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' .'y- -.i v, 'S '7-;v'v'. 1 '' :: . ' . :',,').'' ' ' ' ;"''' ;-''''- ':' ' y ' '' ' ;' ' y'y-r 1.'-: '.' "- i" ' - ' :' ' ' ' l v.. . r ' - '. , ..' V. ,.. ' '
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r 2 y'yV-. ''. :::' '-',. -C-.- :; HAWAIIAN ' Gxm4K;Tl)CAY-MJtsUSTl 'TighMWEgRLVj -Hi, tVy ?i !. "H'j V, yv"'i- W'i
- makes imvmmm& S iW6Bfij: :
.. of line BsmmmWSsaz imB,yymEtumm
...I -A
, Grman.H retire frobl mrth bank of Vwslc in full retreat and Allies cross at four
point, t . A. i vnUviA: 'iiX-
Ketimnent extends northward and enemy falla back in Albert aiid Montdidier
Sectors it "! : ft .v t i V'H ' .V;f. ' '' i.i V
Enemy races for north bank of Aisne with indications stand will toot be taken
uhiniieightsfiChelklnl des Dames are reached. - v -
Alliea cros AishO Itiver at sevfeWl points Iwtweclx Boissbtts arid Veneicl.
0etirtay8 great stotehoue at Fiames is in the hands of the'AUaericaris .
t in Trapped by flooded Vesle Riter thousands of (Jermans were kUled or made pris
5nerH V.'f v y .. H v.-. -'r ' ;;v,v''c",;-.-
ABieuicali fftrces tapture more than eight thousand.
'Berlin admits retirement along British front. . J
feVV VORk Aiieost 5 (Associated jfresg) 6encral readjust- f 1 1 , ' ' ". 'j . I. j Jt . '
t nctt'6l the Cerman lthe, necessitated by the crushing defeat Armtt' II tilf
o Opposition
JX)NpON, JAagast !. l(Aocia
tl lrM Betifemenl on. tha
Brlliih fronf U V.tmitted id to
GcirraitiiConieiiil rp)ort ' Vich wsi
lwoel at Berlld lait night., This
tieport id y V ? '
"Our ori irtired ttWl aldea
of Albatt from the western to taa
eaatera bank of the Anere. There
they have tahaa np the ponitiom
thinh were prepared for them.
"The withdrawal waa ; made,
alftiout oppoeition.
No mention is nacie'of the 4ia
arfter between Hoimena and Bheima
nor of the retirement which . hna
bten reported .from Taria in the
Montdfdier aoclor;. ., , -
L -1
vhirh the? Allies hv 'administered to the forces of the crown
U'ltiittratMl'ttv thtt despatches from the Western Front. North of
j . .
the Vesle the retreat of the Germans has become a race to reach
the north bank of th Aishej Between Soissons and Venizel the
French have crossed tht Aisne at several points and both flanks of
the enemy between Soissons and Rheims appear to have been turned.
On the Avre Rlvr the' French hold the heights cm the west bank
ttmt northwest of MtMitdidier the enemy has "fallen back along a
five-mile front To the north and sbhth of Albert the enemy ias
fallen back along X teti-mile front. The eyes of the Allies are now
fixed on that salient where the British and French are threatening
Ruprecht's force With an offensive which may force a long retire- f
ment of his armes:,,' . . ... . . .w -I
' 1 The Germari Wtfeat continued everywher yesterday and last!
Hight With the lAllies closely pursuing bat exercising due caution!
ra. VSadrl winonVninraiHhv xtfntiir counters . Anoarentlv the situa--
1. 't "f r -J O T -rr- " J , . II ; i I. 'I I
tion has became a- face by the Oermans, evicted trom their positions ,v iFrr;'' ;
o the Vesle River, lo, reach the north bank of the Aisne. They )AYf tflWil Ml KIT PIVF
have lost their strategic petition on the Vesle at the cehter of the 1UI1L) IllUOl .UllL;;
Jiue ami nave wecu Tiriuaiy. uiikii uui w i ii.nii
must speedily make good their escape to avoid further great losses
in casualties arid pfcisoners.
