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' iJ-'l' '1 jl' " ' u.'irr'T --M;-' :"f:v; HAWAIIAN
...... i sjiassl' , !
BonAinldt Aaaoat ft, 101
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I 1 A - v J it . . j I ... . ........ . '
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i 1.1.
Mapy'foore Sacrifices Necessary
Mciwic nun 19 uiuneu -rinui '
i Big Chanae On Cdast-' -
Several hundred plantation laborers,
of lraf t fle, phonic,. eclectic draft
eficerbad xpcted to induct into.. car
dee viU; remain M piantatloe-work
nsd w Mi put on. th khaki of Ul
Bw. Hoc nny ofi the, hav beea
registered ami whether or not y have
ftlreed, been Inducted, ino service baa
not boon . SeertaAK ,eUhr ic ,it
knows what tepa.wHI b thn .i aajr
aurh men bava already baan laiuntel mi
V; tlia natio 4- f viea Tba. aeJeetiv
dmf o(fiar whd learned of, ta ai(aaj
tian, anjj, yaaterdajr, haa tot mad tlrote
. ta iaveatigata.j bi 'aecwaiaomewhat
ptertarlMi) at tba iniormatvon wbiehiia
epma to him. - ' Vt
TaaraJa a pravUion la tha draft ragu
latiopa itha aliaoa who hava entered
tha i.UnH4,8tt ai4 tho .Bqleattro
rf taw- beeaaoo affeettwe, Julr '81,
i9lT la thA caf of Hawaii, aAave
not applied f of oteBBhiprfuOr not aub
Jet..4U,rgiatiatioo,.TM ' Uao ap
pMa.i -bavo. ,boa ompltly ovar
Wokad .byt-.tba Mlt1vo draft offioer
uatii it Wa aalled to bia attention, kr
brev yoatarday. moraiuy., Tha clausa
pplioa to all JTiJipiDoa .who hava aona
to Hawaii aioe tha dt nentiovad and
kva not d)ard their jntitioal of bor
Doniar f itieon of-4k Vlutad. BUtoa,
aa a'ijipinoa aroelaaaed a. aiiena.
Lacta ITunibay Aifactad . t;,"-'
FiHpfatt laborer for the cine fle4di
come ia at the rate of from 800 to
290 a month ao that aineo July 11 of
lart year there mnat have arrived be
tweaa 8500 and 3500 auca labojrero.
Aaiaatioa that half of theso are , of
draft agn, there would be between,, 1200
'" Captain Field laid the whole fitna-
Ouatie auinmed tyj iq the following
ttr eervtce regulations: j ,
" "Aliana Who, hve not declared their
Intention to become eitlaene of the
United State and who have entered
the United States' for the flrat time
ainoe -Jane 5, 1817 (.rune' 80, 1917, i
HaWail),..are not. adbjeot to reriitrar
tton.'-' . .r c , .,. ,,
I n; ;j Vj-
Teutons Exert Strong Endeavor
" Td "ChctK pfogresjl'vof F
2cchoSlovak Forces
(Concluded from Pu li : ' '
pated i,theJqding.of Allied, fprcea
aVnrchangel last week. The,, Nofth.
era Buaaiaat. greeted, the Amcrirfcii
With, tkergreetest eothuBiaim t6ijttf
eooaidered( (hat, their participation wa
avuaantr of the fnendliueat of the
moiiteft.wiiIcb,are actuating, the Allien,
it, ia. reported n. meaaaget received jf rqm
' Despatches, received by the Bussiao
embasay here, -eminating from .Omsk,
say, that the Creoho Slovaks and vat
rioua Siberian factions that are opposed
Long, hard months are ahead ,'ot
Ameriaa . before the, end of the 1 war
eamee aaa gray hairs may yet be added
i,.Baua oarore BarlUi bew f the
I"' uioa, is the repert whlV
Juna Uhger, manager of Qunst Ctomr
pariy, brlaga back from Saa FranOacf
iiii BDoiic ia aaya. .... .
;i uivminB mat the Amirbim
the AHiea gonenally are- begianinff-.to
? . . . snai
diiaeaer haa already attended the Ot
mans ia the Soisaon khelm
the great battle line, Mr. Uoger aaya
w.o4 among coast- men ,a
thak tha war is far from keie fluhed
and that Americans upon the mainland
" -vit eontioue U aawti,
uu irci mat Iber, era mmt
great -tacrinees to be nraiU In th.
and 100 Filipinoa that are exempted itb ?i,lhev,k'" have consolidated
from regiatsaUoa and oMequntly "? ".DrT"" or ?,x 0onal
from, the draft. . On one plaatatioa, of ' f 'rt't '. hak been brought about
this Island it has been discovered there through the eombined efforta of the
era ftfty flve suob men, eo i ia avident" Mt"0T,I, nd Siberiea mllitnrjf
vaey are very numerous in , na wnoie . T . .
