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Augqat 15, lUll.at twen
ty four bonr rainfall, .04.
Temperatare, Mia. 74; Mat.
M. Weather, Tarty, tlnndy.
VOL. LI I. NO. 66
:. .. t-:-; . , i '. . , t i. , $; ' . V ' ' ' ' '
' ! lANSlVli fll lSyUll fftl Klll ff FOOD FORICAST FOR TODAY
C s ' ''y ' vaJa 01 MMUU vn"kU" MM
'"; ' ' " ' ' .' - ' 11 T""- -T 1 -s.T. r ii ii ... i li ' i i i " .. m . f 1 J
1 -M'TT . . . ' - i i I .- ' . i i i . i L. , , .. t1 ' ' '. i , .Z
I. ;'
J ''
v: '.
.' ,
British Practically Wipe Out
Habuterne Salient and Keep In
Contact With Enemy When He
Falls Further Back
French Secure Advantaaes and
fti dome roimv Are Awamny
Arrival of Artillery Before Con
tinuing Attack:
EW YORK, Aiifnist 16
(Associated IVess) Al
though only minor engagements
were rcorted yesterday along the
greater part of the Picardy front,
the day has not", passed without
sonic important advantages won
J by the Allies.
V Hetween Chaulncs and Roye
two important points were won
, by Canadian troops, who drove
the Germans out of Damery,
three miles northwest of Roye,
;Si!ul Parvillers, a mile still further
jo the northwest. The Canadians
, . , took a number '"'of 'prisoners.
"f -j ' .Southeast of rroyaft, to tbe north
; Chaulnes,.; the Rritish, also ad-
('...' '.. . ...... .t ii.ii.4.ij. V:
?i , lbtrt an yrrss, Jhe British are
f dairttainihg ;helr' ' cdritact with
:.;.".'. he. Germans, ,wiio '.are here fall-
: ihg bAck.-and attempting to read
' ' just their line. Th'e Germans have
: crossed to the east hank of the
'?V-.Ancre in a number of places, the
. British following promptly and
parrying the enemy. The Hahu
;eriie salient has been practically
,,' eliminated by these German re
vL. Jtirements, vvhich are believed to
' : ' 'he only the first of a number of
i ' ;uch retrograde movements the
; ijermans have in mind. Appa-
. ' rently they will be compelled to
V .; readjust their entire line from r
, i Vas as far south as th Somme.
V f On the south the i'rench are
waiting for their heavy artillery
'. . to be brought up and in the mean
' Svhile are clearing the- ground of
.""the enemy in the neighborhood of
il.assignv, where the (iermans
. tnmtinue to fall back slowly. He
- tMfii tlif Matz ami the nine KiveiH,
.'..jiirar Kilit'roiirt, the Krench contimnMl
, ' ,to muk yuiiu In minor pnttngcjiieiitK
- Dunne Thiirmluy nlht thr were ti
'numlier of violont artilli'ry -iIiii-Im on
' 'tBin front.
The French now occupy all the high
;riiiind around l.assigny Massif and are
''Working down tbe north and eastern
''.''xides. Further Uerinnn retireuients
,. here ore looked for.
: Humming up the results of the olTeu
sive in Picardy, which bus now passed
.through its first stage, and the results
of the Mume offensive, which also has
-ended for the time being, Focb has
'regained nearly eighteen bundled
'square miles of territory and has im
jiroved the situation along the entire
western front. The number of prison
.trs taken during the month is unof
' ticially given at 7.1,000, and the number
I. if guns at 1700.
,; . Surrender .Readily
I nottieial ngures of the captures iu
- Picnrdy were given out last night in
Ioiidou, this report showing that the
Franco Hritish urinies have taken .14,
(100 prisuiicis, while by count the mini
' Iht of cnptiireil B'iins on the Picardy
- front is 070. Thin report states that
" the number of prisoners is being added
to almost hourly us the (iermans snr
render a I most as soon s the Hritish
tanks get uear them.
The Hritish utile I III communique of
tbe fighting yesterday says tbut there
have been no striking developments
for the day. The main (lermuii force
. is apparently 1'onceiitruted between
. Chaulues aud ltoye.
