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Only One important Modificatiort
Madd At Conference Bet ween -
1 Sugar ilen and Governor '
Small FarmefJg Assured of Mar
Ket For Cane Al PIantaJ -,',
tiorig Are Required To buy U '
j ? -"I1, "'it :' 1' IT
After havjnf nder eon4ilratjii. for
more than two wjeeks the Mvreijed
for- of aK're'erhkm. -xb be entered) We-
bejwe,, the government and the plant
eft tor the continued cultivation of
lease-expired government cine lamia,,
representatives of the , ufar , plant.
tlons, tt , conference with the Gov -ernor
in hii office yesterday morning,
accepted the form of agreement with
but a, few minor ehangee and on im
portant change.
" Thia important amendment, which
wan suggested by , the , pJanteri and
agreed to promptly uy tha Governor,
related to tb amount that 1 to be
paid the government in .the ease of
th eontinued cultivation of lamia that
are not bomesteaded, la the original
form of agreement presented it wan
provided that in case where the land
U yflot homeateaded, the planter nay
carry on cultivation and harvest and
market the erop Out of the groiia re
time there thai be- paid to the govern
teat five percent The original form
of agreement called for tea percent,
bet thia the planter thooght too much.
Governor McCarthy offered no ob
jection to the reduction to 6 re percent.
The 'ten pertent suggested waa only
tentative, anyway, he aaid, and he waa
entirely satisfied with Ave percent,
. which) will yield the government ap
approximate' rental of f 12.90 aa acre
per annoni n land producing five tooa
of -sugar to the acre.
Homesteader,' Hot Rental
" Anyway, V aaid. Ooveroor McCar
thy yesterday afternoon, Vt don't fig'
are that it will make any difference,
for I believe all the land .will be
homeateadedl And that's what we
want. We want homesteaders, not
Regarding statements made last
week and published in The. Advertiser
to the. effect that the planters will re
fuse to enter lute agreements for the
cultivation of any except the best
lands, Oovernor McCarthy said that
while that matter was not' discussed
at the conference yesterday, he did
not believe that any serious difficulty
would be experienced. A good home
steader, he said, could take eare of
hia land and cultivate his cane himself,
except for the heavier work, such', at
harvesting. It waa only for harvest
lug the., crop that the plantations
would be called open to supply." large
number of men. ,:
Standard Contracts
A decision was reached at the con
ference which will have- an, important
bearing upon homesteading, inasmuch
as it assures the homesteader a mar
ket for his cane. Under this decision
the planters are to b required . to en
ter into contracts with the homestead'
era te buy their cane. These contracts,
it was decided, shall be standardised.
Governor McCarthy proposed to exam
ine all the varioua forma of contract
used by. the several plantations of the
Islands and from these will evolve a
standard contract which shall be used
in all cases by tha planters and the
homesteaders. These . forms will be
printed, as they will all be alike, it
will "not be necessary for the Govern
or to scrutinize each one closely be
fore approving it.
