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Plantations Recognize Fact and Will Do
tiesithey Cah VJhite Amiling Relief
roffl Washinglori; Others Seek
" Oriental x Labor ' Supply t
' PallowiiM it imHt karsioa the of thvae alfliriala Drrdonallv favirvl the
ffovmeut informed oa the need of
the niffar iiiduetrjr 'aat w mhu a r arouaiov too titter eppoeitum which
to tbe .novaroment, largely, iteviae migkt tend to wurk againnt war activ
', the nuy aad means, th Hugar 1'lan-j ittea. At a latter data It in believed
tra AaaoMatioa i "Bat neggcttla to rack Kgilatio nlgbt paaa. If the
V" or asking of the feovermeat amend-' Frejaleat eonld feet and would ai't under
meata to or abrogation of any it tht the Orermaa Aett thht wtull avoid
' tenrlratren laara reTea. ui'be plaaa nttch oppoaitiaa bat might raiee a storm
, tori' iew point ta that tha government against hi action from tbe labor ele
v far MrWrraHjr ia'ated n' aeeiag tfce! meat af tba country ad ta keep labor
p(,nMittind i Hawaii a )re alineil -wijhj tba adminittration in its
. ! th alanteri and will take the atepa war poliolea' appeara to have been one
"" " eeaVry to raliava tao lahat abortaga af ita moit iwrcfally aitogel plan,
when poasibl. If ecnaulted oa waj ! Japaua Fropoaala
and meana they may bav anir'iestiont Janaueea naoara are tiointini? out
. oi6ttr bat ther prefer .to-be allad
; apon -1 offer suggestions rather tban
moka feqnenta. . '
" OtBar Tain Action
. Meaattrme tbi Ooveinor, th Delegate
ad roine of the aittxeot Tire taking up
the matter of dnbor -aboeease: aot a
aff rtting anRai lalowe bat an aflarting
te and, ge.Hrlly the.wiai.ing af .tba
Territory naif susiaialng. These persons
Tt. eottmdTinjr'th notte of Orfental
Inbar And how tr abti i.
, lie ports on labor co Km ions from tho
rlautatiao' to tbe labor tiurcan tell of
the least number they require to meet 1
nnr aommir snos ana ensmru awm
applieatiess for mora than 3500 labor -
'efi' tafli plantation manager appears
t think, iMifing 1 froai v th attars
which tbe bnreau receives, that his
plantation ia tba asoet aeriamaly affect
mi of any and alt are agreed that tha
. jisnAetrt situatroat ia one .of tbe, moat
mrrioua. that baa ere aoaf rooted tba
Idamda. J setters reeeived frera Hawaii
"compare' tbe aonditioae there with
; taoae ;'ef ' the arwagJit -there M ; the
' . eeaae af the werst filague of leaf bop
.-:'TA"W.:' )ne.fjlbatatMHi nuutacre mattei
" tthat he bad already reweated the need
v.; ' of 120 mew and asks that tbe bnresn
pfc.,, doaWabU farmer woea4w r Maoi
; w affeered. '"" "I
v ': ; i Steasoar toona
4 WIW it wafc ffrnt reported that sugar
waa ta be eairied from tie PbUipninea
on former Hawaiian sugar cirriers tha
;', Iantets did Arj to arrange , to secure
same rhriipplne labor but H was im
" jrartlcable. The I.urline for instance,
could take only thirteen steerage pas.
