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Other Objectives Are Lost Signt
oi in inangearanQtiion9 anu tag or Mminftjpa of unrman mni
Maximuro Iniurv.With Minimum. er.wfcr ,uy be. axn.rtod
nf I n fa Mutual PiirnnA ' J
u riBifn rilUTroe '
WcAnluU, lutll.tnS t ... t (..i; i J
Indications Point T Further Re
treat of Teutons Who Seem Tq.
Be Laying Wista the Country
On Eye of Departure
W'. (OfficlI)-3eneraluMrch,
chif pf staffs in ,hi. wUy .con
frntpce, . at ,tht Vrar department
ye8tet;day... with,., the represent-;
tivea of the press,' said that the
sole object of the Allies and the
Germans in the Soissons salient
now is to kill. as. many men' as
possible. There is no strategy
left in tbe operations and the only
objective of each of the, opposing
forces is to find the enemy and
destroy him. .
v Whatever objectives each side
may have had at the beginning.
of the battle ha been submerged
bi the developments in the fight
ing. v i '.!.4 . ,. ; ... -..(.
. e The. salient . .has, been greatly
flattened. .The, German withdraw
al since last Saturday has reduced
.the length oi the Jine. by, another
ter milesj leaving it now fifty-four
inUea The maximum, German re
treat in the center has been four
teen miles.. j
NEtV TOEr?. August 1 (A-soeiated
Press) Whether' because of the- abso-J
luto weariness, of the fighters, tha in
creased, resistance being, offered by the,
Germans, or the decreased efforts, of
the' Allies, the Brest battle along the
are of the Soissons Rheinis salient has
drifted inte a Inll, with the only actir-;
ity that of the Allies' artillery. jusdJ
4us,,leaser artillery response of the Oer-
mana,. .
Ectreat Indicated
There is inerensinjr iiiiiratlon, how
ever, that the Germans hare little hop
of being, able to hold tlioir present.
positions when the Alliuat' offeaeiwe, ia.
rosurued and throughout the tectiun of.
the selient remaining in German hands
there are irreat fires, indicating that
the Han ia at his work of ilestruetioTI
before he makes a further retirements
The Allies expect to find only amok-ing-
rains, destroyed orchards and' ruin-'
ed crops when they move forward'
' ,'Oeaeml do Gnutte, the French) com
mandant aluni; the front held by the
Americans, told correspondents yester
day that he wua very satiiOetl with4bst
progress that had been niada, so'' far
and expresned the hope thut the Fian
co-American forces would be able to
add stilt more to their victory and
.force the Gorman bnek from tha new
line they bnvw taken up. :
Lull After Btorm
. Yesterday 's lull h,id tmen preeoded
by some heavy fllitii,(? oa.Tueaday, in
vhich a number of German counters
were repulsed ami a series of sniall'l
tains made by the Ainericana, French J
and British, gains that, had generally,
improved the Allies' line. ;
Geanral rershing, in his official com
munique denting with the Tuesday
fighting stated thut the euemy knd
been repulsed ut a number of points'
and thai . the Americaas, following,
severe battling, hud. improved, their,
p. sit ions. . , ,
These assaults were mode against
the Nnmniieti nlon' the Cergy-Heringes
front, - where the line runs just esst
of Neele and where the America Are
clone to one of the German main points
of. defense iu the Nest woods. Op
Tuesday niht and into yesterday
morainu the Grrmna efforts to drive
III Americans back at this olnt were
na'ptnined, with the Americans ad
vnnrinK after eneh German rauuter and
c-eeiiing vard by yard closer to Nesle
Vwl. . The German liue is gradually
fTivipg jay here and also to both
fight and left.
