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AUGUST 23, 19l8.
nt -rv 1 7fii. Tin- further fact that a large proportion of
OlClC King UCnOCVCLCy I I dipinos an- probably eligible to citizenship after
WE have been wilting for some representative a residence of live year is a most potent reason
Democrat, who puts Jiis patriotism ahead of t why tlie-e Island should not he flooded further
J. is party and who ba the name contempt for one with this class of coolies, who may he able
who would take advantage of today s situation to within a lew years to take political control of the
wrinr an extra dollar out of the necessity of the Territory without any of the qualifications that
neonle as I'residetit Wilson has, t come out in make good American citizens and intelligent
the open and denounce the candidacy of I.. I.. Mc
Candless as the party's nominee for Delegate to
Congress o far we have failed thear a single
Democratic peep.
W hat is the matter with Democracy in Hawaii?
I- the part really prepared to endorse such a can-
We nitiM have labor If we do not secure an
adequate Mipplv of hmese. Japanese or Korean
laborers, we will liae ten to twenty thousand
more Filipinos added to the number we already
hae. Do we want them? If we oppose Chinese
. . If y II - I 1 ...-a ..- I I i.,iijfTr'itiibii ii'A A. f 1 I B A , - n
tlid.tcv. in ii w ol tne iXKaiHiiess reioiu. tim " - umci ihhi.i s,.oi,,n ov x.k.u.-.v. m..
the members ot that party actually ready to go choice is between Filipinos on the one hand and
out to advocate sending McCandless to congress Japanese or Chinese on the other.
to represent us and them? Or does the jingle of w. s r
McCandless money. .no matter where he got it T nnua:fie StlCCeS
drow n out the voice of patriotism in local Demo 1 W nqUUII f ICU kJUCCfKOd
ratio ears? Infill" unqualified -u. cess w hich has attended
Hawaiian Democrats must either take Link and A the flotation of American Factors, Limited,
bis rice performances and endorse them both, or m tlie facc ,,f the "drives" that have been carried
thev must disown lxth. They cannot disassociate r,n, jn the fact of the coming "drives" that Ha
McCaudless, from his record, nor can they purify waii is preparing to meet and in the certainty of
the Latter by anv outburst of platform patriotism tae- and super taxes that will call for millions
.r llag waving on his behalf. McCandless. as from tlie Territory, i- a demonstration of faith
Democratic candidate, is just the same MoCand- ii the American cause and confidence in the Am
less the defier of the requests of the President, erican government and is. as well, a further
the violator of the rules of the food administra- ' demonstration of the patriotism that inspires the
Con, the "financial slacker", and no party endorse- people of the Islands.
niciit is going to make him anything else. j It is the fact that there are so many small in
Deinoeracv in Hawaii ought to be heartily estors and that these represent all classes in the
ashamed of itself just so long as it fails to show , erritory that should be the most gratifying fea
its shame in the candidacy of McCandless. I ture of the flotation. Hackfeld & Co.. a closely-
w. t. . .held. fireign-coiitrolled. capitalistic corporation, is
transformed into a widelv-held. American-owned
No Secret Killings
corporation with nearly seven hundred stock-
ON'K. ami only one. plausible theory can b holders,
advanced to account for the survival in this! We believe that this is as the administration
country, after numerous and authoritative denials, ' at W ashington hoped and desired. In the suc
of the belief that dozens, scores, or hundreds of I cess attained, much of the credit is due to C'us-
. German spits here have been secretlv arrested, I todian Trent and his organization, the men who
secretlv tried, and secretlv shot or hanged. 1 he handled the flotation and conducted tne puniicnv
one theory, says the New York Times. i that
there exists a w idespread dissatisfaction, conscious
or subconscious, wkh the lenience with which
these criminals have been treated under our laws,
and that this feeling, by a sort of ambi valence,
as the new psychologists call it. has turned into
eredulitv for anv tales of this sort
which attracted the investors, large and small.
' w. 8. s.
A Call to Duty
FROM the battle fields in France there conies
an unspoken call that should find an' answer in
every American's heart. The recent great events
At anv mt. tbp tales continue to be told and : in Furonc. the successes of American arms on
accented as true, especially when, as sometimes the fields of France should spur every American
happens, they come from that well known ongi
ratiir of illusions and delusions the man of whom
V; "'it an be said, "He ought to know". Experience
.-.', teaches that the man who ought to know very
, often doesn't.. but the lesson is hard to learn as
is illustrated about a thousand times a day down
in Wall Street.
