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Anjrast 8, WIS Last twBty
four hours' rainfall, .00.
Temperature, Min. T7 Mas.
3. Weather, Tartly, Cloody
One MeatleM and One Wheatleai Meal
. ".V
VOL. Lit, NO. 64
Tent, Thousand Prisoners
' :' . , '' 7' '
' " ,
Amiens Front Flares
In Battle Tanks
Lead Charging
LONDON, August 9 (Asso
ciated Press) In a grand
offensive along a twenty -eight-mile
front, north and south of the
Somme, the French and British
scored a great victory yesterday,
taking upwards of ten thousand
prisoners, many guns and great
stores of supplies.
The advance' was general from
the Avre River,' at Braches, north
to the neighborhood of Morlan
court, the British Fourth Army
and the French, First Army tak
ing part The Germans have been
driven back , fort an . average of
over .ixmjij along .-he- entire
front,' With the Allied center be
ing drivel, Ahead yearly; tight
miles. ""7TttC:'
. ... .- -
The enemy s motor transports
are scurrying In flight and three
of Prince Ruprecltt's divisions
have been smashed. These are
the twenty-seVenth, the forty
third and the hundred and eighth,
while the hundred and seven
teenth division, which had reach
ed this front only on Wednesday
night, was caught in the swirl of
the Anglo-French advance and
badly cut up.
General Haig, reporting last
night on the success of the drive,
said: "The French, Canadians,
Australians and English stormed
the enemy's front along twenty
miles, from Braches to Morlan
tourt. We have reached the Chi
pily, on the Somme, and from
thence the new line runs south
east to Framerville, in the center
of the advance, and southwest to
C'aix. We gained our final objec
tive on practically the entire
front. Tonight our cavalry and
fast tanks are pursuing the
No estimate of guns captured
or material taken had been made,
I laig said.
The Allied loss is reported by
correspondents as exceptionally
The attack wai lsunchod nt Ave
ii 'clock in the morning, the British
shock troops advancing towards Ceriay
(iHilly, jut south of the Somme, ami
(lie French making a simultaneous
drive towardi Itanium and Auliercourt,
on (lie hoi th hank Of the Iui'e River.
The British, who used many tanks,
1 1 ri'c hi I ei I their infantry and tank ad
vance tiy only three minute of con
centrated shell fire against the Germs n
lirst lint's. The French spent forty
minutes in artillery preparation.
At Moreuil and Morisel, on the Avre,
the Herman offered terrific resistance
to the French,, while the British met
with their strongest resistance uear
Morlaucourt, on the very north end of
I lie hattloline. The French smashed
down the resistance and advanced rap
idly, reaching I'lessier Rosainvillers,
southeast of Moreuil, by yesterday af
ternoon, a ain of more than seven
miles. The British fought at Morlim
court all day, the Germans retreating
at this point stubbornly and making
u-peated furious and fruitless counters.
TuiJta Effective
Klsewhere along the front the resist
nine was nominal, the tanks crushing
out the machine gun nests and lead
nig the way, while the AlVd artillery
was kept moving forward throughout
It ill wINuEii
THE Amiens front, where the French and British yesterday
launched a powerful offensive that smashed the Huns along
a twenty-mile battle line, driving them back for from firve to seven
and a half miles, with heavy losses in men and material.
ffe-' 1 ' L. "fZkffiSLA
WASHINGTON, August 8 (Associ
ated l'ress) Before tho advance of the
Allies in Northern Russia, which hits
been urguiiiKvd ill a government which
covers six states or provinces, the
Bolsheviki are falling bark.
Following the landing of strong Al
lied forces on tho Kaxt side of the
White Sea they occupied Archangel,
shelling out the Bolsheviki forces from
the vicinity of the port. These with
drew across the Dviuii Hiver and tho
Allies are now progressing rapidly
south in the direct inn of Vologda. The
Bolsheviki force which was dislodged
at Archangel consisted of HOOd men
and laige rimes of supplies were tnken.
