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' 'V. . . V !
71 .
With a Uipt shipment of boom la
from Hilo tomorrow morning, Honolulu
V and the entirf 1 Territory will t hmtome
; 'ilryi.it midnight, after which ' it will
be a -flotation of the federal law to
' bur,"ell or give away boose of any
(,'oniing of the "drought", enforce
ment which full" to the federal au
thoritie under the Hawaii Prohibition
Act, present a problem for the staff
of United Mates Marshal .1. J. Rmlddy,
which consist naw of only two depu
ties, with no fund for employment of
' secret service operatives.
.Heretofore there have been approxi
' irately 2.r0 policemen in Hawaii whose
: dutv it w f see that the llminr laws
wereenforeed, aoil new there are only
. three "federal policemen" whom oath
require them to investigate ami ar
' rent violator of a Honor law muc h
moro difficult to enforce.
Theoretirally, it in known, District
, Attorney . 0. Huber anil Marshal
Basin I a nee of the territorial police, but
other think that there ia grave lan-,
' t manv aI t ham will ' ' vink ' ' ,
violation of a federal tatute, the en
forcement of which they are not par
ticularly interested in, and in many
eaaea possibly not in sympathy with.
. Internal Beveaue To Aid .
' Uonia other aid mar alto be expect
' d from another branch of the federal
' government, internal revenue agent
- who will have to inereaaa their vigi
lance ia apprenenaing "nanuracturers savs that already scores of Mswipe"
f ewipee and other aaoonahiae makers joints, where this vile eoncoetion i
of alcohol. , I are in operation and that it
Incidentally, throngh the Mnpowerlng would take a, smsll armr of men to
of the liquor boards oa the various 11 J prevent the manufacture of thle special
anda with authority for the granting t,and of alleged booae. Oattbat Island
of Ureases for the distribatioa and im the police have been doing jrood work,
portatroa of liquor and wiaes for sacra- hut after tomorrow, when the federal
mental, mechanical and medicinal pur officers take charge of the enforcement
poaee, aowie aid may be expected by 1 f thp Hawaii prohibition law, the
the federal authorities from these mio police will be authorized to act
boards and their inspectors. nly when cslled upon by, a federal
. Aa aongreas In passing the prohibl : officer, and there are no deputy mar
tion act gave the governor of the Ter- I shals in Hilo.
ritory authority for the regulation of 8 middy In Obrfe
permitted distribution of liqnor, and On Oahu, as well a in the rest of
he has delegated this authority to the ;
liquor boards ia the rules and regula i
tioua drawn up by Assistant Attorney
General Harry 'Irwia, the liquor boards
will actually be operatiag uader fed
and authority, although holding terri
tonal commissions.
Sapanda oa FoUca
- District Attorney Huber believes he,
may count upon the aid af the terri- j deputy marshals are sworn in.
to rial police in enforaing the liqnor i Meanwhile the executive order of
law, a has been somewhat the ease the President last April, making Hono
aa Oahu since the' presidential proela- ; lulu and Oahu bone dry, will be super
station turned thle Island "dry." ceded by the Hawaii Prohibition Act
,; He aaya that the becoming effective I which affects equally the entire Terri
f ,tbe federal prohibition act will not tory. What that order did for Hono
abrogate the territorial statues, or the lulu, a shown by the police records,
preichatml proclamation, and that tyre congressional act will be of similar
even proaecutiona for violations of the benefit to the Territory a a whole,
territorial law may be continued in . dependent upon how sincerely the law
that' Island courts, where it is easier la enforced.
JWItlConduct Special Course To Qutaui Far Juiv Vaiuori At Mnm
r- t. t i L I
rumisn uompeieni uaoora-
iory Assisxams
Te meet a threatening eniergcncy in
the sugar industry, a shortage of a
aiatanta in the sugar laboratories, the
Cdileve of Hawaii has roine to the
fot and anaounces s special short
DMIvris in lilifar UKilPfttnri- Iwi.rlt llnilr
feof. Herbert H. Walker of the lc
parfment or iir ieihiioiov or the
t , l!be proposed course im to oj.cn on
September .'t, one week before the 0en
ina? of the other courses of the college
anil will contiuuc for six weeks nn.l
ja I'onnoction with it the usual college
.entrance requirements are uueil. n
is iu no wise intended to take the
'place of the regular fuur years' course
and is strictly a war smergeiu-y weus
are made tnecessary by the cull of the
guuni, Tne nrsn inn voiiiniary cuiim
, The sugar technology course of the
-college has met a need iu the sugiir
industry here and Its vuluc is riu-u
aUed by the sugar industry. To that
Industrv Professor Walker ih well
known and. hia appointment to conduct
the -course is a source of geaeral satis
DFJXoIlis Brownels
' "Acta Use a Onsrm Hi
,'t the U aVaclne In
t:( oni'v aa.iiia.tiv in nruaauot. oout, wMiuixaTxa.
