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If tJNDON, August 3-( Associated Press) The jaws of General FochV trap are closing in on tfie armlei of the Crown rin'e Iri tne SoIssons-RKeims 'pocket, r fighting
JJjtheir way forward the French have reenteHd 3oIsson hd VtKs sau'Uieist of thiaeVid and Aimed citf tha firiti! and French have crowed the Cnse Riveir and
.' j
I t
,h. .
44 'The Allie are this. morning: bushing eastward or doissOns, with every toot ot advance ciosma tighter the only doot inrougn wmcn uie vc"""" h1 'lt??""
cn the. southland east other Allied forces are harrying the Germans and driving them back. x iu.: " t . , . .. ' , - , . , .. .
DOissons and tne vnauaun plateau icrmeatne ancnor pomt or wna was neit o.ho icissona-ivneims sauenc ana uie success ui , ; , , i "A .
yesterday rhay mean thit' the1 German plan to take up a1 defensive line idoririW VesU fvei hii'aVcVdy beett'waHd ahd fhU'tnaarealrUiftWa gmc may
not be able to stop South or the: Aisne. -ituu-'-n- i .uv--.fAV.,:t .k-ir.i a-
Such a retirement will expose the lett flank ot tne uermans noidmg tne Hoyons-montdidier sanent, driven in tne -eariy, jane cirensiyeuawo wic y us y w
Yesterday the Allies advanced along their enure front or tiurty-sixT miles along tne eanenr arc trom aoisson to- imuois. wnicn is uiree -uucs wv vV,r.V",r
to march .forward For , two miles
ing ceaselessly at every point where the Germans would stand to oppose i them1 althojgh on'some s'ectioni te 'Ac3 tf.-.?
without being able to find the foe.4 The Germans, had 'fled' before the American advance refusing' to face the fighters from overseas.
Brown tnid h
corporal at tba aead and the other
rtovftn Amarlsaaa l the rear the pro
cemion started through the waoua guid
ed by the douRhbojr'i eorapaaa towardl
the Amtrieta linear 'It wan not plala
ailing. i .jff . ;
" Ihpy ware beatad the IMrratn al-j
vance and had to paaa it and the space ,
WASHINGTON, August a (Associated rres - o,-"t. wsy th. wi.'
DespatrheH last night from General Perahuig t awi parties of oenuana aaw the ad-
dealing with the lighting in the Uheims -isoissons twfc;ny -,
Malient say that; when darkness fell Over the bameneiu rendered,' Beating through the thicket
yesterday it found the Americans pressing forward for , JreVS-KK STiS
gain of Ave miles at some points since morning, with the Tkrotif u. 3ng -
i.rntrr(-( flill timiilll? ' J ' "Juat aa ' he atarted over to the
progress l-UUUUUlHg. ! American tinea the Oermana laid down
For the last two nnles or tnis aavance tne Americans , barraa. Thia got four of the g-
mld ha did not know how many j.-.. m
era but taera were aiore than a JCTTtCLtX lCVOVZ
i TV lik "T J ll. V
i. s urn wiiaf Drown siuu msi a .(,, ,j . . . i a .
r-r ,; " w V- . . a
vjews or name,
n.n4;v.nlTr -ntx fiirhiiitr tnnnltf lprtTVnd found iKMllir man, but did aot touch theAmerlcan.
uw ,.i.v ..f, b, , TTv Vii i i ."I Brown and hia twN omrdea
dead IsKUes and men so severely wounueu iyfy imu iu
lie abandoned by their retreating comrades.
This is along the new front northeast of Nesle and in
the direction of ' Draveiigy, where tn Ametican infantry
is followingjn the wake of Prefach caValry, which is hang
ing on to the rear of the German and harrying them con
stantly. The Americans are following the French closely,
ready to drive fofwterd shbtfld the'erieiriy 'aiterrtpt to make a stand.
On Thursday, reports General Pershrng; th Americans took
Hill 230. '' "'"
Early this morning American aviators took part in a great raid
over the German Tines, the share of the Americans' being to bomb
the German concentrations at Conflans.