Both of the enemy flanks between Soissons and. Rheims appear' Ater tfi'at before 4ag McKay
Von HirMfT T"h Prenrh tnrreA a rroaKi'rui west of Rheims !n the r- Wallnku . diatrlct furt thia
and German teihfbrcements were reported as reaching from the ;
north liV the SolssortS Sector in iH effort to check further advances WM placed . onaer a bond of, $500 to
ortlhjlt'nank; The Germans still retained a foothold on the South- j kecpthc- ?eae for (1ri
em bank of the Vesle between Champigny and Jonchery but were j HoM ,g
evidently retirine from those positions. BaTmond. aaked' Uiat the matter of
Just how large has beea the bag of prisoners can not yet be Un the bond over till tomorrow,
determined as the retreat ha been too fast but when the total is ' X"" 'X&S "Jt ?
announced the hews. Wilt thrill the Allied -world. The warrant against Raymond waa
' ,r y u' RETREAT BEYOND AISNE' ' fiwora' ta bytWlesJEdmpeoV
' Irt' the center Sonre Germans, have Already crossed to the no th, fZAL
bank" of the Aisne with some big guns and leaving the towns behind of pastor land. . HVteetifled that Bay-
them kblaze but hr Other sectors hey have been unablej In,, their ,oyi . (M dvP!jJ1
, , . . . , . t u down a eeetion of eneloua wan" to
hastt to remove tlwartillery aitd great number of cannon trtnch the t(H in a onarrel whieh follow
mortars ana neia pieces' nave iaiien. into, me nanas oi uie;, aiucs. i ei ttaymona naa ureaieneo io. puooi
i iic i i cm. ii iraiwrawu. tu baucurciicnc I ' Harve jywiond ie the eon of Pt
of Rheims and have thus released ht German hold oit the northern I jr n: Ray,,,!,, owner at the Baympnd
outskirts and delivered from danger the beleaguered city of the Bnnrh. - He m with hi oh in court
rattiedral ' - i i - , thia mbhUn;. Thft aaaa'.ta1 r-eeuted
tdlllCUIdl. . , I..' t ...... nt. V D D.,.i-a fl
On the Veale Blver" the Germane we're irappe.l muck a wore the Auetrinna
on tba Piave for when they (ought to retire they found the river at flood. , AVith
thfr bark to the itVeam ef made their stand anil thorn who iTH not nurremlet
wore killed, this .entire aeetion of the Teuton army being nnnibilato 1 by the
Allies. . , x i
BoVirement of the Oerman fotVea on the wet bhnk n the Ave Rive ' be
tween 'Bourges and .braarhea to. the northwest of MonMi Her - o.i r n fie'mi'e
fron was reported in the Freneh exunrfinnique b" le t n'v.li;. The A!lle l jirjrrol
were keepina in roniaei Witb the "rMrek'tibg eneir
The i'renrh fortes which followed Ike 1rtratiii encmr nnrrli t :tie "Vesle it t-1 nnr a tdrnsJ t r' "l ir.' t' k ft
are meeting with stubborn rear guard resistatare lur an- huirusmiiR the enemy ARMY June 29 (Associated Preaa) r
The Allied advaaea eontinnej witlitn pn ' r"r,h'r "l b" ' triaT hydropMaM11 recently Hkv kfc
vond Soissons might . expected, to be met with severe counters which have br((U(!ht' don almo9t j.V ni wirt
Lean avoided. wottrm I tir .nU are npw behind the
Tim Allied forces that are pursuing the retteatiug foe have pamed through
veretable chafnel Rontsss. Bodies of tnen and horses are mingled with de
niolinhed vehicles alongside of aaunaaltion flumps. In some instances these
dumps have been exploded in whole, Oi1 in part and in others they are intaot.
Bodies of Oermans lie in great ehtaters beyond the range of the' Allied ar
tillery fire clearly showing tba Severe punishment which haB been inflicted upon
them by the Allied airmen.
o!m feainsH raoirT
Along the British front thi eheray baa retirexl from a ten mile sector be
tween Moutdiilier ami Mpreuil, waa the official report from London. ,
The sitoatlon arbund Albert is somewhat obscure but it appears that the
(lermans have retired from the eaatera bank of the Avre between Uamel abd
Nenuancburt. The leaving of this groajid in the ioMession of the Allies indi
cafce that the'Oermans dS not Intend to make a stand on the Aisne but that they
wilt retire t the ridge of Chemia dea Pamea. one of the strongest positions th
rnicn the Allies once, captured, rrom tne iuf na. ,,i
i i .1 ' . .