- aengara without cutting down ita sugar
, load and, aa the steamer were put .on
that ran to carry sugar and net labor
era, the plan came to naught. . 1
"Thfc transports will bring no labor
era. Aad .there the situation atanda.
aceardius to tbe reoort of the labor
bnreau, ' members of the labor commit
tee and .officers of the aiaoiatba
Two meetings have been held at the!
governor's orliee, the last yesterday i
morning being attended by the 6ov I
ernor. the Delegate, Robert W. Shingle,
W. H.' bfelnerny and W. ft. Bindle.
Thia eotnm'ittee decided to inquire -
whether nnder the Overman Act the
President might ' not Suspend through J
a ' proclamation the Chinese exclusion !
m-i ma 1. 1 ! . u -1 x :
mi. wv i iv npyiicg io xiawan ana
to admit 1(1,000 Chinese
Ctmncw af Leglstation
i' Advices from the mainland from hieh
oiucutu uayti nam were was unit or
r e anance -or me passage at this time
. of legislation to admit Chinese or Japa
nese, especially the formes, as the tabor
union were too strongly opposed. One
NEW yOUK, Augiut 1 (Associated
! Home 7000 mining engineers,
members of the American) Institute of
Tfin'lir ?nrrtnMra Ira' hmrTila,
- v
.houLler in the endeavor both to stimu-i
lata- war mineral product io a and to
roWvert minerals to the highest possi
ble service in the war. Ia an effort to
fnerease the scope of thia war service,
the American Institute of Mining En
gineers will nveet in Colorado during
tba week of September 2nd ta take up
vital problems of immediate import
ance. Mining engineers from every section
- of tlu country will attend. During the
meeting, trips are to be made from
4'elorado Hprings to the Cripple Creek
district, I'eublo, the Lnd villa district,
ami Boulder. The weekVi aeasien will
opea ia Peuver aa Septembes i and will
that evening move to Colecado btpringa,
wkieb will be be principal headquar
' tera for the deration W tha meeting.
Thia ia tbe iret miemMy af tbe ea
t ire last i ate tu. Colorade nines 1K96,
ad an appropriate antertaiaaieot pro
gram, planned by the aevea hundred
I'elorada aaembera, will include aa aa-
fowtobile drive to the tow of Pike's
( Tba seetlons ef Colarado ta be visit
, ed, are rich in many war minerals of
'' Importance, including ferro alloys, radl
lim, uiolybdenjtB ore aad pyrites.
project but would not pHh it for four i
that white Hawaii neada labor for its
eane nelda, its rire padies and its pine
apple nd and Tanneries, Japsnt Hf
btbnr abiek miajbt otberwW come here
is passing by, an voyage to 8outh Am
erir a.
liile it ia nrged tbe Japanese rould,
if t bey wouM, .bring Filipinos, it
apparent that tha Japnneee, wantinc to
POme here and wanting to send Tabor
here, would be woekltrg against their
awn interests if the ebon Id rarry Fili
pinos instead of Japanese immigranta.
The Japanese fiapera'tnake oat a good
case for the suspenaion f the
mn rs apreemewt
1 To- Do Their Bant "
J When an agreMtient wns determined
npen for tbe euifivation of hands for
merly leased aad that are to-be borne
steaded, the planters neeured a clause
that they were: to continue the lands
under -cultivation so far as they were
able, this being designed to protect
them Ia the fane of continued lnbor
abortage. The eomtition was rerognia
ed by the Governor and the land. eons
atiasionar af d ia recamizd by them
in tnejorn or ine (greemeat atgned,
that between Wniakea and th. cm err.
. ment aad all that is expected ia tbe
jaltvation so far as the labor aupply
will permit, frV will it also be with
tbe lands which they awn eutrigbt and
with what they have ander lease, they
will do with tbnse landa tbe best that
, they ea with their labor shddIv.
' may be that they will net be able to J
! enervate all of tbe lands, they cern
tainly cannot aitb the present mbor
pplr and if rehef is not senureil it
wiM be oerecxary to let go the lands
mat are least productive.
, Where tbe relief ia coming from on
lees It he Oriental lnbor it is imnos
cible to say. If It he derided to- brinir
Qrineie. the hiriji;t prnblfi t i P re
mama to he .!.'.
he re- i-ihi'e ' ' .1 i n e '
Itnn- ard ni l i-e hwtkt here .in.) if
these jn-e - ne-' i " -i 'vj f'lv
they a- ' . flYr he Ol I v "put ' '
that is it ; ' ' t . '
Ket K "' ' " o-.