Absolute disproof of these stories about secret
executions is impossible, of course, as is the abs.i
lute disproof of any "universal negative" Hut
disproof surely good enough for all practical pur
poses is given by. the fact that every reader of
the newspapers knows of instances now almost
enumerable in which Germans and the agents of
. .- Germans have been caught doing things in this
country which, if done in any European country,
would have meant court-martial and death, while
to greater effort.
Our people at home should not rest on the
Jaiirels of our. solditjr.in France. Every death on
the field of honor iirnrje line of duty and for our
'country's cause should be a call to us or every
sacrifice and every exertion to aid the cause for
which our soldiers are fighting, for which our
soldiers have died.
Increase production, decrease consumption,
save, and lend to the government. Every cent
Knt to the I'nited States is used to support,
strengthen, and aid our soldiers in France.
W. I. 8.
Call For More Nurses
Tlll". American Army's urgent need of nurses
provides a new opportunity for patriotic
here they have only been sent to prison. If men service by women between the ages ol nineteen
clearly guilty of blowing up our bridge, factories j ;iIU thirty live. Hy January 1 next, as Surgeon
and ships, of trafficking with the public enemy, ot
preaching sedition and treason, are not summarily
and secretly put out of the way. what crimes are
to be imputed to the heroes and heroines of the
whispered tragedies '
The settled policy of our government is obv ious,
nr' ought to be. to everybody who will take the
trouble to think over what has been done here
with spies since the United States went to war
And the settled policy is a good one. The spy,
it should be remembered, is a patriot, in his way.
and to kill him is fully justifiable only when it is
difficult or impossible to assure his harmlessness
The (loverm-T has approved the phtns
for the Ml by the territorial treasurer
of 10,OOO worth of four percent bond
for an extension of the Mntii belt
road from Kallua eastward.
The Public Utilities Commission re
turned yesterday' from an official visit
to Maui and Hawaii, All the member
made tho tour except Hectetnrv H. O.
A joint meeting Of the Territorial
Food Com mi mi on and tho Territorial
Marketing Commission will he held
thin morning at nlnethhty at. the
Chamber of Commerce.
(lovernor McCarthy said yesterday
that it would le Impossible now, be
cause of the lack of funds, for Hawaii
to provide wharves and other facilities,
to meet after 'he war shipping demands
in Honolulu
A pardon was signed yesterday by
McCarthy in favor of A. .1. Tiirnley,
who on May 22, IBIS, was convicted of
first degree burglary and sentenced to
serve not less than three yen i s nor
more than 20 years in the Calm prison.
Albert 1'. Christian, 'for some time
district sanitary inspector in llilo. was
appointed chief sanitary inspector for
the Island of Hawaii on Monday by
President I'axann of the board of
board nf health, during the latter 's
brief official visit to the Second City.
Kntrance examinations fur the Col
lege of Hawaii have been set as fol
lows, the subjects to be secured from
the secretary of the. epllege: Thursday,
September 5, at , o'clock, physics;
at 2 o'clock, physiology; Friday, Sep
tember , at f o'clock, algebra through
quadratics; 2 o'clock, plane geometry.
The Governor has appointed Maj. I..
0. Hlarkman, Hawaiian Nntional Guard,
ami commandant of the Honolulu Mili
tary Academy,' aa hia military aide,
("apt. A. J. Porter, N. O. H.. who hvs
resigned to enter the army as a pri
vale, First Hawaiian Infantry, with n
view to taking examinations for an of
(ii-er's commission.
Vluma Nhimano, a Rilo Japanese wo
man, who recently returned here from
a short viait to Japan hut who is de
tained at the immigration station, was
ordered departed by the authoratios on
the grounds that she committed per
jury at the inquiry by the official. The
noman may appeal the ense to Washington.
A banquet in honor of T. Iwnnaga,
who has resigned the vice presidency of
the Jaane!ie chamber of commerce of
the city to return to .lapnn, was given
last night at the Moohikuki Club. Wai
kiki. by the officers anil members of
the business body. Mt Iwanaga is to
leave bore hr the next steamer to the
Orient, with his family.
The trial of (). W. Hicks, chief en
gineer, and Carter Williamson, second
assistant, of a V. H. Shipping Board
vessel, charged with Carelessness and
negligence in connection with the
wrecking of the vessel's starboard
boiler, was conclndrtf( yesterday at
noon before a board headed by Capt.
T. J. Heeney, federal inspector of hulls
and boilers. A decision in the case is
expected early nexl wek.-
w. a. a.
Honorable Discharge
From National
Guard Given Whaley
Is Granted Him To Reinstate Him
In Civilian Life Following His
Pardon By Governor and Re
lease From Prison
C. P. laifkln of the First National
Bank of Wailuku Is a Mtr la the
city. '
President Pax son of the board of
health is evpected to return from Ma
ui this morning.
