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9," 1918. SEMI-WEEKLY.
i it 111 iijni v
TcAllAI T v!r LII L
"Si linfl
Make Futile Dab$ In.Spots While
... i uviThifriminn . lkim i lviiiWii
Salients. Lest Another Marne
Blow Be Strpck
British and French Moving In As
Germans Move Ntkit, Organiz
ing Evacuated Territory and
Holding Tight - : -
ONDON, August 7-
aJ ciated F'rcss) The nervous
ness of the Germaa commanders
along the JSritish sections of the
Western front, where Prince
Kuprecht is withdrawing his
men from a number of the most
exjjosed salients, was evidenced
yesterday in a scries of local as
saults made against the Dritish
positions, assaults which partook
of the nature of raids in force,
evidently lor the purpose of se
curing information of what Gen
eral Maig might be planning.
One of the heaviest of these at
tacks was made along the Bray
Corbie road, liorth of the Somme,
in which the Germans took a
small ortion of the advanced
trench line. Local fighting in
this area is continuing, the Bri
tish taking a few prisoners.
The German account of this
raid, as1 published officially in the
VVuerte Zeitung in Berlin, reports
it as a considerable ' Rattle, $1
which hit Germans were Victor
ious, inflicting heavy casualties
' on the British and taking one
hundred prisoners. The German
official repurt for the day also an
nounces lively reconnoitering on
the Ancre and Avre and south of
The most pronounced feature
of the day on the British front was
the evacuation by the Germans
of the apex of the Lys salient,
their troops being withdrawn at
night from a deep stretch of ter
ritory along the Labasse canal,
territory which the British im
mediately occupied and consoli
dated with the adjoining British
positi his.
The evacuated territory along
the Somme and in 1'icardy, on
the Albert front, is being organ
ied by the French and British.
South of the Somme the French
advanced on the Avre north of
Montdidier in the face of heavy
opposition to their advance
guards. No efforts were made to
push the gains to any great ex
tent, however, the Allied com
mand preserving the stabilization
oi the general front and retaining
the initiative for attack.
The German artillery was ac
tive to the east)f Villers liret
toneaux yesterday afternoon.
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, Auyunt 6 (Associa
ted Press) Secretary of War Huker
today authorized the w 'uring of uni
forms by t'iviliiiiis in servire at tlio
various camps nd with the armies, but
Ivpes of nnifofm to be approved must
not closely resemble those worn by men
in the regular service.
sociated Press) Purchasers of Fourth
Liberty Loan Bund ,may have delivery
thai flst (jay of the campaign accord
ing to plans now beiut; uiude by tbe
Treasury Pepartmeut. The Bureau of
l'rillfyiH nd Eugravinc is making
thousands of the bonds daily and a big
aupply will b ready when the cam
paign ox'iis 8eptuuibur 2H. The boujs
are simiiur in titliu uud ui'.-gu to tuune
vl un third louu.
! to .l..i,, 1
i ';t. .- -ff ' ,
Among; Captures
Premier Clemenceau Gives the
V, Confr-warshar Baton Upon
tary Medal For Petain Enemy's PJans Are Foiled and Paris
Is No 4-onQer In Dancer '
PA BIS, August 7 ( Associated Press) "More than two hundred village
have been delivered from the hands of th enemy, thirty flr thouKnuil prisoner
aiul arvan 'hundred, guns have been raptured, the hope, of the enemy have Irf-on
rriiiWA( aiijl.-J'arj" IB ad longer ia danger''; said Premier CJeuiauu'eau, in hi ad
dress before the ItiiniRtrri h council at wbiih it TM voted jreatenlu.v. to make
Qnueral I'orh Mnrvbiil f Kraocr, the
rTiaen or tne Ki'fxutilie. The ronfl'lruce '
placed la Oeneral Forh Iiiin lreii justi
fied by the rruahing Uofeat wlii. h lie
baa inflicted upoa ihn manter xtrate
ginin of Oermuny, aaid the Kreoeh Pre
mier. The eouneil whlrh vote. I Huh honor
to Ueueral Forh also included iu itn
Kratitude Ueneral Petnin, who nia.shed
the German offenaive wext of UlieniM,
Voting him, the Military .Medal.