Antbnaa Huns
"iBuriag. Tuesday niyht the Americans.'
prepared an sihIiubIi for the eaemy be
- fox kiaringrs, pretending to retire from
a part of. thai- town. The Oormana ad
vanesd: ohaerviaav what thev sunDoned
to. be. th evacuation of the plaee, and
- .thaiAnMiieaa eoatinued to draw back
through the ceater of the town, lead
int tb- Garnrana on. When th enemy
foraat warn wall ia the towa, twa eo--panles
of Americana who had been hid
imi' aaeh.en one side closed in oa the
Germans, and enveloped them, killing WAHHINUTO:', August 1 (Official 1
. or sapturipg every man. ;' I'he American Red Cross veprcsenta
; Paris, rcporfir stmt the Americans tives with the Italinn Third' Army
are. holding their new gnia . In. this ! cable in their re)xrt that thei Ameri
section and that the French hnye ocrii (can rL.,ijnJnnt ,troon froa, Franc now
nled new uositions eaet of Oulclifc b' reaching Italy are ia excellent Condi
Chateau. '
ChaotiO' Conditions Worse,, In
' Russia And Ir, Ukraine, Whore
Germany Are Slain , ,
I'rtwi-'TerTfWiiit in Riissia U en the
increase with even- the scmblsnre of '
i government trrthfB whil ia the
Tl . . at M. . ... . . I
rrowinir n4it7 Ad rhod th
Mn, 0' do-'amfa for r4Va4
' IKJpw, th-tIKtoi rapital, Field
Marshal von Kicborn, the ommandr
" C'.Jrir .IT.'. . :
ad aimed themaelvei and with which
tkfy "bavf, hadaevrl hloociy mo flirts,
and Captain von prcimler, hm adjutant
both kllUo- on Tneiulay hjr the.
xplmiion of a bml) which was hurled
at them. Thia aw wan rrrrivc! in
Aanatanlaia and. latnr wan oflioiUI;
eon firmed by tha Ukranian government
at Kip. 'Trrf aanaimn a qnickly
raptared. He. la a younjj mnn, twenty
three, yer of Bfia, and rt that he
rtd; apon order pf the eammuniat
eoihmittew of Byaxon, adjacent to Motii
cow, thya.fvoirin Bowria ii tha plot
which ha aneeenafully culminated.
'.Apprfcchltigren4 of the Bolehevift
or aoviet governmeat ia told in dea
patrhee to the Ttme from it Cnpaa,
kHin. cor reap nodant. He my'th in
formation which reaches tiim.ia that
tha-' Bobfhetiki ' leaders have abaut
reached, th end their tether. The
workmen and psanta have already
arwied and' are-riniB? up againut theJ
tyrany of .- Bolshewiat . rule.
Official Reports jClairn Pontinued
Successes py leuions in
1 , Battles In France
AMISTEBDAl,' . Aognst 1 (Associa
ted Press) IB' a proclamation issued
by the kaiser to the German troops ha
reviews tha "victories that. have, beea
won by tba hard steel of tha sword and
rjuttinar our trust la our God". Be
said that now earn tbtr hardest strug
jflo, ia defense of th "fatherland but
ji pressed his unbounded eonfldonee
that vietorr would come to the Ger
man areas.
' Official' German reports,, as received
Aera yesterday and but night continue
to nut forth claims ai victory la eon
itra-ventioa to.tha reports that come
front the headquarters of the Allies
Last 'nicht's official report said':
. ."Tha battlefront where the Crown
Prince's army baa been, Afiltting, was
aulot todsr and there ia little to re-
JiMirt in activities .in, other sectors in
rranee ana BMnginm. . .
In tha past- few. day we hare taken
'4000 prisoners td since July j!9 we
nave capture Z4tiou. xestercsy 111
teen Allied airplaaea were downed.
. "The Allies have been everywhere
repulsed in the Rheums Ho is so as sail
'1 The reiort admits that the British
have captured Morns.
I .-, i I T- W. ,
Governor . Expects To , Inspect
Public. Land On Big Island Soon
Front three to four wrks will be
spent by Governor C. J. McCarthy in
inspecting the public lands of the Is
land of Hawaii, where he. intends to
go. as soon as' the members of nil office
staff siiil Ids own e .Torts have eotte
the annual report of the Territory In
to proper form for submission to Wash
inpron omciais.
He hopes to be able to leave for th
Bin Island in the nexi two or three
Weeks in order to avoid wet weather aa
much n possible. His plans are to in
spert all the public ' lands of the Is
land, a tatk which will take all th
time he has allotted for It, it, Is est
msted, because of the great amount
of mauka land which will have to be
visited. , .. , .
