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ry Gall For
ltonoTula,4nst's, "118.
f vIEUT. JOHN O'DOWDA, of Hon- lulu. who has finished his
pplieg Gabled
training for the aviation corns, an,! whn was r-nl mar
ried it Campr Dick, is here shown sitting at the wheel of the Amer
ican array airplarie in which he won his right to be a pilot.
rpp tKe VLbtal Red Cross
l . i n .... ..
i f ' Financial Banking Being Secured
ifTOMakj.leit Case To Deter
mine Legality cf Regulations
Clothes Cleaners and Others' Ri
rl'qulrBd To Mpvr Maintain Con
phance Will Ruin Business ,
itt lawa recently promalgatod fcy Del
bf MeUfefr, territorial treasurer
n? r marshal, fa developing in tb
Japanese comrusnily and J1da ar an-
0f- woy to start test easoof the. regu
lations, potievlarly tbe drdet which re
quire the removal from frame tene
nenti o elotb.es cleaning establish
ments, , paint .and blacksmith shops,
laundries, restaurants, motofcvcls and
offti"hPt "N.U othejr, bnainess coiv
aidered ai inereaijog tbe fire hazard.
After a round waa made of tbe tene
ment! the flxat of tblareek by the fir
marshal and Charles R, ..Thurston, the
xuiiioiuju ure ueparimenl chljaf.an or
der waa issued to the proprietor! of all
Mich buatnqsa eataUUbments that they
would have to vacate on October 1.
, As such an order requires that the
businesses be removed . .from frajne
buildings, It follows that they will have
to And locations in brick, concrete or
other fire proof building. To obey
these orders the Japanese owners of
these businesses any they Will have, 10
maoy instances in which they have
or .in auuricts to which they have
oawome esiaousneo.
Japanese State Position
Not only, eta the Japanese who are
hit by the order maintain that they will
have to lose locations which ther con
sider essential to the carrying on of
ineir ousineas, out that their earnings
are suen that tliey cannot possibly pay
the bight rent which will be demanded
ia the more choice business sections.
where most of the fire proof building
re lucaieo.
Another feature of the enforced re
movals to which the Japanese small
business men concerned do not take
With any favor is the fact that their
wanness establishments pnd 'family
homes are usually in the same building.
Lack of living quarters, and high price
of rent, will make it prohibitive for
the Japanese to move their homes with
their business from the Oriental dis
tricts, it is maintained.
Home of these objections and a re
quest that an Investigation be started
to determine the constitutionality of
the Uremics anJ jgultlons'aa bfeen
mad to Attorney W.' Ty JUwne, ij
Tenemwat Owners Displeased
, The, objection of the sjnal) Oriental
business is supported also by the Jap
anese owners, and "possibly wliite own
era, of the tenement where so spAny
of the little eatablinhmeBtg are located.
These ttumtat owners do not view the
: : : .v. i
tee, apace which will be vacated by
iL. I ! M 111 1 '- . . v T
vum fuuiufm. iirpna win osvf o pe re
altered before it can be rented again
for living purposes, or to. the limited
number of business establishments
which will be permitted to Continue ;in
business in. frame buildlnsa.
Anyway, it is certain that there' are
plenty of Orientals who object strenu
ously to tbe fire rules and , regulation
and especially tbe October vacAtlpg
order, so in case it 1 decided to make
a test ense of the constitutionality of
the foe laws there will.be qo laok of
fund to secure legal support.
It is reported that a decision as to
whether the test fight shall be mad is
to be reached at meeting soon, of, all
the orientals interested.
Fire Marshal Metzger says he aatt
cipates that .such a legal fight will .bp
made, but does not intimate that any
modifications sre to be made in the
new rules and regulations because of
this prospect.
w w. a. a.
The report of T. Jwanaga, treasurer
of the Hougwanjl myision committee
which had charge of construction of the
new Buddist temple on ,the upper For$
Street just dedicated, ahowa that th
committee ia short of the necessary
fund to an amount of over 110,000.