CsaslasUw Mitlgsl TsstlaMnf sacauiisuuw Mdi Sotu
iti .. n rMMiHM kt (II Csm.il tsnut-oiui. r-
tt. ... . ""wUad, tIL Sa. IO.
' -A
to do o thaa to in raj the defendanta
over to the federal aatberitiea.
But tin inite of the a r parent onti-
mistie view of the diatrict attorney
ann marshal a to tke future enforce
ment of the prohibition law. It ia evi
dent thai they are basin most of their
hope on the belief that it will be ao
difficult to smuggle liquor into the
Island that there will ant be many
What liquor is manufactured locally,
they expect the internal revenue force
to discover and confiscate and the cus
toms force to keep more from arriving
here, except under the permission grant
ed by the liquor boards to licensed im
But there ia itill a large stock of
liquor widely distributed In the Islands
Many Are ' 'Prepared' '
From all part of the Territory
tories hare been filtering into probibi
tion headquartera about the wny vari
ous prominent citizen, and others, have
been preparing for the "dry spell"
which hit the Island tomorrow night,
and some of them are hinted at as
being exceedingly interesting.
v. H. Hutton, local liquor license in
spector, has been keeping tabs upon
generous shipment of liquor from
, Hilo during the past month. It is
stated that when midnight striken to
' riorrow there will be more booze in
I Honolulu than ever before, and a grent
! deal of it came from Hilo, where the
the price of wliiakey during the last
few hours i reported to have jumped
' almost out of sight and so has the
' whiskey.
Word has also come from Hilo that
R. T. Guard, secretary of the liquor
commission ror me island of Hawaii.
the Territory, United States Marshal
flmiddv will be in complete charge of
ine pronioition campaign ror stamping
out all illicit stills, where "swipes"
or okolehao ia made. Aa Marshal 8mid
dy has only two deputies to assist him
ia thia wide campaign, the "swipes"
are expecting te lo a rushing business
for some time to eome. or until more
' " ' ...www
Than Five Thousand Dol
lars, Chairman Reports
More than five thouiul ilnllnii rep
resents the value of the output of the
Kauai branch of the Hnnniisu Cluipter
of the Red ('rufs Society for duly, the
report of (inue Kim; Kice, -Iih i rmu n
of Women's Work, Knstern rWtioii,
Kauai. This was luue liv -!M ri'i
i re.l workers .luriim this iitih.I. TIic
report is as follows:
K Keuliitiiiii I'mkih.
( uses .
10. IIH
3S,Hl (laue Wipes Ivl
1IKII Muuy Tailed Maul
ti.'M lied Shirts
HIM llaii.lken Inefe .
10 Wash Cloths. Knittc I
t Helmets, Knitted
5 Mufflers, Knitteil
:vil Hwaaters, Knitted . .
jir. Wristlets, Knit
:V2 pr. Socks, llaml Knit
2j pr. Socks, Mncliinc
Checks and arreita
rzvrx croup, ague.
Tlie tcct .' tmed y known for
J. T. Uvskot, l.w. .Ui on. SE.
a i
Funeral services" for the late August
. Present who waa district sales
manager for the Standard Oil Com
pany in Hawaii, were held Friday af
ternoon la the Xtasonie Temple under
the auspice of Hawaiian Lodge No. 21,
F. A. M. The service was largely
attended. Interment was in the Mason
ic plot in Nuuaau Cemetery.
The late Mr. Preseott was a mem
ber of Maui I-odge No. 9H4, F. A A.
M., as well as a Hhriner and Knight
Templar of the Maaoale order. He was
slso a prominent member of Honolulu
Lodge No. 618, B. P. O. E.
' w. a. a.