;vThe official (ierman rommuuiipie.
Sent out tiv wireless from Berlin, ad
hilts thut the (Iermans have evacuated
their positions near Puisieux an Mont
and Heaumont llaiuel. north of Albeit.
' ! A (ierman raid on the Champugne
frout yesterday was rspulsvd.
.V ln two hours of artillery
of rolling barrage from, the light gurti, backed up by the heavy artillery directed against the back arears our men went forward gal
lantly in two waves. The artillery fire, was accurate and our men advanced 'with the steadiness of veterans." toote the complete
marching equipment carried by the men and perfect order and the lack of haste.
, ' i , ! ; Ill, .
r- '- yr: v: '" ?.. --v. i r f.: :X'i S;;-'S:.-'-- ": l
' L i
WA8HINOTON, AiiguMt 1 ( Aaaooiateri Prn) tntrniw sir iictivily
iuh heen a feature at the pant fw darn. Nat only h this rxti'n.li'.l
ilaily along anl well aver tli flghting front wher the Mrt-rnft eni'e
one another anil are subjected to the ground. Bre but the Allieil plaocn
have ilo maile air exi-umion far bebyut the , enemy line Hint have
inflintetl itueb daniiiKen an to aeriounly , alarm ' civkliaa anil military
oftiriala a well, t , . .-,: !.
N Oa the righting front yesterday Itfca.. British.- 'Uowaed tweaty two
Aitetnr, fighting )jlHneant,is ettofa,. jtere Men to mak deaeent, out of
1 ontroj - HftfM . BrltiaL" 'liihrVinea. are .reported iiug.l .
li kXyig ne Jii'ileatinn jot where
'UerVuiM Uii-ir-ttV tumieS Is -Bw4r a..ai(jVt ,a.lKt;nM-that teni- 1
four; Ainl plaifca liait "been downed1 . A V "'YC- , - -
..rrinonera taken by the Britwh artiiy hvereiK)rted te heailquarterii
at the Britlah front tl.at. the German eo.nmandef hM beeob.e erioiwly
alarmed by the rm-ent "blooilT lomtea" that JiaVe .renUfd from the
fire of the Allied avtatora. lie ban ordered the immediate, eonatrue
t ion of large underground shelter and the perfection of a ayeteni for the
l(iving of ularnpi. . "..1-
On Monday, Allied avintorn rondiieted a aoceertftll raid Upon Frank
fort and an oltieial report from there received at Geneva iiaid the avia
torx dropped twenty ix lond. and killed twelve citlneiiii. VTuoflli'inl
reports reaching (leneva nay that the unoflleial report of the loe
from thin raid ure far heaviwr than theac figure.
On Sunday and Monday American aviators conducted boinliing ex
petition back of the enemy linen ami bombed the railroml lines and
yard lit Longuyou, Doinmnry, llurom-out and CouflaiiH. All of thf planes
retiimeil iiafely.
N'KW YORK. August 16 (Assoiiuted Preas) Plans Imve been
-1 :i r i .-it for a great drive to raise funds for purposes that are of the nt
must viilue in the couduct of the wor and the week beginning November
I I hits been selected by the committee in charge of tbe arrangements of
Through the N'ovembor drive there is to be raised a I'liion war
fund of U :(,."( Ml.OOO in using the proceeds of which the Y. M. ('. A., the
V. SV. (.'. A., the war camp community service aud other organizations
will participate.
Recognizing the tremendous value ami importance of 'the work which
the Youug Men's Christian Association is doing iu France and at the
Mirious concent rat ion- and training camps anil its consequent greater
needs for funds, its share will be one hundred million dollars.
The V. W. ( '. A. ami the w ar camp eommuiiitv fund will share
alike, each receiving $15,0IMI,0O0. The American library association
which is also doing n splendid work will receive three aud a half million
WO . . T .. H
oman auftraaists Insist KJn shells
WVXMHINOTOX, August lfi f Asso-
ated Press)-Twenty-six woman suf-
fragists are going to jail in their zeal
for their cause. They refuse to pay the
j fines that have been imposed upon
I them and equally refuse to permit the
e mi nt of fines by liusliuuds. iclu
tiles or friends. They will go to jail
ns martyrs or they will go free with
out punishment is the stand which they
half taken.