Mr. J. F. .lodge has sailed for his
home in Han Francisco, after a pleas
ant stay at tha Moana
Charles A. Rice, former territorial
senator, who is again Kauai candidate
for the upper house, Is a visitor in the
W. T. Carrion and W. P. Thomas, of
the public utilities commission, return
ed to Honolulu from Maui by tho Manna
Ken yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Howard wera
returning passengers on the Inter Is
land steamer Mauna Kea yesterday
from a visit in Haw-ail.
H. Oilman waa a returning passen
ger in the Mauna Kea yesterday from
the Island of Maui, whers he was on
a visit which comblnod business and
W .H. Smith, who it ehairmsn of tha
draft board in Hilo, arrived on the
Mauna Kea yesterday to attend a meet
ing of the board of education, of which
he is a member.
James Yeaman, of the Security Truat
Company of Hilo, was one of the ar
rivals from the Crescent City on the
Inter-Island flagship Manna Kea yea-
terday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Bottomley and
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Winstenley were
arrivals from Hawaii yesterday on the
Many New Class Rooms Provid
ed For With Young Wo
men From Mainland
Completing the entire list of teachers
for the Territory of Hawaii, with a few
exceptions, the board of duration on
Tuesday finished up tins important
work In one day. A feature of the re
port is the great number of additional
teachers which it has been found neces
sary to secure for the growing juvenile
population of Hawaii of school age,
the majority of them being Orientals.
About one hundred white women teach
ers are among the new ones, although
many are graduates of the local Normal
There are now to be twenty-eight
teachers in the aew and old Normal
Hchool buildings here, and twenty more
in the practising department. There
are also increases in many of the other
schools of Honolulu, and some in the
outside districts, while quite a number
of new schools will open for the coming
term in country districts in Onhn and
he other islands.
Among the teachera named are the
following for Oahu, including those of
the Normal (School, Royal School, Ka
uluwela and Kaiulani Schools, as well
as the ocational instructors and super
vising principals for all of the islands:
ftcha! far Itrtrrtlvm Miss Ocrtruile A.
Mason. Miss Hsrs McBrlde. Miss En J
Huiythe. Miss Frances K. Johnson. Miss
Msrraret Collins. Miss Marjr H. Holler.
imlltnl Inslractors Onhu - lien
Business of the custodian of onemy
property has so grown that a aeparate
ortice Is required for It. Thns far It
has been conducted in the ntnr.e or
H Trent in the Trent Trust Cttm-
. . , 9
peny, imt more room is required ror .
the keeping of the records and cor
respondenre whrcn pile np rapidly and
io i rv voluminous. i hererore ,ir.
icnl has tnl.cn olH.es in the Hawaiian
rust Comflity building and he and
hi secretary. Mis. (iedtie, ill conduct
the work of the enemy property eua-
todian there.
The Am'ericanisation of Hackfeld
Company through its sale to American
Factors does not by any means close
the work of the custodian either as
to Hackfeld Company or to other
enemy held property. There yet re
mains much to be done in the aegrega
tion and distribution of the funds for
the enemy stockholders of the Hack
feld House.
Mr. Trent savs that the opening of
the new office will not tn blm away
from the Trent Trust Company aa be
will maintain his office there as well
as the new office, and will always be in
close touch with its affairs.
ksuat K. Allen Crerrev
Maal K. I . Howman.
Hawaii hextrr Hull.
Mapcrvlslaa Prlarlpalii Oaha -Inines ('.
Psvts. Mtss Msrirsrrt Moasiusn.
aaal mis ncrnice k. l.. milliner.
Maal H. M. Wells (Actlnrl.
Hawaii Miss berth a Ben Taylor. Kusene
Narmal Rchaat Krtirsr Wood, nrlnelnnl:
jiarian noncris, vice principal; .vnss ,m
, iL. . ; . . . I acanaaai inatractora mi
steamer Mauna Kea. They had a sight I iirysn, Mrs. Jane M. ( Kremlin
of the activities of the volcano while
over there.
Major ). J. Sheldon, Major O. I..
