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'fc K fix diiAtVAiiAN -GAt.vTuSDxyi August' lVrk-UsiAVCY.' ;
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-III '
H. J,' ilVi . I- i'tW ' ' 4 ' ' " ' T- ', " - ' WASHINGTON, Augst -(OfBell)r-T)ifirt IrU be one and "Vi ? i I ! I I M 1 1 I" ! L J
NVV YORKy Awgtt 10 (Associated rrcs)-Thc Allies arc
iitin'unK. to sweep back the Gerfiihs across the l'iciinly
plain, c'aptiirih fcne point after atlbttidV taking many prisoners and
f,ni atid capturing hug quantities of supplies. '. " .,i .
Tlic adrance is along the cntirxs twentytnilc fiont, which ex
tends in a-sweeping curve from east of Morlancotirt to the Avre
River northeast of Montdidier. The German losses are heavy, the
jfronnd rtVer which the French and British are advancing hcini;
ltcd with German bodies, while the retreat is so rapid that all
kntd or material has heeti abandoned, rto attempt haring been made
in the greater number of cases to even destroy the huge tpiantitics
of supplies. '' ' " ..
The British losses, on the other hand, continue, to be relatively
mall. One English battalion, which has been iri the thickest ff
the fighting, for instance, has only, lost six kjlldd and sixty-six
'nnded during its advance which has carried -it eleven miles into
the German -irca. ' . . u
It was officially reported at noon- in London that up to that
time more thart seventeen thousand Germans-had ' been captured,
with three hundred guns, bctweea th $0h1tttc and the Avre.
( )n the north, in the Lys salient, a general German retreat ap
pears to be under' way, with the British shelling the retiring enemy
and following closely on its heels. The Germans ate drawing in
both fides of their salient and abandoning ground that cost them
thousands and thousands of men to gain in their April and early
May drives for the Channel Torts. 'The principal retirements yes
tcrday were northwest of La liassce and southwest of Ypres, where,
north of Mt. Kemmel, there was a retreat along' a seven-mile front.
This retreat in the north is taken to indicate that Rupprccht's
-serves have been depicted for the purpose of reinforcing the Crown
Prime on the Aisne and the line north and south of the ommc
and that the danger of the army, in the Lys salient being pocketed
is recognized by the German general-staff. It is not yet improbable
that an Allied move to close the month of the LyS salient by an
advance north and south towards Armenticrcs will be made. Any
retirement that would materially reduce the area of this salient
would make it wholly untenable, more so than was die Manic salient.
It is quite probable, also, that the rapid advance of the Allies
east from the Avre, on the Amiens- front, will squeeze the Germans
lack from the Montdidier salient
lines for at least as far cast as Noyons.
The French and Canadians along the southern end of the ad
vancing line are working both east and south and every foot of
advance made bjvthem adds to the German peril in the Montdidier
sector. ' '
Advancing more than. four miles during the day, sweeping back
tfitf German rearguards, the' French last night reached and captured
l'ierrepont,, almost due' north of Montdidier and five miles away.
(h the French left the Canadians have captured Arvillers, well to
ana passca eany in me aay ana tne line oi tne center ot tnc arc was -r0M)Tb,. ,i,iy ofti. ii.1 r.in.inuniqUi
carried through Folies, W arvillers and to the cast of Rosieres. at lioriin yi-Htor.la, ajss.-rtH tliat
At this point the Allied line has been brought to within five (Wmim .-oniitcm have Rtojipod the
miles of the important junction point of Chaulncs, from which A llii- hctwcrn' the Ffommi- and the
branches south the sole railroad line now left to the Germans wilh!Avr lt admits thnt '-nc BulTcro.l
which fo feed their forces in Roye and Montdidier, which line is
now ttnder -French shellfire near Montdidier and under the British
pins'at Chaulncs. - .
From Rosieres north the line
swinr'injr )ack west to .Mericotirt and ( lupiUy and from there north
to Morlancourt. The Germans are offering a heavy resistance at
t hipillv ami regained that town yesterday with a heavy counter.
F.lscwherc the Allied cavalry- and tanks are overrunning the
country, cutting through the disorganized German ranks and adding
to the confusion into which the enemy has heen thrown. Aviators
are also sweeping back and forth over the heads of the retreating
i . - ... I l ' . I .