Tress despatches from 'Lonfloh,' d'escritimg the American prog
ress on Thursday and yesterday morning say 'that the tide of battle
oil the American front had drifted eastward from th previous fight
ing near Fere en-Tardenot's. "Hie town of CiergeV southeast of
Sergy, had proved a stumbling block' to the1 advance at that joint.
The town lies in a hollow And in this had collected ten feet of poison
gas, into which neither side darecl venture. Hie battle line divided
when' the Americans reached the place! and the force split until the
valley of death was passed.
The official reports issued ,1iere' yesterday said that the Amer
ican forces wire advancing without meeting resistance and were not
even finding groups of machine gunners in the ground they passed
over. The right flank, on the RheimS sector is pressing the enemy
Under date of July 31 General Tershing issued a communique
telling of the progress made and quoting a copy of an order, cap
tured on a prisoner, relating to the policies to be pursued against
ba-k(Uh , lS.'V prieoaera. Four1 killed
made . total of IStt, The American.
olTrera were atmost dumbfounded tt the
traafe tale Browa breught back, but
doubt;' TBBlsbed when toon fter ha
reached regimental headquarters a mil
itary polirrmaa thowed up with large
bundle of map and plana Brown had
take, front the dead German officer
killed by. hia automatiee rifle and hand- j
ing then In aaidr ' Gimme my receipt.'!
"Browa laet yeart waa a sbippiog
clerk nd bad met this awn on
way back and. turning over the mapa
which made - a heavy bundle had
stopped while he eeribbled out a re
ceipt he demanded. Meanwhile the
barrage of abella -were, falling around.
This receipt part of the records of
the American Army. The prisoners in
cluded a major, one captain, two lieu
tennnra and a number of noncommia-
' sioaed' me.J
Daofbfoand Oarmaai
' "It wtt tfctt individual fighting of
Americans lost in the woods that dumb
feunded' the-' Germans. Many of the
prMwnera actually complained of it as
unfair warfare. Generally tba rule for
soldiers cut off from their commandant
and isolated Is to surrender. The Am
ericas evidently knew nothing aheOt
such a rule, but kept on fighting. Soma
if them, of cqiu-ne, were killed, hut
holding out there in the woods played
havc with the advancing Germans.
"This story shows how the Amer
icans flybt a certain machine gun
ner riexed lii gun alongside a thieke
through which he hoped to get the ad
vauciug Germans. Just then a stray
shell blew off his right hand. ' The Ger
man columa to his despair he aaw
pnsKin out of range of the gun which
he nus unable to move with one hand.
He drew hia automatic and firing it
1.0NDON, August S (Associa
ted" Press J Berlin official reports
of yesterday Indicate" clearly that
the German people are being kept
in the dark and misinformed up
on the results of the lighting in
the Moissons Rheimi salient. This
official report, dealing with the
battle on Thursday said: "There
War only desultory - fighting on
Thursday and between tfolasona
aad Fere onTardeneii the Allie
were everywhere completely re
puld. " . f ' ' -,
A..ieiM.h British tank was
shot to pieces on the Heights of
Beugnetuu" ' -1
CDiDiT nr onnn .
11 III I I III fill sVfaTir W.,
n inn ui iiliuli
lilll lllllllll 11 IIIIRIIII II
w. .,-
l.' -V., J i' ' J, 1 ' ' 4 i '
Bolshevism and Germanism More
People Are yyillln 1 "k
- ' To Longer Endure "
BteA rress) Ort the Murrhan toast; In
Uie Xland, Umn4 aid ;l VurVestan
the feeling of bitter resentment against f
BolslMKrira 4 and- Germanism' 1 grows
etesyiily an the position of the Bo)
hhtviXt . leaders and .the ' Oermatta "be-1
cornea etendily letm tenable. 1
Ofti(?it'annonneemeht from Moscow
came te ' loadon yesterday - thai! ' the
Archangel frontier 'had teea ' brdcred
rhwcfl for two weeki, far Mmiliury1
pprposes,' Indicating the probability of
a movement against the Kurman Coast
anl '' Kolit Peninsular regions will
as a poMiblc iombioed German aad
Fintilsh expedition .,. ' . yV
In Turkestan a strong revolt against
the Roth Italians and. Austrian Are t0 8wiu despatches and in fhe Aland
Claiming Victories and LWands the inhnbitants have dynamited
buildings. The entire population speak n
the Hwedlsh language and the Island
forniesly belongnl to Sweden. The in
habitant nre incensed ai German eonv
,trol of Finland which they- fear, will
be a menace to Sweden an
German Retreat Precipitate at
WMmMmWwm Etitente
the Americans. This commtimque said
"I ast nielit tn the line of the Ourcq the enemy renewed counter I. ith the left hand guided" the German'
. ' . 1 .. . . . V 1 '. S n U n ma.
