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Question (s Raised By Messace
eni uui ey Federal Commit
; xe Qrt f ublic Information,
piiBBINajjON 1j!A.Y BE i : ;
Is Loca) Representative of a
tional Department . But Has
. deceived No Information Yet
. ft th UW bnrtao of th MiwDllatl
, PmM ntiri' AaaociatTod ta U UUn
( ,Tfc queation la raiapit by dapalck
. aent out aaterda 6y tba eommit'tta o
ptbl Ibfotntatfoi, vf the UilitfeJ Btatct
govcrnmaiit, nd 'on the ff if1 Jt
tfca aoawar to tk c(ueation ta) ' Id lh
ajrmatiV.- la hich eaxa Wmlaee.
Farrington may aaauma BopefviMott 'f
tba oOira aat dutiea of Royal PrMd,
Vjjd of t ha planter.' labor teirtaa. -i
Tha prM dcwpatph aent out from
Waihington b.M fcommitte Oft ptb
lie information, which ia ia reality the
!iaa agency of the United State jrov
ernmcnt and tha iaformatloit dissem
inated by jhich i pftlcial, isyat ,t ?
'' 0?rernmet distribution jtt tjV '
organized labor ia being organiied" "
with tha ormtfon-ofntate. ad, '
iaory board, r.i Eah commanitt ;'.
iy contribute a eerfain vuqtt'ai"'.;
nn.ikUledr'WTJrlimen and '.th go
ertrmeat Ventilation of dintributloW
wilj praent ,iajuatic)-being Um,
ot aomnraslty to help, theiindoa- :
triea -of another.' i.H.i. A , ,
Beeruiting ataffa maintained by
private eorpdratibne are te bd ab . ,
aprbed by the sovernment tmployi".
meat tervie.r ' ,-v r
Th only local man connected with J
turn aaTai aapartment of labor1 who
aight apneeiyably be called tjpnjt to
take aer the worc in Hawaii or gorl
erament diatribntlon of naorgarriied la
bor, ia Wallace E. Fftrrington. Mr Far
yiatfton kolda a' eommiisieii' aa' 'terri
torial director ander - tha employment
nrviee or me aepanment ojt labon '
AakaTor iWormatloa I
Sawever. Mr. Farrington eatd laat
t that.fce reallr dd not know What
ma OTiiea -were, nt -waa notified aotne
time ago that he had been eommiaaloa
ed bat "aiaea that tlma had received
lw iaetraetierra ny kind; -The only
not, se naa aoo in. ua omcjai tup
- feity. k aald, haa been the rgftnlza
neaerve. hi aaia tnat ha bad writtoa
to tha Oovernor that he iraa ready to
o aoyining. xnat were waa for IHa
tq do. I
Mr. Farrington also wrpte t3
Deaamora,' oae f; the ehiefa of 4he la
bdt' bureau, he laid, asking for ia
formation ai to hia'dutiea,' but Jkt
has not had time to receive a reply.
Asked if it would not naturally all
to him' to take over control of the
work .'of the plant era' labor bureau tn
caae the government Ixtende to Hawaii
tlie work outUaed in the despatch of
the ooDimittee-on pubtie information,
Mr. Farringtoa laughed, 'but said, too,
that ha-aiiBpoaed .rf the labor bureau
were abaorht,4rie auppoaed ha might
be called upon, ia hia official capacity,
to take' up-tha burden.
Ja -view of the fact that the tugar
planten are making- efforta to ohtabi
a lUDply of labpr for tbe plantation,
which are experiencing a great abort
ape on account of the draft and.tba
calling on f th national guard,- It
seems not impossible that the new work
plnrtned by the national labor bureau
ml)(ht very well be extended U Ha
waii.' not with a view of taking labor
er frpai'thaae Wanda, but rathef Mth
a' vjew; af send in g labor hare, whre'
if i so baflly needed.
It haa beea annauueed from tha na
tioaai eapitol that a large nuoibr of,
J'orto Kitan are to be taken from their;
Island bomos to the mainland to be
asrributed whre there u a labor ahorf
agf. The Hawaiian sugaj-planters havp
for some time had tkeir eye' on Porto
Ricp ia a potential labor source, and
it way b that this new emprise of
tha i geverameat will help solve thir
problem and give them tha Porto Rlcnn
labor they want. ' ';-.