The treasurer's statement of receipts
and expenditures show that the sum
of $87,611.90 was raised from among
the Japanese throughout the Islands
' while $W,IM.1Z has been spent to date
for acquisition of. the site, construction
of the big temple, furniture) etcetera,
A series of improvement to the pram
ises and the structure will, call for, an
additional appropriation of $8,000, Ao
appeal for another donation to make
Kood tho shortage will be umd to t,b
Japanese. . i.
-1- ;Vj Kit,
Kditor Advertiser Please give
publicity to the following notice:
. 0)i iw-l 4ter Awjtuk 19k xeipxal
by cutting, will b the obly ojm
of dulution uaeu "by, we UiU.te'1,
Htates censorMhip of foreign mails.
All persons UHing the foreign
mails are hereby advised to write
only oii one il of the in pur.
Oth'Twise liarinli'HN mutter, op tho
re vi' run xiile of the paper, may be
cut from letters.
I). II. MacAIAM, ' Host master. -
't1' . TUm tit..-.::.- -' v t.- t.j -. , ...
. ... ' . r .. ..
jnvaui iiwm vyasmngton 8King immeaiatc production of the
-largest possible supply of knitted tweatcrs and socks. Will
the women of 'Hawaii ben4 U thelf efforts along these lines
for jtfae next month, turning in Completed garments as rapidly
M. possible to the new Headquarters of the Supply Depart
ment', at the University lub '
' '-'Wool will be fiOpplitid o those wishing to knit on Mon
day and, so on-continually.
New Wntr Airmrtinnm or A rtvn kt-.u sn : !.
it 5w,?5i,,ac'n. PP followed as closely as possible. Sweaters
mivwu iiicaauic iwciuyuiiK incncs irgm tne center Ot trie
neck to the bottom, and, from sixteen to eighteen inches across
the chest. Other good directions, need not be abandoned if
they produce serviceable sweaters, but accurate measurements
should be regarded. . ji . -..
Supervisor of Women's; Work, A. R'. C, Territory of Hawaii.
: '..ty ' . .'
-i . . j 1 '
Casting on and binding must be loose.
When knitting with two needlos,' always slip firnt ntitoh.
To measure a garment, lay it on a level surface ami lucn.iure with n 1 -
pendable iiieaxurc (wool, .taetal, pr tellulgiil, nut a tape line).
Terms usetl (applying to plain knitting with twn necilles) :
a " row "on-e arroiia; , -
a ' .i.lge" or "rib"3onc across and back.
(Quantity of Wool required about one poun l. or 4 hanks of (."
yarn. 1 pair Red XJrosa neelliM n. :i
Cast on 72 stiches.
Knit 2, Purl 2 for 3 inches.
Kbit across and Purl, (jack for 10-inches.
Knit 1 row. i '
(A) Knit 6, Purl across; and RoU lost 6 stiches.
(B) Knit all the way across.
Repeat (A) ami (B) for 8 inches.
Knit acrox and bock 8 tinea) (making 4 ri. lues).
Knit 8; then Purl 1, Kjiit I, for 11 stitchcn; Knit i.
Bind off 26 stttcbrs for luwk.
First 8houlder: Knit ; then Purl 1, Knit 1, for 11 Rti. l, os; Knit II.
Knit 7; then Purl 1, Knit 1, fur 10 stitches; Knit (i.
Continue to knit and purl back nn.l forth in this way
14 times, which leaves tho wool at inner c.lji'. .
Break off wool and tie it on at neck opening for
Second Shoulder: Knit 7, then Purl I, Knit 1, for 10 stitches; Knit fi.
Knit 6; then Purl 1, Knit 1, for 11 stitetws; Knit fi.
Continue. to knit and purl bak ami forth in this way
14 tiny, which leaves the wool at ii r e .le.
