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mw: mutt
NEW YORK, August f (Asitiatc Pr j
Crushed by the Allied offensiyeY wft&'&tf tlbw
extended to the valley , of the Oise, north of Conv
peiitne, from: Albert on the nortb ihe. Germans are
retreating everywhere towards die Sbmnie and the!
Nesle-Noyon. . Canal with veVy indication i1at
night that a great force of Germans Would be trap'
ped in the southern end of the jalient i'
Tha French fwho on Friday night bad driven
ahead, north of . Montdidier, v yesterday rnarxuhg
swune the head of Iheir advance outh and cut the
lines back of tbooisands
a, 1 m ' J ft I
iurccu xu 8urrenaej, moving swiiijy jx?wras jui3
eigny they pushed up from the south reaching EKn
r.ourt, betweeii Reasons and Ribecourty ome ' ten.
miles southeast of Montdidier, thus threatening the
German retreat by Way of Noyonsi while in'the
center of the general Allied advance; the French pa
irols hare Reached And entered Chaulnes, ihet'irn
portant junctto joints through which thetfjerwwjis iajii
pass or.iunlrtake. the long march to Ndyonsover country
roads that have leeri torn o piecen and under the shell Are
of the French and British. ..wU; .-. , '' x-r-
Their railroad has been cut both 'north and south and
the batteredbeaten.Gettnans have been placed in a most
desperate position in which it te.aljrjioat certain that they
will lose the greater part of
pliejMi they are Bota)sQcytwaaaittteU in.e nunv
brs t-hemselve.s i ., ; i.i ; syj,v'lr ',,.'.
The Somme bridges, south of Peroftne re lrdy under the
shell Ere of the Allies, complicating German retreat, while the
Pfcromie bridge itself is reported jo have broken, . . f
The defeat ofthe Germans aloag frpnj U WW nearly fifty
miles long and oistnty Liogtheniruj Bperr $o. he tpmpjete, ,TJae
great force iSent Jrita rtht jMqntdidier-Noyon salient, apdjhat
inta.tha Amiew saUejot, to swajih open a' road tojPmad. V V4f,t
aTwedge between the. British juvd FreAC(h,Arnia taaxboth smashed
ad in fullcetreat, with no certainty , that a iia oi 5ef erne ef n be.
biganised within another fifteen mjl. i&)j.it.i.. . . '''
I Foch is divine the enemy, no, opportunity -M stand enywhefe
long nugh' to reorganise Ws 4anled transportation system; "or 'fe-j
iqrm nis, oauercxi vi'ohs na
aon.ea on every nana, An j.ne King pi jBApn.iwi.,i, ,re.n,cjn cap
tured thousands of prisoners and took great 4juaiatUics of supplies
6(; 1 lcittds t,hich the 8lu4?hnes's bf thTrencr;
prevented the-enemy feonj- Jestroying. of 'rjEovnW' I V 1 iiijiV
Prisoners sa, far, taken since Thursday4f4 estimated at -tWrtjr
thousand, although .the press of Paris .intimates, tfit eTxepfJftaye
being kept purposely low and that the! actual, eppturp. nvorie pn the
Marne and the Sotrunc jure very many more thsa fcave bet& officially
reported. ' , .."'t
The Allied losses are very light lin-relatios to the losses being
inflicted on the enemy and in "proportion .to the magnitude of the,
operations. British army headquarters reports yesterday s.tate that
many more wounded Germans than British or French are ibeing
brought into the field clearing statons. Many German Red Cross
units have been qaught in the general advance , and the German
doctors and nurses are being used to help in the general emergency
hospital work, being given charge io many cases of the German
wounded the British Red Cross workers bring in,
North of the Anere the British are now firmly established in
their new positions and the German counters, which have been
fierce around Chipily and Morlancourt since the launching of tue
Allied drive, have ceased altogether. The Germans are now falling
back all along this part 6f the line, saving whatever they can, while
British patrols are pushing their way toward Bxay, an important
base point of the enemy.
