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AU ieJs MtliM Mt4 6m VatJe
CjfP'- (V- go , ..p.
Aujnint IS, Last twcn-
tT-fonr anilra - rainfall nr.
Tewperatnr., Mln. 72r Mm.,
' M. WeatheiY Cloud.. ' -j
V'h:,FV &.rr' r'v
WHOLE! NUMBER ' : 4764
Lull Presages New Advantages 0d"W-eat FroWj
Ruprecht's Defense Grows
VT F.W YORK, August 13 (Associated Press) Although' the
1 (rerinan line in a number
.v . ' . r
is siinening, wiui reserves for urown i rince Kiipprecni coining up
fast, and the jetreat is no longer anything resembling the rout it
was on Saturday and Sunday, the Allies are still making substantial
progresand the German line continues to vield before the deter-;
mined Hritish and French assaults. ' .
The. greatest progress reported yesterday was made by the
I'rcnch and British Colonial troops on the rieht win?.' In'thia
advance yesterday the villaee of
t of Lassigny, was captured and the surrounding heights. This
rapture is of the highest strategic imKrtance. giving the French a
point of vantage from which they are now able to command almost
the entire. Jengtp ot the Lassigny -
enure. jengxq oi me iassigny-ioyon roaa. -
Furtherto the couth the French advanced other parts of their '.
closertb Noyon; while to the north the British took Proyart
three miles south . of 'Bray and
l ouuescourt, seizing ground that still further flanks Chaulnes on
the iiorth and.Roye on the soath. !
:' 'rrih LULL' PRESAGES ADVANCE, , " A '
..'."PcapUe'. these advanceOs a general thing tl)Vrvwi flr,4lojtg
the'grxater par rf. (be .iajrtlefront';yesterday
of rofflrnuntcatioif, preparatory to. a further advance.1 The' (krma'as
are .taking advantage of this to establish positions for defense aloijg
the Roye-Lassigny line in the south, although the French are fn
contact along most of this line with the enemy.
On Sunday, along this section of the front, the I'rcnch took two
thousand more prisoners and thirty, guns, while several hundred
(Germans were captured by the British yesterday at Proyart. The
Uritish advance also gave them two more German airdromes.
General llaig, in his report last night, announces that the Bri
tish guns are hammering Chaulnes and preventing the Germans
from removing any of the great stores of supplies there for which
they have fought so determinedly. British shells are also smashing
the brideea and hammerino- the: hridp-e annrnarhe nlniiw trie nmnie
.,, n,,u2 t A. 1
at Bethencourt, east of Chaulnes,
district Allied aviators are bombing bridges and destroying roads I
with high explosives, haninerinir
forccments and in anticipation of
I he Allied casualties continue
the great gains in territory and
and captured being inflicted on the
Uritish and French headquarters
IC...I r....
,m,v.. a,c icwci iiuiuuiT man uie uuniDer ot irennan
prisoners taken.
The estimates of prisoners
..... ... !)..: . . & 1 .
..in ai idii ycsicraay, snows mat
mihiis have surrendered and that
-.! file l.jttlr. :m ..wvr.
... .u,ilv IIIUll 111,111 SllCll
The afternoon reports of the battle announced an advance north
i if the Soinnie by the Americans there brigaded with the British, the
Minnies having fought their way to the edge of the important town
of liray, where they are engaging the German garrison. They were
unofficial reports that the Germans had evacuated Koye and were
falling back here, with British tanks following them Well to the
e;it of that place.
Heavy German counter attaik were made lit CliBtilne, whi.h appear Mill
to be held by the enemy, nud other louuter at Albert, on the extreme north
1' the prewnt field of activity. At both then point the German have mailed
heavy artillery, which wa ued extravagantly.
The French, routiniling their advance between the Oie ami the v
raptured le ('euiier and Ht. l.HUrin, three mile weHt of Koye. From there the I
line yeter.lay ran ioutlicat through Armnncourt, Tillolo'v and fury, thence
caatwurd through the hill north of Autovel. At : lions on thin froul the i
(.erniBiiM are reltiug heavily and rushing reinforcement to the aid of the
I uttered front Hue, depite which the Frauch are advancing teadily aud have
reached and cleared the hill crct west of the Oie, virtually clvarinv the
Matz vallev of the foe.