In Light & splendid Cdurage and
Dogged Determination ZUm
'fty.-'Altlcr.Wpt May - Look
ROME, August 4 (Associated Prw)
".Tba-iftb.yar of war dawna full
of ' hope for thc4 Entente,? 8enao;
Ovgllelmo Marconi said W thi Associat
ed Preat " Wr hVe pasi(4 'Inccessfut- j
lv thrimgb Aiany severh trial. Ottfi
riab. may' W ahead W a'bttk hU
light of ilia doggttd xlMeirmittatiaK krl
the uirdanntn . tduregw" fcy ' all
tha Anh(14rrfoV"W,tBb bank W Way
looK'itifd the future witn all eon8irenl
aad;llrtl;'v v r.
lAtniWa ami Italy kaV mAHy poiats
keomwrI.''' Abiive , Aef feet thai
boffc roigtiV''nTt' UiMa.HnuHriba.
dcaf-v Hoik Invearwaiyl ftUttAlfo Mn
erty? for tha tf HMdonv af aktionamiaa.
M'.W' hafeVnoW clre tneVrieia la
the wa. ! The' enn i!t kao.' tf
Mie!ilW nlA fcbfaik V VlecUlvl Tidtdiy
thls'Vesf.vthtf ttry wjlt thinisVlvW'fn
fnlll W'ilcrtalH wuw' AhiHWk't
had Vuiie o .pat nr fort strciiiiVk Mx
bt( 'in.' TIMfdnil. ihe,tii'VmTrJI' .are
ftrewid,. a1f Wt AvallabW lficn hgrtjitSt
the Virion inihM'bf. ait 'rfnlTflriKlvo line.
Vnjiffig to vrvrk'ttroJih''nmeher and
briUk.almnV nri imitiwiiat dociioh.. j
Oambrea' y, lift atwrtad tf
VaterWVlhe.'aVnifcfi of Trrirtci'.and
ltaly reprrsotollb ft t W f dlioh ' the
l hoiiung out rot nirtoey
WW v J
. ''M i,' . i - j 1: .'.: n:
PiW ' MirtUtef Pift' $Plal
: TrBnrte.T trre United states
As Fifth Yiarof World I War
. liti Arniy At the Battle Front
' HABVE,Dtoie Abghkt (AsaoeU
tad. Pre) Ja a declaration . to the
AssoeJated Press in conneetiun with the
hftalversrffyiof the beginning of the
fkf.f 'nerail Cooremah, Belgian prime
jninisfer; ai4!,5 'V'4' '
' " Lor)( befbrti ' the wi'r the Unite!
Rafes of America dW kdmiration by
theamaxiAg vitality, and' fertile ener
gies of 'thi vople' of t'TiB Western
iremfspkere who had treated, aa if by
jAlagit a World that was fcwV'
i the pkrsent moment Wf, Vlth fco
isa" admiration, are' witnesses of an aa
fbfaeW tnanifestafion,' bf tltia am
fcreatlvd bdwer !' it mnyvetou organi
aatlob ef n hnf V)ilch kna tbhiah
M the world 'equally by the cupidity of
It ttrtptoVlBatioa and ,the Valor, of its
eon gen .' . v' 1 v ' V,i ' '
1 "fty. their' 'intervention; this gi-tnttite'stt-iifftite
tne'.TTnited' fetalee will
Wufedty' exM decisive iafitteSee on
tha destinies wf"hiimnntty. v'! ' .
To' its ndrtiration-'fo th great
A'rrteflvan "nhtloh,' 'Betgtrim 'adile her
atrial fee'liHg "of ratitu1e on account
bf jha InestimaWn generosity which, the
sjdebdld ' Wunlf ieense "of the (United
(S?lea never Kscaned"td fieap'opon it
jieoplee 'in 'be'ctipind trHtary' and upon
ritahs W entef th flftlifahd m!e
victor' re.;t lp,ll'tK'v.lignr, V-oJ
determiiiatiiUiT .lllkt'tli! encpy ' shnM
net tvawc,; iht JeeHatiit 'that e
shan WvhW't'eh b late the heart
of his pwrMHtr), 4 ....