TPAere Hi fe I fi.lv. Mite the
admission f i . . it . ,,,,1,1 probnhly
meet with -.. 'j.n from other races
on the claim tlmt they were trvin to
serure a ehenp.-r lnbor. Hbouid they
. , ....
advocate jaianese lunor ne :4iuie
claim would be made by labor organ
(rations on the mainland This seems
to be the policy of tbe planters, not tu
provoke ounosition. to- muk i-ln.r the
' needs, the effect the tabor shortage will
hare and to let the government famish
the relief and nut receive such a re
buff as came to the California fruit
prow era.
WMii U
( I tbnt will
AhVSTEKOAM, August 1 (Aaooci
ated FresB) The military and poli
tieal interests of the Central i'eW
, . .
' ""lr u"r"
ngiTu uj inr eiuirai loti Ol l,uyo,OOTf
' . . . 1. . L f ... . . . 1 . . . , ,,u
Hungarian men to the Tinted Htatev
fiom 1000 to 1014, sa.vs Emerich-Fer-eueal,
a professor of the University f
ButUpast in the Norddeltsche Alge
rheine Zeitung. . The orofeasor demand
ed that the emigration of Hungarian
farm bands should be divested from
tbe I'uiled States to Germany.
If nethiug is done to counteract tbe.
attraction of America, asserts the pre
feasor, Uuagary, which has, 'already
lost about .OOOOM sous in war,' will
be further drained of masses of capa
ble workers, wouiou and children will
be drafted for manual work, marriages
and births decline, mortality and dis
ease increase aud military strength be
w. s. a.
Governor C. J. McCarthy Uaj ap
proved the liquor rules and regulations
which have been adopted by the rep
resentatives of the litfuor boards and
Assistant Attorney General Hurry
Irwin, The regulations are to be print
ed In the Eugllsb and Hawaiian news
papers as advertisements, Sad pamph
lets may be issued also for ready ref
w . ( " 1 1 " ;. f 1 1
'J Cn in beef-pji-ound cnryv cah about iWirt. -trv Tht
locomotive! and has fifty cars to a train; The pic.nre Bhowa me f
(he Manati estate., Below is the Manatl mill, on s of the four that
.prsxiuctiori .pf .Hawaii,
- , .
. OF PIE f
Planters Can and Do Raise Crops
On Far Larger Scale and
Defy Competition
1'uder the price fixing policy of the
sugar committees or the food admin
iufrnfinn IJ...i!.B m j
...v. u, iiiMimiaii rmiiirrri nrv lOrClTi
to meet high-r cokIh on practically the
i iiu. v , i,, - . - , , m
lf .:it-l.! U)U : : ir:. ru-v'. "fciai ... .t .--i- .r-ri-ti'i - .i
: : ..-,! .
1 ).
. .
i - , -.. - i
1 .. 1 t ..""""".' ' '"V" "'' iu.'wujuam.u tix.'w-l.,ji.u..'..i,.-i n,'tt
' , . ,-.. , A-.--F . V ' . . . ; ,
"I . '' ". ;."
same bimiH Cuban planters whose formerly and the Governor has declar
ers, tuies and ot her expenses cannot j ed the plan the fairest by far that has
compare ith theme in thene Islands. It ever been proposed to the honveatead
is a practical elimination of the tariff, ! er and that his rights will be well pro
is one (if the complaints which hag beeb ! tec ted under the agreement. Btill not
taken to Wushingotii by tbe commit-' all of tbe homesteaders are fully Bat
tee of the Hawaiian Hugnr Planters' , rufed, perhaps it waa aot to be expect-AnH04-witn.il
wkiyh ia no in Washing- jedfhat they would be end objections on
ton, iiii.l tlii point will probubly be , the part of tike homesteaders on Kauai
presesie.li i,y j. w. WBIdrop, of Nehae- 1
fer & Com i"
any, of the committee. (
Four nulla La Cuba produce as much ;
suur as Mo tin- llHwannn Islands. They
can work on a much laruer scale. Ir-
iinneceaeary, fertilizer costs
they get three crops to two
These are some of the points
tbnt will lie presented ia connection
with the sictiments and to these will
I bo. mirled the fact that higher trana
Ipertation rates prevail; there ia a tax
bills of lading and the American
concfrns liaif to bear other war costs
Jj jtaaiQsbpn pkuiters (J not.