Converse and Captain A. C. Cotchett,
who have been visiting in Hilo and the
Military Camp at Kflauea recently,
returned to Honolulu on the Mauna Kea
G. N Williams, of T. H. Davie. M-,,-. U: .
Co., and Frank C. Atherton came back I Macdonald. Miss Helen I'ratl. Mrs.
from the Big Island yesterday, where I Jsne Ot reruns. Pordyee Orlunell Jr.. Miss
.i .. i... I i.Jl v.. ..;.. ,; .nil I Hedwlg 8. Utremba, Misa Margaret F.
they had been on buainess trips ana Khaw , Miss Jessie L leems. Mr. .lean
incidentally to see the volcano, which I Wyatt. Miss Lortla Furrier. Miss Zoe Mar
is reported to be exceedingly active at rls. Miss Olllcrsire Curleljou. Miss l-eone
I Jopson, Miss Florence Macaulay. Miss Alta
I Arnoiu. ira. Heasie Mtevena. .miss Ullve M
Kirk B. Porter, secretary of the board I IaT. Miss Loins Amy, MIhs Olive Long.
I. ..u i. ...er,l. r.a a I Mtsa Ktbyl .. Buraiin. Miss Kilns An.ler
short business trip to Hilo. President
Paxson will return tomorrow from
M.nui, where he dropped off on his
way back from Hilo yesterday morn
ing. Jack Ienha returned to Honolulu
i'i.i inij, ViiHlnnlav miirninl from a
. " .1 lluH VIamiim UiAlllitaf. VI. fv 1,-1.
isit to his father and mother Henaior ott M,M pmy M Kn;n mM 0,irglu
son. Miss Kllendsr Mills. Miss I'nrs Keeler.
Practice Department Miss Fram-es M
Atremba. Miss Lorns 11. Jsrrelt. Miss Ids
Csro, Miss Oladja Klekanl. Miss Charlotte
H. Metis, Mlsa Oil re K. Hamilton. Miss
Madeleine Cummlna-Hmlth. Mlas Helm
RchiRimelfenntg-. Miss Lola J. Shields. Miss
Uladys M. Traut. Mlas Uraew Haskell, Miss
Allele Mct oril. Miss Kth m. rarlev. Miss
Kstberlne Dukes, Mrs. Kwa Throckmorton.
.n an
i ill 11 L
il iiiismI
dcneral Cioras pointed out in a recent announce-1
nient. J5.CXX) graduates nurses will he required for
war service Of this nninher only l.?,(XX) have,
hicii secured, and to recruit the full iiota it will
he uece-sarv to deplete the hnpitals and to take
nurses limn the home care ol the sick. These
i . . i i .... .i ii f..-
ics must he linen, aim neiice un lau im
wiimeu to hecoine student nurses and make
..r the hospitals t" maintain their etti
i icnc v .
This ol course will mean nursing on a peace
hasis. There will he none of the ylainoiir of mili
tary s-r ice ahont it and it will include no imme
diate trio to I ranee vr care of soldier ( wounded
im field hospitals It will inole in general only
i the pros.-jic features of nursing I'nit will not the
appeal t American womanhood pmve all the more
etsiiasiAc m tne circumsiances - s .euer.u vioi
... . . . . .- i . . ., i . i ..
sas. I cannot conceive m a moie iiiiumni.
service, a more womanly service. I can give every
I who enrolls in the Student Nurse Reserve my
personal assuiance that she is making herself
all tlip imru reason whv ii should not he done inmit. and should he ashamed ot anv woman
and all the serious drawhacks, the necessities of. who did not loiij; with all her heart and soul to
the times demand nevertheless that we should do ; make herself count in the defeat of dermam ' .
in any other way.
yet here at home.
W e ha
ot reached that
Chinese Labor
A I.I. the ohjectioiis raised hy the Star Jlullctm
to the importation of t'lunese lahoiers are
sound. There are plenty of valid ohjectioiis to
the plan. Eint , with all the ohjectioiiahle features.
ii ml Mrs. H. 1.. Dcsba. Mr. Desha is
piactising law in this city, but was
formerly private se-retary to Prince
Kuhio as delegate to congress.
Wolfe. Miss Helen J. Iee.
Paasa Mrs. I.onlse . Iaieas. Mrs. I'uImv
Hour, Miss lllro Mtyabsra. Mrs. l.ln(r Till
hung. Mrs. Julia H. Cockett.
Maemac Mrs. Alice Brown. Mrs. Yun
I'ol. .lobii nearii is a ku-i i Woon Len Lo-Woo. Miss Msra-uerlte K
V,.ui,.r Hotel I Evsns. Mlas Kn Vul Inir.
e I U ...I U k 1 I ' v .1 1 lk U ... 1 1 S Hm Im
Mr. ami -Mrs. rrsuK Lrawrorn, oi i llBt Tsner. Miss Mar Akeo. Mrs. Lyrtla
l.ihue Kauai, are vucsts ut the Young I Hoares. Mrs. Alice Ai Wona. Miss Mllle
u , ,' I Morris. Mrs. Helen K. Cummins, Miss
Hotel. I II. I. r Hhelilmi Ulu Min IN lli. Ul.
