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, . -v I. --v .'.;... TT A WATT A W nAPTTf
Mi!; L J i'i.fJflllJi V-i MO XfWy'.BiiMIIMMrt PBfc 'For Two !' mmim i'.i.m JwrtiWriJiJ i?yiMw. Upon Their Ripht IA . II 111 II 1 4 1 1 1 4 ll III
tniThii hnuirno
I I ( k t h
ButifWeitiats Platv 14 For Two
.With 0fe Largest, WoHd Has
WASHINGTON, Augnat 18 Aaso-
V EVV YORK, August 18A8ociated Pres),-Striking north f
lS" the'Aisiie. midwav 'between their new front in -the Qise. Valley
. . ..... .WMiuwuiun,
ana tneir new uum jusi uuiih wvwr'VV'''" ;;V.., ;,wrf,,pwM,.ntllM pnii have
rirve a miled.eep .wedge into the German line, advancing over forced by the Treaanry depart-
fmnt of more than two miles. I This blow-, Much resulted in the
iant for1 the flotation of three Liberty
pjnnn. n( ft larrrev number" of orisnhers 4lld the infliction of heaVY Wmm wltnbr the next year. These
casualties .upon the Germans , ia Wtanti in It, tactical result and ehS,,P?e-l
in the indication it gives of Focb 8 intention still further to widen ; the :tH.rf;,.qi.i.,
the area of his offensive "T,V 'V i '" .', viV j ;H .)' ' " develop that
The.ailvanc, was ade front north of Autreches and the WiZ doHaT the", i.
give the Ffncha fcoliel loothohl on the plateau between the1 Aisne alternative plan for two loam in-
and the Oise cast of the forest de Latgle, The offensive at tm one or mich wuuio ie
-..i. ..... ''. ..i. : u as---, ...:.t. V-Itlm largest loan that haa ever been
Somme and is commencing1 to.;correlate the. "lucent clearing "at the
Rheims-Soissbn ttlienlf 'with; the -present advance to 'clear the
N'oyon-Amiens salient... .;;" A ' ' ?, ' .V-
If General FofchA pushes hjs present afyantagie north of ,Avr
treches the battle between the Aisne 'and the Olse will become
niOBt important; as success for tfce Allies here would "break fhe'hihges
of the German lines both at Noyon and atfVjissor.and'coiiipel a
wide retirement on both aides, I. Autrecheii the centei" of tut front
over . which ' the j Frenxlt advanced
I6Vl 'of "back Hi rok e wirtt Yu
the quarturroile event of that, ityla anl . hp, Beld ill tle fay, winning
in the -world record tim of t lhlnfi(t.ia kiH twetHy igM noronn.'. , jJ
Mim Oalliftnii entablinhed iw forld'a ((urea .i IU Hu yv.r.1 vnt
being thirtee piiDiile, tuirty op ami rour prjpn
for women,' her maTk
neonda.- j
The advent of the Hawaiian iwjmnieri wa (n rlnef dra
of the meet
ring figure
floated by any nution in the world,
.' Three tilank embrace the loan that ia
aoo it be launched and for the cam
paign In he Intercut of which plana are
already welj underway.
'' i w. a. a.
WA8HINOTON, AiiKUBt 17 ( Awoel
ate4 FreaaVrIt wax learned today that
Takina Over of Wool Stock
Leaves Enough Goods To Maet
Civilian ! Demand For Year , j
NEW YOBK, A ii if list 17 (Offlclnl)
AaNiiran' t given to the country that
nu irw .-. Kr wW. uhu v,..- WA8HIN(1T0N. - Auguat l-(OBi
ee nieac Tinea in nie coma or wooicn ;ivi.-.. L1. .
1 , , . ... . . ... . eiai) MoMcinn waien were eiehanired
BOoila ami alothinu ueed be felt. Theee . ' : - "
TOKU), AugiiM 17 (Special to Nip
pu Jiji) After a day of abeolute ali
enee s to the rire riots, aa the reautt
one- of ita mont active and Influential
alilp reRolat k.iih, the liewapapera today
are' reporting again the dlaturtiancea
which are utill going on violently la
many part, of the empire.