Congressmen Reported Interest
ed In Plan To Form Organiza
tion For Service In France
There ia already great interest among
apanese of this Territory, and
ially of Honolulu, in the report
that there may be raised a special rail- I
rosd e.nms f n r m jwl nt .Tana n... f.nm
Hawaii and the mainland, for service
behind the lines in France, where al
ready a regiment of American engi
neers have made fame for themselves
in their work of building emergency
railways, even in the midst of severe
According to the plan, which has
reached Honolulu in the latest mail
it ia propoaed to organize with at least
5000 Japanese, with the idea that re
cruits will be accepted from thia Ter
ritory, as well as from among the Jap
aneae of the Coaat and Middle West.
The plan, it is stated, originated in
I'tab, where D. Hashimoto, a prominent
Japanese, has taken up the matter and
interested a number of congressmen
and some of the United States sena
tors from the West in the scheme.
The promotor of the plan are report
ed to have interested a large number
of citizens on Salt Iake and other sec
tions, In the project, who are icqueat
ed to cooperate for the purpose of
backing up the suggestion that the Jap
anese of the country should have a
chance to volunteer for service lit te
front. At present it is dependent npoa
the official sanction of the United
Statea government as to whether the
scheme will be followed up.
It was stated by prominent Japan
ese of Honolula last evening that if
it i permitted to organize a Japanese
railroad corps of 5000 men for serv
ice in France, Honolulu, and the Ter
ritory as u whole, will ho very well
represented anumi; the rank and file
slid probnt.ly among the officers, as
there are a iiunil.cr of expert Japanese
railroad men ami mechanic here who
would enlist.
Friends of hnnji l.e, of the Head
quarter Company. Kurt Shafter, who
was formerly a policeman in Hilo and
clerk to the iliputy sheriff of South
Hilo, say that lie has already applied
for transfer to the officers' training
camp at Fort 1'ike, Arkansas, to try
for a commission. A tie is of Japanese
parentsge, lint horn in Hawaii and is
well educated in Imth Kuglish and Jap
anese, in case a hattalion of the rail
road corps is urbanized in Hawaii it is
probable that Mr. Abe would become
an ofhVer in this organization, where
lie would tie an extremely valuable man.
John H. Mosier, attorney and oil
i '
. , ." on me .ii imf KBiiieieio, Bays neuter s
Kainsas City recently with a new In- , correspondent at American headquar
dian story.' Aa Indian (oldiejr Jiome tor. ,
on a furlough, was walking do) J the; Tpe Gemma iwaa about to finish the
main street at Muskogee when a white American with his bayonet. The
msa who knew him slopped him and ( nerican grabbed a grenade from his
aid: ,1 belt, loosened the safety catch, and
" Well, .Ii.lm, 1 see you have become a thru the .grenade into the German's
soldier. " ckot. There ws not much left of
"Ye, me Kiil.lier," replied the Jn-1(. Herman.',
dlan." j t(n.
" H6w do yon like being a ioldier, UllslO Dl IOC UlAIIIM
"No like urn ' "
""'hat's ihe niatterf'
"Too much sajuta m not- enough
hot," v '"t"" 'f:
Ot course vrni know what you are
lighting for, .lohnf"
"Yes, mc know." nnswcied the In
disn. "Well, liui nr.- mhi lighting for.
!.,. i,,,, ,i,,.1M u,.rd Dcmocrn
tic party," answered Mu Indian Kan-
w . - it . .1. nl
W s. 8.
For a W'ek Stomach
s e v. 1
-i ndoi I 1.
nil Y"ti 11
il in d
i, r -.intcl to vtiiir hc
1 I t 1 iii'fi, nnr Imw. U
e 1 Trel t lint yon have
ui-! w lien ri.nsti,Hteil,
1 'nil. ' i.l.leU. For
-niilli & (.'0 -Ads.
j ni ncu 1 :i ' .
-i'u!ar. V. I.,
ste'i fro it
ne one il
ale by Ileus,,
Men Going Armed In Hamakua;
; Escaped Prisoner Known
Gun-man? Householder! Held
Domingo rWa.a Filipino who e-
leaned from th Kesmokn nrion c.mn
thw ,!,,' la reported to be'
tarrrtriaing those residents of the Ha
makna district who live in lonely local
Itiea, according o the Hilo Tribune. :
ine inaa is said to be srmod with a
revolver and he la known to have held
up some householders and demanded
food. Ike vietim in all eaaea have
been too seared to report the matter
to the .police n'util some time after
the aOrffr had .'happened.