On this section pi the. faot .noh of the &mnie an American
force came into the battle yesterday. .Following the caHure of
Montdidier by the French, the British and Americans advanced tor
pethcr beyond their objectives taking ChijMly pwr after 4e8p.era.te
fighting. The American casualties, say reports from British head
quarters, wen; not more than might be expected, considering the
bit.er fighting. . i . '
Anntiih, that important railroad junction point which the near
api. nth of the Germans had made tie Allies abandon so far as
the use of its railroad facilities was.poncernied,. npw, being- used
again. This was announced yesterday by the British preroierw tiofA
(i'-orge, at a luncheon. . The pteruier also announced tbajt the; Nafne
J'omme victories had alneady yieVded niir.e.4bin, fiity thoWad
I .r '.nonets. - .. ... . ,- '' .,'r .. .
Early reports yesterday from the British front statej,thftt ih
cn,cmy seemed to be retreating at all points, especially., in, tpa cen-
where the Bnttsh were heavily attacking and had. jciptured
"Varvillrs, Vrely. Rdsieres, Folies
of the Amiens-Chaulnes railroad. Tba
lute Friday reports of the capture of
e general commander of a German di
vision and hi staff was confirmed.
American aaaistanea had been fives
the British and in stiff fighting the
combined forces had taken soma impor
tant points. .' ' r
Htttwaen the Ane.re and tha Bamma.
whera British tank were being- treety
i sad, thas land ship! kppeared to beJ
1 artleulSTly WU fitted for their Ukks
ind w"- Tieh-lng . clewr tbe ground
holendldly.. The German transport
column were streaming eastward rap-
i.Wy. ' , '
Two fresh German division had been
brought into the field along the center,
t o protect Chsulnes, nd information
from prisoner indicated that heavLe
tightintf lght ba axuaete in tba fur
ther ailvaneaa.
The British infantry was fighting
witk its (fAJAUvparVthusiaiu and all
along the ioe the Alie had smashed
through fcwVy realUnea.
Atlialf past four, U later reports,
the Allied advance iu Picardy was
proceeding unchecked. The totul Al
lied casualties reported up to that. time
' Ali I. f1. ' Jl .1 '
their artillery an4' their sup' J
guns ana maicnai arc wunq auan-
and Vauvillers, riDrtb,' arid south
wars Unes thsa aw rtauaand, jo' .$H
at which (ho .Oftrmas bad. .lost 00
fewer tftnty faur tho,ue,nd pria-
of dead, 'Whose Jhodje J
Tha Ger,
long tba Us of .dvace
nutn tlvisldns, hai) been so arushd ai
(lisorganjteil that .they were at no
paint able tp orjjapife for coonte At
" ' ' ' '
In' the south the Oernian wert
mptlnjg to esonua from tba salient ' 20, nnd Ha postofflca department an
the axlvsacinj Frenfh threatened to nuuncet that every one ha been stnrt
elpstf' in around them. I ed to its destination within twenty-four
WUEBeB ?E?WT BBLONQI ' ' i hours of arrival. Eluhty percent were
Tha AnfrlO-AriMriean . forces- took sorted In France for railroad routes in
Moiianeourt-nua .nimiy ana aeraniau
Gvmuin aouwtess,' tns(Jian" and' Aus
tralian force p tared la Tronqney, 1
Fretey ami AssUuvlltera, aoMtkeSat of
Montdidier, wtiore n wundral soar gvu
wera takeu, wtrW Csnadiau aayalry 1
hud advanced close to Ghaujnea,, wWer
tha tiarmana bad tabJiahd a tvav-y
rearguard for the purpose of ftnntuag
stand until ti t- itosty la W
renter could be moved.
The nw French sttuck had beeu
extruded for sixteen mile further
BoarA at Plrectort
Oeorge Sbenuan,
B. A. took
Icbr4 H. Trent
. A, W. T. Bottomley
V. 3f. Lowray
B. 9. WsJkar
A. Vf.t. Bottomlty
B. A. Cook . .
.C B. ttnonwf . .