The next few day will (.rol.nl.ly witnea savage fighting along this
Houthern curve of the buttleliue, as the German must bold here .or permit
their Noyon Neile Hunk to bv turned, su.h a will happen If the Freuch, fa !
mi. linns a ml Australian are able to drive their advantage inui-h further.
( )TT A W A . A u Rust 1 2 - ( Associated
Pie)- The Canadian cHsunlty list
hciiI from France today includes the
unincs of .1. K. Taylor (if Hawaii,
w oiinded.
John Kdward Taylor, of Houolulu,
er As Reserves
of sectors alon tlu- I'icanly front
i .
Gurv. less than two miles south-
Noyon road. - f
also drove a wedge eastward of
i u i . n
while throughout the Peronne
the brinir nf ui of C.erman rein-
" - I
a wider (iernian withdrawal.
to be verv low in nronortion to 1
the heavy losses in .lead, wounded j
enemy. An ofiu ial estimate from 1
yesterday claims that the total I
i .i , r I
taken and guns captured, as given
r . ..
more man lorty lllousancl
the guns so far counted as trotihics
U . . .. .1 .... I
who according to the above despatch'
na wounded in France, is the sou of
I. Taylor, of l.ililia Htreet, employed j
un the Xfntafin Nnviirutifiti i.......a .... i
wharves. Young Taylor, who i about
27 years of age, left' here last October
on the Makura, a No. Hit, of the Hrit-
ish recruits BHHembled bv the local
Hritinh Recruiting Committee, aud iu
Cunada joined a Cauadian battalion.
ul wire, wno was mis Mora Medio
i os, is living at Wailuku, Maul. A
child was boru to Mr. and Mrs. Tay
lor, nfter he had left the Islands to
enter the army. He was a truck driver
while living here.
News From Battle
Day 'Was Quieter and Attacks
Broke Down German Press
Is Wakening and Does Not
. Hesitate To Criticise Hohen
; zollern Princes
BKRLIN;'-AutfUM (Aooito,
l'rJ-An Odlr.iul nummary of the
citnatloM along .tfae Hoinmr front. on:
"Ifatwwn ; , Aii. tp and thf Arrit
J Rlr fh 4lay tinn Wpn qulftor.
tWPPII, 1b AVtf ' an.l the Oit Itivera
h attack of the enemy have failed.
I..... i
'pornng ; .! mtuation ! Klan
ner, tbi ollicial roininuninue announr
tiiation ! KlHti
dfr, tbo olticlal roiniinniique announr
-,: ..B.tWM, the Yer and the Uwe
Rlvwa the fnemy'n partial thrift
fregooriUy l.roken down."
u'Auhtv v a....
eiaiiAa awil daiMte. trm hu.-
'"H report, rontinned attempt, to
roV.,: 3 XX
of America Vpartieiputiou, a shown
Pr,t', ''.v vet,nn "r ",6
Te Muenetner P..t nr
aatnt a recent nwb at Hi
JtS? wtreTpc?,
Te MuenrUer
n wl
Gentian vietortea. That ncwupaper -mid:
'Ik i acaadalou to aee a wron like
Prince Henry of I'riiMxia (ivlu the
German peoide a picture of the mlua
tiim which -id ao atajr !-correMpoinU to
rel!(y. Brraiann art not coing to let
thinaelvea be exploited like children.
'Jt t'eraonnijea T Hkr V Trine ( - Ilenrj
wMiltl'd betUr .. o apeak1 aboai
th'weWrjfrnirtaWIerafar -fr
told for a kktig Umeithat
Anierlda' ntrt -in,to the war wa
mere bluffhnl we aee today that one
part at the pre and the cruder part
of ollicial orator continue to deceie
the (Jerman public,
"They would d better to ay open
ly that Germany flml herHcIf todiiy
in an ectreinely aeriou aituntinu."