It is estimated that to the north of
tho Gulf of I'iulaiid and far to the
West of Archangel there are loft
the battle, being always close behind I
the shock troops and shelling ahead of
Heavy mists, which crept over the
battlefield soon after the initial attack
was launched, helped the Allies' and
hid their advances from the Germans,
who time after time received their
knowledge of the progress of the
French and British only when these ap
peared among them with swinging bay
onets or when the British tanks swept
into and over their lines.
Hard Fighting Progresses
It is believed that the Germans are
rushing reinforcements to this threat
ened section of their line, which al
ready has reached a point where the
Germans at Montdidier are in danger
of being cut off. Hard lighting is
still in progress along the greater part
of the front, with the Allies continu
ing to drive forward. The outlook for
the Germans is not promising and the
whole line may yet be forced to tke
Hindeuburg line, from which the Ger
mans launched their greatest offensive
in March.
Already in their advance the Allies
have taken more than a seme of il
lages and four important towns.
Booty Enormous
During the afternoon, Itmijir l.nw, in
the I'omiuoiis, aiitioiinci'd that the Al
lies, up to three o'clock, had
all their objectives along the
kilometer front, capturing a
guns and several thouMiind prisoners,
At times the number of prisoners tnk
(Continued on Page 3,
and Hundred
about .10,000 German troops but these
are inferior or they would huve been
taken for the Western Front. The
nearest are more than .'10(1 miles away.
I'nited States Ambassador Francis at
Knnilalaska, across the White Hea from
Archangel, and on the Kola I'eniiisula,
has cabled the state department of the
u lb chi I notice of establishment of a
new government in Northern Kiissia,
set up August i by a constitutional
assembly representing six districts
Vologda. Novogorod, Kazan, Hamara,
Ari hiingel and Viatka.
Despatches received by way of
Stockholm said the Berliner I.okal An
zeiger prints a report which says that
Russia is prepnring to issue a declara
t in n that a stnto of war exists with
BATON ROUGE, Louisiana, Ajgist
!)( Associated l'ress i Reconsidering
its vote of last May when the state of
Louisiana through its legislature voted
against the constitutional amendment
which will make the N'ltion dry, the
legislature in special s M-iion yesterd-y
rescinded its action and A-ent on record
ns the twelfth state to favor national
As the record now stands twelve
stoles have ratified the proposed
amendment and none is ou record at
against it.
BKRl.IN, via London, August (t
I ( Associated Press) Yesterday the
British forced their wav into our
A i
! t ions between the A acre and
Between Hoissons and Kheiuis mill
lerying has been revived intermittent
Guns Taken
Landing Right and Left
and Keeping Foes
On - the
(Associated i Press) The
greatest significance is attached' v
here lo the news from France that
Franco Mritish offcnsive in
force has !ecn launched against
the armies of theCrWn P.rince't ,
Kuprccht, while ilic' 6ernaan J .
Crown Prince, is beig' battered ''
hack alon the Vesleiby pother
Allied offensive. Theignificance' '
tr.es in the demonstration Jthat .
letiei al Foch now haa.a , attffi didn't
force at his comm&nJ to liridct-jV
take two offensive Imovemcnts j'"'
tid to sustain thetru ; ' i
Attacked as tfae'jn Vtyon ;twoV,
I main fronts, the. (er twins' are tiof ?
'.fMiwiev. able Xorxiitfn
oe section to another a they
ihaVe hcen doinir,, while the re
serves which lluprecht has al
ready sent to the Aisne front, to
the relief of . his imperial cousin,
cannot now be withdrawn to suo-
I port his ow n threatened linrs.
Bcaly On lye
ir i neiu'vrei Here that it reserves,
are brought by Ruprei ht to tho Somme j
from the Lys the British will imme I
dintely iittnrk there and flatten out 1
that si'kient, while if the Nomine line
is not materially strengthened it may
be driven buck to the St. tuentin line,
with certain heavy losses in the re
The advance si :e l veslerdav nlaees
the Allies astride of the Villers Bret
toneanx O'haulncB railroad, which has
been used by the Germans to feed their
Amicus and Montdidier salients, and j
this seizing of the railroad threatens I
the entire German line now from the
North ,s,.a to Uheiins.
Another Retreat
There are sins, say the reports from
1'aris, of an nppron clung German re '
trent mi the linrlk i.nrl of kin Vr.xw.l. I
and Flemish line, where he has evi
dently been expecting to bu attacked.