Those present at the conference yes
terday were Governor McCarthy, Dep
uty Attorney Geueral Harry Irwin,
Clarence Cooke, Bit-hard A. Cooke,
Charles R. Hemeuway, E. H. Wode
house, Frank E. Thompson, Alonzo
(iartley and J. N. S. Williams,
roftn of Agreement
Following is the form of agreement
This agreement made and entered the
day of July, 1918, by and be
tween the comnrisBioner of public land
of the Territory of Hawaii, acting pur
suant to tho powers conferred upon
him by Kection 73 of the Organic Act,
by Chapter 30 of the Ke vised Laws of
Hawaii, 1U15, and any amendments to
either; ajid by the proclamation of the
President of the United Htetee of Am
erica dated June 24, 1918, and herein
after called the Commissioner, party of
the first part, and
hereinafter called the Planter party of
the second part,
That whereas, the Territory of Ha
waii is the owner or has the possession,
use and control of that certain tract
of land, to wit:
which tract is now partly under culti
vation in . sugar, cane and which is
bout to be opened, for homesteading:
Nqw Therefore, in consideration,
the prpWiisps and of, the mutual coven
ants and agreement herein' contained
the parties agree with each - other ar
1. The ria'rfter agrees in so far
as may be' practicable to cultivate
and or to replant in augar cane any
available land in said tract not now
under cultivation; to continue to culti
vate the atia-nr enne now growing on al
fif such land, which sugar cane will pot
be harvested before June 1919;
and to fertilise, strip, tut and other
wine cultivate te' Maturity and harvest
the present and any successive croiw
of supar cane during tha term of this
contract, all In the most approved man
ner and to the satisfaction of the Com
missioner. Shall Keep Accounts
2. The planter shall keep an accu
rate and detailed aecouut of all work
done under (tils contract and of the
actual cost thereof, which actual eost
shall be taken to Include the following:
The exact amount paid as' wegea and
bonus to laborers and luuas employed
oi the'iMd'unic? Oils contract,' Wiu'dV j
urg proper proportion f the eot te
th planter of msdisalc, attendance,
honsing, ; workman ' .compensation in
surance and fuel) a, reasonable charge
for the animals, carts, haraess and im
plements used; and the actual eost fct
the point of delivery of fertiliser and
other materials And supplies furnished
ad ased by th planter under this eon
tract,- Bald record shall ke at all tempi
open to the inspection of the commis
sioner or hia agents. ,
3. In case the planter shall have
done as lessee or licensee of the Ter
ritory any work between June ,
1918, and the date hereof, on any ere ft
oa aaid land which shall not be harvest
ed at the date hereof or at the expir
tloa of any such license or lease or ex
tension thereof, Such work so done shall
be regarded as having been done uadff
thia contract, and the actual cost of
such work as defined in Section 2 here
of shall constitute a part of the total
cost under tble contract.
. The planter shall be entitled to
Interest at the rate of seven percent,
per. Sannm not compounded upon each
Iter of cost and . computed , from . the
exptraioB of the month daring which
said item waa incurred or expended
Apportionment of Costs ,
5. As soon aa may be, after any
portion ef. the land eovered by this
agreement, shall be subdivided' lato
homesteads, and the commissioner shall
have notified the planter, 4a provided
(n Section hereof,, that any home
steader or1ionisteders is or are ready
to take over, the actual cultivation of
hia r their homestead or homesteads,
tha total actual emrt. aa defimyl in Sec
tion 8 hereof, shall be apportioned by
the commissioner, subject to final de
termination, in .ease of dispute, aa pro
vided, in , Seetion 11 hereof, between
the said homesteads snd or between the
said homesteads end any portion nf
as,id tract not home steaded, in propor
tion to their planted a,rea.
0. ,The, planter shall continue the
work under th contract until noti
fied, in writing by the comlssioner that
the. homesteader is -ready to take over
the tactual cultivation of his lot under
hie Special Homestead Agreement; and
shall within, fifteen days after receipt
of such notice furnish the commission
er, and each such homesteader, with a
statement In detail of the eost of the
work done subsequent to June ,
1M8j and up to the date of the receipt
of such notice.
' T. The wetiial eost as apportioned of
-all work done- finder this contract, in
cluding interest thereon as provided
Betetiea 4. hereof, chargeable against
Any homestead, shall constitute and be
prior Hen in favor of the planter up
on the existing crop on abv such home
stead, and npoa nv and all succeeding
crops thereon, until the sp-"
been satisfied, subject onlv rn snv v
ernment lien for taxes or assessments.
Contracts With Homesteaders
8. Immediately upon the receipt b'
the planter of the notification provided
fpr in Section. 6 hereof, or as soon
thereafter as may be practicable and
reasonable, the planter shall enter into
an agreement with the homesteader, if
the homesteader so desire, for the pur
chase by the planter of the supnr eane.
growing, or to Ije gTOwn, on said
stead ' lot, said contract to be subject
tS the approval of the commissioner and
the 06vernor aed, to be substantially in
the, drrt attached hereto.
9. la ease any part of said lands
shall not, prior to the matarity of said
crop or crops be allotted to a home
steader, or homesteaders, the planter
shall harvest and market the said crop
or crops for the commissioner and re
tain as full payment for the cultivation,
harvesting and marketine thereof, nine
ty-Uve percent (P5) of the gros pro
ceeds derived from the sale of the su
gar after deducting therefrom the ac
tual marketing expenses.