. . . MM , M ' . I I'
v vvt icrrnory. ',. ..ill
;Wka the-first registration waa held I
la the Wanda the plutatjona neglected I J,
to claim. lor their employes a defer
atenk I emsa aad the. Uborara .did not
make tba claim foe themselves. ,Ai ft
result ' buadreda hava .. already' been
taken- ini the deaf t who, were, entitled
to deferred,. clasaiflcatioa because em
ployed, In an SMerUial ioduatry ajid thisj
. eejuMnie4 witk. tha .eaUutgv of the guftnl,
haw eocaaieaed a . acute ahoxtag pf
labor, eatimated at between, 4(HH and
tW0.. The , action of Ute labot breii
js to protect the plaatatsoaafrom lose
of hundreds more from, the' compara
tively ,ew; that are left.
Begiatratiane Bapoxtedt
nBflpoa-to keard jreaterday indicated
the; druf t .boArda hava, been registering
these, new arrtvals as well as the youths
who tssiuet majority in the his year.
U ia axobftble-,tba) numbera oi these
men were caught in the "drag nut"
- la, lhe reMUg up of f lackera and un
rerUteMdi men; of . the . draft age. aad
that aoHM of them have thus been in
dueted lata ewvioe. .
. Theeo men are ia the position of the
man whose lawyer told hiui they could
net jaik, kim,bet who waa nevertheless
occupying a cell. They have ben
illegally incUioted into: the army aud
are .apecifluaUy stUd to be ineligible
foe eerviee, aiaco thay were Ineligible
foe. registration.. .
Long Job KntaUed
.Only , careful investigation of a
draft necorda will show bow man' in
eligible a now registered and ow
many have been draf te?b . It will n sea
artat aa-eaamiaation,of all to r nr,ls
of all of. the boarda; to. datermin . what
Filipinos were registered, after, t i flrat
reipatratida .day, fori among 1 that
were -late regietered and asaiftod
there may be found men who ) ve been
improperly' inoladed in. the aft
If tba production of vugs is. to be
kept up W th. maximum . hicb . the
government deaiijes, aa indio ited by the
Oemanrf.Fesfitfe. la American
I Factors Meet Expectations
' ApaJIcRtions for allotments of trust
certificates of the shares of stock in
PAmeiioea Vaetora, Limited, flowed into
the Tren Tfiisr Company yesterdny, in
A volume which wae pronounced by C.
O. Heiaer, treasurer and assistant man
ager of the trust company, as "highly
atiafactory', , .
-Before, ho If past seven o'clock yes
terday morning a man waited for the
opening of the doors of Trent Truet
Company and when Mr. Heiser arrived
announced that be wanted to be "num
ber one" en the list of applicants. He
wnu ais wisn granieo.
""i wjiaur raiu yesterday afternoon
tnuf unless it was decided later hv th
trustees of American Factor, Limited,
to announce result and day's totals
or applications be would not feel at
UDerty to make them publie. and
auan, decision had then reach,el. Tha
total for the day bad been gratifying,
aa. applications D1AOU were not
ready Jut .distribution, until 'veater.lav
morning the early mail did not bring
t.muuvofiyniua anonose ot yesterday
wra preaented w person, or by mes-
loiiyur,, ..... , .
iniure. '
A .feBow passenpr with Mr. Uncet
waa a captain of the British army who
went from Fiji with the first contin
gent, tad who is .oim ef tke.few. euiv
Vivprs, and ke was on the battlefront
u ' ' "v1' TM eaptaif
w Kdnuia Utahuen frhic
rnpiutw a werman canteen in: the
omnium aoriion wmcb w found Dik
ed with cigars and cigarettes, cbam
r-x ""u miuiy luTuites. 'The earn
win.iurmer that while . there
might , have boea captured German
who mo. not iook well nourished, tb
....jur.ijr hi mem were rar from look
ing qr being famished. i
t A tl t - . 1
-, ia- wue. however," said the
rnpinin,. mat they are entirely famW
"w the word 'Kamerad an
r Tn" P'ovocetlon.V
'"')U"K" "ays tat the Mn& m.t
Itrnck him most in Ham Franciaea ui
me, great,, subut itution of womea for
iu,i,,m occ.ui.aiions thRt nv am
were almost exclusively filled previous,
ly- by men. Elevator are operated ah
moat eaeloaively by womea, while ii
tar. retajL stoma man. Mi.u v
... . , a,v.ff
vufumg m rarity, uid men hava re,
placed draft ag men, aa waiMkaia the
betela.: 'Even, alone the railwavm I,.
Saw. nnmbers of women working a
tvi,w'mn, nun ia im adopted ovt
era 11a aa. their working dress.