I he eenaomhip rngulationa govern-
g the now . paper-, aa far aa the not
nation in concerned, were ao modi-
fifi.t l.v ilia ilui.. .Ini.nl n f InUriA that
oreurrancei of the riot conld bo told
in aneh a manner that the newa asay la
I no way cmiae any agitation by taa
I readera. ,,
I Wlea the rcgulntlnna were flrat nn-
Sends Message Expressina Ad-'""hw and put iu;enfoim.t, th
T' rnirMiAn Thrnnnh I -ipi4 Doif4. "f WiW", lodged, a joint prole wUh
tiMiuiVii iiiuuyn bviu fibou tDa uwrnor qopartment ana ,aeraana
kig and Prssident Wilson TeUt tfi V, " Thf
of Ratification In His Reply, i 0 VtW
(.. loeeurrnnce and aaaerted that the new
enitorab,ip regulatifna .were an. open
'dpfiance of doctrine of freedom of
pcech. The proteat won and the new
mm &
Germans Disappointed At Failure
of Plant and Austrian! Angrily
Denounce - Czecho Slovaks As
Traitors (
President Carrnnaa of Mexico haa too-1 . eitenrtel m a Htntement laaneu ny " 1 " - ' r,,) w,r) BecordlnKly modified.
dified the. objectionable proviaiuna of
,ala recent ' proclamation regarding oil
untgnf 'iflii.. "i iv ...... ..hi.v.i .
of the ptoporty of foreign oil companies ' ment haa taken
and regarding which Hritain and the
United mate made a joint protext,
yesterday is fen miles northwest
of Soissons arid th'e same distance
southeast -of RibecbUrt. -'
Tb the west bf this' action the
French continued their pressure
against the Lassigny-Noyon linp, '0..,, Out Salient In
making a number, of substantial ;W?J52 W'Wu"iI?S
gain, for'they. They advanc- 'nSclulCS"
cd'bbth north 'and iouthf . tije ; American wospuai
Avre and caotured Cannv-suV4 .WARHINaTON, Auguat i Aaol
Mat2, two ; miles . northwest af ; JfiiJsinator Galiinger of New Hamp
L.aswgny. lurtneriigiueningT.neir, yeaterday morning; went over the top, I r ghiri t;lOSe8 Life Of UsefUl-
chief of the
war induatriea board.
I BrUjah apfciol ambaHdor, Lord. Bead-
"With the modilcation of the atriet
eenactrahlp it aoon became known that
Uada. which aountel to confiacation i P" 01 " tn tn" l?overn-B. ,ftflT the rwet vjjt of ho Vine :tloJeht dl"turbanre are pow rajrlng in
"y" " ,: " e American wnr ahioa in Brltlah watera 1 vic of Tokio, Oaaka.and Kobe
v n a irniunea aa n a ni an aaran i r j - . a . ... .. m it
of wool front the growera and dehlera
for war indoatriea there et ill remaina in
the hand of the jollera and "cntte
upa" enough woolen mnterial to fur
aiah the civilian population with a auf
ficient anpply of woolen goada ajid
clothing a year.
Thia atatement came upon the heeia
i ; ness bi Home State
cleared the enemy-out of Frapelle and
eooaoUdaUd their gain . there . and
nJZ. i.-.!.- I VWAKlft m: New Hamnshire. Aucr
: j . t 1. 1 . 1 unnaa Hiiiii j t lumgiiiin ww l , - - - "
To'the Itorttl Of thts, m a Series Uy. In thia mgagement a amnber pf l uat' flS-ri(Aociated Prnaa) Jacob
grip upon that town.
,Ju tb:mege which King George' -a,. In nU the plate troope wero
'aent he wild: . f'.I ahould , like to f ealled out to quell the riotera.
preae ray admlratioif (or the high atitp jn ,T0klo th climax of the diatnrb
of emeieney and the general amartnea ana waa ably averted py the troop
or the ABiencan rpree and too .nappy when the oIdlery calmly orged the
rplationa which exist botweeia the L'ni- . maw D aa Uw to aa not to embarr
I of the report that because of the tak" d Wote aquadron aad their BrltUh ie emperor, wh ia in full ymp,t)iy
ing over of the wool crop by the gv eomrade.- The unity of pnrpoa ,-whiek i-fa the poor' people. lfl
' ernment thar would be an aauto ahart-' cnararieriaea Taoir worK t a pure T a..T.a th troon are elaabine
I nge for the civilian population to meet gMrnv of the- eontiaued ayNeaa;.-W t with the. tlotera ail over te ty and
it ! ilaatvnkil In the 4atAent In the Allied arm at lea." . . nni a Irani lin WAa ahle ta onerata all
atop at the oateet effort to profiteer. p'de".t 'fl. '.lt'lgltf ,. ', , ! - .
