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Separated Sections ; of,. West-
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Britons MaJcsLonoest6ains of
Day But Americans and French
Driven H ad fan a Through
Storms of Gas and Explosives f
NEW YORK, Augusts (As
sociated Press) .Yesterday
was a day of success for the Allies
o three widely separated sections
of the western Jront, same of the
trains wfiilc ry no means unin
portartt rn themselves, promising
to open the way for greater sue;
ecssrs in the immediate future..,.
Ort tmr oissorts-Rheims front
the Franco-Americans forced t the
passage of the Vesle . and , now
hold strong positions on the north
bank, despite hcavy oppovtiod
from the Germans and repeated
strong counters. North of Mont
didicr the French moved forward
to new. positions' defeating the
(icrmlns in local actions, while
f-trll further north, in the j Lye
salient, the British made an.iflv
portant advance. North of Rheims
the French . penetrated the Ger
man positions for a gain of four
mndrcd yards and heldt the
grund, repulsing a scries of
counter, amfkV V. ,'!
; The most important blow deliv
ered during thq day was that by,
the. British in Flanders, who
struck along, a ' fiv-mile front
north of llethune, between i the
Lawe and the Clarence Rivers,
thrusting the Germans back for
a gain- . averaging a thousand
yards deep, along the entire froat
This gain still further flattens the
point of the nasty salient driven
by Prince Ruprecht in his April
drive for the Channel Ports.
The passage of the Vesle, wa
made east of Braisne and betwcei
that town and Fisn.es the Ameri
cans, advancing through an infer
no of shrapnel, machine gun fin
and. clouds, of poison gas, th
operation being begun on Tucs
day night and continuing through
yesterday morning, over a rail
drenched battlefield. Under simi
lar, conditions; the .French, ad
vanced on the left of the Amen
cans, ,the combined force driving
the enemy back in a desperate
battle and straightening the Al
li?d line north of the river from
Ha'sioches to Fismes.
Repeatedly the German court
tcrcd and the .fighting at time?
was hand-to-hand In the mud
with- the French and. American?
meeting each German onslaugh
and throwing it back, then con
tinuing their advance over tht
Moody nf!U. ... in
I .last nijiht the German infantry1 had
abandoned thte struggle and the Oermar
artillery bad Ukea up the battle,' nub
joctlng the Allien to a heavy bombard
munt, with the Freuca and Amerlr.au
oiganixing their gains despite of it.
North of Rheims the French attaqkftd
the (termanf along the: Mt. Thlesry
mud', pimhing back the Ourman front
for u distance of four hundred yard
P'erween IVraisne iinil Hoissons, west
nf the general bnttle fought north or
the Vesle yesterday, tho French mrr
Attacked but held their position an'
th-fw the Germans back with 1 seveer
M 1a ek(etd that the renewal of"tHr
AHId offensive- north of ' the Vtatr
marks a new phase of the year's cant
Intense' birrerness mark th(
f i ;h t i njr along this front and few pris
" beitm- taken. In the Krone
udvence yesterday they report--osilyf
lie.l'-ed men captured. although ' th'
'..iitiii. was extensive and some ol
it it close quarters,
In Klan'er the British struck af the
ho. it hern flank of the I.vs salient driv
ing the Germans back in the direction
of Armentieres, taking numerous pris
oners. The advance wu along a five
mile front, the most ambitious attack
atte-npted here by General Haig since
tho defeat of the drive of the Bavarian
America ill
WASHINOTOK, Auftirt 8- (Associated Press) General Foch la prrpatf-
L Ing to bprl tb Mitlr. tuUted.MlUtary
F W tkta raf inti'haf1 tv
jvtw wouermi njvtm v. ttttiM, cmer or tn; lot an united- Statea,' told the
member! of tho senate commit, on mlllUry aflslrs yerterdajr In- explaining
th aewieltii for tbe xtnaloa 4t tbe dr,f Isi lrnm aud'uViriac the cou
gresKlonal apjrroval of th war department administration plan.
- ''tferiera.- MaVoaV apok a4 length to th committee' on' the nfcjeri f in.
ertatdna; th man, power of the Unfted Stat- and said the plan was to raie
ai'amy ef approxkaauiye..a.ockr nea m aoon a posslblo, equip and train
them ati hav then at th lighting front.
