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t-. -i j wm t
Hawaiian - Branch of Woman's
Convnittee CouncH of Defense'
War Need for Graduatet Makes
Necessary Students To Taki -Places
At Home , j
"IfctcauBe the Nation.' reserve. liWa
been depleted 1y the calling literal
ly thousands to! graduate noraea fef ler-
l, "jHc la.' military, nV naval ? hospitals,
it 1 absolutely necessary immediately
to rail . twenty. lv thousand . student
nurse for ; training Jo , America hoB-
; pital) and the rail cornea: to Hawaii
aa elsewhere iff the tJnltfcd' States. '
The matter haa received the attention
of , the local dlvlnlon ef the Woman's
Committee of the Council of National
Defense and sub-committee Is how at
work seeing what arrangements ran be
made for the- opening of ,a training
school in 4 Honolulu' for1' young women
who may doaire to respond here to the
national call ' It la possible that suchi
a school may be opened la connection
with the military departmental hospital
at Fort Bhaf ter, or at the Queen 'a Hos
pital, although there la already a
nursea. training school at the latter in
Students Kane Beaerre , ' .
Vhe young worsen who iy desire ta
put themselves at the ' services of the
BoveYnrmsnl In thi 'crisis will be en'
rolled lb, .'the tufted State Btmlent
- Nurse Reserve and will hold themselves
ia' readiness to train for 'act vte' a
nurses. Tk ealV Issdod by the1 Wo
maVi't Cotrimittee, Cdnneil of Natidaal
Defense, which .. endorsed by Surgeon
General (torgaa, U .. A.; BtfrgcoD,
General Blue, U. 8. Publle Health Ser
vice; Anna Howard Shaw,' ehalrma of
the womAn 1 committee: Henry P. leVl
eon, thalYrrian ef the war council, Amer
i n i A k. li xt - V
chairman of the general medio! board
of the Council of National Defense, is
lian'v Naedad Oversea
' "The war is treating an unprecedent
ed demand for trained nursea, - Onty
those who have taken the full training
course are eligible for service with our
forces overseas. These nursea are ' be
ing drawn largely from pur hospitals si
home).' Their; places, must be nlled' fcrr
student nurses enrolled for the full
training roorsa of from, two to thre
yearsj Every young woman who en
roll' W the Unlted'"Btat- Student
Nurse Reserve Is releasing a nftvee for
service at the front and swelling the
hom4 array 'which wV-mt-Hl fely" on to
t aa our second lih'e of hospital de
fense. tTpon the health tf the Ameri
can people 'will depend the spirit ' of
their fighting forces..
"The call is for women between the
sicca of itaeteen and thrfy-flya.
"Intelligent; responsible women 'of
gooil education- and hound health are
wanted the pick of Ihe country. ' A
college education la a valuable asset,
and many hospitals will give crodit for
it. Credit will also be given for a
ruc.cial acientifie equipment or for pre
liminary training lu norslng, such 'as
that given in apecar courses now being
conducted " by Various colleges and
schools. Rome schools, on the other
hand, do not even require a full high-Ki-hool
Enrollment ' , ' ' ( .
"Women will be given1 an opportu
nity to enroll In the' Uhited Btates Stu
dents Nurse Reserve in any one of
three ways: v' '
"(1) As engaging to hold themselves
in roadinesa until April 1, 1919, to ac
cept axflignments to nurses' training
schools ThcMo women will bo sent fo
the s1ioo1h as fast as vacancies occiiK
Those ef superior qualifications will be
given preference,, and it is, of course,
poibe" that hot everyone who enroll
will be act-opted. '
"(2) As desiring to become candi
dates for tEa-Army Nursing School re
cently' established 1y authority of thb
war department, with branch schools
in selected military hospitals.
" (3) A engaging1 to hold themselves
in reailiness until April' t, 1919, to c
ept axHignment to either a civilian
traii)ing school or the Army Nursing
Hrhool. Those -Who 0 enroll will be
calhvl where the first "f"! arises. The
government hopes t hit k majority of.
those who eh roll will thus put down
heir names for both. ' ':1
The Nuraee Training Bcheol
"TRere ire 1J79 'nurses' training
schools ia this oountry. Their uowi Is.
ns great And Imperative aa that of the
Army School of Nursing. Those who.
enroll for thAse school will be . os-.
signnd as vaeanctna occur...
"The enrollment card, will 'indicate
two rlnxaoa of' regihtraata Preferred
ami DeferriHl. The Preferrod etas Will.
Im those who are ready io accept as.