Hermans, uommng ineir transports, spraving Tlieir columns Wrth
n'a him- nn fire and destroying
riv.i-t ,-. tl, mfu, ,.f
. " .
Miicii miantrv catches up. I he
ariuv StrcamillL east at a raoid
In the advmces yesterday the
o-iers and much material. AnYong
. ,. , ,
i-eneral commanding one of the
li. the air fighting during the day the Kritish aviators shot down
tvctity-two German" machines and drove others back, retaining con
troj of the air over the areas leing evacuated.
WASHINGTON, August 9 (UnViaV
At a military training camp in the
Fiddle Vest more than 11)00 alien
soldiers brraine citizens of the t'uited
Mates in a few minutes, together tak
ing the oath of allegiance to the Unit
ed States and renouncing adherence
to any ffirei(n potentim. The oah
was admfnistered to them in the Ys
M. C. A. aiiilitoriiiDi.
DfJ.CoIlis Browned
Acts llh a Charm
lha oMi pMirks in
. . k.naii mim- mut. atwauaaaTiasa. i
l.-inais sumsTielnoitf sinauu
. .H4liCaei.a.M t- K"
Uli. iii.A).J0
and force a readjustment of their
last niyht ran enst of Rainecourt,
. . i . :
bridges over the Somme and other
,.,.1 .1..!.... ...i ,i
V ,uu"1 u"w "c,a " """c
avmtors repiirt tne' w hole Gefman
rate. exnloHimr their ammiiiiitinn '
r r- --
French took four thousand mis
the prisoners tt is reported thaf'
,. . . ' ,
German divisions 'has been taken
WASHINGTON, uiMt !) (Asso
ited l'ress) Minister Onrret at the
Hague announces in a chin message
that arrangements for the conference
as to prisoners, their un-hange anil
treatment, are noinjj sntisf crtorily and
that the AiuiTK-nii eoni in i .- i on should
;., within r inoittli
Cheek and arrests
. Tn. r.,, lkmadT known for
Icoucus. colds.
asthma, bronchitis.
lirefl, it
V" ENERAL SIR DOUGLAS 11 AtQ, 6rh1tfiatidef 6f the DVlttih
VJT forces whose men are sweeping forward in the new offetv-1
sivt cifptarmg prisoners by the thousand, gum by the hundred add
mtfriltibms and stores in vast o.uafititie avenging the British losses
of the early nhases of the German offensive.
, , .. . ,t.; :
German 1 0fficial CfimrnuTilqu?
: Say3 "AlIjcs Are Stopped"
IXNIKN', Auplrnt 1(1--(.Wc-iii!-d
I(hwp It? irionirn mid' :nni. "
The nifht offlcinl irtatrinent, Bont on'
liy wirelcas from ltorlin, ay: "Tim
enemy him continued liis atturki lie
tween the homme and tli.i Avre."
' -"'
wab. a.
WASHINGTON', AiiuuHt !l --(AsMori
nted Prens) Ameri.-Hn losses in the
'"mmH.v lints nflii ialiv reported yester
''I"? iimniitited U) Htl.l, l.einn dividrd
V,l in tin- ,, n. fitlvtwo in tl.eV.
Marine corpx.
Mn(n- i imunltieH were four killod ill
m-tion, tie iiad of wouihIb unl forty
Ihrei) Wdiiji'le I, '
Aritiv losses i n-1 u Ir- t 1(1.'! killed in
'','a'1 "f,w"UJ"Js' t,,r I
of otlu r csuheB ami .'l;i'l iniBHin. I
Anions (lie olHi-eis killnd were:
''apt. Inl rrt ''irnhum, l.ieuts. Kucne
Knyiiol, .lohn -White, liny WiiiHtend
:in.l lii-rahl Stott. jlii'.l of wounds,
fjeut. William Hense.
Ml s. a :
AM.STKlfDAM, AiiKut 1 (Assoeiut
ed I'resM Ucpremiutatives in Kaxony
nf tin- Mormon Cliuri h Imve putitionnl
the Haion rhiimlier fur permissinu to
conduit freely their reli(iouM obwrv-am-es
uiolcr the same privileges us
those granted to other reliiriuua coin-munitii-H.