ers-.t; ) .nu.. ha)t for timt
""K expansion or me sugar inaus-
try at this time it Is learned from
Christian .1. Hedeman of the Hono
lulu Iron Works which is working on
some twenty eight contracts in the Is
land of Cuba where it has a branch
There wi re extensive plans for in- onuses of this diwention very clearly
creases in the sugar industry in Cuba for the homesteaders and no doubt but
ui.ti1 the I luted Htates entered the war tbe plauters will eome to seme very
n-d the little islaad rspublia said "Me f satisfactory agreemenf with tbe home
too". Now no sugar machinery fnr steaders as they have- abown a very
spaiii.n.ii run be brought into the ie- '"decided adaptability in the; matter of
bind. r.ch const ruction work as is be- thf near contract, v
in dorn- ut the mills in merely to keep ( Homesteader' View
production v to the highest possible The points that are most in the
point iniilcr present conditions. Growth
f the industry is to wait until after the
Then there will lie au influx of
capital tor rxpausioa of business that
will make it harder than ever for Ha-
wr-ii to compete. i ng tbe form of contract as printed iu
After the war one great scheme alone ilaaf Tnesday'a Advertiser and purport
"vill be pui forward and completed by Mug to be the form agreed upon be-
xiuul nipaiiy and its estate wiil tween the attorney general and the
produce nunc sugar than this terri-
tory i'hI hist vear. It includes reclam
ation of a cieiieitu or swamp of vast
extent bill-ui; houses, uiiie lines, a
(Hill IV I 1
the jenr
Uunuii t
liiirbor, s steamship line
I in oiieration throughout
.t a pleasant prospect for
. luce iu competition.
Woufd-Be Homesteaders Find
Objections To New Contract
Contract for the cultivation of the
WuiuWe lauds has been signed and
other contracts for the cultivation of
1 ,. - x , . .
. . , v i
are now to be opened to homestead rng
are hoou to be signed. The contracts
are eyidentiy satiafaetory to the plan-
4 avl .U L. a.., t 1 111 a at. '
t antnia muni; a iiftj nanus win rust lucm
far more than they did under lease
are t-xiiressed in the Inst issue of tbe
(rarden Island. Kince these are the ex-
pressions of E. M. Cheatem, who has
often spoken in the intereets of home-
tending and the homestead they' bear
some weight and are reproduced here
;.... , ti,- i
There is a slight idiffetence of opin- I he contracts expire there, it
on between the homesteaders, or that reasonable to expect tho planta
fs some of them, and the planters, on ; ,io1'8 offr ny better form of new
several ol tbe sectiona of tbe new con- I contract than that which the govern
tract that has just been, drawn ap by mont ia asking or the new bomeateod-
the Terirtoriul government, for the
homesteaders and tbe plaaters, says the
(ford en Island. i.The i homesteaders
ifem 0 fciBk tfcat the gOvernin0Ht
nae maae an error.. in occepiing ine
modified form of aa old Olaa contract
aa the basts of thia new contract, and
think that several -changes should be
made in seme of tbe clauses therein.
Mr. E. M. Cheatem, a homesteader
of the Kapaa group has stated the
limelight, In' thla controversy are stat-
ad from the homeeteaders point
view by Mr. Cheatem aa follows:
"I have spent considerable time the
. uast few davs. atodyina and eomiiar-
I planters' representatives, as that which
will be offered homesteaders by tbe
plantations in the future.
