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16 I
1 t -P
.'"-'v 'a.:-' ' " '- ' W . .,.' V ,
the OirmiH are replying feebly, evidently having few ping loft on thrtir Inoutlt. .
irinif .t."- J"rh,Ba Kun" wr relied, nponito rotnnl tho Allies in their advance
wntle the pinna for a further retirement-were bring worked out. " ' '; l .'
i lawaa taken early in the day laid thft the order had already bccis' eiveii'
ior retirement bv tha German lo'thn Vu t :
roopn an.l atiply traini were proceeding toward Fiamea for the new line-
!.i.?'A".,,r'r,V,,r''"' of ,vlllVn'Tardnpl-, thW tieriaana made a locnr
, u)m vne r renin, at Mllgnyj nctnu; repaintd;" p tr- , ' fi II
t.'ijm,f.t!?'?.L'ri"i,,f the past two, wa been U,yr ' a'j.l
ViTV,"e.J P ,n the between tha t)ftmtk and thirty-'Orst of- July .f, t.J
Ai1 lur'S?' "jj period, Ja addition te'th known slaughter f tho.anrhfenV aidl
"r w fl"0B). Hewitt n MV Bw j.afc ibdtAiA B X. o. . J ' . I . . - . I
iroa uw nuuimniii a M 1 1 W m in ; M t varv nr(m T tiA aa lit aa haawa. A I.
..... iximMmrs u inn nuiBMons-minim ironi. - ,-
. . , I
; 5 VArtHlNOTOVi Anoint 1 (OffleW)
' rTW i-qaaury, , departmant announced
thaUtha war, xpettaea... of ha Unitol
: Watwfnr Jd!yrwire tpreximately
:K2fimflQ0S a compared with. 4fiVlf
, toOOJnoOiin. Jnne last and $1,058,000,000
ia Kfay4i ,
Tha -daiiy outlay In July araonnal
. tOiBbOBt 4IJ.O(,000, of; whirli 10,000,-
txt-wera hnn(t to the Alliea and the
'ramatndrweat to ynrloa (toveTamr ft
. tal itepartmenta for' war. ttpeneea:- v
'Tk. (tflwhwiwit in finnnclnff Itaelf
thrtoehaaleir f ertlfioatea of indebt
Mtweia ii antlrlpatiim of ' the fourth
Iiiherty loaik. mora- than A1.flR0.0OO.000
eoMlntf la tfirovh. thia eurc in July.
In- ndditittal the povermmt revived
4J,00moo:froni' belated income and
'xeeaa profit taxea fend $07,000 000 froin
JmiMrilaHeaua Vintemal 'revenue, and
14,000,000 from euirtoma' dutie.
' ; iVymt in the third Elbarty' loan
total $)62)0O,OOO) Isavinjr' 324,00O,J
000 due at nestlnata1ment payment. :
lfttriaalaneuned that'a 500,00.-,
0 bUKfk f ecrtifleatea ef Indebted
. hew on which abiariptioni eloaed two
day ago) waa veruberibed by 64,
7(ly00.""niia rHke the totkt eertifl
eatea ontetanding in antlr.ipatien Of the
fourth Liberty loa a $2,183,835,000. -,
r.'-.; (i-1 '.in,,;, ,.. . -m ;4 , , , j i-
. commuNjcatjon system ,
will be coordinated
. 9 . y 1 t.
aBBs .bywawMaaawai ' 1 '
v . iV 4; .ti - . 1 V ' w i . (Am V v.- .llt
Enforcing ffisiemlrtsVufflc 'Schools
Xiat Ifir Xr?3Q7t;to Axncrtcan
Dl riLLUJ.
Alleging that Henry W. Kinney, my
perintendont of public inatruetiori, ia
enforcing k symera upon the publi
nchoota thnt "in tree won to, Aajerirao
Moala," bti ; j '.'the Ituanian ideal".
Mrs. htolp Baker, a tekcher in one
oi ,ine pnvaie ecnooia aenda a Mate-
lIMC l rlMi mn' t0 Tho AJvfr,i,r ,or publicaioo.
UML III UUII Among other thlnga the atatement
, The- salary. wWch Captt Gooding
Field, aelcctive draft officer, hai been
drawing aa aocretary of tha publle utll
Itifi commieaion, haa beeifeut.in half,
and h wiH feeeiva but J78 U iatnre,
This waa dire to tbe fact thif aa a'n
army capUia Ije in atv reoaiving iZSQ
a monin., nu witn- ti) f.0U. Bionttt
from the' public utilitlea eommleaioa
made a total of about aHOft a month.'
He1 is devoting practicly all of hla
time to the ieloctive drift and little
to the public utilities commission, which
wbiibEi&TEcoSii i
' ' ' 1
' VT ABHINQTON. Aunrnst 1-rfOAcian
Launching of the 12 .000 ton fabif
eatpd, steel ahip Invincible twenty-four
days after' the laying of the keel is
promiiiod by the shlppinrf board. This
splendid record ia made in the: face ofl
. . . -
a aeiay or to days lost." Forty thov
mm rivet have been driven and mo
than 13T tons' Of steel laid dally durini?
