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fi W'M
T' ' i t rT ' TFT
c r.,., Dinurw D,t rnLh
tircly Discarded Problem Re
duced To Simplest Proportions
Svyamps Will Be, Dralnedand Ret ?
claimed For Residential Use At
Coit That Will Be Reasonable
After discussions, arguments surveys '
an.i ianmneubla f!e,oference a feasible,.'
plan foe ,Wu.iKi .reclamation ha .been
.H.,i..-uu,u uVk,u . -
aom minor detail.
The feature of the new plan la that
it .discard! entirely the no-called IHnk
ham project, with Its elaborate frills,
and reduces the problem to Its simplest
proportion. There will be no wide
canal with IU sweeping eurve from the j
Mochttsuki Club to Kapiqlani Park, o.i
hlvr,i. ' n nnworkshln check t.i
to handle the rise and fall of a tide
that doesn't rise and fall and no three
or four' hundred thousand dollar bill
to pay.
But. the awamps will be drained and
reclaimed for residential nso jnst the
same. The muck lagoon that now pours
it turbid flood waters into the bath
ing spot at Waikiki will be a thing
of the pant and the meandering slough
that crosses the Kalia Boad will Join
the Outrigger lagoon as a thing of the
won't Attempt Impossible
Instead of attempting te snake sea
water run up hill to fluvh out tha pro
posed drainage canal, the csnal agreed
upon will be drained by the natural
flow of the manka streams that- now
make the Waikiki duck ponds possible,
while, the stream that flows today Into
the sea via Makeo Island and the Ka
piolani lotus pond wilt continue so to
flow, but through a channel straighten
ed and concreted.
The main drainage canal will head
near the Waialae Koad and will pick
the flow from the Manoa stream. From
almost the same point a smaller canal
will intercept the flow of the streams
now meandering through tho swamps in
the direction of the Outrigger Club and
Kapiolani Park. ' The main canal will
run in practically a straight line from
Waialao Ho&d, crossing Kalakaua Ave
nue a shorr distance Waikiki of the
junction of the street ear line and
the avenue. It will cross Kalia Bead
at almost the location of the present
bridge. ' ,
"'t'Utolf walla and other necessary en
gineering works to force the flood wa
ters from mauka into one or the other
of the csnnls will be installed.
Venice Idea" Eliminated
The Vcuico idea" has been entirely
eliminated from the present Waikiki
reclamation schema, said Lyman H,
Higelow, superintendent of public
works, yesterday as confirmation that
much of the floss of the Pinkham plans
has been abandoned under the new ad
ministration. "According to our present plans it
is purely a drainnge scheme which wo
intend to inaugurate for the reclama
tion of the Waikiki swamps. 8ome of
the fancier ideas of tho Pinkham plan
might be worked out, Bay, in ten years,
but under the restrictions of the legis
lative act we are working under that
scheme would be impossible now, if
for no other reason than the' amount
of money we have nvnilablc," ho said.
Superintendent Bigelow aaid the re
port that the work at Waikiki was to
lie dpno for about one third what tha
I'inkham scheme would have cost could
not be based on a definite estimate, as
the present plans were not yet complet
ed, ho such an est i mate could be made.
Bin Bavtwr. Effected ' -
However, he gave an inkling of how.
a bin snvini! is to bo made by saying
that there is to be a relocation of tha
main canal or litgoon ho it will pass
through government holdings wherever
possible uud not through a great may
kuleanas on the mauka side of the
swauip as vus planuvd by Piukham.
VVlial is lost iu sweeping or straight
lines of beauty will be mado up in
wnual utility by a lagoon wbicb will
follow a course where the right of way
can be easily secured.
A radical change contemplated in the
orivinal plans, is the fact that no ef
fort will be made to make the canal so
wide and so deep that it will furnish
all the necessary material for tbe fill
iiH in of the land drained.
"The canal or laifooil is to be a drain
sire one. The filling in of the land
will Iw accomplished partly in another
way, Mr. Hiifelow said.
How the fill on the drained lands is
to be made tho superintendent of pub
lie works declined to say at this time.
At present the public works engineer
ing force is at work completing tho
"property plotting" of the Waikiki
swamps. It will he fully a week be
fore this can bo completed after which
tUe plans are to be traced and the
blue prints made, Mr, Bigolo stys
Hint the course of drainage lagnixn will
114! be definitely located until this
property plotting has been finishe.u.