The twenty six advocates of equal
rights for iioinen face jail terms varv-
ing from five to ten days in different
iiistances. They i.re members of the tions nnij desires clearly to the country
party that was bri ken up by the police and the world.
WASHINGTON, August lfi- (Oflfi W VSIl INOTON, August lo (Asso-cii,h--The
war trade board has author ; ' iated Press)-The l'nited Htates and
ied the importation of 5000 tons of (ir,f Britain have joined in a diplo
,li'.;anese prepared lege tables aud other 1 mnt'c. protest to the Mexican gov-
initio f..r consuiniiflon bv Jan-
(ill hi"
esidents of the l'nited States.
The foodstuffs ill question are on the
prohibited import list but the board
lias authorised iu exception on the rop
rociitatiou of the Japanese embassy
that the nn-iortatlon of these delicacies
would contiibute greatly t5 he pleas
ure and comfort of the Japanese residents
GO One of the official reoorti
Are, the Americans went over the
tp siiegivt loxae were nmnoii the
O0O 0-X
. whib' conducting a ft-moiiHtriti-in ir
I ""' lr before the White House to
I express ineir inuiguauoa at ino ueiur
I of the senate in voting upon the resolu-
tion which will permit the submission
of the constitutional amendment to
Ctunt the hallo to women to be sub
mitted to the states.
The suffragists no longer have any
c;iicvaiice against President Wilson aud
the representatives of the lower house.
They recoginze that the chief execu
tiie has exerted his influence iu their
behalf as strongly as can well be ask-
j ed and has expressed bis own convic-
eminent against, rresment i arranzu s
oil In ml decrees, which, it is contend-
ed. are practically confiscatory.
The American and English oil com
panies involved have agreed to meet
the terms of the decrees which, they
contend, would take their properties
from them aud have agreed lo depend
un their governments for protection.
of American ctivitiet trj th AUne-Marne offensive aaid: ' follow- 1 1
top on a mile and a half front at :45 o'clock. Under the protection Li
i Gives Three. Million Yen To Buy
j Rice and Government Ap
j propriates Ten Million
TOKIO, Angiwt.,15 (8fcial to NIp-
I n Jiji) Empror Tonhihito . fame to
. the fore today in the riee rfot fituatibn
in Japan, whnn a deaatloh of 3,000,
0U0 yeu waa ajnotinrdbjr W aaajaaty
relief JiiiA "for" fbe 'f6i'
' The emperor, whw It nowat the
Tn-mJ.i- - ..Vu'
Tanomoaawa atunmer, villa at Kikko,
was apparently grieved over the situa
tion when a report ef disturbances in
most of the large eities throughout the
empire was made to him by Baron
K. Hutnno, minister of imperial house
hold. I In announcing a donation of three
I million yen the emperor asked his
household minister that "everything
I possible be done immediately to relieve
the poor people from suffering on ae
j count of prohibitive prices of rice."
uiuers ioiiow Example
The example set by the emperor
greatly moved the' hearts of his people
ami many geuerivs donations were an-
, nounced by the rich to a relief fund,
j Meanwhile the government, in an ex
traordinary cabinet session this morn
i intl. decided that an urgent appropria
I tion of 10,000,000 yen be made at once
I to meet the emergency. This great sum
j Mill be spent for compulsory purrhuses
of all rice supplies available, by tbe
I government and for importation of
rice from Korea and China to increase
I the siippliea at hast) aad force the
prices lower. 1 he government is now
selling price at a remarkably low price,
regardless ot the quotations on the
Disorders Spread
The riut sit nut ion as it stands today
is in no way better than yesterday and
riots were reported from Osaka, Kyoto,
Kobe, Kukui, Fukusblma, Kure, Tsu, ;
Kuwana, Fukuyiima, Mjaizuru, Oka-'
yama, Hiroshima, Sakai aud from fully
us many other small eities. 1
In the city of Osaka the disturb-
ance was the largest and fiercest that
has occurred since the riots became a ;
i favorite iiasti of the hungry Jap-
t anvM. ,i .empire. MVethan
j 100,000 men and women were estimated
to aave taken pari in me aemonsimnou
and the fourth annv division with bead
quarters iu the city bud to be called out
to quell the inoli.