The minister for public
worship h;ii i-oiiseiiteil to examine the
queiit ion.
The .Nuns Sueilisishes Kirchenblutt
the orumi of the Hnxon chiireh, asks
indiKiiantly how people inn l.e found
to eouiili MHiii e sui'li a propoiition Bt
this time. it declares that no compe
tent German authority hus ever ii.-co;;-lii.ed
M in inouism.
" Wij take this," soys the clerical
orijan. 'as a ihulleii(re. Let us be on
our u,uai'l. Anreric is sendinu over
force-, to rarry the war into our coun
try mid to ilieut us out of peace."
I'rci ; .1
August 1 ( AsHociutel
i .t ,:iiuLrr yiilumv oi iiihH mat
ilc-il i iii I In iriHOiier of war in
I mi I i ntrnl countries niiase l
thiuiivli S- -iilnn.l iliiriny the niontli
nf .Miiv ti ii 1 1 it c i ii nnv mon'i since
Mi'- I egiiini of hostilities.
Mi in,- Mian twfntjf million letters ami
itt la nil I n-.se to vnriun.H i-oncen'rn
in i li rmn nv, r-'rnnce, Itnlv
v. . i li-l il l le-l I - ' t he iomI
In I mid M iv I nil Hi'
I In I-IiiUhIi i i .-i m i i i e r m ut
i in ii ii v a sent viu Hcrnc.
w:n in (,
Italian Aviators See 'That Wews
Reaches Enemy Capital
KfillK, Anguat 10 ''Associated
l'reH) An Italian air squadron IWm
burded Vienna yesterday with1 mani
fentoeH vddieHKed to the t ople, relat
ii'K the news of the Krnii"o America
victory ajjniniit the Crown Prince on
the Art amy Aiine front and the great
miroeHK now attending tbe Anglo
French offensive on the fumme. The
flyers were not inoleHted and all ro
tnrnril in safrty to thnir banea.
On Thuisilny the Itritinh op tbr
lln'iiin front carried out u aeriea of
ciulit riiidx into the AiiHlriau linea lie
tween AaiagOf and Cano. e. The raid
netted a total of three hundred and
fifteen prinonora.
- w. i. a. -
Y SHlN(iTOX, AukiihI 1( Asso
cinted Press) It v as fo'-inallv an
noiiiwed here yesterday tl'st fieneral
Kikilso Otnni has leen cl-'si;.'natod by
the .TnpnncKc war oftiee ui commander
"f.h Jl,"""". fclno" of ,b,J0'J,.,
nnlitnrv expedition to he fent to Hi
lu iia. He will be the rocking officer
iiuioiijj the Allied commander.
w. a. a. . i
Immediate Formation Called For
By Army Orders
WASHINGTON, August ! -(Oflicial)
- Onlcr for the immediate mobilize
tinii jif a Slavic legion rt a military
i-nini in the Atlantic States have been
Hwiied by the war department. The
orders rrovide for the voluntary en
listmeut of Jugoslavs, C.eciio Slovaks
Kuthenians und 'other oiiressed peo
plr.i who are anxious tn tight Dgninsl
Oemianv and Austria Iliiiignry.
'I'hls in the legion which was nuthor
ined by the Army Appropriation Bill
So fur as prnetical the t-everal com
pHiiies aud other units mill be com
posed of men of the same race and
the officers-eicepting field officers, will
be appointed of tbe same races as thr
various units they are t; command si
far as this may be practicable.