Csst on 20 titche; ijnit fl; then Purl 1, Knit l. for II stitches;
Knit 6.
Knit across ami back 8 times (making 4 riilges).
(C) Knit all the wny across.
(1) Knit 6; Purl across; and Knit last 6 stitches.
Ropeat (C) ami (D) for 8 inches.
Knit across and Purl back for 10 inches,
Purl 2, Knit 2, for H inches.
Bind off loosely. Hew up sides, leaving 9 inches for aruiholes
Single uroohet I row around .neck and armholes.
"'- ' t'vy-tITS.-fX:yl4 '"." ." r"J '.:
' (Neck (when atretcheOT.im 12V4 inches.
Meaaurementa: Across chest (not stretched), 16 to 18 inches.
(Length from center of neck to bottom, 2:1 inches.
(Please follow measurements accurately.)
;.r 'v,v-y
S t;
''17 'fTlffy'
r i
I . t , -mi.. '.-.:.. tV j.
; -i:.-r
- , ; " ' -
. . i l ' . t
Airx -fUMwin, wa. a.
K n I'lsntstlort T'o.
iinikii nils' (o, . ,
Haw Atrrtk . .
I Ubw. . l'o. ,
WASHINGTON. Anaruat .8 (Associa
ted Press) Aace wit UetmenT is not
proving sattrying to the Finns. They
are securing no food staffs from their
"friends" and are seeking aid from '. Hrewer A-'o. ,.....
the I inted Htstes through the inter
vention of Northern European Neutrals
who tell of the pitiable flight of Tin
land. . Identical notes from Norwav, Swed
en sml Denmark have Imph presented j Its. Hu. .
at the state, department nskinif the Uni 1 !!""".!
icu omum 10 neip r imiuiu, wuicn is rte'ciMMSos rtna. Plant,
represented as gravely m need of arin- Ksnku I'laat. Co. . ...
plies nd financial awiistaiice.i .'ijlefef J jSe"u, HJ'P-
tofore the Inited Htte. has itUtsc MciVHeMufefiU htUX.
about sending aid to Finland fur.far, Uiihu MugH C,
nny supplies would fall into the hinds !ln hn. 'o, A4s '. . .
Of Germany. The notes from the Hean- ,lW, Piant. Co.
dinavian countries guarantee that n , Hmrsr Trill
help will be given tbe Oermnns. ' Pais Plsntatbrn Vn. . ..
w. . v. I'l.irliT Mill
Sun l urk,. Milling t'a. .
Wnlalnii Ar.tl.
Vt niliikn ng. )'o
S"nrtn t'-r Co ,t(. ...
I r.nirels CopiHr Mining On
1 1 ii I k ii r . 1'. l'o.. I'M. .
1 1 ii 1 k it lr a H. !' . I'iiiu .
Haw. t'on. Ity. ", A ...
Hsw. t'on. My. uit 11...
Haw. Con Ky. Com. ...
HH'st1n Rletrtc Co. ..
12 H
4(1 S
. i .
H -A .
Tabulated lists were sent to all of
the retail and wholesale dealers of the
Hty by Food Commissioner Child, call
ing for dealers to submit cost ami sell
ing pricos Of their merchandise, which
are returnable on or before August 14.
According to tbe way the list is nr
ranged, the wholesaler submits the
prices of various, articles as to their
cost landed here. The price to the re
to I If r is then quoted- The retailer ful
low the same procedure. The price he
ha paid th wholesaler Is noted on the
iftj, and, the price to the consumer is
qupted. These fi;urea are checked by
pie Fair Price Committee and whole
al ore And retailers why arc doing liu-i
nes im a fair margin are given u rat
nit as "fair Price Dealers" ami are
aq advertised. A meeting of the Fuir
Price Committee will be held August
W. . p.
"""hiiV nniiniiriTnrooro
UM bunuubiKtootoi
Will Be
Property;trt Manoa Will Be Auc
tioned Off Tomorrow '
.t, -.
l'p in, Woodlnwn, Mnnoa Valley, is
the beautiful house and grounds belong
ing to. the .estate of tbe lato Major
FruncU Qroen, first head of the selec
tive draft board of the Territory, con
sisting of . 'Charming home aiid two
acres of improved Iniui, contuniing
fruit trees and flowers as well as a
line vegetable pirden. f'or thu pur
pose enclosing up the estate here J las
property will be placed in ihy aiHition
block tomorrow, morning with reserve.