w.a-a. Bending oaldi " Wil ou be, kind 1 ";i Hlif eommittee fai today organ-
IzeJ n.1
4 v..-,
enough to express td tbe king my ap- iej ..Tokio. with Baron ,T. Shibura
I nreciation of his nmuia and. mr ' . . r, tmAm mm tha
. . . . . . . . A k'. r-r- - w 1 1 va.'VVl'aMa Mua-uvia,.- m .
Tfll lfl VI- 1-1 111 I L II ..I. . u IL.I V. 1 k lifl . ... .
iuriu' uni 1 ntruwaifctf!"""" lual '", fy " , enavmaUit
'( vt i . L "HO may be sure of ouf cooperation ' ;&unfci,.a wealthy Kobe rice man,
V August 17 (Special Cable 'it Britiidi navy, that it wili to wlhoei itore, warehoue. camphor e
Jiji) The steamship China of r dprfld; vittj the ; hartieeV plrlt,,nd tory' and eountTy dome were burned
nf local actions, the' crio 'of the prisoner were take and it ia evident t Harold OalllnBer. who ha renreacnted to Nino
All;.. ,n 'rnm ete.notriri. thot ,Be neT X hp.Ti.' n Mlled New.Hampehir in the I'nited Htato 1 the Chinese-American line grounded tjn 1 ,m ure it will net greater, advaaUge b the mob, today eonJUtibned 50),0-00
- . -r - ... ' . - mil lEununuuua y jui t i " iiniL i him- l uib i iinju ubt. am.i ( r kiia auaaJuiDr. naa. . . . . r v v. v - r-T i . --. win tn lui ibiici lunu. .
h " ' - ' " . I . ' i2' Vi ' l-t ' - . r . l .
mmn rm.f. , s . , . . W. fa.-
ihi naiionai
ed. each advance bein fir made ill . Hoapltal Bombed "
- . l On the Veals', front the American ? In atafo ami national
the lace ot -a 'aesDerate utmun ;,..:. -vr. i.T.v i. v7.--
i.top r arvoaeu iu a aiio iiiita ii affair , for xorty-ix yrar uiei nere
defense. The Uritish made Bteay wrath by the enejoy bombing of a hoe-j ,Mte;
pmgress, pushing thdf lines east, ; .S
rday. morning.
ouch a Canadian by birth, he came
New -Hampshire in early life ami won
waru iu inc iiuim ui iuc nu.ncuq- ana em .rnwy mjfoi onoLnor attempt-., 9ne, ox ,.iU motvaetiv and mriuentiai
Rove road, and ' also "'gaining raidipkpnTty propped ai; bomb. ettiien.. Bewa born on a farm in
, 'u ttu T Tke. aeareat ;bJVMr.tWa?trftyt waH,-Ontario,' Matea 82, 1837. Af
ground north of, the Ancfe.J .. , yard af aba'iargo in that w being! u,,eiUfWlg tbo-printing-trade for a
In the reotion koiith bt RcWe thtt- forrjhoplrt;piirofcv J Anti alr- Ume he-waa admitted to the praetiae of
re kh
.... .... -t- c I ;i4 orift wun drove oft the enemy with
rrencn maae lurxner gain y uie no eaualtfe Inflicted ia thelr.attempta fe,ion until he entered eongreaa.
medicine hi 1858 and practised his pro- j
loees wood, where the Germans'' "!,. the JIvea.pf, ponled phy-.' nerved a a repreetHve in the state
isgiamKure in jf, ioia aiiu iobi, " '
r w i.a. MMiihar r tne eAnaticntionai con
more heavily.' Lhrectly west 0C Osaarat Porahiag aa4 adl the war
aepauTauMEVunaB-earia n toe preieni
Roye, in the tip of what has now
become a deep salient, the Ger
mans made a strong counter at
tack, without gains, - while an
other counter against the French
northwest of Ribecourt, on the
Oise, was likewise repulsed.