As on his Kaoai trip, hie soys bo ex
iects to have - very little Ifms for
talkiiiK or meeting the eople of Ha
waii, as the purpose of his trip is to
become familiar with th public lands
of the Bis; Island, so he ean make fair
ly ' reliable derisions whenever some
problem concerning them arises.
Governor McCarthy said yesterday
thst be believed the homesteadinK
movement was now under good head
way ami that there would be little de
lay from now on in getting the lands
taken up by a good class of homestead'
Assistant Attorney General Harry
Irwin is completing the details of the
eontrart which will be entered into
by the homesteaders and the plaata
, 'ions for the marketing of eane raised
on 1 ne 1 iu 111 ip ia wuus nro portion
ed uu,t to homesteaders. He says thnt
in genersl form it wilt bo similar to
the one now in use between plantations
and other homesteaders.
W. S. S- :
' tien and splen
splendid 'spirits.
United StateVWaV,:;
Expenses Are ;
More -Tliaii; Britain's.:
. v- .,. - v
I . '""w i.. :v -
Comparisort o,f Treasury Depart-
';nhm!'itkitU)lWm , British,
!FSnanrfAr 'Sfatemenl Shows
: America Is Better AbtTo Pay
The treasury .department yesterday j
Wouoced new loans to AUles as fol,
lowst to rranee, $100,000,(1)0; to Bel
aOkMiO.OOOJ' and .to. Sorhia. 41,-1
' t ' I
' -f.
. A.om)n,rison of ,. the
teasury' V
. 1,... i.. :
payment rcpna, whb- no
tha, United States la about: orta nd a
half' billion dollars, while the. mnatMJ
Uiitisll ar-biU,i stMint ana biiiiva.
71ie united Httes war debt is a
littl Ions: than tiaOO000.0H as com
pares to', tbo British war debt of Jr3V h
Ol4Wrwu.,'. ' '.T 1 I r.t. . I -
Before the- war - notn, nations
loeted about tho aame amount in taxes
yearly, approximately, a, billion dollars.
Now Orent BriUin eolletU srolOO,-,
00O "nnd -tle; United HtiHes about ,
rm0,rOO)0e but the population of the
ld,SUte, ia, double that of ureal
British Losses ; For July Less
Than;, Half . As. Heavy , As,.
Thqse. In Previous Month .
NEW YORK, August 1 (Associated
Press) :Aeivi ties other than those In
the Soissons-Ehelms salient are report
ed in the nigkt desnatches of Paris and
London., . V' ' - I':';--
The. Freach. report says that the Ger
mana attempted rams ociswon. too
inne and Montdidier but were repuls
ed. ,- ' . ' 1
V The London official despatches a id
that there was" heavy artillery Uncling
soatbwest of; Albert and, east or-no-beq,
- ,'.
British casualties for July wer less
than half aa many a In th previous
month numbering 67,ZV1, as compared
with 141,117, ia June. Hint! March'21
of this year the British have taken 14,
000 prisoners. Ian MacPhersoa, parlia
mentary secretary, informed tne noose.
of commons today. . .-
. .... -w.aa
rjnil Berndt, chairman bf -the H,awali
Promotion Committee, la of the be
lief that certain Intereats In the Ter
ritory are blocking tourist traffic to
Hawaii, according to a stAtement.he
made yesterday. Mr. Berndt defined
thev "certain interests" as ail those
nersnns who ar nrsj ln;'favo,.pf. mak
ing Hawaii .a tourist resort. He re
fused to specify more elosely.
Mr. Herndt contends tha these in
terests have given 'out the information
hut passenger .traffic between the' is
land and the mainland I so congested
thut it is impoesible farj'perosns to
leave Honolulu if they wish and that
ll tjie cnasthound steamer are booked
to capacity for the next' all months.
Then' condidtions are not o, aeeord
ing t. Mr. Berndt, who cite fhetanees
where the promotion committee ha as
sisted hundreds of person to Jeave
here. The Toyo Kalsen Kainh Co. and
the Canadian Austslasian Steamship
Co have bnnn able in the past 40 take
care of all intending 'passenger jsn
route to the Coast and ar (till ble to
do so, he said. , .'"
