarrirtrl n 'as
- ajn, - o ' w
der the most difficult conditions,
some, of.ibe battles being fought
1 JllL'h attifllltes 9nH in thj miitcf
of snowstorms. ,
' Sr..
WASlitNGTON, July AaoUot
ed Prcfta) Secretary JicAdoo. a di-
c' li.r general or ino rauroau admin
iatration, yesterday authorised ii it
crease in the wape of all Railroad
shoo uien o sixty eight rent an hour,
with a proportionate Increase to shop
asaistaot nd miscellaneous mechanic.
The new wage,, scale brings increase
to half a million men.
r m m -
ciu nicrn tier nr
V WW V Wlf
iVAuuncnTuw t..i ui a..i.
ted Press) It is siinouncedV at tao
,ii urnui i mi n . 1 1 1 n i tun tu in a uithii .
at tha explosion and sinking of the. IT. ;
cruiser ban Uiego are three, and that
only three jure atiU missing.
?f. . o, .
. MSTEEDAM, July 11 (XsaoijipJed
rrs New baa .reached here tul a
goheral . awbiUsation of tho Busalan
army began on July 17.
oVMostAcmirkable Remedy
A new roodtcio
of extraordinary
merit la m. Is. C.
lti..auss the
aysteju wld- h
Iron torM
.A y. aealtii ; and the
vMalltr 4 youth, ii rataWMi heebs
whoaa. niaalcknal . virtues working
with nature, cleanse, atrencihan ana
adjat Obe en-Ur I it art or maoKln
rr oa the Awdy. . A levlaua Mom
ch medlolne. wondsrtul blood build.
Bt and purltler, rmarkbL kldnsy
an MaiMr neaaeOy, :i unsisruassea
t reparation. (r .etorpiil liver, -alck
ssdaches, ' .nervous."., dlssy spalls,
behaobeind k Indeed ailment, a
nstld UMurtlve. at, B. tX nieva all
aumwlat4 wast atter.,th causa
of. prematura aid ace and Inflrml
xM, Uom eraie. It th body
I strong and normal there , ta no
lfkna. Jt la bodr builder and
make the body stronger than' dis
eases 4bat oaaall It. rout aut deoay
M4KtesMrM hsalth. . .). la n
dord by. many leading physician
and people In publlo life. Kor year
forfait t 100 0 to charity ha been
offesad. If i fallad to Inornaa h
Strength of dsliaaia, nervous, , run.
wn, wk nd knemlo people after
veral ' week' ue, provii4 , of
seurse that titcy had bo sriou r
ganle trouble. AM djugglsts, plan
tation stores and dealera sll
al.tl.ti.ta caacsWilr rtrftitH
La Uaapp, Mae. a ad Uva
ban fvs
I'rlo. l per timiW ;
C. Agency, 111 King Street
Next toflehmarket, Honolulu Adf

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