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i I o" rJ ',';'' r .'. "
;vMi t f "ill AW AI f A N C A 2 ETTE, UEStA.VU AuCU&t ii J918. . -SliMI-WEEKLY. U ?7
Objected At First To Terms
Cane Contract But He Ha
tihcle V
Proseciitfe All 1 i :
Untie. Sam it Mt-gotg .to1 fcroeee'dt
kldbo-VhTtuUtkhi Utter kiwi
the spirit of ' tie law of the Hawaii
Prohibition Act, laid bittriet Attorney
Since Explained It To Them lfi;- SiJrS1t",
I Otto , - I Hawaii Prohibition Act I going intd
""" i-H1 ; IfoatmWnlakttonlrtlJ v. V' l
DCt icii- AiiniVk- V 1 1 ' But he took a1 tb- Joy out of thlt
DtLltVcS COMMITTEE- - , i. ll announcement r or the (tojtor by explains
WILL NOT COME NOW ,ng th Ul .th ioiatot
"'T1, fU; the prohibition Act also violat.
re. T- n rji-r 1 i'Jj tutorial otatott 'mirk lolators will
Efforts To Get Plantation Inter continue to be prosecuted i the ctreuij
ests To - Aoree To Chanuet ttd M1.if em,rK "pociaiiy on the hi.
Suggested ,, By Garden Isle t jsetmom? . tT government n
MCn .,' 1 ( ' ' 4iK of tha pet4 tr(rt tiport
... ; :' j '; . ( 1 tn Honolulu federal outhnritie a tM
80 dlmsttisfled l or was,' th Kaoal fe,n forltu leniency of. tlnilt Snm.
aBrritidnt t racrnKy approved by,. the rea,,!., drlnkfci . ; V . ,..-,. :., . iA
territorial administration to be entered I .ftU tfrritoriai J nroseeutiOns-.hr the
into .br small planter and plantation officials of the Territory will , ba, poeeU
rompanloi for the pure haw of eaB6,ib, houjcV only, whaa fh Viols Uoni
that it wired the Governor la.t week -?2LC.hSJ
to, a committee of thai body. .,. ;
Oovernor McCarthy : responded .that
be would do 10, but included with hit
a.ower etplanotione f certain parte iui 17 u "Tt iv,",p!L"r f
,,..'.. ... . , : l'!'1" ' Hrurtr 1 the prrteeuHoB
of ( the averment to whirh objoetM ri have .to e aerilv Yj th,
waa takpii by the Kauai homeeteadt'' federal aatfteritlea, aa only the new
era, which ho believes will deter 'tie I Hli lrnhiblth Act niakei these
committee from now making a apecia f.J '"V" "W ' J . i ' i
.,; , 11 11 . . 1 " ,. Piatrict Attorpcr Ruber tars that
trip to Honolulu for the eoafer.nca at I with hl. expected, Wp r.n the
waa first intended- , i territorial eodrtt and . official he
The orjnctitns to the agreement pwti that hit office, is toiag' to . be
were mado by Elnier Cheathem. . a" irreatiyttithed, beeatlte of violations t
homesteader of Kauai, at the anneal ) F0"""0" '" Peir . ."l
.there it Jarne. quantity of .liquor
neeting of tho Kauai Chamber of J jemalnjng lit the. Maids, ., . . i
Joiamoroe. Cheatham asserted with J Atkofnet General. Gregory has ashed
heat that the new contract wat aa I fa aiwict attorney for a statement ;
fair. His main contention waa that . l05w eono't"o. ! what ,e5M
iRDor wat enticvpated by the lU-nolulu
federal authorities la enloreing the pro;
hihition act. .. - , ,.
1 In answer tc.thlt request District At-
MOrVfhan-Hundred Thousand
'Dollars Ir Fund Announce
v went Made By Bern'dt
''At s sperinl nirrtlnR of the Hawai
ian . l'romotinn Committee, held at a
(tnafnt ' Japanese tea house In Kunana
Valley last ni(ht, Chairmnu , Beradl
aojiaaneed that He would bo takes
shortly tq have the shippers' wharf
taa fn4, turned, over to the firemoUoat
rW(mlrtee io flnhnre this orgftnir.ation.
Mr. -Bornilt rnid that there was more
than f. 100,0(10 in thin fun. I now whlfch
has been arrumulating for the past
seven years or more.
Vemhers of the Hawaiian Tromotloa
Committee and the press were the
gttestl -of Alexander Hume Ford last
tith-h. the tnrakvlCn Tea Oardent
In Nuaanu Valley, with the purpose
W (tfvlng his a-uenta first hand knowlt
da.of one of the most uninue and
pieturesrjie beauty apots of Honolulu
and te exploit this little known section
of the City as a tourist asset.