aiiaiKS. Ill UIC region Ul JCI lllgH aim ih-.tiu ss.-wum.i "-"" j jne
which temporarily penetrated our lines were cut orr Dy macnine gun(teiiiDg effeot. Two other . American?
f.r -.i,t ili mrmhrre WilK-iL wnuri'deil or cantured. 1 'lost in the woods eame up Attracted
"Southwest of the Meuqiers wood our troops, after severe bay
onet fighting, drove the enemy before them through the woods
which we have taken and reached the village of Cierges.
'Following is a translation of an order taken to , Great Head
quarters, transmitted to the Schmettow corps on June I, 1918:
" 'In order to hinder the formation of an armv in I-ranee it is
; ohine gun which be. turned loose with
by the firing and got the wounded gun
ner back to bin own tinea.
Astoni&her'. Captain
"Here in another little story that
sounds like fiction, but every word in
true: Au Aiiicrii'.an corporal was cap
t ur. .1 li v n (lernuin eaDtain at the head
ot an army in i ranee u is i . .,.:,.,,,., Tn. ' tKe
inioortant that American troops engaged along the front be struck ; Awe. lean in mr f two German priv
as hard as possible. It is intended to use these troops as the nucleus ue i.mk ac-rOS the Marne in a canva-
for new formations. (Signed) Ludendorlt. - TllM ,... rn,k(M ,
bnui, upaf 1 1 i ii v it uuii Hwiinming buck
to tin' south bnuk of the river made
bin tiny uunmn'il buck to the American
refill. i-tit lii'a.lquarters. Ah he wos re
I"!'1!1;' tu tin- AiiurUau colonel in
uAlk:il uiu of our men with the Gnr
IllrLli i-u Lit :i i ii ixlin liuil i-AlitllrMil t Km Am-
uruaa i-uriorul liouis before. As they
i-liini' fun, which killed the American inrnxurw.l r-jch other the corporal
i-Hituin. Hrown got (lie lone German ! bruki' iiitu a luuva and the German
(,'tinnor with bis rifle. Then eonie an oiiiiin anl: ' Voii must be a brave
American corporal also left alone in the mm.'
woods and Brown and the corporal "Tlirie Americnu doughboys eaptu'--started
after the seeoad machine gun r mi l n ut bin k hituks the Marne kill
behind a clump of bushes. They got I .-,! tlnif (f"rils with their bare hands
close nnd Brown with bis automatic u, ,,t bnrk to their own linos after
the German erew , iminini the Marne. Heveii other Am
erii-ann. iik-iuuiuk n lieutenant, were
Hpvy Americas Amateur Soldiers Met
kaiser's Veterans and Smashed Them
'Steady 1rooreis : "
v .
NEW YORK, August 3 (Associated
Pres)-"-Conf licting reports came from
the' opposing fronts in Albania, the
Italians' claiming a halt for a few days
fa preparation for further advances
and the AuStriuus clnimiug gains and
Fighting activities in Albania have
almost ceaitcd for a few days, Rome
reported ktst night. "Our covering
troops have made progress and are near
er to the positions wnere enemy rem st
ance is, to be expected.. Meantime prep
n rations rf beiag made for further ad
vances."' , ..