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, Auifuat 1.1 (Ahho
,ilit, i.reM)ou ',he v'wle front b, k
of which It i reported by aviator the
""niy i .ii(KinK in ana erecting en
l.n,, Ini
tanKlement, there wa Home hard tight-
lug yenterday precipitated bv enemy
counter against
the American nnd
".J",. wrrt iHaM ,,v
the enemy upon General IVmhing'1
nr"'v '" ,h vi,init.v ot KiMine and Ki
ine4-lte. nil of which were repulsed ami
Bew.r, ,.,,!, e, were inflicted on the I
foe while the American cnsualtie were
not heavv.
(.er-.f,nt .ounter were nlo directed
"cierni poiut ent and wet of
, il t 1.:. u t
.iiiri xni.n, nil 01 mnn II in.-.
A iiieriran.
with re
W. S. 8-
WASHINGTON, Augunt 12-(Omial)
People in the I'liited 'Htate, though
fniing un InireBsc of probablv oue
rent per pound, will still lie getting i
ugar cheaper than any other country
excepting possibly Cuba.
Hugar is retailing at eight uud a
hnlf cent to nine cent per pun ml, I
going a high in koine remote plmcs
as leu cent. The wholesale price of i
7.:m us recently raised to ti.TiO per
IHO pound.
WASHINGTON, August 12 (Associ
1 """ 1 r,'H" ' " l a'""ic in tlie army
i'"'ll.v reported by the war de
I l""-"'"' '"'lay numbered .102 aud were
segregated a ioiiow:
I Killed in actiou, fifty seven; died ..f
! wounds, ten; of other cnuses, six;
vvouaded. two hundred uud twenty t vv i
missing, seven,
Killed in action:
gau was killed in
Howard Merril I
I.icut. Karl Groo
action and I.icut.
reported vvouuded
tu a degree uot yet determined.
'Japan Proceeds' To
Prepare For
I Duties In Siberia'
Mikado Sees Chief of Staff and
Aide New Ambassador To -
Washington Is Given Duties At
vi i i i 1 1 f
viduivosiuR nibieau 01 uomg
i of
To station I
T0K10, AaRUM 1 -(8piil to Kip'
pu Jiji) Urneral KUtiimj Utani, the -J.ianpfiK
eommandi i in-hi of the Al-I . '
lie. I forces In BiWrm, wait SuturlRV re-!
reivpil in audience vt tha uiieror at
lliu Inn.nrinl nmm..r villa t'r...hia. I
r ,T - I
wa, N'ikko, where the emperi
nail ro-!
preMW are atainir .luring tM Rummer
month. General Otnui win aeeotn-V
panied hy Lleutennm (leneral M. ToJi,T
ehlef of taff of the expe4itioa, and
Major Cienernla 8. Inunki aal M. .Na
kn'hima, junior Btiift. . m . ,
T. Mutaudaira, who n recently ap
pointed to the Jh p uem eaibaaay at
WaHhinirtou aa PouiK'ilor but wK baa
P" bi-lepartur to the Ain
"?,"-v. "r,lef. ''I P""'
8. (ioto, ininiHter of foreimi affaira.of
Japan, to proceeil to Vlaiilvoatok : aa
wan ordered Y. Kimura, rOnnt'llor of
the foreign ofliee. The two oflioiala are
to reiweiient Japan 'h foreinn nor vine at
the headquarter of the Allied military
nctivitiea ia Serbia.
Landing- in Vhiilivoittok of n French
rnntiiiKent from the French Indo-C'hiua
w todny reported from the Siberian
W. V.
Generals Reported Cashiered For
Failing In Duty
LONDON, Aniut U' ( Aocintid
I'rchKiXn Knhunge Telegraph de
).iitih tell of Belgian report that
three (Icrinun general recently com
iiMiii.lin nenr Montdidier have been
rasliiercd on I he charge that they neg
lected their duty iu the battle, and
further icports are that a large nuni
tier of Holdier were court niartinlud nt
tt. (uentin on Saturday on the charge
of high treason.
The German in Belgium are aaid
In be showing uign of great uneaai
iii'sk mi. I it in reported that the kaixer
hiiN moved hi field heudquarter to
111 IIMHeln.
w. a. a.
I SAN FRANCISCO, August 12 (Orli
j cinl i Maj. Hingiald Hvnslef, a Nor
. weginii officer. nfliciftllv inspecting
1 Aincrirnn armv c:i nlonmeiita aud train
' iug cnuips on lielinlf of the Norwegiun
legiition at Washington, visited the de
p;u I nii'iii urmv ciiiiiinaiidnr here.
