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, 2
Hawaiian Champion Swims the
One-twenty n Phenomenal
v , T1me? Uhe Is. First!'
One more world's swimming record is placed to the credit
of Pudce, Pj .jKfthaDampJctMnd, at (the agaei time $e Vqirem
another iiitiictioa, (rojn Jthf faqt that awjmBiing faster ahan
any other amateur has ever gone for the distance, he did not
win V,.rce. nothaf HJulfV wimmefi had oo, njuph of
a hatvdkap tax tkikvpi ay other amateur swimmer to over
come." . . i " M j. . j
. "Duke p. KaJhanamoku, the Hawaiian swimming cham
pioa, ay am J20 yards, jny one mjnutsj seven and two-fifths sec
onds, WekingJtutown record. 'Ht, swaati frona scratch: Lane
of Honolulu finished first. This was the report received by
The Advertiser through the Associated Press last night.
. Efefpre .the. present, via; tq t,he mainlatMj of, the Hawaiian
swimming team the record for the 120 yards event was one
nynufe, eigt a?ptq-$$ha seconds made by Perry McGil
vray, while C. R. Durgan held the open water record of one
mirjmte ryi tkteeB)lsacnids. McGilvray made his record in
the tank oi the. HUnois Athletic Vt d. in. 91i,
Thi was Wajpf thie"jBecrds thijia jocedoclito wi6
nriate to himself on this tour, chopping a&f a 9VV)e.l aeconda.
la his effort to carry che, hopora,fr)m axence Lajpehis
ieam mate, Dukf yeateday fhiRp ama mora ,; fifth l see
onds from the new record and lpejsecjd ,M vJUyrajf rec
ord by a full second., .,, jVvftvvw '., .,
Lane, in- the "printa", is always abla tp give the Duke
enough of a tussel to make it fextng &r ,thhcct;4is
taac champion and wkh lunicajajnpre ttw. ver o joe
rackoned with,, The,.mesage do,,;Bftt ay c how . much rf
handicap Clrencti Lne.ha4 norSfiHy Puk fiawh,
4 R994. hisa, ?) r make, & flaartha.Khev chajQapion
brak, a skxtW' txcofA vi tfprtfltjtyev&wp: han.dCip,
,vl..v - t m V -j
UL II LLII'llt llftVlf A
ul u.muuu inoivi
. ' I t r '"'' 1 V
tirastic Rules and Regulations
:n;a.rf Pnr Tim. wiJ; rw r
Qrattei For Time Whea.fxo-,
Albion 3Uje Into Effect
After tk U waui iVatuMtMo Act
KO ;P.ti eject week fcyn today at
midnight any peraon wbo attempt! to
triwfKrt liojaor for anuther must have,
a order alaW4 by tbe iiveaM from-.
.9m tm Uquor j.ur. haied order
,u i"""'- ir.Mii irmi or ii-
g traaportation.
Such an order nuir be required aUo
tot . a purchaser to carry hoot his
peronaJ puriiaae of liiaor, even af
ter he has tUleil all tli other require
ments of having secured a prescrip
tion from a physician and a permit
txow the liquor board inspector in bis
district. Tlu last reiurwiie
not, however, beep (.letinitely decided
upon, as it is preaume.l the luf will
be interpreted to give a right of per
aoosvl transportation to the purchaser
Who ia givfu a right of personal pur
i ne iiraiiiug or ine auMiuoiitti ruie. i,
to provide for local transportation of I
Uyuof was uuderukeu by Assistant ,! Iloa tha tJUey snouia worn meter Way
Attorney General Harry Irwiu af ter ! "H while he is engaged iu the terri-
th approval of the new rule and reg
ulations by the liquor boards last Bat-1
urday, in order to provide protection j
fur haeknten, eiakeura xjxea-:
man. OUiersyis if they do. nut hav
t.h required order from the lirepsee
when carrying liquor they run the
danger of being arrested by any offi
cer as haviug prima facie avldeaco of
JUegal truiportatAOV- Won a driver
i moving liquor he must prtsauut tje
order Af the licensee whenever demand- -ed.