PAB18, August 7-(Ahoeiated I'rewi)
Prexident Poiaeaire vinite.l the Ainer
ieaq Ueadquartera yestenlnv to preHeat
in person to General lVrsking the
tirand Croaa of th legion of Honor,
voted by the Freaeh government )axt
week. The President of the Republic
pinned the Cross on General Pemhiug'a
breant in the presence of the hemlipjar- ,
ter atat and troops, io his brief ad
dress eomplinieating the Anierinan army
and 1U general on their repeated sue
nAVBlf, Ftancf,'-August 7-(Aaao-1
. . . . ! T 1, . 1
ciated PreaaJierbw Hoover, Amer-;
ican food .dnTinlatraier, formerly heatl '.
of tbe Commission' for Belgian Relief, 1
waa yesterday" 'ofBcially voted by the
Ql..i. -.1.1. -t ,A .u.i K. '
title of " Honorary . Citizen and Friend
or the Heltfian Nation
Mr. Hoover, who is in
. Europe for .
d admiuistra -
t 'oiiinlfted a
consultation with the foo
tors of the Allies, has just
tour of the fronts.
w. a. s.
AirSTERDAM", August 7 ("Associa
ted rw)- Tbe pidenuc of cholera
whirh broke out iu Petrograd some
weeks ago is raging unchecked and the
authorities have shown themselves
powerless to handle the situation. There
have been more than twenty thousand
case so fur, with eleven hundred deaths
! up to Saturday, according to figures
published in the Hamburg Fremden
WASHINGTON, Almost 0 (Official)
Letters between President Vt.lon
and l'l evident Melemlez of SiLn Salvad
or n-iraidiiiL' President WilHon's recent
uddroHH to Mexican editors have been
made public by the stutu department.
I'roiniHiuj.' the full cooperation of bis
people the Latin -American executive
heartily congratnluteS l'resulent n-
son upon the sentiments of justice so
fraternally expiessed, saying:
"In cxpoiiniling the Monroe aocirine
you have dispelled pre-judgement and
"1 iiilifAi
unfavorable copjeetures thfrt have tor ( eellor of the Jeffermin Circuit flmirt. '
many years dampeoed the full-blo-1 He retiied from the bench iu 1911. He
Homing priuciples of true cordiality J married the widow of the late Henry
which mut exist between the United H. r'hglcr.
States and the other republics of the Colonel Watterson. a Confederate vet
Ameiiuau continent." 1 eruu of the Civil War, assumed charge
In reply Presideut Wilson said; j of the Louisville Journal in ISflH, con I
' It l deliglitfu.) .to me thut a mutual 1 Bi.lidatcd that paper with the Courier 1
understanding is being established
among the nations or America wuicu
of America wuicn
to constitute a permanent
foundation for friendship and I beg
your excellency to believe that my
speech to the Mexican editors to which
you refer came without premeditation
and from my very heart. I wish you
lso to know that it expressed some
thing very much more thuu my per
sonal feeling aud policy for I believe
it expressed the real attitude of the
people of the Uuited States."
NEW YORK, August fl (Officail)
At the convention of Knights of Colum
bus today, it was announced that (11,
5(Ii),52H hus been contributed and
pledged to the Knights of Columbus war
fund this year. It is planned to raise
lifty millions .to carry ou war ,ervice
abroad and in the American training
fiecau- ef it V'td and Uxad .'