Firebrands Used
In Kobe the mob repeated arson tac
tics. A great camphor factory owned
In Susuki. whose rice establishment
was a few dais ago burned down by
the aiiL-ry mob, was attacked ami set
The mob then marched to the suburb
of the city where Suzukis great country
villa was hunted and this was also set
on fire. The mob shouted "Banzai"
over and over aguin as the rice pro
fiteer's cauiplioi factory aud coun
try home vieie consumed by flames
In Kyoto the mob resisted the sol
diery and police all through Tuesday
ajcjht and until Wednesday morning
when it was finslly dispersed.
WASHINGTON, August 15 (Associ
I fd Pressi American troopa are set
I ting a world s record for health and
I low death rate. Surgeon-General Blue
announced that the deaths resulting
i from disease among soldiers for the
week ending duly '.'0 were at the rule
of I t! per 1000 per year. Such a rec
ord has never been surpassed by any
military establishment.
More than Three Million Combat
Troops Will Be In France
Before Next June
WAfsHINOTQN. Auguat 15 (Anno
elated Press) Henntor Chamherlain pf
r t.r . . . . . i .
j ictun, riuirmn 01 ina, :Biuiary
DiiBiii romuiirree in toe acnare' toasy,
wid-tW fienernl VaVeh'ehief of atnff,
tary affairs ha it 1a np to the L'nited
Htete to put enough meri-slnto Fraeor,0Ni,,r'rt declaration , of .'was ini'
to win the war on the west front.
Chamberlain told the deeply interest
ed senators that March has '.expressed
the belief that 4,000,000 Americana un
der one commander could go through
the Oermnn lines wherever they
He revealed that the war depart
merit's progrsm contemplates the form
nt ion of el-hty armv divisions, of 40.
000 men each, or a total of more than
three milliou combat troops, in our
army In France before next June. The
idnn thou also contemplates eighteen
divisions in training at home.
All men who are called into active
service under tbe new draft will be
in "France by June, March told the mili
tsrv committee.
Baker Telia Policy
Secretary Baker told the committee
that the policy of President Wilson nud
the war department contemplates the
concentration of American forces on
the west front, including Italy, and
Halter said:
"The theory of the lighting for the
future is that we must force the issue
to win on the western front."
(leneral March also said that if the
i din ft ages are fixed at from eighteen
to forty Ave years, the volunteer a,v.
iciii or recruitlug for the army w ill ,
automatically disappear.
telephoneTines 10
extend very little
ciated Press) l.lttle extension of the
service of the telephone lines of the
country can be expected until after tbe
end of tbe war. They are to look after
the ordinary and essential business of
the communication systems and that is
about as far as they will be permitted
to go.
Orders were yesterday Issued to the
telephone companies by Postmaster
, (leneral Burleson, director of couiinunl-
i cation, to conflue their extensions to
meeting the wsr needs of the country
and the most vital commercial needs
only. They ure also ordered to proceed
expeditously with tbe consolidation of
their systems.
w. a. a
cuitcd Press) Material improvement
of positions by the Italian forces is
told iu the official report received from
Koine last night. The engagements were
largely of a local nature but through
them the Italians have secured some
dominating positions.
After overcoming a stroug reiM
suce the Italians have establi'died
themselves in high positions the first
result of which was the capture f
's) Tellina aud Val Comgnlca.
l.aa'var iitintrt
lei II H H V I IV I
iJXjMJijIlLl T liVl
Soviet Forces Reported As Already Evacoating Moscow
Anl 0z2cli 9 Slovaks Are Greatly Heartenid;
Russians Flock to Allied Standards
l('i'l (). NiiL'iist d
m u - rellecting upon the
indicate tli it the i'mlshevik forces are uearjng rout, unofficial hut V
apparent!) ell authenticated reports indicating that the soviet - '
troops haw already begun evacuating Moscow. ' .?