Another aJditiou to the Kquor laws
provide that any kuowa clergyman,
may import liquor for distribution ml
ue for sacramental purpoee without
licence, put t rquird to seeur an
isnportatioa permit the same X any
. other person. The main purpoa of
this new rule is that it will suak it
pgwirbls fp churches to send for their
own supply oi wine fur asttiraiaoataj
' -uoo and will out ueeswitatio their
. buying it from tha lioeuse ia any
yartioular diatxiet
It haa bean deaided also that the
iapetora of th variou liquor boards
t,r to bo the chief inspeators in their
sva .distrust, and government physi
cian the deputy limpet tors iu (lirWt
where thr are uo chief inspectors. The
deputy iasuaator will b allowed to
issue permits wily iu the district in
syhlchAthy reside-
VJUU) ONTWRMT ia irlecd
carf bUa4 bleedio, Ucbng or pro
truvaiag PILES la 6 to 14 day of
nioasiy tafoadod. afaasMtacturcd by
V. A. 4
Fcm Is prosed To
is uty rljysiciaa
ftYtf JJofion i Is .Two Jobs
l:V'?u!4 t Jeo Much for Man
' Ik ywtlw 4 whether or mot
Dr. Jmei T. Wyon will Uold the
tioB wU,' awfappoitmt at chief
territorial aaoiUtioa- fittest fraiet to
,th.e majn evejtt Uieb will be ataged
toaifht ' eetUg. al tb boara ol
f. -1-,ki niw.tn, WjsVM-' ,
ne would tender hi renignatioo an city
jibyaioUn ai tbe Dext meetUjf of the
board 'biii aJeu naitl that he1 would with-
d.w i in the eveut that the t.,.ar,l
felt tVal h could livid both jol cf
ficieiuly. The iua.jtirit of the board mny re
fuse to a '!! the re-nnn'ion tinder
these exnihtionii. h will ooulinue in
hi iuu . ,..!,.., i. o4itl yt-iA livM it in
cwniunctv.u i h tUt ten-itwuaJ. jpb.
in mai cieui. vr rvru s uanqs ace
tied and no clnmpes will be made in
the city physician 's office, a ha been
Haffo Aaalnat Wayooa
It developed in citv ball circlea ve-
! terday that Maypr pern i strongly op
pod lo Mr; WaysoD'a remaiuug a city
phyaician, a be feeja that the city's
indigent sick eaaiiot receive the attea
wiw i wears, uui ue
board of supervisor must oflrja the
appointment and in thi quarto, sonic
opposition is expootod toaigM -from at
:leant two of tha board, ia the vnt
that tjiiaxoaer make My appoint stent
other than that of Doctor Woyaoa.
Althowifh tk autyor refuae at this
time to ay pi roitv fur the
position of city physician ia, th city
hail dopetr hav it, that Hixtoner's
choice lies lietween Dr. Horner Hayes,
anil At. B. U. Ayer, eijirgeney hospi
tal physician, w(th tit 0U1 a shade
stronger on Poctor Mayo. In the
event that the mayor doe not settle'
this question by this afternoon, it is
r(o4 that ho will ofter the juner
geney hospital job to Doctor Haye
mat ta city phyaleiaa P0 to Doctor
Two jot Too Mack
AUhAugV MAyor Frn i oonMuiMit-
tslTegarding h policy and attitude on
these important health matter, k ' ia
reported that ho feel that the posi
tion ol aity physioiaa require the n
divWtid' oUoAitWa of one man aiu) that
bj wprk cannot be uccesfuly car
ried on by a physician holding a terri
torial position whi,ch require ' the
unjount of work that the board of
health position entail.
"I doa't tb)nk-in. fact J kn.pw tkat
one man cannot do. justice to botji of
these positions. One' or the other office
is bound to be alighted and I am
afraid that it might be the city posi
tion which would feel the result ol
this procedure." said Mxvor Fern.
"the calls from th city's (tick nd"
siting are many and U take, miieh
I of one man' tine property to conduct
tnu nmee na to re(Ur tg the poor
and Iddyent th rare wV'h 'his cty
official ahould give them. Thai f
what the office of cUy phyaieia
created for and it 1 my Intention, a
far as possible, to se that this policy
I carried out."