10. If the-homesteader, upon sign
ing his special homestead agreement,
at any other time, shall-fail to properly
cultivate and maintain and harvest t'ie
growing erops )a required by his ici-,l
homestead agreement, the planter may
at ones, with the aonsent of the com
missioner in order to protect its lien
aforesaid, enter, and to the satisfaction
of the commissioner, cultivate, main
tain, harvest and market the same and
such crops thereafter, aa may be ne
cessary to satisfy said lien, and a
eouat to the commisioner for the pro
ceeds in the meaner and on the bssi-t
set forth. in Section 9 hereof. Provid
ed, however, that the net,, profits to
the planter, derived from the sale of
snv such crop or crops, which net pro
fits shall be determined by deducting
from the gross proceeds of such sale or
sale, the actual cost of cultivation as
defined in .Section 2 hereof, and the
cost of harvuin and marketing ex
penses, snil the five percent (S) rep
resenting the government 'a share, shall
be applied first in satisfaction of said
Den; And provided further that in
rase such homestead is transferred to
another homesteader either by the ori
gtnal homesteader with the eammistrion
er's consent, or by the commissioner di
rectly in esse of forfeiture bv the ori
cioal homesteader, each transferee shall
be entitled te esrrr on the cultivation
under his special homestead agreement
subject to the same, right of entry on
the part of the planter,
11. All dlsoutes between the planter
and. the commissioner and homesteader,
or between snv two ef them, revnrdinv
tb..-,and expense! incurred by tho
planter under this Agreement, or the
apportionment ef the earner shall be
submitted to the public utilities com
mission as a board of arbitrators in the
manner prescribed by chanter JfM, B.
T H. 1915, and said commission, actinit
s such' board, shall, ao- far aa is possi
b'e. have. and exercise the oowers co
ferred upon it by chapter 128. R. L. H
f'f5. and V" ' '-"- ereto.
tfnMce. fosts snd expenses shs'l is
and, he determined as is provided in
said chapter 104.
w. a. a. .
Day For Youths of Hawaii
V ' ' V '." V in', ' ., ' v..-, J
,,, All youths in Hawaii who have reached the age of twenty-one years
sine Jnly 30, 1917, .ere required to report tomorrow t varioue local
boards and registering center ,af plantattpns; to be listed aa eligible for
militarr. aervke. .. , . ' , - ,
, . Youth residing in th City of HonofeJu will report at the national
guar Nrniory. to local board k. 1 aod 1 f
... ' The omcea, according to President Wilson1 proclaaiation are to be
opened from seven o'ckxki Id the morning until nine in the evening. -
those , residing in the couhtry tUatrkt will register at pUntaUbn
center, where the managers and aesietaata will act a resiatrara. under
I special arrangement with the eelsctlY draft oflUer of the Territory. :. .
fl" r " ' 1 - . 1- -- 1 1 'i 1 1 a 1 f 1 11 1 1 1 ' - - a - - - - . -
Comparatively Heavy Fighting;
AtiitraRaht, Capture Two 11 ;
Miles of Trenches
' i. . -i ,
LONDON, July .10 (Assbciated
Pre)-Falrly heavy flKhtlhg occurred
in several of the British held sectors
way from the Hnissuns Rhelms sail
ent yesterday, official reports show. In
the vicinity of Morlnneourt British
forces operated snccessfully and re
pelled three counter attacks which the
(o launched.
Astride of the Bray Corbie road to
the East Vpf Amiens, the Australian
forces captured a line of enemy
trenches two miles in length and cap
lured a hundred prisoners.
Kast of Kheims the enemy lnunrhed
some heavy counters against the Brit
ish positions on Hill 18.1, nesr Mont
sans Nom. Here the fighting was undecisive.
w. s. s.
Breaks Relations At Climax of
Trouble Which Has Been
' Brewing Some Time "
(Oonctnded frbu Pag 1)
Young Turk party headed, by Enver
Bey, caused, the recent riote in Con
stantinople. Dissatisfaction with the
course taken by the Young Turks' also
led to the failure of the latest Turk
ish war loan, which was attempted' in
June, nd Which was a dismal disap
pointment to the government,.. ... .