A sumptuous Japanese dinner wal
laid "before those who assembled at
ths touriet boosting pntherina follow
lag which, an informal discussion wt
held regard future promotion work
of . th Territory.. ,
Berftdt Outlines Plan
Chairman K. A. Herndt briefly ont
Itnpda, 1 plan -nf financing this im
portant Work whlh will be taken op
mt -goiw into more thorouRhly short
ly tJr the- rhmnber of commerce. Mr;
Hermit siil that the only logical meant
of carrying on promotion work in Ha-
twaU'Wa to put the Promotion Com
mittee on a sound nnnneial basis. He
Lflr-evt1ie attention of the promotion;
iett to the fact that more than a 100,
tatv ws- now in the hands of a apeeial
Committee of the chnniber of commerce
which had acrnmtilnted throuoh the
ha flislrlri Utnfh f. . t ' Mppers ' wharf tna, Mr. Berndt's
na.de ' th lslas statutes ! with adei
fuate panikhmeat. "v' f k .
r But when' (arresta: are , tnada 'where
rt oklf bharte which cart te timveA is
411ee?al traaaportathia, ' importattoh or
under the new contract the Small plant
ers will receive unly $48 while the
mill will get $71.tifl for every ton of
sugar. As an snide criticism ha said: . tor hey JHuber says he intends ta een-1
Eefers To Old Bore tn attoraer eneral a aopy of, The AdT
..ij.,1 ... irt n. .!'; rtiaer oi Meaday morning, which, he
. . . ., . 1 wrurYTj nHiivai aompjT in
,-rrr w. . a. .
lujmraiuee tomers
'TO GbVenior
1 im '
we should have at the present of tha kla4. that la wanted
two railroads luntead of one." Thai
reference was to this old Lihue Makce !
railroad controversy.
lu a communication to tho Oovern
or, Cheatham, and also B. D. Israel,
eaid that on Kauai it took nine tons
of cane usually to make a ton of sugar, I
instead of eighty the pujchje basis -in
the ucw contract. There 'Waa erit- J
lor trtuth, as it is claimed there is uo I ft Is tho Intention f tlte maritime
tra.di waste on Kauai where the cane 1 committee of the chamber of eommeree,
ia burned before grinding. Of which George t Donison ia chair-.
Afu;r Cheatham bad stated hla ob-1 man and Baymoritr C Brown secret try
jfclionn to the contract, a committee to place befort the .United Statt ship-
to confer with the Uovcruor was ap- ping Doara every raot bearing upon the
pointed 'by thu Kauai CbSiniber of
Couiiuerce. liesidos Cheatham, those
uainuil ou tliv committee were as fol
lows: K. Tracey, Frank Crawfgrd, Charles
Wilcox and J. M. Lidgate.
May Not Come
Bini-e the Kauai delegation did not
nrrivo here on Sunday and as the
Kauai Clminber of Commerce has had
time to receive un unHwer, the Uov
cruor has made to the body, with tho
nsfistanco of Asslstunt Attorney Gen
eral Hurry Irwin, who was instrument
al in getting the plantation mpn to
agroc to the new contract, the Oov
ernor does not believe the committee
will now come to Honolulu.
"Nothing could bo gained by their
doin so. They could only tell us
erbally what has already beet told
to tho ndininistral ion iu the letters
from Mr. Client ham and Mr. Israel."
rri... i!.......... wu tl.ut AttornfV
Irwin holdH that some of the points ; low tmised to ewpetmte with the
1 k ii... hm.Hina,U are 1 eMiiaittee in every possible way. and
Seeds , of the . harbor of .Honolulu, a
weU as the necessity for more shipping
facilities., . ,.. i ,.. , , ,,
With, this idei In view,, the chairman
aad .secretary of the eonnnittee.held a
conference With: Oovernor McCarthy
."-esterday afternoon, at which the plans
of tbs committee: for securing added
shipping faeiliiita for this port were
discsMed and the Ooyeranr was asked
to join with, U)A fommittea ia securing
relief, from the paucity of shipMu; pre
vailing in the 1'acilc at this time.
. FoUowinfl . tho 1 conference with the
Oovernor ,tbe . committee bads railed
upon J.ynan Hi Bigelow, auperintend
eat of the department of nublic works
and chairmaa of .the hoard of harbor
commissioners) and ashed bim t wmrc
for the committee certain data about
the harbor as it is and at It is, pro
posed it should be, including the plans
for expansion after tho. War. Mr. Kige
w.dl Isken and that efforts are now
being taken to get tho plantation in
terests to agree to changes wanted.
"toine of tho points brought up
by the Kauiii homesteaders are identi
cal with those raised by Mr. Irwin
while the agreement was under con
sideration," be says.