At, 1 1 m . .. . . t . "
mti'wuri or eonsiruction wnicn ta bow
drawing to its close. ': ' '
Announcement waa also made tha1 1
oontracta hare been let for 22 steeF
steamshipa, each of 8X00 tons; to be
built by I'aciflc Coast varda: also 10
w. a. a. i . , I
" W,A8UJN(5T0N, August l-(Offlciftl)
.With the taking over of the radio, tele
graph' and telephone lines the govern
ment has started an investigation to de
termine how the interests of tho public
nay he safe guarded the purpose be
ing to coordinate the facilities offered
into the bent povslble system. Tho
poetmaster general hajr placed general
supervision of the lines in tbe hands
of ft committee.
i ONIXJN, Auguit 1 (Associated
t'fWJ 'Nine Aineritan congreeemen
who have lieen vjiting tho Frcncli anil
'Italian "fronts today returned here en
route hoiae, They declare that the
quality ; of lighting they, have seen on
ihe Mnrne lion nmile them prouder than
ever that tboy are Amerieaus.
Iji t !. ..l .'hi; W,B, ,
WABHfNOTON, August 1 (Assoi iat
eitOess) An official dew patch to the
Italian embassy Bay that eleven enemy
airplanes were idiot down on the Italian
front today. .
Italian and A Iliad' dyers also raided
and bombed enemy railroad plants.
'i' -"T-'i t;
. : ...
AiigiiHt 1 (Associat
ed I'reBs) The Mohi-ow Invcstia de
clares that the ('r.et-ho Slav forces have
takoa the important city of Ykaterina-
. . . 1
KANSAS CITY, June 'Si "I haven't
a blade of hair 011 my bead," wrote
uapt. Jlugbes Knight, son of W. f.
Knight, chairman of the draft board
of Di'-" It. It Aas a lutter tell
ing of his complete recovery in a hoe-'
pital after a ens attack.
' 'I'm ell nrd jrtr6nK exeept for thfi
niniiKurcment,'- ne continued. f 1
r.'andMrs, Kmht were disturbed
over this; anouncemcnt.
"I wonder if it will be for lifo,"1
worried Mrs. Knight.
Mr, Knight met Dr, W. V. Morrow on
the street, '
"My boy hnsn 't a hair on his head,"
he said. "Do you know whether it will
grow again or what the effect of gas
in thin way isf "
Doctor Morrow said he did not.
Mf.-Knight viidtcd Dr. Lester Hall.
. "Can't you give us some hope that
he won't always be shorn t" ho nxt
of the physician.
"I haye never henrd of this condl
tion," replied Doctor HhIL
Still ' dis'nrhed, Mrs. Knight men
tioned the faet'to a neighbor who has
soe in the trenches.
"Do't worry," nhe said. "TH"V
shave their heads in the hospitals ti
get rid of cortties. "
A Siibsoniinnt letter hns vcri ri-,l
fset thnt hi is th'ei(,nt of tin
juries to Captain Krijght.
' w. a., 3.
T)KIO, July 2il (Hpw-inl to Hawnii
HoihiV Baron Y. Uycdiaru, chi ef of
stnfT of the Imperial army, has re
sinned following a diimut with the
iurK iroin me noixiievijci. Tlie I'ravita board of foreign affairs. It haa been
for no mo time that he would
says that tho Gzorho-Hlovak danger is
growing like an avalanche. I
-,l ) ( .y frm .1.1 .,, -',
Appeal Made For Release of Fili
pino ,' Upon Whom,,. Large
Family Is Dependent
Four little boys, n girl of fifteen
aia a inotlier of nearly forty yi of
age made a distinctly human appeu
yesterday for the release from military I
uty of the only breadwinner in- the'
family,, when th,ny lined up at the rail
in Ji e selective draft headquarters Hat
urday, and, as a result, Local -Draft
Board: No. 2 will give a rehearing on !
Saturday to tho .registrunt who is a
Filipinoy'to.-dutrrain whetiver or not '
the regulations shall be strictly adhered
td. '
Conception Dell.lo, the head of this
family, is of draft age. His father is
dead, 'according to the stpry he told
yesterday to the draft officials. His
mother, sister and four little brothers
depend upon' him for, their1 livelihood.
He registered at " Ew last year ant
filled out a questionnaire early t' is
yeur before liejjixtrnr Wills. Tho uanies
of. all hi family appear 'n f0 ques
tjqnpaire, and thut they are dependehl
upon- him, but Dolixle is single, ami
the aelovtive draft law says single
liieii must serve. . Therefore Deliiie was
placed ia Class 1, but In the lowest sec
tion. He wns called to active duty
In Mt week, and ordered to report to
I ocal Hoard No. !i on Tuesday. He ap
peared, but pleaded with the member
that he was the ouly support ef sir
Venter. lay he informed B. L. Marx
of the board that while-ho formerly
worked at Kwa platation, he is now
employed at the Navy Yard, and re
eeives about 40 a month. It is be
licved, however, that hia pay as a sol
dier toaetber with allowances, wooiu
more than his present wages, but he
feels he should remain with the family
to take rare, of thorn, for the boys a"
nil little fellows.