B, O. Wklkw
O.T, Wlloot
KDrnum -WMklns . . .
; P. A. Draw ,
H.'I Soott ....
- -1
i .'Following S Meeting of the truHtep of Ameritian Pautorn, I.nnitf.l, hcl.l at
leven o'elork jreeterdev morning, announcement wan maile for the Hrnt time of
tha adtirS dlretarate and ofllcem and executive etaff of the ci)in.:niy in whieh,
it Trill ba noted, there are a number of changes from unofficial iureeunl. At
tka aama time tkera ware further change made in the pronpectu of the romuanv,
fttbliakad ia S page edvertimnmnt in The Artvertiwr thia morning.
Tor tka Are time the matter of divi.lemln in officially touched uton, tkia
ehange being tha one which Tha Advertiser announced on Friday morninir n
' Am iu. i. : . f i m
"While no dividend policy can be alopf
1 Until the new eorporatiou actually
tatea aver tha budneu of II. JJack
feltl ft Company, Limited, (which will
be; not later lhan 8epteuiler 1) there
4 goad raion 4o expect that a monthly
dividend of one dollar a "bare can ami
Witt, ba' paij Commencing with the
month Of October. Conservative enti
rtatea Justify tha belief thai dividend
parmeota at thla rate could be main
tained indeflnttal?."
' Thlt one pereeat month repreaentii
twelre percent a year on the par value
of tha atOek r eight pereent on the
Investment.' ;
OvartUBaerlptlan Burs
., At tha office af tha Trent Trust Com
pany w-lWro SHbaanptiona for the eerti
neatee of tha new. company are teing
received, ' lt a (aid yeaterday that
thera la apprutljr . no doubt of an
var-aubacripttbn' and that if It had
been tnade. ,vea; eonvecptent for main
lander to awbacriho the Overiubecrip
tion wOuliI barve been; heavy. Informa
tion; -o .nurJnltnjdert . baa been meager
and' their' applleatlons. will have to be
cabled. There haa'not yet been time to
receive"' Shy-;.fcs yist "but they are ex
eetef to 'begin, to eome in on Monday
W Toieaday.T. ' " -
-PARIS, August 11 (Associated
Pre) Yesterday, with Canadians
and Australian assisting, the French
swung arannxl Moutdidiors, capturing
that city with many prisoner and
great store of supplies. (Simultaneous
ly, along a further line of sixteen
miles, to the Oise, another attack was
launched from the south, which drove
the German back at ' every poiut,
crowding them toward the region east
of Montdidier already iu Ksencli hands.
After capturing Moutdidior, the
French advanced uortheast of that
city for an average gain of six uule
along a fifteen nnle front, from An
dechy, seven mile northeast of Mont
didier, to Kliucourt, tu iiiiJcji outliuMt
of it.
On the Montdidier eud of the salient
the Allied line htat night ran from
l.iuons, northwest of Chaulue. through
LQNIVON, Aggust II (Associated
Press) lieuters correspondent at Brit
ish, biadiiuapiars reports, after inter
yie.wug nuniber of rfptured Oermnn
oltlcejt, Uiat the Ueriuno ('rows
Prince is today the most unpopular
map. Id the entire Herman army. He
la held responsible by the officer for
the great defeat of tha Qernfans on
the Marne, wMch defeat has led to an
appaceiU collapse of the eutire plan for
the year's campaign.
According to the officer prisoners,
tha Crown Prince insiited on inter
ferlng with the plan of experienced
general, the result being that the
Stane udvauee wa turned iuto a dis
WASHINGTON, August 10 (OtH
ial) More than T,000,OIK) letter from
American soldiers Iu Frauce hove been
at-'receivud at Atlantic ports since Jury
ftl eimntw
outh, where in six hour, yesterday
.ftornoon the FMm h adva.ee 1 four
'iPseem lWf.-sible for tiie German
to stop west o the liue of tho bojiuus
ml iiesl Canal and from thence to
Noyous, which will make a maximum
Retreat of twenty lUklos. Ou UiO Brit
1-Jl front the iiifnntrv has advanced
twelve miles in two days, with tanks,
armored cars aud cavulry preceding.