As the defeat of the Crown l'rince
on the Mn me rcmowd the menace of
the capture of I'aris, so the defeat of
l'rince Itiipiecht on the Hoiiiinu yes
today has caused the menace to the
Chimin I Torts to vanish and made cer
tain that no drive to si purate the Bri
tish and French forces can be made.
Americans Resting
The latest reports fiom General Per
shing say that there was little fight
ing on the Vesle Kier yesterday, al
thoiiL'h the I'ranco A in. ricans holding
positions on the north bank have been
able to improve their lines somewhat.
The German artillery attack upon the
Allied hues is slacking in force al
though t Ii t number of shells being fired
is very large. These aic of small cali
bre, however, and it . believed that
the Crown l'rince has withdrawn his
heavy ordnance bevo
preparatory to cvacun'
' On the Italian front
isolated artillery duels
lu KiiHtern Albania
launched an attack up
lines, being repulsed.
w. a s -
11 K
A isne,
there is only
I.OMKIN, August (Associated
l'ress i Great Britain a I France will
join with the I'nited S'ltcs in efforts
to rehabilitate Russia s outlined in
plans heretofore aniimn cd in Wash
ington. They will als. send commis
sions commercial, atrricul' uial and legal
expel Is as well as Hci Cross units.
Thcte will go to Sibei as will the
I'nited States Commiss us.
Announcement of the Inns of Great
Biitaiu mid France - made to the
house of ciuuBions by Sr Hubert Cecil.
GENERAL MATSUKAWA, whom local Japanese believe is
the man who will lead the. American-Japanese expedition
Into Siberia. He is a Russo-Japanese veteran and regarded as
one of the leading strategists of Japan.
mi : (
f ''''''' J
! vm
-;; '
General T. Matsukawa, who has been
General T L'tsunomiya as the comma ndei ot
in all probability will be named us the supi
Japanese expedition in Hiberia, acroidniL;
the N ippu .liji, printed in that paper c!
The information which was received I
to the Hawaii llochi to the effect that tin
i n m in a ii d e r of the joint American .lapan
General Matsukawa, who is slated ns tin
of the Kusso Japanese war. lie is regaiile l
gists in the army circles of Japan.
General Matsukawa was relieved as tin
sens on July 24, presumably to make possild
of the Allies' militarv activities in Siber.a
SKATTLK, August H (Oflieiul) Dr.
lliuko Ilinkovich, leader of the south
em JugoHlavs, in a speech here today,
said: " Austria Hungary must not s.ir
vivo the war. Hie must disappear ns
an eiusre to ensure the security and
future of tho human race.
"America has spread a new gospel
for all mankind. Khe is the savior of
the race. Lv ery libel ty loving nation
looks to her and I personally wait for
the time when she will see to it that
the future states of the world will be
ruled by justice, not bv force but Ails
triu Hungary must not survive."
. W. B. s.
WASHINGTON, August 8-( A ..so
cial ed l icssi liisciissiiig the new draft
proposal-. Secretary of War Baker said
today that the business of news gather
ing is an indispensable industry. He
said that the handling of the news
paper workers under the draft law will
depend. ii each case, upon the indi
vidual facts, and the possibilities us to
replacement of those engaged in the!
business v iiiun or women outside the '
draft ages Where elders are uvailuble, I
the younger men will not be exempt. I
:VV:" f"i. V?; K 3
. Vv- y vV'', i
ri-eirtlv relieved by Lieutenant
the Japanese garrisons in Korea,
i me ciiiiimaniler of the Amencan-
1o i ii toruint ion received here bv
in. bo.
mail, confirms a Tokio cublcgraui
c authority to appoint a supreme
forces lias been given to Japan,
e commander in chief, is a veteran
as one of the most eminent strati
- commander of the Korean garri
later appointment as the head
WASHINGTON, August 8 (Assoc i
ate I I'lessi The federal trade commis
sion today recommended to President
Wilson that the government acquire the
control of the principal stockyards,
refrigerator cars and cattle cars, to de
stroy the monopoly which tho commis
si, in declares such great firms as Hwift
A Cuiupaiiv, Armour, Wilson, Cuduliv
and Mollis concerns have exercised not
meats but on other necessary
The ll'port lb
Use. I llieir povv
' ' to llil-l II 1 1 U III I
strict inteistal
lines that the companies
is unfairly und illegally
livestock markets, re
- and internat lomil food
oiitrol tin
other lie
jtritt'H of tlrcuHnl
i'harv fnutltt, Hinl
-i s iin l oiiMiincrn.