Cap tain. ajld Wrs. (Jrceii built this
place for their htwie nt n total cont of
epproximatelV; 110,000. It has tt beau
tiful view of mountains tnd sea, while
its extensive grounds make it especially
attractive as a residence, particularly
uith the modern home md iu lurg'i
roomst The sale will be by the James
Atormin Cornpany at its uOio.i, and
tbe ittdiCAtiojiJ.ara that tho property
ul be sold otr bsri'uin.
-V" r BP.
F. J. Catton To Serve Six Months
In Guard House
Employed If Supply of
Men Fails
FUND SHORT $10,000 Several Doctors and
.1 t .1 ' .
Are Violating Narcotics Law,
Revenue Officials Say, By Dis
pensing Drugs Without Regis
taring and Paying Special Tax
A number of doctors' and dentists in
Iloaolulu and throughout the Territory
are disobeying ( the Federal Narcotic's
Law and rendering themselves liable to
prosecutiou, according to a statement
made at the internal revenue ntllco.
TheV face the urosoect of a fine of not
.more thajj $2000 or iinpriaonmeut for
not more than ove years, for selling,
dispensing or prescribing medicines and
drugs containing opium or co.-utue,
without' registering with tho internal
revenue office and paying special tux
for the period of July 1, 1918, to June
30, 1910.
The federal regulations require all
persons manufacturing, selling, dispeu
sitig or prescribing these narcotic drugs
to register and pay special tax of ifl.nu
on br before Jnly 1 of each year, or
before engaging in such business. A
yeualty pf fifty percent attaches for
ailure to pay this speciul tax within
thirty days, with interest accruing each
A section of the law also prescribes
stiff fine or imprisonment, or boll.
for continued delimiucm-y mi. I uiivnne
manufaetnriiig, or In any way distribut
p"'. tliese) driii'i. is Untile to thin pen
ally upou conviction.
Owing to the lur-e rrmber of v.i.'
encies in "he Rapid Ir.ii.K t force, be
cause of "tie largo immber of eniplo es
w bo hava nejn ji.lle i u,e ,:,y
service throurh tho nntiouol guiir.l uml
the draft, tin- local ;.. . lion company is
si rioualy i oiisicci li.n liie empb ymeiit if
w'ogicn as conductors. It is 'repm ted
that several applications from w.niien
hnve already been tiled with the com
pany but it is not believed by Manager
Stuart Johnson that these women
be employed until nil possibilities i
employing men ore exhausted.
The hours in this class of work :ire
long and consiilern tile endurance i- le
iuirn' of candidates before they are
appointed. There are still seei:il
vacancies to lie filled in the car sei v
ice of the Rapid Transit Co. and
lions will be giveu to those who apply
nt the office and fuli'ull the repined
qualified Ions. It is said that plat form
men in Honolulu are better paid time
in any plirt of the mainland.
w. a. s.
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Abe Louisson
Is Not Candidate
Abe Louisson made an important po
litical uuuouucemeut yester.lny.
After remaining quiet si lire the po
liticul pot began to boil, he said yester
day that he absolutely did not intend
to be a candidate this year for dele
gate to congress.
it will not seem like the good oil
times with Louisson out of the running.
It always seemed to be the thing for
Kuhio, McCandlees uml Louisson to be
the perennial eundidnt s, but I .on isson
has derided to stay out of active poh
tics this season.