" The ' t HoM -police Yorcc of the Ha
makua district has been out on a
search for th Filipino for some time
pa sr Dm. annougn atnrtes or his bav
from time to time at
seoftMlt Bt. have reached
uty, sheriff., the officers hnve
ing pee
w idely
the der
not, so far, pained a glimpse of him.
Known Aa. Qan-maa
That Mesao ia a gunman is de
clared by those who he known him
for Rome, years past. He i using a
gun now. to ' procure hat he need.
Ills visits to saa.n ca.nns and scat-
tcred houaea al.mff the Hamakua const
as bad as that which existed for mouth
lest vear whew . Willinm IToiiin h
? T,U' Wb n'r bke,
t lurtre . sr.. nfraiit n Uiv.
- - --- ---1-1 ...v
was at
their wives and children at home when , La Calms and Watmea hooked up
they are compelled to ro out to work, together for a three eigh'th sprint and
snd a regular hue-ami cry is being finished nose and nose in the fast time
raised throughout the district. of thirty-six seconds, stepping the last
George Richardson, chief of detec eighth in eleven. .
tive, hei taken up the inntter and Mort worked the half mile in fifty
has special tn Working on the case, j two and a half, making the first quar
Those men are. going about the job ter in twenty ix. He will be a con
in their own 'way and the chief ei-. tender in the three eighth dash,
pects to have soma reports soon. Oneonta breer.eil three-quarters in
Korean Also Escapee l:lu with his head resting on Jockey
At the same time that Wesson escaped Tyler's lap. He surely takes kindlv to
from jail a Korean, Yee Bong Nee the mud.
also made hit getaw ay. It is not I'mpqua was not on the track, The
known if the two are still together or '"'K fellow took his morning gallop ia
whether 'they 'parted company. The Park, instead, where the footing
latter 1 considered more probable, a (food. The present snappy weather
none or tnose people a ho have seen
the Filipino reports haing caught sight
of the Korean.
Men are going armed in Hamakua
.M. no-ted .t mr le.
nowadays, and at night there are
the line.
. i-
tfakekaq Is Not Keen
To Make Rce
For SenatejHe Says
Will Not Mak Any Campaign In
His Own Behalf;. Charley Not
ley Beginning To Groom His
Political Ambitions
"I'm not anxious. to run for the
senate again,'' ia the declaration of
Beohtor UakekaU'jil aanounred by the
Hilo Tribune, "1 shall ndt go oiit on
the stump prior to the primaries or the
real election and, ilthongh I intend
to make the trip around the island iu
company with Doctor. Raymond, I will
not make any aach ; campaign in my
own behalf. If the electors want me
as a aenator front Hawaii again, they
can elect-nie. If they don 't want me,
then It won't hurt me."
Senator Makekao also said that, of
course, he would get the nomination
on the Democratic ticket, if he were
the only one to run. However, a
Charles Xotley ia said to be getting
into the running aa a candidate on
the Democratic ticket, there probably
will be two men aeeking the nomina
tion. , Notley i the preseut ''eputy tax
assessor of the Hamakua district, but
as Robert (iillespie, who formerly held
the job nnd left it on sick leave, is
once more back in the Territory, it
may mean that Notley will be relieved
of his positlou. In such case, he might
be induced to run for the senute.
Makekau is declared to have lost
ground since 1 1 1 I, but how much is
not known. As he himself suys that
he is nut keen to run auxin, it iiirv
turn out that Notley will get the lcin
ecractic nomination next October.
w. a. a.
LONDON, August 8 A little Amer-
ican "a shrimn of a man" outwit
ted a bui-e German In a deadly grabble i
Zl'HIcif July 29 Miss Mllado
.lamscheck, a teacjier of langiiuges, has
been sentenced to death by the Vienna
'"'itary tribune tin a charge of espion
age. Miss Jamacheck sailed from New !
York on the' same steamer with Count
llernstorrf. Hue wus cnargea with tusk-
...g the trip for Caeca in the I nited
Stutes to ascertaiu from Von Hern-
storff how far Austria was under Oer-(
man influence, whiit prospect there was j
of Austria making a separate peace and
what wus the attitude of the Czech
deputies und Bohemians regarding the
in.le. cudence of the Caeeh countries. 1
Mi Jamheeck, it is said, denied
ciimlnal intent and asserted that ska
iTiv nesiron 10 nnng goM news o uer
countrymen from the United Stater
y i.'.. . .. .-
SQmm fjf t YnimriataM ii . If lV.
