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- -':xXr-v . . ;v vriC' , ; :'-.:v :X'v-rrX'-- ' ': - '" -
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DAniB. Julr 31-1 Assoc!
l- refcs of the Allies north
. V Dv Fi51D""cv V1 vieriaauu. xuOv results 1 1 rL i
Crown rrince is not yet able to stem the advance of therAn( Tade.d,
meu purees ana tuo aay enaea witn many furious Ger
man counters defeated and wlthfresh and,' Jmiwrtant
territory in American and French hands. V
In the wesVnorth of the
LtfJ" ?4 ttf m,lke, -.i:-ita9offiffiS5i5S:
T.V1 . s'l - wiuiwAiug A IBUICB, UWIU IUO tO' the best French troops," Knyn
r renin ana Americans scorea net gains for the day. North- flrt itti. i
easi or t ere-en-Tardenois. In advance of Berirv: tho Allip!i,:.l";.v.r"",,',,,'', he
gained particnlarlv and retained their new mund in the
face of - numerous counters,
..-. .uw v,uv.ai awi ui me VJCrmau lines.
Here the Americans have reached the slopes an-
rro!Shivgt5,6 woodifieyon? NesIe ln which woods u h
neved the Crown, . Prince has prepared strong positions
that are already!' coming under the Allied guns. The
Hermans are clinging;tenaciously to Nesle and the line
facing: Serg-y and Nesle.'a kfl east of Ferc-en-Tardenois, but they
have no artillerv tn-rnnJbjl 'tA 'hnrM...tn ;t.n aii:,i ..un: 1
... -r y t "'V
Earlier in: day the Can. .ed big gunl with prodiKality. 1
laying down s heavy a barrage.as has" eycr been done on this front,
a barrage through which the American's advanced with the utmost
gallantry. . VVKether. the cessation irt.artiUery fire last night is due
to the guns being further withdrawn in the .face of the continued
Allied advance or wtfether a difficulty is being found' in bringing
tip ammunition Cannot be told. . ' ,
,r.., . .... . , ' '" ' , ' .
YVitnourarttflery; assistance the Germans are continuing to send
counters against the ieyv .American lines, counters that have so far
been beaten jJ the enemy. ,
The Americans on he western end of the line, with French on
f t it j j .. t .
each side of them, began their advance at daylight. At the same
time franco-Amerfcait forces on the eastern side of the salient at
tacked in the Andre Valley, capturing Ste. Euphraise. Heavy Cer
man counters began to be launched and on the west these succeeded
at first in giving back to the Germans possession of Seringes and
BeiluneUX. which were later rerro inert - Tlir.. r:i.rf,' ...
014- T a . .
regain bte. Euphraise were repulsed, butthe Germans won and held
SOITIC grourid. tp tbe yVCSt of that village. i
The Advance of the Americans thrbugh" the"" German barrage
. , . -if.. ... ""a" ,-
nette,d a gain of two miles for the day, not much in distance but im-
portant ini the positions taken and held. The dav's victory is re-
r .'vaa ill VS. llian LWUHIl 1 .1 III
carded by the French commander
The battle1 had continued throughput Monday night, yesterday
mornine findiofl the Germans heaiilv reinfnrrrt re.-.,
ara5. thi e- ..-w'S I' '
i" .v.j iuuvii
ngnung aiter aawn soon made it apparent to the Allied command
that the Germans, had apparently decided to make a stand and had
taken up a strong line with the German right flank holding the
plateau north of the Crfse River, southeast of Soissons, and the left
protected by the hilly ground -near the head of the Andre River,
with Ville-en-Tardenois as the pivotal point on this flank.