Figiimefit to Whatever hoapitad the Gov
ern inent directs them, although they
may state what training, avhqol they,
prefer to bo sent trt. Those 'who regis
ter in the Preferred class will be Assign
ml first, and all
will lie fiven to their preference . a
stnted. The Deferred claas is composed
of those who limit thtie pledge of sor.
vice that is, who will not engage to
r-o except to certain hospitals. This
i-ls-s is intended largely for those who,
'nr fnniily reasons can not accept' train
ing af a distance from their homes.
These who register la the Deferred class
will be assigned only ' after the Pre
ferred class -ia exhaninted.
"The government; relies on the pa
triotism of those who enrol! to fill out
Preferred card if they possibly can,
thua volunteering to go where they are
most needed.
--ixonony win re aasignea to any
Hi-boohs whose conditions of training are
not approved by the Btate Board of
Nurse Kxaminer.
Term of Training
"The term of training; Varies from
two to three years, according to the
requirements of the particular school to
tthuh the student nurse may be sent.
.u luuriu tal-.es less tliuu two years
D Loo
lick js ucaiiy 0
.a-i '; :
Perennial .CandWate of, Pauahi;
StreetCoyly , Consents. To
-. JteSpOnSe TO imaged, . P)S-
' Wand ' ' ' ' ' . ,
. . 1
.Llt.k'Jlee.ndleM ,h..naliyf?ocldi
d" t,hM taete la tiicB a na4himon
and. voeiferona demand for bin te od
tapfi hlateelf. with hi usual hopeful
paaMmeVf Running for delegate t j
feonftteal thrt he haa at last formally
announced his eandloacy.
For weeka'Unh itrerended that hi
mfklnrva hif 'mind and said time
and again t Eat he wssnt euro Whethet
he' would Tun or not.. Of course, this
deceived nobody whd .klrew' Link. , It
wis a foregone 'eoneluaioa that Be
would ma and erervhoAv at all.ac'-
qnainted with Hawaii 'a perennial cn.
didste knew that; he never had the i
riliShteet doubt about what . he would I , An . exerpt from tno insurance law
Vri1 '..' " '. ' .doflaa a privntn garage as a building
1 Link dM Miirnrlu uih miM I
tnongh, i weeK or tw ago when i. a
. . " a - . ... i
interview in jDe . Advertiser he admltf-1
ted that there might poihly be aom
bod, else ih' tb lmeWtle Vrty tb. 1
l.ii :i -V. I
Hi XdMerok' 7 ' '
Apparently, howeyer, thi waa a mere
stall en the part of t.ink, just his little
Joke, for of courtefheje ia nobody else
In the party qoalilled tb be candidate
for delegate.' At Iet, if there is.
Link can't e It -
f o 'yrrsterda he came' but Into the
nrteh and aattounced to a breathless pub
lic that he we IT. '
, But JUnk waa coy. He didn't eome
too far out all at one time. It might
almost be said, that he waa modest, if
that weren't eo ridiculous. Link didn't
tell, the" general public he wii going lb
run. -' He justjunouneed it In hl own
little private Hawaiian, newspaper that
he: maintain for the purpose of boost
ing hlqiseelf. HI announcsmeott iff
Qthewordaj 'waa, printed In the Aloha
ftins., ii reaoa as xojiowa: ..
The Aiinotinrjeihetit
'Having received many letter, from
"5,!". 1 . mMt-
thlt place bf . Democrat, which I have
attended,' repeating me Vo Tun a. eart-
1?,H of t Democratie
rvui.a.lr2m"l:, . -
tWAril' AZF "VL?T
emtio -tfn tbeb Voming prlma.
: Win hblde"by the platform of the
h MHUkii Vm i.. L'JV'.
Knki H(f elinalnate thh word "tm..
, r-v visa i ri uvatu UT
r.Llia w '.ltJ i L . J
ty-flve'name for the opening of pnb
lio binds.- Thi My ia in eongress. Be
catfse Knfclb-wa -aakid.-he Introduced
thifbiU) -UI. that ,ill prevent eiti
enr, from bbtalhifak . mirbli'e" larida. '
"In' feeneluaionv I humbly ask' for
your 'aupport 1n . the ebminir nHMr
nl.t . Ti i.. .7 ": v '
W.kV. "T " xne coming
And J-lalf ran his picture with his
nor more thai three. '
' 'At present every woman who c
phtea iat'iafactOrily her tralnihir in .
accredited school if eligible for service
h an .Army nurae at the front and
""Il- .h8nc' offing assigned to
abroad. . At the , same time -shii
will he Qualifier to "earn her living i
Bni Of the Bdblest profession open to
women.J- ff should be reme'mbereil, fur
thermort, that her 'usefulness will begin
not when ie graduates from the train
ing school nti aodh as ahe enters it.