tka. fdwini fo5.e bltf5l
Witbwdoublbrt PriiMlor''!i..V
Victoriea.'' the 'wdrlcl "isterf ttevllfth
tnrlna. the Wrtfld
year af the war agaihst the fon:w t
Daroansm ann evu;- mm ni,j
doubted that the eaW of' Htfht and
hUkll n Rk ami. Tint
what now'mftkea na eonSdent that hr
result la iffdecd inevitable li W A
rough participation by America tactile
war. V'-U. ' ' jj"
'Thaeommon Ideal of justice which
have led be great (American Republic
into the .struuirle have already been
splendidly deflued by Ambassador Page,
who o.atenr no os, waen ne aaiur, .
-.'i'Tkraairbout her air lont bistbry.
Ilalv. our.rea Mother conferred two
sifts on :bomanity--aontanfc';'fsiTlv In
liftert ' IWa yxMi ab tkei. iinclovetji
. I- i ( Mai .1 . 1. :
tate V confer all ker richest bloody all
her abas, when; aha; saw liberty tnreat.
eked, la order that' tha piieelaa inhorf-
a.. , tes.lk'' jatwtiijkwf -Ma 1 Kjmea
1MVp p v1.4afaa'7 ,
whoulif fltfl !p. overwheunetl and; de-
etroveilt ttnur cause- :. America a
ratise. fi-JU'-aa If hf, th Vauee of: an
komanitit a "it lit tb eauaa af Soman
and LaatfvUiSatioBi'V
of the Vrorld, The new world, havt
been tnsplrad. allalang! la lte fciato
by those princlptca (. law, dtd lot be
i ranee l
Chairman Hurley TelFs of Ship
ping' boards Intention In
Building Carriers
WAftHINOTDrf, Aaust 4 (Offlcisl)
-Launching of k 12,000-toil dead
weight cargo steamer twenty four days
after the laying of the keel i an
nounced by Chairman Hurley of the
ahlppirlif bbard, a nw record in ship
construction. The vessel which he
refers to is the luviaeibie wDira was
built' ia a Pacific Coast shipyard.
"It was a 'Liberty' jbb from start
to finish," said Chairman Harley.
"The keel of tke Invincible waa laid
on Jury 4 five seconds after her sister
'hip, the Defiance, Which' was built
and launched in forty days, bad left
the ways.
"The Merchant Shipyard launched
its first hull on Haturday and the Hog
Island yards launched lis first hall Inst
Monday, time putting into product iitn
all four 6f the grent Eastern fabricat
ing shipyards. '
"We at determined to match onr
American military force with our ton
nag of shipping"."
Hbipbuiiders at Beat tic, Waning
ton, broke their records for production
in July by launching a total tonnage
l i it :t it -Hit rr ' ', '
Vienna Admits Reverses in Italy
And Albania At Hands of
Italian Armies
fTEW YORK, August 5 (Associated
Press) Italian fortes scored gains in
both Italv and Albania yesterxlay. At
several points on the Italian front they
attacked Austrian positions vigorously
and in every instance met with snot-ess,
causing considerable casualties in kill
ed, wounded and prisoner. -
In Albania it is indicated that the
Italians have countered against the
Austriaus and kav resumed tkeir offen
sive tactics. They yesterday reoccu
pled Pierberat.
Auatris, in the Vienna official coin
munique admit these reverses. The
statemeut issued by the war ofiie said;
"The enemy penetrated inta aur 1
sitions at Dow Altro on th Italfun
"In Album th Italians sueeeeded
in reoccupying Pierberat.
ome uni wiwiaui iwiuk witwi i .eplmted, ntaa-plac
lie ris for help from the, dwtt-1 0, pniat j-iMd to La .'worn on the loft
viators at last brought, a reacuei ..hju. - tha aervlce eoak.
from the Italian line. AJI of tW ', r '- T 1.1.!".'
of 101,750 of new shipH. Of thee nine
were steel vessels and one waa wooden.
Itslino lines. They are called the
K 21 1, K .W3 and K-888. - A.O f. these
K type of maChinr are enoVni'oas'sttuc
tures wifb 'three mo tof' Of 400 horse
power, carrying three men and a thou
aaad pound of bomb-.' "
The K-388 wal the last to be captured
kfler it had maile n early morning
flight of observation near Venice.