Japanese Wonwir At Alea luffl
J)ver Their Babies To Nurserv
and. Out To Work, insane
Fields Plan Grent Success
At Ihfc1 ITonolulu TlAhf atiojk ' tf -A iea '
something new In the way of hireling
the ahortago of labor in tbe eane flpbU
ia bring tried out, with every proet
of Hucreea. If abe,rxperiNmt ajjiade
the tHt of time, a it giyea, every ihdi
ratio ef doing, he name plan will very
probably be tried out op the oter plan
tationa of the Territory.
What Manager JanMe Oikb- hart start
ed in an ftp to-date rrehe.
Ii (111. n long felt' want! i bin
tooftt for "bptter babias't and rnJee
a large numlter of mother for tbe
rane flelda. 1 ,
Three exprienrd 'huraea are in
eharge of the treche being paid by the
plantation, which aUo anppliea the
quttrten fo.r tbe babiea and their
I unfa. In addition, the plantation aup
pliee the auritrry with all the frenh
milk the babim ran imbibe.
Everything i free for the babiea,
who are already showing their appre
ciation of Manager Gibb and the erfcehe
management by waxing fat and, luity.
The babiea are left at the rreche each
morning by the mother on .their way
to worje. After the pav-haaa whiatle
blows, the mother aort their infanta
out and each rarriea her repertive
baby home, ready to be pelted a while
and then pat to bed." " " '
PopuUrity Gnrwlng ) ' '
The opening of the creche aa been
welcomed by tbe Japan emi mother at
A iea, and on the opening day thirty
five blinking mitea were tamed bi and
cheeked for the' dayi Tbere are; more
youag twbie than thi at Aiea,'a re
cent eenaua ahowing ifty-odd, and it
ia expected 4hat the ereAae'v'tU noon
hav them alt on Ha recant;. .! Thi
mean fifty mora women able td'teaume
thei work in tha ran field. ' i
. Tha opening of a day nuraery on
every plantation, a a mean of increas
- t
e, was re-1
aii Choho, I
wa, Editor T
ing tke UDor anppiy avawatue,
gently advocated by tho Hawaii
on of the local Japanese papeva,
J. Hayakawa of that paper i ne of
the BtoHt eathunlaatiR advocate of the
plart and baa editoriajly .advocated the
taking of the matter up by the Japau
e leader of the varlou pliitation
thronghont th Inland.' '., -J;
PrbMU Aa Custodian ;.'" r- r- -v
. Be hae pointed 'out1 that the pricsu
ia ehargo or tn Buiani temple
which aro. fouad in anort of thes plan- ;
tat loo, hav enough time to p be-i.
tween their religiou Aotivitiea and are
the iotneaj ehoice aa euBtodian of the
nuraerie.'.; Under ' their auperviaioo,
Harrakawa any. ' anrae vay be em
ployed. -and directed in th ea0,of the.
; babiea.? i'- r,i -'. -'ax, 1
' Editor T. Soga of tbe Nippo. Jjji, an
Otter, Japanese eui tor ox m qity, ia
alstf onthvaiasti over the nuraery plan.
M wnwnx tha fajianama la ao. bow
over, that the aeleetion of the nure
' who are to have eharge of feeding and I
caring fr the babies, must be moet
triet, so that only those who' are thor
oughly experienced may be rhonea.
' Thi Is probably th nont esneaiial
- rhinir in rnuuaction with such dav
.nurseries" Up say: "It is running too
gT4at-a rik to leave a bbv la rare of
nexperieaV mother r unraa. If
the JapancHe only take everv precau
:on poHible to s"iie th" service of the
linet nurses, we fiad nothing obieetion
nbl in the suKfreetiou (or iTen,inn day
iiurKeries throughout the Islands."
w. s. .
Kdward Kealii Haltunano, residing
at 119 Ki"g Btreet, near 1'unchbowl
street, was the cause of breaking tbe
quiet and calm of the dowjitowa dis
trict at ten o'clock last night, When
the eauergcni'y hospital ambulance went
tearing out King street, all sails set
and with both sirens howling lustily.