; Z. T a,
P'Oj30'1. "arK J SflOW , Fm6
-4 .- " , VllVlf f, III
Form for Comino Race
Threateaiitg weathar and ' a nraddy
track at Xaniolani P.rW lnn...i
a - " mm s. s WMIV
what the -work ouu Friday and Bub-
day, althougn nearly- all the horse.
wore put., Kam tir shine, thm
birds " are aJwayOn hand.
WvX(A llZy, Berretta
nev worked JhreaVhUM he., first . In
V? "t''m, 'n :' id the thlr,t ia
2:16. This animal seems to .like the
mud and navigates well. n. i.v
! ' W track ia
,', ' hI ' hltLV'.w 'T'"'
T'nn n' ' UW'B
Borgiando and Mary J. galloped
three-quarters in 1:17, Mary J. loading
all the way to the last eighth, wbea
Horgiando, with Kunl up, made a drive
and nosed her out at the wire. John.
.i' . ?F fB7. " wn0
IV f'.ssll
! Koing ' 7 " lB B"Vy
1 : 4ft. ffolnir the nr.. h.ie In BCt- e..
i , J ...
: "' " the . and will atand
rn iin'i. mi
i " ig a an
Oncta, Malolo and Kawailanl were
sent five-eighths of a mile, finishing a
the names appear here. Time Onets,
'': Malolo. 1:04 4 5. nn,l Ksirsll.ni
1:05 1-5.
i ""'"'wr Bell and Suaute were hooked i
up in a flve-eightlm dash. MrDoiieal
was on Dinner Bell and Charlie Tyler
on Huante. They got away to a good
start with Bus nie half a neck in the
lead. Coming into the stretch they
were ruuning head and head and pass
ing under the wire Huante led by hnlf
a length. Time: First quarter, 0:25;
half, 0) 12, and Ave eighths, 1:03 2-6.
Husnte, a bay Ally, waa foaled March
1.1. 1018. hv Htsi-l.Viftl n n Silu..
Line. Hhe is a lialf-siater to Jose, a '
winner, bv Dnk
.Vf JSSSi f.Ti:
Is a fine lookin
almost certain to develop into a first
class racer.
Dinner Bell, chestnut colt, was foaled
February l.'J, 1I6, by Starbottle out
of Eleven Hells He is the first
He i. the first foal
of Kleveu Bells, a winner of over
eighty races at all distance. Htarbot -
tie, lus sire, is a stake winner of twelve
races and U,.124. Dinner Bell ia a.
most sure to be a highclasa race horse,
being bred alorrg such producing line.
Peter Fost and Dreamery were Bent
three-eighths of a mile in thirty-aeven
seconds. They both finished strong and
could have cssilv clipped off a second
or two. Cal Leonard, the grandfather
of all jockeya, wn astride of Dream -
Tom Hollinger'e bay pacer, Welcome
Hoy, was aent three beat without
straps. He made the first heat in 2:16,
the second in 2:17 12, and the third. in
2:15. Jack Gibson, Honolulu 'a veteran
driver, handled the ribbon.
Tennont and Mary Louise hooked up
in a three-quarter mile dash. Doni
vitr. handling Termout, while Charlie
Tyler was up on Mary Louise. They
got away to a poor start with Termont
two full lengths ahead. After running
the half Mary Louise closed the gap
nnd it was nip and tuck between the
two over the last quarter to the wire,
Termont finishing by a scant nose iu
front. The time wa 1:1.1,
W. a.
Vn..n Rsatall I
who returned re
cently from the
mainland, and
Louis Eapetevedt
of Fort Buger
have been finally
matched to wres
tle a best , two
out of three bout
at the B I j o a
Theater the eve-
u.ng or nepiem-
r.i5r ' ,,UrH6
of 2000.
The agreement
was reacuea on
...u.Uo, -,,......,
at t
heY M. C, A.,
where Hantell
working out
tukes a week to
YOUNO SANTELL "ive one or the
other wrestler the first two of the
three fulls.
Young Ninitell is truining at the "Y",
where he may be seen by followers of
this line of sport. He 1 also taking
up some instruction work at For
Shsfter, where the soldier boy are
falling strong for the game.