Crossing the Piave line just back of
Venice, the big ear scattered bomb on
the camps and sprayed Ha machine gun
on the men' below. But a fort an ate shot I
. , . . - . i 1. 1
irom an ami auxraii gun '
through the motor -af tba machine. It
immelately struck out to sea, but ia
us wounueu . comuuvn it svrua vub
water with crash and capsized. . . ;
In th obscuritv the wreck' floated
for some time without being located,
but the
operators were wouljded,' two' Of -them
crlously. Thi Wg maejrtne; wa towed
in to the naval baa where it 'Joined
the growing collection of trophies 'of
war., ' .,
I.ONIX1N. Jut 80 'A Lewes ibid lor,
at prcHeat a prleorfe of war ia' Oar
many, has cleverly defeated th censor
by sending a message to hhj parent
hare. The initial letter to the follow
ing lines contain ' the mewUg:
Ood blass yduj my motherat' 1
Kvery day I am thinking at yeu.
Reenilcction af bomd anatata me,
Memories being ao sweet.' ' ,
Alwkyt my tboughtf gra af, yeu
Nothing else -would eonoe m. '
Your photograph is; aver before me
Inflitirinfr m rn homA. '.
Home day, by Ood' grace, w1l b re-1
unilk1 ' I
Home day! By God' ptace, too, may'
li lie soon.
Till thut day comes I'll be .unoomplaiu-
Always remembering the (weotneas of
Rest happy, mother, for your happiness
is mine, ' '
Visualize, If you ran, yoyr boy as he
ninny wn
lniinenti.lv happy in our little home.
Never will war again separate us,
Ood allliug. '
i.itW eaute-Nls
Wit tft ,tbf V
nity, aalt'lS-tbe caus,
EivUiSiation. 'Vv'i . ""
The "overaea cap" no tfeifl is
sued to soldiers in the expeditionary
f oVcea matches ' the uniform ia color
baa' a very low crownr'and ba no brim
or peak. 'It 1 o made that it may be
folded and carried in a jiocket.
Whca American force' entered the
trenches 'if wwe found that tke' brims(
df HWr eVbipalgit hata Interfered wit
sigbtthg Mirodh trench perlwolpe and
that in the cnie of tail men1 the high
crown could be seen above' the'' para
pets. .The new'; cap i so low that it
permits th man' to move with prac
ticnlW th ah Trerou' k 'Whei tbey
ara hatfessi uTM Jrencb helmt- can
Jbi wbra ay'!, T, 1
Omir soldier who have been wirti
th axpodAtiwiary foree . wor the ea
Aocordina ta reports from Krancr ne
regulatiou provide, that oCJcer shall
wr inetr insignia oi. ran on ino pmy,
lac, on it the but
Convention feld Irl fettna j$hpvy5
PojJuiatidn of Dual tmplrs c
WASHTNOtOK, AugTUt i-(Offb
etal) Attstriaa- irrtuBa' who -afa -dying,
af aaattdiv fcy aaaeA,
VWsajittlar aanf aaiegatag to a eoskVeA. V
ilblt a Tleniui'-ftepcnrto f nrbiett
,T 'jnrt raaohed ber d& 'bftetal
despatch. " All tb delegataa da
dax4 that th- popalaUoavaf th
Couitr ar ' dyUg of -huagea 'r '
axaVnatrltiok frontha lack of taik.
"aM foodt Tha datfc raU Uiraaili
tha ooBtz7 haa baooco anarmaa .
and. apldunlca ar laging virtilenUy .
ta Tartana pacta af tha Anal amplta.
Waxainga to the govemmetat and
to tba people W th aountfy trafa
voiced by several of th delegat.
Afaton'gthaa araa Xtalagata Schawat
from koratla who iaid Uatl'ttef
wi abaointaljr po. eoal oomlng- la
for tha wintr o that th peopl
wer facing death from cold a wll
a tha danger of starvation." " ',
' Th delegat from Tnasbruck da
clarad that "In th face of th ap
parent halpUssaeM of th govern
ment th workman onghtt.by.t&entt- '
aelrM and , through , their own,
dortV'cara kaUot from hung.'