The hoard will roiiaidor the one on
Saturday when Delitio and family will
personally appear. '
A similar roae is reported of a 11a.-
j waiian of Koua, who. was Inducted into
waiians aenti from there t(J Fort Arm
strong. He haa a' wife and five chi!
dreft, but 111 some way or another w
set forth in a charge that "the Me
Klnley High School ia kept purposely
small ',' in order to furnish the. plea,
that' tcrtain pupil, who apply for ad-
,m,iasioB cannot be aoeommodated. when,
in tne opinion or the writer of the
statement, the real fact la that tha an
periaendent wnnta. to, make the school
"aristrocratie "' and to keep "com
mon" children from securing a higher
education. . t)
't I 'letter aceomrJnnyinjr'th atate
hient,' Mrs Tinker states that it waa
"written after conference with- the
! persons who are' outlining afvery def'
..1 j ... 1 .1 . . . ... ..... .
mv iiu urirrmmrri campaign ajrninSE
hn heavv hand of repression and op
praSnlon in the public ar.hools of this
Territory.", it
MlF-tikan, Bayn.Kln&ey
' Buperiatendent Kinney, to whom-the
statement; was shown yesterday,- atx)
who had' already - bead furnished, with'
copy- by the writer, remarks, that
Mrs. Baker Is entirely mistaken In re
gard (o the facts she alleges; He points
to the fnet that the McKinley High
School' has beca doubled in ewrohnent
and; faculty during bis term in office
and that arrencements have alreadV
'been made to double the present size ofH
th acnool.
Mrs: Baker writes:
He waa called and
through Camp Arm
a soldier. The 11 n
hnve taken his call
placed In Class 1.
sent here and put
strong 'and is now
waiian is said to
. .- r 'W.
Beginning Monday, August 8, every
male person intending te travel st4-er-ai;e
from Honolulu to ports on other
islands timet first' obtain a permit from
tha office of Captain H. 0. Field, selec
tive, draft officer, in tho : Capitol.
This arrangement whs perfected yes
terday by Captain Field with the muii
egement of -the Inter Island Comimnv.
Later un similar nrrangeiui-nts will be
mnde for imiing permits to persons
taking passage on the company's
steamers at neighboring inland port
for Honolulu, and also for interislund
landings. -
The new rvHteui Is designed ns an
aid to the military authorities in np
prehi-iiding deserters from military ser
vice, and for delinquents of the selec
tiVe draft.' -
A BtataaMnV , 1
'''The Dictator of Hawaii' school
must- lie 'deposed. " -
"Who says so f
I -'"Hawaii '"teachers, Hawaii 'a par-'
cnts-i'and-McKinley High School stud
ents say so.
" VVTiy shohld' be be deposedt
"Beckbse' the school system enf oread
by him is' treason to American ideals.
It ia the 1'rtfsaiah ideal. "'
''What Is thfer Prussian methodf
; "It la, east, teaching. The child of
the Carpenter shall be a carpenter, the
'gardener's sort 'shall - be a gardener.
The pupil ta refused all voice In the.
choice 'of bis life ' Work. . ,
"What is'He WuM j 1 - -"yYhe
'aehooT 'chiMrcli of Germany
nuin'ie, suici.le in great numbers.'
Recently McKinley High School
Student won in' a flrght against ty
ranny. ' '
"'i'hby would' not have, won in Ger
many thoy would' have suicided.
"What is tho American ideal T
"Tliat every child shall climb n
'high ss h can. That' he shall be
taught reasoning instead bf memorising.
Originality, encouraged apt kirk step.
That bo shal. be incited to hitch his
wagon to a star.
"Does (he education Ruler of Hawaii
want auything like that!
"Any. teacher, who trie it is mark
ed' dangeroua'rr-fee stand for Qomo
cracy! :
"Diatator Kinney will reply that
hp is applying the New York Regent
method to Hawaii. -
"Exactly! For years, American
teachers have been combatting Prus
sian, methods- in the school of New
York and Chicago, ,
"The quotations below, are from the
l'niversity of Chicago War I'aptirs,
June, 19J8.
America; i1 to- be contrasted
With Eurrine' bftnSsc in tb coun
tries across the Atlantic education
is so organised as to cut off a large
percentage, of the population from,
higher opportunities.'
"Ha would Dictator Kinney and h
mnxtcrs have it in Hawaii if they 1
In America every possible
agency la ati work to bring all the
tho people into as, full contact as
possible with, as muc-h eduratiou
they will accept.