. With' thla reser Of S,WX3,0CH men; 0Hral March said, the stipfema
comtnaflder, Oenerai J"octf wmsi pUbninf to bnrl tb entire, united mlllUry
foatM Of ta. AUlea and eobWllferenta at the enemy In order to bring about
a Ttetortaus conolnelo ia t abtfrUat pos&lbl time.
' Th Spring will see at teTrtao eoafllot In pro gT ess, one that will pale th
onl notrln pragrear and fntt awtotg-' along tn Alans and the Vesie, wttl
General rook's armle stxiking with their full for and power.
Qx&neral JMLtingm Praises
r me w ovk or Americans
FBKKCH AKMY HEADOtrARTElta. Ai.inut -(Aw,,!ii.,i i'r-( i....
oral Maagrn whr wae 1m command-Of the
tbo Franco-Awertraa Mae at Poiseons,
ess vs. uw urivi mere ana rne roreing or
he Vesle. hoe lasted an erdero( the dav
his tommaaii for their brilliant participation In the grout battle, (ionernl Man
(iu rmjo vu nmciy-onn cannons, seventy-two nunuroil prisuners, inimcnHo booty
iml tea kilometers of tho reconquered territory ore amoiu thn A.neri, .., ir,,.,hin-
of victory.
' Army Oflneral Berthnlof, wh has been in direct comntand of the French
tcs whielf cleared the Oof min frdm the soofh bank of the Vesle, reports thnt
av on woods- ruptured tho aoarehtera have found three hundred thoumind heavy
akbre shells aasn irainsase- quantity of Other materinl, ns well a several bat
rica of, Held gnns,,373 niachitre guaa and hnadiede of trench mortnrs. In ijip
nrtwg the' wood- the French also took more than two thoimand (iermnn i.riRoners.
) I-.
BL'Btrjr Augnst (Assocrated
Press V Kpofting. on the fighting;
on 'Tuesday, an. ofBcUI, eomrnunt
que of th waC.orte saysr , , .
r NbrtLilbir. tjBpmmo . the fiei
mad' yeaterdty captured "nearly
two hundred British, while PrKHt
eonnters SQnfh. of the Brej-Corbie
toad brpke down' befoare tho Ger
man fine. ' There have been vio
lent artllllsrjr duels, followed by
strong enemy attacks southeast of
8nlssonrt the attack being repul-
sea, -
teavy Fighting of Last Month
Noyr Clearly Reflected
WASHINGTON, August 8-(Assori-tted
Press) More than one thou.snml
asualtios nre inelnded in the official
eports of the losses of the American
rmy and Marine corps forces, issued
esterday and last evening, Two lints
oro issued during the evening increas
ng the figures an army loenns issued
arlier in the day.
Segregated, hi divisions and ns to
a, u sc of loss tf)c totals wero as follows:
Army: Killed iu actiony
ninety-nine ;
ied of wounds, eight; died of other
absos, twenty 11 vej, missing, 115;
vounded, 477.
Marine (Torps:' Killed in action, fifty
ne; died of wounds, two: wounded,
Killed in actiou, Iduts. Willar.l Ha
ey1, Wilson kellcr, Harold Kinne,
'rank ' MeCopuell, Frauk, larsden,
Vancis Fajyne'.
Lieut. CarltQt'l'Br of the Marines.
... .U.-s Veru . v
. WAXHIJTOtOl, Atigu'lrt TCAssiw ia
ed Presjl-Tbe American Balway Ei
.ress cflmbine-, forihofl ' urtdeT govern
en,t ' atisrdrW h drtked th inter--fate'leoiaaWds
VnTnirSinsioii 'for increas
d rates on 'newspapers and other sec
nd class matter.
WAHHINQTOX. August 7- fOffl i-.l)
-The federal railroad arimiiilef "i.ton
nnounced that cars of ra1n hml
Seen loaded in the United Btates h
twenn Jnly Ifl and 23,-compared with
!4.533 cars' in tbe same period last
roar. ,
trba-n I'rtnee. If this drive Is con
1nucd 1t may result in a clearing nf
'he I-y' hnttent in the same manner
it th 'Mdrne poclcef Has been emptied
f the enemy; th poMrtona' of 'the (ler
nana between Yores and. Oivonehv be
ng not dissimilar to the position of the
Orown Frrnee between Rheimf and ois
sons' when General Foch laum-hed his
counter. '
Further south, along Ihe Bray-Crbie
road in'th Sommo sector, the Hritish
attacked and Regained the trenches
lost on TUtHaiay aoutn of Worlancout.