Wfiat few pedentrinns there were qu
the treet at that late hour of the
night, ruunheil to the curb in time to
see the aiiibulunce whiz by, bnrning
up 'the pavement. Weepy chauffeurs
at the' Bishop street staud, suddenly
awakened from their xj umbers, were
roused to activity and much specula
tion wj indulged In as to the oatur
o Ui "horrible accident" which oc
casioned all huUuballoo,
ld.ward K. llalcuiatio wa rusUed to
th emergency hospital where t de
veloped that he bad drunk a small
rrtiou of a bottle of 'eueaJyptu oil.
mustard emetic was adiuiu'uitered
and the causo of all tbe vxaitoiueut
wa aent Iwuue. Edward wiU te two
year old thi coming Heptewber.
a, a.
figures mwm
According to figures complied by
Food Administrator Child, there aro
24,000 cres of btnd in tins Territory
devoted to the cultivation of foodstuff.
This does not include land now used
for cultivutiou n sugar aul pUicApplos.
(torn is the leading ajrrlcujturft) product
in the tabulation, with aa acreage un
der cultivation of l?H7. The total
number of acres devoted to th culti
vation of rice ia 4710. 0hu ha 277.1
acre of this foyd atu(T under eujtiya:
lion and Kauai lull. No riee is raised
on Maui. Thece are 7l7 acres of Irish
ivotatoe under cultivation pf which
Hawaii f uriiishes 420 acres and Maui
SLTi acres On this island there are
but lll.'l acres of the Hibernian nation
al food iimlur cultivation.
4NA HELD, long aa idol of
succumbed to tnya,ter4ovs
ofther cause ajor cure lis Jtnn. , Fo.p twentytwo1 ytara jast sht
liaa been one oi the pronjinentigurea in theatrical life, Jn this
.. ' " '. 9
m "ill
If .'.'i-'-.-'. , '
NEK . YOBK, August 13 A mm
Held, ,w6rd famous us one of th
gayest "of romedienncs, died luxt lurlit
following. aerioun and painful ill
ness from which she ha sulTcrcd in
tense, agonic since last wincr.
Ahna Hld was stricken with u fnt-il
malady last winter and broki! duwu
completely in January while pluy'lni
ia kStjtoakse. Diagnosis show'i she 1
wa ; Suffering from multiple myelmuH
a mysterious, intensely painful niid
always fatal malady in which tumnnj
which form iu the bone murrow arc,
tbe mast apparent symptom. Indeed
it i tuts symptom which hnn given
the dl.seaxe its name. Her rum' was
the fcfty third which hail come to the
attontion of the medics I science of the
world every case hail proved t'utal
and the lojigrat period of illness
ten years.
Oanao Not Known
Like cancer, the canoe of t'lis ilisens '
is unknown to science, il hail beci
variously attributed to wearing, of tifiht
cloth in, smoking, line of exccssivi lv
hot foods, drinking and other personal
habits. In the case of this comedienne
it was said it might peihaps lc at
tribute.l to the titfhf lacing the I i 1
to iHM-ure lier fumoiis "lr.ur (jlass
figure. ' '
For several weels pat her ill
has lxi' n consiilered near at haml.
Anna Held wus lmrn in I'aris, mi
1S7.'I, of a Fulfil mother ami Frt lu ll
father. I'pon the dcat'.i of her t'ntt.er
th family moved to London vvln ic,
for two years prior to Koint; upon
the stage, Anna was a utr-cl sinuer.
When sixteen years old, Mi-s Hell1
returned to I'aris after turning llnl .
land Hud other countries with a ioiii.-ilv
company and after that appeared in
all the Furopea capitals, winning re
Hawaiian singer are wanted over in
faraway .lavn, and to fill the desire
of the Dutch resident" for melodies of
Hawaii nei, Kruest Kaai, has enlisted
the services of five young llawuiiau
boys to leave horo soou for l!utavia.