"Not so in Hawaii; the High School
building, is kept, purposely small that
lurire numbers may be refnaed entrn'"
en the plea: ' We are full to our capa
city.' "f'lis highly Important contrast
can be made very vivid by com
pHridn. botwaen the. school ay stem
of Germany with that of the Unit
ed States. In Germany .the com
inonbby goes' to a- school known as
the folks school. At fourteen1 yetra
of aga hi schooling is over. There
is absolutely no poaeibifuj- "before '
him of W-.hfghep catling. ' This
sohool doe not lead him to any
higher school. '' ' "
"Neither do the folk school of
Oahu lead to' High School because
we keep ouf'Hiiru School' building pur
posely too -small.' ' ' " '
' there were, Wfore tho af only,
eight percent of the yooth of the
O.-rsian Empire in the aristoeratie
hcJiooI. The other 02 percentwere
in the folk school:' "
A The acbool of Gerniah; krt o
rial devices for dividing the people
inta -distinctly Inarked -classes. The
"coruruoa" people ar. given a
kind of education suited to 'their
humble lot. The official' reguia
Hons constantly cnll 'dtfeatlnh t.
tho fact that- the "toihmonM peo
ple are to b etlucated, tof nbmii
ence: they are to serya their rul
ors: they aro to hp kept contented
with tlip tradua followe4, bv their
in routs. v .
"Note, that rhjldrea entering the
publid schools of Iwail nre- required
lo Hlnte the oeeupntion of their pur
cuts. 1
The aristocracy, oa the other
hand, is to be brought to as high
:. Wvel of superiority la power and
. position a it- possible, through
knowladge and science. - When tbi
Oerraan educational system. I thiVa'
-Summed un' In flefinitf 'tatertfents,
wo ee at once how sharply that
stem rnntrssts with ur Ameri
can; system, which la- controlled in
v every hnsn of lt organisation by
tna iiieai or unlimited opportunity
toy alt
'' MIfawali's school ttxernf'e,rl(ient was
1ucatd In Kurrrpe, tn an aristoeratle
Germsn1hntltution;ud H is Germany's
school Idt-als. nrt America's that he is
labor! n if to establish ia Hawaii;'". ,
Otir'Bchoot.ystem Is Bl'dltfereot
from that of Germany a oiir demo
, eraey 'I different ftfom' Genntt
Bteerfy.'' ThS Ormsn School I
perfect. orKnnlraHtm, but t "-
' oeqahlation rlevefejVrl to prwvrnt
the, growth Of DeioereV.-''
VrV tw From Frta.";, ' . :'f " '-. i- 'si'
'"About ns far from fnifV' 'it ia,
'possible for xtatement to be' i what
Superintendent Kinnef sav b'ont4h
elfeegBtlons contained, in M'a. Baker'-
statement. In a letter to Th Adver
tiser, the' superintendent Of publie ia
etntetlan ejiiotea figures that disprove
im nigo acnooi carges: 1 , t i .. 1
"Editot Advertiser I thank you' for
the opportunity giver! me; 'to answer
the statements made by Mr. Estelle
Baker, bart ieularly as, these are" about
as far from the facts a It is possible
for statements 4o be'ih rita.! Ib
stead yf keeping the high arboinl small,
thi institution bar very - treatly- in
creased' dating tbe -preaenMidiBlolstra.
tldn of the department of publia inatrue-
tiott t -tuf ' - .."JM- .
"The Wrotment in Jake, 1 1014, Was
twtflrtiirlred eighty4wo; ia June; IMS,
'it we '.four hkivtrtd f ortt-thrto." - In
June,' 1914,' there were thirteen teach
ers; when school opens iri September
of thia year there will be twenty-four.
During thi period, Ave room have been
dded; and the department recommend-,
ed and' eMired an appropriation of
tfWfiOOJOO, rhich wjn be ivailaWA next
year and' Which Will oxactly double tV
aie- of the present McrKlnley ' High
School building. In the meantime, ar
rangement ?tr "now being- made 'to
lease or borrow "temporary Quarters un-
'tir the bb'b uilding i erected. ,
xaoev vnsoanK . .. - - ,
": ''Thei- wiefl(i''of';t(inl"n wntranee,
Shto'the-MrKinlev High School i as
democratic it' Is possible for It to
bS:-as everyone' who passe pie eighth
grade .final examinations haa1 the right
ta ; enfe the; high, school, and tio'one
possessing 'eigith "grade ' diploma
from'' the school's Of this, county, has
'rver.heen Tefdsed entrance to t
KJnley High School Social hnd finn
cial. Status ' c'o'unt - for ; nothing: The
only entrance qualification is an el-hi'i
'ade diploma, and that ia Indispensa
ble. " ' 'u.fia . .
""the personal allegation- that I re
reived my education? ! n German 's"hno1
is tttterlv untrife Bnt, being utterod,
at this eriti-nr"timej;'appkrenttv undnlv
maliejmr. I teeeived my- ehflre edu
cation, both1 primary, -f'kecrono'nrv' and;
Votlege in the institution of Denmark
stW the TTnlted States,' and a. mee
anti-German ehxihtry' than Dennvsrk.
narticulsrlv thirty years ago, cannot
be imstiied. ,f A " '
"Yrnirs sryVveM-fntly.