There has been' little nghting in
Flanders but the Germans are
continuing to give ground there,
yesterday surrendering trenches
in the tip of the Lys salient to
the British, who promptly occu-
. . a , I ill. t.rrilr.m .trntl' Isfl -1 11 A.
1 ' , i hif of ataff, yetray , informed
maintained thetr contact with the senate committee on military . af
enemy. '
Uetween Soissons and Rheims,
on the Vesle, yesterday was quiet.
An Exchange Telegraph des
patch Via London ay that 'an
Allied, air squadron attacked
Darmstadt, the capital of the
Duchy of Hesse, on Friday, the
bombs killing four and injuring
many, besides doing a large
amount of property damage. Four
Allied machines were lost during
veation ia 1876 and a member of the
at ate aenate from 1878 to 1880. beinv
meotb a complete squadron of eighteen, president of the aenate for the Inst
"De HavHand Four airplane, built two yeara In 1879 and 1880 lie win
la 4h United SUtea andeqdipped with surgeon general of the date with rank
Liberty motor Vueeeeafotly carried out f brigadier general. 1
the 'first reconaaiaance flight of ' Ameri-1 In 1801 Senator Galiinger waa chos
ran bniK maehineo behind fbe'Cferjoan etv by the legislature to attcr.eed Henry
hns. They retqmed Wtthout loaae. i w. Blair and he waa reelected by the
legislature for succeeding terms until
the passage of the law for popular edi
tion of senators and in 1H14 was elect
ef by the people of the state fur a
fifth term. Prior to hi senatorial scr
vice he served In the forty-ninth uml
fiftieth coDgreae in the lower house,
declining reelection to the fifty first
congress. During a part of the sixty
second congress he wa president pro
tempore of the senate. He erved us
chairman of the merchant marine com
mUaion of 1904-9, wa vice chairman of
the national waterwuva eoniniixi"i',
and was a member of the National For
est Reservation. Hi term of oflice
would hove expired in 1921.
f.H i
TOKIOAuguet'lT (Special to
Nippu Jiji)-L-Oeueral J'eug Kuo
C'liong, preaident of the t'hiuesc
republic, announceJi his resigna
tion today, arcQrdlifo to informa
tion receive. I here tfout a reliable
touree iu Peking.
Feng Kiio C'hoDg, it ia added, haa
rccouimeuiled ilsu , 8hlh liaug,
former premie linger' the late
Preaident Yuan Shih Kai.
I ,' .W.fg.
''aalAlAva'l I IVA
, - . ' r " v ' V a. -. m T . --. ay. a'af I
1 COfiBS&l i
Soldiers Obtain
'Recommendation For Qamp
Thirteen civilian and one Uunilred
id, Jftv enlUted men ot the... arinv
i force on Oahu l)M wen reooqipiruilmt
:' v ..- .' r;..'- .1
Dy ine ncaj
'wnvrn urn
Who Reaistered Las
j Month .Likely! To Be Needed'
On Auguat SO the local draft board
' wili. commence to induct more Cla
.... I .A ... m ."- V""''
rraj mimary ;utliorU4e. lor ' i m, Ufa" milita'ra': aotvlea ta rnkko
... :..k "...:ti 'a'.ii' : 1 TT - t - . T ...
j ??' '1 , "M'" up a new quota or apout 'w men still
fni- o-'ice-s hi tlie maJnlnud. the former .1 ..i-i.1
, to be ussjguefl to Caiup k,rkano. ,,it j, ppriUe ihat . beforo tbU , work
Leaders Admit TJaat They ' May
Have Only a Few More Days
Itr Power -- Martial Law At
Vladivostok ' ;" :
ASHINGTON, August 18 ,
(Associated Press) .';'
Successes among practically ' all
the various forces in the 6cjd
against the Bolshevist regime are ;
producing a stiiiation in Russia
thaf is said to be seriously per
turbing both Berlin and Vienna,
which alarm is spreading to Sofia
and Constantinople. V )"'
'(An official, despatch from
Fririce says' that th Bulgarian
and "Turkish ministers (6 Russia
fiave arrived at Cerlin fronVMos-'
cowj bringing word of the almost
certain collapse of the) Lenirie
Trbtxky government. ' This des
patch 'quotes"th6 funich Neuste
Kachrichten as saying thatthe
QertriaHs ate greatly disappointed
at being unable further to depend
upon theBolshevSki rule at Mos- .