A few prisoners - were taken; luiter
German ronntera were lien ten back.
la the Woevre soctor two rriitjH Rii-nt
lltsm AmAflilll linaam utura a t io.....la.l l.sl.
being repulsed. '
. wwvuw nviv BllOIIU'lCU UUl II
Vienna Newspaper Speaks Frank)y
ZURICH, 'August 8 (Associate Prlseey-That all the visible sin,, of sue
:ese tot the summer are on the side of the Entente ta tho fraiik a.lmim.iotv of the
rbeitei Zettung of Vienna, copies of which have been received here. This
;aper, which a Socialist organ, in summarizing the situation on the Italian
nd' French fronts, says: - -
"Alt etptanntrohs cannot allr the pa tent fact tbat this double offensive of
fih Oermanh Id France and the Austria In Italy was to gain territory nn.l con
equently1 the only visible signs of success is on the side of the Allie.'"
g)- ; r- i , Q
Have Five
atrmgU of, the Allies at the fee and
! aklFlen XitietleM flgnters.
. .
force oiierntinij on tho north oml of
who was largely ri-Honsiblo for the sue
tne retrent or the I'rown I'rineo over
thanking the
i 2 1-2 MILLION
NEW" YORK, August 8 (Asso
elated' Pres) One million three
hundred Frenchmen have been
killed in the four years of the war
to 'date, said Marcel Knecht,
IVeach' eonimiiwioner, in a stnte
htc'nt here yesterday. There hne
been as many others wounded, he
said", and incapacitated for further
flhtinrr. Tnhking the rotal'toss of
French man power more than two
and a half million men.
The nrrial of the American
forces hns wonderfully che-rcd the
French ormv neot.le. he sui.l
-r-m : -r.i
W. S.B,-
HAN FKANniHiX), August 7 (ffi-ciul)---The
I'niteil States clepnrtment of
agriculture's scent In charge of the
government plv.nt at Humerfield, Califor
nia, wnere potusli is extracted from
Mt ,,r"
the pmemmont s n-
roduction will prevent
kelp, snid that t
I ivity in pot:sh p
irermanv nvi r iL'nui fuToe. in.. ,. f... t,,r
in tile American potash market,
I-argo dep isits of potash had been !c
veloped on a hir eommercial' scale in
California snd Nebraska. Many other
deposits have recently heeii .tiscoverol
nnd more are lieinn- rushed to commi-r
eia! (h.velopintint throughout the I'nited
W B. B.
fAssiM-lnted Press) An American
s.-hooner hns landed . stity-five ini iu
bcis Of the erew of a Japunese freih
ter. the Tokuynmu M'aru, sunk by a
submarine off the Not a Scotia const.
Ki(My-flv are known to havo been
rescued from the sinking ship. Tho
freighter was torpedoed Hithout warn
ing und sank (iiick)y.
w. a! .
WAfiH INOTON, August 7 -(Associn
ted IVeis lVstmaster (ii-neral Itnrle
son, who is in control gf the government
telephone and telegraph systems un
der the) proclamation by which they
were taken over, announced toduy that
he would probably soon coordinate and
consolidate competing systems when
ever possible.
W. s. s.
Sunplled by All Ch"'til ts
Physicians prescribe Chamberlain's
Colic and Diai rl.oea Itei-ieilv I.e. iins,- it
rcllew's ciainps in the toniit h nn.l
inirsiiun. pains (punier than fl'iv pun
nratmn the enn coiiiiioiiiid
boiiitht. lion, new chennst.
ft cm 11 lie
V boll le
"ill lu'cp fur vnu-H, h.i.I no Ikmim' is
i in nlur t- u ilhniit I . 1... 11 ...
j .. i i . st'i null1 13 (It'll
son, Hmith & Co. Adv.
v ! A V
Secretary IkAdoa FavortTighty
Percsnt Flat War Profits
Tax To Lift Burden
CltlCAGp, Anpnst 8 ( Asoclate.l
Press). rVorci.uy McAdoo favors the '
plan of a flat tax rate of eighty per-'
cent on all war profits. He fnvors the
i - - - hhi n,i-
its a under the present law with a j
nine percent nlloennce of dividonds in
any event.