Towers of Government
the necessary figs res and reports will
be jBompiled in his office for the use
of the committee. ,
As soon aa possible the committee
proposes to take op this same matter
with Col. R. H. Raymond, Engineer
Corps, U. 8. A4 ia charge of the fed
era I improvement of the harbors nf the
Territory, and with Bead Admiral K. M.
He emphasises that it is the hope 4 Doyle, commandant at Pearl Harbor
of the administration to look after the
interests of the homesteaders, but ex
plains that the territorial government
has no power to force the plantation
men to ngreo to any part of the roa
tract, if they wished to refuse to do
so. Hesides' this the administration
Imd to keep in mind tho intent back
nf the presidential proclamation to
keep up the maximum production of
sui'sr in Hawaii.
This is one of the points made in
the letter of Attorney Irwin which the
Governor has sent to tho Kauai home
steaders, and in which an appeal i
made to their patriotism. It is point
ed out that the eoutrart'forra is not a
)M'rniuneiit one, but only for two crops.
In addition the Governor assures the
ol.jectors that the peculiar conditions
in which Kauai differs from Hawaii
are to he carefully considered and
every effort made to get the jdantatiou
men to agree to the changes wanted.
"In fuet," the Governor says, "one
of the representatives of the planta
tion interests has already agreed that
thero should be some changes for the
form of contract used on Kauai, and
approval of these changes by the plan
tation attorneys only awaits the re
turn of oue of them from a trip to
clossoemory is
now a lieutenant
SucccHxfullv passing his examinations
in the American field .artillery service
at a Krcjich war school. Closaon Kruory,
son of W. I..- Kuiory, tho architect, has
l-ocn coniiuissioiiod a lientenaut, artil
lery corps. He savt the prtly ' treWble
with his examination '"a "that NJ
"unwed too high." ' He went through
with flvlng colors, He was given a
rating nf HI. He hnl been assigned to
work in telephone, t'legraph, signaling
and Uason. ' : ; '. :
Naval Ktatiot. Especially will the
proposed development of Kali hi Bay
as part of the hsrhor of Honolulu he
taken up and all the data, possible se
cured for the use of tho shippinr board
ami 3, M. Rosseter, who especially rep
resents the Paclfie Interests on the
board. '" '
I. t.
n it's lime to
. .i' . a .- -a
f ill
If TO driak ' brat or'Hquor. even
modetately, look out for- kidney trou
ble! Alcohol will weaken the kidneys
in ties had then yon may expect uri
nary dlffleultleey backache, rheumatic
attacks,, dlasy spells, norvouknesa, or
sic! headache. Do'! wait for worse
trouhlea. Use Dean's Bojekaehe Kid
oey Pills. " They help weak kidneys,
whatever the cause. Thousands tnank
Dos n't for quick relief.
"When Yout Back is Lame Remem
ber the Name." ( Don t simply ask for
a kidney remedy ask distinctly for
plan Is to have this money turned over
to the Promotion Committee to be used
toward financing this organization in
its various activities.
. "Thaj "ifromotion Committee. '.' said
Mr. Bet-ad t,. "has heea existing ever
slnoe.ji.t. .was first organized on what
' number of merchants style 'dona
tiona.V'M '"'t the hoard of super
visors' look ,ipen their allotment to
t hit. fund ' at a donation, along with
other charities. This impression should
not prevail. Some of the merrhantt
f ..this fitv aad eome of its large
firms contribute yearly to a promotion
fund. Some do not. Still the whole
community receives the benefit of tbur
ists eominjr here. By using this money
bvithf hipers wharf fnod every
metehaor anrf TowumeT in the city is
a contributor toward the fund."