In the Anntrian official report issued
from Vienna last night it was claimed
that fighting was in progress and the
Austrian! were moving forward- bn
both aides of the Semiol. Tbey hl
reached points close to the Feirebrat
line and had taken several supports
further up the Devoli Valley.
ARIS, 'August 3 (Associated Txess), Resuming
l'thieia(lTaiiW at dairn yesterdar, after an all night
' shlliiiirbf the Qenn'an defense positions throughout
the Soissons Rheims salient, the Allies gained important
ground 'at 'every' point. Trom 'Sojssons dear around the
Uatin line tdtheTefy gates of .Rheims the French; Ameri
(fansBrit&a'and Italiahs smkshed the German rear-guhi?d,,ta'W,-8
many'lrwiie ttnd'inflifting most severe
t The moat significant progress was made on the north
ern end of the stern - unewhere' Untish and rreneli
dkveitBe:hemy'al6ng five1 mile- front Into and from the
valley of the Crjse, which' flows into' the Aisne1 at Bbissons
froiii tWuWehsiu s,Tlver'has nbw been crossed by
!(htf.AttWl6nfe their Svholfe' front lnd the German right
fflaiik Sas n turned 'their' hbU' Upon the Chaudun
. Ill m ' . t ''
-As the-true' of' die Vesie' Valley had been planned by the Ger-
.' . '' 1 f . rr I J i . l 1 . .
el PS.
I'aa r!.i n ilirt ..ul aTinlr an ml nnlniAil
- - k - - " r " r---- l
articles of Maxim Oorkv the soviet f
government bn ordered his arrest. od mans on the basi$ oi the security afforded by this plateau, yester
the permanent suppression ox tus paper,
it is reported in despatches arrivtag
in Londiui via Coponhagen.
cross int,o;hina. . .
'TOKlO, August rPWuV,fo Kip
pn Jijll Troops of BolshevitU foreea
are operating an the boundary Jiae-ef
Siberia and XTanehuria.: advancing ii
Chinese territory. -, The wb, an4 -of Ikw-;
diers have captured "the city, ef lln-
juria and . many of the' invaders are
now stationed Were. It i'ppctel
that the Chinese government ilK send
troops to the scene. . k
w, a, a.
T)tniln of some of the earlier fight
ing on the Marne reavhed Honolulu bv
mail wterdny, nhowinK the stugger
ing si.-ceH with whirh the Americans
met the (ierinan onHlauuht south of the
river and smashed some of the finest
troupes of the kaicer.
"ljvHt ni'ht the tnlen of heriosm of
these men were being told," cabled a
correspondent from American headquar
ters on July IX of the Hamrulea who
met the Hun rush, itemmed it and final
ly drove it back in a stern counter. I !
believe," he reported, "of nil of them
the story of Sergt. J. F. Drown is the
most notsble. Brown commanded a
detachment of eleven w hen the Oer- j
ninn onslaught route. When the ad
vnacing lloche came, nloig they were
allowed to pass and then our boys got
rcriily to turu the machine guns loose. ,
Itut juxt then a hundred or so Oermans
come i aloug. Hrowu ordered the men
to watWr quick. , He ducked into the
woods and saw Vrie Hun nut the bo- ,
loved machine gun out of the way. I
"The Germans passed oa. Brown
looked around aad seemed to be ulono.
He. started toward the Marne away ,
from his own lirtes and met his cup
tain also alone. These two Americans
si fie killed three of
of I ho pin. Then, attracted by the
I shooting rl"c nt hand, curae eleven
. other Amerii-niiH.
! "Brown tesuuied commsud and led
the party where they could see the
(t-rmaiiH in a trench taken from the 1
Americans. j
"Then theHe thirteen Ameirrans per-j
formed feat never to be forgotten.
The OwriusuH were evidently left iu the ,
ternches with machine guns to meet a
, counter attack should the Americans
make one. Hrown sent twelve men i
i about the Hun position iu twelve di- I
rw.MiyiH. He himself took a position
i where he could ruge the trench with his
I automatic rifle.