It was believed that this line would be held bv the Gertn.m
if possible, with the. whole available strength of the Crown Prince's 1
. ...v m wiv v'uwij t mice iupprecnt Drougnt into the
action if necessary. ' '
Toward this line the Germans made generally an orderly with
drawal of all their rearguards, which the Allies drove inr and it was
apparent that these withdrawals were aldng a ebneerted plan. They
added to the tcrritorjr.gained by the Allies, however, and the line
wa. advanced Jn a number of ulacea, particularly in the Ardre Valley, in the
direction of Aubilly, ,due north of Ville en Tardenoia, and north of Villera
Argon Aiguizy, due waat of Vllle en Tardenoia. The main advance of the morn
ing waa on the weat, whera progreaa waa made east from Orand Ro.ov. five
nnlea nurthweat of Fefe aa Tarde noia.
North of the Onrcq the American line waa advanced aomewhat ami Inter
t.erman counter tKrown forward dea,rately, failed to ahuke the American
hold of the r6ad between Aerer and Heringea.
It waa noticeable that the Pruaaian and Bavarian Guards who had oppnaod
the Americana on thia aector on Monday were abaent from the fighting yegter
day I'rlaonera reported that they had been withdrawn by the German com
mand to reform after the heavy caaualtiea inflicted upon theae crack troops
hy the Americana on the previous day.
OSicial deapatchea from the front, reporting on the American repute of
counters delivered on Monday by the Pruasiao and Bavarian Guards, state
that the Americans showed themaelves to bo the masters of these famous
troops in hand to hand combat and' that in general fighting the Americana
both outwitted and outfought the Kaiaer'a finost eora.
Kight Bavarian Guard prisoners stated that they were the only survivors
of a company that had gone into action eighty-four strong.
Aloug their whole front the Americans up until noon veitonlav were
holding and advancing their lines with the same units which had been in
i tie name ror practically twenty hours
Hhortly after noon the German with
drawal ended, this being succeeded by
a series of viciens counter attacks with
fresh troops, attacks thai, drove the
Franco American line bark' in place.
The blows were tbe heaviest on each
side of Ker end Tariieuoi. Here the
Americana were temnerarMf thrown
hack from Seringes,' east ' of Fere en
Tardenois, and their hold upon mng
neux, five miles northwest of Fere-en-Tardeuoia
waa lost for some time.
French troops relieved the Americans
on this latter front and, after fight
ing, restored the line, driving the Ger
mans in turn from Beugnoux.
Theae counters were general, all
along the battlefront, but their con
centrated fury was directed ...against
those points held by the Americans.
p-W. ..-. .
AMHTKRDAM, July 30 (Associated
Press) The newspaper Leho de Beige
reports a strike at Kalk, Prussia. Ma-
rhine gun troops were used in suppress-'
ing the strike, it is said, but in spits of
the rain of lead the atrikers are con-
tinuing their disorder.
(111 1 'rll.HI
in oraiT
Atrni PrPrialJLWrillai ib-lrV
of the Marne is sloped up'trfl
Ourcq, where the Crown
still farther driving their
.iv...e, ivui nmvu Biicuiiit;.
a hrilliant r.era;
Biuivi. i iic resumption oi general
NEW YORK, July 30 (
Press) Chairman George M. Rolph of
the, international sugar committee to
day mdae a statement after a confer
ence with Cuban igovernmeut repre
sentative Indicating that thore will
uo raise. is ine retan price of sugar
of a cent a' pound.
Cuban and United States sugar men
will mee in rWaahUgton next week to
set the prices for 1919.
w. s. a.
, m
NfcW YORK, July 31 ( Weinted
Press) The federal grand jurv rider
day returned an indict ment l-hsririn
Captain Aubrey Vauvhn of the Qnnr
termasters Corps with conrpiraey to
defraud the government in tonnection
with the purehaae of raiivoats for
aimy use.