Speaking l.. .e Inst evening the see, I sftimMef were ,(iVen' lonurtkahte ova-1
retnry of treay ,rv ,-Ienrl.v set forth thejtios arid their victories ere ethoai' ,
needs of a la.ter revenue to suonorf 1 asticallv- anrlnitrtrd. nil lief nethnaluv In I
the bending pohcy a.,,1 deelared that ! " ,he "I'fcat ttf toeal rorttcstants. 'I-ONlxm, August S ( Assoc IaU
luxuries and ..r profit s n.uit lcnr the j . In V". ,"im " ..Pr)--Addressing th bouse of eon
greatc, parte the burden. This would mm the flcl.l a'nd.' nlhT.'i' 'T ?T
be kept ' light ns Po,Hit,le on noccs- I .-..ir sn.f fu iTtM " titlir, referring
mi tics, but the iicople would neverthe
less feol the increased burden,- esse
tisl for th v inning of tho war, TJjny
must be 'ready to make sacrifices' Wt
then still gTent.-r sacrifices or to sa-rfri-fi.-e
the country nnd tho world to the
ri.EVEI.AM. .1 nly U7 (Associated
.Frees) An 1 . injll.liOti.OlM) army bill
for ll1!-i!0 wns toreenst by Represent
ntive Kahn of alifornia in an address
here today before the League of Bo
publican Clubs.
"This 'means additional Uberty
Bonds," Representative Kahn said.
it means nd.litional taxation; it
means, if it means anything, that tbe
American people must be prepared to
eive their all, if need be. Perhaps
tbe time will come when every in
dividual in'the I nited States will have
to content himself with tho barest
necessaries of life and surrender every
thing he pmweses or earn beyond
tbore necessities to aid his government.
"Wo have 'not begun to make se
criticcs In rhoee I'nited States; we do
not know tbe pinch of hunger I hope
nnd pray we Way never know it bnt
we will be the better prepared for pos
sible eventualities if we begin now
the practise of self denial."
r. . a. .
PARIS, Jurjf28 (Associated Press)
The department of Civil Affairs of
the Amorican Jlod Cross has just Is
sued its report for the past month.
I It shows that it employed a staff of
I Wi pevsons, maintained fifteen civil
I inn hospitals with a total capacity of
liK(i beds, nnd reached in some man
; ner or another more than 240.4!Mi civil-
i:tns n fleeted by the last offessive.
! Thirty thousand I'nris school chil
dren have l.een given supplemental
I food such as special lunches, breakiusU,
i e'e. A hospital and four disjiensnries
were opened during the month. Medical
iiid wiik given to 2'i.lflOO persons; II.
X7:f refi!"ees were housed anrt .1140
J piven ni.lo inent. During first week i
l ..f Ik.. .m.J... OflC rnn r .
... t ... ...n. ..ii -iih, v p o.f.'rw.i reineeeB
were fed in canteens established in
the Paris stations.
Money donations to outside organi
zations totaled $:!00,nOlV; of which
$1 10,0(1(1 hs appropriated frsr tuber
culosis patients; ,J5,000 for the care
of children; '.Kl.rtno fdr refugees, and
tnc remainder for mutiles. The fol
: the agencies of the department. ,77
H7S .-nrments. -.'2,4MS pairs of shoes,
j x :'s art id- of furniture and hoine
I lowing has l.een distributed
noin urensiis. .-; (H articles of lieililin-
and household linen, SS,4MH vnr.ls of
cloth, 1(17. To I pounds of foiid, 48.15
hospital artii l.-s and 1000 unclassified.
The wearing of the uniform of a
nation with which the I'nited Htntes is
at peace, by persons not entitled to its"
it is now ,111 unlawful uct, and viola
(inns uri" punishable by dime and im
prisonment. A congressional art, appro
ved July S, II'In, ou this subject reals
ns frtllovts:
Thnt it sh-ill be unlawful for any per
son, with intent to deceive or mislead
illiin the l intel Hlates or Territories,
possessions, ut.'is, or places subject to
j the jurisdiction of the I'nited States, to
I Mcur anv nin il. military, police, or
I other official uniform, decoration, or
j regalia of nu foreign state, nation, or
uovernnient ilh which the Initel
Nlates is nt . nee, or any uniform, de
enn. I ion, or re:
the same ns to
..ha so nearly resembling
'.e calf ultitod to deceive,
uTing thereof be author
- nte, nation or govern
unless such ".'.
i1 (1 by such
Any person
sions of this in
he punished I
t'tOO or impri.,
. ho iolnt.-s the provi
t alinll upon conviction
a fine not exveed'u;
men for not exceeding
six mouths, or liy both such fine nn.l
i 111 prison men t.