The new plans for the. Waikiki rs,
cliimation work are being worked out
lv an engineering board consisting of
Col. Kobert Raymond, district en
I'tneor of the Hawaiian Department, V
C A.. A. S. Csntiri. eirv engineer, and
' the superintendent of publie works. All
three engineers are understood to be
in accord regarding the plans which
are now practically completed, except
nig for the minor details.
w. s a
P R. Borcer, utch consul nt Kobe,
K. K. C. rstoiir. Belgian consul at
Kobe, nnd J. C. (loetr.. head, of a large
('luinccring firm In the same .Tnpnnese
i'itv, linve cnine to Honolulu to spend
their niiininl vi':it1oii. All three arv
guests at tbe Mosnu Hotel.
fates iWlW
!AS Mcrtbei? 1 f
.Ciairman,-r-. Hwaiiarj Trust
Company Withdraws .Subscrip-
i. tio Without Saying Why
Alexander, llupi FWd,. recently p
pointed; member' bjMt,be Hawaii promo?
tion committee,! wbo i filling th. place,
1 ton the committee made virlM (W Cat
ieiw, V. fv cordial reception by
the. oMnittM at its regular meeting
yesterday. Chairmaa Berndt, in be
lialf ' of ; the committee; welcomed - tbe
indefatigable., booster for. Hawaii ami
, . . BBil ,mmUfBB f.,
M. Ford lakino an aetlv. nari In
th pron,otioll work , the. Territory
promised a bright Juture.for tbe organi-
tation he. bad fl)li$td himself with
Th' finance committee of. the promo
tioa committee reported .that despite) all
the other drains, that were.be.lng made
on, their, cash- during., these war, timers
th, m,rcBBju of Honolulu wbe. kite
,.... k. . . ..
11,1 Interest at heart and bellev
'tr the war.lt would be. great
tourist center, are respond Lng nobly,
la their, monthly contribution "to the
promotion commum, ,
"It Was reported at the meeting that
the -board of supervisors was about te
reconsider Us action of cutting out it
appropriation for the) promotion com-,
mittee and that in the. near future a
reasonable monthly appropriation would
b made.-' This announcement vwas re.
eeWed with much, gratification by , the
committee but.: waa followed . by one
which' took some of the joy out of the
mHmir . t : . , ' ' .- ., , '
Without giving any reasonth Ha
waiian Trust Co. withdrew its donation
b eight dollars, aad thirty-three cant
a month. The gloom did not last, long,
however, far thai member of the com
mittee aaid ihaUthey eoubl, br prac
tlcinir. eoOnomr. keep Hawaii -before the
traveling public with, the funds on hand
until after tbe elaae or the war.. ':-.'-The
committee decided to , abandon
its exhibit in Los Angeles, because the
tniildirig in which it is at present
housed, witt shortly be converted Into
a. state fair and the promoters of this
affair want $800 to continue, the. exhibit
In the building. The various paintings
and other exhibits will be stored until
some further 'suitable: use can 4e found
for them that-wiU not sost $500.
As the cuoetsof Alexander Hume
Ford, the committee . will visit (the. Li-
liuokalani Oardeas in Nuuanu Valley
Monday evening with . a view toward.
exploiting thte unique.:' snow place; as
one of the tourist, assets of Honolulu.
t. . .. . . i 11 ,
V i S 1 7 . . : ' 1 ... I I
If Adjudged, Guilty, of Contempt,
FinedSeAtent?ed To JPrisan
antf Ordered Arrested:
With everyone uresenyJa.tne federal
court room yesterday, morning xcept
the, deferent himmjlf, a-jury of
twelve men wa,, called to th)v jury
box, the stktement made to the jury
men that the government was prepared
to prosecute the defendant on a charge
of violating the Mann Act. An em
passe was reached when the defend
ant's attorney, William B. Lymer,
confessed to Judge Vaughan that he
was unable to ' locate bis client, al
though" the latter was ordered to re
port , for trial..
' , . 1- ... ..I. .....I....!..- in.
quiry of Judge Lymer as to whether
or not notice had bflen sent' to his
client,, and on tpeoiving an affirmative
replyt tne juuge proceeaea 10 mnsi
things interesting for the missing
principal. 1 w " ' '
r irst or an ne aujuugea ne neieno
nnt, a chauffeur known unaie
7-au Kwai, an employe of th Kagle
Anto Stand of Beretanta Street, guilty
of contempt of : court) then he fined
liim 100j third, he ordered him to a
prison term of three day; fourth, or
.... - . l. : u 1
iiereil ine rorreuurc qi mi ouuu, uhm
to cap the climax, ordered hi arrest
ami presentation of hi person in
The iurv had not aetuallysbeen com
ploted, for, with the appearance of thp
rWendsnt In court, the counsel on both
Wide were privileged to challenge any
of thejurymen already, in the box,
and replace them with- othes jurymen
of the same panelt Who were held 011
waiting orders ' until the calling of the
'jury was completed.
The jurymen were entered to report
again at nine o'clock this morning.
Lau Kwai bad all of last night in
jail to think of hi misfortunes, where
he was placed by Marshal J., J. Smid
,lv, after Judge Horace Vaughan had
sentenced ' him for contempt and de
clared his bond forfeited.