"The inornle of your men," sm.l
Mnjor llvoslel to the ronimandcr, "is
splendid, iimli'i I ul.
" They've enl liiisinsin, what you
cull 'I'co'. 'I'li.'ii marks them a le
stinctive. In this reaped they are in
i iiinuv enses supciior to trnilieil troops
I ill Kurope. And thev 're wonderful
specimen of iiiiinhooil, wonderful'
"In south, ens! nud north, eveiv
where, I av I he same thing your
young men by thousands eager and full
of enthusiasm, inking hurd to lie
splendid soldiers. Militury critics no
longer doubt the etlicicncy of American
soldier. .Inst sec what your Amen
c ii ii h are doing now iu Kurope!"
w. a. a.
LONDON, August 12 (Associated
I'resHi Successful nir rulil arc told
iu last night's official reports. The
Ki itish nviators attack many planes, I
bombed railroail sidings, inuiiit ions I
uoiks und hostile iiirdoine.
In t heir eucoii n 1 .1 s w ith euemv plnnc-i
the Hilt i h 1 1 nyUiti iM escaped loss nnd
nunc were dow ned by ground fire. Thev
proceeded to Frankfort where they at-
I la. Ued chemical .Mirk Olid noted hits
scored. At Met, thoy bombed the
railroad yanls uud sidings and at Hag
nan mi nirili"mc was attacked and
J damaged.
Heports from the admiralty vester
1 day told of a t - rmtui airship having
' been downed iu 'lames north of Ann
land on the uorth ru Netherlands coast.
. V,. . 4 .
' -
vist leaden who are reported
for refuge before the whirlwind
Spirit of Disorder Is Manifested
In Largest. Cities of Nip
pon Stores Destroyed
TOKIO, August 12 (Special to Nippn
Jiji) Rice riots are becoming common
events in Japah. Today disturbance
by the hungry populace are reported j
from Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Hi
roshinia, Okayama and other large
cities throughout the empire.
The moat serious riot of the day
occured in the city of Nagoya. the
fourth largest city of Japan, where
more then 11)11011 irsfA niwit an.l u,.mi..i. '
attacked the governor's official resi
deuce. An interview with the governor
was demauded by the leader of the
mob, was granted and the rice sit mi
lion a it affect that city wa thorough
Iv discussed. The mob dispersed only
after it wa given assurance by the gov
ernor that the city will take charge of
the rice distribution aud force the
price lower. There wa no further
Storehouses Wrecked
Iu Kyoto, the third largest city, sev
eral hundred citizen atacked store
nnd warehouse of rice broker. Before
the police had the situation under con
iroi, rroni or iorea as well as scores
of the street lights were demolished by
the angered populace.
Iu Osaka, the secoud largest city,
sev eral disturbances which were nil nt
tril.iited to the shortage of the rice sup
ply and prevelance of prohibitive prices,
were reorted but none ao serious as in
Nagoya aud Kyoto.
Government Alarmed
The Japanese government is greatly
alarmed over the situation and every
possible mean to check the spread of
the mob spirit is taken.
The department of commerce toduy
issue J an order fixing the maximum I
price for rice. R. Naknshoji, minister
of commerce declared that any viola
tion of the order will be prosecuted to
I the limit.
w. a. a.
sN FHANCiNfO, August 12 : A I
sii. inted Press 1 - Shipbuilder in the j
l.av i itie joined in a celebration hi the ,
dedication of the new "Liberty" ship j
vtii I at Alameda, which, when coin
plcte.l. will be one of the Inrgest ship
building plant iu the world. It form
an extension of the shipyard win 1
established the world' record b
launching the Invincible in 24 dav
after the keel wa laid.
and Leon Trotsky (left) Bolshe-
to be on their way to Germany
which they have sowed in Russia.
High Demurrage Rates Will Be
Fixed To Check Congestion
At Coast Sea Ports
WASHINGTON, Augut t.1 iAo
ciated I'res) Through billing of
freight from the L'nited State to the
Orient will probably be again permitted
but step will be taken to prevent
freight accumulation and congestion on
the pier of Han Francisco and Heattle
which formerly prevailed under the old
through billing regulation.