Buainess wa flourishing in Han Fran-
eisao, so Kx. Uagw found. Retail
steree are eapaadiag. the White Hons
kavin takea over the corner famuirl
ocenpied,, by Hasting, the clothlera.
in order to' get more srlline room T
' 'WitK so many girls working U
atoreay girl wko . never worked befdre
aad receiving good pay, they are pro,
to spend -therr wages, with the reeqlt
that the i bueinee. koeses are going. k
rushing Uaxle,,Atti ,Mr. Jng6r, ,
WrtJ.J Appointfd Tfttxamint
''Applicants viVflianS Tft '
u - : w, a, a, -
plana for keeping tn toy,, iriy leaaeu
lauiila- uadea caltivntiov ontil homo
steaded, the planters m' .x hold to ev
ery noaaibte laborer in (hjere is not in
sight any mean v replenish their
plantation. forcee and a further deple
tion of such force cannot but mean
a reduction of tba) acreage that can be
cultivated. .
Fiakl Baa No Figures
; (,'aetala Field acid yesterday that a
repreooututive of the planter' labor
bureaoj bal called upon him aad called
bia attention to tha matter. : A far
Some of the local Japanese sake
brewera who are to' be rnreml it
business after August 20, when the fed
eral qry law ror the Territory beoomn
effective, are klready looking to Ouli
forpia a their new fieU.of activity,
and in fact' two of them have decided
to Invade that state. ;
H. TuTuhima and t. Otake. the form-
et tke manager of tha Hawaii Seishu
aa Filipinos who had arrived here f rom KaUha with brewery at Kakaako, and
the I'ttjJLrppioee laet year, sinue July 81, tke latter (be. head brewer of the sake
Jap tain. Field acid he, did wot buliev ,pUnt,; are tke two. men whd have de
jhat man, bad .been drawn -into the ejded, to move. U. FraoeJajto with
draft registration, although be wae not purpose of engaging in lake brewing
than in poaeaioa of figurea to support. There are three, ske breweries oper
''J'T'-' , u ' '.i' ;.'-.'. ". Tesritov, two of them
With reforence.to tbe rogialration of .being loated ia Honolulu and oue at
yonag men who bad attainedvthe age (Hilo, Tbougk they, are-at nresenk on
twenty-ona year, aiiwe July au, mi, mating in tU bw.tv heyrnave on y
n,l bait arrivnt har linni thai mi 1 i. .i . ' . J ,uj
nvfiKa niorei i oatin4te.tnetr pi. hi
and had arrived kere sinoe that time,
Guptain, -Field said any suck instances
would be canght when tkeae young men
flUed out the o.uetionaaire blanks later
on. Lists of such young men will be
furnished to the draft office by the
planters' labor bureau, and these will
be used to cheek off name when ques
tionnaires are" filled. t
OanceUatlona Required
If there are any, such instances the
names wilt be checked, aud tha regis
tration cancelled, under the authority
of the selective regulations.
"I am certain that very few draft
age men among Filipino who. entered
the Territory since last June were
mgiateeed or are lu aerviaa," aaid Cap
tain Field. "However, I am Just tak
iug up the matter to ijvestlgate it."
running, ainee the Territory, goes dry
niter uiiuiuga vr ' AUgVH4 ZU.
Politic bad nothing to do with the
resignation o Cbarle, H.' Merrtam a
registrar, of eou-veyanes,. aoeerding, to
an assertion oi Governor. MeCartkyt
Merwanj left 'tha territorial employe, la
order to accept more lucrative posit
two with C. Brewer ft Co, . M.rKam
wiU enter hi. new, position on August
ivi ' ', ' ; ' '
mo given to employes 1
Y , -v wniuuuvi ia.muen Clgucr
than ia secuted by men in similar work
for the Territory, Governor, McCarthy
i afraid the government aaav lr,u th
wrvice of soma, valuable, mm., Ha say
ho recently offered a poaitioa to a, maa
and wa syrprlaed to W he waa getr
Uog twice the pay;, from a.JJonolule
business, ooncera. v
Ha tbinka the net legislature ahoulAH
oa mxo .me guDjaot so trained eou
ployes will not be taken- from the gov.
eminent aa waa the ,cae la the tamis
nation of Merrianv
Oovernor irOnrthy baa made public
the text of a cablegram which he has
MeJ. Jsoie to. Dougherty! O.' Ifc C,
"J".,1" j.1' wcu. 4srotryi, Av
iJi4;-iCat; ' A. W.', flrowtv-ad intent
aciwmkli.xiepartment, M. A.; eoetetltvte
he boerd W officer who will examine
aipiraBte';both of the' ealisted per
onncl of the army and eVlllan for
sppoigmwi a etodentt M o fleers
training ramps on tha sanlalaniL 1
) ,MeJor Dotinherty. announce (hat " It
is important that elvUlaos who desire
to aeeare informatten a tof th qosll
catton to. enter , theeej Csmpe should
tnahetbet application at ene, thet
a eligible- list mar be pwpared from
nwininwiH ana) sw taaoe,'
Q0W.ers Vtrainiaa aamam a rwv in
be-41acoatiied at the oJuaa of
the preMOt camp, eourac at-SciioJlcld
Barrack erhicb, ke brought to aa
aad yn ,Btembe,4. ,, An ivUana f
tha, Hawaiiaa Island h r. aejleet
ed 1 foBvtha isfanry. eeuraeon. tbe
Ackansaat't. . ;
-uV io, ddi it i prptHtaed that after
tb eampt are hr fall, awtnf slace
wut p grausatea eeey thirt. daya,
The coarse is for -a full fanr: wtoatha.