"As a result, I can neareely believe
thut the administration has agreed to
or seriously considered such a form
and hope that Tbe Advertiser's in
formation l liicorreat.
. ; '... rT
show a field loaditag tutioik.
pUntation ue about .twenty '
,thc many loading, atatiotia
produce as much as the entire
( H
No Improvement
"It is In its final analysis no better
, tha" m,w fm6us eighty eent coin
'tract offered Kapaa homesteaders in
1013 by the Makee Sugar Co., which
wug 0 one sided and inequitable that :
it brought iudignaiit protests from all
united Kuuai and individuala from all
I'ariB or int3 1 VTTWQTJ RIUl rVBUUCa IU
... . ,. -
!lft,vi ,e hat fi"a,,y b?f?ht Ll
hue plantation into the field as a com-
petitor of Makee, both companlea then
givniK rair romrucis. ,nis uaa rrnrn-
ed in a complete success and the entire.
Kapaa projHisitiou and some 180 f am-
ilies living amid comfortable surround- I
a ii ii raising up ineir cnimrou aiong
liberal American - standards. These
contracts have niude possible the
homes aud farmlike appearance of tbe
country, upon which the ,'Oovenor re
cently was pleased to comment,
I'ndHr the iirnnnHd aontract. such 1
results will be impossible, further,
' -ven the great .tart -at Kapaa will go .
!l,r the board in a few veers, for at I
finaslfias Defects
V The great defevts from the horue
stenders point of view are, (1) that he
has to pay the entire tost of laying
portable track from tbe main line, or
tho rrectiug of flumes; (2) that he
has deducted 5 percent for trash
when actual tests at the mill show thia
to be less than .1 percent in unburned
cane aud ouiy about 1 perceat in
burned cane; (') that the provision
thut should marketiag and milling ex
penses lie materially increased, .. the
contract price can bo reduced with tbe
Governors consent, with any provis
ion that these, prkasj will be increas
ed should the said, eoata be reduted,
us is sure to happen when the war
ends; (4) that the price of one dulhu
for case to each cent of tha New York
suptr price is Ixtaod upon by far too
hiuh tucroi-e contents, reouiriuir as it
docs that ciirht tons of cane will make
a ton of sugar this price should be
base.l upon a aine fer one propoaitiont
(-') that the grower is not to have hi
own juice tested for sucrose eonteuls
but must take ha average juice or ait
cane miller) iturintr the
null niailager rould easily above ia hie
poorent cane when nulling prime caao
frUm a bwniesteuder, or a homeuteailer
who lias tukea everv vreeautioa to
mow normal cane might see Ins cane
bum-lie. I in with thut of his neighbor
' who uboJ tho jiuorust possible uivtb-
- -, 4
Departures For ! Firs! Half of
1 'Wbhth Indicate Tlttf August
vWilf Far Efcettf Average
'. Vy! ra i.t.-i-.ij Av- .'.'tt , '-. ;
With ahipaaata for the first fialf of
Aagitat aggregation 33JW0 thw mark'
tutf ; ituatlo) ' ia ;;th Isianda ia
brighter' tba- at any tlm daring the
year; lT eefu.il thi largest nso'nth of
the present (agar 'Jear aa 1.1,000 tons
wouM have to leava and tbe indiea
tfoKV are there will bar fe.: edhsiderable
valitme In exeeaa'of that wi oath so that
Ahgusf yrlU snrpaa the previous mouths
the ugar yew though It la likely
to be exceeded from thla time fbrward.
At tha snawtlma the ape ef the- grind
has been pissed and 6n now; on the
sugar' la storage tan 1 be drawn upon
and 'reduced by meana of tbe bottoms
famished- -'. ':-i.u
More Ooea Xaat - ' .'