"In former times 1 heeded the re
quest of a lot of my 1'ncnds to gel in
and run for delegate," but this veur
During the fiscal year which ended
I June :;o last Hawaii received and spent
more money tliuu ever before as i
shown in the nniiuul comparative state
meat issue I by the auditing deportment
of the Territory. This statement
.shows 1 t .1! S4.7M ami imreused ex
penditures ot 1)14. .'iL' are shown
by the annual compnratiw yearly
statement i-sued by the auditing do
partment. The general fund ensh bnl
lame is -liown to be 711,517.-1 on
I June :iu :i- against H8!t,,-,()H.42.
' Among the important items of gain
in revenue as shown by the reporl ot
Auditor II. pl ins lire .4'l,9.0 L'" in Ian I
' I. venue, public lands, I ."i I ,o 1 1 .117 in
reali.at i.irs, public lands; y -4 .".",. 1 7 1 . 7 1 .
1 1 1 1 i " a -. in taxes for Honolulu: 11.
Ii71.l7 genei-al taxes Muni; 1 '.i.'l, I ii I :.i 1
general ttives Hawaii and $.'i!l,4SN.'.ni lor
k a ua i .
In expenditures (he City tin I ('(... i.'v
of Honolulu receives if 1 7j.il I 7. si i, M.,,,1
got .t'lli.iiiio more, llawuii 4il,s4,OUO tnoie
and Kuuai t 1 .1.000.
Other in. i. ases in expenditure m
elude pneloally all of the go el ..no t
nl depiirtim tits with the exception .1
iiumigritl ion and labor.
w. s. s.
Francis J. t'nttnn. fnrmortv "twit;,,,
architect and recently iudllcted Into
military service us a private, is now
serving n sentence of six months in the
Fort Hhafter guardhouse, ns the result
of a court martial trial at which he was
charged with behaving disrespectfully
toward the selective drnft officer, and
for failure to report for induction at
the timo set for commencing bia mili-
tnry service.
? The sentence ns made public yeater
Hoy. In ml. I it ion to serving imprison
ment, Catton will forfeit two-thirds of
his military pay throughout thi period.
; This is the first instance in Hawaii
of a draftee commencing his army
career with each a heavy handicap.
Several days before he was put into
uniform he was arrested and held in
the city prison, after which be waa
placed in the guard tent at Fort Arm
strong mobilization telit. After being
In.liioto.l inl., ........... V. t. i .
the-TJwitrlhonH kt Felt Sbafter. rlis
trial was held Inst week.
One of the charges was that he threat
ened to "punch the nose" of the se
lective draft nlliecr. Another wait that
he failed to obey the iuducton order,
nm I a third that he failed to obey
orders of hi. superior odicer.
t'atlou's w i t'c is now employed in a
cler'-il posit nu at the selective draft
w. s. a.
Former Commander of Hawaiian
! Department Is Given Detail
Departures Exceed Arrivals For
Month By Seventy-nine,
Local Consulate Learns
Major Ceaeral Charles (i. Trent, for
met ly cominntider of, the Hawaiian Un
paid incut , immediately pre. e ling tien
eial isser. is to command the Ameri
i in aiinie; which are to be brigaded
with those of Italy on the Italian Aus
tvinn trout.
Tliis announcement comes from Wash
ingli.ii "lib the further information
thai in addition to the single regiment
ulii.h was ordered to Italy late in July,
"lor iints will be ordered to join it,
aul m hen of sullieient strength Ccnerul
Treat win Id be assigned to the coin
man.!, a. ling with the Itali: ommau.l-
ei iii chief. Late in July (iencial Treat
u:i- en i. eiie to Knrope, to take charge
of the eieiican mission in Italy. He
r. bees lo iieral Kben Hwilt, who is re
t hi ning to W'asliington.
The regiment lirst ordered to Italy is
one which arrived ill France several
months ago and underwent intensive
training under French instrmtois. It
is said one of the reasons for selecting
this particular regiment, to join with
the Id dans was becuuse of the execj
Ii to e of tl.elr machine gun units.