Practical nirking work I a part of the
work of every training school,' and the
student nurse is not only learning to
err but serving her country from tho
Finances '
"The student nurse gets her board,
'odging, and tuition free at practically
vry training schoof. a'nd in most case's
receive a small rertiuoeration' to cover
the cost of, bootci and udlformg. After
graduation she has art' earriin ennm-ity
f from 100 to :i(X3 a month. Private
iUty nurse now receive nri Average of
100 W 120 a month together with
tionrd while on duty; instilutioh nurses
"roni 5fl to taSO a month' together with
board, lodging, arid laifndryf'and public
nefclth nursea from "iiOO to 250 n
inontH without maintenance. There iM
no donger f 'the earning capacity of
hurtea being lowered eftfer the war ends
6n account of ;he "great' nuiribet who
will thehbe' '4nalied'for 'the JlroVes
Hortj ' thel country' Will t,eed nil the
tidrses tlikt' can be trained, pot only
rturiirg'lha ,Waf but Wfter itrespocialiy
for reconstruction ia-'ort.' TSyeo If tho
War e'ndWtthln-tbWe'yearafevery stii
'n,lff will be'ablef fo complete her
tTaihlnlt h( wift Ive, iieetlod.
An Honorable SerH' v
"Kvef alnHe the' day ,of 'florenco.
Nightingale the rrurslno nrrtf..inr, l,,..
lason' &ai of hstieci al hnnnv 1 It u.uu
fficve ho honorable asi.1t Is today. The
riii,T wrc ia rvnry nprse it -an to
"keep uf wltn the draft." the United
States' Student' Nurse' Reserve is the
equivalent for' women of 'the gren Na
tional Army training camps for soldiers.
The GoVornmen't will rely upon t.he stu
lent nurse to fight disease at home, to
j-are for those injured hnd disabled in
mir hazardous war Industries, and to
make themselves ready to serve when
'he time comes as fully trained nuos,
athW lia4.n4 a. At l. 1 V !
,Jt ,i uuiiir. i,ei us snow i
that we know how to answer th . i
erhmentS call to tl(p yvomcn of the
country. i
Aiocai announcement Boon
Tha Hawaii branch of the W oinnn's
Oommttv hr the Oimncll of Nat iomil
1'erense Will probably make some ,lctl
line announcement . in the next ten
day regarding the possibility of a
training school for Honolulu
. ' ' , w. t. a. ' '
ROME, nlV, August 2 (Asso-iat.-l
rrefcs) King Victor EmniaHuel of Huh
spent the afternoon reviewine- the Am
erican troops on the north Italian front.
' After the review he gave hi"h pr.ii c I .
I the quality and readiness of the Aineci
j cans iu Italy.
New .Fire v Rules , Forbid II 4and
OWrfers Must Put Up ; Siflns
To Warn Themselves Not To
tUt:. pri't K"ages hereafter are
fforng l risk going to jail as well as
eetting fire to their property, according
ittXhm MW
tiong which have just been Issued by
Delbcrt E. Mct.ger, tho territorial fire
, tn moTr ,h(1 OWBpr of , ivBtr
KillK to vi()Rte thf( Uw ,f
he does not put up a sign at all the
ewttkaees to his gnrsge saving "No
Smoking," as a reminder to himself
am! ttthers of this fire ruio. The ter
ritorial -treasurer warns such private
gdrag "owners if they do not coiffply
with the Inw their neighbors nnd others
flnd 11 out Rn l report Ihem.
HJ.Zo FT iUm are
vent anrl storei for nm-itN uka nnlv
1K i i i. i L .i. I V'
ot or hlrp'1 ?" to P"
" 1 '" .", . ,1 "t0rB,?"
The Tto Smoke rule and the requir
nus signs with this
e1 pVlv alw to public irarairea.
ftulea Art Strict
'' The tulek anil regulations of tho new
fir lawa which went into effect on July
1 are strict also in their references to
establishments such as paint shops, fur
niture stores, planning mills, bakeries,
lanYbet yards, clothes cleaning estab
lishment and other places where Inflam
mable matter is kept in large quanti
ties. v ?uch places of business have to
marshal warns all to know the law and
comply 'With; its requirements. A full
and on.Uadoue compliance will cause
lesl) .Inconvenience and cost than no
effort id defend a single violation. If
yon don't comply your neighbors and
others will flnd it out. Be law-abiding,
and help conserve our prt.perty and re
sources from fire loss; this ia elemen-
' u?; ,d Xti
Urage. U that
ve patriotism," he says,
which niiiilles to orivste
' fT"
garages ia that at all times they must
nJ T ,.. itv
iron buckets of at leant one
filled with drv sand,
questions asked in connection
(with the notice of the fire rules, which
with th
'"' "achelor owners of auto
' TllT
, 1
to answer, are us follows:
yonr general housekeeping good!
ni yur outbuildings iu propel
your outbuildings iu proper
order! ' '
There are nino separate rules apply
Ing'to the sioring of gaMiline; filling of
tanks, uso of lights while tanks are be
Ipg filled .and providing other precau
tions for preventing fire. , Information
and instructions regarding these rules
and regulations may be secured upon
aplicatron to the fire marshal at the
.territorial treasurer's office.