H ... M.Mf'i; .'.J-'--!
These tosf are applied to base rec
ommeaddd .fot the medal of honor, ac
cerding ta instrutio0s issued 'Bs k'
guide t officer' by1 Oen,' Perahing: '' ,
.Men who-, havn" perfsrmeil' in 'action
ileed oftnost' distinguished personal
bravery and ' aelf aacrifle ' kbova- and
beyond all call of 'duty j io conspicu
ous as clearly to'.distiitfuish them for
gallantry and Uttepblity .. above their
romtalW; Which lovdlv risk of lifts or
.th. erfW1WtiPa bf .Wdtf that 'ordinar
il hazardous service, the omission f
which wyuld Oot"utjr sybject , the tier
son to Vensilre for bortconi;ng .or fil
lire In hi jperfbrnmnce of hi dijty.
The ditinjroUhed eryiee cross is
iwarlle! jfor gapantry tn ketton to any
ohe whq"piai)atlpgplb hjmajf Jd a?
tion by f xtTantrJiHary ; hendsm In' eoii
ueetloa with null tar jr Ppergtions against
ao anneil, enerny, under eireumatanecs
which itp po juatlfy the award, of th
mdal t kunnr.,', - ' '" " M ' "
The distinguished cervicf fnedul is
awarded for exceptionally meritorious
service to the government in roniiee
tidn with operations against an armed
llUii'r V. v. ' ' vl-
Hikes of Sixteen Milesv a. Day
Greaty Reduces the Weight
, , of Newf Soldiers
' brfKy1 teg ind opu of civilian llf
artj-'tast dlaappearini under the dally
jrTina TJI miiuary unn u'v wpuwi
Snfl SoKbfield Barraeka When an of
UKarl liedometer register twelve mile
r. J . ..
br Biking one day and alxteen miles
th next, it is evident tnat loos nesn
wt'shrink and become hardened, even
tnougn appenrea increase.
1DI II I Ul l lie Ulti.wi mniA u w.-
time national guardsmen la one daily
reminder that the "flesh is weak'.
The officers responsible for making thla
cosmopolitan mass of new soldiery Into
fltrhtino- unit are loaina no time, rrom
arty dawn until night th draftee indk
himself worked. If it i not a WV, it
i i fill, and drill and more drill by
quads and platoons. The . Wdrk isgs
t iiu" Means' of th failure of dif
ferent nationalities to srasn the mean
ing of commands. Gradually th ame
familiar' sound-from th 'lip bf'thk
seraeant are finding lodgment fa their
brains and there arms and legs bow
respond mora quickly.
: The draftee are not given the us
of a rifle as yet. that is, few of them
have bandied the firing piece an. tn
spare time being devoted to getting the
men to know kaw to march ana turn
and aalut and get tkelr mustles into
The comopolitanism of the Hawaiian
army I apparent in the orders which
the first sergeant of a company plaeea
pa th bulletin board.-.One such notice1,
ror instance, may do signed Dy xaiguei
C. Kadnl, first sergeant and the "de
tail for quarters" i ordered filled by
rtergeant Kamon Castillo (iiupino);
the kitchen police wilt 'be 'filled by
Private Ekong, Private Koaott Private
Chlietro, and so on; th room orderly
may be Private Sitchie. Hr and
there appears the name of a Chinaman,
now a Japanese, here a F Waiian and
nce in a irerat while '.e name of a
, 1 w. a, a
l li-fsn U I 1 i" .
Captured , Huns
I Must Find
tJ0,VIK)N, July )i-the Kaiser haa
muui na uracaiar vncnuice on io sau
ject of German soldier who are taken
prisoners. A eommunjqud published i
tke latent 'German newspaiier to reach
London yi - .
'j'Thfc 8uiretn War Lord iynot til
DOHf to bhtm selilierkL oa 'principle.
for being takea prisoner antes proof
of guilt is eventually forthcoming,
"it i often tke bravest and aibst
teaacibns man who fall into captivity.
But tha honor. Of .the eatir army and
of th individual soldier require tht
precis cirenrpstaace to be cleared utt.
"Such eviileaca will often be ia-the
oldier's own lntofoet ' aht " rlresetves
hun from btfoubded uspieibn fa.d ma
licious Kossip.