TOKIO, Almost
wuil HiM-hn
chll lo relieve the shortage
which has continued to grow
ute ti e home agrleultuni de-
t hns .leterniined upon bring
of rice
more nc
iiiirtiiieut litis .leterniined
ing imports t ..m Korea and shipping
will be aeut i-r tbe cargoes.
Sfftf-VERtyX f
llrtr tfiVTH-WirtMrn
U lllll llHI I M OHillUllLlva uHliiriHIulI uMUOLU UA L '
Duka Makes . New: Record, an
Kruger and Lane WftxThcir j
ftiorifa UUItS Caeai
nkw York, AuK.,st s-( Associated
Hawaiian-swimmers; Cleared of
alT srfe of professionnlli-m bf th '
Aii.nliu. Athletic I'nion Swept alt
iviu liii-nr ov inr wiper mrr Bigni,''iJTtae
Kf hassmnkir liring in esperlaHy floe
form ntid etaW1shinj a new world'
re(.ord i2S r,ril. Tha Hawao
secondk. Uo Oeible vt Ktw' tvth -
was hi closest eompcitor.. . ).',
TTnroId Kmei er.- sinMnrBB 'biik.
stroke rn.ily dlefeflted. King and", TreJ
enri-S"' " llroo'" Ivn in a mUd-match
for 1in vards. tint one nl.i.l. awttk
i li. ar.L. , b"; l
...... is. mi i t i iff m-l-JfmiaTt ' ;. I
line easily defeated fed 110111 of
New York at flftjr yards, time twent-1
four and fonr-Hfths seconds. .
, w. a. . iii.'..;. '
Build More Ships
In One Month.
Thaii. Ih A Mi
WASHTNOTqN, August f? (Offlelat
In the month' of July tho fjalted
Htntes launched mor ship tbaa Tjd-any
year of its previous bistorv. thua Mtmfw
bshing vet another new; record, 111 abip '
protfuetion. '.' ; . y I
Announcement I made b IU lUn. I
ping board tha last moath 13 vessel 1
.1.1.. , . 1 n )mFKTe8J 9 ,
(13144 dead wsinht Inns In Ka anna. '
month fori yonr other wet delivered j
iur n.vmg a tonnage oi ws,a. ...
In addition to rlie th Japanese
yards delivered . two steel vessels of
tpns.-.. ' j ."" 1
lnirry six or ta Ametie bain vea-1
sels that were completed. Wfo of steel
witn a nesn-welght tonrtsge af 117,035.
The other five wer wooden skip with
a deadweight of 18,000 tona " '
Muce the first of th Tear tti ship
lnf' IhUneKed tia been SjTVfiW toirr,
ihowthg' a almoef onkta: Increase
and bjinfi byjmdbtha-, o4lwf Jail-ltd
m.1fi i. " AftiP' 1Stl,tMts: Vtky, 289,841,
Jun- 8t,32S ;) 'JaTy OTJrMC' ' "i
Inl .'froVtheKff aind' rltr tfbseph Mm
lay, Brlfish misisfer of shrrming1, have
tabled to ChaiVmadr rTurtnly of the shipping-
board eofictntuTn-ttons' on tbe rec
ord made lif shipbuilding aSid the eonv'
plorton of 'iroverhmenV yaTtji' la his
Hawaiian sugar wiTT'nkve been clean
ed up, so far as 'shipments of sugar on '
Hand sues, bv fhe first of November, it
I " p"w t"-P'"r jne pines pp!B paca .
may move wUk mmilaf adoed. Advices
received in the psst few Jsvs mdicate
j ,hat ',rK8 !"' are. to be moved to
, : V""w."yi' ' 1 '"V
sh.pmenU to be coa.erably .n'-reaa-
h- k :,fVS i l, ."""'"J
sh.pment be moved bulf 4 the .rest "
the crop so far as grVund b- b t
Information to thia effeT ha
shippers here and confirmatory of their
advices is a message received by (lev
ernor McCarthy yeater''- from si t
ant Hecrotary of Interior JE. C R nl'ev
in replv to tho Governor's mes-nge urg
ing efforts to move Hie f-'S i n-mt
pack. The message to the 0 -vcrnot
said :
y,. ..; wiiUjii poraiiB to
provide space for tho irmvement of the
pineapple --orop. Ha.v fallen PP th
matter w tfh th war, 'taaWft boaW km)
L , fp ' aoviaea titer
the "50.000 to bWO taa''' referred
fo in the message; la. .'atern ' sugat .