I it rM t Intt t ho (tin
yli miMihr of I ht i r
i It't'M 1 1 uiii ru 1 1
ll't MlH!lM'lnllt It'H,
icm liccauc (if thin
i aic mtlilcci in.
I bull,
I epol t
pro. I ii.-1
a Iso dec
I. tlili.ll
,al p,n
. ar.l ii
i Min ) -;i n
il .,.ur
W 8.
pn ri
d id;
I Hu
nt .
A iiiiust k ( ( liti, ia I i
bl-illc; mityeil llolll
s than ever bcl.i-e,
Sui.cnor niiiu'
. .in. nl of the .'e-lelal 1 1 1 1 .
In lli- Illlllltll ol Julv In.
- - -. y i
vvcie no. ved, breaknv nllilale
l N. Tins hujze hl.ipiuenl i terv
t he
liiM-Nio btt-el for war
Pending Amendment To Draft
Law All Must Wait Lest Indus
tries of Country Be Thrown
Into Great Confusion
Those Who Will Be Within New
Age Limits Must Await Call To
Colors Three Hundred Thou
sand Drawn During August
SI 1 1 W.TO.W August 9
(Assnciatcd l'ress) Vol-
untary enlistments in the army .
and the navy have heen suspend- '
ed by Secretary of War Baker
and Secretary of Navy Daniels,
respectively, pending the passage
of the amendments to the Selec- "
tive Draft Law which are expect- , ;
ed to extend the age limits for
registrants to eighteen and forty-
five years from twenty-one to v
thirty-one years, the present pro
vision of the law. It is expected
the amendments will pass and ,
that passage may be secured dur- -ing
the present month. f , . ' .'.
It la announced in), this connec- , . r - i;
tion ibif eolistjitcnts are susper-Jf-
a lor-ne. purpose 01 prevenung s , . v-(;
disruption of the fndustriero the-'V;
country in the rush of enlistments'
which promised to follow the an
nouncement of intention to ex- '
tend the draft age limits. Thou
sands of men over thirty-one
years and other thousands of -youths
between the age of eigh- v
teen and twenty-one were prepare . '
ing to "beat the draft" by enter- ; ; ,,
ing the service of the country be- ' . , ' V
fore they could be called. Such v '
jjreat numbers, taken from vari-
ous industries would have had
the effect of disturbing the busi- ".
Hess affairs of the country seri
nitsly. '
It is the intention of the war
department, -with the passage of .'
the legislation empdwering th
President to call to the Color "
men Let ween eighteen and forty-
live years, regulations which will
make the service truly selective ' ;
and to insure the-keeping of men
employed in the war industries
where they are now proving of
great use to the country. There , : .' ,
are men between twenty-one and
thirty-one years who are needed , V.'.
at home in the conduct of the war .;. a
and there arc men between the ''-
ages of thirty-one and forty-five i '
similarly needed. ' .
One hundred thousand regis
trains from forty-three States ' ' :v ';
were yesterday called by Provost , !
Marshal General Crowder. These '
are to entrain on August 22. In
addition to these 30,207 negroes ''
I mm twenty-one States are call- .
ed to the Odors, to entrain on y -
August .V). These calls bring the , :
ti it.-il fi r August up to about 300,-. . ' ' " ' .
KKI the tigtirei which it was pre- , ,1;'!'.
viotisly annottiued were content- - .ii di
plated lv the August calls.
Neither Hawaii nor the Dis-
lint ot ( olimiliia is included
either of these two calls.
w. a. a.
1 ASH 1 NtiTON, AuKUot 8 (Associa
ted l'resB -The American steamer
I'mtae and the British steamer
ml have been sunk by submarines.
rT the Kreuch coast. No details of tfc,
ii'uig huve been received.

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