' ' Superi ntendenf, Prtblie Instruction. ' '
W. B.B.
WAP QAVHnnVFI) Exhausting
nnii. up iu iiuuiLiil
Rigid Economy and Elimination of
Waste Necessary, Food
: .' Admim'strAtor Warns
10 Leave
Karl, A(1 KeyunijOf;,GeriTiariBir,th,
Refused Permisston'Xo Go To
'."prientMilitary 4?easop Al
leged By Selective Draft Officer
.. For aailitary reasons Karl, A, Heyum,
a clerk of H. lUekfeld; ospaay, has
been denied permit to leave the Ter
ritory. . t .,,1. ). pi 1 1,.
Heynm applied tfof a. permit, at ' the
elective draft office '0a Wednesday
ahd was about' tfi i,erely0 'it from -a
flerk when the jitL hoad happened to
pass by the desk.'. He halted the pro
ceeding ltn2 '"Mougti '-fb? mak in
quiries ss to What Heyum 's business
was, and on loarnlrti that Ife wa pro
posing to. leavo fbf th Orient, withheld
the desired document,' " " -:
The applictint became angry when the
drkty official ' ultimatum waa delivered
and detaanedd tA know ,whypeimision
was withheld. Ife-eald that he had ap
plied to bis local- draft board and had
obtained a relets from eall -or aervice,
Vwi the (found tfiafr he waa physically
unlit for duty. "In' fecit, it was shown
that he , was placed la the lowest class
ification, i- rt .'IT Vi.i '
' The-official sgal' announced that tbe
only reaosn he eoujd give hrm was a
military on and that beyond, that there
was no'appen;. ''''."'' ' ' '
' Heyum: wanted. te know, who-had is
sued - such - Instructions but was : given
no' satisfaction uq this point..' He in
sisted bat be see tome one. whereupon
the draft- etlivisl 'told hint hj telght
start In with thd hrmy headquaj-tcrs,
Heyum is a Geinseu, although said
to be naturalied,- hut h speak with
a very noticeable German accent. He
lnformod the ilraft office that he de
sired to go to Japan and China to recuperate.
Herbert Hoover,' national food, ad
minixtrntor, now studying war condl
tious at the battle' frpnt, believes thai
the present world conflict will be a long
one, it is indicated In the text of a
long cablegram received byFiBd Ait
miniatratnr Child yesterday ,foV general
'irculation. Notional Administrator
Hoover is now in conference with the
allied food controllers of .Groat Britain,
FraVe and'Itnty! ln' ,n'-
' Mr; Hoover believe that the food
problems of the allies cannot be adinia
istered on the bsi of a one year war
and' that we must prepare for a long
continuance of the conflict if we arc
to insure absolute victory.
Following Is the coble In detail re
reived by the local food administra
tion official yesterday:
"llease give the following joint reso
lution of the food controller of the
'Wnitnd Mates, Frnnce, Italy ancj Ore at
Britain as-wide publicity aa possible:
" 'Resolved, that while the Increased
prednrtlon of the United Ptatea ren
der it possible to relax same of the
restrictions, wftirh have been berne
with peculiar hardship hy all of our
peoples.' yet it is absolutely necessary
that rigid economy and elimination of
waste ia the consumption end band
ling of all foodstuffs, a well a In
creased productions, should be main
tained throughout the Kuropean Allies'
countries and in North America.
'It is only by the exercise of iuch
TCnonmyian.l elimination of waste that
the transportation of the necessary
men' end supplies from North Amerjca
to the European front can be tieeoBi-'
plished, and that stocks of foodstuffs
can. be built np in North America as
an, assurance against the ever present
danger 'of harvest failure and the press
4ng -necessity for large and emergency
drafts to Europe.
t n- We cannot administof tlie food
problem on Jhc basis of one. year war.
W must prepare for its long eon tin
nance if we are to insure absolute vie
tory.' "
s it M ' w. . a.
In order to have enough jurymen to
make sure of securing a jury for. th
trial of Yimagarawaet 'the Japanese
cook who .1 under: indictment oa.
charge of having killed Lieut, Carso
f Fort' IShafter, 'a special' venire of
twenty' men for the federal jury has
been summoned. The trial is to start
on August IV.
"'The men raiied by the sneelul venire
are as follows: .John Llshman, Norman-
Gedge, George W. Ashley,
Charles A. Drew, Joseph Fernandes,
Charles O. H.xkus, Fred B. Damon,
Ooorge B. 'Case; John Lucas, Albert N.
Campbell, K. M. Cheatham, John A.
Noble, ' Charles G)Uiland, Jmhich L.
Molt, Johrt Detor and Kdwar.l Mav;
Hawaiit Walter F. Klatt of Hakalau;
Maui; Hoabary Ti. Hhort .and Orlando
J. Whitehead., both of Wailuku;
George W. McDougnll of Waipnhu.
rK . t ' 1 w-.