A -In format fmrrtSwiss sources.
insmii4ja official despatches
from Rome! say that th Austro
Hungarian governnrent has decid
ed to take' the most severe meas-
.ufes tocope-with the Jugo-Slav
;irovepent)ivhich is now threat
ening the Dual Monarchy, and no
eflbrt ,ill e, spared to suppress
tht i furtheH spread, of .: the - a'nti
ermahl sentiment Un the - Czech
W.S.a , I . V t .. ,T, ' 7".T - .71 7 - ia eonieirf r nnfy: o turn yfiwig
PPPPI '? . 4ran age JiU, betweep ,9i7,rdTKirlrVai o July f orti. 1
lLUlUll0 tftirty on-and fortyve. The lwt are yBBr mjy tl etlW t0 lhe . i
'i 1 T, ;.;,. I T,.rwfr.u7- K nm Hfffateitf to be' apd av section?) of tht"Couhtry. ,
htm QniAnonM 5 vh
nLIvU OUUnUnUll Tr litt,e,,bkabhBod, aoy f ,tem 0y he floverair from Provoat Mar denounced the British recognition
- ?T: . 1 .. . I. .-.) luiip-n,'- y Lot m.t ahul Oen. ral Crowder. Aa oon a the ' r . n ci,i,. '
' ' '' of them may be onthalr way before nuu,uni,;,M ... ,,.i.ti .ill I0' the VclO-Slovks as a nation
;.,;.; I hi.uaIUi vjf euttiHA-i. '.' t...;i.j tiiun ,lmrA ,A'.v.!nf! baa' anhmmej 'Vi-
the raid.
w. cv s.
. -
mil I IILf I 111! lLlllLLT
ttlASHINOTpNv; Apjroat -;i8 (Aao
elated ' Pre)-HligUtly uior thau 3,
QQOQd Apif r4ca atddier ara now un
der, Annvi- .Oeaer! fey too, jp. March,
Of these he ald 1,450,000 are either
in. Franc,, Italy and Hiberia or en
route for these point. - The balance
are ip Btonweut and traimng camps
at hom. These ar approximately 1,
c. uooj, ( . , ;
tit Treatment Hot SIwwji
Cemtral .Jtf art ),, tol,, af wspaper cor
reaponrnta tbat report rerejveil from
the ;Hpoi'iab embaaaiy, telling of the in
vektigationa mad by the fo.rejgu otiice
of Hpaiiiv into -reports of Oerman at
trocltiea .'.eumailtted, .,aga)atj American
prisoners, Indicated that American are
the Sixth Aci fSiuo.lron at Fort Ka I , M' turn jout a grj.iunte
mehaniehn. three of them have alrea.lv I ! 'vry month, and tv meet tha
paaaed their examination ami have en v"l '"' can .commwidaHt . .
listed for the war, while the other two, " fl'g'MS as he oeeds
lirohnblv get iuto tU) squadron i ' ; ,
eariv this week pnll"t''1 mua tav pa''l "m
t'i i... i...'., j..:.j .ii i....n I inatUins to fl'ter other caiiui". sin h ns
Thev ftre Norman J. Tavlor. I.e., de Hoo I rt'"T . mfUtry f d
uiid Uusaell K earns. Two other of their
WASHINGTON. August 17 (Assnci
at ml ,lra) Adutiiit (Jeiieral H. I'.
UuCaia. U. R. A ...haa been osaiu-neil to
not being inglef out for ill treatment ! command the -Twelfth diviiion at Camii
or for Usui t, the embassy rejHfrtuig Devcna, Ayer, Maaanchusetti, as a re
tljat no evidence of this coold be found j ward for meritorious services,
and that' on the 'contrary; Americans1! Bngadier-Oeneral Peter Harris will
were being accorded, the an me treat-1 be aciyig adjutant-general.- '. General
m.ent aa other prisoner of wnr.. lie Harris' hu irretftly aimulified the
nufu .rrpuiia m, ig lutjuua iop.i ana
a.-cpnimolation showed . treatment ha
been tsmlarditei.
On riarhtlna Front ' .