Lau Kwai told' Marshal Smiddy
when he waa Anally located that his
attorney had failed to notify 'him the
date had licen se tor the. trial, ami
that therefore he had gonej . out in
the country" to pa expert' rinion np
on some horses which a friend wns
Teething Children
Teething children have more or less
diarrhoea, which can be controlled by
giving Chamberlain ' Colic, and Diar
rhoea Remedy, All that i necessary
is to give the prescribed dose after
each operution of the bo wU more thnn
natural ami then, captor oil to elesnsel
lhe system. H is safe nrt-J sure. Even
the iiiost severe nnd d ah genus cases
arc quickly cwri.', bp it. For sale by
Beusoa, btultU a Ad.
Site In,, Cl,yiQ(j Center, Proposed;
'. Proposal Will Be Considered
-v' By GovetoojvMetarthy
( uggestion that tho Bishop Museum
jtw), moved frpm the building now ocu
tiied li he grounds of the Kamchame-
jliSchool for' Boys and located in (he
new, Honolulu Uivle (fcnter, preferably
Ophite, the Library of Hawnli on
Funchbowl 'Street, tins been made to
Governor C. J. McCarthy, which he
Views With, some fuvor, after only
casual consideration.
Bo soon as he get an opportunity
fred-"from "'the pressing attention of
oUier , matter of more immediate ur
gency, the -Governor ays that he in
tend to take up Civli- Onnter subjects
for-consideration, when he will further
consider the suggestion that the Bishop
trustees be Induced to move the Bishop
Mrtseum to the central location pro
posed, ' "
Those who, favor action to get the
Bishop .Museum located in the Civic
Center, on tho site nt King and'Puiieh-,
bowl Street aUggestsd to the Governor,
targe that several advantages will be
gained. .' . 1 . ,
.Would Eemove Eye-sore
., The-first and major purpose which
will be achieved will be the tearing
down p'f the frame shacks now an eye
sore, at that corner, specially since the
Mission Board has purchased and filled
in. -the' lot formerly occupied by the
Territorial Stables. Tlic second advan
tag6 Will be the securing of a suitable
anfl proper building for the housing of
something of public interest in the
Civic Center.
;; Another advantage which makes the
mtmrestloa one worthy of the considers
tion ef the Bishop trustees is that by
the. removal of the Bisbop' Museum to
the Civic Center there will be provided
another building at the Kamehameha
Schools whir, with little alteration, can
'be made suitable for dormitory or other
Rcliool use. ' it is known that some of
the. dormitory buildings at the Kameha
tneka Schools are becoming so antique
that' provision, will have to be made
soon, to repntoe tneui
Guestion. of .Room
Governor MoCartliv said yesterday
that the- only offhaud objection he
could nee, to the suggestion was that
there might not be room enough on the
site proposed for a building ns large a;
the one necessary to house the curio
of the Bishop Museum, admitted as
being the finest one in the worm, ami
rating equal to that of other notable
'museum exhibitions.
' To the answer that part of the Mis
ion Board yard might be purchased by
the Bishop Trustees as an addition to
the proposed museum site, he replied,
hat he -understood the -Mission Board
mi 1 (! iifcii.n. mipi Mil mi, mtm i nil Tina
buildinir."'-'- k . l
- However, it is aserten y otners tna.
the Mission Board wrobatiljr would u
Willing te dispose of a part Of its un
used lot in order to get the adjoccnt
buildings removed and such an exluDi
.tion the inuieuni nearby.
Another Buegestlon ,
j oA-correlated sun iestioii. whii-lu also
provides, for the removal of the Bishop
Museum, to a Civic Center location, is
that the Bishop trustees might favor
such a. removal but would want to lo
cats it on the gore -lot at King and
Merchants Streets, to which " Prin
ecu" Theresa Wilcox claimed title, but
wn dispoaessed, after holding it for
sevoral years, by a court decision.
Governor McCarthy says he under
stands that tho former projHiHal that s
ity hall building be located on the
gore lot has been partly abandoned for
anohhor scheme which is looked upon
with some favor. This is that the city
hall 'offices occupy tho present judiciary
building, after the supreme and circuit
courts and other offices are removed to
the executive buildkig, which it is plan
ned to Imild on the makal and ewa coi
ner of Punchbowl and King Streets.
After the Governor said yesterday
that he intended to take up (;ivic Ceu
ters suggestions, as' soon ss the press
upon his time was lessened, ne amieu
that he'. intended to have a conference
with the Bishop Trustees sad see how
tliev would accept the proposal that the
Bishop Museum be movoil to the sue
w. s. .
LANCASTKB, Kngliind, August-1
(Associated Press) Tho secret of the
construction of balance chumbar of the.
torpedo used by British submarines is
jealously guarded by the British gov
ornment. Although there are -three
manufacturing concerns making torpe
does in England, none of them is per
mitted to learn the secret of making
his chuiubcr section about three feet
The product of all three plants is
"composed of interchangeable parts of
torpedoes which are sent to the central
government - plant where the bulancu
chniubor is fitted on.