As Monday, August S, will be the
fifth anniversary Of Great Britain's en
trance into the world war, the British
Club Of Honolulu 'will commemorate
the great event oh; the. evening of that
date with patriotic oxercises.
8ix soldier, who have seen active
service it- the frpat with the British
force, will bo the, gueat of honor Mon
day righ,t. They are: J. L. Grimshaw,
C. Desmond Ntanley, W. A. MacDonald,
Charle G. Kempster, W. B. Smith and
P. L. Heaketh. Tho eatertaiumnnt will
be in the, nature. of an "at home" for
the returned fighting men. Maj. Peter
W. K Bluett, at' the U. R Kngineera
and formerly a, resident of Kohulu, will
also be' a' guest of hpnor Monday night.
The entertainment eomniittce of the
elub, under the direction of Fred Har
rison, president, ha prepared a special
literary and musical program for the
A MST KRD ASjif jfulv 111 -( AHo.-iated
l'resis) Germany ' Emperor is still
seeking a -suitable ' National AntTiem."
German oHU-.ial have decided that the
music' of "Heil Dir-im Higeskrunx"
T'Hail to The in the V ictor 's
Crown") should: tie. chunked ns it is
the same an the. tuoe. to which "iod
Have the King" i. mug, or else thut
an 'entirely new hymn should In- sub
A, committed of pntntinent German
wa formed ajid. poets and musicians
throughout Germany were rciuestrd to
compete in th national air coutest.
More than :t2t)0 pieces were submitted,
sorne of thenr being sent to the Km
peror himself, but no Jit hymn Iims ns
yet been found.- .
Recently the poets and music iani
were asked to try again.
awvtlout Sloaiarh McJI-
cIm an Systta W.buillw f
tivtr.JCl.liMv and Hlul. I
iw Hracdv-tln Bluu4.
Qniwiit UuUv. ., , V
All unixciiia.
Honolulu IsRapidly
Supply of Big Islivod
If List of Local Purchasers Were
Made Public,. There Would Be
Some Surprises, Is Hilo State
ment Liquor Commission
Knows 'Em
If the list of customers in Honolulu
to whom boor.e is being snipped from
Hilo were made public '-there would
be nome surprises," according to n
tatement in the Ililo Tost Herald in
conn.-, tion with the brisk inter Island
liquor Im-iness that is being done in
vifw of npin-oaching territorial prohibi
Kirn e the fountains Of joy In Hoiiolu
Itilu .Irie.l np and there was balm in
the HiK Island Oilead, the inter island
company's steamer have been dollij a
Ian. I office business. Not only hnve
hey lieen carrying joy water from Hilo
.0 Honolulu, but they have been haul
ing from Honolulu to Hilo the brew
that made Kakaako famous, and then
hauliuK it rirht back again. For while
under the presidential prohibition the
brewery cannot sell beer direct to Its
Honolulu patrons, the latter can obtain
it by haviug it sent to Hilo and then
shipped back again. Ther only differ
ence is in the freight, and theraia the
inter islnml rompauy . profits mightily.
Meantime, the growing thirst iri Ho
nolulu s drinking circles is rapidly mak
ing Hilo dry before the appointed tipjw,
which draws the following from the
Hilo Post Herald of July 30!
Plaint From Hilo
'" With strict prohibition in Honoluhv
officially Hilo Is rapidly being depleted
of its stock of liquor. 80 insistent has
been the eall by people in Honolulu np
on the liquor dealers of Hilo reeentfv
that brandy has gone up here to $7,50
a bottle; Scotch whiskey is selling from
S to 10 a bottle, while ty whiskey
is almost out of sight, Aa for-clarets
and Burgunday, it now, costs. $1.76 or
'i tor a small bottle ' formerly held
at from fifty to seventy five cents, and
better grades are now in the cham
pagne class.
Ho heavy has beeU the shipment of
liquor from Hilo te Honolulu that the
local liquor commission took cogninnce
of the traffic and recently forced -the
dealers here to givw the commission a
list' of all customer in Honolulu to
whom liquor was shipped. It is stated
that if this list was made publie there
would he some surprises.
Balk BUnd Pigs
These lists have bfleh promptly for
warded to Inspector Hutton, in 'Hono
lulu, who ha arMllv. fA.U..l ....
, .. - - vvvvu- up
every shipment which he thought might
. ,u o ucn 91 m uiinu pig. in me
mail received yesterday, say Secretary
Guard.; of .the, liquor commission, In
spector1 Hutton' expressed hia 'apprecia
tion of tho work done hero by the local
commission. -V ' , ,'-....
One-half hoBr of grace has been de
termined upon by the liquor commission
for the liquor dealers and saloon in
Hilo the night of August 20, next.
