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jESTrrAY'S v:'T ,t
0. B. V. : ATIIEB nt l.ACT
August J, 11)1 I.t twenty
fftnr ; hours' , rnlnfl, X.
Temperature, Win. 74 J Ma.
M. , Wetlierr rWr, f
Om Wfceatlesa end One Meatfee Meal
( ' s , r .; , , ..
1 J - JJJ
at ....- , ... av ' . - . . J- ' " .. j . ., . v ,. 7. . . '
fJ2 . o : " .- in ' Notable
Enemy Is Observed In Precipitate Flight ,
and Gains of : Day Make Their Posi-
Allies smash crumbling.
notable gaInV-' ;vV'--r';;.;''i-V!':'---:':;,-:: .''' : '
Successes seemingly place enemy forces in precarious position. -'
Allies are within five ,miles of only road of escape for (lermans who ai
jwrtetl as fleeing precipitately along . ' :
Withdrawal toward '. Vesle'IUve? reportwl progreBsing in fnll swing.
Enemy artillery replying only feebly as Allies push forwanL
NE.YORK August 2 (Associated TresS) The central and
western sections of the Aisnit-Marne" battlefront are aj;ain the
. Rcetics of mighty struggles with the" Allies smashing at the crum
bling (lerman front and making notable gains..' 5uch has been the
' success attained by the Allies during the day that the Germans all
iloug' the section from south, of Soissons to northwest of Fere-en-ardenois
are seemingly in' a most precarious position, while sruth
at of the latter point the Germans have likewise been badly beaten.
The southern M of the battle' line has assumed "V" shape,
the? left line running from 'Nesle A9-Trai'.wjik
the southernmost 'German 'point, and; the' flRhf ninning from St.
thi a left brancV yesterday, the" French," Americjhis amt British riv-
if the Crown Pnrice back at yetyvpiint. V.V T
From Fere-tnTardenoia' northwest to Buzancy, a distance of
u-n miles, (the entire German line ipf yesterday morning has been
blotted out and the Germans driven back along the north hank of
the Ourcq from " the easterly salietjt they had managed to' retain
until this last drive. " From Fere to Hartenne the Allies now have
a straight front, their gains giving hem nnich valuable ground from
which' to launch their, flanking movement against Soissons, whicn
appears to be the logical next step, '
The Germans have lost tremendously, being without artiilcrvl
to resMjnd to the steady hail of shells which deluged their rear posi
tions or to check the Allied tanks.
Last evening American forces with nritish and French troops
were fighting a severe battle north of tbe Ourcq in the center of the
salient-it is reported in the night despatches from Paris.
In the course of the day's fighting in this sector the Allies took
Grand Rozoy to the northwest of Fere-en-Tardenpis. Thence they
proceeded on to, Plessiere Wood where the combatants locked in
the tightest of trrios. The heiirht tothe north of Grand Rozov where
thev had annroached to within five
I'a.oches about three miles west of Fismes, the junction joint on
the only railroad that is left to the Germans as a means of exit from
this salient. Aerial observers reported that the Germans were in
precipitate flight from Launoy, midway between Soissons and Fere
en I anlcnois.
The attack started in the morning with large numbers of tanks
-iving important aid and a heavy .barrage from the Allied batteries.
dvancing with machine guns the Allies quickly cleared the forti
fied woods, thickets and villages. To this barrage and machine gun
,1, rvman mina rAnliast
. ... ..
ii. til iuiuit:u ituiaiiv, illivv llliivo
m possession oi ine nuiocKS 10 me norm.
The German withdrawal toward the Vesle River is progressing
in full swing, it was reported in the night communique from the
nierican front. This followed an American thrust into the center
of the enemy line at Seringes.
The enemy is clinging1, with a force, horn of sheer, desperation
to their strongholds at Nesle and Hois Meuniere to the northeast
..f Kocheres but the Americans have. gained a hold on the northern
end of Meuniere Wood. The Nesle fores't is under the American,
nuns and the Germans are rushing up reinforcements with tanks
in the protection "of those positions so that severe counters are anti
cipated. The heavy guns of the American batteries are pounding Meu
niere Woods unmercifully. Observers and prisoners report that
iliese woods are jammed with German forces and stored with great
ipiantitics of supplies. The German losses must be very great. Their
l.ailied wiri defenses' have been completely blasted away by the
incrican shell fire which has thrown explosive shells by the thou
aiul and ripped and torn their positions to pieces.