rltur tin ri crdlnsrr Qujriiw. Cxie not l
ivousness. nor rlnfful to t''Hc
On the Marne
Figures At Cabinet Meeting Which
General Foch and Votes Mill-
birht military hnaor 4ihle for anv
PARTf , Anpnnt 7 (Associated P ef-s)
l.ouis J. Malvy, former minister of
the interior, who hai been on trinl be
fore the sennte, sitting a a high fourt,
on a charge i trranon, has been con
victed and sentenced to Ave years ban-
ian m nvtr 'it iiiiiit w trran 11 nr nia sivu
........... , .., 'iluui uv aubmunue on Mondav. I
rlftbts, J J'he ainklngK reported , today ana
Slalvy was v minister of the interior itboae jreported yesterday bring the total
tindpr. three. premier, Vlvlani. Brian i ' "ritish and American vessels sunlj
j -i. j . v" .1 - iv . off the Neva Hroiia eoast by this raider
and .htaad sraa foMnerly-one of the .yj, olloU)er V.bot op.ratini
most powerful rxliticians ia Fmnce. It'pff.te Virginia Capes, has one tajlkef
not until a year ago that his po -i-jt her credit. t
tlon v as attache'), when PremieT C'om-j' I ' w. a. a.
"defer tirti', propaganda among the '
Frenrh troeps. Ijitor came the Potuioi
Bonge .disclosure and the evi.lenee ott
;e :' "'y !
Pascha and other trai'ors. aid.
, .ec,11M,,l of having h
volvod with; Kditor Duval of that pub
licstion in betraying secrets to the
ne uiwnfiig oi ine iriiu.
charge tof having, been in communica- '
tion with the enemy Jto the extent of
graying the plfln, of the Chemins dos
me, wa. practically w.thdrawn, M;
th nffiicatinns- of bnving Indirectly'
(nmmilniVato.l 'with thr cnemv bv
having failed to curry out his dty and
prevent the floting nf others frort 1
prevent the fT"tinc tif others frort 1
Win" rueecscful wns rrecd. It was
upon this charge that he has been
found jndlty. . Convictions upon the
more serious ehsree would have carried
been Inflicted upon Bolq Pascha and
t.ditor Duval.
The sentence imnosnd 'MpoT Malvv l
the maximum for the charge upon whib
he has hem found e-uiltv. Todav the
police will copiluet him to the fronMr
and his neriod of banixhrneat ont dis
grece will commence.
Other "esses of treasonable intelli
gence with the enemy yet to come up
before French court martinis are thoif
of Charles Humbert, a Bena'or and
formerly director of the Journal ;
Jocenh Caillaux. Snry Despy, her ac
cointilices, Julius Stern and Deputy
I.ouis Tunnel.
w. . a.
Colonel Watterson Sells Courier
Journal and Times
I.ol ISVII.LE, Keulucky, August )"-- '
(Asoccjated l'ren "Murse Jleur- "
WuttiTon, for many years oue of tin- j
must prominent and influential nevss I
pai it men of America and n power in
poUlK's, has retired I'rpiu newspaper
woik. Aouounceaient was ui.'ide today1
that lie hud sold out bis newaiianer
propiTt ies, the Louisville Sourier Jourii .
i H ., the Louisville Times, to' Judge
Robert Worth Biughuin, former mayor;
of 1 ouisvillu.
Judge Bingham was formerly cbuii
nnd the Democrat, with W. N. Ualde
. mnn a his partner. He 1ms been edito
mnn as Ins partner.
' of the Courier Journal ever since and
haH made it one of the best knov 0
newspapers in the United States. Col
0"el Watterson is seventy eight veare
W. I. s. .
A PACIFIC PORT, August fi-(Of
ficiah The Japanoee steamship Canada
Mmiu which went aground luBt week
has bii 11 l ulled off the rois aud tow
eil to 11 ('una linn port. Most of her
t .' 1.1 m mi cargo has been saved. No
water penetrated the uftor holds but
some ciirgo iu t lie forward holds was
dnmngi d by wuter.
11. 1 !'
01 'll
a ' 1 'i f Hue:
t ' ' '
t Ir'.i'ui Sciiim' Francs
I Ortn.