In contrast with this the t.'.echo-Slo ak forces are greatly heart1 j '
ened am! tln ir courage and confidence has been vastly mcre&sodby
the movement
of the Allies south from Archangel and west 'front ' .v '
Mreadv the Allied advance from Archangel u more ; '.
than a hundred mites and before these forces the Bolshefiki are
indicate tliat the I'.oklu-vik forces arc Hearing route, unofficial but -retreating'
and it is reported they are committing attrocities and '!
leaving deastation and sorrow in their wake. Otljer. reports" tell
6f Russians Hocking in hundreds to the standard of the Allies. '
Further hearteuimr news was that of the arrival uf British forces
j at llaku. crossing northwestern Persia to reach tHis port on the.
Caspian from which last reports said that the, Germans , were con
jcentrating nearby preparatory to efforts to dislodge the 1iissiansn
The positions of the British at Baku mp-interrupt the enemy's
outlet to the sea and deprive the Central Powers of the ' valuaSle '
f'aku oil fields. .
J In explanation of the Russian situation and the course that has
been pursued by the l'nited States consul general at Moscow an
official statement was yesterday issued by the department of stirtV
which says :
On July 2tt Premier Leiiiue declared
repeatedly before au official gathering
of the Hoi lets that a state of war ex
Istet between ths Boasian republic
and th Allied, pewers.- A diplomatic
sepreseutatlva af flreat kBrltala '
consular reiiresentativea of France,
ftoly and the ATnitM Ptatei tnquieiKi
if eulHs declaration si.otihi bt ye
volvlnr the 'Ic facto relations nd the
departure of the consul . Minister I
Trbitcheriii said such need not be so, f
that Lenine 's declaration-, referr-f to
of war, ami the government) desired to
continue relations with- the Knteute
IHiwers as it did with Oermany in
annlngoua cin umstances.
The consuls demanded that this ex
planation must 1h made public by the
head of the government.
Publicity Refused
Three days later, August 2, Tehit
eherin replied that inasmuch as Le
nine's utterances were behind closed
doors, at a meeting ut which an agent
.1.. All!.... ...... ......... l.u mt.m.
' ' I I
eial courtesy on the part or the Ho-;
viet government, a public explanation ,
could not be given about . non public 1
Held Aa Hostages
In his third report Consul Poole re-
fers to tbe arrests, of British and
French citizens in Moscow. On August
fi, at a conference between Minister
Tchitclierin ami the consuls general of
Hweden, Japan, the I'mtnd (states and
France, the Ho iet government gave
its solemn assurance that Allied per-
k. .i:. .i. ....:.. ....n:,.tui
" To , he' molesteT. I
- ..;..,,, , ,,..
civil prisoners, arrested in accordance eminent, which emphasized tb neo
with the practises of war for intern . essity of Japan's taking prumpt aetlon,
meut. Me added that no rcmponsibili- owing to a rapid aggression of the Gar
ty could be assumed for tbe future 1 man influence In (hat part of Biberia.
safety of sneh persons because Great , China to Join '".'' " .) "
Britain and France had already at-1
tacked Archnuuel without a dol lars
tion of war.
Soviet Official Warned
l'nited States Consul Poole replied
that he was without knowledge of what
had taken place in the north but he
warned Tehitcherin that the people of
the Allied nations could not be in
timidated and the initiation of a sys
tem of reprisals by the Soviet govern
ment could only result in indiv idnal
members of the goierument being held
responsible personally, ami in the loss
by the Holsheviki of whatever res
pect it liny lit now be accorded iu the
minds of the cnilied world.
The fourth message of Poole is dat
ecj Aiiuust 0 u nd says that the state
authorities at Moscow nsl roreiiuy en
red the consulates general of France
d F.ngland on August .'), arrested the!
consuls euernl and their staffs but
released the untiring good offices of
the Swedish consul general.