If Porto Rican labor be not avrit
able, and it ia be ennsidt-red by the
national government that tha putput of
supar in Hawaii must not ba per
mitte) to Jrp. tha Mow labor distrib
uting prganisation atigbt be asked to
aien ia and supply labor, from' other
fields. ' : .
If, as h irlnbV, a bbor advisory
board ia to ba created in Hawaii aa in
the states 'of th mainland, oftVlal
advices to thia effect will probably he
received by Governor McCarthy within
a 'abort time.- , . . ,
There are only two induatriea in
Hawaii which might possibly eoma into
competition for laborthe sugar in
dustry and tha pineapple Industry. That
lm unlesa one accepts, tha charge of
I4hk aeCandlnaa tbnt the sugar people
want t1 get the laborer ued t the
rle.e fields and are trying to kill the
r industry for' tljat purpose. Link,
so far a knqwn, it the only'propo
nent of this contention.
The creation of a government labor
hoard br would probably tend to ad
iuat the distribution of labor between
eagaf plantntiona and pineapple fluldx
and canneries.
TsatlilBf OnUdran
Teething children have morr or l
diarrhoea, which ran be controlled by
giving C)ambPrlain 's Colic sad plnr
.1 ro..i All tli.t 1.
rgms jwhupuf, m ..r--Vo-ni
is' to -give thgg prescribed dose fftur
Sch ppertion' of tha bowh more tban
natural and then caator ? ta cjeanse
he' system. It if safe and .sure. Even
me moss seyera aim - unngeruus caws
are quickly eured by it. For sale by
Deuson, duiiiu vu, auv
BKVE&M Xoha iStal brought to Honolulu on earner Maunt Loa tot tr'anMhtprrvent !fo Sn Fran-J
. cisco. , The sisal in the right hand corner of tha pktyra waa 'planted'' by The Advertiser 1 artist h
i k:l . y f ; ii - i T v i t ; ' .ratertront.. V.J y -1? -j .. .J, l ' . ,
I .V
Regret of Secretary Lane Over,
ijiuuuyt yviuu IU lldic nc
suits In Initial Shipment
, -.1. y
Ten tons of baled el sal, the first of
ha estimated erop 200 tons from the .
land of the 'Me Wayne EsUte abova '
Kailua, Kona, reached Honolulu yeater- f "Politically things are very quiet of the Red CroM to serve as nnrses over
day oa the Mauna Loa for transship- on Hkwaii," reports High Sheriff Jar- tha 4esibn being raacked yeater-
tewt to San Francisco. tret Wb returned yesterday after an d,y" . .... V 1
Marketing of this sisal comes a. tha inapectlon tour of the prison camp, of nam werVeCed 1v "th'K?
result of regret expressed by Franklin
K. Lane, aecretayr of the interior, that'
it should be allowed to to waste when
ther. waa auch a demand for the prod-
Met in the mainland market
.tPir?"-UJ .C. tbu regret by Secre-
pAr.uZ t,?.:
bigk price which ia now being paid
for aiaal, a price whieh was more than
of the Kona sisal and boucrht a deeAr
tieator and other machinery neeeaannr
to a-et tbe eroo readv for msrVt. Thi
I. ik- .. I 4-1. .i-
-v mid as asi iitrH A 'Via IHD AOI19
laoj, whifh was abandoned about thr
a . . . ... .
"J?0' 1!wen, MWU WB "nnjf'?g only.
from four to six cents a pound.
maraet pn
nta a pound.
' Pri?5- "P-ted that from '
wen cents
' At ht. ,
400.OO0 t S70,000 will be realized for
tba Kona aisaL
J. M. MeChesney of Honolulu is in
terested in the sisal venture as mar
keting agent
a a.
Rptiring President, qf Health
Boarti To Bjecome' United
States Public Health Official
Announcement was made veHtenlnv
by Dr. P, E. Trotter, chief federal
quarantine officer, that Tf J H n
ratt, retiring president of the terri
toriol board of health, ia -to enter the
publie health aervica of the United
rltatee government at this port.
AiuMMBimem or XJootor f ratt to the
United States health service mak(
lmr.Aauir.la 1. 1 nA.na.AK - . .
Impossible hi. retention as ehief saai-
tary oBicar with 'the board of health n
position whieh it is known 'was tin-ito
dered him by the new president of the
board, ft. 8. -Faxaon.