r. b. Athwton
O. B. Hmenwy
W. I". Dl Ungham
o, p. WHcox
MorinM Watkin
Offlceri and Exocutlv Staff
Prwildont and Qjnrral Manacer
'. Vice President
Vice President
Treasurar and Aaglstaat Ma.ir
Bacratary and Aaalstant.Manaew
Manager of Marohandlaa Doprtmut
Manager San Francisco Offlca
Manager New York Offlce
American Factors, Limited, is to be 4
populur company' with more tockh.vlil-.
ere than any iiuilar corporation in the
Territory. Already the lint of appli
cant! number six, tjmex a many in
dividuals a made op tie roster of
stockholder in II. Hack fold ft Com
pany, Limited, an.t it ia etpAuledf' that
the final count will make between 400
and 500 individual holders of certifi
cates. Already there are about.. 250
applications on file.
Proceedings Valid . ,
1 Leual opinions as to the validity of
the proceedings taken aye important in
the formation of any company. In
thia instance any question of authority
for the acts of tha custodian of enemy
property has been removed by the proc
lamation of the President, as was pub
lished in The Advertiser yesterday
morning. That proclamation was issued
before the action of the stockholders
of the Hackfel'd Company was taken
hem but in any evont, defining as it
doe j the powers of the' custodian under
the law, it woulij cover any acts which
the custodian has taken since his ap
pointment since it is the law that gov
croM hi activit.it. ,
Frcsnoy les Uoye, to illcrs les Koye, to
I.inieres, to Conchy and to les 1'ots.
TO the French First Army fell tbe
honor of tijiing- ifontdidier, fhe poilus
sweepiii)r into and through that objec
tivo het'ore noon, taking some thou
sands of prisoners 11 ud , driving out
Oeiierul von Huiter's army, which it
now lulling back fiom the Montdidier
salient us rapidly us cramped traVs
pollution facilities will permit. There
are heavy rearguard uctious but noth
ing that can stop the French, who took
in succession AnBuvillcrB, Kubeicourt,
Havciiscourt, Vuux, le l.undi, Onvillen
and half a score other villages, in each
of which abandoned munition Olid
stores were fouud.
In three dn.vs the French have prog
ressed nearly fourteen miles aloii),' the
Amiens Hove road ami have taken pris
oners numbering more than eight thou
mh nd.
ed Press)-Goveriu
1st 11 (Associat
at inspectors who
have been examining the coudition of
the raiu routs tliut were delivered by
m&uufuct urer to the ('Overunuu t for
the use of the soldiers overseas Slid
for the equipment id the men in tho
eam uud cantonments huve fouud thut
L'X,(HKI ou hand are detective thus veri
fy tug the complaints that were made
by Uenernl 1'ereliia of the coudition
of the storm coats that were reacbiug
his forces.
The g,000 defective coats represent
half of those that have been held up
for inspection following Ueueral l'ersh
ing' comIaiuts.
Three hundred uud l'ie Japanese iin
migrants piuuod thronli here recently
en route to Pern, where tbey are 1111
der a contract to work 111 the Peruvian
cane fields as laborei-. for a term of
a year. Tuy will ct one yen and
fifty sen a day nr 7r . cuts in the Am
erican money.
t ... . 1 s
I J ..- "I"- ""1"'
l.nm.pa ,,,,, ( ompany of lo-
I kio, Japan, has -li h - of distribution
' f ""' immigrants t.. the various m.
g'"- plantations in Pe.u He said while
uevasheretliinthei.nl; market opened
fr the Japanese imtn.rution is South
I An icau countries an. I thcie a e nl
icndv about I'.tioil .lawmen- in I'ta-il,
1 in A I tl"1 m Chili, slid in
IlloUiu and 7000 111 lvm.