Every tenth torpedo is taken to
pieces and the parts are tested to.
make sure that they are interchange
aide with. the products of Home other
factory. If not tho mis fits are con
One factory here turns out about i'l
torpedoes a week. The lubor is must
ly unskilled and includes women. The
skilled workers were formerly employ
ed on textile machines or in jewelry
work. None of them knew anything
about torpedoes before they came to
the factory.
w. s. s.
Charles Hpilluer. who was fnnn.l imil
tv hv a iurv in the federal court Wed
nesdnv of a violation of the Espionage
Act, is to lie sentenceil bv .luilL'e Horn
aughun on Nntimliiv morning unless
u motion for u new trial is granted.
Sheriff Rose, City Attorney Brown
and Deputy City Attorney Chil:
li.ngworth Among Hundreds
Whose. Sauries Are Garnisheed
Three of, tho principal official of
Honolulu head the lost list of municipal
employe, who have for several yeafr
back failed, to do their shore toward
paying the expemiu of running tbe city
and whose snlinie were garnisheed
yesterday for mm payment of taxes.
The three officials arc:
Sheriff Chailes IL Hose, who owes
MM.40. 1 . .'- ' . '
City Attorney A. M. Brown, who i
in arreara $88.40.
Deputy City Attorney Charles F.
Chilling worth, also president of the
senate, wbo is Iielund to the tune of
154.13 h- -v .. t..
These officials are only conspicuous
sample of long list, totalling 443 em
ployes of the" municipality who don't
botkerv.abo'nt faying thei tixea. They
will -worry .out it now, though, Tax
Assessur Charles Wilder is 011 their
trail nd as Siloptcd tbe only practical
method) on loaning then pungle up. He
has garnisheed (hem, and every time
he. city paya ,thcm their semimonthly
....I . . L . . :n ... . .
Musi,,, win nun ,.11 iriinmeti oy
twenty. live percent until the' total of
arrears Js wiped out,
'la vou 'pf the department it seems
a, if uobcxiy ever paid tax as. In. the
police di'partmant for instance, besides
frdreriff Roge.here are sixty four delin
quents... 'ln. water and sewer depart
ment baa-aixtr-uve. Henrv lie fries.
the new building inspector, owes 1131.
90. ; :',
'It is to-be presumed that Hheriff
ttose. will rvo the garnishee summon
ou.siutaei euuL.then he'U know it haa
been served.' 'But the sheriff is used
to it.' He wo garnisheed three "year
agar for tmneewNow that another, bunch,
baa acoumnJAted, he gets it again in
tne same placer
Is Taken Suddenly III Qn Street
- ? and flie' Shorty fter Be
Ing Rushed To Hospital
; '.,TaiLni'hnd Jepjy .ill, a ho, tevpud out
ir oxn. 4ii Jfoutia Hbtol twelve-twnntv
Vesterdif .atottooor where had hid
LI. 1 ' L ' A i k a , . .
iiM.iunciif, jvugu lus.p., i itwcoxi, uisirwi
sales rnipagerwc tne Standard Uii Com
pany, jfoed atVslx-forty yesterday eve
nina in the Queen's Hospital.
As Mr, Prfscojti.'left the hotel ho
.hailed a rent- uutamobile aad a he
itepped iulo tine. n)aioevbe remarked
U the thaufftnir that there was some
JtklUg the.wMter, With." Mi trech and
asked -to be hsTried to the Department
Hospital at Fort Shafter, where he
had been under medical treatment for
.-tome weeks.
Mr. Prescott had' collapsed during tho
1 rip uoi was , carried is 10, me nospiiui
Ity the chauffeur... It was noticed then
hat ho was suffering from a iiartiu
.-droke. of jicraiysis, wkickwaUacked b tin
on the. left side of the body, lie found
speech diflicult but was able to request
t hut he be taken to the Queen's Hos
pital, where he passed away, death be
ing attributed to hemorrhage of the
I, rain. Shortly before dying he ru
;ained his speech to a certain extent
in, I recogui.ed those about his death
Masonic Funeral Today
Funeral services will be held at three
o'clock this afternoon in the Masonic
Temple, interment to follow in the
Masonic plot in Nuuanu renioterv. The
survives wilt be conducted under the
uusuces of Hawaiian Lodge No. 1,
k A. M. Tho late Mr. Prescott wits
a member of Maui Lodge No. (JM of
Wailuku. lie was a Shriner anil Knight
Templar and also a member of Houo
ulu Lodge No. Hie, B. P. O, E.