"It ia therefor ordained that every
flleer,'6n return from captivity, shall
report to the cotnmaading officer of the
unit o wuicn ne reiurus, giviuji ur
tails of how he came to be taken
ASHlNOTONy Ao3t-:v(AJta PressJ-Caiyialtics
f ,.t4ffered.WUbeTGcrmiirt tteltrWtsg,., th Vesle
fyvtf nd njirtl)Waf4 tpkr$ thc A!dn IvkVe" fceen.'.endrmqus. In
the.baat few .WyV th rrteri than 8400
captives And 'have1 captured large guns.' ' - ; '
i," This j th fnlprmation contained W lasjf fughts official com-
muriique Whjth continued;.,' 'TulV. fruits of their victory of Satur-
Axl 4artAa SV A JaaMr' Arttr mi ktt iirAnH , Am( on the Marne
UdJ V llil . l. 111 y, wvg. M-ii v "J' V".
were driven in ctonfustow beyoVid the line of the Vele, will be re-
alized by the AUies,,, It cannot yet be told how many the Allies
have captured while the dead that .Strew the field are almost oount-les8-
yi k-:v '.;. C,-n.. ,
I After, more thih t day of fighting the Americans hold the great
'Ffsmes wa only yielded to the
American forces after a' long and
bittc struggle with house to
house and hand to hand fighting,
1 1!$ pistol, -'tljie hdnd grenade, the
plumbed yfnuskei T having , their
fhare as, weapons. . It was finally
taken fter an artillery fight that
ipen'edjn i. afternoon. Satur
.lay a fe'i ymeric,ans had entered
the town and remained all night
bu tj yesterday '.morning, tTie Gcr-
nians thr6w . quantities of gas
"shells and shrapnel .into the soujth- .
erflipar,, the city and made it
irtadvieable lofthe little party cl
Amerifcans lo,. remain, v
Later in the days the ' Ameritan
artillery opened and' the Amer
icans, supported by the French,
charged the city. After house to
house and hand to hand fighting
they, i secured possession of the
whole city. The, city . was sur
rounded by the Americans ; Sat
urday and the occupying, force
of, Saturday afternoon drove the
enemy-front,. huilding to buihling
to;th northerly part of the city,
v' The . French : ar e across1 the
Vesle- River al several points and
the ' eastern line is extended to
l Larieuvillette. The Germans are
I resisting sharply from Muizon to
ftr Ul
Vfc aw. a i
j Champigny.
i.oiNiKi. jiiiv uu -Amusinn ueiaii i i
or tire capture or . a uerman u-noat
crew are contained in a letter written.
on board a United 8tateS diistroyer
which rammed and sank the undersea'
eraft.' 4 " ' r '
"I've pickod up all; soft of"sur-
vivors from a . pur;blooded mongrel,
downward, but these' Germane 'mail'
more tMgodiy squealing noise in thai
Water than all the others put togexner.
The grunts and groans ' sounded- like
Morning in tha Barnyard' on a eaeap
phonograph, ' ' says the 'writer.
'come or the Hermans got into tne
boat, some climbed aboard the floats,
bat most of them did'th Annette' Kel-
''Everv oBicer who fell into
eeniy ' baud, tbroigh n0 ftjolt of hi
own will thereupon receive a brief eer-
tincat attesting tnat no uianie at
tached to him.' Npn-cotnmlsafoned offl
cers and men. on foljowlhg the 'above
. 'i ; iiiv ... ' i. . u
meiKionea procedure, win amu ij
titled id eertlAratej of Innocence. ' '
- ' 'a...,vu. ""
WAFiHrNaTOif ; kvpM 'officiui)
86 krent' krA goverftmeiit 1 expertdl-
fbrtt In tlleke days Of big scar wgrfar
that the 8.400,()OQ paid for. the rfdeoip
tloncof Hie last of the Hpsnii-b Artierican
Wat ViOnit Mrarenlv' jsnsetl a mention.