A section of the Insurance Law pass
ed by the legislature in 1!M7, in order
to bring the insurance business under
government direction, created the ollice
.. I a ... 1. .. I i : r. i . i. - .
t iiiu inuiniini, umii niff-f-1 inni
u it , , ., , 1 .
sheriffs wcro to bo the denutv f re mnr
slialH outside of towns and cities which
had no fire departments. In towns
which had the fire departments the
chips wcro named ps the deputy fire
It (ilso was provided that the fire
marshal should promulgate rules and
regulations as lire laws, so the lire
hazard would bo reduced, which hai
been done, after conferences with tire
insurance experts, the deputy fire mar
Nh'ils and others.
Because there is so iiiucli work of
keeping the reports of fires, one of
which has to 1io submitted for every
(ire in the Territory, and personal in
vc.Ht.igntlon made as to the cause, when
doubtful, the territorial treasurer de
cided he would need a deputy to devote
His time to this work. To fill this poni
tion he bus appointed Karl William-, of
llilo, Hawaii, who entered upon his
dii'ies Inst Wednesday.
The deputy fire marshal's office is in
the treasury office where all fhe lire
reports will be filed and other work of
this department given attention.
Has Been Living in Honolulu
Several Years
Uev. dailies
Kauai i'l tin-
K. Iiln, representing
.lower house the mist
few scssitins. will run for senator this
time on Karuii, Iteprcaentatfvu James
K. Kula of the same island said ves
terday. l.ota has
as beeu nuikiiig his!
u for quite a hile, i
iiuioe in jiuiionnu jor nuiie
hardly ever visiting th (inrdeu Island I
the pant two oi three years.
Xinee lirst "inn to the legislature
l.ota was ordained a minister of the
Gospel and later I ci-miic pastor of the
Kaneoho Hawaiian Church on the other
idc of the island, this church 'being
under the snpci isinil of the llu
ian Boaid of Missions.
Representative Kula was nut sure
nbout his own unlit ical future he said
sieninv, aiiiiougii it is niso erv
probable that he will Mund ugain foe
the house from Kauai, which he has
I been repieentiiiL' for unite some time
Kula is also making his home in llo
iiolulu, ulthough now and then he makes
u short run across to Ihu (!n,d.. Kl.
moves the cause. Used the world over
to cure a cold in one day. The signs
tine ..I It W. ClUlVli in on each Imjv
M iiiuiacl'.ir. d ly the i'VUlS ftlHI'
CI.NH CO., b'. uoi, V S A.
apecia i permits. .ri ;.T.i "X ... ... .
Knt It ia in their applications! gar- D"' " "I? ,"c -J"5", p"'n
agea mat tne mios are extremcrv rigid. I r ....rr,
In his notice to the public, the fire no "I "0,JI"'? .w"" "BT'
Capable Head of Important Bu
reau $teps Out After Fbur- '
teen Years of Service..'
Plenty tf Deservtrrg' Demoorats
But Not Many With the Spe- .
c.lal Qtralificatiqns Needed
Charlea H. Mcrrinrs. for more than
fourteen "yenrs reglvtrar of convey
ances, ha V"'l'red his resignation to
Governor McCarthy, who has accepted
Hi A ueeMir' has already been ee
lected, bok hc name of the new regis
trar )a being withheld for tho present.
It will probably be announced by the
Governor todny.
Huch i the information received
through an authoritative source by The
Art vol user yesterday. It ii u noon Arm
d but authentic. Mr. Merriam will
move from the big office in the Judi
ciary Building into the office of one
of the big eortuirnt ions downtown, and
a new man will keep track of the sales
and leases anil mortgages.
Swreseer Selected
ricking M aiiccessor to Mr. Merriam
lyis ocenpied Icmocratic minds for the
pqst 'several !:ws. There are (still
some dascrvin; Democrats uhprovidod
for, but even in the high Bourbon cir
cles it ha been recognixed that Who
Ckn be hd 'figurehead sdministraiioB,
pinch a 'man nrm been found.