K ' Referring, to" thi battle ituytipn he
"said 'that-fe'German'are now ynlun-
tanly urrc0Vring portlpq of thetr
I line, at ' fan t different Doitits,
. 'On ,V-r'f nin t 'leee n.eicn
are holding; the line, only artillery fire
IVlMHlVnTnU Annual IA A aun
Mated Pre) Casualty list, a iasufd "bJ, jfo'wpflp.ed.
by the war department yesterday eon
tuined the uauie of 107 oluasiljed a'
Killed in action, thirty aix; died of
woiiida, eight; died of other causes,
.i; wouude.l, aeventy-ia aud pi
ina forty-one.
T.li'utcnaul Bernard Rice waa killed
in niton, . c .,, ,. .
t .'ar. . n. .
. He' read' a French divisional order
which, pov lfirb tributa to te vnior
aqd edi!)enc.v. pf tha ateond artillery
briirnd of. the second Auiurkan , divi-
aiou whirb aided Franco .Infantry ia
per work of the department and elim
inated the eumheraoma. iuter rolls,
which bad lung delayed t sending of
w- .'
. -4-,: . ?, -
LONDON Aii''st 18 ( tajiocintcl
Prcis) rAlthough the hni-vesta in F.nir
'riil Aineri'n "n.l Cnnn'a nie excm
tioplly. good, the increase in the visi
hli siinidy of grain will tie no help to
f Br'S'-1' l.-"-e1. Th'a una mud"
plain yesterday when it wn announced
LONDON, Auguat 18 (Ao.-iuted
Pre) Lo of two destroyer as re
suit of contact with mine wa told
in report by the admiralty-last night.
Roth of the losses occurred oii'TIi'-t
day and there was no doubt Or mine
contact and not submarining.
Tweuty-aix of tha officer and crew
two. dftyi Apree flihlldg in the Chateau i that a a roswlt of the Allied food con
Tiiprfjf ect,pr. .; i .,. ... '--re'"-' rfcre 7-Ui. ..us lt-e(Is' in
. Ppeafcing., iho tiuiaa rituation . the allotment of barley for brew ing
ind condition he said that.taejr, wre iur(ine and 'the lutiopit'g system for
but tieer makers will tie- ntrietly adhered
. . I.
evidently yery bad and' complex
that it waa (mprohaki . ttftjk f great
eastern front would' be established be
cip pf b Imnifjise length .that would
be required and the difficulties of fur
rrlsMr-" iq tuch a fron, :mpnitipna and
prpviaipD, !..,.-,' ".''..'' v'-
BpULIN,'AuV isjm (Ao-iut.li
atiua e ,tl ,'rcrujfircopt' ,Mfr 'av
Jilf ,1 T tf,i fltvof';,
tackwfl on both iiler af , Soy a. f roifi th
Tlie folJowii. auo,r l -Vn i 1 1 ti ..hip
inent on the fslarid of Hawaii: Olua,
llawai) Mill, f; llilo, L'T,S7-';
I'-iraikou, 44.H2I: 1'ei eekeo, IL',"-J1;
Hgiiumii, t:ti00: H"knliio. tl4.4": I .ma -vah'iii'libe,
2!.97(l- Kniw"'1 i. Il': ll.iu:i
ns. 24'": pnnuhuu 1.1, l.'- ll.innk'ii.
.1)1)0; llouuuiiu, 4 1 4 ; I'unnliui, -.
chums will lie up for their exaruijtutinus
liiia week. None of the boy ia twen
tv one yearn old.
Voting Tavlor is a son of Mr. and
Mrs. .1. H. TaWor. of 70!l Kinnu Street,
and for nearly three year vns head
currier for The Advertiser, but re
cently working for Hln.L Rolpb A Co.
He is a grn.liiute of the McKinley Hi(-'h
, l.eo de Ron is a son of the lote Onrl
de Hoo, of (Quarry Street, and has been
for some time n clerk in Jhe emiilov
of Castle & Cooke. He w pupil of
the Honolulu Military Academy, lie
is nineteen year old. '
Russell Keurns is' eighteen years old
and 3 nephew of Ralph A, Kearns of
tbe Bishop Trust Conipapj. Russell
before be enlisted, wa employed by
the Audit Company of Hawaii.
w. a . i I
DUichluw ,iiin
instruction camps. Thou' mLio qualify
in the four nviyutb'"; truinint' 1
will be roinniixsioiied as aecuiid lien
ti'iutnta. Those who .full will reiuuln
iu the army a enJvanVed uieu and their
enlist incut will be, Until the termina
tiou pf the war.