for the AtJantW Codt wflneriea and
which the Shipper. Be; Toelr advie
aro that these sttipaienfa' will b made
within: two months' And th informallori
they have bears tha stamp of atlthea
ticitv. ,
Other advice reHJ of sfill akofe
vessels to carry the rest of life Pacific
Const suffer. In tbia wav the eilttre
L'-'O.OOO tons of thr trtfp that remains
still to be sliitijHSd could easily be
moved by the Bret of fovember.
evidencFfails T0" u
Kawai, one of tha two Japanese wiio
uc-o arrested ifi a' raid on a moonshine
stfll at Klpapa Ouleh Sunday night,
win discharged from eustodv hv the
federal aufhorlttb yesterday after1 be
ing given a commissioners' henrins.
The evHVtncie seifmrM fall t be'sorf.
ticient to hold Kawal on a hargi of
illicit distilling. -
laiii, the other Japanese rrssted
in the raid, wa bound, over to the
wer to chargee Of violation, of" the
i'nited Htntes Internal ; revenue wk.
T:.ni's bond was fixed" Vt-$Vfti. B
i.iity C.fllocUir of InteviaB ' Bevrnue
noerui granu jurv, wnere no will ans-
Mark Ilanna represented tke federal
authorities at th aarisg't" '
,; , ummwym -mumr; 1 are fTOTtW S keW. MoasV b fllia
om ut hopes they n. Im, take r of 1 A;'lTai Br1tl ubma?in was 1
.an 11 not mi or ' t yiWNinpiaa. ; 1 rtArnagAX' , . . - ,
Advices reeelv"by alrrbbere. itidieVle TwVm ?H&&tf. ami 11
nrminnfrnili nin llHVL UUhlhlilNU
a ' llrrrlilMir I N I iilJllL v ) t-j.W i .,,
ui I LiiuiiLuii LiTiiuirir rifrYrniTinii
Lloyd George Afterts-Germans
Can Never Win Until The Can
. Wn Virtnrv fSrt Cail
Villi IIVIWI J v.i www
Reports of Revolts ef , German
Sailors Tend To Confirm
Words of the Premier
V"1'" 10 w,at bMn
plbA4 in the reeen drr, to the ale
traetion of Oermsn submwrtnes and tbe
pefi h.it America is playlagradd Wil
The dan ffnr ! tint vl Afii . ' ' Aii
Ikpremier.' "But the Oermaa genera
staff officer who might predict mil)
ry. victory would have to bo a very
annguinc man.'' (
.Concerning peace he said that tnc
persons who made' tKo war are- atill ft
evidence and that there would be nf
peace m. long, as they were prominent
in the enemy's council.
The land offensive which tho Allier
had just cheeked and turned 1o a xla
fOneive, he said, was occasioned by the
failure sf th ssbsikrine offensive.
Must win at In
"T'ntil th Allies are defeated on tbe
ses," be coatrnoedf "Oernaay aa
aevef triumph. Wben tko wr beg
the British davy, then the UrgVst ha
th World, rVpresenfed ' ' tonnage- of
Wg Ua .aiklHarf fleet, it . la iehl
mf.rloa. Every traao roirt U potroU.d
M H. ri..t. rv..t f.. .i (...
i wo mi a mmi mHHomv- Now, includ
British fleet steamed 8,000,000 mires
t . leant a- Btillioji and a half
a..t .L. i ail. j
m toBronnat marrbe. "MOr thaav one
Lhandred and flfty aubmartae have been
'destroyed In tb last year and a half,
Jtmmor Oonflrm
j A It in conllrmarloir of (he aaaer-
tkma '-of Moyd Geovg earn rumors
j nat wove told in despatches from Am
sterdam of. revolts of Oermaa sailors
agairiit t(ie eontintinaee of submarine
warfkm. . These mssagea said the re
Vtttrr Oeenrre at Wilhetmshaven add
that, i - war. rnmoFetl that. " prone gan
! disti Incited the men, who wero about
embark to, attack their bffleorv U
runltV Or to- arrfemrrt'. tW sfalr tH mh.
mersfbhsa "a be fnfeTn(f in ' neutral
bbor.' Moro than- lf they said had
disappeared. .