Augustus S. P.rsBcott was a native
of Portland, Oregon, and wu forty four
yours old. lie cauie to the Islands
wheu a young lad and was educated in
St. Louis College, this city, after which
he returned to the Coast, coming buck
shortly afterward nnd making Bono
lulu his home ever since. He had been
sales manager of the Standard Oil Com
pany for the Territory the past ten
yeui-B and recently was presentee) with
the one star solid gold pin which the
company awards its members after ten
years ''cojitiuuous service. This pin he
prized highly. He carried considerable
life insurance ns also Standard Oil Com
pany insurance.
Many Mourn His Loss
1 Surviving Mr. Prescott are the
widow, Mrs. Jeannette Prescott, of
Lower Mnuoa Koad, and two ons, Don
ald and Warren, who are respectively
six and five years old. Among others
of the immediate family wbo mourn the
death of Mr. Prescott are his step
father, Patrick MeGrath, and Mr. and
Mrs. Andrew tl. Ferguson, of 1)27 Hev
enth Avenue, Kaiinuki, . father ami
mother of M rs. Prescott, and several
sisters who reside lit the mainland,
Mr, Prescott was well known both
in Honolulu and throughout the Islands,
for he travelled extensively in the r
f or ma nee of his duties.. He was well
likeil and juinulsr in business, social and
fraternal circles far his affable and
pleasing disposition.
w. . a.
f J j, , 1 WIW. . 1 1 m. '
tor Hollman as a competent man to
CAMP LEWIS, August lOfncrs I dires t the hospital's affairs, and it i
here todsv aiiuouueejd the arrival at understood Doctor Hollman' arscpt
the U. S. Penitentiary at McNeil Island, 1 mice will be given in a day or two.
of former Chiiiiliiin Priuir. J. I'Vinler, 1 The doctor has been located in llono
I'nited States Army, who is to serve a I lulu for several yenrs ill connection
sentence of fifteen years for disloyal with special work for the 1 nited
remarks while on duty in liawuii. states Public Health Service.
milk be Cheaper
All' Milk Is Going To Be Fifteen
Cents a Quart and Only One
Grade Is To Be Sold
Territorial Officials Agreed, To
Wink At Butter Fat Reduction
But Wayson Couldn't Wink
Cheap" milk is goinjr to be dearer, j
"lenr ' milk n Rolna to be cheaper
and all milk is goini' to be ftftqmi rent
quart. The present systein of hav
ing two grades of milk, one with butter
fat contents reduced to three percent
and the other with three point six per
cent butter fats, is to be discontinued.
The readjustment Is to go into effect
soon, probably within a few day.
"I think we will have to let them.
charge more for milk" said food Ad
ministrator Child yesterday, in refer
ring to tbe coming change. " Milky
like every other commodity, must be,
sold nt a profit, and there has not been
profit to the producers supplying tne
Doirvmen 's Association nt the price
now charged, that is fourteen cent for
the cheap grade and sixteen cents for
the higher grade."
Anyhow, the present system 1 not
going to be allowed to continue. The
recont custom or. the dairymen in Bell
ing milk labelled "Reduced to three
lercent butter fats is illegal, accord
us to city ordinance. According to the
law it must be labelled ' Partially-,
skimmed milk," but the dealer know
that if it mi so labelled there would DC
row from mnuka to makai and from
Maunelua to Moanalua. Hence th deJ
cision to sell only one grade of milk
hereafter at the split figure of fifteen
Winked At Violation
, When the dairymen recently began
putting three percent butter fat milk
on the market they ran afoul of the
federal pure food inspector. They
either had to say on the bottle that
the butter fat contents had been re
duced or hop into tho defendant' stand
in the foderal court. Thus the laoeiiea
caps appeared all of a sudden, much
to the bewilderment of many a house
wife. But this label, pnt on to please
the federal pure food man, advertised
the contents of the bottles as contrary
o the city milk law and there were
numerous little conference at whleh the
territorial ; ofllcikl agreed to wink at
lha tioUtiin. OH the understanding that
the whole thing was more or lesl ex
perimental. But Dr. James T. Wayson, the new
territorial sanitarian, hasn't yet learn
ed to wink. When his attention waa
lrought to the matter he delivered a
nrnmrit ultimatum that "reduced" milk
was "skimmed" milk and had to be o-
lubelled, even if the skimming was only
80 the Grade B milk and the Grade
milk are going to disappear from the
trnde and just ordinary milk is going
to replace them both, at fifteen cent
11. quart.
Child Favors Raise
Mr. Child points out that the figure
of the Dairymen's Association show
that milk cannot be sold here at a fair
profit at less than fhis price, and every
one knows that figure ''cannot lie."
It is understood that the raise in price
as the new price is a raise will go
to the milk producers, the duirymen
who supply the association.
Mora than ni,nety percent of tho milk
sold in. Honolulu since the two grades
were put on tho market has been the
"reduced" kind, so while some six or
Mi.veii percent of the milk will be sold
:it a cent less per quart, ninety-throe
or ninety four percent will lie boosted
a cent. '
There seems to bo something radical
ly wrong in the management of the.