. . W.S.S.T-
: 1 1 y : t 1
i 1 .-I i , t .-I . ' . 'i
Mnynlinra, n Jupancse was found
,!ead in his cell at Wniluku lust Tues
day. It is believed that the'' Japanese
lied of heiirl failure. Muyahuia, ho
has been iu the employ of the lao
Stablea for many years, was iirrcntol
shortly after midnight' Monday morn
ing for liemL' inordinately drunk and
taken to Wailu'iu jail. Diirint; the
' mull hours he was heard talking in
neighborhood of i'baulue. on the uunl
to l aetftny on- the nouth. They were
of the two eraft are reported niiselng. 'averywbere repUUert." t
will succeed Fred
expired April 'AO.
Iron, m hose term
The noise ceut.ed about th-ee
iiecording to I lie Wi'.jluku Times
When the j.iilor opened the door of
the ilnink, ii man's cell ! nt ki
o'clock in tin uiornii'g, lie found Maya
knra lying t i'e down on the flo r, (-tnik
i nked, his he: d on his dossed nrns
On closer in-p -'in the mnn v a- fo ,n i
to be d 'd. His clothe, scattered ai'oni
on the fliiin had been torn to ilii Is
The supposiiioii is tin t he ha I d me
'I in u su Men, ilimiken nt of rri .
T' c il.-e.f I n nlije'it io h a 1
trouble, mid heart failure is g'wn u
tin- iiiiiiio.linle rrnikc ot his death.
Wants "Liberty . Choruses" Or
' aanaed-fivsrywhere
Here's a war ciianee for tleorge Au
drus, Chapluia Lougbran, Father V
Imil.in au.i other director! of singer,
luola nd oOmrwise.,
.Thn.Coutieii ot-lefbhBP wants "Lib
erty Choruses'' orgniaized in everj
sate aud territory to, niaintniu civilian
uioraila duriug thn war, and suggests
the appointment of a state or terriUwl
ul niusicu) director to be chosen by
the state or territorial council f d
feuae of tbe Woiin 'a ouimu'ee.
i Tliroiigliout the country the eomu-jl uf
defuusy will lii'iug about the creation
of local Liberty Clioruse hlxistiug
choirs, cliuriises, glee clubs cud musical
associations, will be utilirfi) wherever
possible. yr ., ,
1 The jUlittrty iCIioruae will sing at all
. patriotic uuisa meetiug aud public
gntderiugs of every sort, and no effort
I will be spare, I lo use theui as a menus
j of making the peoplti of everv cojiiu U
nity leuru the song of pur mil ion and
the phy sift-al emkinioiiai. Those bo
are lt.e. if .Ca 1, which is the
figbting elnvs " will be placed at the
loot f the list of those now in Class
8bould tbe Ailing out of the quota
of 70i men ,ciiia,uet the present Class
1 list, the young men just classified
will be called. ' '
The 'new registrant will be gtven a
thorough physic I examination and in
view of recent requeft from the
provost marshal ' o4Uy, the only rx
editions allowed will be in cava in
whi. h the young men are absolutely
nee.led to look after dependents, or be
, mi;- they are not physicoUy qualided.
I oetil l',osr,U No. 1 and 2 ef flnlm
ip rapidly going over al) tbe record
of ret istmuts of last year with a view
to brinfii ' "UV'y registrants from low
e.lnssili. a ions into Claa 1. Koch mem
ber if each board 1 studying these
t home rind reporting result s. Thus
fur only QSi.'i men have been brought
up to Cuh 1. All tbis work must be
completed by Tuesday the date when
tlie new i'o for -frvjee is rajjed.
Imiiki" persons often iM.jits nllic, and leuru to net togethnr
lock, , -I hiii: them.
I The Couiiei.l of Defense believes tlut
ii singing atiny cannot Ih defeated.