Commander On Marne Front
Says No Troops Could Be Bet
ter, r: Italy and Japan Send
Congratulations Over Victory
w - ... .
f?.-W HMtho Americans en-
girin the great battle of tho Marne
RPPfl.vM ,4roni (&a Frfnb
that front and from
Hie French publicist.
while iongratulatloas oh the recent Am
ericas! victories Jiave bcen rerqived
'rs " !"P0e'n" for he govern
mentiief Italy and Japan.
d io;m eUcw and tnff
(ire a'l
oSlXF nem" ,,rl'", ' '
An official ropert from tho onrh
eoram"nde' rf the
vs; asil: sr.:
July 26, u order to frer Monthi
.." M "in order to
"""'V ' Amrffana. in tho even
iB': novered a flanVinif 'movement
whcli UnaH.r imeeemHd. With
llrent andoetty nmhed forward
NarheJr. it ... wont B1.dden t
tBPk w"',,l lw'ood H the Amorican
'Tia evCro ba8e n ,..
ehine pn era from empincmcnia in
n'n the eivemT, were sheltered, two
kilomter. in depth were Bino,). "The
American alo captHred three rannnnn,
a large minnrwerfer an.i meehine
nn Tw nndred priaonera fell into
th J- nnt hrve oro
der tha.elrcnmatan-ea with the heat
Vnn,rM t7ift n,e "mrn fow")
thrmaelve: In nch a preenr'oi. ivai
tin at r0nt.hiere- that thev i,al to
""in their retreat."
OongrattOatlotis Coming
Amhaaandor Iahii presented a note
yenterday from the Japanese pnvern
ment eWn(r: "I have just rot tele
.'raphle inatruetiona from Baron (lotT
to rnnvPV TO von ha mom; -tirrrc con
-.rtuiUona for the aplendid feat of
the American army on the wet-rn
fTt-.' .v t. .
jn name of the Ttalian nr ern
the Ttaiian ambaador, Co,,nt
MaccM as reiiere nreaented a Boe ,t
.on-atoiation. aayinf
The important and clorious aueeena
the America forcea have won Iwthelr
itflo nw tha French fnt hna
produced ri'ttafva keen; feelirig t,t
!-lmir.tip and ir, whieh can only
be mended bv him who know,
r eTeelHrr know, the- dee( friend-
ship the Italian nation haa unreanrve.l.
lv attained "foY thfa crwat Republic.
Vr Ihene roerempH that the valor and
fnith of the Amcriean aoldiera will
renew nn the common fleldi of battle,
mv King and eovernment have entruat
e.l me with the very gratifying tank
of ejprepHinij to the fovarnment of the
'r.nnatir ""'''l" "
rmest coit
w. a. a.
PARIS, July 31 (Associated
Preas) Tbe epidemic of Spanish
grippo which broke out ln Switzer
land some weeks ago la spreading
with alarming rapidity and there
are vary many deaths. In some
canes entire families have been
wiped out by the disease.
& a,
- w. a. .
I .UN I ION, .Inly L"J (Aaaocinted
l'res.t- Praise of the ciiorilinutiou tha.
has been liroiiht about between the
naval fur. c .!' the I'nited States ami
Hriliiin ii voiced by Hir Kric Geddea
lit u luiii'lieiiii given at the American
Club to Assistant Hecretary of Navy
"Tliete is nn brunch of Anglo-American
netiyity," said the flrat British
s' B lo-d, iii nliich cnoerution and com
rndeship ure so clearly marked and so
complete us in the activities of the
navies of our two countries."
WASHINGTON, July ,41 (Official)
The nlien enemy property' ci stodian
1 announce the seizure by the govern
' ment of the lleyden Chemical Win ks
I of ( J ,-i 1 1 i 1 1 1 . New .lecsey, tho hocoii I
lui-it..l i-i.ri.i.ri. t i.in i.B Ll.l t I.
United .' tntcs, e ith the exclusive right
to use many valuable uerman patents
processes and foi mul'ir for miikinj
cbIo!, (! in in . ulieylate, saeelimine KinJ
other prxl ni t m. The Jxit will L,(ipor
Htod hereafter l'Ritl , MMea,
povernaienl ith' the 'j'fl rVKt s nAtrr1 for
Hulas Ai'iiirieiuiie.d. . ,I.st 7 yjyir it did
n tinslnevs f four million dollars. ' It
is owned li Chemische Kubrik von
Heyden of Kadebeul, Germany.