Tba position of ehiof sanitarian ii a
new tonirion witji tha board of health
created by tha special aesaion of the
legislature, particularly for Doctor
Pratt, after it was determined bv Gov
ernor McCarthy that he wanted a bus
inesa man at the head of tha territorial .
health aervica. , -t' ,
Tha Ooveraor aald yesterday that he
k new f o applicant for the position,
bat that sack applications wsul go to I
the board of health whtah -Will make
the appointment, if one ia made,
uoctor Fratt, in joining tha United
States health aervioe. will 111 tha oosi
tion which haa been vaeant ainea Dr.
C. M. Fauntleroy waa transferred to
tbe Hongksng division a year ago.
Bar(j orv they had been doinir. The
1 . . .. : . . 1 . . . 1 . .
lpners racneu nere late last wees.
They spoke of tha tremendous sholl
fire which the Oermnn. directed sgaiiiHt
the French lines, which added to t'1"
danger of their own persons! work in
driving meir macnines dbck ana rortu
between "pick-up" station, and field
1. li.l.
two -er the Honolulu contingent of ,n,n 1, 1. "a':'?uV 'UK- """-"" 1 mtna mates shipping board, and in
ambulance drivers, were working just ,nunv, ,0: ' n,ukou' 1 P",""' mn 0 rePort to 'y' ' Vancouver order to obtain relief from thi order,
behipd the nian French army In the v" ''" HJ;5: """;"', Hk 'au. Barracks' with the Air rAprnce Frodm- if p,,Ksible, the chamber of commerce
XfnrilA kAftnr All .Tim a 1 avkan asiisii nna
1.824; I.autinhochoe. 18.820! Kaiiki, tion Corna. with tha rank af aecond voHtenl (IV Hani m maaaaisinra m B1. ,1 "..,, I,
v 1; nil c
'''t.-'.'' ' k
Politics Quiet On
and Maui .
s Higl, Sheriff
I's Candidacy, As 9 Nefv
kudu is DJBing laiKCLfl adoui;
MrrjflJ. MaJe Ipspection;' of
PrISOn Camp$
' .-.V v
Hawaii aad Maui,
true oh' kfaui.
and the same ia
"The anly candidate I heard men-
tioned on nny trip waa Doctor Ray-
mond, aait aeema to be' generally
Vl0WB tnnt U goi jo t hj
campilg, abortiy. . Hflo, I waa told
that Doctor Raymond intended to fire
the Brat run Of tha e.mn.ln l th.t
1 K:- 'A I 1 l
j FJ
OB-W, -trio ihc dentillv kent hi.
t sir ailnaua a ttiai nrAitnrt -Kutan'nn .
indleating, aounda, .
J rWWV road and six milea
Dnnartmpnt nf Frliiralinn Iccnoc
UeparUnBnjf QI tflVCailOl) IS$UeS
' 'NOt'iCO and Schedule 1
The followiaa notice has been issued
by the
territorial department of eduea ,
tion: " " 1
"Examinations for teachers' certifi
cates will be held at )be Territorial
Normal School pn Monday, Tuesday and
(( . . i
Wednestay, August o, 0, and 7
J "A" l,0r8On, wko w"h ,0
1 aminatious for certificates will apply
th diraetor of the Mummer rk-hool
.1 ik. NT. 11-n.ai n.,;i.i;. . . 1. .. ..
fice of the department of public iustruc
"The aubjeeta In whck candidates !
are examined, and dates net for exawi '
nations, are aiven in the following .
acliedula. "
. . . i " - ei I
, The schedula is as follows:
Primary Grade Examinations
August 5 4:00-lO:3), Pirst Methods,
Becoad Methods; 10:3011:30, Agrioul
,ure; 11:30-18:00, Kpellisg; Jr-t"
Ueograpby; U:30 ;30, Phyaical Train
" '
August 6 8:00-10:30, Grammar;
n-W 12:00, Hvgiane. Sanitation and
Fhysiologv, l:804UK),.Jrliatoryj 3:00
4:30, Coiop,ositioa. .
August 7 8:00-10:30. Arltbmetic;
10:.t0 li:00. Drawing; J:30 3:.10, Liters
ture; 3:30 4 -S. Vocational Kduration.
Qramntax Grada Exarolnstonn
August 5 S;00-lliOO. Geography;
11:00-12:00, Drawing, 1:30-4:00, Plane
Aagns fiV-ort n.nr, Algeb-"-12:00,
Elementary Heiea.es; 1:30 1:00,
August 7 0 "0 10M), English; 10:00
12:0, Historr.