Iixlire Ashford. who spent a brief I HsOie McLaln. Mrs. H. II. Hoiialas. Mrs.
vacation in Maui, is back from the Val I Ada H. Ljrwtt, Miss i Henrietta niltb. Miss
, . . I Mabel I.silil. Mlas Kllsabeth-1 Ueeai.,Mrai
ley Islands. I Annie Awana. Mrs. H . W llni-k Vlltu
Mrs. Ma n ford B. Dole is quite ill J Berths Kona. Miss Htssyo Hlrosbimk. Miss
Juliet Kau IV). Mrs. l.ulll Htlvs. Mrs.
iii'Hin h li ' I ruiiiinen io ner nomn in
KnimK Mtreel.
Miss Mae Weir of the board of health
experts to return to her ottice duties
today, at'ler a siege of the grippe.
President I'hxhou of the board of I
health returned yesterday from a brief
Nellie Hlsermsii. MtsM Mariraret Iiuoa
Kaulnwrla Mrs. Isabel I.. I'rclKbton
Miss Hattle Aysu. Mrs. Mollie Vhii. Mrs
Helen Brnns, Miss Grace Kn Fung Liu
Mrs. William Austin. Mrs. oiorls M. Lewis
Miss Margaret Hrsiuti. Miss Esther ing
Mrs. Anne r. H Irani. Mrs. laillan I lllck
ford. Miss Itose N. T. Goo, Mrs. Ktca A
Herrao. Miss Itutb K. L. In if. Miss Slim
import t
what we can to made it possihle t
nese, or Japanese, or Koreans
'e must all arce that war i- a frightful mis
take, that to send armies out for the .-laughter
(jf other arrnies is inherently vvioiiKr with llic
va hole idea of war and rule hv force mdelcnsihle. i
yet the necessities of the limes demand nevertlie t
less that we strain evcrv resoiuce to send men,
abroad to kill (ierinans. A greater evil demands j
' war on our part, and war becomes our dntv
These arc not normal times. These are imt
times when the arguments ol peace avail It is1
un-American to import coolie labor; it i eipiillv ,
un-American to conscript our votiths into military '
service. It is no more wrong today to do .,nej
than the other.
W hat is wrong, ii there be tlie least ihamc im
&H alternative, is to continue Hooding these I si cimr m a number of individual cases, he will re
ands witli Filipino coolies. This class 'of labm I e -lablish himself completely, in the eves of the
lias nothing to recommend it over Chinese. Japa i , immunity. Any man is apt to make mistakes,
nese or Koreans, and it has very, very much j especially in the midst of mh Ii complicated and
against it The criminal statistics of Hawaii otTer onerous work as that being done by Captain Fie'd
all the evidence required to demonstrate that the m the draft, and the acknowledgement of blame
. 1 ilipinu as vvc know him is not a desirable citi will hurt him none in public estimation.
That is the great point. I hey also will serve
tioblv who b becoming student nurses release
graduate nurses for field service
W. I. s.
Statistics out of (ierinany show that, since the
beginning of the war. the total births in that coun
try have been two million below the normal, forty
peri cut fewer babies being born in l')16 than in
1 ' ' 1 V This is another case where prevention is
, 1 thing. It means that there will be about
. Million fewer iernian soldiers in PU.
( aplaiu 11. iooding Field
the error yvhich resulted in the
the llig I shunt Now. if he w il
the injustice in his dischaige
clerk who tned to nntigalt
ias a know leilged
"draft mix tip" on
mile acknowledge
of a draft board
the effects ,,!' that
An honorable discharge from the
Hawaiian National (iuard has been
granted to Pvt. Prnukliu I.. Whaley,
as the natiomil (uar.l's purt in i ."in
utatiiiK Whaley io civilian life uml so
i-iety once more, following the Govern
or's pardon of the man from prison.
When Whaley whs convicted in the
territorial court in l!'i:i of mill .-ri uu
his wife, he whs dishonorably dis
charged from the uarri. This wns on
October L'S, lill.l. New evidence,
which whs place. I recently in the hand
of the Governor, pro. lined by two wit
ueases who were in the Mutual Tele
phone 1'iiii,uiiv ' buililiUK on tbe night
of the death of Whaley "a wife, jjave a
new aiin'e to tlie mutter, and placed
Whaley in mi entirely new 1 1 n Ii t , re
moving linn h of the stiginu which orig
inally attached to him. Whaley at
the time of the murder was ilne.l and
apparently liri not hnow what lie Iiiii!
done or what had happened. These two
nersons saw Wlmlev at the tune, but
left the building ipiietly for fear they
would be drawn into publicity which
might have attracted attention to
theiuaelvt-H. The result wus that
Whaley was sent to prison for a long
term of veiirs.