Becau-o of its tonic and laxative affect
Setter than ordinary Quloiue. Do en not ran
rvuusiieM. nor rineinf la the hracl. 1
titttrr, .here only one "Hromo jui.i
.1. f I ,' lls " r l S, tj j c,(.
'c '. . '.; .. . '
I 1 '
AMERIOAK ARMY ON THB MARKB, Ja'jr 31 (Associated Press)
The battle on Monday in whUfc the Amertcaa Koooa f on nit their wa
Into and through 8rgy, wlrntng important ground la praiseworthy fashion,
waa witnessed by lz United States congressman, who watched with in
tense Interest from a nearby hill when" th yimerlcans went forward.
Is the party, -which la making a tour of inspection of the America1
. froca, were Thomas A. ChaadUr, of Cklahema) Melvulo 0. Kelly of pn
sylranla; Lonls O. Orampton of Michigan John A. Elston of Californiai '
Thaddstw H. Caraway of Arkansas, and Joseph, B. Thompson of Oklahoma,
Tho. congressmsn watched tho battl fo some time, haying a apleadid
yantag point. It Is probable that they wooU bar watched longer had It "
. not been that their presence oa tha hUlslde attracted the attenUoo, of the
gunner in a Oerman battery who, dropped a sajyo of shells la their
; .vleiaityj . .... , , ,?'r;, ,v. i .
When tho shells began to arrlT the congresamen adjourned sine dls.
tf R
BKRlIN, July 31 - (Associated
Press) The ofliclal report of the war
office on the situation along the Mama,
ismied yesterday sayai ; '
The enemy -attacks on Monday
........ ij ,
against the German tines southwest Of
Rhoims and north of the River Ourca J
failed. wjth wnguinary- l.sc. to the
.i . P.- .'.
French and American attackers. rpm
Fere en-Tardcnols eastward the enemy
efforts to gnin ground were likewise un
successful." " . v .J.
Last night another oflicial state
ment said:
"After Monday's defeat, the enemy
was quiet throughout todny."
DUMJTH, Minnesota, July .11 (A
sociatcd Press) Wholesale arrests of
strikers from the Great Northern Al
louet Ore Doek Company's plint weie
made here yesterday whtfn the striker
began pickctting and there were threat
of intimidation difeeted Mgjinrt work
biea who had refused to Wa'k i;t. The
I olico took a hundred nnd forty of
tho strikers, including many of their
lenders, into custody. They nre charg
ed wit! preventing others from work-'K-
" .
thirtyfour' million .
own thrift stamps
WASHINGTON, July 30 (Official)
The rale of Vr Savings and Thrift
Stamps during the past week amounted
to 5S 058,000. ( I
The aggregate revenue pt these small
saving for July ia expected to reach
2fHj,oorooo. , :rr" i
, Tte war saving organization is esti
mated at .14,000,000 people, now saving
systematically through the, purchase of
theae stamps, indicating that one-third
of the nation population is investing
ni. average of 1.75 weekly, ,
. w s. a .
.WASHINGTON, July 30 (Associa
ted Press) The senate ways and means
committee today decided to double the
otisting war tax on admission to amus
mont places and on club dues.
w. a a
From all sides come the reports that
the supply of liquor in Hilo is running
very low, reports the Tribune. That is
all liquors except Kaumana wine of
whirh there is still a large-quantity at
the winery. Many people are purehas
in" wine bv the barrel, lint, even then,
.lose Seiia'i declares that he will have
thousands of gallons left over when
iigusi -0 emnes.
Jn the saloons of Hilo there ia a
slioitiie of many lines of liquors but
there is iiliniit enough of other kinds
teeo things going until the
dry spell begins.