'1 1
i .
fcWl Mill
Hun Frightfylness Brought Close
To Canada'-Crew f .Tanker
Shelled Alter Taking To Boat
HALITAJt,' August 8 (Aticx'lited
p? (i.y,.H)-FrixhtfUiM-h
brought do,- o th Canadian
hor y tb submarine operating in
Nova rVotian waters, the member of
I ine crew vi inr -m minni vn iiniiirrj
Ln Blanc a landing here today nd re-1
porting the torpedoing of their ahip
and the (helling of I lie lifeboats aa the
aurvivnra of (lie torpedoing attempted
to make thstr es. npe. Only the faet of
poor ahoeting on (he part of the Ger
mans prevented l crew from being
wiped out.
1'lie tanker wnj attarked forty milea
from this port inid for three ho,ura
fooght the subnuirine, exehapging shells
with the U-bo:it giinneri in an etfort to
ho)d the aubmurine beyond sueeeaafu)
torpedo range. However, line torpdj
found it murii. the explosion tearing
a bole In the Imll of the Lu Ulancs
and killing two of her crew. j
Tlte real left 1 In' sinking ship in their
small buata, to become the turgeta of
more shells, none of wbioh landed where
they could do nny damage. . .J
. ,To oat loads of suryiaora were tow.
ei into port ,tbin ofternoon.
The. arrival of these submarine vic
tims was preeeile I by that of the memt
Iwr of Jlie crew of the British sehoom
er Oladya. bounJ for a Canadian port
from Holland, liieh was attacked au
. .
I IfArrol Inniipfinn
r f
ti -vft-:
Is' Qe'med By Field
ti, t,ff..
Without yet having checked up the
rocorcls) of
the draft registration, a ,
ssartion' is eorr
ko entered tbi
are whether or not the
correct tnat many Filipino
Inland, since July 3L .
nave been vougiy regime
perjiaps inducted mto service, t
" I
perhaps innuuiea iwio service, iou
aep.iung ihe plautotions of badly needr
ed laborer,' Capt." H. u. Field, selective
draft ofticer, savs the statements mad
by. Tbe Advertiser are : " mistiming, '
Crptaln' Field saya that " no jiar
bus been Sone" in the registering of
.TU,UJOT,,. .... vn 1 ano rauicai taction in ita struegie lor
tnentv-one vears since July 31. 1917!, fP. ami ind
- " . : 1
as inoir alien status win oe uiscoveres
as soon as they are culled in tp fill ou
the questionnaire. If they are bona
fide aliens, then their registration
cards can bo cancelled, and there yoy
are. Hi' claims that many of the Fily
pinox walVtd their claims to exemption '
as aliens, and therefore, if they have
been inducted into service, it has bees
done lexully. , 1
Many such Filipino aliens were sup-
posed to have waived such claims fof
exemption, but in a large number of
instances this waa due to a nusuuuec
stauding on the part of both the regis
trar and the registrant, and quite ofte
due to the ignorance of tbe bitter. ,
) !
of Joseph Tavarcs
Casualty List
WASHINGTON. Augiikt 7 -( A soci ri
led Press) Amoiiit the naiiiev appear
ing iu the casualty lists issued ly the
uur department yesterday is tliat of
111 vat.' Joseph Tuvares of Honolulu,
who is listed as severely woundud.
I Efforts to identify Joseph Tuvaret,
( reported seriously wounded in the re
cent fighting in France, were fruitless
last night, none appearing to know
1 who the soldier might be. It is possible ;
' that he is from one oft, the other il- I
anils, or is a Honolulu boy who hus en
listed on the mainland.
w. a.
WASHINGTON, August 0 -(OfBeinl)
-Provost Marshal General Crowder ad- 1
vncutes immediate euuetmeut of the
administ rution 's new "manpower":
program which has been introduced as
a bill iu both bouses. The program
would add J3J100.000 men betwe.eu tlip
ages of 1.1 and 45 early in Heptembersto
the iivailublo men for military seryice.