Dairymen's Assoeiatioa, according to
the figures in Mn Child's oflice. For
instance, cream nppeafs to le sold at
loss. That is, the milk of the average
consumer in Honolulu hjid a rt of it
.Yearn taken out and then the cream
was marketed without a profit. Just
why the ones who can afford cream
should thus benefit at the expense o
the ones able only to buy second grade
milk seems paradoxical.
Ami there are other things in and
around the headquarters of the Dairy
men's Association that toquire equal
xidiination. The special milk commit
tee of the territorial food commission
will probably do some more delving Tor
the facts.
In the meanwhile, milk will be fifteen
cents a quart.
w. s.i. -
Dr. Harry T. Hollman, acting surgeon
I'nited States Publlt- Health (service,
and director of the U. Sv,det,ention amj
investigation station and , hospital at
Knlihi, will be the' next superintendent
of the Oueen's Hospital.
n offer of the position has been
made to Doctor Hollman, ill accordance
with action taken yesterday by the
Imnrd of trustees of the Queen's Ho
oital. The trustees, sine the death of
Moses T. Clegg, the former superio
tcodent, practirallg, decided upon Doc-
Committee Arrangqs , Fine, Card
, Fof . First Twa Day ot Hors
Races At Kapiolani Park
While , the program for. tha coming
three-day race was given here a few
weeks ago there have been a number
of changes made, which are Indailed in
the program printed , below.- The race
on each day will begin at one thirty
itf" the afternoon, on the Kapiolani
Park mile track.
There are now in training about
forty horses, net . including thirty or
more animals which will be entered by
army officer and ether service men.
A popular price plan is now being
" . . . . r. . .
raptif wunn 11 vj uimcnvFi win w innnv
a reasonable as possible.
' The following. is the revised program
for August 31 and September 2:
Saturday, August-1, .
First Race Trotting and racing
free for all best 2 in 3, one mile heats.
Purse of 1400, of which S0 goes t
second horse. Entraare fee 10 percent
of purse. Three to enter, two to start.
Second Race Four furlongs for
maidens; weight for age. Purse of
4260, of which 0O goes to second
Third Race Three furlongs for en
listed, men of the It. S. army; catch
weights. Purse of $190; $90 to first,
$46 to second, $15 to third. This race
Will, have to-be run In two heats ow
ing to the large number of -entries.
Fourth Kace Three furlongs for
two-year olds; ' fillies to carry 115
pounds, colts 118. Purse of $230, of
which .")0 goes to eeeend. ' Entrance
fee 10 percent of purse. Will have six
Fifth Race Four furlong, , free for
11, weight far age. Purse of $250, of
Which $50 goes to second. Entrance
fee 10 percent of purse.
: Sixth Race Peay Expresa . re.ee for
enlisted men of the U. S. army. Each
horse to run one-fourth mile. Rider
to-change horse kb each ' one-f earth).
Piirae.of $125. Race 4e tart ' at
grandstand, to first quarter pole, back
to - stand, then to1 three-fourths pole
nd.jfinish at stand.' ,
Seventh Race Four furlongs forj
two-year-olds. Purse of $250, of which
$50 goes to lecond. : Entrance fee 10
percent of purse; Fillrea to carry 115
pounds, colt 118 pounds. At leait aix
tarter. ,
Eighth Race Sis fnTlonga, free for
IL weight for age. Purse of $300, of
which $50 goes -to aetend. Entrance
fee 10 percent of purse.
' First Race Trotting ana rating free
for all, mile heat, beat .3 la 5. Purse
of $400, of which $50 goes to aeeond
horse. ntrancej lee: ' iu
puree,' ' .,- ; .
Second Race Trotting and racing,
one mile heat, neat 1 11 3, for ereea
horses that have .never, started before,,
Purse, of $800, of, which $60 goe to
second. Entrance fee 10 percent of
purse. - ' v ;
Third Race Four furlongs, for. Ha-
wailan breeds, weight for age. Purse
or $Z50, or which $nv goes to second,
Entrance, fee 10 nerceut of nurse. .
Fourth Race Final of three fur
long . raee for enlisted men of U.- 8.
army. ,
Fifth Raee Four and a half fur
long for two-year-olds. Purse or $250)
$200 -to first, . $50 te . second. Fillie
to carry 115 pounds, colt 118.
Sixth Race Rescue nee, 150 yards,
borae unsaddled all line,. At
crack -of pltol, soldier carrying hi
rill runs lav yards, " mounted maa
load pistol, saddles horse, mounts and,
rides to the , rescue, Man to be -rescued
must fire 8 rounds before mount
ing In rear of ' rekcuei -
Seventh ' Kare-r-rive furleags, free,
for all, weight, for age. Purse of $250
of which, $50 goes to second. En
trance1 fee TO, percent or purse.