' . f. a. -
l'( I K IO. A iiffist 01 (A swieinieri
iks i If the high price mid the short-
nt;i- of ru e i imtiuiies if is fenred panU
nnv ilcvcliip iii Japan within a short
i in lii i in Jinnmhrr
mm R mm
WASHINGTON, Yogurt S-(Ometl)r-T)ifirt Ir U bo on and nlr,
entl'Ditett Htat Aiiji u whk'h ar to b4oelu(la4 all h leimmta f th
ejUting orr. The tcrnn aatlonat armj aab national ftmarrt and' ofB
rem' renrre aa eleihmt of tli Uoit4 Stat oc. will a loagat
ititml A ti i.i.-' ').. '. v !'.v inii,."i
Ua.lar a gnnrral army' or .lor wtilrk wa lamed todaf thttm i rt,UV
tk 'Arny,o tha United BUtei". ia whlrk: erert( Jewentt of tha- slat
ing foreaa la to be merged regardleaa of ita origin. ;
Tha order forthef provide, that tffa teraia Vraftalhl' aMny""Batloa- ,
al guard" and "nutional army", aad Voffloora'i reeer" are aboliiihml k
for all rarM8 ad with then will w- alL inaitanw" atber. thaa plaia
"C. a' tha monogram heretefore reaenr. for the "rrgulara". -; I
lkmplete atnaitfamation 'ot'the amy forcaa ara brotiHht- about by thla 1
order la' reality aa well aa fir nma. -Wk the iroard. waa taatred ij
tha name jraard' atill clung to tha divitiatn into which they went. Rd
waa it with tha formation" of the. "national army" n(ler,eleetre draft
ayatem, Norn be ra of alt of tbeee element ara-now ava'ra; lighting to
gether, and1 there la to be nd diatinetlon in. name or ia treatment between
i BxiiLinii imrn. i n icru iivnm mimr' mmm aiaa,avissn Kwa eaau- vim-" i -w - - r . - . i i
tha imlividuala who go to make up tia
WA8IIINOTON, Angunt (Aaeoeia
ted Preaa) Imperative need' for extend
ing tha draft uge llmita and for the
apeedy enaetmont of the naeeaeary j
lnmelatloa waa told the aenate commit-
tw on military affaire by Heeretary of ,
wrur Maker today. He told of the tn- i
rraiie(J,arnir program whieh propoeea
- 1 1 ' ' : v " '
- r
SPEEDYACT10N ON' " t ; NAINSTIiltilllf - '
draft LEGiSLATibri t iiftiliiyi
tne placing or two minion men in. .xwoi.. .. .u.
France more apeedily than bait been , 'rP,tV"!T ?f eurreB'?ri "P the -intended
and aaid" to carry oo th pro- ' "" f the national banka of the
poeed program meant that paleaa mora country".
clam one men were fnrniahed it would, Reionrcei of the national banks of
be neeeaear to inTade the deferred J tht Mntry M jUM M were ,1 839,.
elaaaaa of thoee between tweaty-one 602)00 aad they were Sl,8H,00fl,(H)0
and thirty-one yeara of age, I greater than at the samp time last year.
Under the proposed new draft agee, It . ,rtlltl-td that the world e pro
Baker aaid. It waa probabla., tnat twti6n ot goM -lB.e Oohimbna dia
ehangea would be made whieh rl)T.;, tta VwtfH .tontiont 426
relieve regiairania oi mo necrawty ot
tion, that posaibly inarried ajea,. re-
gardlesa of the question of other de-
pendents, might be plaeod in aeierrr t
classification and that it would m poe-
sible to prpteet imparta-nt. i4utrlea thia aa aa indication of the
from undue labor shortage. - healthy financial eonditUa of the eun-
Provost Marshal Genera Crowder hlCB ti ,bla u ,blwrb gov.
baa ordered a scrutiny pf . all draft aramaat ' securities, particularly in
boards work where audi boardi haTa: vle cf ,hfl approaehtn Fourth Liber-
elaaaed leas ttian nrry pereent or mi
new registrants, those attaining twenty-
one since the passage of the draft
law, in class one.
Soviet's Statement Not Neces-
sarily Declaration of War
iWASIQNOTON, Aupust 0 (Aaso
ciated Press) In Northern Russia the
Allies are proceeding rapidly south
ward along the railroad leading to
Vologda and tbo flolsheviki forces,
with the German and Austrian prjsen
era whom they have armed, have re
tired to a distance of seventy railes
south of Archangel.
Exri(anation of tbc meaning of the
issian soviet government wheu it
.... . . ...