W. t. 8.
.Seventy in
prite.l fiou.
June, ncci.i.i
the Ja tines,
received b
nti by the I.
The niiii.li.-i
wtimeii w ho
ed do i ing ti
t tl :!.j7.
total, L'7M.
One bund i
I "is women .
1 1. re brides ' '
lied to then
i.iid nrmngr.
u Nippon i
e more Japanese have de
llawuii thiiu entered in
::g to ll u oMciul report of
foreign ollice which w. s
the local JnpuiiL'se consul
test ill :t ; I from the Orient
of the Lipi. res ' men and
Ion e departed and i titer
lonjh ar
-'0 S:
as fol
oiui 1
n. 1-0; wutuen, IT'S.;
and thirty-two of the
led w ere so called ' ' pic
I: 0 enme lift e to be ui:t r
'-pective liusbauds wh.i
ii l ing ' w ith the in;', la
ue,h the mail.
The former candidate merelv sighed,
and tliuu added, " Well, 1 'vo felt it best
nut to eutor the riug this time."
w. s. s.
W. s. H.
For a Weal Stomach I
As a pcnerul 1 1 1 1 all von need I . do'
i- to adopt a diet - u'ti I to ..in .,- .
ii. I or.etation .-in l t" ' .-.', .iii,
"''I'nr. 1"'ii viei fed ti:,i . ii ,.
eiten too mil. h ."'id w hen . iv -1 p-i ' . t j
ta';e on.' of Ctiaml.ci 'a . a Tnl.l, s (', i
sule by Henion, in i t li 4i Co. Ads.
While lillin the tank of his inolo-
ccle at Km. street and Kulakana
vei last ight nt eight o'clock,
Louis I'oini.A ad his machine 1 1 1
e.l by fire. . olding to the polo c,
Hie "as lai. c:flnwed and beiim.-
;;ii1e.l fiom .' of the lamps, eholi
had been led r,hte I. The bb,o w i -
t"i. far iidvae. d when the Hie I . -1 - i
in I'll t arrived or the chemical engine
to accomplish .ny good.
:i' Kl ltY. San 1), , Califor-
'!' "ly -"' 'I'll'' transport carrying
the 'I I, lit- si . olid Infantry to Sun
I'igo t" i ..in lli.waii ran without lights
tl.rie niL'hts as the result of reports
hut a (ieimaii mider was ia the l'acilic
1 steamshii' lam-, it became known to
dav. I v ii interior li;;hts, except
'police bj;l.t.s" in pnssugewavs were
d i:l e'o.l.
I'-" nio'ts were received. The
.''' 'nine after the transmit hud been
1 sen se.--al days, and was nullified
l later official communications but
e I in til th. .s'oniner had run one ni::ht
" ''I t l'"'i- The second was re civ-
. I . '.en th. vessel was nearer the I'nl
i . o 'lia cms; -i ml as a result of it ' lie
' J ""'I eui w 1 1 bout li;;hts the la-t t iv o
'. . Ids ..f I,, v oyage.
T'ie Th r" -.rlil.il inflllltrv, the tirst
-v " :n.'' I mil to be stationed h. ie
' ' ' ' "" e as busy tndav g. 'ling
' ' I i. r - I . v oimrters. Tin- i egi
'.in i f t he regti!a.r ai in' ar
"I '" ' ' .' in Van Pieg.. .! i.-.-t
'''' ll; u,,M .,nd took trains to tins
WASHINGTON, August 8 (Associ
ated I'reu) Hplemlid props, generally
far ia excess of the last, are foreenst
tn by the department of agriculture.
The forecast shows a wheat crop of
979,OOo.noO bushels and covers food
stuffs other than grains.