Ktgbta Rac,ive furlong Xor two
year-olds. Purse of $300; $225 to first,
$50 to second, $2S to - third, r unes
to carry. 116 pounds cplt 1 18 pounds.
Ninth-Kac Liberty Ilond atane
One, mile dash free, for all. Purse of
$400 in Liberty Bonds, of which $50
goes:, to secoad. t, at ranee fee iu per
cent of puree.
Tenth Race tJonsolatron race, nve
furlong, for noa-winner; weight for
age') post entries, Pujrse of $2W0.
'Kleveoin Jtiacef une and one-eiguin
mile steeple chase ovr- six flights of
hardies. 3 'feet 8 Inches high, for en
listed inon of Ihe.U.. B. arpiy ; weigM
145.iound. -' Puree bf il50.
QomnpjLttee,, Explain.
Tie following . additional omciai in
formation on the coming races is fur-'
nished bT Malor Morpbv. Cant. H.
uooiiing . r.isyu ,anu aiuch, ,u uvu-.
mittee in, charge; ' '
' Ten - percent oe' th? net proceeds!
for August 31 and, September 2 and
the entire proceed of September 7 to
go to the Red; Oroe. This plan has
received th hearty approval of the
Hawaiian Chapter,'' American Red
CroseJ '
, . "JM pursea te be ..paid in Liberty
Bonds, apd war" savings stamp.
'All horae-owaera bave agreed to
'turn their ' horse 'oyer to n committee
to be raced the Committee sees fit;
thus assuring" plenty of competition
and one of th bekt ' race meet ever
.held On a, local track. '
"Jockey and iittendaat hare of
fered their" services Tree. The com
mittee will also 'have- thirty army
mount to kelp' the good cause along,
this feature being under army super
vision.' ' ' . ! "' "
v'The program for the September T
meet will be decided on September 3."
' -AW.'i'$..-Ui J
Moldiers of one, of the Hawaiian rogi
meat in regular efice, armed -with
rifle, patralled 'portions of Wwiklkl
Baek. yctf(iay-,,arftsrnon, particular"
ly eJong KalakMa Avenue fronaHinj,
Htremt, aa fa the lHildie Batha, i,
Kapiolaui I'r),scrtiiiK .ouirable.
eusieeity 1 amMg, lvtliv ' Mst nt
(hose who, took notice of the patrol,
concluded they were looking for a
deserter or prisoner.
Haolalr Aegsst-Ja,
Alci. ttMwln Ud. ...
r. Hrewt-r-'('.;..,
uoAa "
Kwa Plantation Co. . ...
Haiku H. IV,, . .......
Iisw, Agrc.1l.- . .,
Haw. C.il. Co.
II w, Hug Co.
tfonokaa afcifaf toV
Ilonoma Vug. Co, '
Hnirhlnsnn Mas. Plsst.
Kanaka I'lsat. . . ...
Kckaha Hug. Co.
Hop Sug. Cav
M Itrnle Hag. Co.. Ltd. .
Oshu Hng. n
ulna Hug. I'o., Ltd
Uimmni riugar l'o:'i ....
I'aauksii Hug. , Plant. Co.
Pari".,- knrr HtN .....
Pals I'lsntatlon Co
IVpeekee ftagar Ce
Ptvnrvr Mill I'n , ......
dsn Carlos stilling Co. .
Wslsliia A g ret I t'o. ...
Wailuku Mug. Co
Ran'aU He. Co.. 1.14. t..
Kngrt (.'upper Mining Co.l
Hslkn t . l. Co.. I'M..
1.1b... M. t ,
Haw. Con. Ity. 7 A ....
Haw. Can. Hf. l B
Haw, Cos. Hy. Con.' . ...
Hawnilsa KksrtHc Co. ...
Haw, I'lnrapule Co
HOB. IV Co.. Ud. ...
Hon, Oas Co., Ltd. ......
Hub. H. T. L. Co
later-Island ft. N, Ca ...
Mnt. Tel. Co. .
Oslin R. Ii Co. V ......
Paining K uti her Co. . ....
Mvisina-Uluulngs, .. .
sine (MO J'd.t
Taajong Obik Bubbef 4te.
'nlnrlxsl ''
Pench Walk I. 0, 'BV..
immiini inrc a
Haw. Con, Hf. ....
iw u nr, im.. ........
Haw. TVr. 4' Ref, 1B0B..
Haw T-r. . PnH. Ibbbs.
.' Tr Vuh. Imn. 1
Hw. Terr1! tW,
HI la (km C0.1 lAk. ,A ...
Honokas Hng. 'o m
Hast, kss 1:. tt4 as,
Ksual Ily. Co.. a
Msnsa Imp. lMsl,- 64.
McHryde Hng. Co., (a ...
Mntnal Tel. ?m .'. ..i..
noo v
Oahn R, L. Co. 0 .
oiiii rug. -n w, ...1,.