Fergus Wilkenson I managing 8a
leu, wime il uy ray lor I looking arte
Espetevcdt's intereit.
Y-J t
. k . r z. aaasw
- a
1 -"w w,u i Ho. .., ,,,,,1 IU present raee were not' been swimming Ja fine stvle. recently
draw, it haa been inspired by any overwhelming 'vjopular.Vrt,tig a etr Amerionn" record for
guaranteed, so demand." " .1 X wonoa"a 800 -yard awim. She was
that the public w. a. a. f to hare- mad' an attack 00 tha world '
w ill be aaaured of pjkJQ GRAVE OF ' . : ,, 100 ya weord and. there were many
a real match if It . .. ! who Iwiliaved she slnn.t aa,I
f1l - ...111 V .
1 1
! ..,-iu-..iin
PM ': Ui:..aL'M: '
iuuayi , ldUUIIct!9 .dllll dCVBn
Full Games Ahead of New. .
York Giants
. . .
..... ..100
w. it 'ht
! Chicago , .
I S.'.0
. . -T
' ',.
! V" "d''1,,hl '
, . . 108
Boston .
Ht. Iiuis . .
TesteTday'i EeauJU . v.
At Cincinaati Cincinnati 8, Brook
lyn (first viaa); Ciaeinnati 3,-Break
lyn 1 (second game). '"',. ' . ,j
At Chicago Boston 3, Chlottgo 1
(first game) ; Chicago 8, Boston 1 (see
ond game).
At tt. Louis St. Louis 4, Philadel
phia 0 (first game); 8t. Louis 8, Phila
delphia 1 (second game).
Ko other gamea played.
How Barlaa BUa0 r
Ht. Louis t, Philadelphia 0.
1 Wo i C ' f
i rwsion J, (..BieaffO 1.
iirw zora i, rittsburjra o.
Today'a Oamea
Boaton at Chicago.
Brooklyn at Cincinnati.
New York at 'Pittsburgh.
Philadelphia at Louis.
Boston .
Cleveland,. ,
Washington .
New York . .
Ht. Louis ...
Chirajio .. . . ,
Detroit :' ...
Philadelphia ,
Yesterday's Results - ;
At Washington Washington 2, fit.
I.ouls 1. ,
No other games played.
How Series Stands
Philadelphia 2. Detroit 0.
Ht. Louis I, Washington 1.
Chicago 1, New York I.
Boston 1, Cleveland 0.
Today's Oamea
Chicago at New Yerk.
Ht. Louis at Washington.
Detroit at Philadelphia.
Cleveland at Boston.
CHICAGO. Aniruet "12 Associated
T-r.ht0iKh tfc ' OUrk
C. Griffith, manage and awes a the
' "'aahingtoh; American, a " total ' of
i"o- naa Deen .raised rof the
aoldier Bat and Ball. Fund witata the
n"cn months. The Latest stats-
""""I hw that $93,77.08 was apent
' between April 20, 1017, aad July J,
191S leaving a balance o a trifle more
tnn f0. Of this amount disbursed
W.I.SSS.SO waa for the purchase of base?
bu outflta alone. The. equipment was
1 ent 10 ance and' ramps in - this
icoumry. ine expense or advertising,
"uuing postage, waa nose to WM,OW),
NKW YOHK, Au.-ust 17 (AssocUt
ed Press) Kalph DePalma, noted ipeed
king of the auto race world, act wo
new records today in the international
sweepstakes over the two mile Bhetps
hcud Bay course. The first was hia
covering of two miles in on minute
S 111 second and the other, the
covering of ten miles in live minutes,
211 S 10 seconds.
, The following is an editorial which)
'-enred in the Maui Newt of last,
leaoux RAjronro
r. w. is, rt
Ill 66 48' .595
HI 63 48 .568
112 61 51 .648
109 88 64 .60S
108 61 87 .472'
110 51 69 vt64
108 46 62 .436
113 48 68 .425 j
s,i.,er ,UB oDjecuona raisea pTraMll OF THB ABaooiATBO rEESa
Maul members of the, Hawaii Polo A - AsseelsUS rrsss Is saeludvsly n
Bacing A.sociation, preparatloa or anyH?'.--? '- ?? .fapahlleatfam r u
elaborate race meeting Vxt month W lSSSTtTSSM i'a'L S.'.