Consuls Are Departing
Guards a i mi ml the consulates would
not permit Hritish and French sub
jects to approach them. Feeling no
ussuranees that the American coto-.ii
late' would not be violated nt any
muuif"'. Poole destroved the codes and
record. Tins made it impossible to
carry on the functions of the consul j
and Poole m-ked the Swedish consul
generul to take oier the protection of
the American interests, at the -sine
time requctiu the facilities of the
Wovint gm eminent for immediate de
paitlire of the American diplomatic
anil coiiMilur staff.
The Allied consuls are doing liks
wie, he reports. All step- are being
taken for the security of private
American ciiieus. They lone not been
molested o far. Poole sel l his ilepar-
turc would probably be by way of
n f. w rn
M lt I .T S
(Associated Tress) All of the
situation in Russia and Siberia
Petrograd and tJtockholai. - , .. , '
Th 'American minister, Poole j re.
ports, Ass cabled to the secretary of '
state i that he.' haa been informed .'by
the' tjwedish foreign office thatiun
August. 4 the Swedish-consul general "
'Meow took' temiwrar.Jiarge of . ,
. ,i, I-
. - ' '-. i . . , .. .
W i?rU?"
ui tiwiu ur ipv wivurffli aciacamenia
of , the Japanese expedition, tbe Jap-
anese marines who were leaded at the
Hiberlan port early this year to protect
the, Japanese' aa well as- foreigners,
were, w thdrawn. The announcement
wan made this morning nt the Japan-.
ese admiralty. ' " '.;
Order in Vladivostok Is now welt
preserved by the Caecho-Hlavaka. The
populace ia friendly to the Allies and
the British, French and Japanese forces
already oa hand are1 looked upon by
them as saviors. The arrival tn the
A fh lM(.a f f. .flfl.,..
"V ". T . v
tlih thd ,CM01'1ST'k d
AUxod-rbrees already U Hiberla, la most
eagerly awaited. ; ,
T Extend Acttfttlaa ..; , ,
Japan ha decided te extend ber anil-
ttary activities Into Hlberia as far west
as the iberian-Manchurian -jboarder.
A portion of the Japanese garrisons in
(Southern Manchuria along h South
ern Manehuriaa Railway la now already
advancing . In the direction Of Man
juri, a border town between, Biberi-
sjiu i-iorvuera juancuuria. (
An official announcement to tbfs ef-
f.t wu !! lut ulirkl l IIi.'ii
As a result of . a recent agroement
between Tokio and Peking for a joint
defense of any of tbe two Far Faster
countries, China ia to join la, this e
pedition. The plan waa already -j ap.'.'
proved by .the Chinese government .
Iu addition to tbe above message
to the Nippu Jijl from Tokio, aa of
ficial cablegram waa received at the
local Japanese consulate from the
foreign office in Tokio. . The official
announcement ia aa follows; "f v- - 1
"German and Austrian '. prisoner
who have been Interned in Rtissia hav
united with the Bolsheviki army and
are now operating in Manchuria crad-
ually going into Chinese territory.
"The forces are daily. increasing id
numbers and the Chinese -republic is !
threatened with an Invasion, and aa a
result both the Chinese and Japanese 1
residents of MJinJuri, the' large border
town between Eastern Russia and Man
churia, have been compelled to flea;
the place. . 1 ''..'" , , "j
"The situation if considered grave ,
by the imperial Japanese government '
from the viewpoint of national de
fense of both the republls of China
An. I I V, j. T.imh&u . m ,1 T !..,..&
to be overlooked as a minor matter,' for
i the imperial government bat been aego-. '
j fisting with the Peking government to
. cooperate iu defending the border and
to drive back the Invaders, J -. ; r f
j "The Japanese government program
'has met with the approval ef th Chl
1 uese republie and a part of tho garrU
ton stationed at Manehnrla. it has
decided, will be despatched toward,
the scene of the outrages near t ha bor
der line of Northern Manaburla a
necessary precaution at thia Junetare.'f
.i i ....

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