Ola Sug. Co., 4 .......
pnclDc Uiiauo It r. Co- 8s
Asa Carksa Milling. ..
arTnas.aAma. ,' ' , '
, (tshu. TO, W, )M.ot; Watalna, Mr 00;
H. C. It ft. Co., JO, 40.00; Olaa. 100, 4.87 4;
KDgeU, 100, 4ixX.;..W v.v I 1
... BOARD 4JtS '
MvDryde. 75. 2iV, 7.STH. ' " ' ' v
.'. JM . 191S
88 analytU beets (m advtcea), .
Parity- - ' ',.' - 1 "i
M- Cent. (For ft! Rngara ..... 008
DiriokNDi ; '
" Angnst M..11A8 ,!'-. '
H. ft . I M
Oahn .. M
Pppeekeo . 1..,..
Walalua . ......v, ,. .20
O. K. L;-Co.",".,w..i.s. .......... M
.I- :.,..', v. Aag. S,. 118 4, '..'-' - '.,
Rln$apor '. . , w . w . . . , , . V. .-.
Mew kork .....w...... (Mo oBotaUoai.
.d "-'',''-) .-,t-'ei, .
WW t TORK.w Angwrt ' !-" AwiocUled
Prtsw) Following are tbe opening tad
closing; 'quotation of stock la tii New
York Usrkot rostorday. , .
. no 1
America a nagar - ...i.f.i.
Aiucrlcau Ile-t
AwHM-iSjlnd 4)U V ;.;,w
Alaska Hold 'r :-Wi;.v.v......
Anerickn Loeomotlve ......
Ainrrltan Tfl,' Tel .......
American rmelte ,- -.,'......
American HU-el Kflrjr. .......
Atchison Hallway. i...
KsldwlU LoDlllOtte . 'I
Hat1MW -OUlO .' t
IVthlchciU HtenV -B-' ....
California Vetroleuus ', ...
( Vntrsl LetttlHr i . .'.'; ....
Cole. rih-t Iron . ......
CriHlhln, Kteel . ..........
un ftnitr4.)in v .......
Rrle common
Ueuerat Klectrie
Uenoral Motor (new) . .
Great Northern I'M. V ...
luterhsllouai Nlckol '. ...
International Harrester .
Industrial Alsohol i .y.v..
Kennneott iopiie , ......
Lehigh Vslu-y Railway ..
Near 'ork Central . ......
I'ennsylvaAla .. . ..
Kay CBoatMloatad ,
Reading eouituoh ......
Kpnlltcai Iron common
Bout hern Part tie . .,..'...
tSiHbkr ...1. ..i.w......
l ulled Ktatvn Rubber ...
Tfxarf Oil
Cuioa ParltU- ..
I-nlled Vtatss- :tael .... , JUV-
Western Pnlod V Ui'U Tl4
WaMtlagbouse . : ., .-I h
Mini,', '1 1 111 . 111 ii 1 ii 1, an
utd tEiJmrwtiha-tnnduotod "':
SAN Francisco U3TAfi::;3
AN FHAIMMtsCtK AngiM.1. 1(A..H
ated TniHiijr-Kellft wing are th ouenlug
aiul closing tauutations of aiitsr'asd otbor
stoi-kl la tha Man frandsce akarka oa-
rdayt ''-i v t '' ?! . ., ' .
I Or. I cioe-
1 w
nswn Cem'l
Hsw, Mngar 0,
Ilotiokna Hgsr . .V.V. ......
Olaa (Sugar Co,
Oshu Hugaf Co
Hutcblumm Hugatfo. . .....
I'miiIisu Mugar Co. . .......
4lnmea sugar Co.) .
Hunolnlu Oil . ..-....,..
HihioIuIii' I'lsntsttna Co.' ;'.
18 V
,14 h
i 40i4.
tiugei copper, v;o.
Quotation en, tha rbllowtn .tork
euro stocks, .as wlrelead "te Tli Adrer
loashani C, rr r
nig ww .' .
I run Hlossom
,' qr os? '.
..... W t.4
,.:.r r.4jt8
...... 8.W T,.V)
.OoH .'.'oAti
4.75? 4.1
KJUSis.Cjipiice . ,
IlargrsveS ......
Jim Bittlef'. ....
Jncoins.yordr . .,
Marsh .', . .1 , ., . . ,
Mfiiwiijt 'oir, ...
slot per Lode', ..,
Uay HurrulM . ,,
lUuM'iie. Kul .
Itex Cus.
HrVwan". !..': :
KUyit Kin Con. V
'iVmu l-!xtcnli . . 1......
KVrr Lake .
Wllln.rt .
lbs Is . ..." !
IVtuon flul . ,;..'
Nipprssiag ..... .v. .
Purfevtlon Tlr and Rubber.
o&O 8si
'; T

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