Krucfler Beats Duke In Handicap
Event and Lane Finishes
First In Open Mtfch
VKV Y(ih', Mic.; H- (twnciot
ed i'rtas) w i in uic i's fiom Honolulu
ftnialipil nc'-li;! mid tliird in the MHO
yard Vent, first mid second In lie' 110
ynrri Lntr lm nid Aim in tie li(l n:d
open in tie nv imimng meet icsterdnv
nfternnon. h : lm iini!in' n tlniilicd sec
ond V hi" 'i' in mate KniefM'r iu the
hnndiiap oi-nl
William I. v n lien - 'i n the
open c.lia,iu ionsliip la the half mile
lM,t yer r i.nli-i ihe pi rtm umtii e yes
tetdiir makii y a tie recnnl for the
KKU yards. He towered tie mark t
1-y JJionuan Hos in 1 I.mhiI til ti lust Hep
tembrr by to tif li uf i. id riiinH
i if In 4-leveu iiiiuutes, twenty seven
nh OJurffth seconds. t.ujy l.untier
ww ft close seci.nd.
la the llliyaid hnnditiip Krueer,
wi',h elyht aecoii ls sllomvixe on Ka
lianamoku inuiitt; d to finish nliead 0
:lh v Hawaiian who ) unsod all the other
toateataets. 1
. In the 111"1 vf U open event Clarence
Lane finished first.
w. a. a
WASHINGTON, Aifgust 11 (Offlr.i
ol) Thf Czecb.vHIovak national coun
cil annoiuced that Italy had joined
France in granting official recognition
to tire council a supreme reprsentative
(4 . Ciecba t-lovuks resident in Kntente
oowtrie. Tke council has received a
copy 'of "a treaty- wherrfby the council
il given" full jurisdiction over its aa
tonala living in Italiatf territory. The
treaty' agree that Italy U to furnish
amUtance to Czecho slovak ofllciul in
performanre of duties and their right
guaranteed. .
This is regarded n a most important
precedent iu international law, sine
it grata nlticiar recogoitiun to a gov
ernment which dues riot control au inch
of soil in it home land.
. . .
WASHINGTON, August 10 (Offl
cial) Manufacturers of passi'nger au
tomobiles have received a warning of
what wi.II be expected froui them next'
year In advice which is extended to
them bv tho wnr imlustriei board. Thev I
will be required to go iu almost ex
clusively for the inaufnctiire of tho
machines which arc required for the
wnr and if they expect to consider in
business they niurt meet these Ie
l!l nils.
The automobile miinrf jcturers aro
told to get their plauts on a 1 IN I per
cent war work ' basis before the first
uf next year. They nre told thut
uilv by converting their output to war
orders can they continue their indiis
try and maintain their organizations.
w. a. s,
PKKING, Auiiit 11 (Assoc in!
Press) The Chinese President has dc
clined to receive Nf oJiMy.uor I'etielli a
Papal uunco to Cbiua on the grounds
tLat he is a personal friend of tue ri
mun foicin secretary, von Hiutre, fur
iner (ierman minister to China.
HKKI.IN, vis l.oudou, August II
(Associated Press) - -The uiikial tier
niHii-communique fcuys:
"In the center of the Bonme bat
tfc field the enemy guiued veatenlay, he
tween Hosieros uud Haugent. ,Our conn
ters bad hnlte the enemy weit of
l.ihiins and west uf the Koiern-Arvil
lers liue ou Friday, but during the
niuht wc withdrew to new lines east
nf N'.ontdidier. ()ir aviaJuT and anti
ulrcruft gnus yesterday shot down
tlirtv two euemy uiuchiuc.
NKW YOKK, A iimt 10 (Official)
Sei.iire of four iiiori enemy owned
iwrporat ions by the alien enemy prop
erty custodian is announced.
The ciiuq anies have a total eapitali
ration in excess of il', 0011,000.
Oimicis of the companies reside in
The I.UMIiess will be I
POliTI.AN'D, Oregon, August 10 -(OMiiial.