The object of the council is lo make
t Ii u l ulled States, throughout this war
nud al l erw ar,ls, what it has ncwi l.ceu
I tore - a uniting uation. Tlie Iceling
of Hie council is that the widen! ex
tension of oriuuied singing will not
only be of great service iu h -sliding
the oiyauiy.ed sjieakiug eaiupait;iis. tml
will unite the people of the i inn'Mini-
iv 'fii'i the exprenlon Of tli'ii will to
v iii, anil f'H n inure eniii"' unity
hi the prosecution of war work.
Coufldertinl instruction were hand
ed to Vajor Ceneral William ()rava,by
criitary of, War Newton Bokfr j
Kv'" ' rltv Missouri, where the, way
chief lind siimmoeail the "eperaj 'J'h
li.tler, who commanded Camp Fremont,
in California, ia to command the Anter
icaa exped t ioharr forre In Siberia.
'Frierds here of MaJ. etemiiel Jpaa
'on, formerlv adjutant -sjencral of the
Hawaiian National Guard, and now a
Uriusdu adjutant at Fremont, belifve
t)iHt because of hi Krissian birth he
Will accompany the American party
tq Siberia. Thia would be natural.!
oaiug to Major Johnson's fsmiltanty
with the Russian language.
IA)S ANUKLKS, August 17 (Aaao
ciated Presa) Unset Jewels valued at
$.'l!S,0IK) were taken this morning from
the jewelry atore of Donovan it Hea
niana. at the corner of Heventh and
Broadway. A negro porter employed
arouud the store is missing.
of fhi- Anstrorl 1 ungarian govern
ment to treat the Czecho-Slovak
in; us vuiiiijuscu ui xraiiurs,
who will be summarily executed '
as such if taken prisoners. ' "";'
a fetrogcad report by way of Stock
holm nays it is daily expected that tha .
Russian, government official now at
kloefow will retura to Tetrograd and
mai mat city win be again anada tha
seat of government far the Boisheviki.
the evacuation of Moscow i a bee na
I I iL. .j . a . .. .... .
the Ca.ee ho Slovak. j. :;;'
The latest- attempt of the soviet
'n moblHr.e an army has been a com
plete failure and the Bolsheviki leader
admit that the end of their power mar
irvive i.-ttMn a few day. - J -IRKUTSK
Belated despatche from- American
nnsul Harris at Irkutsk. Siberia n..l
Inly ?!!, were received by the stt
depnrtmnt only yesterday., These de
"Btche state that on July 7 the Cxec.o.
"Invak. assisted b.y the Siberian fro,
lletf .rtn ,' .. r.l ii ...1 Y .1. ..... 1. ..1 '
, ., . ..... " miu AHn-
n n .1 .. J .V - JI..1.1. 1 . . . V ' . .
'"",,'" ui' ninrifT io jn eout aji
CUv)..a'"wal J'We. who demanded
and received hi passport at Moscow
fnm tbe Boh acviT.v has Notified the
aV. dppartnitnt, tkaf he'wllt npt leave
Wnaeow nt onerait he Had expected, but
will remain there to aMt the Britich
md Frey.,) coimulnr oIKa;-- who aro
r cent ' personal ,rTaitger. '-,-
T fa r.n..Pl..l II.. C ..J I -I. '
ii) t Koaopw.' baa ucce4ed ia ob
taining te rlee pf reverat bnndrad
Fteacli. and Britih citiaeaa, a ho were
held by the Bolaheviki a bostejc for
mimiLara ArLtha anvlAla ' - , ,
OANoer'at VTAnrwnnTrvar -
A Wlyetk despatch to tha Lon
don Daily Mail say that the Allied
commander- there have ' unanimously
atrreeit to -pjtoebjim martial law becauie
the Bqlsljevfki tave threatened to
throw open the jail and attack tbe.
i&Ui'i girrljaj). ..'-.
. i w. a , a .,''
I ' .-. J - w
mm xua una( on a aionrnajT - v ;
Cliamberujlu 'a Colic aud Diarrhoea
Remedy ehoald be packed in your hand
1 " e when joing on a iournev.
Change of water, diet and temperature
all tend to produce bowel trouble, and
thia medicine cannot be secured oa
board the train or ateamahip. ' It may
save much suffering and inconvenience)
if you have it handy. For sale by B
son, Smith 4 Co. Adv.
' .0 i".-) i s---v , v.-. .. . , :
- ) i.vAW.ii w-iW-'. ,- .. .
V.". '( ;'''.'. i. it . ; '' v

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