T be. eligibh) for; adrafsirtoB to' ft
central' training earn a feadidato must
b betweeathe i, of twenty year
eight month, and forty ear( tnust be
"irn vi- inn t-mtea- otatee aae not
have been orn tn any thr conn
tries wHh-wich the Vnited State Is
at . waiV'Or vallie txf anokv kanatrtaa.
qlitiHane tanat be graduate o. a high
crhool er have parsned) and .eqaivalent
merA enarevcter, ad -n)ut hi 4kf
pkyial jquftlllcataona teqnired for
conunuisioB. n ( the, VOaartV Hetervc
. At, the office oi Mkjo Dongherty,
wwn w sniuna anaMa. Jannar.huikK
ing, blank any bc.obtalaed by elrU-
' AB enlisted taen, 'desi snated tor - at-
tnd,Xhe itaininr aehooi wilt whila
retain 4h' grade held by
the at .tirae of "deeianatiea hnA.-will
r nonwers nr-tnaif grade. All
men attandinf the aehooi a cedi,jt
waw mi io jcfire a reeommondattoe
fOK aDDOinrtmeAtias aeeamt limfehak.
M" are ,dlahrgei daring. tW trAiaieg
P a! Mnracy wlilv bo returticdJ te; ,f e(
ytmjnmvmm . iwueyVBamgncfr f tV an) or
-aiMtiadriift nomemkilsDnea
eefMlll kwAXti nnmberi, in their
(rde aattaitikftrbal.VfWu .ft? U V.
v.iUaa,wiWiiovto: dtak iW desig
nated t ewtdneV tkejaehiiol xiVt , bev ie
dnecftd- 4to ke .fciHtary ,-eMi for
th-. period 'jta-i,wT. 'Allv,avillan
applicant wtt byree1ired ta:UUt
or -wjlk Oft .fatdete4 ,fb ,tN. period f
th war MfWg -arfmirved-f
fcot. Vtthlnrdrat )awfdaaiinhlai1
to. kttehd tljf 4hbo) rtu ,htUdVt
ileaj;,'t, th..!.i!cA8 ;.cp per.
ali fjoat tU.lMotJhetecMeftce
tft'ftelgTiatieatrkiftlfag,, schooVAll
civilian tka. holg vceccic
; , and. anc(,.oi - privates,
flaat, Wit.,',Mw ' V. ..
f ' i
Joe Salada, Spanish, eighteen years
of age, residiug t Monaartatt avenue,
Sautthlil was badly numgled in a
feed cutting machine at his, home yes
terday. While operating a feed eutter
Saluda slipped yeeterduy afternoon and
th knivea nearly severed hie rtfht
foot. The injured youth wa runhe.l
to the. reaeivlng kmepital where Doc
tor Ayer found that amputation of the
foot was necessary.
Bent to Franklin. It;. Lane, seorettry
of the Interlps, regatdlog, the threat,
ened shortage of bottoms to handle the
1918 pineapple crop, of Hawaii.. Thi
cablegram wa dispatched to WshT
lngton, Saturday, aftet a oonferene
wun James u, lole, preldent and
manager f the Hawaiian llneapple
......,,, ,. 4l WBB M oiiows:
tj -: : .
"""" piuappie canners ar
greatly, diutuxltf d . W .San. Franoince
reporto that O cklpeiqg boar: t vtm
consdcig7 change, l, the hiepg
schedule from Hawaii that would mat
M uHUiiiT. pravJMpn, COB, BtOWK th
ourrenh jiadk of caencd.. pineftpple.
. ' 'The ' chic of the r.ack, ;u
11,000,000, most of 'which will be eom
pleted September 15. Failure to shin
would, not only cause aarloua lose
to packers hut would tiiui mri.,.
linaucial diaturbance and greatly, , di
crrase abilit of, curDoxatinnM. lr.
holders aud employes to pay. tax and
j -ii'tti7 puiwi ana, stamp. Would
W crop. ., - .
"Caumrs have wired fullv nam fl.o
of Bbipping board. Will yov kindly
i ii v estimate and if possible aesura-me
that due effort will h
vide a reasonable amount of space.
Total amount to be moved ahn.it !
000 tous, beside 18.000 ton endured
by army i.nd navy." ,
-TT C.ll
The majority. oA an excursion
j' Anthrtaatioir.liM 'fcen 'refVd by
,rtment 4terlasfiiyt.':ryi
I with the- d vcfansnen W wiglnaV vton
- ninriipos oj-ocnoaeia Bar
.rnckV wklch fnVolvcd ii''xnnditnre
wai K,wo,txio, . cAnatenation. ti. be
of a perneet nAei',t-;'--
Tk work Isj baing nne 0n a: unit
pjanji,a,aney4ana4isjvailabe by
i0!81' "' h ;iTrnal Agnres.