The Ifrinton Kuy salmon
pack of Alaska this year is re
ported tn be L.IOO.OOO caws' in the bit
est reports from the cannery reaching
moves the cause. Used the world OVC(
to cure a cold in one day. The aigns
tur i ..( ii V. GROVlt i on each box
M'i mi . iui.il I v tl.c i'AUIS 'K!)
C 1 Nli 1.0., g'. ixiius. U o A
' . v. . , 1
Cornraawdca Honolulu Station For
Nearly Three Yeart and Is
Well Remembered
VAHHIflToN Angoit- 10 (As.'
elnted Preae- .'nptain Albert Niblaek !
Is on of the captain selected by tha
naval board for proomtios to rear ad;
mi nil. Other similar promotion for
peinsunont, advHucotuent to tbi raplf
air Captain John Kpgewerff, Mtrbary
Johnston, tdwin Anderson, Thoma
Kincsjd, Wllium MmJth, CbarW pj
son, Claernce William and oan Me
lioiiu Id.
TwfSntythrw additional captain are
recommeildud for temporary advance
ment tO ftar admirkl.
Ile&r Adutital Niblaek ii well temam
lie red in Uonolulu where baa wa ata
tinned foi- nearly thfea year. He came
to Honolulu tu July JW)3 and remained
until, April; 1V06. t '
I ii -ii.j . a. a; 'I f "'-
WASHINGTON, August 11 (Ao
ed rlcn) i-ive kundred and for
tV on' c'nsutirtieH are retorted ia the
1 offiiiai Bst af losses to the army and
Marirte ,crp ' madfc public yeterdV.
Of thtne 018 occnrre4 la tk army and
are segregated as killed in aotiori,' six
ty fmlrf died of wounds, twenty eight;
died or -Other cause, nine, and Wound
8l 4)5
Marine hisses were eleven
killed In' actios, five died of 'wounds
and ijlit wounded.
losses of army officers by death In
cluded: Kiltod in action: Lieutenant Theo
dora Kirk, Herman Hniith, James ,Mo
gcM, Cloyton Bcch, Uugh Blanehard,
Jo. -11a n Iocs killed in airplane aeel
daata, Col. Robert Holt, Lieut. Nan
Phil Pillnrd; died
of wounds: Lieut.
Edward Ueweilyn.
WARUIldaf 6N, July "2ft (Aoeit
ed Press) Trash heaps in England,
which have gtven up thousand of dol
lars' worth of wsite fats for use In
making munitions,' now ' ar ' being
robbaa of their pic.tnrequ adornment
of tin an, 'which . likewise will do
their bit toward putting the German
Army hnck where it belongs
Necessity for conserving a metal ab
solutely indispensable to the conduct
of war virtually has eliminated the
use of new tin from civilian pursuits
Its plrne is being taken by snivelled
tins gathered in the dump and alley
of the eitifw, and by yariow substi
tut CM, such as paper aud eloth con
tainers. Figures supplied by the British For
eien Orti.c to olHciul sources here at
test the Kr"t saving effected in the
use of tin plate In .1913. the biirnlt
tr.i le used U'.dOli ton of Un. This
ye.ir that trade bu bad 515 tons and
will -t 110 more. Old tins will be
utilized or the trade will do without,
limit polish manufacturer have re
c-ived no new till whatever, as com
pared wth CtiOO ton annually before
the wnr. Hcrp cnt back from the
front in Frnnce is being worked up.
Iiouiestic tinware, the housewife's
piiilc. is receiving 750 tons n quarter
uhen- XOiWl tons were used in 1VI.1.
Printing in It has received thirty one
Ions this year, comprised with 2M7 tons
in I'.MV No tin has b4WB allotted for
i'.c civilian tobacco trade, but the
11 rev is being taken cure of.
I.ONIMJN, AuKust 10 Associated
1 Pn-sHi- In tl'e nu'Wing of Thurwlay,
I the Iff I dm of the Picardy offensive,
siit.v ue (ieiiuau uirplauo weredowu
ed iiv the Kiitish.