Mm In Quaint Oardent
For eome years the Pan-Pscific work
ers have been encouraging Mr. Y. Ishii,
the Japanese philanthropist, to euhirge
his Japanese garden on the bunks of the
HUdebrand stream about the water
falls near Kuakini Street. Year after
yr Jshii hat added new temples and
Japanese tea houses uatil now the gar
dens cover more than an acre of ground,
embracing one of the most attractive
bits in all the islands. Between this
Japanese garden and Llliuokaluni Car
dees, there is but an acre of land, and
it was to secure this acre that the co
eperation of the Promotion Committee
was asked; the plun being to throw
the two into one and cut an avenue
through from Nuuinui Wreet to l.iliu
okalani falls. Mr. Kruil Berudt for
the Promotion Committee responded to
Mr. Ishii's address and said that lie
considered the wonderful tea widens
that were a revelation to him. an asset
to Honolulu as great as is Kilaueu to
Hawaii, HaleaknTa to Maui or Wniinea
Canyon to Kauai, and this was ci'dors
ed by the other directors who had for
an hour wandcrexl about the best beau
ty spot on Oahu, l.iliuokalani G 1 rden
and the Japanese tea Garden, which
Mr. Ishli stated last night had changed
its uniue from Yoraku en, which means
meeting place,, to the Japanese eipiiva
lent of Pan-Pacific Gardens,-as owin'
to advertisement in the press three
fourths of bis Visitors are now hnides
aud few tourists go away without visit
ing the Japanese beauty spot of Mono
Conference In September
After the banquet. was over, the sub
ject of the proposed 1'nn Pacific Con
ferenc on Hal boa, or Pan Pacific lav
Sept. 17 came up for discussion. It
aunoiuujed that .Balboa Day would le
celebrated entirely around, the Pacific
Hub year and that it was expected
that in Washington, D. C, the Pan-Am
1 riciin l'n ion would give a Pan Pacific
banquet at which Hecretary Franklin
K. I.aue would present the flags of the
Pac.lfic nations, given to him .for that
purpose, in Hawaii, to Woodrow WHami
with the reuaflttthnt, he aorpltanUA
ary. presidency of the Pau Pacific r'nio'11.
In Honolulu it, I hoped that the re
lainted dioramas will be installed about
the Tan-Pacific Club bouse by then and
that the week will bo givcu over te an
Interisland Pan-Paeifle Conference, tak
ing in a way the pltu-e of the gnnuul
Civic Convention.
Considerable discussion ensued, and
in addition to the various Y. M. C. A.
Murkurs-of all races on the Islands who
will control a aeesioa, at, well as the
Ked Cross workers., huole sbkI; Orientals,
it was suggested that the subject of a
real Inter Inland Tourist Bureau be
brought up as the main feature for dis
eiiaaion at tho Pan Pacific Conference,
anil that K. I). Tcrincy lie invited to
place his views on combined tourist
work before the conference, and the
best promotionists secured to reply to
his nrgameuts unless it develops that
Mr. Tenney is nil advocate of a greater
Hawaii Tourist llnreuu supported by
tho entire territory and working for
the entire territory.
Alexander II u 11111 Ford was appoint
ed as a cnujmittc of oue bv Mr. Herndt
to act for the Promotion Committee in
forwarding the Pan Puciftn conference
.?' . Jt . '! ,, ew
, ... aw
Wlllism C. Hodges, who poses as a
literary man aad who has booh a ai
iKaf,ngur aronttd tho atreett) a4d the
fb'ung itotel lobby for the past several
months,, wat arrested yesterday after
noon and , lodged in the-city jaiV by
Chief of Detcctlvet McPtmei charged
witH conducting and. maintaining a lot
teryv Jimmy Cunaiiigham, one of the
mUeged. near victims of liodget' aeti
Vieies'oays that it' was hot in lottery
that Hodges was running but "a sure
thing flim flam game."
Hodget waa re:eamd from the city
fall last flight', by Captain McDuffie on
bioibwn) mognisance, tipoa the solicita
tion pf Bobeit Horner, tho owner of a
pool , fooea on Bethel Street, s and a
guarantee that' Hodges would be able
to famish 500 bail, thia morning at
nlB o'clock. :IK A.,-w.
According to Captain , , MeDtiffle,
Hodges, bae been selling, a book of Jia
wsiian',sa.acsie and 'views. Eacrr pur
hasor w.ot)ld be givon a ticket ntitliug
him ftOs ebanve -on, a diamond ring.
Mid to tee valued at $150. It It. alleged
that more than 1000 ticket., oa thia
ring arero disposed of in ks coaaher
at tifvyelubs. Chauffewrt in tho rent
service developed a strong literary and
mnsioak, tendency during the past few
weeks and ia some instances, the gaso
line &oya 'have purchased as many at
musical tendency during the past few
ten of these books at one time, it is
said, vr.(. ., j
Hodget announced, that the ".grand
drawing'' for the ring would be held
in the offices of Krnest Kaal in. the
Young Building at seven-thirty o'clock
last, Haturday night., Jimmie Cunning
ham, Arehio Markhsm aad Manuel Cor
rea, drivers on the Yoffng Hotel stand,
called at thrKaoi office at fifteen mln
utea past seven Bat arday .night and
found the place in darkness. , .Alter
cooling, their heels for a half hour or
tsote,. out side, of the- office, , waiting
for ' tho 'grand drawing",, the. three
drivers went to Hodges' residence in
.Adams Ijine and made a demand ,en
Hodges for the return of tbeiamonwy.