WASHINGTON, August (Official) '
-Twenty four Cliiiicae Kt 11 debits in
Aincrii'un schools have enlisted mi sec
,. f ries f ir Chinese iiog-couibutujit
fori es,
... n n,
1 I
IP'CT'iN, u - 7-- ( As-T'i-
' euii'ii
.v -r i' '-v ' st r;1 1 il'i
to sh i'in 'iiiriM I
'ny in tiding upon tk? sti I'.i'i'g''
" em 1 'o tl.e C.iiiHtit ution, lime
Li . 11 un 1 ati'tl.
' t !
Patrol of Siber
exoneration With Land Forces
Cesoatch From Tokio Yesterday
nese Circlet That a'JaDanese
At Vladivostok Battleship
Recalled ,:. .;. . ; ,
TOlflO, Augut 6 (Apeeial to Nippu Jlji) Blmultaneouoly with the par
tial ttiobillr.atton of the Japapeae armytot 81berlo,.aeUoo, the oavjr fiaaala
aoBimenf d ita aetivity, in Siberian .watera, ia oopcratioB,rib,'the land tOTct
v Aa loflloiaJ announcement was aiado
that a Japanese squadron, eompoeV of at
been dispatched to tbe Pea of Okhotsk
iovinr ox turena.
The Japanese battleship Asahi, which
had been In Vladivostok harbor since
January, relumed to the Yokosuka na
val base yesterday morning. This
was also' announced by the admiralty.
mIIi diseussing the' above despatch to
the Nipjm Jiji, a Japanese who is well '
posted on the Siberian situation de-i
laxed that this would mean that apmei
Japanese troojis are already on Siberian 1
soil at Vladivostok. It requires only a
day or two to transport troops across
to the Siberian port from the nearest
Japanese port ami it seems quite prob
able that the first contingents are al
ready landed.
The Asahi was a nnit of a Japanese
squadron sent to Vladivostok early in
tbe year when the situation at 'that
port became chaotic under the. Bolehe
wiki mi .4 111m JC h... f. 1..... nu a
were slain by the Bolshevist ,tbe '
commander of th Japaaese squadron
there ordered the landing of Japanese
pjarines io proteet lives and properties
of the Japanese residents a well as
)he foreigners. The lead by the Jap-
anone commander waa Immediately fob
lowed by. the commander of a British
squadron and British marine were, sIho
landed. Though an American warship
was sent there at the time, her capi
refrained frojn following the exam
manders and no Americans were land
,) at that time.
' The action of the Japanese and the
M"" w" lne -v- . rentnt
aniHa s.asv w v as ix m. aav uiVhrily
hnsl'AVar ui)m1 nt 1Tt mA Vsb ma.
rlnes were not withdrawn until the UH
moment, when the Boliheviats went out
of power and the Cnecho-Slovak pro f
visional government took tneir place. ,
?inrn ClCeh'.'8,0,'ik? ,w 'rle.nJlr'
to the AUwmj, and l a a' Japaneed army v
r"". , t. , 7. e. 1
free and independent Siberia, there
U now little nece.ty for tbeontinu-
r - - "
The nnnoxnrement hr the Japanese
admiralty of . tbe Asahi 's retarn from
the Silierian waters, as stated in the
Jiji's cable from Tokio, is taken to in
dicate that tbe situation in Vladivostok,
the very seat of . the Czecho slovak
government and activities, has improved
w. a. .
LONDON, August 7 (Associat
ed Prese) Another attempted Zep
peliu raid against England came to
an. inglorious finish on Atondny
uicht when one of the Brest dirigi
bles WIN ahot lnn nn.) iijkimvi I
ami another was damaged and t'jrn''
1 cJ buck, probably to its oa,e If It
wfie able to reach it
Internal Revenue
Tolal 'MWm
The collection of tbe internal revenue
department fur tbe fiscal year ended
June ;u totaled .'i,o9s,70,000, accord
ing to the repot of Commissioner
Daniel C, Koper to Secretary of the
Tfttusury iiiAdoo.