Battle Opens
At u siynal the twelve Americsns
opened up with rifles from twelve
point end' ftrown started working his
-:i.. u. v. .. aia
. .. . . i . l . : niiiiiuiiiiiB ini o. xjivviii sctiix u uiu
"f? " T . . T . T ' 7 i n' : '" know how manv (Jermans
ws.ia ao auvommiit iit nun i
with- aa autoaia.ui rifle.
Out Off Br Barrage
' "They shy ' the lloche hsrrage kept
them from getting to their own lines
and decided t kill ull the HucheH thev
could before they themselves were kill- 1
d. 'They lay in a thirket while I In'
Germans passed by in large numbers. :
According to Brown's report they heard
two machine, guns going back of them
and decided to go ami gel I hem. 'I' lie
two crept close and charged the uiu
iw how manv uermans were
killed tmt he shot the rifle until it got
so hot he could not hold it and had to
rest it 8 cross a stump. The Oermans
then thinking they were attacked by
a large party decided ty surrender. A
(I, tin:' n major stepped out of the trench
wih his hands high culling ' Ksinc
rsd '.
"Hiiihii laid down the rifle and
while the three hidden Aniericuim
ronrlel him lie advanced toward the
niH.jofC 'I'h en all thirteen Americans
moved in and disarmed the Uerniuus.
taken over the Marne by the Germans.
Th lieutenant knocked one guard down
with n stick of wood and got his gun
and 'Itxarineil the other guards.
Swim the Marne
v ,-n A mcr lean started 'to swim
the iitri m lien u tioclie machine gun
op.'ncil on litem.'
"A I cili'tiniit and one American
were killed. The olhiirs got buck by
sw ilium tig under the water.
"I Kite these iiituno because notli
ing I'M tells so uell (Ue spirit of the
Aiiiiii ,,n fighters. They have not all
the turning ot seasoued vetaraua, they
do in.t know bow to retreat, but tbey
liaM- ' juts." They don't know when
to pnt Caught out ther
by tieiniuns acWaiiciag three ways they
did not try to gut back, but stayed
when- tiny wore because thlit was
where tin Hermans were aud they came
to Kill (.M-riunns.
or wale i
I'ilfSS ill
ma.-ikf r,
Allien, ,i
g.ne ,,, :
, , ' Ii : .
uih an, ,
in the woods without food
in must castes swept by mer
II fire, often wearing gas
hunts at u tune, bumlreil, 'ui
1 stuck fighting, souictini'S
it i allv in iiunches of three 'or
fought until the ammunition
an, I 1 1. . ii tliey fmight with
"inn I In- lierinits made first
iliiwu'li the woods at tlirc
Japan and Russia Send More
Goods and European Na
tions Generally Less
WASHINGTON, August 2 (Official)
Increases of imports into the United
mates of nearly a quarter of a billion
dollars in spite of the fact that imports
from Great Britain, France and Italy
showed a considerable decrease , aie
shown iu the report of the depiir'tneiit
of commerce for the fiscal year ending
June 30.
Imports for the year amounted to
!t:!,946,0.rl,40g and showed an increase
of U87,000;OllO approximately, over
those of the preceding year. From Japan
iinjiorti were considerably increased,
especially silka, rice and eottou goods.
Kroin Kuropean Russia there wus un in
crease of l,U0(l,(MU the total amount
iug to 15,146,820 nnd the increase be
ing largely the result of quantities of
hides and larger shipments of platinum
of whirh Husaia is the chief producer.
Krom the United Kingdom, auee,
Italy and the European neutrals im
ports showed decreases.
i ' ' W. a. a,
TOKIO, August 2 (Special to Nippu
Jijl) The Japanese goverrimeut hue
ordered the suspension of the Tokio
rice market for a period of five days.
The step taken by the gevernmeut was
to stop the people from further boosting
prices, which ha been going en lately.
It is hoped that the price of rie will
drop to normal after the suspension
period is over.
o'clock Moaday morning. It was nine
o'clock that night before the Americans
came back with the fleeing Boche be
fore them aad were joined by the com
rades who had borne their part so well.