Considerable doubts are expressed
here that the break, if it actually has
occurred; will be permanent -tree,
leadiag td proposals from . Constanti
nople for aeparate peace, it is be
lievtod that Oermany will call ,npon
Austria and Bulgaria for . help1 In the
situation and will deal sternly with.
Fern Says Link is
Sure Winner
In Race
for Delegate
Mayor Denies He Himself Is
Thinking of Running. Though
He Said At Bourbon Luau That
He'd Be Candidate If McCahd
less Wasn't
Mayor ,,T. J. Kern tried to set ill
doubts aside yesterday that hiukj L.
McCandless is not to be the olil, reliable
banner carrier of the Democratic party
in the delegate race this year, while he
was busy denying that he was serious
ly considering making the delegsteship
race himself, in case McCandlesa did
not run.
Mayor Fern remarked in the course
of a speech W a Democratic rally
Sunday afternoon that if McCandless
did not try again for election as dele
gate he would do so himself. Yester
day the mayor explained that this "was
more nf a josh than anything else'
he made while he was helping to per
suade IJnk to be a candidate.
The mayor evidently thinks that Link
had all the encouragement he ought to
expect at the Hunday rally of the lem,o
crats wbicIi was held at Ceorge Holt's
place on Asylum Road, and that he
ought to begin to enroornge his sup
porters now in the usnal way.
f'Why shouldn't McCandless runt"
is the way the mayor answers questions
as to whether Link announced his can
didacy Sunday or not. At first the
mayor said Link had done so, but af
terwards qualified this, for McCandless
Turhejr, coercing her to continue, in I evidently still wants to be persuaded
the war ally of the. Central ' "-""l not tel1 his adherents Sunday
Oerman influence
stroug, throughout the army, and, 4n
Turkish official circle. .
United States Carries More Risks
Thart All Companies
WASHINGTON, July 29 tOfficiaD
' The United States now has more wsj
risk insurance by three billions of dol
lars than 4a represented by rhe ordinary
life insurance On the books of all of
the legal reserve Insurance companies
of the United States.
Secretary McAiloo today gave out
some highly interesting figures which
show the popularity of wsr risk insur
ance, appreciation by the men of the
service of what the government offers
them and the tremendous scope of the
business which has been undertaken
in making provision for the protection
- " the dependents of these fighters.
There are now 2,954.002 soldiers and
sailor who have applied for govern
ment . inaurance and the Insurance
sought totals .'5,148.118,000. In the
last four davs alone more than a billion
dollars. The maximum policy under
the law is 10,000.
w. a. s.
Train offxplosives
Blowi tlMnd tales
Heavy Toll In Deaths
TOKIO July 29 (Special Cable to
the Hawaii Shinpo) A long train of
cars carrying powder apd other explo
sives blew up in the Simonosekei sta
tion today taking a terrible toll of
human lives. .At least sixty persons
nre known to be dead as a result of
the explosion, while ninety others were
more or less seriously injured.
Three hundred houses were, thrown
itrtwn Kv tha fntnaa nf tha jkwt.lr.uinn
which shook the country for mnnv I
miles around and terrified hundreds of
thousands who heard it.
No cause for the explosion has yet
let-ii announced.
w. s. s.
rtft l rir tik-iirrY
Umbtlto AKt (WILLI
C, July 29
(Associated1 Press) Among the army
casualties today are:
Killed in action, Lieut, Col. Hamil
ton Smith, Lieut. Col. Clark Elliott,
Captains Alfred Hemes, James Holme,
Jbllus Mood;- James Richards, Lieyts.
Philip Davis, James Loder.
. .Died of "wounds, Col. Russell Hann
Other, CapV..Paul Cocke, Lieuts. War
ren Hobbt, Lawrence Lovell, Vincent
Manning. . '
be was to be a candidate.
.Anyway, the mayor thinks' that Me
Candles Is as good as nominated. if he
enters the race, for he says all the
Democratic, strongholds of the Fifth
District, of the seven precincts front
nine to fifteen, were well represented
at the luau, and that all present '!wer
strong for Link."