"Tho, way, Hodgos. anted," said Jim
my Cunningham yesterday, when we
asked- him .about the raffle, convinced
us that we had been stung and had
been made the goats ia a eheap flim
flam game, along with hundreds of
others, it i 4
, i f
"When I asked Hodgos, who won the
ring, he told me tliatitht drawing had
been held at aix.thirty and that neither
of us had wow it. t sAttf aim why the
drawing was not held at .seven-thirty,
ss he advertiser it and ho coolly re
plied ' Why ', you boys must have made
s mistake. I told you six-thirty.'
Plenty of Backers
"Tbnt was enough for us and wt
promptly told him that if he did not
immediately re fend our- money, we
would make him hard to catch. Hodgos
saw that we meant business and re
turned the money. How many other
suckers there were I don't know. I
know there were a lot of then." v
Cunningham and several other will
apix-ar at witnesses in tht case. Ac
cording to Captain McDuffie, a, number
of the Chinese waiters in the' Tonng
Hotel alto developed marked literary
tastes during the past two weeks and
purchaser! several of those books. '
'When Hodges was arrested yMterday
he registered surprise. After, speeding
several hours In jail, ho was summoned
before Chptsin McDuffie When usher
ed into the presence of tho chief of de
tectives, he asked the latter if he
arrested on charges of evading tho
draft. McDuffie snya. '
McDuffie speat several hours trying
to 1 orate Hodges yesterday, before ho
found him. It is understood that th.
"author" Was at that time calling on
his publishers, possibly for tho parpoae
of collecting his royalties oq hla recent
effort, "The Passing of LiUuokalanlM"
Dnring the early part of this year
HOdges wss given a deferred claesifl
eatinn on tho claim that he had 4te
pendonts.. Cspt. H. Gooding Field hat
been making an investigation , Of
Hodges' case and learned, bO sOys, that
Hodges' wife is not dependent -upon
him. According to Captain Field,
Hodges' wift has furnished him With
Information' to the effect that Hedges
has, only contributed 100 toward her
support during the past year and that
she hss been earning her own living,
l'pon this evidence, Hodges waa give
higher rating in the draft by draft
board No. U . . -
In a statement to The Advertittr
last night, Hodges said that the draw
ing had been held at advertised Satur
day night ami that there waa a bona
fide winner, whose name he wilt furn
ish to the police, if he is asked. '
ponn " Backache Kidney PUIs. and lake
nO ottrO. r)oanViBkrK..h Kldnev '
Pill trd aojfl by at! driigjrikti and store- fid' was offered the use of the Promo
Veoitera. or' Will b mailed on reCeint of i Oommittew office force, Ford sat-
price "of the . Wollister ; lriig Co., or tbnt the Pnn-l'acine Union w
I shed
Hensnh flestth Co apetats for the I suggest ions from the member of the
ieemsnti press ami tne iroruouon v;ommittee,
Hswallaa Iolds. (Ad vert ii
' that already the matter of thf coopera-
Never in IJie liistory of the sugar iu
dustry in the' Islands have there been '
so many vessels all lqading at one time
as at present. There are enough for
every port in. the Island and at least
three over. The problem now Is how
to handle the vessels, for it is known
that six other sugar carriers are en
voyage here. , 0nce the ehipping beard
gets really itto action it jumps into
"quantity production" with a venge
ance. With the shipments that have 1
reready left the Territory this month
and are to go on vessels now loading
Or soon ready to load the shipments for
the month of August will pass 77,000
tone. Some of the vessels now en vny
ac to Hawaii may reach here and load
and depart before the end of the cur
rent month so t is considered a safe
estimate that August shipments uiuy
reach Ki.OOO tdns. ,
With this big niovrment of sugars it
appvars likely that the greater part of
tne crop will have beeu moved by tin
end of September, of course assuming
a continuance of the present speed. It
is estimated there is still about 00.01111
tons to be ground and that at the cud
of the month there will be only about
12(3,004) tons left to be shipped and ly
September .'(0 all but 40, tons may
have left.
Just ss the nitrates were practically
vxbausted in Hawaii thero cane a shipr
ment of 1 1,000 tons, not much when
the monthly needs are 5000 tons and
the plantations have been short of tho
ueuul supply for. weeks past. That ia
all of the nitrates now in sight.
Little hope of a anpply of the need
ed fertiliser is held out by Norman
Watkios, manager of the Hawaiian
Fertilirer Company. He says that it
is Mot now so much a question of thlpt
s it was a few weeks ago. . Now the
trouble lies with the embargo on im
ports of nitrates except for monition
manufacture. Ho sees little ehaacn of
the embargo being lifted this month aa
was hoped. , . .