Now that he has been pardoned, the
next step was to rehabilitate him and
give him an honorable discharge from
the guard. With the war on, his lion
orable discharge will give him the op
portunity, if be so desires, of seeking
entry into the ranks, with no ictlec
tion whatever upon him.
Notice of the change in his military
status appeared in a special order is
s I yesterday by Col. Will Wayne,
ad jutant general of the guard.
The same older also details Maj. .1
C. t amara, ordnance depart incut , to
witness the destruction of condeiiiin-.i
federal property at the armory, in
conformity with instructions fr the
militiH bureau.
Are You Going on a Journey?
Chuinbei lain 's Colic and Hiarihoea
Heini ily should be packed in your hand
'luggage when filing on journey.
Change of water, diet and temperature
ull tend to produce bowel trouble, uud
this medic hi be secured on
board the train or steumship. It may
save in in h sutTciiug nnd inconvenience
if you have il handy. Kor sale by Hen
on, Minith 4; Co. - Adv.
tour of inspection on Hawaii and Maul. I Tain Kan. Miss Myrtle Heckler. Miss Julia
William B.
henri of the Honolulu police motorcycle I Helen yon Arnswalilt. Miss Lily Chi. Mrs
sound, has resigned his position on the I Annie L. Kmltb. Miss Virglula Caslnnbs
I ' ... I MIms Minnie ICiikiiilii Mrs ftehe,u k'lnii.
local force to accept an important ana I ,. Mr, r.rp riien n. kr....... vi,.
lucrative jiositiou in the sporting goods I Aillster, Miss Annie Al Chung. Miss Llllisn
.,.,,.,,.,,. ,,f y o lln a. Hon I f ennel, miss iicicii Anonuiiini. miss tvian
1 I leen Len Lain, hung Kal Cbang ()
lr Will, or Hoi'i rs. wife of l.ieuten I Pa Ola Mrs. Cbarlotte M. Lowdeu.
' , ', . , ,, ...i... :. ... :.. I ..Kaiulani -Mrs. Nina L. I. Krawr. Miss
hiii i .iionci uogei, .,u '"IMary C. LofiirlHt, Mrs. Sullle Kricks.ui
France, has been appointed visitor of I Mrs. Ida H. Knight. Mrs. Mary I,ou. Mrs
:he Civilian Helief Department for Wai- I Lanl A. MacKeuxle. Mrs Hose Kouk, Miss
., , , i .,i. I Florence Lyncb. Mrs. Itomniia Karln. Miss
a hi a Mrs. Kogers, formerly Louise I Xoke Mlamoto , Mrs. IHeuliiiua Perry Miss
Churchill, is at present with tier moi n I Almee Mohsiiisu, .miss Kilssheih N. Ayau
er, Mis. Minnie H. Churchill. "' Mjbel hirimi Mr.. Nora K. Mark
I ham. Miss Kinnis M. Franca. Miss Mole
Diiniont Maccouel and Jamea r. I I'erry. Miss Ora.-c ('hang. Miss Km nut Don.
Woolewav, two Honolulu vouths who J?f' Kvl,n l.."'"' . I!!',"".?' iit"
have I i employed by Castle A Cooke, I ( Y'ap. Miss Kleu (loo. Miss
l.iiv.. I. fi for San Krancist-o where thev I Annie Auisus. Miss Louise K. Hal. Miss
will cullit in the nav v
bell. Miss Bernlee P. Cook. Misa Lonlse M.
Conn (V), Anthony C. Ferretra (V), Mrs.
Rath K. II lack, Miss Oertrutle MscOe. Miss
Willie E. Burirun. Miss Kmma H. K. Yoiina,
Mra. Oy Cum Loo-Wong, Mrs. Iialsjr Williams.
Walklkl Miss Blanche Martin, Mra. El
len Kenway. Mra. Afuns Denial. Mra. Hel
ena M. Perry, Mrs. Klla Oonsslrea.
Ewa tl. n. nimpson, miss i-noerje
Hhlelds. Miss Eula Mae Rlmnnns. Miss
Olive Hiple, Miss Kste Peeney, Miss Mae
K. walker. Miss Kvelyn vsrier, urn. Ai-
l Howen, Miss Rose ik-brepfnr. Mlaa Nor
ma Costa, Miss Mamie Harris, miss Doro
thy Walker, Miss Augusta Funkier. Miss
Miss Hertrude IMuttl.
Nell Rrsdler
itsilellne McMaboD.