As the mayor predicts it, Link is now
sure of. getting 500 out of. the -00Q
votes of the Ninth Precinct and s fifty-
fifty break with any other candidate,
Republican or Democrat, in the, other
Fifth District precincts. .. .
"I wish I had the same amount of
support and I certainly would run," is
the . enthusiastic way the mayor tills
about Link's reception at the. love f?ast
of the Bourbons of the Fifth on Sun
day. .However, so far, Link is still toying
with the idea that there might be other
Democrats who could make a better
race than he this year.
W. (. B.
Lieut. -CoL Hamilton Smith a year
ago was a major in the inspector-general
'a department, stationed at Fort
Sam Houston-,. Lteut.-ot Clark Elliot J
waa a captain in the Fourth. Infantry. I
at BrownsylHe Texas. -be(v th dc-J
erBiiuH in, mm pc isu)ieu mates.
Last year 's eflicial arrrfy list doee .not
carry the name of "Hames" but men
tions Second Lieut. Alfred Hamel, with
Nineteenth Infantry-,. stationed at Fort
Sam Houston, Texas, and also mentions
Second Lieut. James H. Holmes Jr.,
Thirty-fourth Infantry, at Valentine,
Texas. At the same time Captain Ju
lius Mood, was a second lieutenant of
. i. rrl,.H,H .: .L Y m l i 1 1 i .
in he "I - of County Kn
Will Take From One To One and
a Half Years To Complete
Improvement, Is Estimate
Sometime next month work on the
fourteen miles of concrete belt roud
on the other side of the island will be
so mentions a Second Lieutenant James
N. Richards, Twenty-fourth Infantry,
at Marfa, Texas.
WASHINGTON, July 29 (Associat
ed Presa) Three encounters between
American Marine and Haytian bandits
ih Htinto Domingo are officially report
ed. Heavy lossos were inflicted uMjn
the bandit forces.
Casualties among the Marines were a
corporal' and two privates slightly
wounded while twenty of the bandits
were killed and several were wounded
and captured.
I w. . ft.
WASHINGTON, July ( Assoeiat I
eil Press) Casualties reported Inst !
week increased to 1050 as aitinst hlKI
in the preceeilihg week.
As officially reported yesterday the
casualties numbered 19U and were clami
fied as forty seven killed in uction; sev
etiteen died of wounds; fifteen of other
causes; one hundred wouuded; twenty
w. a. a. p
t n
PARIS, July 29 (Associated Press)
Airplanes capulde of carrying a huu
dred persons, equipped with engines as
powerful ns those now1 employed on
medium sired steamships will be in
operation withiu three years, is the
forecast of Gianni Capronl, inventor of
the great Italiun airplanes admittedly
the most powerful end the best for
so i lie phases of aerial warfare.
The inventor is already prepared, he
huN suid, to prove the feasibility of
transoceanic airplane truvc).
AMSTERDAM, July 30 ( Associut
ed Press) A serious euideiitlc of tetu
urn had broken out lu the German
army, according to a report in the
Telegraaf. A HoUeud company has
been given a big order for serum by
the German government and is rush
ing its shipments. I
WASHINGTON, July 20 (Official)
Seventy Ave thousand peasants in
I'KruiiiH are marching against Kiev it is
announced in messages received by tho
st.'ite department foni Stockholm, The
deNpntihes sny that the unrest in I'kra
nia and tip? surrounding country is re
ported to have grown into nlabiniiig
WASHINGTON, July 29 (Assoeiat
ed Press)-!!! order to clarify the sit
nation in Hawaii where the national
guard and draftees, called into service,
ere stationed in the territory where
they reside, Heuator Wiarren of Wyo
ninfT todiiv introduced a bill extend
ing the right of suffrage to all voters
in the military service stationed in
Hawaii while thev are residents of the
Territory and otherwise qualified to
poles FMmm
WASHINGTON, July 29 (Official)
The Polish press bureau announces
that the Polish dctachhient mentioned
in London despatches on July 2S as
having taken part in the successful
engagement east of Rheims with the
capture of more than 200 prisoners has
been identified as a portion of the
Polish forces recruited in the United
gineer Gus Cuntin, who has just com
pleted the plans for the highway im
provement. The uext step, he says, will be the
pajtsjDg of a resolution by the super
visors instructing the superintendent
of. publie works to advertise for mater
ials. The resolution is to be presented
to the board at the meeting of the
supervisors tonight.