'viln1 the 'new plana which are already
under i way and ' which are .taxpediting
tha'-denartura t sugar .from here te
the refineries, aenatderabht amount
will move te the Eastera reftners, far
In 'exeeaaiva af .what .waa-arpacted a
few aieatba ago, even a few weeks ago
Tha present program cant for the ship
ping of wbont 85,000. toas by way f
the canal ia addition to the 66,000 tons
that have already left . This wilt give
the Kaitern refinefe not far from their
uiiml proportion of the Hawaiian rop
J.t ia now expected that these Eastern
. shipments will have moved away in
the-coarse of two to two and a half
months. At the name time comes as
surances of more bottoms to carry the
crop to Baa Francisco and shippers now
feel seme confidence that the raws
will have moved away by November
1, or oon thereafter, a month to six
weeka sooner tban had been hoped for. t
Better Aaotaar Tear .
lVtth tbe ahip bnilding program pan-'
greasing so aatisaetorily it ia doubtful
if another -year swrll offer any sueh
aerioue ' shipping aad storage problems
aa' had ta be met thia year aad have j
been, met with sueh small signs of dis-1
content. ' 'The ' indwstry - has' been eon-'
aiderablyf pset;4y the. delaya and re-.
turns are many montae' behind what
they would hare , been .with a normal
snpply of bottoms. It baa' also requtr. .
ed aot a- little change of methods t
make the shipments in the smaller con
signments nuwre necessary by the use
Of boats of smaller caaacity.
" The shipping board hai at last, ap
parently, met the ; situation and met
It better tban was expected. Another
year methods . will be more readily
adapted to new conditions and it is
probable that before the 1 91 P shinning
season starts, a program that will be
satisfactory to all concerned will have
been arranged.
- ( W.B.I.
WASHINGTON, July :! The Ie
partment of Agricultnre'u Bureau of
Crop Estimates reports tbat the total
acreage planted to beets for the 10 18
eamnaicn amonnts to 689.700 acres, or
117,00 acres less than were planted
to 1017 and 79 000 acres less than in
18 Hi. It points out, however, in con
nection with these fturea, that an ah
normal amount of the acreage planted
waB abandoned In the previous two
years, amounting to '-'fl "erecnf in 1017,
or apprpximntely :D0 0 a. ami 1.1
p,rce.nt in 19'0 o- 1. M."r n ren. I
The averse,- i,5iii,l.,iii,,,.,.t t, n, n I
years, iiii!uli.rg the two abnormal
venrs rK Tl.fi nprcent.
Oils of growing; (fl the advances o."
"5 to cover i(J working days of a man
on tbe crop and $8 for the same, tine
f or a woman, or 57 cents and al icnts
I "-7 " , .
cost. home.Uader. at Kapaa now tlSO
" respectively. As any i.l
vanee made by the plantation is a
first lieu on the crop, by what meana
oulii a - boiuestemler raise money to
pay his labor; ha certainly cannot
take care of more than a limited acre
age himself. Result : only a man of
(nsideeable nteaaa or of an Oriental
standard of liviug rould succeed.
Uan Never Lifted
Vflllould, this-form of contract he ad
opted and the homesteaders who take
laul upon which the plantations have
coutiuutul the rat toon cultivation ami
already acquired a lien, I am safe in
saying that this lien could nev r be
lifted from the proceeds of the crops,
unless, sugar goes higher thau the pre
sent biifhwater mark and stays there
fpr some years. I
"A little figuring by anyone who is 1
familiar with costs of milling, freights i
and marketing, "also present war taxes, j
ete, will allow that under this form,
with sugar at 0 oeata; the mill will j
reap a profit every second year from 1
each acre ef homestead rane, normal
erep and sue roue l refer to the Ka
paa vittinity) of the modest sum of
$120. The homesteader t Oh, about
$.) will have to do him, or $19 ier
year per sure, er three fourths to the
mill and cue- fourth to the grower.
Yes, there might be werne things hap
pen, but let 'a don 't consider them.