Northeast of Sergy, after a battle of an hour, the American
I v attillery was brought up and now commands Chamery, north
i .i t of Sergy.
Tluoughout the day there has been a steady pounding of the
i, ci man positions by the Allied artillery, a bombardment to which
(Continued m Pact 9,
German front, In Koissons -
miles of the railroad leading: to i
foohlt, an. I l- ovonino- thf Allio
. r- ... , . ...
uyiir i t v-tii- ai uiiwi:, aiivi iqa
.ftalJent and make
v r(..
Only Minor Raids and Artillery
$ Oueli Bcpbrtetf Except In
. $6istora-F.hcim$ Salient V ,
' "v K - ' - '''
PrOM) Along ll tit BrStiilr fronts
yptHr tblra a lull in th in(n
try fightlfift,-fiothinf but minor ri(J
nJ artil)rr,f rtuJg being reported. '
Tbe ruldi mktte 1urlg the night in
dvane.e of tbe new Rritlflli linen at
Mrri in the L? Holient' faulted in n
,ft-w priooner being tukea.
A statement by the war uffii-e Unt
aigbt announce that during July the
Hrit'iNh took a total of 43A3 prlHoncrs
en the weHtorn front, including a large
proportion of ofnrern.
Reports from Macedonia ay thut a
aerioiiH epidewie of typhoid in killing
thousandH to the Bulgarian army.
W. .
Indications Point To Expedition
To MOrman Coast
rren) There are indications thut the
Oerniiinn will xhortly launch an ofTen
iiive ugainiit the foree of the Allien
boMiug and protecting the xoutlipin
cud of the Murman railroad. Tho prc-
ence of the Kntente forces is appreciat I T" , " " '7
. r .. ... u i- , '' i i....!are l.i-iuir tenaeiouslv attacked bv the
ed liv the Finns in the district and has
resulted in the Murman distriet declar
ing its independence from the Bussinn
government at Moscow. Both facts are
irritating to the Germans.
In the operations it is regarded at
eertaiu that the Germans will use Fin
nish troops, as while the Finnish pop
ulation generally is Intensely uuti Ger-
man the prenrnt government ot tin
land an the rlunuh army im under
the German
WASHINdTON, August 1 (Official)
This year's cotton crop will be about
800,KKl bales in excess of the average
for the past five seasons and will be
two and a quarter million bales larger,
than the last crop according to the es-
tlmates furnished by the department
of agriculture.
It is estimated the crop will reach a
total of 13.519.1MH) bales of the equiva
lent of 5'M) pounds while the lust Crop
was only 1 l,:i(K),254 bales.
The average for the past five vears
has been 1.1,327,000 bales.
w a. a.
PARIS, August 2 (Associated
Press) By n vote of nearly two to
one the chumbcr of deputies has ex
pressed its confidence in the Vreuch
government. The vote stood 312 to tfll
and w on the question of rejecting
tho ameudimnt calling the 1920 class
out aa reoruita.
AMERICANS ON THE MARNE FRONT American infantry moving forward to the front
line (above) and American machine gunner advancing to take up a new position. The parti
cular Sammiea $hown in these photographs are in units brigaded with the French on the northern
end of the present battle line. - - v.'-
Submarines Are Being Sunk So
Rapidly That Depredations Are
No Longer Large Factor
WASHINGTON, August 2 (Aneint
ed.Pre.wi I'miunlitied stateuients made
laid uiht by Kei ietiiry lHnieln of the
navy department here and by Bonar
I,tt, Britiab. i linu. ellor ' of the ex, i
-heitier, In the lioimc of comnioiiH, that '
the (ii-rinnti HubniHriiicH are being aunk i
so rn'i.llv us to uiiike their uepreda
Uoti mi lunger a determining factor in
the nsr, give the lie o the boaet of
the (iennuii kaiser thnt his L'-boats
are nl tucking transport with American ,
troopx nlKiurii au.c.cessfully.
The kalsnt, in a proclamation yes
ferday mldraased to the German army
ami navy, stated that the American
army uiiw being sent (o France does
not iu any way frighten Germany.
''The forvcj wldib are M reaming across
(jeriiitin fubmariues wliiih are certain
of success, ". he declared.