Mr. Berndt further believe, that, if
tho liuNiness interests here would exert
their influrae with' the shipping
bonrd, some of th steamers, Which re
- being Imilt could bo put ia iha Hawaii-
II M-l It H. , ' . I (.,',-- 1
Adertising Hawaii a, a" health re
sort for wounded and convalescent sol
diers and a resting place tot tired buai-11
nessnicii will be the polley Qlljet pTora
otioii committee during the period of
the war. Mr. Berndt bclievea that if
the hitter class of tourists. were1 attract-.
en ni.re 11 would result rm too aaviag
of mil, Ii coal, as tha fuel which, would
be. utuni by them during tbelwintor
pioijthj (.yiuVl Ue. put to better pur(oea
a. a
" w" " T-. ' ''I T,,. .,....Hr,.ril,. Imn.1!. .u. it;:..i m. am IMUou, aiono tne naraw cowmo mm-
of lraft to allied ccrveramssts to rptura to onH own eannt.nf of all intrf.L'ah h. JmnsnruiA tfovetnmcfit. '"" aa If. no
) r,n, Ui U. U. ffRttil, ten mib ? ia.Rw WHn wnoaa luwanuM-fcouwr-ttno., Wi!"''''' V
A T. AUiea ara ow gMtd 1 miij M .ho of WBjch if tne tn, f0in70'TIrr,'nt hctibni -T:1'' fJ
lion dollars daily (from tba i-'n'tWMrf.Hmemt U wot completed, the British,. Antioiratina Janan'a acceptan. of JT1 MrS
..,.wW, ----I aosnrini r nrni srs in ion, nriu arreiwy waning ire necosaary Prrr- , .( , , receive auch Insttuotlon
lbt, the American war. expense ar Umpire and 3.noo In the Jom.lnion of tions to put into effeet a Joint .action ,Joge.,o r"""," ,
now fitly perceat higher than those Canada -ail S50.000' British -ubjrts In Silieria, it was repOrte-i from Paris " it were the Intention of, the 1 real,
or Orcai. Britain. The individual . and 0,000 . Canadian -, in , tha United' yjrsttirday. The Cbineee ambftseAdor to- dent to enforce lav Hawaii the power
dert of taxtloit16; th United Wuies, State, of military, age. ; i : ; V , prance said that China had no desire to recently granted him by congress to
ho. ever, is only. , half that of th ;.' ' : ' w. a. a. C 'I eneroacb upon International tak over fof the, govemmat th Ul,
Rrltirh. - '.'At jri.". ,V- ' - 1 I fsfr aa thev concern Bussin-and Bibcria, K "
T. .k(..r L- wmrm I1T!II - t--';. f f 1 i : 'ihut.alrl'rMx.lY to narticitiat eouallv - gph M telephone, line., ... , .?
- a . j - - , . pmm . B arm wra 1 s
Krltsatn. ? 7 " . kf
. . . ... .. '.A.,MMllO IUV
to be is
NON SLACKER badge ar
ne, I I,, men honorably diechagod. from
the niili tnry and nayol forces since
April ii of Inst year. .,; ' '
Diaft selertives exempted for phy
sical i inliilitv to servo with (he colors
in nnv ,-Hj,scitv, nt home or abroad, ul
so will In- authorized to wear th non
slacker Imdgns, according to inform
tinn tint has emanated frota tbo.wfr
de4irt ini'iit.
Ther. probably will be a heavy pen
alty imposed upon any mas wearing
thu badge when not entitled to do so.
' .
Under Terms Slackers AViH Find
It Difficult To Avoid
s . ; Scnicc For War :
WASUINPTON, August aWOmrinl)
T.h ratiftyalioB of the military eer
W retlea bat c:, tbo United Btatca,
'. .. i .A. i. jt
j vteHn , , ,,onaw,r the,Ktae do',
pnrtn.ent formally annenneed lart lii(rlrt
end terms of the treaties to become tf.
feeti ImmediaMvi
ri' 1. . 1! it Aii W rm .1 ha immafll.
or. v aneoisn supieci Drromos sunjnet 10
the milifsrri service lews of the eourl, '
It)- within rrirh ho ia residing. V' ;,'
, tcmt th-r. ... 54.000
. . 1 1 p I . .
inONlKIN, August t (Associat-.