While the road is to be built by con
tract, the county engineer estimate
thet the contractor will employ from
200 to 300 laborers on the new high
way. These may be divided into two
camps, and the road built in to sec
tiuns, he thinks.
The work on the belt road will be
gin at the bottom of the concrete road
below the Nuuauu Pali. There is to be a
reinforced concrete surface, hix inches
thick, and eighteen feet wide, with a
two anil one-half foot rock shoulder on
both sides. On both sides of the ruck
shoulder there will be two anil a half
feet of dirt surface, making the h irh
wav twenty-eight feet wide.
It is estimated that it will take
from one to one and half years to cum
plete this belt road improvement, which
will eost about $500,000. The cost is
to be materially reduced by the free
transportation of the material in anrnv
transports, as the road is to be built
in compliance with government plans
for a military road around Oaliu. The
saving to the country because of the
aid of. the United States government
w ill be about (140,000.
- w. .
Both Organizations Have Now
Voted For Consolidation
TOKJO, July 2 (Bpecial Cable to
the Hawaii Shinpo) The Japanese
government him decided to establish
u bonrd of newspaper censorship, it
was announced here oflicially today.
The censorship Imanl will puss upon
all war news an I politlcul articles be
fore they will be permitted to be
The members of the Pacific Club
voted uiiuiiimously lust night in favor
of the war-merger of the Pacific ami
University Clubs. Both organizations
will jointly donate the use of the
I'niversity Club buildings to the Red
Crgss Society for the period of the
The meeting of members was well
ateinled, and after the plan u laid
before them and the method of joint
housing explained, under which em h
club will maintain its separate organ
i.atinn, the leciiou to merge wu
ipiickly reached.
The vote of the members will be
laid before the board of governors In
day, and, acting with the boar. I "l'
the I'niversity Club, arrangement will
be made at once for the two club In
occupy the Pacillc Club on Thursday,
August 1.
Customers Were Ready To Start
New Institution' Is Report
In Business Circles
Hrmoreln, J1y M, 19i. '
No merger of the Bank of Hawaii
and Bishop k Compftpy's bank will be
ndertsken. Such plans as had been
mad fur their con'solidatMin', an, these
were merely tentative ami never sub
.inn iu mi- um-cTnrnies, nave necn .
abandoned) Tt is reported that this'
action in in deference to the wishes
Of the business public, for strong op
rltion to the proposal had developed,
is said thart debitor with Bishop
Company jiad .Bian formed .for, , the
opening of new' 'iusfitution if the
consolidation hml been affected, so
strong was the feeling on the subject.
Sjienking of the proposed merger of
the two banks, ami the abandonment
of the plan, A. XV. T. Bottomley said:
, "While the ninnsgemeut of the
banks felt that a consolidation would
have been for the benefit of the pub
lic as providing more loanable funds
and would have meant saving of
man power, which is greatly required
BOW, still as the proposal did not meet
With faor in the yes of the public,
It has been decided thst the merger
will not take place at this time.'"
Last week it wns evident that
atrong opposition was being offered to
the tentative plan and that there were
obstacles in its way that Indicated
nothing would result from the talk.
The opposition grew, especially among
Bishop & Company depositors, and it
was felt thnt all the banks are neces
sary for the accommodation of the
business of the city to the satisfaction
of the business men. To keep an equal
number of banks there were persons
ready to form a new institution.
Separation of the banking business
and the oilier business of Bishop t
Company is now contemplated and
wiUl be brought about in a few months
with .1. L. Cock bur ii as manager,' Mr.
Bottomley going to the management of
the American Factors, Limited. The
separation of the business 1 said to
be necessitated by the eontinued ill
health of S. M. Damon.
Mr. , Met torn ley will remain with
Bishop k Company until autumn to
wind up, necessary details of the pres
ent business,
w. ..