Very Quiet About It
The selection of the head Of' the
bureau of conveyances rest nominally
in the hand of the territorial' tree
iirer, but not s syllable has leaked from
Treasurer Mct.ger that such a thing
as a change in the bureau had. been
decided upon or that Mr. Merriam had
tondercd hlr'rcsignation. '
It is known, however, that tho actual
selection of pew registrar ha beeVl
i in the hand of the Oovernor, although
he. also haa' failed to make publie 'the
fart that applications for a good job
were in order, i
Mr. Merriam likewise has been very
quiet and last night he declined to
discuss the matter or even state that
he hnd resigned.
Capable Official
The appointment ns rogistrar came
to Mr. Merriam in 1WI4, after he hail
been connected with the office for some
time previously three yar as depntV
registrar anrl for some time before that
as an expert to install a card index
system. He wta named .for the poal
tion by the then territorial treasurer,
A. J. Campbell. '
Mr. Merriam has made good in everj
sense of the word. He is an authority
on tho Torren's land title system nnd
system that Is a model of its kind.
, ..j . . .
, He has always -ween popular with that
, . .
suction of the publle having business
to do in real estate' 6nd conveyances.
HII.O, August 2 (Special to The
Advertiser)- Rep. H. L. Holstein,
! spenker of the house of representatives,
will he a cimdidajo again for the house
from Kohalii, his candidacy being an
i nounced here yesterday through Sena
tor Stephen Desha.
' The reverend senator also annnunc
I ed thnt he intended to support J. W.
j Russell as a Hepubliran candidate for
tho senafniinl nomination to sueceod
Nenntor Makckau, who term hag ex
LONDON, August 3 (Associated
Press' One hundred and nino enomy
nun In nes destroyed or put Out of con
trol is told in the weekly report of air
activities issued last night.
On the Western" front seventy foe
machines were destroyed and eleven
were nnf nut of Anittrol ml n v,nauil,lA
' " ' m r i"-'""'
cost of twenty-seven British aircraft
and erewB Hint are missing.
On the other fronta the British down
..st : .1. . . I i i i
"nu "u'y
NKW YOKK, August 2 (Associated
Press) Five are missing and the cap
tain of the steamer is dead as the re
suit of the Kinking of the Poseidon
lifter collision with an American tunk
steamer off the Atlantic coast. The
captain, J. I Mine was picked up dead
I cost his life,
. The Poseidon w
in one or tm- imaia. exposure havinu
aa one of tho vessels
which the Cnitcd Htates took over from
Holland. Hhc was of a thousand tons
i ' ' W. . B. ' .....
PAItrW, Aiinnit 2 (Associated l'ron. .
President poiin-alre toiiay gave a
luncheon in honor of Vnited Klnten
Food Adiiiiiiist i.'itor llerlx'rt i '. Hoover
Prominent rept , cental i ves of the t'mt
ed States,. FriiMi-e, itrit:nn un.l lialv
were uuiong -the other guests.
J irmr mtmnm iitfft' Mftrt-inm'ft atinjla tnital k
Department tf Labor Molds Three
-Clerks f L K. -flcfirsed
' Larding Are Not Laborers
I.. f Rrmirs, local man;2r of the
Toco Kni-en K"'?V ,-ieniship'3l , re
reived word from the department of
labor st Washington yeTerd:'y thit
three Japanese clerks, who had beun
rent In re from .lappa to -work in the
local office sml who hnd been refned
permission to Inrtd here by tfie immi
gration authorities, had s right to be
employed here snd that they were riot
contract laborers, as was contended by
Inspector llnlsey.
During the latter part of June hi
year six Japanese clerks were seat hire
to assist in the office of the Toyo Ktf
sen KiWha Htcamshrp Co. which was
to be opened. Three of these employe
pre allnd to land three were refill
ed admission to the Territory 'b (he
local immigration officials. The' latter
he'd that the three men who were re
fused ' admission were contract labor
ers and under the provisions of the
federal law which deal with these
case admission to the Territory waa
refused them. 1 ' '
Mr. BoroLrn, through attorney for the
steamship com parry which ha rnjrrei.Mta,
appealed from Ihe decision of the local
immigration men ted furnhttied, proof
to the effect that these Japanese wsre
experienced steamship mon; that they
had been in the employ of the Tdyo
ptaiten Kaisha Co. in periods ranging
from three 'to twelve years and that
their coming to Hawaii was merely a
transfer from the head oflieo in Tolio
to a branch office hert, Under' thiso
eduditi6ns the department of labor held
that these men were not. to be elasted
aa contract laborers tod 'cabled Mr.