King 'of tbe ' warr' 'Tplb 'charges have
piayov a importHut part In puttiii).
aa end to tn activities of U boats.
JUila of tho sinking of three Oer
mar aobmatinesr two of them by Brit
th subrtisflnes, recently became knowi
ill tonHon.' A- BrftiWA'patrofboat ou
moonllgnr night sighted ant enemy sub
marine on tna surface about half a
mile away. Hhe was apparently re
cdhtrg'fllf heV atbrage batteries.
Ua ttopt Bomb
II1Hnd , Jhp pattol boat aptain, but
tHe ejnse tbe boat reached the spot
Wbrnarfmr-'Bad ' disappeared. The
Full speed ahead," was the com
- BritHsh einfk imhilWlately drobped sU
jepflt ' diarrne. Quantities of oil cami
t th wrrfaco soon afterwards, and
, fhfV erieV fof ' nelp, ln German, were
v. nktrnVbo. .-rrhin fn.
survivors or tne sunmanne. nut wa
able 'td rescre only ode, of the enemy
While 'on patrol duty' "somewhere'
off the east coast a Brtttsh submarine
slrxhted the periscope of an enemV
V boat and started fdt It under fuil
m;cei(. Before the Qei'man could sub
merge, the Britisher had rammed it
. Ttid' n:i-ii ...kni..;.. sA....u
. pistes of tbe ehemy boat and stuck
1 .k 1 t 1 a a i
jri, tlwmaateaal.',-Tlio GOrtna came
I almost , t . the anrfaee, carrying the
rKl)r jAnlWisi' aloi.g.'; I1tf ;,tb
ktiniHMe plated4 and1 ekh! fot
peiwlyXaI Whofir5 aViknM
or a'jtOslttoA K AiUtv h Mher., The
WItlsh'(mlr . "a fbrpfdiV' but
mtst t teWmrautea'niteT se.-ond
WjktdoV' wei'i hbm. Hriking'. ho' OoV
f)an"tfosfi WAh''vtrif. Anoke
fpptifat enl r fhal' b,olr madabr the
li4ii(.o;; lHo.'at.eril 'oT fh1 tJtwk '
ih4t siirfa. "Then rb' canning towet
ppdit,. '-''few' sevond and tse- tr
boat'tpoK a berpen.riculnr dive, leaving
a, trail Kf Oil ah.r ' Whirl i' th sea,
MdicWtflg' th rtasfr Of 'water into space
Ther were no surVivdVs.
f.ylng n ; tttwnitai at Bxiulouge,
Kfance, is K.ldie Strange, n'rother' of
Csptakr Harry rlti-AMge, British si-iny",
who was gasaeit by mustard gaa about
tfl first 'Week In 'dime. ' A' vcvv lanre
gaaand'lt-.t: idlell eiploed neat aim,
tt was .' surniiA. ' lie nnt I mnu-
tlrnrlf feeT tl) Vffecff Of the" casein
uatil eigbt houra afterward when his
fve) HtHf , mat and ho became
)ihA , 'iof Wa grt pain. Aftdr
apanding, ihirty Boura at a first aid sta-
tte. ss waa foaaovcm in a Red Cross
train and, taken tq. th Boulogne hnept-
twtu.:.ll--.ws) totaliy, blipd for three
.Wav- VattM wrltaa to hia
mother here that he has been ia soma
heavy fighting, aaying hia battery ia
alway laUeu tbick-'of it,
III- lu v u 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
fokio Cablegram. Says This ts
Arjreea Upoiv while Washing
torr Despatch Says Supreme
Command Not Yet Determined
fw Regiments of Regulars From
Philippines Win Form Nucleus
of United States. Forces and
Others Will Follow V
JAPAM ay have the supreme
command of. the lapanesc-
tncrican expeditionary force to
Mheria as va indicated iit Tokio
-ahlegrams to the Japanese press
here yesterday, although Asoci- .
itcd Press despatches said, that
'he joint command had not yet .
been determined. Ceneral Graves
vill command the Americana of
I j expedition. , , t H .- '
Cablegrams Jrom rokto and
soclated Press despatches from
Washington and Shanghai told of
Vl It tmtrrca I I n nr mad tn lk .
ireparations .for the expedition
md of the situation in .Siberia.