The wholesale houses, of which there
are only two now-a (lays, the Herrao Li
quor Company and the Mauna Kea 14
ouor Company, have been selling heav
ily recently and a lot of liquor has
been shipped to Honolulu. Manager
Charles Phiinamato of the Mauna Kea
Company, said yesterday that he has!
nothing but Pnmo beer nod .aake on '
hand now. He has s dd out everything
Mr. Hhimamoto intend" to take a trip ,
to South America in the near future.
He says that thousands of Japanese are
going to Peru every month to work 4n '
plantations there and he think there I
nay )'f h good opportunity to start in '
some sind of business there. !
That the .Ispanese who labor on fhi
sugar plantations on this is'nnd will flH ,
kcenlv the loss or sake which thev aro (
ai-riistomcd to drink hot after their
day's work, is the opinion of manv Hilo
Tiipsnese. who ndd thst thev ,witl not
bo surprised to see manv of the laborers,
drift awav from the angnr estates and
make their vvnv back to Inpun. I
w t. s.
LONDON, July 2!l fAsso
PressV -Assistant Kperetsrv of tho
Navv Franklin I). Hoosev, It tndav waa
received bv King C.eorec nd 'nn
confcreiiee on nnvnl sfTnir reaulted.
I'rewM I ' fi 'if
f ni v PI) ' AssW-ited
M .. I It: I II . I. - t
I ' riii-.ii in,' nil" "e'i
it.,1 ixi "fcin iiiiiiiin iiiii-i ui inn
i l
; tONDON, July 31 (Associated
rreas)iAustr.lina on the Flanders
frost raided the Germsn lines opposite
their positions last night, taking forty
. ' '
1 uesiroyin a poruon or
" V .. I
u ..rJ: k T ' '
lis aetxyo, but there-is no other ind -
cation, that Ihe expected offensive to1
relit re the pressure on the Germans oa
the, Alsne-Msrne front is to be carried I
out . The German, are n.ing many gas
,h?''vA- t . , !
la the ir fighting yesterday the Brit-j
ish aviators shot down and destroyed
rouneen enemy mactimes, losing two of
tneir own, posted as missing,
v . ! f w. a a
;'.? 'I -- '
FOUl1 Hundred and Sixty Come To
,' Complete, Hawaii , Quota!
All NOW In Camp
m V-Jj 1' j - i , .
rou. handred and suty draftees
from East and Weat Hawaii arrived
from the Big Island yesterday morn
lag la'- the steamers Mauna Kea and
M.-una Lo. .. the total of that island
quota to fill up the additional thou-
.., .fci.L-v. , -
sand men which the army aceded to
ncrdit up-the two Hawaiian infantry
regiments at Scheflcld and Bhafter.
Capt. H, G. Field, aeiective draft of-1
fleer,, who went to Hawaii on Hatur
dny, to '-assist In arranging for tbe
entire detail to arrive here today,
marched the S"43 men' from Kona,
Hawaii,' i roan tha wharf to the armory.
An hoof earlie Hilo 's 217 '' men ar
rived. "All werei senvto Fort Arm-
strong sarly where? they breakfasted,
were assigned to squad teats snd given Preas) The epxenses of the war for
their flrsf taste of eaiup army life. U British taxpayer, are mounting ae
tu'bi 'ti j j , . ,'eording to figure submitted to the
Jhe pig Islaad draft .oaslab ad house of common, yesterday by the
little time to round up nearly half -..., Tk... . m,i.i
thousand more draftees, but when Csp I
tain liel.l reached Hawaii on Sunday
mornine the men were cominir into
the town by scores and long, before
the steamers i sailed for Honolulu all
bud been checked off.
Of those who srrived yesterday near
ly flftv were detained at the irmnrt
aa they were not in possession of their
induction notice. Thi necessitated ouagei. i ne amount asaea lor is esti
the making out of duplicate notices, aft mated ss sufficient to meet the war
er which the men were transferred to D'" until tB "nJ ot Oetober.