Bemise and Immigartlon Inspector Hal-
sey 10 mil enect Tosieraay,
' bales and regulations for the import
ing ef Itnunr to the Islands', after the
bawaii Prohibition Act goes into f
fet on August 20, for medicinal', sac
ramental, scientific and mechanical
purpose, nie to be compiled at a con
ference of the representatives of the
various liquor lioense boards, the kt
Wney general and Governor C. J. Mc
Carthy on next Tuesday.
' ' The tentative regulation are how be
ing drawn up by the attorney general '
ttaff and will be submitted for approv
al at the meeting. It haa been suggest
ed that some territorial board be plac
ed if charge of the importing of the
necessary liquor, which ia permlssablo
onder a section of the Prohibition Act.
Thi board would then be given full
authority over the distribution of the
liquor in the Island.
At present though there Is little like
lihood that this suggestion can be car
ried 'out, due to the lack 'of fund to
pay the necessary' expense. Because
Of thi it i said some other method of
distribution tad importation will have
to be evolved. ' '
NEW YORK, August 3 (Asm, -tilled
Press) In closing the'' government case
ftkatnnt Malvy, a HavAs despatch from
Parit report's, Attorney Geneml nenl
Ion Said that While thn de'-ndn-t had
not betrayed hi Country Ihe evi,en-.
showed' that he'Vmfc in part respond I,',,
for mutinies which were encourage!
and brought about in the armv an I
that for his connection with these lie
should be punished.
WASHINGTON, August 2- (OHicial)
A a part of the rhsM!it:.t'0" " "V
which the American Bed Cross ha
undertaken .In France, it is anminni-erj
iu dospotchet) from Parin, half a million
dollars has been appropriated to com
lilets tke coulnltKtin. (..... k....;il
. . .l. . . . . .. . . .1
i ror runerruiar patients,
At home there will be
n similar hos
pital erected for the nations railway
unions which hive .a membership Of
lim,nm and. anotner for Serbian cases.
V i f fr -w. . a, v
Dr. Frederick F. Trotter, chief ipiar
antine nfticet of the Failed Stales pub
lie health service, has been appmute I
as a member of the honrd of health t.i
succeed H. F. Wirhraan, who has re
siyned. Anothsr vacaocy on the board
of health has been filled by tlovernor
McCarthy by the appointment of (lil
bert J. Waller, Jr., to succeed Ins
father. Oilbert J. Waller. Hr., ln. n
m ijned because of his residence 01 the
The ferritin ml statute rimuiie Mn.t
there be two doctors on the boai l ..t
lieslth. ami with the resivnation l I r
.1 S. It. Pratt it was left with mih
ii. ie. !oerinir MeOnrthy and Sm, n.-i
s. l'.-ixon. the new president 1.1 tin
board, have complied wiih this n i n
( nieut by the selection of Doctor Ti.ittei.
-i' "I. i win, a. mi
i i i.
Man Landed From German. Sub
marine In Connection With
Sinn Fein Plots IS Saved
'LONDON, August .1 (Associated
Press)- l.snce Corporal J. Dewling of
the ConiiHiiglit Kangcrs, who waa land
ed on the coast nf Ireland from a Ger
man siimnrine in April last and later
sentenccl to die, has bad hi sentence
eommntcil to life imprisonment.
It nnnmi'iced on June 10 that
tHe nan who was landed from a Ger
man sul-marlne was Corporal Dowllng,
the landing hav,g '..een made o April
t2.. ilc n dCM'cted, o ut nrd and Im
prisoned in' the Tower of London. '
The collapsible boat' in . which Dowt
ipa n lsnded was made of canvas
with a rmttom of twenty three wOode
slats each four inches wide, making
the boat about eight fret tuieagth. two
feet wide snd twenty incite depth, ft
ta"d an inner lining of rubber fabric.
Vfken rolled up it weighed less than
forty pounds. When the buoyancy
Ahambeis were pumped full of air the
boat could readily support three men.
Do'vling hnd been a prisoner in the
hands of (letmany and it was following
his arret that disclosures came of wide
spread Sinn Peinn plots, including plans
for establishment of German submarine
baaea in Ireland and the arrest of Wty
nine cmn rein leaders, not aou as
originally reported.
"f Ht
WASHINGTON. Ausrust 2 rOfncisD
Vbrking. on the eight billion dollar
revenue bill the house ways and mean
committee i mktng steady headway.
Taxes on luxuries are to be largely
increased in accordance 'with the ori
ginal plan and this will double the
special taxes on manufacturers of to
baeeo. cigars and cigareta. Theater
and other amusements are to be classed
ns luxuries and will be more heavily
taxed than under the present law.