, aj- Tfaaii (aiBOimi M.Ue work
. aa . fteen acctabaad undar the di
-recti 0r , colonttlj KohannbJ. . About
a,utw,wo is noar .nvaiaibie u proceed
Last .veer's Ual" n ' "K.inn .n.
pleted involved UtaCenatarttetioa, of ava
beoiicrete. buikiiav !oM)lecd-aad the
wirauaupai or otnera ftttawy laid. The
ftutkorisatiiMi.' felnvor. money
tha was. expaaMted. fart tba hut units.
in- plan Clt &ME (QOTaV staid artiiW
I and infantry cahtoamenk, bwikiiaif and
p-i . . .i - - ai i - t
. w r , t W Ba
Kealia Plantation Manaaer Ac
cused of Disloyal R'enarks and
Peport On Him Is Sent To De
partment ot Justice
Decision as to whether or not dena
torallMtlon proceeding are to be
brought against Hermann Wolteri, man
ffr of the Maxee Sngar Conrpany at
Keaba, Kauai, a naturalhred German,
i now up to the offieinls s) the depart
ment of Justice in Washington, aeeord
leg to ail missions made by Istriet At
torney H. V. Huber yesterday.
.Thla decision will be forthcoming
likely three or four weeks, -from now
he says, as a report on alleged disloyal
remarks made by the naturalised Ger
man sugar plantation manager ha baea
sent already to Washington, The
charge are based on a report made to
the. district attorney, and afterwards
aaat to Washington, about fonr week
ago, the district attorney savs.
Mr. Huber refuses to say what con
(ti lutes the charges of alleged disloyal
ty, although he says that tkey are based
on remarks rather than acta. ....
" J 1 assumed from assertion made
by the district attorney that the re
jarka ware made previous to the naa.
g Of recent amendments to the Hc-
pionage Act, as he savs no federal pro
secution can be brought now. The nuaa.
tiAn.nf whether tke remark were mad
ptior or subsequent to th entry oi
America into the war. and whether
directed against England rather than
the United .States,, is apt to be an im
portapt legal feature of the denatorali
xation preceedings, it is known,
Woltor has been under surveillance
from the dan America iitr.l k. ...
bnt jip.. direct accusations have ever
been made against him.
Information aa to the
the; eaaturallbation proceedings being
wriu , BgwnK , me Aauai plantation
manager was gained through ft Kauai
report that the naturalized German wae
''aooef to ,'beJ ,nl)bdu' ,aft month
of aur,yeianee by, thee federal, author-
.When questioned the diatriet attor-
aeyvunid- thia was not true, but that
the -report on Wojters, which might head
to. the' department of iuatic.a official.
0fdp4g that denaturalination proceml-
ings oe Degun, naa been sent , to Wash
He calls attention to the fact that
the department of justice ha instructed
district attorneys not to begin such
proceeding until the attorney general
has passed upon the evidence. He
would not make a surmise as to wheth.
er the widen ee submitted to Washing
ton -would be sufficient tn iu,in k
lending, Of. instructions to proceed, or
wnetoer jr. woiua be snmcient to get
the) federal court here, to ordor that
Wplters, American citisenahip be taken
from him.
In ease Wolters' ahoirld be denatnral.
i4he.then would be listed as an. alien
enemy, the came as other Oermaoc, and
unaouotedly interned, if considered dan
gerous, without any further eourt ac
tion than the issuing of a presidential
rrentr ...
. -' w. a. a
pemocratic Platform Is Adopted;
Is Short, Concise and
Alex. A Baldwin, Ltd.
C. Brewer Co.
Haw. Asn-tL Ce
Haw. C. A . Co
Haw. Mn. Co
Horn, Sua Hue;, fo. , ....
Hononiu ftUKar Co
Hnlrhlnann Mag Plait.
Kahuku I'lsnt. ("o. ,.,
i .....
Wr and .Mrt.v &ursr . Friends of
V" Wi2 London? ArtConUno
Mrc.Chsrmlan teadol, .wlf o of the
lt Jack Undo, JUf wrtiUn,. o ilpno.
lulu friikdj f'fvrwiVioVol tU
teBde4 ;VUU W k , Mti cWaf;!Mri, B.
t JBgK etbo c.-(o(nit t Chiita- aad
India.. He is- preiideatv of tha kflulf
Coaafc Frurt snd ttfteamahipt Cotnpanv.
. Wbenr klf. and ;Mrn.nrgb: roach- the
Oriat..hay wiU toiia. Fftul J,.- Kalady
V thej wild idni.,,Jciur eoieatut
who,, roeulv passcid -tkrougjt. Honolulu
on an expedition .tfcsObiiiAfndi, Thlhet,
Menpanie4 by KrtKoUeJi' clentUt.
. ndi kfra Burgft wl,wMk ftlso, for
the, Foreign Board, of ttieajqna, whUe in
i Orients !'rv,'M i, 1' .-.,,
eoprauig to s; lottos, trow Mr, ton
n nurtv
composed of Jupanae resident f Hilo,
era! Vnontl . T I rlZtZ "V 0' iMMra,, R. Q.