Much u claim i whollv without foun-
dntion says Mcrretary I'aitiels, who de
clined that the reductions in the sink
ings of both merchant and uaval vessels
by tmeinv sul. marine arc -o steady that
it is clour now thnt the submarines are
no loop i a dcteriniiiiiit; factor in the
Ill I lie linlisli limine of commons,
Konur Law stated that tlin U boats are
now beniK mink at a tar greater rate
t In w heretofore.
w. a. a,-
WASHINGTON, Au-u-t V-t Associ
ated Press) Heuator Hurry New, In
dinuu, lii'lii.v introduce. I 11 bill picvld
iug for i dcpurtiiient !' areniinutics Its
a ner cabinet port forllo, with a full
cubini't mi' in lit- r headini: it. According
to his lull, the depart t head 's term
would expire Ii year Htler the war.
HoliMtor New rniyn that the bill lial
been 'linwii tii liri a H'-mlt of the tciti
iiioiiv in the recent iu'iinies into the
.ivijitioii branch of the h"Miie, rcnulting
iu tuftsin: public the u- of army
men litnl conuresmueu.
w. s. a. -
OAJIP I.KWrS, Aii rn-i I -(Assoclnt-I'll
Press) -C'h iplnui Kr i" 1'oinlcr, sen
tejieed by court mai'iil iu Honolulu
to fifteen yenis lard Inboi at McNeil
island, reached here tolay under guard.
ji !!;r;v r-J : , k
; ' i
: & to- ' . ' -
Extentidn of
; Ages of Draft
Decided Upqn
WA8HIKQT0N, Angost 8 (AsV
Boclated Freta ) important axtaa
aiona In tha agaa for aorrica vndaf,
the Selectlr Draft Law oara beaa
determined upon and tha nacaaaary '
legislation to maka tha axtulon (
affectiT la axpactad to b paaaed ,
by congreaa irhaa . It tetUM'
down to work after its mldaiiiiuncr '
day to day reeasa. This xtnaloa
has been rmnderad nacaaaary by the,:'
vxstly enlarged military programs'
which haa been practically arrang-v
ed by the war department and
which win be told to congress when A
it la ready to take np the necae- ',
aary amendatory leglalatlon. 'i .';fy
Secretary Baker haa annotuiced.
the government's Intention to e- '.
tend the draft ages but baa declined v
absolutely to say what the new. 4
limlta are to be. He did deny how- A
erer, that they would extend t torn j
nineteen to Xorty years. ' K i
. w. a. a. .
Strict Censorship prevails feud
ing Important Military 0per4
ations In Preparation f
TOK.IO, Aegust 1 (Special to Nlppu
Jiji) The majority of the Tokio DCws
l..crs were suspended hythe eoVprf
incut yesterday under a ' recent 4rder
prohibiting the papers from publishing
non censored news. The action b the
government is due to the important
military activities of Japan.'. i
The Csecho-Blovak army i 'now
marching toward Khabarovka on the
trans yilieriun railway about ajtdway
netween laoivosToa and &.bsbarovsa.
The city or laian was captured jb
(hi the
i by
armv ami no resistance waa ma
it , 1 I it-l M
rue noisueviai rorces. , j .
Chang Tmiolin, Chinese commander
of the military garrison at Mukden,
Manchuria, has proceeded to tke capi
tal city, Peking, with hli forces. The
reason for the move waa not learnod.
Mukden is tbe capital eity of Man
churia. i '
CLIFF HOUSE CLOSES I wa iiinuton Vugust 2 I Assoc i
HAN FRANCISCO, Cel., Aug l- ted Press) Two hundred aud thirty
(Associated Press) The . famous Cliff ii"'1"' ,"'lt a'"l undcd American sol
House of 8an Francisco, resort of boo j'P'',,s letuined homo during the week
vivunts, was closed today. The Cliff 'Vdiui; July 2 and have beeu sent to
House came withU the,4ry cone" j armv hospitals where they will be
thrown around the armyieampa and, I rest on I to hcalih an, I rehabilitated for
not being able to sell liquor, could not'ftntlo' service or fur civilian useful
keep going on the soft drink basis. he.
Since Outbreak of War 'Empire
vfias Furnished Seven Mil-
lions Few Are At Home
I'fesH i Five
August 2 (Associated,
millions of Britons are
in finbtina the battle !
Tjow euLaired
fer freedom in all of the war theaters. '
it was nniiounccd by lird Ciireon yes- I
Herduy. Rimt the opening of the struc-!