Walanar Krsncls J. Nobiiaa. Mrs. Reha
K. Nobriga, Mrs. Margaret K. Rraun, Mrs.
Rnth N. Wilson. Mrs. Lei Is Dntal. Miss
Kannle K. Kshuhn.
Wablawa Mrs. Grace A. Lsn. Miss
Cora i. Harrison. Mtss Cala J. Harrison.
Mrs. Louisa I'. Hbelilnn. Miss Kra Fnkudn.
Mrs. Kllxa Riirrouahs.
Lellehna Mrs. Kdltb Rera-er. Mra. Rlea
nnr Bndel. Mrs. Uebeeca Kay Blond, Mrs.
Msnd n. Kinney.
Makalel Mrs. norothy M. Ranananol.
Mollllll Mrs. Msry T. Moore. Mrs. Anna-
Belle M. Iloyil. Miss Yin Kyau CbuUK. '
Mrs. Alice T. Wonir. Mrs. Mary Hee. Miss
Beatrix Carter. Mrs. Mary Williams. Mrs.
Kmma Hanstem. Miss Jennie Klewart, Miss
Hltouil Sato. Miss Itnlh K. Hoag, Miss
MsIm'I Ho, Mra. Lsn Yin von Ben.
Maaaa Mrs. Marie H. Brown. Miss Msnd
Y.. .Ionian. Miss Mabel Armstrong, Miss
Jean K. Angus, Miss Victoria Jordan, Misa
Florence oererlll.
Watertawa Kacbarlah McKesgue, Miss
Kllsa L. Abap. Miss Elvs A. Wluslow.
A lea .Miss I'arrle lay poo I, Miss Lllllau
Clayiraol. Miss Myrle Harvey. Mrs. Kills
nem mil less, miss lctona v txi. miss Ma
rie Holt. Miss Helen Uoo. Miss Ixmlse
LlglitriMit. Mrs. Rose Fuller. Mrs. Kilns
Keven. Miss Onobu Matsumoto, Miss Hattle
Pearl City Miss Keolnha Hmikann, Mrs
Anita Wtlcos, Miss Msry 8. Hnnan, Miss
KraiK-es Hindi. Miss Anns M. Knmau.
Walpaha Mrs. Alice Carter. Mrs. Ttllle
Makseiia. Mrs. Jennie Kalhe-Tom, Mrs.
Msry AiKlerson. Miss Lncy Kaposa, Mis
K.mlly Raposa. Mra. Olga Ollltllnn. Miss
Margaret Nprlng. Mrs. Anna K. I". Young,
Miss M. (trace Wilson. Miss Pesrl McLean.
Miss Henrietta Freltns. Mra. Katie Lono,
Miss AvtiU Carter. Clarence R. Dyson (VI,
Miss Tbrrese Hcbleminer, Miss Kllsabeib
Fuller. , . ... ,,. ,- .,.-t .
' Kaahamano I'barles W. Baldwin. Mrs.
Katheriiie L. Winter, Mra. Phllomena Zer
be. Miss Issliel M. Weight, Miss Alloen K
Noll. Mrs. Klla N. Wong. Miss Kra V. Ala
ns. Miss Msrle C. Luis. Miss Klleen ('.
MH'srthr, Mrs. Phoebe Amor, Mrs. HnUla
lliislmcll, Mrs. Alice It Cnrrea, Miss Klsl.i
Astleford. Misa Ml-bie Tsuska, Mrs. An
gella M. Msnn, Miss llda Astleford, Mlaa
Charlotte M. Cowan, Mra. Marlon Oalusha.
Mrs. Klla Young, Miss Palmyra Kels, Miss
.Vlvrtle Astleford, Miss Masse Tsnska. Miss
Aliline M. Trail. iiinilii. Miss Lillian Y. T.
Moo. Mrs. Ainsiia Nelson. Miss Kusau Chu
iVi. Miss Hylvla L. Safranek. Miss Mlldreil
K. Kufranek.
I'ohubaina Miss Myra Angus, Miss Rose
Tsui You, Mrs. All Inn Wong. Miss Agnes
M. Crelgbton. Miss Msry Apo. Miss May
McOowsu, Miss Carrie P. domes, Mrs.
Margaret Witlitrou. Miss Oeorgle le Fou
tes, Alias Kvsugellue (L (lollies. Miss Kles
n or N. Y. Moo, Mrs. Euima McWayur,
Mrs. Kslher Kekilkll. Miss Hose P. (Joules.
Mrs. Viola L. Fuller. Miss Mabel Tyau,
Miss Kstber K. Ing.
Central (irammar Mra. Hopble Urerend.
Miss Isabel Kelley, Miss (Jras? Hilmer.