ed're.asi-Knvoralii ropiiea have
Mice n sent, jo tne uniteu oiaies, uy
Wie German goverament to the in-,
filatioo to attend a conference the
ipurporo af 'Willi h Is to arrange for
-an exchange of military and civil
ian prisoners, it is reported In an
exchange telegram,
' Uctniis of the conference still
have, to be, arranged,
r-. ' e-: 1
KW'VoRrC, Aueust 1 (Offlelal)
Jporce 1 Sylvester Viereck, alleged
"J .1 ' " ii- ; . . At 1.
pre oernin puoncisi, coiior 111 ;
erica." rottlierly The ratherland, testt
flrd in k federal inquiry, into ;the use,
of wormnn' moneyr for propnpaiida pur
poses thet'jtho German government hnd
spent from thirty to rttty miui'in itoi-
lar in the United' States on Its prnpn-
pauda work "ami got nothing for it.
DUBLIN, " July 19 (Asaociatod
Prei-,-1 lentwiknt Pmt K 1M rector of
YCl " . ' iul o::.:u ...
that , reerniting for the British Navy
was never more brisk in Ireland, than
it is at present - Thero are Irishme i ,
every department from the Admirals
'down) and- the recruiters in the towns
and. villages throughout Ireland are al
wnvi wirwily welcomed.
, Ihil)Iin ha jtist given a cordial send
off to a number of recruits bf ihe
Trawler section of the Royal Naval Re
serve. Thi branch appeals particular
ly. to Irifh, Usher boys who have ex
perienned tn the past few months
around the Irish coasts the eruolty with
which the German siibmaajne campaign
ia conducted.
The recruits paraded the streets of
Dublin accompanied by blue jackets and
marines and fhe'band of the Berkshire
.Regimenti Among tho inscriptions on
the banner in the procession were:
"The Hermans nre sinking I i I,
ships and murdering Irishmen. .Ion
us and aveupe-lhcse crimes."
"We are' Beattv 's boys, b.otlnr
Irishmiui, eorao olong.
', 1 w. a s
NI',W OBLEANH, July 10 (Kssoc:
ated Prvjui) rA,,Roi Cross ban has bnei
placed on dice sp far as their distribu
lion in the four army cantonments ii
the Gulf Division of the Red Cross '
concerned. :
A call for. games, issued throughout
the division, recently, brought to Red
Cross headouarters here not only cords,
doinjnnes, ehykrr nd ches. boards Vut
h, completa'-awortinent 'Of do.-
Now ther ba gone, forth from Red
Cross headquarters a request to the puh
tie not to- contribute dice us tne Hei1
;rusa de. not favor the pluying of
jgarpe ta which they usually are dc
voted! -
1 . w. 1. .
i d necoont of the
changes which
the VuiiueHtead
have been made I "
agreement, 471 applications for lots iu
the I ii"aio. nomesieaa bcciioii, n
wali, will hve to be returned for new
iirnaturea. .l Ous of thai changes to
which the prostHjctive homesteader has.
to how' agre i to reside on the land,
for three year Instead of five before
1 Je receives his patent. 'I he homestead
1 er also iiit be-Ha hl rsl.iene,
the homestead within ninety aays arr
er drawing.- the land. The Papauloa
tract is to be opened on September 2,'i.
move th raust. Used the world over
to cure 4 cold in one day. The signa
ture j! B. W. CUOVB is on each box
MuUMluatuttJ-ly lb i'AltlH MKDi
C1NB CO.,S'.. tu, U S. A.
II III I il 1 1 1 1 r I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I with the other nations in warning on I,
lExflgidg Ciijptives
; I . ' lr 1 w. a. S. ' -
Furthdr, Information Sent From Radiq, Telcgraph and Telephones
Washington,, To Tokiq-Ac-. f , Under, Jurisdiction of. Post-
ceptance Is Looked For
V'Af IUWGTON,VAtigtitl-(Aii-
eisr.1rra)Furtliir inmntto.'
eoer,rniiig the proposals of tha, Untfel
t-..ij .!. u' 'fichii.'