Figures as estimated by the depart
ment are placed on winter wheat is
506,000.000 bushels, spring wheat 323,
000,000 bushels, corn is 2,UH,000, oats
l,42H,l)O0,000, barley 232,000,000, rye
76,700.000 bushels. Tobacco is given
at 1.22M,OOO,0O0 pounds, sugar beets
6,360,000 tons, white potatoes 391,000,
000 bushels, sweet potatoes 84,50),000
bushels, flax 14,t00,0()0 pounds, rice
41,600,000 pounds, hay 6.3,300,000 tons,
apples 199,000,000 bushels and poaches
W. a. a.
WASHINGTON, August 9 (Associ
ated Press) In tbe easualty lists
which were made public yesterday
there appear the names of 442, of
whom 332 were of the army and 108 of
the marines. 1
Army casualties showed 143 killed in
action, sixteen dead of wounds, eight
of other causes, and 112 wounded and
55 missing.
Marines: Rilled in action, two; died
of weunds, one; wounded, ninety ,8ve;
missing, ten. ' .
Among .the officers are: Lieutenants
Fred Becker, Robert Ilutcbioson, Boy
Parrish, Fred Pollard, George Fletch
er. Died of wounds: Maj. Poward Boar
and Lieut. William Jack of tbe Ma
rines. w. a,
(Concluded from Page 1)
en hampered the rapid advance of the
The advance, said the chancellor,
was to be between four and five miles
except one point, where the ultimate
objective was seven miles away.
Late reports to the lie ho tie Paris
said that the number of prisoners tak
en bad pose.l tea thousand and that
the "booty is enormous".
W, B 1.
WASHINGTON, August 8 (Official)
Tweuty-two Americaw 9ed Cro am
bulance meu have been awarded the
Italian war cross of merit for work
during the recent gbtiug 0u the Piave
front, according to a despatch from
Koine. Thirty nine "Red Cross meu had
been previously decorated by the Ital
ian government.
. w. a. a.
SAN DIEGO, August 8 (Official)
A big plant for the construction of con
crete ships has been formally opeued.
The emergency Aee( corporation official
at the ceremony announced the preseut
program contemplated building here
eight 7500 ton coucrete tankers to cost
w. a. a.
HI'OKANIV Washington, August 8
fOflic inl) A huge vein of coal has been
uncovered near here and is now being
explored. A seam six and a half feet
wide and 600 foet long has already
been uncovered.
w. a. .
WASHINGTON, July 28 ( Associat
ed j'ress) Two of the German steam
ors requisitioned by the I'rugunynn
governSnent and leased to tho Auier
ienn Lmetgeucy Klect Corporation re
about ready for their trial trips, after
which they will be turned over to the
luited states.
There arc eight Gernniu ships 11 I'ru
gnay taken over by the 1'iiiguayan
goveniment at the outbreak of the war
and the 1 ailed Htates has cunt 1 acted
for all of them f(,r the duration of
the war with an option on them after
the war. Tlie rate of payment b
' '-5;i pel toil of biitdeii Lyr uionth.
1'iuguayaii gold, half to the paid in
advance monthly ill Montevideo ami
hulf iu New York,
Ilnw I'lneaiMile Co.
H..11 H. M. ( ii.. Ltd.
Il..n (las (.. i.t,. ...
Il .n. R T. L. I n ..
Inter tslsml s. rn.
Mill. Tel. Co
On Im Ksllwar L. Co.
I'shnns- lliil.lier Co .
Melsim Illnitlujs, Pd. .
Hams (HOtE, Fd.t
Tanjong Olak Bobtmr Co.
1 4.1
2.1 Vi
ri.-ach Walk I. D. H..
Hnmakns IMteh Co., a .
Ilnw. Con. Ky. .:
llsw'n Irr. Co., Ha
Haw. Ter. 4 Kef. 1B0S. .
Haw. Ter. Pub.. Imps.
Iluw Ter. Pub. Imp. 4
sR-riea IVI-IHIOl .
Hnw. Terr'l luet ...