Of Ibis huge total, income takes and
excess profits yielded 2,tf39,03,O()O,
the bahliu'e being coiloctlons form oila
c.la'M)ou sources.
Huge 4 is live total, the entire year'
collections of the department amount
to only enough to pay tbe Nation's
bills for seventy-five day.
w. . a.
NEW YOHK, August (1 (Associated
Press) John K. Teher has resigned
as pri-iidciit of the National Basebsljl
lcague. Announcement of the reslg
rution was made today.
IMI.I.AH, Oregon Augnit fl (s
o'iatid Press) William Cmiiic far
ui';r living ttesr here his sun, Jsmes).
n"d 'he In'ter's wife U'ul nii''l''r
11 vc'e f mud den'1 of gni" Ii
. ,,. I t'.. . l.-..i T'-p
' '.'v . : "OiS in ' r-'tlc'
' ' f " 1 , 1 ).'vl his fumily and
then committed suicide. ,
ian Coast Io
Leads To Belief In Local laoa
Arrnv Has Already Been Landed
From Which Marines' Landed. .1$
--; "
thnamoraiaa'.bt theJaoaneHi id mi ra US'
ttufribcrof )!g1l"crlliifra, fcslrndV
0 guard the shore line of the Cons'
1 I.. O 4.. ! . e 1
WASHINGTON, August 8 (OffleiaJ)
Prof. T. O. Masark, president of th
Ccerho-Slovak - national council am
commander-in-chief .of he Caenho Slo
vak .armies, haa issued orders tor,th
Cxecho-ttlevaks In Siberia to rental,
there and cooperate fully with1' thi
Allied forees being sent to their assist
anee. Prof, jrtasark presented to Free
Ident Wilson a letter expressing lee
satisfaction over the president' deel
lioa to help the Czechoslovak army ii
Russia, The letter said:
fYour name, fr. President, as yoi
no iOUD "Oi M ewed In the street,
of Prague. , Our nation will never ceaa-
b KJtefuI to you end to the pooph
" tnaUmtd States and we know hov
to gratefnl."
.Copies of the letter were sent to thr
British, Japnneae, French and Italiar
; . w m 1
. 111 W. .
One Hundred 1 and Thirty-eight
Dead, WanyJrVounded
ti , . ." ..
WASUlNilTON', August 7 (Associa
ted . PjrjA,-Vve Additional casualty
JUr JieJc,nMMla PMtiUe by the war dc
partma-nt; jetdy; farrylng :"a 'tirta
?r Mty a.-thouaanfLnaniea, but, ac
nrMim to ik i,. j.,
t the date upi. which tbee
tJf, lOCvPU,red . waTnoi, inUmate
,,ni Ika n k .h .h V. a a
n .actio'
or dead of. wounds received in battl
is one hundred anil thirty-eight, includ
ing Major George Bau, killed in ar
tion, and Capt, Edward Phillips, die
of wounds. Capt. Paul Hudson is severe
ly wounded.
- The list shew: Killed in aetion, 111
died of wound, 23; died of other cans
ei, 7; aeriuusly wounded, 775; miasini
41. .
''.' III! .4 . I - ,t
LONDON, Aujust 7 (Associated
Press) Aa Allied force of marines
and soldiers was landed at Arch
angel on Friday lust, it 1s reported.
This force was sent ashore at Arch
.in gel at the request of the people
there, 'who hnve just nnnounced
their iudvpendence of the Moscow
soviet. 'he Allied soldiers and
marines were given an enthusiastic
w. a. a.
LONDON, August 6 (Oflicial) At
exchange Telegraph agency despatch
from Moscow via Berlin suys that t
report ha been received that the Bol
sheviki government of Russia is con
sidufing a declaration of war on Japan
SACRAMENTO, August ft (Associa.
ted l'ress)- Califormau will be ualied
opou to vote again on prohibition. .Suf
Oclent signatures to the peditioniavr
been received to assure that the "bone
dry" amendmeta will hav a plane on
the ballot thi fall.