The excursion wa. m.a' .."1 1.." t?m!'y-. "! v
... T r-.a.v-uij uy ,k. i,sjienta jnomh in uawali. Mr, iju,,!,.-
md vwmoiuu wn uipnngea auiy byiv.
it Wty- ,ey,, are ,(ltt and' ;an;ay .V (jiend, ef
pleaaid oura' l8hasks tKatUey ie given all
a Japanese daily w tbe Crescent
i rie excursionists Were much'
wiiii ine way they were received
the various cities iu Jupau.
' , suggestions whii-b t'will -glv fuller
scope to meir Knowiuuge of Hawaii."
- V " "t ' V ' - ,'.(, i
WajOt; Sat. Johnson, TI. S. A., form
lerj-adjHtnt-gonerni of the Hawaiian
(National Guard, and now on duty at
rCamp Fremont, California, is keeping
up ills fine rifle raarksmaiixhip record,
recently- scoring 288 in competition
with an. Enf laid rifle with which be
wa entirely .unfamiliar.
Hi former record was Sic' made w ith
a Springfield, to which he had long
been, acouetomed. A San Jose news
paper, commenting on the record, savsi
VSome yery good Individual scores
were made, most noticeable beinjj that
of Major Johnson,, captain of the of
noers.' team, who. mad three possibles,
two at rapid fire and one at off haud
firing. One member of the enlisted
men's, team made ponihl, Sergeant
Keaney,, who made 270. Major John
son, wss tbe largest individual score
evqr made at Camp Fremont, this ex
!. marksman making no Ichh thus
1MW points whiob is remarkable when
you sfop to eensider that he had iu liis
bands a rifle with which he was not
familiar, and a rifle minus windaire. "
Another newspaper saja thut this
UiarkauiauHhin performance places Maj
or Johnson in the forerank of army
marksman in the West for the Last rwo
I a awimmias tourn Hnii'itt t rikiii
Fremont the "Over the.Tn,, " r,
publication aueaks of Maior .lhn,n
A great deal of credit for the suc
cess of tho awimminir toomumoiit U
due Major Samuel I. Johnson. A.liu
tent ef the Fifteenth Infuntry Brig
adi. presiduut of th Di
Council and chairman of the Athletic
vounoll's sub committee jm Hwimming.
Major .Johsspn is, n remarkable swim,
mer himself and an officer whose achi
evements in time past have been to
say the least, wonderful. Here is a
whereto example of athlete and soldier.
Where ca you, find throughout the
Kigbth Division a better tw f i
dier and more efficient all n r ,,,,, I th
lete, whether it be as a boxer, fencer.
gymneat or export wimmer and . oiuiug
down to the work of a soldier oro r
Major Johnson has no equals in the
Kighth Division wjih a rife or iitol.
w. a. .
Supplied by All Chemina
Physicians prescribe Oin.,,1,. rl,,i
Colic and Diarrhoea Heinedy Iwenuse it
relieves cumins i., the kt It III la i'ti li , 1
intestinal pains quicker than imv ,i,r
Mratioa Ihey can eomnoiind. It , ,,,, i
bought from any chipiist. A l.uiiln
will keep fur years, and no I ,, ,
complete wilhout it. For sul,. I,v H,
on, Smith & Co. Adv.
i rnit i in nan for the Territory after
the Shennard Law hn aA i i...
valid here will be one ef tbe principal I Kwa PIsnMltna
j.'Kus or tne iCBioratl party this
eomlitR campaign, according to party
lender, who finally decided upon a
platform for the party last night.
A committee of prominent Demo
crats, rnnsisting of Judge E. M. Wat
son, Supervisor McClellan, Mayor Fern,
K. K. Siniinens of IupahoeboC sad
IJnk McCandless decided . boon the
platform for the rooming campaign.
Every effort was made In making this
Important me wire a short sad, con
cise as possible. , ... , , ,
I he prohibition plank in tbe plat
form pledges the Democratic party to
work for prohibition by plebicite
that is. when the liquor question comes
up anin, two years after the war,
the party pledge itself to work for
a continuance of the bone dry law
which will ao into effect on Amn,ai
21 in the Territory.
Soldiers and Homesteads
The clack ia the, Dnmoeratia t1.
form which provides for the takinir
ears of soldiers and sailors, by giving
them liomesteads in the Territory, goes
a bit further than the jBepubliean
platform and provides for tha giving
of homesteads to all citisens. of Ha,
wail who have entered either the mili
tary or naval service of the country,
whether they remain here or whether
they are sent to the Front.
The committee nnanimouslv fnnruJ
the reappointment of Malcolm Franklin
aa collector of Customs. Mr.- Frank
lin's appointment expired last month
and his reappointment is being taken
care by friends in Washington.
Following i the platform adopted
by the committee last night!
1" 1. a i ruK M.