Brokers will also flnd their taxes con
siderably raiaed. " '
Ho far as determined at the present
time stamps will not be disturbed.
Included in the changes brought
about and to lie brought about by the
Incorporation or American' I'axtors,
l.inntel, and 1 its kbgoriition of the
business of H. Iiackfeld i Co., Limited,
will le the takjug of Norman Watkins
from the Hawaiian Fertilir.ar CoOipsny,
of which he is the manager, to become
manager of the inerrfiandise depart
ment of American Factors, Limited.
With llackleld k Co. the similar posi
tion has 1 ei-n held by August Hum
burg. Mr. Wn'klns has hot as yet tendered
his resignation to the. Hawaiian Ker
tiliKcr Cuaipaiiy and i not to go with
the new corporation until early in 8ep
lumber. He has been the manager of
th fertiliser company since March,
l!)l!j, and declined to leave that com
pany when he was Importuned to do
so and to succeed Uinncn ss manager
oT - he Mineral Product Company prop
erties in California.
Tot a Weak Stomach
As a general rule all you need to do
is to ado t a diet suited to yonr age
nnd occupation and to keep your bowels
regular. When you feel that yon have
cten too mti'h and wh;cn constipated,
take one of Chamberlain 's Tablets. For
nle by Benson, Hmith k Co. Adv
I . 4 -W.B..'
Tie (erritorinl market commission is
coii-i tei-ina the renewal of fresh meat
sath. at the public "mhryt when thia
establishment gets' welf parted under
the re commission Slid the future
poHeics re deeided upoh'.' Manager
l.ifhf." sM -esleHtay lhal tbr-r'Vas
a pnssitilljtv of his" bra Well bf the mark
etisr server being opened up again
If the puhlll. Wd n'ny Inclination
to upw,)rt such a, projeft.
Fish jirices sf fke regiilar fish mrk
ets went up yesterday' for . yAme unaij
Colihtnble resOri .and sea Teiid was a
luxnrv which only ihe wealthy could
purchase. I'lua was thnrked Ui at ihir
t i-ifht cent: ul"iil was selliiiK t'tr
forty four cents and phu and omluipaka
brought fortv fwl cents a pound, '. Ali.
wns Helling St tl-teen cPnts,' wi!k few
purchaser, as this sieea of fish ' U
not popular. J. F. Child, federal folirl
cmeiissioner. Is 'oil KUai and notis
I of the e'e-hs in the commissioner's of
fl.-e could explain these high prices yes
VAH!TON. August 2-(Offlcial)
I -President lon hns sent a message
of rrreetinu to the President of Mwitzer
b"d on the occasion of the anniversary
of Swiss solidarity. He also sent a
messnt'e to the President of Honduras
e i pressing the gratification of the I'nit
cd Static ni the course of that country
in deibirinjr war iieainst (lernianv.
w. a. .
... Mabel V. Hoiihain, of Hives
ville. West Virginia, has written to
!oernor V.-i'nrthv asking Imn to help
her locale Floy. I I.. It. nh-io who. hIio
' N '' 'tonolnlo l---t 1 1 1 er.
She adds that he ran on a essel be
tweeu the Coast aud Japan.
I f- 1 A C
' J' I -
Filling of HavViiil Qiioia Will Ex
haust x List,- itSaytn Captain . '
FiekH-More lvay Be Needed .
RECUS$lflCftTIQ!l OFOf WV. r-
One Thousand and Eighty-four
Are OrtferferTTo fteport at Fort
Armstrong By the Twentieth
v. I .1
Fverv Class-trna ,an i nndnr- tka! m.
IrcKVe draft fh Hawaii la t be failed ,
to active service, according lo a itate- v
men last nicht by Cantata-ifv- O.
ietd, anlectiVe draft fneer, who addn
that it may be neceasaty either to re-;
lossiiyk registrants 'ta order to get
eaotigh to somplcte the Tetrltory 'a
notn, or else to call out some of the
Class Two men. ..-1
Captain Field's statement was anade
"m reply 1o r qiiestlnti a to the nteaa-
ing or(an Associated Press dptch
from Washington, dated yesterday,
vhieh- said: ' r - ;.
'"One thousand and eighty four. men .
of the selective draft in rlawaii -are
called oat to report at Fort Armstrong,
Honolulu, on August tO.' '
Ori the face of it appeared 'thnt
Ibis meant the railing out of aa addi
tional thousand eighty foer men; fee
thw order for induttida 6f toon 'Into .