Mr. Wat kins thinkl it was about the
twenty-fifth of tho month when the
two months' embargo went into effect
which would end the ban next -week
but his advices are that the probability
la imports of nitrates will then not be
permitted and the embargo continued,
perhaps for six months lunger.
t l t-o V- 1
11 i 11 an! h b i 11 -4
Work was begun yesterday, under in
I Mtijc Kinin of HoperfyitPndejit of Public
Vfbrka I.. H. Bigelow. on the tearing
down of the two central 'posts of each
of the several entrancos of tho I'alii. e
Grounds iu order to widen the drive
Way entrances.
The posts have boea, standing since
the wall was built abont the time the
new Palace name into existence, and are
of solid concrete. Col. C. P. lauken,
secretary of the Territory, asked the
Buperiuteiideut to take out two ottln
entire to. lie rebuilt io front of Wash
ingtou Place, the home of the late
(jueeu l.iliuokalani. ' As thetotts are
extremely heavy and ujiwlelrly, it may
not lie practicable to do this, but the
suierinteuilent will wake the endeavor
to preserve then
Home of the old tamarind tree which
were interfering with the aproad of the
banyan trees in tho Judiciary grounds
tion of the different chamber of com
uierce had been taken up and the
Honolulu chamber Would provide a
speaker who would toll just what that
body is doing fur the eoiumunity uud
that the other chamber of commerce
UI the dilTereut islands as Well as the
Chinese and Japanese, chamber here
would be nskvd te provld speakers w ho
would led what these bodira are lining
for their communities and what su
gent ion tliey could make toward coop
crating among all the chamber of com
morce in the Islands.
The first strokes were made jester
dny to eliminate the last of the German
insignia about the old Hsckfeld build
ing, to Im hereafter known as the Am
erican Factor's Building when John
Frngu used a stone-chisel to cut away
the name above the main entrance te,
the building of " H. Hackfeld and Corn
pany. " The Limited" is being left
to go will) the name "American Fact
ors. ' '
The 'Xtone cutter was working on a
acraffold, smashing off the letters to thf
name, and managed to, cut away "And
Oompnny," leaving "H. Hackfeld'''
still in evidence.. But he asserted that
thia'would be quickly hacked off this
It is stated that the words "Ameri
can Factors" will bo tut into th stone
listel above the doorway, but the gee
eral impression is that letters in con
crete will be inserted to conform With
the word "Limited," whirh has berni
left. During the operation yesterday
scores nf business men and women sto'i
ped to.watrh proceeding and appli '
the action.
'. .-1 n-
French Achieve Most Important
and Longest Gains of Day;
Retirement Is Near
(Concluded Front Page 1 )
terday, patrol actions and artillery
duels marking the day. Northwest of
Ch sulcus, along a mile front between
Lihnn and Herlevllle, the dormant
made a strong enanter attack, their
first rush carrying them' into the Brit
ish positions at two points. British
counters were immediately organised
and -the enemy thrown bach, the origi
nal line being restored.
The third sector in which the Oer
mens were forced from highly valuable
ground, Won In their recent grand of
fensive, Waa i tho Lys ealieat. Here,
west of Armentierea, they retreated be
fore a British advance along n six mile
front. Tho British have tnken Morev
ville and have cleared tho junction of
the Haxebrourh-Armentieres and the
St Venaat-Armentierea railroads. Rome
few prisoners and machine 1 guns were
taken, the Germaas generally retiring
before any great pressure was brought
against them by tho British i fan try.
On the north side of the salient, be
tween Meteren and Outers teen, the
Germans attempted a counter attack,
being driven back by tho British artil
lery before the assault had time to de
velop. " 1 w. a. a. '
The Wnshiuirton Post reports that
President Wilson, on request of Major
Piilliiiun and Secretaries llauiels nd
Baker, will make the District of Col
nmbia "bone dry"; and importing
bonze for prsoiiHl use. as well as
sale, will become illegal. The loop
hole for personal use had put a pre
m, mil on Imotlf ggiiio. to the special
oeiil of the host of sold ic 11 in the
Cnuital. ,
Senator Heed, in offering the "bone
dry" amendment as a dare sonic time
hju. iiniued only "States and Terri
tories. ' '
The Washington Star of the same
dute stuted that Messrs. Pullman,
Daniel aud Baker had urged tuch no-
San Francisco. In June Is Second
Only To New York
BAN FBANCISCO,, August 3 (As
sociated Press) Second only to New
tork in the number of positions ob
tained for women during tho asonth of
Juno ia the .reeord of tho local' office
of the United . States employment
bureau division of girls and women, ac
cording to Mrs. Virginia Splnkt, ex
aminer In charge.