In recognition of th publie de
mand for a short platform declara
tion, embodying only' Vital prin
ciples, to be followed by a short
and economically , conducted cam
paign, the Democratic party of the
Territory of Hawaii through dtc
duly accredited 'representative in
oommitUe assembled affirms its be-. -lief
, in and pledges its candidates
in support of the following:
, Woodrow Wilson and Win the
War. V
Practical Patriotism; Prohibition
by,, Plebiscite; and adequate ap
propriation for Promotion work.
Woman Suffrage by Direct Leg
islation. ' Support of Publie Schools, in
eluding the College oi Hawaii; aad
(Sanitation. .j i
Homeoteading, with liberal rec
ognition of the claims of 8oldiers
and Sailorst Suffrage, for all voter
of the Territory, of Hawaii, en
gaged l , th active' military or
naval service of the United Matea.-'
Boaportionmeati Good Roads,
Reclamation 'and Sural , Credit
with Federal aid for the same.
Consolidation of Territorial and
County and City and. County Elecr
tions: Condemnation . of Private
Fishing Rights: and Economical
Administration Of PubKe Business.
Kekaba Sua. On.
Kolna Hue Co. .
Mc-lirrrt Hug CO,
otsn mis;. i:u
Ulaa Ho. Oa., Ltd,'
Ouolma riiiB. Co. .
Taauhsa Hu. Plant. Co..
l e nar Mill, .
I'sla I'lnniatloa CO. ..
Peiwcateo Sugar Co.....
Pioneer Mill V. .
Kan Carina Mllllnc Co.
Walalua Arrctt. . ..
W allnks Hint. Co. , ,..
Rnda Dnv. C.. Ltd.. .
Kneels Coiiper Mlnlaa-
llalk K. a P. Co., TWa,
Haiku V. ft V. Co.. Com...
Hawaii Con. Hv. A..
Haw. ,Cn. Ry,'l,.,.
riaw. oa. ny. imn. ,
Hawaiian Blevtrlc Co.
Ha, Pineapple Co. .
Hm. It. M. Co . Ltd
Hon. la Co., Ltd. ..
Ila. H. T. ft L. Co. .
lutcr-lslnnd H. aj. c.
Mot. Tel. Co
Oahn K. L. Co. ....
HnHanv ttahbtHT Co. .
Halama-Dtndlaca, fa.
Bant (804. Pd.)
Tanjoag vak atnbbar Ce.l
Beach Walk I. D. 5tt..
Hamakna Dttoh Co4 a .
Haw. Con. Kr. 0
Raar'n Irr. Co a V...
Kaw. Tar. Rf. 1906..
aw. Ter. 4 Pub. Imps
Haw. rer. fun. lap,
)V1J-)V11J ,
fff"-'Tt H ......
Hilo Oas Co., 1,14. .
Kitookaa Hug Co , .
Hon. Oa. Co., Ltd, 6a
Kaoal My C.. ...7..-..
Manoa I. BVi
McHrrde flag. Co 6s ...
Mvtaal Tel. Co.. 6s ......
Oaha II. ft L. Co.. 6 ..
Oab Hug. Co, i .,;4.
Olaa Hus. Co., X
Paulfle iiuano ft Cb' a
San Carlo afUUng, ..1104
i r ' i 1 1 " w. aw a- , i r
PA i l l
t;i ,; u 'a:
Stock In Storage Is Reduced For
First timer-New Price
About Determined
For tho first time since the beginning
of the calendar . yea movements of
suugar exceeded production in July anil
a decrease of the .quantity iu storage,
awaiting shipment, is shown in the re
port made by the plantations to tbe
representative of the shipping board
' On July 1 the reports to the shippinir
board indicated 141,05;) tous awaiting,
snipment and on Auguat 1 siimUir re
ports showed 124,197, a decrease of 16,
Hf)6. During June- the, shipments were
50,500 tons and the, increase of sugar
in storage was 24,000 so it is evident
production for that month was approxi
mately 74,000 tons. In July shipment
were 40,300 tons and the stock in stor
age decreased nearly 17,000 tons so pro
duction waa ouly. about 33,000 tons.
This iiulwate tha, punk of production
has been passed and. the July produc
tion waa what may be expected for tbe
next three months.
Balance of Crop
Shipments of the 1918 crop to August
1 were 333,93ft tone and at that tim
there was wftitaug shipment 124,197 tous
so there has been ground for shipment
438,131 tons. Deducting the amount
used for home consumption it is eati
mated the crap for. shipment will be
about 553,000 lone this year so there
remains only 93,000 tons of the crop to
be ground for shipping purposes and
there, is atill to be shipped approximately-
220,000 tons. Moving at the same
rate as June and July it would take
four aud a half months to ship this but
moje voHHvia, have been ansigurd the
Matsou line and it is probable higher
speed will be attained.
Next Crop Price
.Advice received from New York yes
terdny morning said it was expected a
new price far raws would be determined
for the 11)19 crop anil the price had
been practically arrived at. These ad
vices added that as yet the price ques
tion as affecting Hawaii and l'urto
Kico hud not had consideration at the
hands of the sugar committees.