Slowiik; forcea in Siberia t brift VD"' f rostmaater-Oenerali Bwlf
dor 'out of cb'aosln 8iboria are nof midnjeku He. wad e J0".
before' Oie Japanese overnmnt, havl" eveninf; thnr "mI!f
ln .forwHrcTtiil by the atnta
I a i n - IT.. nttu a aa
ise proposals B now .explain, f rsm-o 1
d rint n,ii .r renarina their
military contingents for movement ,
Amy staff in Tokio and Poking are
with' the other nation In warding on
the. threatening danger of German eon
trol. . ,., -.
' Further - auceesBor; of the -Creeho.
Slovak force are reported in , Moscow
despatchel which say they have rap
tured a bridge afyrram, in the .Volga
I district, thus aiurjgg. them of commu-
nioation between the Volga uismrt anu
Siberia.-,. ', ,.(. ; . .
Your Opposition 4-
governments form
,.. TOKIO,-July. 31 (Special to Nippu
Jiji) A new government-has boon or
ganiKOit in Godckova, Siberia, . known
ah the Hawnts province. The govern,
ment-was orgnniwd by the former presi
dent of the Ksstern Chinese Railway.
There are now' about four such govern
raents in Siberia all under separate
It is reported tLat this newly estab
lished regime is becoming stronger
every day and its opponents weaken
ing. It is further reported that tne
new government will unite with tho
goyc-rnmont nt Vladivostok and fight
the Bolshevikis in Siberia.
ofticeIEIle -performing
WASlimGTON,- July.- 31 (Associa
ted Press) Casualties in the army and
marine, corps so far aa officially report
ed today showed:,
Army: Thirty-six hilled, forty died
of wounds, twelvo of other causos,
eighty-two wounded, twenty-four miss-
Among the officers, killed are Capt.
Wiclby l lford, Lieuts. Kldon Brew-
1 1 -: , 1 : c 1 .. I. .. XI , 1
r' """ v..o.v.,
1 1"" .Hop-in.,. Richard Moody,
t illur8ton W00.IS, inomas xoung. ur-
fleers who died of wounds are Onpt.
' John Bosso, Liouts. Damong Gray.
John Morrison, Paul Strickland. Thoso
j who did of ,other cause are Lieuts.
I l'niil Clifford and Warren Harris,
j Marine casualties: Killed in action,
I four; died of wounds, two; wounded,
twelvo. . ,
w. a a
N KV YOUR, Auguft 1 (Otlic'al )
The I nitiul Htutos Stiad Cnrpnitr)'i
- - itrrclay nnnuuiiurd wnge, iiu-ronses
I'pproviiiintiiig toil percent which hnd
I ).t been granted the laborers in the
'-rporittiuus roiwuifartui'ing plants,
'i'his is the aeven'h wage increase rliis
company has granted since l'Jlii, iini:
c, the rt".'ate wage menus.' .ibont
v (eiity five percent to its ;i,l'.;!H0 men.
The same corporation nunou'icul that
for the second quarter of 1IM the
roinimnv's total earnings have lieeu
H2,5.i7,3pl, ufter setting nsldetJi)-7 1.
'.'50 for federal income and war inxrs.
. -w. a a - -
WASHINGTON, August 1 (Assnei
ated Press) September 28 has bee-i
determined upon for the opening of
the .vamnalun for, tho fourth .Liberty
I otlii and the elose will come, Octolier
1. a short, sharp, three weeks' esnvais.
This announcement is made by Kcere
tnrv or tre 1 resaury aicnnoo.
He snid the amount of the loan will
prubably be six billions of dollars.
- w. s.
. i i.
LONDON, July 31 (AsHoiiatel
Pruwi.') In a collision of trains result
"L, . fcil-, lu(- Hi i.eieWiiuA and
iinr in n tin nhHikn. iniriy iurmniin
. i .i ti
'La debt., ,, (iermnny. JHlr,ll
-w. ..
WASHINGTON, Auust 1 (Official)
Dire-tor General of Railroads Mc
Adoo, in announcing the details of tho
wage increases, affecting more than
half a million shopmen,, said that the
Nation expected new energy from the
workers iii return for the yny in-
. . ... i. .... .. , .
creases anil improvement or me worn
int conditions u ml that strikes a
other labor disturbances , must
eliminated during the war. , , . 1
master General .
ted p-ojaj control m rwiior "Pvn.
and telegraph lines, wun ine exception
of, tha ocean cables, paeeod Into the
an I IX ihuuui a
dlnarllr nursue. acceptlnir bus.