The following sugar Is aWaltinir ship
ment on the Isinnd of Hawaii: Olaa Su
''"" 8,:,0i Honokan, W500; Punaluu, 2-I,
The pamphlets ronlalnlng tbe in
""itkmiI Bifres of Qnvernor C. J. M-
Oarthy and the -speech ttf Secretary
f ranklin n. i.ane are at rtur- Uov
nor's office ready for distrlbutiou to
.. . ...
ituose wuo. want mem.
plcted. John ftlVi, cbaVVhe hg'be-ena ETE" head M .f.XS'lSlSS 'ISr
work. On Maul,., .T .of sixty pri. tbs Vatiti It. door, a t.wFffirfJflW& Pne.
ouers, n cnarga 01 Jrcua coiburn yews ago. Miss Pepper ja weji jnown (ltv, .triet ooart will ba bald in
are engaged ia building a roJ at m nursing circles in ponoluln. 1 . j tyaliuku, Maul, in Marck 19)9. It is
. . '' tm . , Mrrl:!tr7zr. ! hw1 o;d these. knnUi .e.-
ip s I fi IA I ni irn lll I ft i Sions in .Winilukn. 'Hiin ..nil nnn,,l,.l
mmm www.
- I
U.7Ht Hamakun Mi'l. 8.173S: Vm lioutaaiit: .the sMonino hn.r.l ,...i. ,'
i ' i'--'.-V':.--
U '
V 1
Mi$SeS M. Pepper, L Dewar, and
r yTa 2.zr rwrV t i
vrr.". - s v., i
Hisa MirgaretpVr .MiU'to
Dewar and Miaa Agaea Maynsr V
been1 jekoseh. by the Hawaian -Ciapter
Association,, fr6m which three ! only
could oa aelecteu, the surgeons and phy
,ician ' JhB. who d !"
ArrajugemeaiS will ba mad at -one'e
to prep:titl women fe. their long
i"et T.aXneton eM,1lv aTbled '
e-Vu. ' . ZlZ?:
. ... .'.1, ' I .l. - .. ..' - r
.'aiai ,:T
. : a
here originally to join-
the tfUraea' a(
P' .
staff at tha Quen's Mo-
Miaa Pews ia tha bead nurse nf the
Because pretty lS-year-bld Marin Mo-1
reruseu to marry aim Antone uaw-
rence, a Hilo blacksmith, hid himself '
a graveyard which MlaaMorelrn had J
to pass on her fy to work, fired at
,,er 'wir,?, nd then ahotlmself, report
! f "f "i" Jf",J7- 7?'.
o111 on ""i "urn, uui nq Tnan uimi
about two hour, later. -as he Vni beintf
ronveved from the Japanese hospital to
the Hilo hospital. . -i
Antone Ijiwrenea wSsiarrested yes-
I .terdrfy on charges broaght by the girl
that 'd. ''''
waa ken. f '.'ffisrs, wfcore he
asked for hi brothe-itt law, Joseph Bet-
faneourt. one of tba. omeera. Whlla Vrivl
I-owe, who had 'made tk ftrreat, was
telephoning for OSaer Bettlnsourt, Mr.
''"spee made his escape, and was not
" sin by any 4f thf pflicars untj:
Monday. moruiug la the graveyard.
w. 1 ' 1! 1
14 sassy vi ira-ti s is itsui uaja ssi smj pviy1'
Ul.lt It- III I III 11 lUL
f1 W 1 ww ii .1 r 1 t .
II HI I II It 1 llll ' li 11 1 a, 1
module, aecawpanied . by. Umesi rreUefoas findow last, week, were sold for
Ijim Brkiim iniinil u ha luulvmiav.1 til A i. luin . ftkillAJ n i .
when Mie shoottJokyWlfhen tk i
.mil,l.)i. ..ver w 4t.t nf hi. I
K,.ii:7. r.t.-..w. ......!....
"hi" T - -f ... wv iw.
ed the gun on himself, firing through
the Jeft sjde of hit bead. -When fouml :
a little while later bv Officer Bettia-1
court he was lying besde a grave, aliout .
fiftv feet from ebe road, the rayolcar I
still In his left band, ajive, but nncoa
ti 1 r nnrMrsiire- nrnnT
int UnUISMnUC UC.rUI .