Claims Kalanianaole
Was Not Related to
Oueen Liliuokalani
Mrs. Kahakauilakeliimoewaiowa-
ioiauda Nawahie Attacks Ku
' Ilia's Right To Inherit Under
Will of Late Ruler
Kshakauilakeliimoewaiow aiaulia
that's her name for short otherwise
known as Mrs. Kahakauilakrliimoewai
owaiaulia Nawahie and some times
her friends refer to her as Kahaknuila,
which is a pet family name, came to
the fore yesterday In a document tiled
in the ofHce of Henry Smith, clerk of
the first circuit court, and asks that
the petition for the probate of the late
Queen Liliuokalnni 's will be dismissed.
The lAdy of the long Hawaiian name,
which in English means "Hash of the
lightning of the chief who sleeps along
the stream of Waiaulia, " is one of the
numerous persons contesting the will of
the late queen and who claims that
Jonah K. Kalanianaole is nut related
by blood to Liliuokalnni and is, there
fore, not an heir at law.
lia Naw'ahic denies that there was co
habitation between Kamokiuki (w)
and Aiapai (k), as set forth in the
geneological chart or family tree of
Delegate Kuhio. She denies that there
was born to Kamokiuki (w) a female
child named Kekahili, who married lo
ane Piikoi and become the grandmother
of Jonuh K. Kalanianaole.
Oliver Dawson, a steamship wireless
operator, was saved from a watery
grave at the beach in Waikiki on Sun
day afternoon by Capt. Lukela Kau
piko of the beach life guards. Dawson
was out swimming about fifty yards
beyond the Moaoa .Pur toward Dia
mond Head when he became exhausted
Captain Kaupiko, who noticed the
man 'a predicament, put out on a surf
board and rescued the swiuimer, bring
ing him ashore on the board. The sea
was considerably choppy at the beach
lust Hunday and there was quite a
strong undertow, which bothered swim
mers a good deal. '
w. . . ' . I
Eugene 1). llulTnndeau, Urwt deputy
county clerk, who has been seriously ill
with pneomunin at the Queen's Hospi
tal for over a week past, had a turn
for the worse yesterday afternoon, dur
ing which it was feared he would Mir
vive but a few hours.
However late last night, .the attend
ing physician. Dr. J. T. Way son, sunt
he believed linffauiteau would live
through the uiht and that it would b
i probably twenty four hours before In
I i i n I i t i i ll became better or wnrse.
I Weakened heart action is ghen a
'the cause of the relapse yestenlnv after
noon. Biiirandeuu was taken ill with
piieumoniu after an attack of infliicunn.
Several times sisce his life has been
dcaiulred of, but he tilwuys has man
ne.l to rallv and hopes are held that
he mav be able to do so this time
A l.i A lisldwln, Ltd. ..
C. Hrvwer A Ot.
Rws Plantation Co. . ..
Haiku rHuasr Co
Ilsw Agrctl. o
Msw. C. H Co
Ilsw. Hngar Co
Honoksa Htijr. Co
Million"' Huasr Co
Hutchinson Huf. Plant.
Kahuku 1'iant. Co.
Kekahs Hug. Co
Koloa Hits'. Co
Mrltryne Mn. Co., MJ.
ilsliil Mu-nr Co
diss Hiik. Co.. Ltd
OlifMUf-a Hug. Co
I'nantian Hu. Plant. Co.
I'aclflc Hug. Mill
I'als Plant. Co. ,
ri-iMvfew rtnesr Co
Pioneer Mill Co
Hsn Carlos Mtlllnf Co. .
Vt'alsMia Air ret I. Co. . . .
Walluku Hug. Co
Ftn1s rvr. Co.. IAA. ....
Knirels Copper Mining . .
Haiku P. . Co, I'M.
Haiku K. I'. In. Com..
Hnw. Con. Ry. T A ...
Ilsw. Con. Hy. ft B ...
Haw. Con. Ry.. Com. ...
Hawaiian slkK-trte Co. ..
Ilsw. PlneMilc Co
Hon. R. M. Co.. Ltd. .
Hon. (las Co., Ltd
Huu. K. T. Ai L. Co
Inter Island B. N. Co. ...
Mnt. Tel. Co
Osbn K. L. Co
1'sba.n Rubber Co. . ...