Mi hope every member of the Cham
ber of Commerce will get bold of last
Taeeday'a Advertiser, study this con
trast aad smhe it a point to attend the
Chamber's iMMinal . meeting ia Li hue,
Thursday, August 1.1th at : p. m. This
is a vital question anil should be wry
thoroni'lily gone into aud sume action
i''r's if! s w a m
Suggestion Is Made From Europe
- 'That He Be At Head, M'.
i '.Proposed System J
Matter Will Undoubtedly Be Con
'Mstdefed During His Stay 1 "
Uii: ' In Europe1 '
Herbert C. Hoo.ver may be food ad
ministrator or director for the Allied
Nations and relinquish the work in
this country that he baa done so well
to, take op aa even larger work. Thia
ia Indicated In an article which appears
in Facta About Sugar, under date of
July 17 aad which saya in part:
Cheeking Up. Supplies ,
"While no announcement of the pur
poses of Mr. Hoover's trip abroad or
of the date of his departure was made
here it ia well understood that one of
his main obpects is to confer with tbe
food control authorities of tbe allied
nntions in reference to tbe situation
and to check up on the amount of
foodstuffs tbat tbe United State will
be nailed upon to aupply te- the Allies
during, the coming year. Jin the
course of his trip he will visit Paris aa
welt aa London and wiH look into the
progress of Belgian relief work, , ia
which he retains a very deep 'interest.
"Biaee his arrival in London Mr.
Hoover has been received by tbe King
and Queen at Buckingham Palace' and
has' been widely aaelaimed at pnblie
gatherings and by the press. It is pos
sible that an important announcement
relating to the doner coord inniten of
food control activities among tbe Al
lies may be made upon his return to
the United States.
On Head Suggested
."It has been suggested by European
members of the Entente that the sup
ply and distribution of food to the
various nations concerned be placed in
the hnnda of a supreme director of
food atiptdies, juat ia has been done in
the rase of the armies in the field
through the appointment . of Qeneral .. ,
Foeh, It has been intimated, more
over, that If such a plan is ' adopted
Mr. Hoover will be called upon ta fill
this important post.
"This matter undoubtedly win come
up for consideration during tbe food
administrator's atay abroad. What-',
ever action may be taken regarding
this appointment, there is little .doubt
that a comprehensive plan for dealing
with the whole food situation Will bo
worked out and applied."
. W. a. a.
Three and a half business days re
main before the closing of subscrip
tions for American Factors, Limited.
Applications are new coming iu by cable
from the Coast and among these are
some Inrge ouch. In the Islands the
applications have largely come in tl
though there are still some berated ones
that will be heard from in the closing
Yesterday the list of applicants con
tained coiieiiterslilv more thau 350
ilium's, aliodt eight times as many stock
holders BsMherp were in the Haekfehl
Company phoning that there will be a
ilisNomi natiorof the holdings on a com
paratively wide scale. This shows a
confidence in tbe company on the part
f Urn general public and is one of tba
indications of over subscription, which
would have been large hnd the finan
cial interests of tho mainland had tba
opportunity to participate that has beea
yiven to the people of the Territory of
Hawaii. ,
With the personnel of the directorate
fti'l odicers known and with tbe public
advised as to dividend rates aad when
payment will begin, the last prelimin
ary Hteps have been taken. By the first
of the mouth it is exacted the Hank
feld business will lie takeu ever and tba
new corporation will be iu full control.
w. a a.
rON .11! AN, Porto Rico, August I
(As m'ated Press) Tobacco plauters
who have held their crops to th pres
ent tu iu all probability will get as
much for .t. ua th high prices realized
last year when ;ui "i mude a new high
record fur I itto Itico
Tobacto bmers .'tiring the past ten
days have suddenly realized that tbe
crop which originally they expected
would be the largest in the history of
the island hud suddenly shrank and
thut instead of being 35,000,000 or 40,
000,000 puuuds it is not now estimate
to exceed 25,000,000 pounds.
Prices have been advancing so that
a good many buyers now figure that
purchases made during tbe post week
J;ive been on basis which will make
Mie prices as high if not higher than
last year's crop, which averaged in
many instances more thau 40 cents a
pouud or more.

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