' Of the Pntiah planes fifty have not
returned t-he loss of most of thus be
,ine; attributed to the ground fire id
the eiieiuv, few meeting disaster in
conflict with enemv air craft.
m a
; .,
WASlllNOTON, August 10--(Offici-
1 '
I) John W. (iarrett, Aineritan uiia-
ister tn The Hague, ha been designate
by the state departmeut to M-poeseM
the I'nited Mtates at the coming con
ference with Oernuiuy over exchaMga
of prisoners. He will head a minaio
tu meet (lerinan delegate at Werne,
Switzerland, within a mouth to ar
range terms for exchange aud di souse
tieatment of prisoners.
I The army member will be Maj-Uea.
at public ' Francis J. Ken an, and the navy mem
' ber Commander Knviuund HI one. 1
w. a. a
N Tulliott. inaiiiier of the lliino
Inlii Iv'iildier Works, received a calde
-'ii.l;i nilit not i f i 1; him of the death
u' In-. inoMier, Mr
K. K. Talbott, who
.Ii. I Mi.l.lenlv in I, oh An.'elea. Tli
11. - w;ih ii hlmek to Mr. Tullott, who
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Chief of Stuff March Says Enemy
. Must Be Kept Running and Hit
Hard and: Repeatedly By Vic
torious Allies
Line Is Being StraightenerJ From
I Rheima T Flanders and Some
American. Troops Give Assist
ance To British
"t4ns is tl
August 11
(Associated Tress)
lis is the time when the Kre(
est efforts must be put forth to
keep. tbe enemy running," was a
comment of Chief of Staff Gen.
Peyton C. March in the rcfiort
which he read yesterday at his
weekly conference with the news
paper, men.
:Our troops have taken more
prisoners than they could han-
dlev.,ahe read in connection wilh
the Results achieved south of Al
bert. The British report that all
of their camps behind Amiens are
filled vijith, prisoners. The Allies
have, captured, all of the artillery
of the foe iu that sector."
He said that some American
forces have been thrown into the
hghting in the Somme-Amiens
salient and have succeeded in
overcoming a stiff resistance and
helped the British to capture
some important positions.
; Reverting to-the general situa
tion General Jul arch said:.' "The
crrentest arlvnntarrr that has cnm&
D-H"-i ., - - - - -- . . .
to. the Allies is that tbey have tak
en the, pffensive and can now keep
'Jte enemy . guessing in j toad of
seeking, to guess out his piobable
mtvits.. The tune has come for
our greatest effort. General Fm-h
is following sound 'military prin
ciples aud is hitting without .re
laxajtion Wb8 . you get the
.enemy going, keep him going.
"Tiie whole . battle line from
Rheims to Inlanders is being
straightened out. The Franco
British drive in Picardy has put
the enemy in a bad position,
again, one similar to that in
wliivh thay found themselves in
the Aisne-Marne salient. They
arc hi. a pocket which is being
closed upoM them." .
Any suggestion that the end of
the war is at hand because of
these recent Allied successes
should be discouraged, he said,
but the time has come to keep the
enemy r mining and to hit him
Reverting again to the situa
tion on the V'esle front where
there are large numbers of Amer
ican troo;is. he said, tliat the Am
ericans and French were pursu
iuH "uiliuiinK tsctieV along the liue
lint had made no strouj atUmiita a
yet to sdvnnr further up the slope
to the north of the river where the
Woruiu liiwKS thief reaistanee strength
ix h4mmmI t lie,
Ajneriuau avtos on the Veals see
tot vrsttsMlay fc.sriU.sipu W.I i,n a linreeiy
foayat ItfUUti itinfu live Aiueru'-oi
jjsaus gave baMke to twU 0 the
eneni mai4iiue au I douaied two.
Tlu-re were, no Auiericau ea,ualtiH iu
1M e4iUtiiueu.t
n, - s,
fiiteH as)-Ka4r Xxrbitt Hoffman
U tMouiwUMi t lWwtnut roloued a;.l
i to Ucune aeaWUnt chief of taT
ut Cawi Meade mi tUe Klevcuth divi
sion uader orders received here yes
: erdsy.
. WVf-B.
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