Cbnngo ia cemroi naa
S . . .
. . . ,t .
r No word to take tivot the tolepliono
iytem In Hawaii h reached Post
Hnter;:MacAdanv, who. would be the
I have . received no ,wotd ia.tbe
matter whatever," said Mr. MneAdam
lan.t nlghtt "nor do I expect any, for
thnt matter."
There was a rumor, in town yesterday
that action regarding the loenl. .tele
phone system might be expected. today
and that, Mr. tMoAdam , would, take
over the system. . No instructions, how
ever, had been -received - her regard'
ing this ap:tp Isnt. nietit.M: . . ' I v
the commandeorlng' of the talograph
and'' telephone line is to protect the
government 'i wkr intorests. to trevent
strike that; might tie up -the systems
ana to give the government business
the priority it requires. If there A
. j , . - 1. . - , . . , ,
wo, rar sucn action 'in nawpu i(
not apparent n the sarfac. , 1
Passcnoers and Officers of Can
ada Mlaru Safe In Port
ust 1 (Associated Presa). OfRcerp and
I paKsengors of the .Canada' Maru have
arrived here. There was no , loss of
life resulting from the grounding of
the vossel or in- the, transfer of pas
sengers and officers and, rew to the,
rescue vessels.
Little hope, for the saving or" vossel
Or cargo is held out, It is thought the
j it has been impossible to reach her for
1 uniica 01 jivnuug me snip is small.
salvage wortt and the bolief prevaile
that she will be pounded to pieces. Slio
. has a cargo valued at 4,000,000. ,
A donee fog accompanied by unusual-
1 . ... . 1 . . - .
sirong currents arer attributed to t0
the cauae of the aecident. ; .
' - '- 1 - ' .'
1 - t-4
NKW YORK August l"-iCeqciate'
Press) Those who, indulge, in antiv
ilies in behalf of war charities or bo
nevoleiirra must liveup to their prom
inks and to tha statements of what
tliry are accomplishing. A woman" is
I In- lati Ht tu le.arn this and her ac.tiv
i''" are ended for the period of the
Miss Ktfi'l l.tnifdun Drake has been
ordered by the district attorney to turn
I'lcr to tbo ambassador for France 1 4,
110(1 which she collected oatrnsibly for
equipping nniliulunce units.
Jt- is charged thut Miss Druko, iu
1 seem ing ( onti ihutioiiH, advertised thut
he hud sent twenty live units to
Km 'ice when in reality alio hud sent
none. ''
WASHINGTON, July 81 (Associat
ed Press) Tho department of theTiavy
today called for thousands of reservists
j to go into active service on duty with
j ships eonntroutesl miliar- tb ' shipping
I board and the navy building programs.
TERN IN FRANCE, July 31 (Associa
, i.rWAn unusual feat was ae
omplislied today when Captain Snrret,
. Fwneh-aviator.' dropped in a para
chute from an airplano Jim yard from
the ground and landed safely In throe
minutes. , .. 1 t
TOKIO, Jnty 31 (Special to Nippu
i " T,?' '", "V" ,lu
-M r - k.i i 1.1 i . .i '
' Vim ...nit..... la , tUa ITnitml Ktt.
Nogotiaflons have been opened between
the Canton government and that of th
L'ultud mate concerning the matter.
- . . r . '
WASHINGTON, Aognst 1 (Official)
nouneed figures sbowlpg that there was
2K0 001) pounds mora tobacco on-hand
. . . . .
-The bureau or ine census no n
; ii.n ITnitml Htntes on jii v l man on
the same date previous to the war. The
auregnte stock of loaf tobacco amount
tu l.ahfy) 19,000 poVnd,
- 1 i ... A .
-1 --
4 V ''.
LAnsnnviiiE is
Will Ask .British ovefnmentATo .