"The time for closing all the saloons
had been sot for eleven thirty o'oloek
the evening o'f Aogust 20," aaid Sec
retary Guard today. "We have de
termined, however, to irranr the .l.lnr
a half hour of grace and will not en-
lurcn ciuiimg lime uniu ini.lniht. '
Secretary Guard asserts that already
the Hawaiian up in tho buck district
arc, distilling okolchao and making
"swine." ' '
Think Law Unjust
"I tell yon that it will take a large
force of federal officers tn nvi ill..
eit stills in thia Territory next month,"
.iiicii me secretary or tne liquor com
mission todav. "I tiflliavo that !,'. Inu,
as at present is a bad thing for the
I fa tarn t !u m nlan nn ;..;...: a.
the I'ortugueMfi who Were efn'ourajfet! to
iuveHt their all la
ture by a low license fee of $5 a year.
"I hold no brief for Mr. Serruo hero,
as tho lawyers say, as is known, but I
say it is an injustice to him that he
should be left with all the wine, on bis
hands thai he has made from his nwn
grapes, without boing towod to export
ur 11 or even give ii awny. lour
Renublieaa rnl.lutr atimi. ,l,.l.,,,in
coagress has done a fine thing for his
poupiv i uuu llllll. -
W. B. .
IlvMlBla, Aaawat U 1819.
5 l I
Governor C. J. McCarthy spent most
of yesterday en a visit to the Boy 's
Industrial Snhool at Wuialee, as a re
sult of call made- lyi him by the
auperinteadeat, Frederick Anderson,
the day previous. The superintendent
wants to sor.ur funds with which , to
move one of the- building from the
campus to another. Kite. It was for tha.
purpose of investigating this request
the Governor weut to Wfuialec, the first
time he has been there in nine years,
he says. He was much impressed by
the improvements which have been
mnde in that time, ho remarked when
lie returned yesti-rdoy afternoon.
The Governor explains that it will
I.e impossible to grant thf su ei intend
cut's request untiT more bonds nre sold,
and thut the school will thru hnve
about H,iJ0U of a loan fund n-iuaiu
w. a. a.
For a. Weak Stomach
As a general rule alt you need to do
is to adopt a diet suited to your age
11 11 .1 occupation and to keep your liowtN
regular. When vxiu fiel that you have
eaten too much and when constipated,
take one of Chamberlnin 's Tablets. Fnf
sale by Benson, Smith A Co. --Adv.
.,. -
Major P. W. Bluett, of Kohttla. wb,u
Recently received orders to go into' ac
tive service, Was vesteiiinv authorized
by the war depart ien to prnn-ed to
Camp liumphfey, Viri;iuiii. Major Hlu
ett arrived from Kuliala a week ag9.
He was formerly superintendent of tbe
Kohala Ditch Couipuny,
' . ' ' i.i . 1 1 .
A ten fc-flsldwlB. -Ltd.
(' llrewer A Co
Kw Hantbfienlt'o.'
Haiku Huk; t'b. . .3
Haw. AgTetl. 'o. 1,1
Hw. '. A K'1. .'.ak..
Ilswallsn ftnrar Co
Hotwlisa .hu. I t, .. ....
Il.iiminil HiiKnr Ce. ,
11..1, Vnerli Hp.. Want. .,
Knluikn-IMaat. re.' v
Kekalis Hiux. Co. .
Kolna Hair. CV. . ........
Mcllrjate tn. Co., Ltd., .
oatiu Kug.: 0o. I
tilaa Hn -o Ltd.
Oiioiihi Hn'. Co
I -nan h -in Huir. flaat. Co..
Pan. Kiursr Mill , ...i...
Pnla Thtnth. '. . ..ivl..
'iwofcco Hnesr Co
Pioneer Mill Pa.'
Sua Carina Mllllea- C. ,.
Wnlsloa Aa-rntl. Co
Wnllukii u. Co, , ......
Mt"-biAHmris " i
Rndan IVv. Co.. Ltd. ....
Fnrels I'siiper Mlnlnx Co.
Hnlsil K. A P. Co., I'M..,
I talks y H ' Co. Coin...
Hawaii Con. Hf. 11 A ...
llnw,ron. Hy B ....
Haw. Con. Itr. Com.
nahsn Rim-trle 'o.
Hnw. 1'liMaiiulw Ofi. ..
Hon. It k. Co., Ltd. . .
ll.iuolula Uaa (U Ltd. ..
H. T A I.. Co
I liter-Island- 8. ft. Co
Mm. T1 Co
Osliu It. A L. Co. .1.....
1-uhnn- Knl.txr Co. .
Selauia-Ulnillnira, IM. '. .
Ham tHQ f4.)..,...
Tsnjong Olak Bubbor Co.
IVacb Walk I. P. H..
Hamakna 1'ltcb To,' o .
llhw , ... D met
...h. ,.. jm .
ill n
Haw'n Irr. Co- fla
Haw. Ter. 4 Ref. IWsV
naw. ir, . run; imps.
Iluw Tor. Tub. Imp. 4
wit jHiz-ri'iai
Hsw. Tr'l 840L '
Hilo OSS Co., Ltd. 0 ...