The quintet is tossing in the l.i;.'
hotels of the Dutch colonv, contracts
having been signed for a nine weeks'
tour undv Uie direction of Muuu ind '
Wei.jm, of Uatavia and Hersbaia. j
This is one of the results of having '
JiuU'h veajwUs on the trans l'm itic pas j
ttyytger routo, making calls at Honolulu j
Mr. KaaJ iseurud the c.outruct through !
A 1 1 v n Field manager or a Mr. Moffat t.
Jn view of the prospective journev
of these island singers, Mr. Knai will
probably arrange for a public con
cert for local charity, to show the musi
cal ability of tbe bo.vs. Mr. Kaai will
confer with the officials of the Re. I
Cross, Aocinted Charities n ml other
organizations concerning the disposi
tion of the proceeds of the concert,
Moana Hotel.
- W. a, .
Three Years Ago Today
Germans advance towards lir
French take new offensive
XieruoAU subuuu'iBe toruedoes and
sinks British transport Koal F.I wur-l '
iu the Aegean Bea,, 1,000 men being!
the theater going public, has
nd, painfuj malady io wnkh
iHivcn by rcanon of her beauty and the
darirg mngniflconcr of her gowns.
Arrive In New York
When nhc raine tn New Tork ia
ll!Hi, the Anicricun public's desire to
mi',' iiinl hear the rhic. Parisian bad
beru whetted liv stories of her beauty.
of the perfection of her complexion.
which ttiiu was reported a sustaining
by menus of daily milk baths, and th
khuiai of n French concert hall aong,
Von't You Come and 1'lay Wi Xfe."
Fur more than ten years Mia Held
v:is in u nnisirnl coinc.ly on the Amer
ican stnc m arlv every year, appear-
hi part
stars in
uf that time us one of the
i:aK . induced by Florenx
.1 1
Miss Held Hubaeaueotlv
was nuiin I to Mr. Zicgfeld but after
m'u'ij ra;it liii v M'paruted. A daugh
'' , I . ui in' Hi lil, nuw '23 year old,
I i " of a nn ions marriage, i pow
on I he stage.
Min Hi!. I Ii a il the reputation of
I laveil ,'in l Hung in more towna
, anil cities than most actresses and of
! (liicsin;; with oven niore lavighnes
. than t!ic iilil.rated Otero. Hh wil
a ;;nvit favorite of New York audi
; i iiii -. s a tui iu light comedy she
Mas I- mi a ii throughout the United
i Never Grew Old
v tol.l interviewers
'never glow old" and
ilutiou almost to the
s:ic hua a WOUUerrul
initnble c.uurage. Told
I hat she must die, she
! a.v ly remarked to on
: i hi tain. I have .lived
.1.1 out to the hut it is
"I' .loan of Arc aud the
mv parentage the uueon
Th: inigli I he generosity of Itobert W.
Hhiugle, the Hchumau (!urrtsge Co.,
von 1 1 .-1 1 1 1 1 u Young Co., Frank Coombs
iin.l (lie Itovnl Hawaiian Garage, fifty
. nun huppv kid. lies wcie truusportel to
i he l i e-di an . amp at WaialuB yester
ilnv, tlienl.v Having ilOa for the fund
el' the tresli air camp, for if these pub
Jl.e piritel Jloiioliil-ins had not so
, gi'iieron-lv diuiateil the use of their
unto-, l or I be .luy. the fares of these
i ' ' k i I ! i. ' wi ul, I have been paid out
1 of th" I'.eneral fund.
I Wlu-n It conn's to squeezing (ifty
' one huppv, excited kids into five ears
l'..r a ihiity mile trip down country
with a two weeks vaeution In the sun-
l.ine, liesh air and the beach at Wui-
: aliui. at the end uf it, it is no. easy
I mailer,'' sai l .1. A. M. Johnson yester
i 'av, who bus the truiuMU-tatioa of the
ili.eli.Mi in hand. "We expecteil dona
tions for the use of ten curs, hut some
how or other, they did nut materialize.
We e pint, however, to have better
lin k i o ir next excursion. "
F -rowing are the latest Fresh Air
Fun I donations reported by Mr. John
I ll to I.
Iln Igius . . .
'c Bueholtz.