Helsoia-Dlndlaa". M. .
asms (moL Pit. I
Tsnjon Olak Rabber Co.
Reach Walk I. O. 6H.
Hamakus Ditch Co., Oa
Haw. Con. Ry:
Haw'n Irr. Co., A.
Haw. TVr. 4 Rf. 1W.
Haw. Tcr. , Pub. Imps.
Hsw. Ter. 1'iih. Imp. 4
enes iwiz-imsi , ,
Haw. Tec'l
Hllo Os Co., Ltd. frfr. .
Hnnoksa Hu. Co..
Hon. Jn Co., Ltd.. 0s
Kansl Hy Co.. a
Manns 1. I). BU.'-
MeHryd Sua. Co.. s
Mutual Tel. Co.. Ss
(inhti ft. ft I.. Co . 0
Oshu Hug. Co., a .,
Olaa misar Co.. art. .
Paclfle Onano F. Co., eahos
Ban Carlos aUUlng. ..404
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140 ,
20 .
Ena-els. 100, 40, 4.00.
Ewa. 25, 2T.EO.
J a as , )18
8S snslysls beets (no advices).
M Cent (For Bsw.) Bufars .,,
Jaly 26, 118
New Vork
(No qaotatloai.
w. . .
YORK. JlT . SO ItiuriiMil
Press) Following are the orwalnv ud '
closlnc guotatlona of stocks (a the Mew
York Market yesterday.
American Husar
Ainerli-flii Heet
Associated (HI
Alaska Uold
Amorleaa Ioeomvtlvr . .
Aineiieaa Tel. Tet
American Hmelter
Aiiierii sn Hteel Kdry
Atx-lilMin Hallway
Anaconda Cpuer
Kaldwln Locomotive . . . .
lialtlinnre Oblo
Iti-tlilehcm Htwl "V" . ...
California Petroleum .
Central Leather
Canadian I'aclnV
C. M. Ht. Paul
Colo: Knel ft Iron
Crucible 8te,l
Cubs Huirar Cane
Erie common
tleneral KlectrU-
(leneral Motors (new) . .
(Jrcat Norlhern I'fd
tuternstlousl Nickel . ...
Industrial Alcobl
KeiiuiM-ott CopMr
1-chlRh Valley Uallaay .
New York Cpntral
Ray Consolidated
Keadlur ram won
Itcpnlillcan Iron common
Hem her a l'aclrlc
I'ultMl Hiates Rubber . .
Texas oil
1'nlrtn I'aeldr
I'nlted Btats Httwl
Western lnbn
w. s. s. -
BAN FHANV1HOO, July 29 ( Assoeiat.
d r-rosai Sotlowlm aro tbe epealaur aa
i.ioslng quotations of sncar and , etbot.
atuvka In tbe ilea Francisco market see-terday:
I Ops. 1 rioo
I In I Uf
Hsw'n Com'l . I JH H
Hawaiian Hurar Co SOVi
Ilonokaa Hugar A
(Has Hiiaar Co 4H 4U
(lalni Miia-ar Co St S3
Hutchinson Rugar Co HA 1H
l'uanlian Huasr Co LIS, l.trv
Oiiomea Hiiuar Co 4 44T4
Hounlnla (Til S.T5 S.Ttl .
Honolulu l'laulstlon Co OA 044 '
Kncl Copiwr Co. .- 4.00 4. GO
Oaotat!ma o tbe roHewlatNbW York
curb stocks, ss wlrolrased to The Adver
User by Hioneham 4k Co.. ar:
itlg I.cilife
Iron ltlossoiu
Kuuja (Nipper
Jun Itui lor
.rrromv V erde
Midwest OU
Mother Lode
Way Hercula
Rescue Kula
Itei iins
Htlver Kins I'ous
ToiioiU Kx tension
Kerr Luke
W I Inert
CrcHsou tlold
l'crrcctlou Tire sin' itMt,i.r
w. . a.
nilliADKLPOIA, July 19 Lew;
Teadler of Vhiladelphla had a had
the better of the six-roomLbout wltk
Irish CUne of New York at Bhibo Parsj
i iiiK I" Hie "K1" was liarj and last
from aturt to finish.
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i el
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. 4 12S
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4 14
h ..
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