Hawaiian Ordsanee Pepot st
"vrihl will i4 'commanded v Col
. 1. ..... . l:n . . 1.1.
graphio advices Teeelvsd yesterday
morning at department kao,uartr
from Washington -The new eommand I
er will relieve Col. Charie. O. r,.t ;
latter ha. recMved no ordsrs s. to
wrmre he w.ll o for new duty
Orders were also reieived from Wn-
..rr, ,,vru.., u u. .u -i....,.. ....
tj a II..:..- af! .T D . 1Y tL
nvrvvnuv iijui v-. o..nvwr. ruiinii
CHvalrv: MiiMer Engineer Frederii'k
Hu'inmU. Tlnril Engineer,, anil Sr
. . si. 1 .. a . .
genni 'i. rv-goma, iaranrv.
lr. B. M. Mikele was also designated
a drat J'eu'i -unt of the medical
serve. I.leiitt-iuiiir Mlksis ae itenn n
member of the staff of the Territorial
- ..
j insane Asyluui.
lyafianantpku anti Swimming
. '-: '. a
companions m ruitua, mm
Mainland A. 0. Officials
-k'u'l'J l '.-, .,MV ...S.
(jjuegen, ioa,aer.se Account" "v ay m ju.
uli b 'rTTj . . ; - Mi-. i-vJafK'1 af-iar,hi as.profeaploaalK
,. Have Been Parired and XJnam- .'r "". ' tat the
1 i,-.. hi ..Aj' .!:Mi a0niern are uot mauaging tha lour.
Haye Been pded and tJ(m
pbhs M; y B fiarrid rrtm AI
Pu rw)T or BUrrta.rrHl
Futllfe Contact-- In Prtrral
ruiure wjiuesi in central
' CSIQAOQ. J! il (Aatociatod
GilWAOQ. Jnly l (AataidAtod
J'ruiiJ t-u-o i. iVAbau njykn, -aha
worUl t water sprl.t ehkmplop;
Hi avtf. ( tuiiby' 't ' Kruga.-,
wJi's htck. atrtkj thainploiv a4
Olaranas LUc, whd I. am, rated
foqtil fc Klia4)a,aoka la tha
ipri.ta, maj ba I ax tai from com
peting In amatear awlmming meeta
I". tha - Oaui Rt tea. it was a'
noenoed br Ian: ai' ht.
!Th Oa itral A. aV U. orlaU are
InvftnUgatlnt: a rb.vta - that tha
thr a Hawalfcai rwtumier padded ,
tbietr atr an account-, flaring tha .
rarant -atldjaleweat tour la whick
they .yam, tha proceeds f . tJ&s
n ro t' ta Amarieftti Bea
Orora1 after their traTaUnar axpaoaas
had been deducted, fthouid tba ia
reatlgatioa provs tba charge Una.
aavteur tvenU will ia dosed to the
trio hereafter.
Tits mrasage was shown, to William
T. Biwjin, president of the Hawaiian
Association of the A. A. I., last night, reon'rp.i to roske statement of their
'Just what J expected," Mr. Baw- travelog expenses each, under kia owu
11ns i aald. "The pitv of it is that if signature, to the secretary of tha regis
ueb a thin fts paddina tha exoense tret ion mmmiii at ttt.u wt
.eeounts has bo dpna tbe tbrea Ha--
aonaeqnenees and if the charge is aua
Order To Meet Annually in Wailu-
m Hiip and rjonoluJiii "
Ai convention of delegates of the
'I1,. A?cient T.
1 ,h f'-.Mct Wf of Hawaii. A. O.
vnia finally organitej laat night in
The. offleera' elected were Joaqnlm
Oarcla of Court Valler Ialaada. Wallu.
ku, Mfcui,. district ahief rengerj 8ena-
Court Camoee, district beadier 'Sher
iff Charles H Soee of Ourt Lunalilo,
djstriot herald.
. Tka above officers eonsjtituta tbe dis
trict executive hoard, which will have
anixsrvbdou over all the poaeater courts
In turns. The horne office will be es-
tSDiisneil (n Honolulu.
The organjsfti.oa of the district eourt
ia . distinct departure in Island For
ester circles. Thy. delegates from the
Hawaiian courts wo attended the last
biennial convention' of the subsidiary
hitrh eourt of tha order hM in Hn
Francisco made - ft strenuous fiVht to
Dring about this change and wre suc-
The several courts of Foresters in
the Islands Btim bar about a houiaud
members.! . . .