Tho activities of the office hero x
lend o the district of Northern Cali
fornia sad Nevada, where data Just
compiled - show 009 girlt and women
were ., placed rU ' June. . TAfro.. Bpinkt
said oho- expected tho July record to'
ibo: that .wore1 than1 lOOfl girl have
been; given employment through tho
Ban Fraaciaeo Office dnring tbnt month.
under tho four classes of positions
open to Wowa-eommereial, industrial,
agricultural and tioneestU gtrl and
women have been placed ia a number
of unusual pursuit. Through the Uni
ted States civil service commission, with
which tho .employment bureau main
tains close relations, women have been
placed it government work as artists
and' . drsugktesmen. Plaees as thoep
b orders , aad milkert , on farms and
ranches were found for several, Mrs.
S pinks saki. .
, Tke war,.-according to those in
oharso .of . aho office here, baa increas
ed the dome.nd.for Women in all lines.
Direct war work has been obtained for
sosm girls nad women through nursee
training schools and as social directors
In army training camps. Others now
are working U government rhemista.
No girls under tisrteen years of age
are employed through the bureau, which
must ascertain tho moral conditions in
which employee would be placed before
offering any position. The service, Mrs.
Spink laid, seeks to encourage girls
and women to better themselves by
taking advantage of rorreepoaden.ee
courses . offered ' by the state Diversi
ties and to atudy for examinations fox
government positions which now offer
sn unusually promising field.
Honolulu stock excii:.:;::
Beooioln, Aoroot t lbl&,
Alex It nsMwta. Ltd. ...
('. llrcwer A Co.
Kws Plantation Co.
Halka Him. Co
Hnw. Aarcti. Co
Haw. C. A H. Co
Maw. aarar to.
Ilnnokaa Hnasr t o
HtMi' Hur. Co. .'
Hnirhloson stfio. Plant. .
Kshnko t'ltntsiloB Co. ..
KHiaha Co. .
Kiiloa (tag. CO
McHrjrrt itnaar Co.. LU,
Oahu Hut. l'
niaa eu. Lo l.(n. j.,...
Ilnomea Huaar o. , .... .
I'tsntaaO au. Plant. Co,
I'sriae Hua-ar Mill
I'Snt PlantatWta Co. . v..
rMwKim ensrar Co
rtnneer Mill Cn. .........
aa Carlo MllUna Co. ..
WalnliMt Aarvtl. Co
Watluaa hat. Co. .
MlftCKLLANSOtjfi -
fCnrtsx f c.. L4d
Knsvts -noper M4Un Co,
Haiku Ir. P. Co, fM...
Haiku T. A P. CO, '...
Haw. Cna. Br. Vl A ....
Haw. ( ou. Rr. O, B ,
Haw. Con. tty. . ...,.
Hawanaa Kk-etrlc Co. ...
Haw. Plaeamrle Co. -k .....
Hon. H. A U.. Co.. Ltd. ..
Hon. Ooa Co Ltd
Ha. H. T. L. Co
Intir-lshin4 A. N, Co. ...
Mtrt. Tl. CO.. .
Oahu R. A L. Co
I'attanc Hnhber ,Co. ...
nelama-Dtnrtlag, Pd. . .
Heme r Pd.l...
Taajoog Olak Babbor Co.
Reaek Walk I. D.
Hamakna IMtrh Cs, OS -.
Haw. Cna. Rr. 0
Kawa irr. Co, Os. .....
sw. fvr. 4 M. 1008..
Haw. Ter. Pot). Imp
Haw.: fur. Pub. Istp, 4
' omsi ini inii t ....
Haw. TVrr'l H
H1lo Oa Co Ltd. V ...
Honotsa nnc. o ox- t,
Hon. ) Co.. Ltd, Se..
Knat Kr- Oo.i oa
Manoa Imp. lilst.,' t.
McBrVdr Hnf. Ctw to ...
Oaho H AL, Co.. Sd....
UabO HOC. Wfc .,
. .. U .. .... A. .
..ma irnpiT wit Trfi) .l
Paclfle Goes '. Ok, Asi
Ban carlo auiunsj. 0
to .
1 0
t) 0 0
in Hi
43 H
11 !
10 I
1. ...
i. ...
RWa, 40, 3T.00;'H. B. T. fc.' tV. ,
noABD .Atain .
' O. It. A L. Co., 81, 1.09 OUa, to, 33, Zi.
Jnao M, m i- ;.''
m analysis boeu too advtcoa).
Joseph tCaohelaulil, the Niihau cow
boy, who abstracted four tins of opiam
from ths big shipment which washed
ashore on the little island, was sen
tenced to throe months' imprisonment
yesterday bv Judge Horace Vaughan,
after he bad pleaded guilty io violat
ing the opium statutes by selling the
dope to n KkUal Chinaman. 1
A sentence) for the same peiiod was
given'also to Fu Lung fihack, a China
man front Hanalel, Kauai, Who pleaded
guilty to having opium in his poseeo
sloa. .