Perhaps our boys would have driven the
Mdohr iiack on the Marne anvhow. but
I hanoen to know that the knowledge
n the woods uf t,e prcence of their comrades still
fighting in tne woous agwinsi men
odds, lent a punch to their successful
counter attacks.
"It must.be remembered those sol
diers never saw a battle before. They
don't know many of the rules, but do
know one fight as long as tho fight
ing is good and then fight some more.
In Broadway parlance the show staged
bv fhe Americans east of Chateau Thir
rv hss been a howling success. It oray
be remembered the show stnged north
v est of Chateau Thierrv wns the miuh
sort of performance. The French hai
?'" chfi lived the nnine Hois Helleau to
Hois De la Brigade lv Marines."
tip inYppTinr.'posuionji .ineir retreat in many pi
Utevi:liy.'tne-!V?cfty .i:;Rheim, directly across
SsksotiaLrrle' ViiuablAreTound was gained,
-7 I
day's success appears likely to force an abandonment of the plan
and may corrrpet tre CTOwrr Prince to withdraw his entire force back
once more nkhf 'the Aiaaeijrorn which he, launched his drive for
Paris in, Uyi'f,:.; 1 ' ': '
y-' Along Wfntiw litre the Germans have been compelled to give
aces ucing prcLipi-
the salient from
While the advance on
I tbi'sh.'a pfogTefSd, more than three miles for the day when
ntrfii '- VntisB ''occupation of Thillois, west uf Rheims
f fhieaten9:'the Veslt'linf most seriously.
Reuter cofresbbndent ai French headquarters, summing ut the
isituationr'ai nooi" yeterday, said:
i ; DMrin'h' last twenty-four hours General Magnin's advance
has, steXdiry cwtinued. From laux and liartennes southeast to-
twadi the Ourcq he had advanced his forces along a ten-mile front,
derhrfying Hartennes and bringing the line to Craniaille and apo
AkJrJ .rtfikfrgVn armpst' straight line from,IIartenne to Fere-en-Tar-trenois.
. Further oi the' south we are. now two miles past Sergy,
while' opposite;' bp the eastern line of the salient our patrols have
ad v'ahce" a "thousand yards beyond Ville-en-Tardenois, vhich town
is enveloped. : v '
GRMAft' Reserves disappearin3
TVyB eo.emy.r'ir.'tetreatJng reluctantly and the Crown Prince's
NEW YORK, August 2 ( Associated
Press) Indictments have been return
ml bv the federnl grand jury affninst
rr Kdward A. Rumely and ji. garter
Knuffmsn. former eouasel for the1 Gr-
nmu embassy at Washingto in 'conner -
tt:nn- w-ith the false ktatements wblob
v ere rendered to A. Mitchell Palmer,
istodiun of caiomy property, in refer-1 reserves re feeing usedv up much more rapidly
e'tee fo inc itermaa owarsuip suu ui
ti ul of the Kvening Mail.'
Dnctiir Uumely is charged with hav
irg received money from, the German
government to secure control ftf the
nr'per while he represented to ite editor
that thu purcboee was for Oesmaa
" niericiuis who were desirous of rnaia-'-ifiiiL'
the friendlyi rein Hons that than
existed between the United States aud
(lermnnv. Kumolv, as. business mil
ager, it is charged made' affidavits as
ii oi 'lershi)) te.be submitted to the
etistodiun of enemy property in which
the true facts relative to ownership
were concealed. , .
The paper has since been taken over
bv the bondholders and ia .fun by the
snme editor as a loyal 'American 4pob
w. a. a.
Cigarets Gift
SAN TEANCI80O, August 3
(Ol(lclal) Oanaraus gifta of
"smokes" for thw American sol
diers In Franca by two Chinees
was announced hew by Ka Sat
Hlag of Shanghai. .Ha, aad hia
fathor, Kan Chru Nam .-of Hong
Kong, will togethw . give Uuxaa
ml"ton trig are ta.