. lo.og
. so.oo
. 50.00
I M's, Ad,
Mi-. A. II
Fresh Air
Ml.-, tool
J an e i W i line
t w
II. Mm ill,
l,. e'h Wall
.. Hlllith . .
K i .under
; i '
i ;
i I. K. .
tii .le ii.nl re : ..r l u
I tluit lie wi.ul.l '
t.l.i. . I her M
es-d. liicinU sa-
pn 'I . ! n.. ,
l th. .ii. ill. I.,
It-. s:i ol til lia . i
l.lll . 1: . l.i :
It is li e l.i
: ii. 1 I w ill
the spn.t
pint of
iniei-,,1,1,. Ilelleh."
Imaglro Who Killed Lieutenant
Carso Sent T6 Prison for
Thtriy-lhree Years
na hu'Vtorya.Vud'ga Jv". L.
Stanley mjaW.p. Bawlin envoi1 u
Bypshl lagiro. Ua ' Jnf.nOM .eoAh
who pleaded guilty to killing Lieut.
Joseph Caro at fort Rhafter o June
tl, from a life sentence ysterdy
morning in the federal conrt Ho was
, (Ciyaa oUiife ,o thlrtv throo vears
, rii ...... . . i t . ,
impnaoiunaai y .juae ttorano, yaug-T
Testimony a to the 'character of
the defendant' given by Bv. Canon
William Ault and Dr. Edwin D. Kil
bourn aq .helped .to aav tha Japa.
neso'from the .maxiainm entae, it
I believed". Caa,op Aull testified that
ho would trust the Jipahese 'eve to
day, and the .doctor asid h ha4 1
Ways 'found: tk jnan Reliable. I
An iritefeaUn ktatoment taade by
Doctor Kilbourne wa that he had oer-
formtd tw pettiea upon the do-J
lenrtsta during wbioa k had learned
that1; ho had a''.livog'f.ttJI fef ton.
He ay there are only three aim liar
ease on record.
Judge Btanley in. hi plea urged
leniency boeauRe of alleged diehonor
abla . action of the army olHoer Jp
not" paying 'the JapanesO 'sixty dolls' rt
when promiied. .
Aceordiaff t to atateoneata of At
torney Kawfina, the Japanese found a
woman in the offiner'a quarter when
lie tried first to Collect hi money ,o
the night of hi aiurdor, The mm
of thi woman, although he knew It,
the attorney say tbe defendant haa
never divulged, not eYB to his coun
sel and that he will carry : hi aeeret
behind prison door. It wa beeanae
the, Japanese became enaged Over th'
spending of money (or luxuries by
ine army omeer,- won ncrwa unaot
to collect fcui money,, that .cauMd tha
crime. :' ." i
' However, it developed1 that Imagtr
went to hi room after first oeing
Lieutenant, Carao akd . demanding his
money, after . waieh returned and
stabbed the ofilcer to death. Thi fact
gave th crime tbe tinge of pre media
tion, the eourt oxplaiaod before ae
tenelns? the JananeaO. ' '
The Japanese trembled from head
to foot while eateae wa being pass
ed, and he wa till Uttf w,eak, y4
dently . from th . around h teelve4
when h tried io' kill . himself ' after
laying the' buttnt. ' Thi . Woubdl
ha ver properlyr healed- If Said.
. T.h Jpne I twenty eight 'yejr
of age Under the law 'he eati attt
petition - ior a ' parole until -a ,'
HlfVU VIDVH JHH.( , t , . r . Jt
Steps Are Taken for Betterment
. , and Unking of Inter w& -,
oMsland ttzw .
By the announcement last night of
the decision of the Hawaiian Froec
tive Association to foriu an advisory
council from anion to leader of all
the Hawaiiao oeiotia ia HuaaJylu, he
Association expect to become a power
ful aid toward working out plan' for
the betterment and th closer linking
of the interesU of the Hawaiian race.
The meeting wa held la the ofllee
of the Kapiolani Ettate, With Prince J.