Hlle Oas Co., Ltd. e
Honoksa Mug. Co., &i
Hon. Ons. Co., Ltd., 0s
Knual Ky Co.. os
Manna I. D. SU'X, ....
Mcllrvite flii(. Co., 8s
Hint. Tel. !ta
Osbn U. I,, Co., tr
. iksiw:
W'"U silKI I. o., ICS, I lilt
h 1
Y. Cr . aailuS
Ban Carlos MllUng. ..jivs
Olas Kiib- Co..
raclBc Guano A K. Cr..
to .
100V, i
Knirels. IW. 202, 200, S.T5; Wslslns. MO.
y-MW; H. c. A H. Co., 5. 15. 40.00; Wslalua.
10. 10, U, XUUHl Oshu, 43. 00, SO, WJii
Olas, SO. 20. 4.78; Pioneer. B0, 2.S0. "'
inae W, 1018 -v . .' ,
88 analysis bmU (no advices),
ParttT .
W Cent. (For Haw.) Hasan ..... C.0OS
Aufust 1, rm , ,
Blnxsnore 7.7
New York , (No oaotaUoa).
w. a. 1, .
NRW VOItK. Ano-nst 8 (Associated
Press) Following ar tbe openln( and
cloning qnotaUons of stocks la the Kew
York Market resterdaj.
Americas Rugar
Ameriean lleet
Associated OII
Alaska (sold
American Ix-omotlve . ..
American Tel. TeL ....
American Hinelter
Amerli-nn Hte. Kdry. . . .
Alchlsou Ballway
Animnilt t"ppir
HaldwlBt Lmomotlve .
ltaltiniont A- Ohio
tethleliem Weel "It" .
California Petmlenia . ...
Central Leatber
Canadian 1'aetHe
C. M It Ht. Paul
Colo. Kuei At Irou
Crnrlhle Hte,-!
I'uba 8ng. Cane ,
Krle common
Federal Hleetrle
Oenera) Motors (newt . .,
(Irest Northern I'M
Iiiternatlnnal Mtekel
Initnslrtsl Ah-oliM
Kenneeott Conner
rhlgh Valley Thallway . . ,
New York Central
Hay Consolidated
Reading common
Ueiuiblican Iron common .
Houtllera I'a ttle
Htudebaker .
Cnlte.1 Htates Uubber . ...
Texas oil
Colon l'nitflr
I'nlted Htates Htecl . ...
I'tab .
Wenteru t'ulon
w. a. a.
HAN FBAKCIACD, August ft-TAssoelat-d
Preaai r'ollvwlng are tbe epwolug and
'.-losing quotations ot sugar and etb
stocks la the Has rrandsoa ntarkst rae.
teisjay 1 ,
llsw'n Com'l .
Haw. nuk. Cn
llouoksa Hugur
Olsa Hugar Co
Oabu Hugar Co
Hutchinson Hugar Co. .
I'ssuhaii Hugar Co. .
onouiHN Huxar Co
Honolulu .Oil
Honolulu I'lantaUoo Co.
Kuticja CojiiH-r Co
I Opa. ( Cloav
I lug 1 tag
40 4014
S ;
.... 14 15
H 14
45 40 r
2. MO 3. Nil
(4.1(4 It.VO:
' .
LISBON, Portugal, July Dr. 8id
inio Laos, the president of Ports gal, ia
bis message read today as too oiioaing
of a r i ia meu t p rained th array and the
uuvy and hajd that vg(Utioaa had
entered iio looking to vre ac
tive participation by Portugalin the
"' He just 1 ties the reestablisbaient
of iliploniiitie relations between Porto.
gal a;id the Vatican and s&jd (hat ro
iits were constantly being received
from Spain deiuoiijitrnting the rprdial
ftieiiHship held bv that monarchy for
jl'e J' 1 r!ini repcblic. ht. Poe said ho
lui.l alvenys ton a republicun and do
elated he woutl do bis best to consoli
date the republic and to follow a do
finite foreign policy.

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