WASHINGTON, August (Assoc!
'ite-l Press) The tioatotiice dupnrtiiient
i-lsn,.''"'' i" V'rshio ""'l service be
tweeji New York and Chicago, which
wiM ,-nt the time of trans continfutal
mails by twelve hours.
. - 1 . w. a. a.
V"W YORK, August 6 (Associated
Press) Announcement is made that
'"rl Reading, British ambassador and
1 1 h coinmisaiouer to the United Hlutes,
hlis arrived in Loudon to confer with
the war cabinet.
HkHiit'i mini iv
Weather . More. ..Successful In
s , .ChecHna-: Focb Jhan - German
L jiR?slStanj50,Hr3$, ecrr and Bat-
..rjo Has: LUiiedi v
Ahat Fiflhtino .Tiierel irya? ; yet
t.terdayAAojjed. To German
( Usses flndicationivf -That
'Foch1 Is Not Through Yet
NEW YORK,. August 7 (As
sociated ' Press) Heavy
lirls and a further flooding of the
esle. Valley have more or less
I iel,d tip tjierfurther advance of the
lilies along tbe Soissons-Rheim
ront, the weather proving to be
nore effective -in holding up
"och's further progress than the
esistance of the Germans.
There has been some heavy
igniting, nevertheless, the Ger
nans .attetnptmg " some heavy
ottnters against the forces which
he Allies had thrown across the
iverv and which had taken up
ositions on th north bank. It
as the apparent intention of the
lerrrtans to turn the? tables on the
"ranco-Americans and trap those
ho had made the passage, evi
dently believing that the swollen
;ater$ had made retreat impossi-
1e- . i
lite Germans caught a Tartar,
owever, and their counters were
ot 6nly not successful in captur
flg ahy.'or th'Alliei lines attack
d btit vrere'' repulSed' with yery
teavy casualties In this repulse
he Americans played a conspicu
ous part, with their machine guns
ompletely wiping out a German
attlion which advanced with
he 'object of attacking a party of
Vtierican bridge builders west of
"isnies. The attacking force was
nade up of infantry with a pafti-
1 ttlafly heavy proportion of ma
hine gunners, not one of whom,
o far as could be seen, escaped
he hail of American bullets and
-et tinted to report the defeat.
Only a small American force
cmains on tbe north bank of the
esle. these guarding the bridge
lead opjiosite Fismes, which the
icrmans have repeatedly tried to
ecapture. This portion of Fismes
m the north hank has been clean
d up by the Antericans, who
uive removed all their wounded
uuj sent back the captured guns,
nunitions and supplies.
Since Saturday the main efforts
f the Allies have been directed
o cleaning up the reoccupied ter
itory and abput half of it has
een gone over, with the gups
md supplies being brought to
ether. Many train loads of am
nunition have already been col
ected. On their side of tl),e river the Qer
nans are hastily preparing their nnir
ire, with their back to tke A lane.
Their prsaest position are excellent
or defense and it is not a yet aj
orcnt whether they ,'u rerist py
Vther advance by Ihtf Allies until
W enn withdraw further in safety
r wbetlmr they will kt?ud jieflnV'ly
long their new lin.
Iu gcusral.the Soimr.s lUieiui sit-
latlon is Ujuchunijei), . bid ibera r '
, Many Indication thft Focb is not yet !
tirougu with nis wor Hjooii thjs tee- I
'ion of the front, Prolubly be I
iMailiug stronger forces befiure. at
emptiug to force the cronxitg if tb4
'esle on wide front and JinoLher
'rive at the Crown Prijic
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is to irv the nrascryed dofl JfV
each oneration of tbe bowel wpeTJbn
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the niost severe and djugergu. Qi
are quickly enretf by It 'Tor 'il by
1 llensou, Smith ft C. w
ifctmber. .here is duly 0.1 l'romtt yi j.
rtw ias"s tl K- V'. lim . . VL .r
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