L - -
Two great bunches of bannras, raised
by foy Bcoute nf Troop X. of Kaimuki,
which wera xlisnlaraa in i,' 11 .11.11 a.
aJiasvl:. $MML. T Z
I'W n.. ... I j:..l.. . ,
- .up iivu ium wt. vreii ivupi
hea and Fred W. Beekley Jr., who
were given a joint -raeaipt sigiwd by
Alfre4 j. Castle, sxecutiye oflUer of
the Hawaiian Chapter." 1
Tk Jauanas Wera raWd Id the
Troop's War Qarderi ahi.eb was opa
ej last year.. TbS "Moa" variety,
which was displayed, ia a lore banana,
almost round, and nearly ti sizu of
S young coenawit. It is a variety
greatly epioved by Hawaiian, in earli
I er davs. and ia anaxil iLrjui-itmllv n.
a cookinir edible.
vHAMBtn Ur ' VUnlMcnCc
' ; ,l V
, 0W, fay .:pilfarin, t;breakae and
, 0Iner way of aargoes enrouto to Ho-
nolulu from msinlanX ports in America n
vefsel, mut u asumad by the con-
i,rBee, aaoording. to ft ruling of the
iJ TL L I x . f . . ,
ini r rHniUIM'O, JtBatingi Bin to intorm
1m ch- mher U thee rules use mtuul
lv to be eDforvH,
1 . . . . . .
.r whs runner asked If he coul.l not
do something to amend the rule ao that
local ronsiuneea will have aomn redress.
onumerniiie loaaea biiv slr..U u i-n
siiKteiiied by local importers under this
ruung. ,
r sr sr. a. a.
m tet " iau
- tiii .... I... V .
ferc the Hawaiian swimming party
' , Ficderiok yf. 9ubiea of
iVtr Yujk ge.reUty lrMturfr pf the
.Kaiiora' A. A. I'., noilfied all aaaoeia-
lions of tbe orgatiiaalioa that onlv the
vsprn.w oi iMt iar swunaiera were
la be deluded from the feraitfs of the
joi-eln in whirh they took part. Tbev
tvjre ii. formed that no expense of the
rnatu jtrr r trainer were to be-consider
, pi. 7 he sM immnrs vr to be allowed
ai'lua' traveling exuerisea, iaeluding ho
tel an. I meals, the Litter two not to ex
ceed five dollar per day.
"I n.m forty tJiat. this Jh,ing shouM
rop n. for the Hn--Uan boys will
)ielv lie the auftercra."
"All this means thai we will have to
f tooav and amid a representative to
rhf national meeilnff ia tieptaaiber, "
annona e,l pMsident JLUwlina taetnlght
"We ill havp to make a fight tor the
j reinatn tement of th hree Hawaiian
I b' vs ' ' the preaent muddle remil'
jle:- 'osintr their amateur standing."
i rViti' negratn Also
"l nm aorry to her this," aaid John
;F. Won r. er-pf on , nt the registratior
fammlttee of the local A, A. U. society,
to-t-hnm the despatch waa also shown,
i "Onlv two reports have reached me
from Owen Merrick, the manager af the
tnr. ami they Were both signed bv
hiin. ulthouoh under tha ruins of the
Ai V I'.. ih HlKlitl rnVri lam.r, m
ration and, to forward (Bopiea -of the
ame, to the. aeeretery-creaaitrer of the
foni body.
Resions From Hackfelds and
' oer Companies Owinfj To
Appointment As Officer
Capt. J. F. C. Hagena, quartermaster
eorjja, reserve, United States army; yes
terday resigned from all the position,
ha kel.l with H. Haekfeld A Co., and
subsidiary companies, awing to bis re
cent appointment 'as an 9ffieer of the
United flute army, and k.ls prospective
early departure for the . mainland, for
duty.,,- v 1 ' ,' . ".-vp
' Tba resignation wej-e accepted by
the various organiisrtioas, B, H. Trent
cuatodisn of alien enemy property in
ttasii mailing 'the announcement yea
terdoy afternoon. ' , r
Captain Hagena resigned aa genera'
Manager of Jiackfeld as,d Company, an1
as aecretary and director of the Pacifl.
"luaao and Pertillser Company, Oahi'
Sugar Company and the Waiahole Wa
rr Company.