K. Klanianaole, the president, prenidr
ing. Upon the invitation of the asso
ciation a number of well known leader
of other Hawaiian hula wer present,
and assented to the plan. $ach organi
zation ia pledged to send a delegate to
the advisory council, so that wfiea con
certed action npon a particular oubjeet
is wanted from JI tha societies, the
less cumbersome advisory council will
haadle the situation ia enu.fwaetioo with
the protective, or l'uuhonua Association.
bot Situation
Owing , to the loui' disrussiiw over
this new plan, the tabor sttuatioa was
uot taken up except to arrange o a
later investigation of labor eonUt,i,in
on plantatiou. Among those propose t
to visit the sugar estates and 'Wa.ru
conditions first hand will be Noah AW'
Hev. Akalko Akana, pastor of Kawru'.
abao Church, spok of oaseutiala to
bring the Hawaiian peopl into, closer
communion for religious, social and fi
nancial betterment, saying that ia h
uancial matters wa the eakeat part
of their place In the community. M
spoke of two organisation in which he
was interested, one a Hawaiian saving
association, which wa started by three
persous with flity cent a the first
capital, and now ha about 13,000 of
assets, ami tbe other 'a merc.au.tiie but,
which has a similar capitaJL built Up
of small amounts. He said the first
requisite in th forming of these kuis
wa capable leadership. Ho often ia
th past certain cooperative scheme
bad fallen through boeauaa of incapa
ble sad dishoaest leader. Th peopl
had become afraid to. enter into other
hui bacaus of aafoctuaat past esps
riences, with the result that they Were
uot bettering themselves.
w. a. v . '
PARIS, August r ''tAjsWia'ted
I'rcss) To inaur that Aha uUuost lim
it iu effort ahouM be rcachad by alt
to defeat tha Hun. hundred of refu.-
ireeM srrivniv niwa refusAil to eat Ito-H
n " a r,
logua because it wm . weaUo day.
These refugees, tired (Jutt Jieartalck af
ter hour of travel, ehpaa to, go. hun-
irrv rittkiir tkan suffer tha slivbl.AHt
K.oii slackening if their patriotism.
2.00 J An American soliliejr desiring t show
t .00 his (ctiou for a certaia I'rauch fin
3.00 ' Uy by ufferiug a box o rhpcoJat to
2.00 ' them, was astounded by their eusal
2.00 on the ground that It was not helping
to wiu the war by the ue of sugar iu
,01U.:'5 that way.
I'-inTiiiTiroT.rn il
- While the activities of tha Petrtiea'
Mission Society . ja Jto.tfblnAvt av In-
aao ovof .100 peca at aiaea.tha de
ilarapa,ftt war bjfv tha UniVwl pyiat,
and it, is now, so tnurh mor (important
thka.avor befor tiat he qaestloa of
nfargini, Jt , eon and.tbfaeiliUes
hero I on of th principal probie to
eonsliered thi. year, recent report
rec.Vvi by tha laeal braneh, oi th
Oflety, of which Bishop Reatajrick is
president, how that h arar haa great
ly broadened th Yar.iahgla and
thronghont tha world.
All around th eoaata of England and
Scotland th toeiety ha erected rest
nd mission. bouses for the .ear Of
submsriae erawaV ubmari'n,ehaer ansa
and pcllly 'tha erewli or ta ain
weeper. Her these men ara earad
for whea they land, wheraverh port
may "be. and'aro" gvealiehige of
. . . . t , 1 VT
eiotamg ana looaea snsr iwvry way,
even trafned nurse being in atttndaoce
it tha prlndipal ation ;
Tin faet o Important' Ka teen the
work Sjfthe- society that th British
Admiralty ha departed from all pre
cedent and haa appointed th chaplain
of th aocietf. honorary chaplain in
Jhe navy1, and three oj thse Carrier-
,01 tne-wota nav won ta auiuagaisn
ed ervlce medal for bravery in battle.