Camp Armstrong. Hir Kr'c Cedes, first lord of the ad
One hundred and twenty more men miraU5f' D,"de before the
,, , i ... . . , commons on the submarine situation.
were sent to the camp in the after ,,Th1 . . fc MU.illblllar(M fleet ., he
noon by Local Board No. Z of Hono L,id, " ha. brought the .ubmarine men-
. ' . v i
oarlier data for induction.
IL 1. 1- I -l J A 1 '
eeiving tneir notices, or lajieo to re
eeive the latter. Their names have
been handed to the police authorities
who are instructed to round them up
at once. Kauai and Maul sent in their
ahare earlier in the week.
Hy tomorrow all be new draftees
will have been changed into aoldiera
at Camp Armstrong a ad distributed to
the Kirst aud Hecond Hawaiian regi
ments at Hhafter and Schofleld respec
tively. Keep Fit For the
Daily Struggle
You can't afford to be laid up with
sore, aching kidneys in theae days of
high prices. Homo occupations bring
kidney troubles; almost aay 'work
' niake weak kidueys worse. If you
i feel tired all the time, snd suffer be
idea with lame
back, sharp pains,
diazy spell, headaches! and' disordered
kidney tetiea, use Doas' Backache
Kidney Pills. It may save an attsck of
i rheumatism, dropsy, heart trouble or
Bright 's disease. Doan ' have helped
imiuMitun iiuuh to seaiin.
''When Tour Back is Lame Eomem
ber tha Name. " (Don 't simply ask for
s kidney remedy ask distinctly for
IVian'a Backache Kidney Pills and take
no other). Doan's Buckaoh Kidney
i him ure aooi ny an aruggiats ana stors
keepers, oi will be mailed on receipt of
t . 1 TTli'.i i
pnre oy i lie iiouisier urug v0.t Or
i-ii -t-'iMiiii vu., ageats XOr tne
Hawaiian islands. ( Advortiaomeat)
.n ooari.s n.ve c.e.oen up .r,Mo . safe margin of safety is ob
lists, with the exception of some who tained " he said 1
have either failed to report after re-j ' w.u.n. '
Steamers Standing By and Naval
Training Ship En Route To
Retcue Those Aboard
No Immediate Danger of Ship
' Breaking Up But May Be
Total Wreck
(Associated Press) The
Japanese liner Canada Marti, with
'one hundred and seventy six pas-
' sengers aboard, is ashore near
' here hard aground, and while in
. aPParent,y no "mlte danger
, i : ..i,
oi oreaKing tip, is sun in a posi-
tion where the rescue of her pas-
' .
enrrer cromir 1,1 urnvp a tal
accompanied witli difficulty,
-t-' . .i ,
The damage to the vessel is un-
knowq, but from her position it is
;'. , ... '
feared .that ehe may become a
itotal wreck. Steamers are stand
ing by her, ready to offer aid
should heavy weather come up,
and others are rushing to her res
cue, called by her S. O. S. signals.
Word was sent out by the
Navy last night that a training
ship, with a hundred and fifty
naval recruits aboard, has been
despatched to the Canada Maru
to take off her passengers.
ft is believed that her cargo can
, 6
be lvged Without great dlffi-
Tha Canada Maru is command-
ed b CaptaimYamamoto. She is
t -i-tln ' rU - ' J u
of 3750 net tons register and her
. , 14
regular run is between Seattle
and Hongkong.
W. a. 8.
LONDON, Juyl 31 (Associated
.utement la anticipation of the new
w,r bu.lget to be submitted tomorrow,
how that every day tbe war, expense
amounts to $34,920,000.
The new war budget,' which estab
lishes a record, will call for credits to
the amount of seven hundred million
pounds, which is fifty million pound
more than ever asked ia any previous
dimensions. Htill there are nlil.
I able additions to thi fleet necesaary
WASHINGTON, July 30 (Assocla-
. teil Press) Today 'a casualty list from
France includes the following:
j Army: Killed in action, seventeen;
died of wounds, eleven; of other causes,
eighteen; wounded, ninety-six; missing,
The srmy death include Major Jaa.