It.uii.kii tig. i n, Wife. l.
Hon. Uaa. Co.. Ltd, 5s ...
KmiaJ Kr Co, Os........
Msn.wi i. n. r.14
Mi-Hrjde.Rof. Co., Oa,.j,
Metiisl Tel Cn As
Oahu R. A U Co...ri
Hahn ang. Co., Vfn
K'tmn 8uiir Iki, ..'. .
Pacific Guano A F. Co., (a
8aa Carlo aOUtBr-
M i
3i 81
i 4
'ihy, m"
'42H '4.1
a Baja
airwicR, noABnej -
Olsn. 200. SO, 4.l; M.Hryrte, 25, 7.BO;
Oahu. IT,. .11 rt )wa, 8ft. 100. 7.no; Wala
lus., xj.ou yabntlug, Boads, tOooo,
ROARn AUCft , "
Walalua. 22. WOO; McBrrrte. 00, 00, T.M.
. tUAW UCOTAT1UNB .-. , ..
June , 1014
88 analysla borta (no adrleas).
Psrlty- 'I .
W CeBt. IFor Haw Wnanrs 8.000
Kintiir n; quotations .
2ft, 1818
....,..' 28.04
I No qnotatloa).
WIVllIKKlim . - ;
Aaanst L IMS
tVOKMIIkV. - ....k.f i.ry
army , ii8
1 no
t on
1 (SI
NKW VOUK, Aunt 2 . , (Associated
PreMal Kollowtli are- tbe opening- and
closlna onotaiiona of stocks ia tbo New
York Market yesterday , ' '
Amerli-an. Hua-ar.,
Anirl.ii Hi-et 1
AK-latl OH I. IK....
task a iold ,,..,
Aunrican Lneoirmtlve . ....
Anwrlrau Tl. A Tel.
American aiuoltor .
AnMTtvan tt Kdry. J
Atcblson Kallway
Anncooda Cornel' , .........
llaldwlu, Lo.-iuitlT .......
Ilaltliunra A Ohio ,
Ilethlclieut, Htoel "ir
California Petroleum
(VatraJ Leather . ..,.w....
Canadian paciAe
C. M.. A .ht Paul ..,.;.,..
Colo, fuel A iron ,
Craribto Noel .' viiv.J....
Cuba Kuitar Cane
Krle eciminon
(tiuM-al Khx-trlc
General Motors (nrw . ....
Ureat- Northern Pfd. , ,
International Nickel '. ......
Indusirisl Alcobo). . ........
kenneeott Coier , .........
LehlKb Valley Hatlwejr .
New- York Central . ........
Pennsylvania . .............
ltay Consolidated .
lleollaK rlDiuoa , .........
Republican Iron couimoa
Molilbern Paejn?.. ...........
Htuilebaker ,
t' lilted HI a tea llubbor
Texas OH - .- .................
1'nion i'aelfle ,' .......'.
I'liiled Htatea.Hteel .
rtah . !'....
Westers tlnloB ,, ...,.,..
neatluabouae . ........ . .. .
. Qootstlona oa, tfeo following New York
enrb atovks. a wlreleaaed lo Tk Adrvr
ttser bv Blonabsoj A cC are: .
TUc- Thnrs-
'". sy nay
.., , 1.00
. .44
- ja
t oo .
. .44
.4.01 .,:
' .12
11 (T Ledg-e . ......
Caletlouui... ........
Iron Itlossom
Km ma Copper . ...
Iirravea . . ......
Jim Hutler
Juroua Vtird
MldWMtt OH
Mother Lode '
Hay Hen-nlea . ...
lt.-Kijlle Kula
Ilex (iiu,, ...4.
Htlrar Kiua: Cons. .
Tonopah Kuteuslou
Tiutliimue . ......
Kerr l.aka ........
Wlllxu-t . ..........
.. ,
Cresson Oold , .,,
MppUslua- . i.svi....,,...., tKKtt
i i-neeuou jiru nng Kitouer .JU
tit Sne. W, 8l Sm 1 mi .
HAN VJtANCIHCO, August 24 Aolt
d Pruasi Kollowua are tha oenlng and
closing qoatatloo of anaar and. otbnr
stm-k tu (h Ban :rnvli Biarket yea.
(kf ,C,JHI ;
-.OH ' - JM1
4-:5-. f -
.i.- : .
817 k
terday 1
Usw'n Oun'f , . ..,'.....'.
Hswallau, Muar Co
II.H10W Sunt . ... .1..
tiMhii Miliar-Co.
; Jlile,hltVMii Huirsr Co. . ...
Puaiihu tliiKar Co. . ......
Honolulu (ill
i.iiHii rbaadfUay cai J .
Ki'irels ',. p.-r Co
, t. vn 1 r. . ;. ' 1. . 1 iii j" i! jr
Murliiawi rpiitinues to advance; in
thw far north lie tlftrmaus take Mitaus
(iermuns are moving 4i centimeter gun
to batter Warsaw,

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