,oke pr a state or war ekung witn
rituin and the Allies ' is iven in
, . , n ,, .,, ", v
invs the l.enine ndvised nim and the
nnaiila nf the Allies thnt the afjto-
ment need not be consiilcTel a deciara j . These " rehearanls " take place at in
imi of war but rather that Buanin itervala, the tfi rector of searchlights bo-
niild be on n state of defenatvn with
'e Allies as she had formorly been
ilh Gerinanv,
WASHINGTON, Augu.it 9 (Official)
Tho executivo Bonimitti'e of the
eague tn Aid Russia baa planneil the
"tiling into one organisation of hun
eds of or(;aiiiaationa, nth a mem
rsliip of thounands, ia the United
aes nil interested tn the common
nrpeso, rehabilitation of Rirasla.
In R ptntemerrt insa.id, the tender
f the league aaid thaa art pa will be
slain -at onee ta unite U persons
ml oruonixations which wish to aid
'usaia "into a single iinntfloiai force
i work steadily, continuously concert
illy for a friendly and permanent
-omnion understaadiiig between-, the
people of tbe United States and the
,eople, of Baaaia."
TOKIO, August 9 .(Special , to Ha
waii Hochii Welcoming tbe coming of
a Japanese-American expeditionary
force and approving the expresslop of
purposes of the expedition,, the, niaypr
of Vladivostok called upon the Japan
ese consul, Giro KiHuchi and thanked
hi in on buhul.f oMhfl people pf the city
V1KNNA, August 10 (Asaoihted
l'ress) Report from the Albania
fruut indicate that the ' lighting has
lulled and that no movements of iin
portance for either aide are in prog
(Tablcta) ; Dtuf gista refund thoxfe II
ft failk to ctrrr. "Tia" afgnatur of
E. W. GROVK ia on each box. Man
ufactured by tbe PARIS MEDICINE
CO., St. Louis, U. 8. A.
ngnung,ioreo.ox we arms. A
WASHINGTON, Auguat 8 (Offleial)
Greater ijr aiorf 'than a billion dol
lar 'than the total production of gold
nin tne ,iig:ovef- ot America are
. , . . , . ,
reaourcea of the national banks of
ne unue.i otatne. inia atartiinij an
naaneement la male in a report ly the
ytM V $t,60t,000,000,
ar ,BiTa Aaw : . drereaae of I
WfXW.OOO laraelir owina to thoj
b.Bkt, -.joi,, ot areal. dQantitica ofl.V"""'u"l" " "
iih-.. n,.i. rs n...mi1..
(. loan....-
f Depoitita war 114,081,609,000 - or
393,511,000 lesatbaa the May 10 bank
raX This reduction is abfat roanter--balanead
by aa iaereaaa of t3rW,3l,OO0l
i loan aad diaeonata ta $9,620,403,000.
.c Holdings ei t -Libert- iBopda. aad 1
treasury certificates are reduced A540,
tSAOOO to 2.1WJ85.000.-.;. ' 5 " .
- :Caah o bead apd hie frVnn- the fed
eral reserve baaka amooated to 11,696,.
' 130,000 ar $43190,000 leaav thaa on
LONDON. July 28 (Associated
Presa) 'Th aioth aad the flame"'ia
a little game of hide and seek whii h
ia played over London at night now and
then, the moth being an aviator of the
rft v )K,feB ftrrco. and the flame a
' . . ... ,
aeaTehlTght deaigned to dar.xle the Ocr-
mu Oothns e.-befe they come iu droves
' to bombard the metroiioiis.
ing notified in. advance that , an allied
machine ia to aaceoU bat neither tbe
time nor the locality are givtn. Tben
the gatne pf tbe flame is to flud the
motn, anil keep the rays or, the sesryii
light fastened upon the flying machine.
To Londoners, the airplane appears
like a greath moth, or & white, speck in
the sky, and tha searchlight's ray re
minds one of a great white ribbon ex
tending from the qarth to the airplane
trul beyond..
And the mold dives nn darts nnd
lutters about and soifie times manages
( dodge- tba-flawney bui- era for lang.