, Tbe resignation, were accajited b)
'he directors' Wth expressions of regret
They ato eomullmented him upon hit
ioog sad excellent services with thi
various companies and wished him thi
best of (rood will Jn his dotie. as at
iflfioer of the American army.
Cn'itain. Hagaaa expects lo lesve f?
be Coast sometime next week.
w.Hini 1 .
Dr. 9. Rhea, prominent Korean leader
in the Islands, returned form a toui
j of the Jlig Island yesterday, after vi.
1 itiug all Uie Korean colonies there. Hi
I fin Is the Koreans doing wall general
, nud satihfied and happy, . pefore leav
nit; Hilo ,fte was quoted in the Tost
Ucnil4 of thot cijty as saying:
"I ermld ask for o better trent
nu-iit iliau my countrymen seem to Ix
eifiving," sail) tjbe doctor. "And J
nm more tban pleased, to see the in
t.sreiit shown by Korean men, wome?
and children in the big for free
dom of rrrnnkjad that is being tough'
in Piirhr ,e. Kyerywbsre I found Korf
any I fan 11 d thlem saving money foi
Thrift tyauips or for the RejJ Cos. or
for buying l iberty 6otula. "in Hakalai
J 'ruip l .at forty Koreans had boucUt
lOeriY BOnOS SJld W. . H. HtSmp. Ul
MCRffuating 70a
"Much of tha interest tfken bv
Korean. In these way measures Is ddf
to he efforts that" are, being made all
the time by plantation? managers ajyj
their wives, sisters eTnd . daughter..
Koreans are made 'to understand wha'
the war is being fought Jo, 'and hoy
they can help to win it by buying thes.
bonds and stamps, and by contributins
to the Kd Crosa. -I. think tks sSe(
Cross wrker havs aeeompliahed most
for I found rpore Koreans- giving to th
Red Croas than buying W. H. W. or Ii
berty Sands. Of course not many Ql
Uiem sun afford to buy Liberty Bonds
but I found uoarly all of thorn belpjitf
the Bed Cross in one way or snoUiof
Some are contributing regularly twea
tv-fivv i-eiiuts. some fifty cents anA1
some soventy-Ave ceiUs a month to tbe
Red Cross. Csthers are doing some kim'
of work for the lied Cross.
"It lilt been noted by Mr. Wester
velt and others that, in proportion to
the number of Koreans in the Terri
tory, more of them have gone into
service with the draft than from any
other notionality represented here." .
PAZO OlNTMEiST is guaranteed t
cur. blind. blM-Hno- ,,i.iM
1 . .... . . . . .
money refiUivled. Alinimtuu '
lie ' AklS f.f I 'TCINliCi .Si
inriirn . i m nnmin m
Students : To Receive Comniis
slttt 4)irect from Depart-,
' irieht. Commander.' , 1 -
Htadeat. St the twri offleeTS trslntng
schools at part Hbaf and Sebofleld
Rnrrneks, fonrposed entirely tt 'aiilist-
ed -men of the First and Second Ha-
waiian Regiments, will rrccive tbelf sp-'
pointmsnts direct from Brigadier-General
' A. P. 'Block!, tl. H A; eom
mamliag tbe Hawaiian department au
thorisation reaching tbe general yea-'
terday frawi Washington. ' . " A, '
When tbe t school were opened
It was announced 'thnrt tha men Twbo
jiHilifred Weil Id be recommended for .
I'ommisainna by their reKpective ' regi
mental eoonaandlag officer, and thean .
eeoinntendaiionf wiuld then ba consid
iired by a special board appoiatad by -fhe
.department -commander, composed
of . department effiuera, and their rec
omenendationa would then be cabled ta '
the war department., The apoinnroent'i
would, under these ; circumstances, be"
made by the president. .
The new plan will make a coaaidera-
tile abort cut. .The students who qualify
will be recommended by the colonels
of the Pirst and.tfeewul Hawaiian Begi
ment. In turn these recmmondationg
will be tombed oVer by the department
board and the. results) laid before Oen
eral Blocksom, who will authorise the
appointment or ine men, tntreoy eom
missionirg them diraot,- . . . .