ULOUCEclTKB, New Jersey, AttRutt
7 ( Associated Proaa)-Ooutructiun pf
fpur mammoth ways at, the new ship
Vard of the New York Shipbuilding
Oorp'oration is progreseln(r rapidly.
Thcyv will be laro eneunh for tho
building of the largest ships afloat, or,
if it is' desired, -each will accommodate
three destroyers.
When the new ways sre completed
the coucera will have twenty nine large
Mnaapnr , ,
New fork .
NIW YORK. Anuf SO Asswlat.-.l
rretMPotlowtaf ore tap - p lug and
closlnc qnotatton ot atockt ut th New
York Market yesterday. - ,.
Asavrteav Knfar . ...
American Ib-ot
AssfHiaWidi OH; . .....
Alaska Uold -.
Auivrh-ao LoeoaMiMTO
Auifri-an Tet. A TL .
AnH-rti-ea Ijne4tr .....
A nirrlcs a Htiwl Kdry.
AtelrtMon Railway , ..
AnAi-oOda 'I'pr'.
Tlaldwtn LiM-oNiotlve .
liwlrtumiw Ar ohl . .
Hi-tlilchciu fttml "It"
CSIIfornla 'Petrokam .
Crntrsl Leathor
Canadian Ps.lrtV . ...
C. M. A M.. Paul
eolo. Purl Iron
Crtirlhl.H4 . ........
Cuba Hogar Cane .
Krl mmiiKi .
Ueneral Klwtrle . '.
nenoral Motor (w) . .
Orrat Northern Pfd. . ,.
lMnraa'tlonal MCkol' .. ..
International -Harvester .
nititKtrtal AWhot
Kpna-oH Cvniirr . .....
Jx-hlxh Tatlpy Railway .
New York latral .
t'eunsylvanla '
K((11na vomnatD
Ri-polilUah 'Iron eommea
Koiithcrn pacific ,
fctwitfitmkrr . i.i'.l
Cnltml HI ate lubber . .
Texas HI V
I'nton I'tHftc ,
I'nttcd Htate Steel . ...
Pta .
Western t'alon
iMd-tBa-tHVMeaeV4rjaiuotM V
AN FIIANCIBCO. Auaust An--Sted
PmM Pollnwlng sro tbO' 6pnlD
and cloatua quotation 4f ur aa other
ork tm the Baa rrofteleco tanrsM
ordait , . , .
' 1 ' 1 1 I, ill J .-
IOPoA.I Cins
W: Ol S.
NKW YORK, AuKuHt t Klward
l.asker of Chicago, twice winner nf
the wwatern chauipionshlp, was a vis
itor Saturday at. Manhattan I'hwts
Club, wltere sn impromptu. ofThsud e
rn of fames, was arranged between
him and D. .Janowskii of Paris, thoas
ehamtaon. of JTraaeet .Four gHima.werc
f obtested, each winniog two. Shortly
before leaving Chlyir, lAkev plyd
two frnul'th Hons Kosli.li, the
Serbian master, now living in (lary,
tndinna. " Laaker won the lirst ganie
and drew tho second.
Waw'n foai'l
Haw. Snirsr Co
liUui trnnar
Olaa Knaar Co
Slatckluaott Unirar Co. .
'aatihau Hojtiir Co. . . .
aaahau ritiaar Co. . . .
Oiimnee Xnsar Co
Honohilu (Ml .
Hoflolslu PlantattoB Co. , i,
Kuaela Conuer Co.' . ........
1 tl vv s-avst-o v
Ouotatloat oa te IMIewlaa; Now Torn
eurti toek. ha wtrele to The Advec
usee ey etooAa tk Co ate I 1
. , Atr.
' V".
.t. ,
t oo .
HIe Letlire . .
Cal.Mlonla . . .
Iron HIoswim
f'.iuma 'his-r
. ear
hn Huller . .
Jwotst, Verde
Marab , .
Mtdweaj (III .
Nlotkcr Iole .
May llet-ctolea
HifM'iie Knta .
Ilex f oil. V
merer I
Tiuiuih Kxtennloa
- oininn . ,
Kerr Lake ,. .
I'reMson riokl .
T4ttnllac 1
lyrh-viiuM Tire and Itubkor.
... . ,f ...... w,
- .fsi Jr.
:::::v -M
,- .OH
.... .10 111
t.ee4 fifx
.,jf. .07 .bs
c.aru th
. .TT U . RXTU.
Mrs. Akiiia, nil of the Uotel Street
flower "girls," ,was fined ten dollars
and coats yesterday more ing for over-
tmlulinff In awlrui. V.

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