This paybteiit was the baiairrb of lh
lll,OOO,0OO,lsucd Jiuie 13, li)M. seven
days after war was declared. The pny
ment waa scarcely reflected in the l
50(1,00(1,000 working balauce in the
Paris FHJtires Show That Even
In Mediterranean Friahtful
ness Is Losing Battle
PABIH, ' August '4
( Associated
mapned the rail and
lefmann frtr the shin. ' Alt haAils Press) Th crowing
d hoisted them or th urmnrilie warfare is muicaiea
aboard with anv old thibit alL'thfue py bffleinl figure lust published T.y the
government, reiniing ,ro me
the Mediterranean.
these figures, not fewer
hicfly merchantmen,
bone. bowl'ma, settled Frencjti ; traffle In
br the origiheer ohlc;e,' ' According to thfcj
iletl aboard bv Hi Week ' fh art tOAO VewAelh, cl
" 'Vod cannot sekrch me, qaoth be.
Irh bin dfnzier ' (I'm aa oflicer).
of thertl beiAg redoouiei With the fag French
end of a deck none,
over th head
And hwwaa bauletl
evidently born neither to be drowned Vith a total tbnrmge of 3,500,000 eross
nor hanired. but verv ore, neveihe- , ed the MedLterraneaji between Febru-
ary i ana April i, unuer escon. i no
kVTage'Tiimber of 'S"hips Coming to or
denartmg from trance, was s4().
The submarine attacks ueverthless
b'ad so diminished in ft'ree that only
one1 in f onr Yesulted In damngea to the
ships, and .one, out of every ten at
tacks was entirely fruitions. The re
kult nsj'Hferi that tho water traffic
baa steadily increased from Januury
to' February to March.
' ' 7. a. a. -
() ., 1 ,V. ttrji, i . , ,)
" 'Tbe ievij I can't came ba:k th?
burly gunner 'a 'mate, -who bad aaved
hlm.-! 'Jttal yoi watch'me; kidl T. V , i
"On txxilie who was pretty tar gon,
shouted: ' Save me Srstt ' ' Another, niAti
who as ekrlhg1 4 lifebelt1 aauHea
UHder by two men elingihg to' him. The
kipper of tu u-aoaf came nioru
frdm a float,"' A'dok h strdck tha
deck he aaid: Well,' I tried U get the
big ship, but 1 didn't,' '
"The German offieara. wro a gloomy.
crowij. A good morgue" would have
beea ad Elk' meetlag by VonrpaHaob.1
But Jthey could eat. ,Kon bkd.as much
ebanc aa a fat man. In Fiji. '
"-The craw wa mocn Better than tne
officers sum' of them' seemtsd almost,
buman at time. Every man on our
ship wh6 had studied hlgb school Tier
man -or who had tried to al Milwau
kee famous west down and tried it out
on them. I was tempted to sayt 1 Kell
nor, rwei bier (Walter, two beers)
mysfelf. ' ' : ' - "-,
, "I took the Hub boa 'a aft, when, he
said that the U boats dived Vnder the
British depth charges. I showed kiin
our. Ah, Gottl' h aliveredi"
WiASHiNdtON, July 82 The dan
ger of valuable military information
bidiig tommuatcateft td the enemy was
tke explantlon -given, at thf wr 'de
partment today for an order forbidding
ill officers and men from correspond
ing with strangers. ' '.
' Efforts' are constantly being made
bv atrancers. to find oldior with
whom they may correspond, in most
eases fiinocently tannghi but 'thv op
portunity which might be offered to a
wholesale propaganda by well organ
ised groups of enemy spmpatbizer Is
: . -(h)
WARlttKOTON. A Hirurft fi Associat
ed' rres) Twd hundred ami oighty-
II Ve haihes'are'riiitaihd In tho oftti-ial
lists of eaaualtiea issued yesterday.
. The army list shows losses of 2H:i,
Massed' at follbWS: "killed In action,
ninety-Vtne; 'died' of wounds, eight; died
or .other causes, ten; wounded, lb.
miHSiug, twelve'.
Of the Marines one'was killed in ac
tion ami one died of wounds.
INVESTlGlmoTils'sHOW , ... .
,XEW YOKtf, August i (Omciall
Iavestigntibri by the attorney tteiier-
als office on exjmniliturss made by the
Germans in this oountrv in the sntc
Mliirn Jays has developed the fact that
seVtrnl hundred thousnml' dollars of
Oermnn funds wero paid by that gov
ernment for the purpose of securing in
formation us to American munitions!
plant and crop statist it.
- '. . a'
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