Imna pels BiiUding
7-Whea th Jvhr, bxoka out ia August,
1914 tie German Mixed th buildings
and- equipment of ' the society at Ham-
Dcu-g ,na veiisea, , in irue utnua
style,' to permit the chaplain of the
branch to minister to either th British
prisoners or interned men in th prison
eaoapa. Later, however, a layman as
sistant wa allowed to voluntper' for
work in th 'territory Buhlebea intern
ment earn p,, wheire ho ha beea ever
aiaee devoting ail HV to' jthe car of
tha .unf,ortuatea. wlip still aurviv four
At AatwcV;the Germ, whea they
captured that ltyr alw toqk. poases-
aion of tho lno aew, building which
tha aocjetr bad Just eomepleted tnere
snd are Ming them' for other' purpose
thaa Jlh spreading of. th peaeofa) doc
trine of the Bodaemer. ' . ,
"But w eipect to eon'tfnoe oar
work there when peace eome again'
tentaka . Superintendent Cbarr T.
XaaVaf th local Institute.
; 'A Oroeningen, in .Holland, -fjhee are
ovOf 6006 .sailor and marine Intern
d; Ma. jrha eepd f rom Anitrerp In
time . to avoid ,iing akea; prlooers
by th Hun invader. There the soci
ety bar erected "big bolldlng had it
orkr ara conducting peaoola aad'do
inga grqa rork. Many of these in
terned saiVorw are known personally to
Superintendent Mant, and h ha re
ceived letters from aevaral of them,
rtwttd'of Eaootd1.: -' ' ' " ' '!' s.
MrJiliaa H yjpwibd of ta rcrd
thai aom of bi former protege in th
North 8aa hav' had' in thi waislit" .
'On of mf fisher lad who belonged
to jny Boy geaut troop, bu who xa k
cook-boy on, a fishing amack, Mpet)
the naval reserve when the wir'lrok
onl aad aiae then he hat wba the llf
saving medal while oa a'mlaa waep
er, and lately haa voa the vUatiagpish
ed service medal.
''Another one of my ttoy,' eonAln
ued )lw, ,Mat while apeaking of hi
bovs yesterday, "joined the army and
although he. wa only a fiehei boy at
the, time, he ha now won lu eowmia
slon as an officer for his work ih the
traache an the battle field of Franca
during four year of thi terribj war.
" But it u aot only in England, that
(he society is doipg fine work,' it 1
11 over the world. Altogether w hav
1Q9 institutes established and others
biiilding, and one of them at Bombay
will be the largest and finest building
of the kind in the world, and the found
atioins have already been laid. Here in
Honolulu the work ha greatly expand
ed ' and with the growth of the port
and the Importance of Honolulu a a
shipping center k will beceaie more
important than ever."
'' ' '' ivr.a..-
NRW YORK, Augunt 1 ( Aaaorttted
W-'ltsive. Dveaawrea against
sucUUsta ate luriag ju( into effeel by
the (Uvrnmn author.itiee, aocodlag to
aocialv't ,Uaiuty Bauer, w has speech
before the rnicbatag u Jnn A , i
quoted in German ewpapr received
hive. Bauer said tbe aociJit aaw
paper were being held back m sum
fluid post station by Qtde of. Wgh
offlxiiaU and that complaint made to
the War Minister were futile. , Condi
tion in Brenlaa were worse than else
where. There," to aid, the autboritie
have forbidden meetings Of the. Vein
ber of the socialist party. The treat
inept accorded to the pftciflat wn'.un
wirthly and Insulting, said Buuer,
while the proivutfdpda of t6 "jolitl
ciniiH of conquest" iot miy allowed
fyut rironiucj,
"M'hile tU Social DemuwwU la the
ai tU "riuy distiict In Breilaii ara ab
olutt'.y out'awed' deelated Bauer,
"the FLt'iei land Party is allowed to
hold meetings flth iut iartatio' ind
enroll new meiubots. Our lWt ' secre
tary in Braslnu was rlieeipKtaeaV 'by
belnjj; drafted into tbe army because
b for.watdod the fouiiilalut of tbe
wlyo of aoWiera." "
Bauer demanded that tli minister
of war should prevent the general in
command of the' Breslau distant from
misusing his authority.
Atteaupts by labor uuious to cooper
ate in the regulation of wi;t condi
tions and working hour met with
great opposition, Bauer said.
KcpJyiug to Bauer's charge, secre
tary of the interior, Wallraf, said, "in
free America the press has to suffer
much more."

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