The officers as aoon aa qualified will
be assigned to duty with tbe 4wo local
regiment,, in Order ta give eaek com
pany a larger number of officers than ,
. . . . . . .,
mi present, unuer ine new war sirrngtn
system each regiment ia to have about
.1400 men. Ff"?liens will number about
1000 men each, and each eomn-tuv will
have about 200 men. . Such companies '
are too large to be handled hv ft cap--'ain
and a first and second lieutenant. -Kai-h
company will have In future a
aotsii. three ri'st i.eunn enr two
second lieutenants, or six officers. ' . ;
(ay Appoint Others
The general 's authorisation will also
permit him to appoint other men now
n service who may be' found qualified
for appointments as officers. ' There are .
a large- number of men - who have seen
vervlee In the -mv but ara now ia tbe
national guard at the two posts. Huek
men will be brought before army boards
and examined and if ' qualified, are
eligible to appointment.. .-' v. ,
Orders were s'ao received at depart
ment headquarters notifying the com
manding general that; following the.
ficers' isamp A: SehafieM Barrncke, no -Hhers
will be held- In the Islanda.
. Tha present c.mp will clnee pn Sep
tember Ordinarily it would be eloaed -bout
tha middle of August but a two
veek.' ieourse for "paper 'work " Is
eouired for the closing work which ex
pends (t to September I. . ,' , .
The students who qualify will not
be appointed by General Bloclrs-", but
rH beBeconnendid for anopii tmeot
ia officara.and the recommendations for--vrded
d Washington bv enh'e, Inia-
nudi sa the ia ainarentlv a henvy dn
nand for offieora th jtortng mei isy
-nt b" o.-i liwis to be on mi seion-
d. They, will V 'ewted exaetlv aa tkw
qualified students were ia tbe Inst
amn. Those who que li fled were desig
tated as "Officer Candidate V and1
ore a vblte hrairl strip on the left
'eere. Msnv of them were sent t
"Inland army ciunpa. AH nre now of-,
'eers. 1 .,;'.. 1
amps On Malnl&nd
"The-elsmiuation af the oCQrars'
amp here does not mean that men -ere
cannot try for roiiniiissious,'.' said
!ol. II. C. Merriatn, chief of staff, yea
erday. "Tbry will be sent to the"
lainlanil training cam pa. I'uder thia -SW
plan there will be eonip for train
'ig men to be oftiuera of infantry, field ,
rtillery anil so on.
"It will be arranged aa that every ..
tonth tt-e-e will be groups of students
ualifying for rpnunia.uunea.'?,
The infa'n-try training camps will bo ':
. . r . . i .... i ..ui... r : - .
u ii .1 m V , ii J ' 1 . 1 r , riirinuuii, 1 i , ,
ia; Cmp Gordon, Atlanta, Qaorgift
'nmp Pike, Little Kock, Arkansas..,
'ield Artillery training eamps will be '
cated at Cnmp Taylor, IuUyl'le,
'entueky; and mat-bine gun training at
'-imp Hancock, Augusta, Georln,
The training course w ill be four -nonths,
bat each month 000 new offioers
ill V" -eadv for uasignment to dutr. ,
ri:n.n. .1. in ....
'ie camps and qualify will be commis-.
!oned for the period' of the war.' They
..:n i... i i -. ....- IS ...... -
iirwHiv ni-vuiiLI iirui, iiniitH li pur- .
essful, and go into the ranks of the : .
rmy as privates if they fail to qualify. ;
The d(partneot headquarter, ia Ho- .
olulu receives all applications for ap. .
ointment to these training schools, -
V. a a.
The "Work or Fight" cpmpnign In .
lanaii nuthorir.ed by t tie W'ssh inert on
'raft headouarters will be InuU' bed .'
' hroaphout the Iilands in nhout a week.
A reiind-up of men w hom tha "local
'arft boards believe to be involved In ,'.
'his campaign wilt be undertaken and
hone engaged in lion productive oeeu--nation
given opportunity to transfer
o some other field of activity in which '
ticv wM aid in llie prodiu-tion of ma-
teriala required for the war and com
munity weifare.
It ia also expected that this campaign
vill place a nuiiilwr of draftees in Cls.a '
'. I-atc.r on in tbe coiiiiiil' mouth a re-
-xaniiiiuXion will bo held of men who
ere adjudged rvirodml ilcfcutivea and
'arid iu defertwl elus ll'-:i: KUis, nd . '
-oi" rcNnon-11 ' fii-' -Mi- , l--'hy '
ii-al tests will be put in ':lus 1. , ''

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