, Qutlme: .pemanqsr.,vyfiicrv.vyiii
, permitt. ol. , Discussion , wnicn
Consider! Former. fjtpressions
Obsolete -h; Wilson i Beautiful
, Painter of Golden. Ago But Not
. Sufficiently -Specific. ,
aj riatrl PrruVi-N. I n, an nnrn
Icttcr wiilc: he., gave , 9 the press
cstcrdayMhe Marquis of, jUns
I Jo wiicjii"on1y British statesman
who, Hated- at hom5; and . abroad
s(aafitv, formerly minister
vitliout a.portfouo iu the lirittsh
cabinet ia which he said that next
vycckCi- would, move for a new
declaration ' "of peace aims from'
threat' flritaiii. at the same ttine
H ill 1 11 1 WWW-
lUUUIIIMl vc, is wv
.. T " '
expressine' the 'tcsolve that thr 1
cicc(' rdtt 'on honorable one
and, '"ghtinjjf 'tnust' proceed until
uch .V(peac, ., was,.oJ)tain,abIev
'1 '.jlf.; ihj jitter the Marquis of
nowne.'y'' convinc- .
, thai there ,U the i deepest, desire '
?qf, further tjiqla.nations as, to the
conditiq'tvs ttpoiv which We are prc
pared not to, make peace, but to
jjwn a discussion' that might lead
lo "peace" - " ,
'The. desire for; r)eace, he said,
was growing in. the enemy coun
tries and at the, same time it was
a qucsfioii .whether the. purposes
of, . the, A'l'f ,as they now exist,
had been . jnacle understood. lie
,w4l).ja yie same tirnc rcaftirm the
rcfiplyenbt.tbdsiritifrorn the con
flict. untiKanr honorable peace can
be secured. .' V-; ; , '
( Ja explaining, tthc..grofwing, de-
ire, fpr, peace, winch lie said eist
,:4 wi,h l)c ' Allies as w.cll as with
he- (Ccntti'd; I?owcrs,. he referred
o. tlie, casualties in the War bav
in I? been 30,(XX),000 of whom 7,
yjO,000 bail been killed and more
'than diCXju.OOO were prisoners or
"'"sing. ; : , ,
, "Soyt-icr than accept njishonor
,'iblc ' jjcacc,"(,.h,c, , cp.tiuiiol, "we
ire ready to fight on lo the end-
"Our statesmen bid us congra
tulate ouelves that we hayc nn
niislakarly defined the terms u.
011 vyl)vh W.q ixrf, .prepared to
make peace, Has it been unmis
.'akaMc, There . has,. , been the
temptation to' use vague language
and to slide oyer awkward ques
tions. The earlier versions of the
Allies' tenuis have become obso
lete. The pcoulc are- asking if the
utterances. of, yoyd .Georgc iu his
speech of, Juivary 5 last atil) stand
i ml. if there, can bo no conversation
with the enemy until these ore l
ecptcd. , , . . ." ... ..
Revurting to the Fourth of . July
Hpuetih ut l'residvat. .Wilson he i
diiadod un opinion that, sm h speech
dwelt wore iu gunoralties than aetual
itioa, that it was remarkable fvr what
it- omits as' well' as for what it o(
IHiis. .
"It. is a. splendid pktm-e-liy a gtent
master; F "ho said, "of a Hol'toa age
to eonio after the war but it d'MM-nol
.seem to provide a basis for prelim
iiiary discussion. It is sot-h nutlino
of peace- terms but a nobly worked "t
lescriution of things for, which' the
people of th. world are fight lug. Mr
' Coiiimenting ou the letter'- in- thi
house of commons Foreign, Minister
Balfour said thut no eucmy gotern
ment hid recently approached ' the
'Allies fn reference to peace uegot a
tirtns. .' ' '.' ' i-' '
Tha 1 tfimrtnl' .'rereotion of Lain
downed lettrir lies been spa thtrtie and
pntaf compinits l-nnstdet hi move as
ill advised apd iM tiniad, :-
; At You, .Doing; co a Journey?
' Oharnberldls's Coll and Diarrhoea
Remedy sheifld he packed in your had
higgkc w'lmn jolnur 'ien a -Journey.
Change of wtbr, dirt nd temperature
all tend to produce bowel troubl, and
this medicine cnnot be eeurdn
. s.i . . . . .11. 4 ah A v
inmrn ine irmii or srwiiMsnir. jv
save much suffering and inconvenience
if you have it handy. For sale by Be-
sou, Smith k Co. (Adv.

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