McCIoud and Lieut. George Berrlman,
Frank Booma and Norman Dubois.
Marines: Killed in action, sis; died
of wounds, four; wounded, four. Cap
tain Alen Humner of the Marines has
been killed in action.
big mm'
Director Shingle of the Territorial
War Siivings Stamps Csmiign. yestor
day received a wireless from G. H. VI
tars. chsirmau of the Hawaii n.n i
tee .summing up the results on the Hia
Island and giving the latest returns.
His message wim:
'Late returns Saturday give total
lii.f.'.t I, niving a grand total for Hilo.
encluisve of plantations, of 10,7).'t.,Tl. "
I'lTTsHrRG, July :H (Associated
I-CM The Praternal Order of Tagles
toilin unfurled n service flag with "1,
'M itinn indicating that thnt uhiiiIit
of iio' iiliers have joined the Ameri.'a i
fl lit nij; forces.
Various Ambassadors Now At
Kandalaska In Russian Lap
land, But May Move On Again
To Kola
Germany Hears That Russian
Peasants Are Preparing To
Take Up Arms and Help
Counter Revolutionists
LONDON, July il (Associa
ted Press) All the Allied
embassies which' moved from Pe
trograd to Vologda when the Bol
sheviki rcvoltitionsists inaugurat
ed their reign of terror, and the .
German invaders nearrd the ,for-
mer Russian capital,' are now at
Kandalaska, in Russian Iapland,
tne ambassadors and their staffs
reaching that White Sea port
early in the week. Here the are
under the protection, of the En-,
tente forces in possession of the
Murman district, with headquar
ters at Kola. . . '
It is possible that the embas
sies will leave shortly for Kola,
there to remain indefinitely. ,
The various embassies moved
quietly from Vologda last week
and reached Archangel, where it
was proposed to stay and con
tinue to serve with the' as yet
unrecognized Bolsheviki govern
ment at Moscow. Acting under
orders from Moscow, however,
the Soviet at Archangel refused
to permit the ambassadors to stay
there, , notifying, them ..that they
would have, to leave jmiiiedjately, . .
The- Soviet, provided two small
ships in which the ambassadorial
parties made the'Voyagt: across
the White Sear- '
Considerable importance is at:
tached here to the 'reports credit
ed to the Bolsheviki news agen
cies that the Russian peasants are
preparing to : turn'' against..' tlie
.Germans and resume the warfare
against the German force re
maining on Russia i soilr "These
reports have been' published in
the Berlin Tageblatt, "which says
that the peasants, fearing" that the
Germans will seifce their farfds,
and inclined to take up arms again
and, with the aiti-Bolshevists
and the Socialists, openly oppose
the carrying'ottt, of the conditions
accepted by Russia in the Brest
Litovsk peace treaty.
w. a .
KOMK, July SI (Asaoclaled Press)
An official despatch frpw General
Diss reports heavy artillery along tha
entire Austro Italian line yesterday.
The Austrian attaeked with their in
fantry at Valarsa sad Ciudeura, being
repulsed in both effort.
In the air fighting for tbe day, the
Entente airmen shot down thirteen
enemy machine.
W. a S.
AMSTKKDAM, July 30 (Associated
l'iefK) A Vienna despatch says that
,. !' Anstri-in premier, von Htisan
rek. in presenting the new cabinet to
I 'a 1 1 1 ii ii i -ii t , aaid: '
"We nre ready to conclude nn hn
oinble peace as soon aa the opoit unity
is show n to renounce hostile plan aim
ing at our destruction or repression.
wvshinotoN, July 29 (Offlcish
The shipping board announces that
j eight steel ships w ith a total dead
i weight tonnage of .IS.SIKI were delivered
1 lv American shipyard last week. The
I liiiincliiiigs included ten steel vessels
I with a total tonnage of 51,50 and five
j wooden ships with a tonnage of 19,200
3 14-1 it
i !;'
' ':
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. Mil .',
:.'' '.
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wi t .'
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