Ihe service under which, th draft of,
flee is now working -were , received
me time ago. " ,'
H ptfit''" f" iM, however, aays posi
ttvoly that 'this is not, the rase but
that the 1084 mentioned are .for the
purpose of bringing; -.Hawaii 'a" draft
regiments up to full, war strength and '
the order told of in the Associated
Press despatch ia identical with that
under which he ha bee working- for
several day. -jj
WW Exhaust List . t it-rj
. Te aumfier,' he, says, U an arbitrary
One, nbt figured iactly to' exhaust
the full list of Cias One men ia the
Territory, BuV it will exhaust tb
Bst; he ay, add,, ip'doed, it is by no
tttean ctrlain that there are enough
Clalw One hien left to fill the qoota.
"Jn ell'proUbiUt'y, he says, U will be'.
rtWessarr either to reclassify the Class
One men' who' have been rejected, with ,"'
fi"f'.5 0'.Jr'"g many a postti- '
r0'"?.. jn'o, . the service, er else
to draw a certnin number af Bans from '
Clas S. r Captain 'Field say he ia
reluctant to citort to the latter alter
native and, hope to be able' to fill op
the list out of Class One men after
reclassification. ' ' ; ,
, tt is impoaaible, he adds, totcB tow
the great percettago of rejeetlona will-'.'
be-, but it ia'running much higher with
the last hAtvh of drafteek' than with
earlier drawings. EejeetioVis eow'are
numeroos on aer";nt of defrleiencie in
height and wefcht. '
; Approiimeteiy tlfyt' men havV been
faducted bite the setvire' under Hhe
t esll. wbij-h Captain ' Field ay is
he one mentioned In tke" press' des
patch of yesterday:' Thi loavta some
thing over' 430 more mVn to be- in
du"ted. Ho many' It will e -hee- '
ary t call In order tb get tht number
la problematical on Becaunt of the im
nrwsfhiTltv of estkmafing correctly the
percentage of-rcjeetions; ', ,
The call for inf!4 'men' doea Wot,"
Captsiit fleM says, hffect the 'youths
ho registered this week, having be- ,
erne of age within the past' year. AI-,
rhobph virtually kll of them may 'be
"xpected to be classified a Class One
men. thev nre tiot yt rlassftred' 'eot
Having filled out questionnaire. Que- -tionnaire
blanks have not yet boen re
cclned here. v"
Set Begistraata ' ' '' 't -.v.,
The cothpilin; of the recent draft
registration reports waa finished1 ' by
"aptaln Field ystevdav: It "showed
hat ti."3 men of the1 Iflir'cTasa had
registered op to last Wednesitaf which
ws Ibe final date. These are the men ,
who have reached the age nf twenty ,
m years since luly 31. 1 tt 3. Captain
FicM aald vesterday Ihnt ' thi-re waa
a verv' siikhll percentkge of 'dVllnnuents
in' this draft and Ihose Vera being
quickly rounded up bv lieVr-ctive' far
ter. Reveral of Ihe plantations, which, '
aef ved' as TCgislratlon centers In some
districts are Vet to lie helril ffom.
The' complete list, of draftees a com
piled ia a follows: !' " . ' '.
OhhuHonoiiitu: ' IJmbI bbaii No
I: Citv: 20H: Waimaeab,, .1:' total "09 -lcal
board Ko. : Cltt, nifir Wtp
"V Hrnapl-ilu Msntation. JtJ Aiea
anae, 7; Wle'nlua
bi-irl, (U,y.ssl Total fo?
OaWtt dafe.'tfS:' "" ' :
' Hsw1-!.rtca Hririfd yo'. tn;! lo
cal hoard No. 2, 140, Total for He-
TWsWAll'btihV.fe fo' tlaK d.
ItmtlAll hoaV.fs'to date. 5f2.
JiliVt'a li
fcERlttAiVADtolRAijYv h,i
OOPETfrtAOTOf, August 3 , Assoc l
sled Pruss) Admiral voa Holtaen
dorff. Vbie(4f the German admiralty
staff has been retired, it is aoeouaeed
in a temf-nfttelal Wblff 's despatch from
Btirlln. He Will be succeeded bV Ad
miraf fVhr, commander of the Oerman
battle fleet
. --: -w. I.. '
' Teething Cfhlldren
Teefhrhg chlldreh have more or' leaa
; iimrmncn. wqicn can ne controlled by
I uiving Chamberlain 'a Colin and War-
rhea Remedv. All th'at 'is necessary
is to give the prescribed dose after '
1 n,ch operation of (he bowels more tha
natural nil. I then rflstor iil to cleanse
t,,. system. It is safe and sure. Even ,
the most severe and dangerous eases
are quickly cured by it. Fo sale -by
I Ueusou, Hmith & Co. Adv,

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