The latter messages said, that
jencral Graves, now jn command
rt Camp Fremont had leen;dcsig
a a a 4 s
iaiea oy oenerai Marcn, cnict o:
ttaff, to command the American
orces. . Twq regiments of rcgu-
ars, now in the rmlippmes will
orm the nucleus of the America"
efWtr asd rttbsir trrMinu- t&rilt f.knw
hciB, The joiwt command, which
t has beert sard would be given to
General .Wood had not hecn d.
termiiTed-l the despatclt added. ;
The Shanghai message of the Assocla-
Oll PfS told of tha lunrlifxr t'Vl.l '
vpsfok" of British forces. These wero
nt aa reinforcements to tho British
leesdy at that port and wero aent be
'ore the detaila of tha plan for Japan
c American assistance to the Cxeebo
Slovak forces had been determined up
m and when reportp eaid that tha BoV
Sevlki sod Oerainn-Austrian prison-.-
t,ev had armed were threatening
Vladivostok. ',,
Caules to the Japanese papers gave
urtber detaila of JapcnSs plaaa and
ttrosrlKr nituat'roa which tbe Allied
forces will have to meet.
Messages to the Hawaii Hock I said .
hat after negotiations between 'Japan. '
'.nd th AjllijiB mti f mki. ainwi a 1 1 w Ka-
ecen Japan and the United Btstee it
tad been determined to give) th au
reme command to Japan. Count O.
k : ..I.- : 1 . . eL. 1.-m ti
anr.iiit mo iiiminvvr iu vnuia ass caii.
-I upon tho premier of tbe Chinese Be-
.Al! . J I , 1 . . . . m
none ana explainer! tne inientiona or
at-an in sending the expedition.,
To tbe Hhinpo came a eable eonflrm-
na the reitort of ihn unitlnv a T a r, n.
-se warships to. the Hiherlan Coast for
he purpose of a naval demonstration. .
Cables received by the Nlnnu Jiit ear '
hat the Bolsheviki army, assisted by a
trong foree of tbe released German and
KiMitrinn prisoners in Eastern Hlberia, ia
eposted unoltlcially to have captured
k. : . . : . .. M -m, 1 ,1. wfc. &
IT- .1.1 p.F, n HIJ UI - K.UV.IBK, fcWVB .
'y miles north of Vladivostok. Thia
fi.T in 1 1 1. -t , . n 1 1 lie j ,1 1 1 r,M 1 UQ -
Eastern Chinese railway, the mhia lino
.M .L. A - LJ!I ! A- . .1
.1 ino iraus-oioerian rouie, ana ibo
tmur, rsllay. ,- '' - - ' . '.
Considerable activities "of the Red
TbafrT tre rporr at Khabartivks, an ,
iniportabt'elty; fit AtfruT frovlnt. Re
1.... 1.. ... ..1.1 . t.
rwfrM iduiuii ,fi imriiui iq .1 A V J Uv
skUog ikV (tIsWslrMJ s t' t, - .
"wmmaxtra u&vzs
Weneral lforwarth's gcrvernirteiit ro-,
Afty. astnsBH t GlptUkov -ha been
tt.vcd,tb ;VlaiUk' lire seat of th
CseeJo-HleVhlr goreriimon. Tt is gpn
ara'in bekWeA' here thnt a eertccrt of
"fci' two, governments may be effected
iJtJatl " " ;.
Thla governnScnlT' lias consented to
supanit thair opera tiopfl on th tast
ra Chinese railway and to' have a
hflnf o4 the fuf until1 fnrther-notice.
Th, Allies bave sent in th rerpiest ti
kTii (Verno'-WovaB government on iniU
tnry grounds. ' T"'".'
..... . w.j. - Hii
' hf-V 1 uM.J . U a . I
tedf less Tsui.eo Vt.sudurar' consul
Hetttl' at Tien" TsWt, China, has been
appointed fo the' 'post of heerelary to
the Japanese amluiaay at "Washington.
TV. ilrr.'rr .
runtf rw ia mct nciev ,
runivci iji jiur xtcnuii
-Tur. 'has informed tho'i United
tes tvouirh wedn, that eommunl.
ration 'iliOiculties made it imposniblo to
clear up the Tabria incident. Kurnituro
l.w.k h.,l Ki. n.iniv. from thn U....
lean consulate at Tabria by Turkish eol-
diers had leeu returned, but tho Turkish
(.xelgu niiuister aai.l that information,
i.nn,.ri.li th nl.lins of ths Amoriin
hospital was inaufliciently conii.let o
form th basi-of a report.
4 '

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