Walalua. a). 23.00 . O. . ft L. Co.. 6.
145.00 ; O. H. jo-Jfifo j?10 I00-' ;
: 01. 00, 80, a.Mr,,T3t Kegels, 100,
Jane t, 1918 .,,
snslrslc best (na adrtoes). ' , X- .V
Parity 1 - , ,
W Cent. (For Haw.) turars ..... ftOOB
w Fas v w w aw1?
July H tm.f : " r
mnsanore ,.,,....,...;....,. 4
New Vork . YNo qnoUUoul.
nivinBMna .
August 0, 1U1 ', . -
n. c. ft s. co. ,.,.........;.;,.t. $ ja
lionomu .JO
''.. ' , -'vi
m ., -. e
L wrw viwy cmrirc i
r nun i uiuv Jiyuvj r I
V ' " ' ' ""''' v t
NKWTORK, Angnat ft-Aaarlaled
Prw) Foltowlug are tb 'opeulug and
"iBr. wcjotauons ot stocks in. lb. Kew
Xork Harket xesterday. , .
American Rtlgar . ...
Anieiican ' IWI .
Associated OH . .....
Alanka 44olit t .......
Aimtrliau Locomotive
Auuirlcau Tel. ft Tel.
Ainerluan Smelter , .
American HU1 Fdr.
AU-blaon Railway .
Aurnnw f.ttf)per
tmidwia Lawowotlv . ...
liBlitiuore ft Ohio .
UHhtohem Met "B" . ..
California. Petroleum . ..
Central LmUirr . .......
Canadian pacltic
C. M. ft St. Paul .
Colo. Kuel ft Iron
Crucible HI eel
Cuba Muajar Cftnsl
Krle couiiiiodj .
Mrnvrnf KlectTle .
(leuoral Motors li
(Ireat Nurthern Mil
luu-rnatlooal Nickel . ..
Indnatrial Alcohol . ..
Kenuecott CoiMr
Lehigh Valley Hallway .
New Vork Central .
Pennsylvania .
Hay Consolidated . . ....
Itnadlng vymmiw .
Ueimbllcan 1ms common
Houihera Pavlnu
HtudebakW . .
Vailed Histes UubU-r . .
Texas fill
Iniiui Pacltic
I'nlttKl Ktatea Htevl . ...
, j rypaa. iio
. I ing tug
.... 110 MlO :,
ox ..,
6. 09
.... W BJ"4
.... 85 . bT.h, ,
. . . oW t
... 90 M2
... M 64
... 82- 8414
... 1M4 lMi
... eoht ' er2
... lfllM, If
... 4S 43
... nr. i? 7
... auvi aovk
. . . i ia
... 14 , M44
... 143 1T.2 '
... wit
::: 8?
::: M lit
... anvil
...i en
... T Jt.1'4
... K4 ' HiZ .
.. 44 U 44 '
... lj
. . lfli , im
... UV -18114'
. - MN 110 , ,
l U-i
eatern t'nlnn 1 .
weattugbvaae . ...
W. . .
.BAN PttAirT'lSCA; Angnat o-Lf'AaaoiHat.
ad Paeaa) rollowlng an ta epaalag and
':.,0!".,,ot,,, ' t and , etha
wuai i . . . .
Haw 'a Com'l
Hswallan Hugar Co, , .
HouoSaa Hmksp . .......
Ala kugac t'a . ei
Oahn f Kugar Co.
itiKeninaun Hugar Co. .
Paauhan Husar Co. . ..
Oneiiiw ftBgar Co
iiouoiniii ni . ...
Houomlu: Plantation Co.
Kugula Copper Co, . ...
.... 40U
.... 60
.... W
.... n
.... 14
.... 44
....3.87 $
si -;
14 .
Qnotatlona ow tk. &ihviiia
curb stocks, as wlreleaaed to tb idvar.
rnura- Mon
Illg Itlge . .
akHlaula . ..
Iron KIoshoiu
Kuiuia CMr
llargniviw . .
Jim Kutler .
leroiw Verile
MMrMli .' .....
Mlilwat (U .
Mnt tier 1-imU, .
lay Itenulea .
Il,wu Kills ,
Ilex t one. . . ,
Louis M. Vivas, of Honolulu, who ia
enipiovod Jit the 1'ua.rl Harbor avui,
Stutiun, was recently liHted by I.oca)
Draft Board as a delinquent. It de
velops. however tkut iviut is a meni
ber of the Emergency Fleet Keserve,
and therefore not eligible for draft
duty, mid therefore, ia nut a delinquent.
ver Kin Cii
IVllOpal) KxtvilHlalu
Tuolumne .'
Kr take '
uWcni .
Crenou (Jul, I
1't rVvH lluu
Tlrv ami Uubber
A '
, WK.
. .tW
a M7 il
. ;
5. -f:
4.2.1 ""'
r iSJ
. :,
(irnecal Huriall takes conuiiaaiLof the
French troo;a at the Dardanelles. '
Italian dirigibles bombard Austria
encampments aud railroad statious. ,

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