going right ahead. Nor wall thia be a. . BKaV, vm aUske4 Usr7
' Hooverized ' meet, suclraa waa Maui's I - , h m. em aura ., Manaaer
Fonrt h of .i..iv eir.r.i Tki.f-.- 1 ' "7" saawoaa aunager.
race horses are renorted to be io tralBv'
ing at Kapiolani Park, while (ia many
more lire 111 training ar arroV noata;
The nffair will be distinctly a profes
sional one, ana the tact that the pro
, ceeo. are announce to M for UI Bed
i ,,""1"ot cKb1,ne
Professional baseball i. boat a tbinff
of the past, as I also , horse-raolng,
naa w,i. t,e uu the war la over. '
, .vr..,,nui lr nil lurucu over
to the racing aiwopiatioa.-by ' the pepplo-
u. nsxau sua me a.socianqn . is. res-
nonsib a to the people.: 'IfJa vary eer-'
niiraiviKi nAAsr uri s
UUCrilirt nUUdCVtUI
ON THE VESLE, August 7 (Assocla-
ted Press) On a wooden Cross at the
heud of a grave at the edge of a wood
at Chamcry, east of Fere en-TardenoU,
la this inscription;
" Lieutenant Ouentln Roosevelt, bur-
led bv the Germans" .
The grava waa discovered today by
Tne grave was maeoverea too ay oy
an Amarlc4inHUtafcTiaJn9rlptioa. ManXactursd 1 r tb PAltlH Kbi
is in English. "CIN Ctf-tH atl Ai; a A,
ruoAi factoxs, mnvrwo AWO
' - '" " 4, " ; '''-,
"a Piantarioai Oompm; , .'..,
alluka A?rraltural Co Ltd ' '
nokaa Sugar C.. Lid. ' '
s v s.'umt ruy r vw'nsj i
; -Wahlawa, Water Compaay, Lta.
. w.kuir iron vorka.' of flit. Loaia
Batxioek A V'll(ot Company
- . flreea's Fuel Ecnaomiaer Com b
, f'ka. C 'Mtiare 1', Bnfiaaera
Get On
A money-aaving basin.. Thia
la especially, time for curtail
ment .of cxpenaea. .v
Wi pay 4 interest on savings
Bank of Hawaii,
Corner Fort aad Verrhaat Ht rests
AUSTRALASIAN royal Mil line
Begular Bailings to BRITISH
COLUMBIA (change at Victoria, B.
C for Seattle; Vancouver is con
necting 'point'', or ( passenger by
Canadian pacific railway
to er via tS. Paul, ChicaCgo or Mon
treal) PHI, NEW ZEALAND and
Ttco. It Diyics i Co. Ltd
lf ,.ViJ' -
t LA I Hj, , ft LUOKE L0 Ltd
m-.-. (HONOLULU, T. H.
Coanissioa Merchant
v Ssr Factors
' Bvva Plantatioa Co,
vVedalua Afrlcaltaral Co., Ltd.
Apokaa. Sugar Co., Ltd.
IVIton Iron Work of 8t Louis
Blaka Suam Pomp
s Western Centrifugals
eaoeoek Wilcox BoUara
Oreea'a Fuel Eeoaoaiaer
' Marsh Steam Pumps
Matson Navigation Co.
Planters' Uns Shipping Uo.
Koliaja 8ugar Co.
chinery of every description autde to
laauad Tuesdays and- rrtdaya
(Entered at the Postoffl. s of Honolulu,
T. II., aa second-class matter)
Par. Year . , ai'.oti
Per Year (foreign) $:i.(Hi
Pavable Invariahlv in ulvun,..
SAN VnXVClStO, August L'0-(As
sociated Pkessl-The visit of Mi O)
9 Dorfner 0 Philadelphia, American
eprint champion; haa bVen interfered
lth hy ,u,kne. The little Easterner
,''1.aa bQen Jll with the mea.le. and it will
Jit at tint s Smnih lur., .k -;n 1...
abhr to ewter 'aTank again. As a re
suit the haa cancelled her entries to
various Pacific Coast swim. She lias
Uf sureass inviaw of the show inn she
had been, making.
move toe canst Used th world ovc
,n r,. m iJ. A. . ti i
. to Cttra a COia ! 00? (Uy. The sin na
,vw OKWVp la oh satli U,t
Castle &Coolief

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