Thia la on of tbs largest single
donations of clgareta avar etttfA
to n .hoa o tae AomsApsji x-
padltlanary foxoaa.
. ; V JS1 wi s' W 1V1 W M-
French Army headquarters reported that yesterday morning the
Franc6iAhierrcan forces along both banks of the Ourcq advanced
sirnuKaniously.' driving the Germans before Them, occupying Cra-
Unaitte arid Craimoiselle and entering Saponay north of the river,
vvhBf south of. the'Stream the two armies swept into the yesle forest,
t4 wuct the Germans are clinging tenaciously, tbe attacking forces
keeping' pac m their advance.
Details of; the, Battle of Wednesday sHow that it was one of most
mpos'Un advances on the part of all the Allies, with the most sig
nificant gams going to the' credit ot tne tirmsii ana 1'renen between
$t.'Ge'rhoe,"th'Sdtberply tip of the salient, and Fere-en-Tardenois.
Hese thf advance was along a five-mile froVit to a depth of three
miles, the gains giving the Allies possession of the heights between
the Marrie an the Qurcq.
I' ' " - rm.l- 'I...WiV la 'itAni.aiKa,l mm nenl to I A r tl.a mnsl I mn ivivt 11 1 alnna 4 kaa flea
A 1 Ul pUVVnUS IV II VafV f J V aaai V wuca ai vase ihuoi ins rui bnuii dssiv kbsv uvi
iusbC evacuated their positions on the Marne as it gives the Allies tbe comuinn l
ovrsthi. On hi. gt through . v hie h the Oermans have Isaea retiring uud means
that no 1owj ordmlw retreat ia possible now for the Urowu i'rinse.
L i .ThtC' altuatiod wtai described by the . correspondents as "extraonlinarily
(rood Sad soma of the despatches described the advaaee of the day before as
t) pivotal ejjlso.de i the suiuuier aaaspaigB and. perhaps nt the war.
( On tba south,, ia cooperation with the Americans, the Preneh advanced
along htffieoBMntfoart-CBulonges ro'a'l, clearing the Oerinnus from the thickets
whiqh marls this seskiun of thai country. The Herman resistance here was found
' talbeKgreatiy tliriiiaiaheit T the east of thia arVanc the Allies drove the Oer-
man kk ttej Owtakvirta of Viliem Agron-AIguiry.
v, flheadneo aoae Boiasous gave the. Allies many villages, while the guilts
en tho Bhorma aiirei of the salient netted (till more. When the Allies moved flor-
'.ward; aloAf thia aouthera-sortioa they found that the Germans were retreating
'at many pUitK leaving burning villages and ruined countryside in Hteir wiUe.
'Ehe-iuttraiaa la gesnjrat througlsout tka aalire salient sou in. of theVesio, the
Westa4tttieyiiig vy thing 'ley .cannot carry away with them. Throughout
.the ar-1hoAiHea parouatf law etieaung roe wua tae aeak
liii i i ii b ps -I ii !) J .."W M 1 1
. aATTtK A"RHt ityiciaU i NEW YOEK, August 8 (Aaeoe;
ia-iussat aAalsVaeiWaraill ,) hana quaste. of a
Uka LA3CATrV tebifrr1 QUININI
(Tablets). DruggUta le'und money li
lt tails to cnra - The aignatnre ol
B. W. GROVE la on eesta box. Man-'
ulactured by the PARIS MEDICINE
CO., St. Louis, U. 8. A.
aututiHintid. bin 8. MoirO. assist a ul eon
toulec for th imperial Japanese gov
ore imm t rai laay s. . ....
lla haa beaa iv the United Btutrs an. I
Canada for, the p severol.yenrs study
ing railroading aud transportation proli
liou Oreaks have been deported front
Turkey, where they had been residing
it is announced by the Qreeciaa for
eign oflice. These refugees were able
to take little or. nothing with, them
when they were driven fosth and now
iu their destitution tbwy are looking to
the I'liited States in the hope of rellet.
I'uless it can he secured from thia
source they do not know where to turn.

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