Down below Londoners are craning tlieir
neck and enjoying .tbe;gajiie ta the
fullest extent. , ,. . , .. ,
2. w. I.
j In his reports of the fighting on
8AM JUAN, Porto piro., Jolj J-The Wednesday and Thursday the
plaa which haa been in contemplation . , ,
for utilising Port? ican labor to ro American commander said: EaBt
Hove tha existing shortage in tho con- 0f iazocttcs our troorrs crossed
tineatal united- States is, to bo put in- . t . , m
to immediate, iCfect, affording to aa ; the Vesle and gained the Rheims
anqonneement reneived here last woek Soissons highway. The enemy's
rom the Departinept pf .Labor at Ai . , . .
Wsshingtoa. . . . counter attacks tjroke dowm uw-
Tha departrnent anoouwea tha the ,ier our fire. On Thursday there
Government r Employment . Service- has,
arranged for, the employment of "wore '. were pmne local engagements
than 10,000 Porto Rlraoa and that
transonrtation will tahfl nlace as last 1
as vQasola can be provided
Tbe .Labor Department iam that it
Is expected that l'orto BicQ will be aide
to furnish 75,000 laborers for work on
the mainland. Its estimates is based
on th, .report made by C. E. Roberts,
who has teen in Porto Weo as a special
agent of the department.
. .r-&A -
A.MWKRDAM, July 88 ( Associated
Prose) Tha Geneva 8entinello reports
that former King Cpnatantine of
Greece, his court at Zurich, his servants
fid his mother and her suite, are liv
ing entirely Irea from tbe restraints
of ration ettrds. The king's servants
consume more in one ilny, ni-cnrihiig
to the pier, t b U is at the disposal of
r i i y citizens during a uiulitu. Fresh
royal villa.
ImtpvArt tquarflr tficBcst
Rahtttrf Int m WorM Metal
' ( evc imnrotcriiliTCn
Samfrrfes" MakcFUrthcr'Oalns
::ilortr: 6f: Vfo.'antl Capture
Fisme'ste' lWitti,;0,ne Hundred
i Prisoners " '' . ; ,
(Associated Press)1
Thi year's camjyairfn is rcpttdcti
aft perlia,;? tlje turning pojnt of
the, war and: the American army
is rcgarr4d as a chief factor for
thiat result, If is reported in pfeiss
despatches from London; The
military critic 6f the Westminster
Gazette is quoted in the des
patches a.i saying ' that "our sol
diers who have seen the American
mettle pot to the test flay that the
American troops are the equal of
any-Hit the world.
The growing" . respect of the
German soldier Ast is American
foe is told ?n a fetter from which
Gcrterar Pershing qttotcd in hb
x:. t ,.-.r... tu:.
letter nvaS taken- trom the body
'of A German lieutenant who had
been killed hi action before he
had beeti able to send' the letter
t -his father; lie had written:
"The Americans are attacking bur
whohi 'linev I have never seen
srnything Kke it in fighting- hrfore.
We hf,ve fallen back -for nothing
eotiM ' hYC'j Withstood their as
saults. From-. What f hive-seen
In- this terrible battle' I think we
have tinderestintated the Ameri
cans. They are the hardest and
fiercest fighters I, have wet".
In the Teuton press there is
coming a' similar change of opin
ion of the Americans and of the
Allioa. - Especially is credit hieing
I l clltCtantly given to General Foch,
. sirenle commander of the Allies,
1 c , . . . f c t.. - u
Shptmnf ril lhi tiiTnlirtiT in thu
I Aisne-Marne salient the' Frank-
tuner .eitung IS quoted in a tics
patch from Switzerland as having
situ! : '-'General Foch is a good
1 soldier and his strategy has heen
t . . ,
i crowned WUh success. ,
On the north hank of the Vcsle
the American forces won further
success yesterday in, the capture
of Fisincste, northwest -of Fimc
where they took a hundred pris
oners as was rcrrtcd hy a 1 lavas
despatch from Paris.
In his communi(ue of yester
day General Perching said the sit
uation along the Vcsle was tin-
. chanced. , ...
' w
hlch resulted in some gain of
ground for out forces.
: if.ii.
MADKID, August (Araoeia'ed
l'ress) Oflicial annonncemcat ia made
tha,t HpnHt haa sent a- note of protest
to Oermany agaiunt the sinking wf
Hianih vessels by U boats
. ... -w. a. a. ......
I The last , three Germans interned in
OhIiu prison have been paroled- by
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