'gle the Rritish Kmpire hue given seven
nflllionx of men to the cause anl the I
only British troops thai are now in I
England ai, the men who are home .
on learn ir are iu the depots I
. 'All nieii vho aie informed apon and
know of the progress of the war are
gleaned, especially by reeewt progress.
Premier Lloyd George declared yester
day in addrssing the NatiouaK Union
f Manufacturers in convention in Lon
don when he went before them to ad
vocate -in economic league of the Allied
Nations. . "
a. t. 4, -. . .
Onondagas Would Declare War
Against Germany
SYRACPHE, New York, Augus 1
(Otllclal) Members of 'the' Onoudaga
rii.liau tribe have delegated' their ad
visors to, raft a declaration of war
ufiit liefiiiany. The occasion for
their action is the fact' that the Her
mans have, since the outbreak of the
'war in 1014 imprisoned aeveateeu uietn-
liers ot the tribe ami it is alleged that
they have been nia.le the subjects of
nsult and ill treatment. i
The OiiomlnKas who were imprisoned
by the licrinuiiH are said to have been
members of traveling circus troops.
One luni'be.l luol thirty Ave years ago
Oetiernl Washington entered into a
treaty with twenty three chiefs of the
Onondaga tribe under which they were
declared to be u separate nation in the
y mted State sud both sides have re
spected the treat v since it was promul
gated in 17.4.1.
in progress in east
German Ruler Finds His Peace
treaties Little Better Than
Scraps of Paper
Threat Is Made Against Ukraine
Because of Assassinatidn
of Military Leader
LONDON', AuRuat 2 (Asso
cited Press) Germany',
troubles on the east are fast be
coming very serious. Through
out the Ukraine and adjoining?
districts in Russia the population
is openly in arms while be anti-'
German outbreak among ' the
Turks i such that the German of
ficers attached to certain Turkish
units in the Caucasus and' Ger
man officials in that section are m
danger. '
There is rapidly increasing fric
tion between the Turkish leaders
'.and the Germans,, thrughot
Utfasus,' where thf Turks . in-
ana xccipy. tijjs.vnporjanj .citypi.'
Uaku, on, th Caspiatt Sea. , Tbe
Germans 'are trying oV prevent
this, but the Turks are not to be .
denied and an armed clash'' thre"-'
(appears imminent;, L ' i, - .v
The extensive uprising in the
Ukraine complicates thci difficul-
ties of the Cermarts in Turkey in '
addition to.; being '.serious of ,,it-
self. The armies of peasants'now
marching unrestrained , are j de
stroying the' railroads, .blowing
up the bridges and Otherwise de
stroying the German communica
tions, cutting off the ' German
forces along the Black. Sea and in
the Caucasus, whicfc'riiay yet le
attacked by the Turks.
An Amsterdamespatch says
that the Kaiser js Hoy consider
inx severing relations' with the
L'kraine, recaijingr "his " minister
now at Kiev,' and; handing the
Ukrainian representative at Ber
lin his passports, thus attempt
ing to impress the Ukrainians
with the fact that a German army
may be despatched against them.
A Kiev despatch. yia, Hamburg
describes the "peaVants.riots as .an
organized resistance to the Ger
man usurpers o powfcr in their
WASIIINtlTON, a tt, August 1-(A-sociated
I'resa) Today's casualty
Iikih rontained the follosfing:
A mi v - Killed in action, twelve; diod
of wounds, twenty-threej of other
causes, eighteen; wounded, sixty-three
missiiig, three; prbtoner.'one.
Among the officers wio have been
killed in action are Lloujts. Wiley Bis
set i an, I William Wallflch; died of
wounds, Mnj. James Wliaina, Ueuta.
Thomns Hrudley, Walteji - Craig, Pete
lliid.lix, Kliuer Flakier, James Han
berv, llowur.I Huston, Wflliam Leeonte,
Arthur McAllister, George MeOoy,
l.con Hoemer aud Harold Waggatt)
did of other causes, Capts. johu Ir
in. lieorge Werscba, Ueuta. Michael
Truck, Cecil lluutiuton, Joseph Mason,
Jubeii Hoheiiberg, Krauk Baudera.
Marines liied of wounds, three;
wouuded, two. i
1 v .
'.' vx .
y '..;.
: I
''.' 1 ' .",.
'''' .

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