Following bitter and iusisteut com
plaints by exporters because of the de
lay and inconvenience occasioned by
the present billing rule it is probable
that the railroad administration will re
Hcind it rule which prevent the
through billing of freight to the Orient.
To prevent the accumulation of such
freight in Pacific Ports, however, it i
probable that there will be established
high demurrage rate which will make
delay in loading on idiipboard an ex
pensive mutter.
W. a. S.
Proceeding Is Said To Contravene
Understanding With America
I'KKING, August 13 (Associated
Press) President Feng Kuochang has
signed a currency loan agreeuieut with
Japan wheieby that country is to loan
to China HO.dllO yen in gold upon note.
This loan is for the purpose of re
cstHhlishing the currency svstem of
it i. said that this agreement it in
cunt ra vent ion nith a prevloua agree
uieut with the l'nited State.
The Japanese legation denies any
knowledge of the transaction.
Last niuutli there were iinpnrtaiU
'inferences In Id in Wushinton between
banker and representatives of the
treasury depiu t incut after which it wa
announced Hint the I'liited State
would aid in loan to china and de
sired to pailicipate with Japan, France
and Great llritaiii iu the making of
them. A long official message on the
subject ns received from Faahiugton
aud published by The Advertiser.
New Regime gives ; ;
Hopes to AM es of : :
Renewing Wa r
far&i Controls all
of Northern DiS'
iricts ' "'7;X v'
.(Associated Prtw) j , '
Out of a welter of contradictory ;
reports from Russia. . the . ; fact '
emerges that apparently theoppo '
sttion to the Bolshevist Soviets Is '
growing rapidly strong? f and that
a new" provisional government is '
forming - thati will probably re
ceive 1 the ihi mediate? recognition '
ot ihe Allie! ? ;y. ; ;
'. . The hew government is now' in '" -
complete ontroi f, the 'northern V
districts'' of Russia and th form
ation of the supreme government .
of hi northern territory tua bceu V
officially proclaimed., y ,N .' (., . . ..
TTnconnectiort .with this procSat'-i
mation. it became known here yes"
terilay hzt the officiais'are now ,
seriously considering the jpossi-' ; '
bility of the reestablishment of
an eastern front in Russia. '
The proclamation issued ""at
Archangel calls upon all loyal
Russians to support the Allies
and to render all possible assist-'
ance to the forces of the Allied
Powers now advancing south ,;
from Archangel and operating in
Siberia against the Bolsheviki. . '
Officials here hope that the new
government, which has' control
now over territory extending
from the Arctic to the Don Cos
sack region, will be able to reel-
tablish its front and bring Russia
back into the war against the
Central Powers. '
A Havas Agency report from
Paris yesterday quotes the Wolff ' ,
news bureau of Berlin, the of- '
ficial mouthpiece of the German
government, to the effect that
Premier I.enine of the Bolshevist V'.;
repiine and Foreign Minister '
Trotsky have already fled frpm . .
Moscow to Kronstadt, en route
to .Germany, where they will seek
safety. j. .
No eooflrmation of this report (a ob
tainable. - ' . '
A Moscow deatch U the Lokal
Auaeiger of Berlin, relayed through
Amsterdam, states that there have
been wholesale arrest in Moscow of ' ' V
Allied nations, because, says the fro
port, "The British, without a declara
tion of war, have occupied Bussian
towns and shot Russian rtttaene."
An official announcement la London,
last night reports that the British
trooj recently lauded at Vladivostok
have already reached the Usilrl Biver ',
front, joining the Oxecho Slevaki -who . '
are there oposing rhe Russia a Red
Guards and their German and Alia
trian allies. The British were enthu
siastically greeted by the Oaeebo Bio
vaks. w. a. a.
I.OH ANGELES, August 12 (0'ii.
nil The Allied war trophies exposi
tion during the past 11 days has Ceea
visited by 100,000 people. Mora than
20,000 trophies captured by Americans,
British, Canadians, French, Italiaa
and Belgians are on exhibition. The V
exposition opens next la Chicago, ;
. - i

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