Miss Olive Horner, Miss Alpha West, Miss
Alice E. Dsvls, Mrs. Frank A. Cunning.
Mrs. Lily 11 result, Mrs. Lutle A. Wllklos.
Miss Mnlicl Llghtfoot. Miss Kdltb H.
Nlculs, Miss Iterulcv Oiistine, Mrs. Ethel
Coulter, Mrs. Virginia K. Ban man, Miss
Anule Ah Ham, Miss Kstber I'. Pailgetl.
Miss Bessie Auisus. Miss Alleeu Morrison.
Miss Oertruile A. MK'orrlstou. Mrs. El
vira Wlllett. Miss (Vrtrude Wblleiuan.
TI,a twn voiinir I lauruyn Jiiirna. sirs. .niri lis yioore.
. I Alice maimers. Miss Aunle llohu.
I i ii 1 1
iiicii wciil to the ( oast to get into tne I Alice Lis- IV). William K. Kekapa (Vi
fiv i I thev hone to isot war I Miss L,.villa K. KHWalnul. Miss Kiniiia K
I ' S.I, MM I O.OI I K !
I at Pearl Harbor. I Kallklkal lohn K. Ksahs. Mrs. A II
I Olner. Mrs. Helen Mcl'licrstin. Miss Ittlth
.Mis. .vialiel nosncr nruiiavr win re i ,,., mim Nellie Auisus. Miss Rose Tol
turn Io Honolulu soon to enter upon I oeri. nn Agues rviuio. mikh iiiiiiui i no
. . ..... I r 1 n i u I. an I -i". .iui IV. .v, nee if,iiit'n. ,irs
Mil inn i.-j nn 'iiui.ki ".-" Kk, M 1ms Violet Wonir U'al
iii i mi iv She held the position until I Kallhlwarna Isaac M. Cox, Miss Olym
i...r ;..., u r..u i-..,.ru uim to Htv I Pia r.oarca. miss Annie msiwm. .Mrs. Manei
, , . ,. , i .viauiaua, .viiks nsiner rioiiss, sirs, iteieun
Dr. Doremus (se udder. I hey have since I iKu1Hbi Mrs Helen K Hicward. Miss l.u
I. .-en liii.' ill .lai.au. Mrs. He udder I die AHsgue. Miss Kllaabeth ('. Clark. Miss
... . ,u I l,..ie liv her .Unili I Kilns Mollax. Mis Mary lie llsrue. Miss
., j " - rty
ter, Kalliemie. Doctor Hcuauer niiM. 1B1M iHrnes. Mrs ( 'onsioiii- K vi
.liter i i war work In Siberia. I vas. Manuel ile Curt (V), Mra. Klixabetb
I Mluu IV. .Ill
K a 1 1 . 1 1 .lohnstone, ol The internal i Luililen Mors,
revenue iioKernL'c linn ot .lonnsioiici mimi .muhuuoom-ii
, . ... I , l ataaaiua .virs. i lars .vi. mokiiiiisih
iiiii . Hiiiciu.i, win ,.v,- ,u. I Hawalioa Mrs. Kinllv Nsukalia. Miss
in ii ii 1 1i s tour ol the uiaiuianii aiioroy. i Manilla All (Julu, Miss Lily Lee. Miss Kh
rl.;- ...ii l... Mr I., I, n,i,.M firul visit I Iber Achln
. ..I Watalua Mrs Minnie II (Inir, lilll. Mrs
' -lines iicn-t-ii .mi, t,me Alau. Miss Killlb Thatclier. Mlaa Mar
.lohnstone will accompany him. I tha J. Cowan. Miss Juunlta (' Hoeckeus
Miss V. I.. M. Awana, Haiku, Maui, ly' T. I T.i i ,,,r"llA' ',' . , "
I. Mcinccke,-of l'aiu, Maui, K. (). Born I Kslher Hanwi'i liranilt. Miss Fannie China
and w ife, of Wailuku and (1. Kvrett of I (VI. Mrs. Winifred Robertson. Mrs. (ilailys
Hana are registered at the Young Ho
w. S. 1. '
1 1
Twelve members . of the Japanese
advisor' board of the territorial food
commission met in the directors' room
of the Ynkiiliuniit Specie Bank yester
day nl lci iiiiiin to confer with Food Ad
mi n ist rut hi Child on matter relative to
:ui investigation, that the food oflicial
Craafoni. Miss Kllxaheth MH'onnell. Miss
Marie Andersou. MUh Faawie Hnwe, Mrs
Louise Rogers. Miss Helen 'oltuirii. it I
Kanaka .lohn A. Perrelila. Mrs. F.iHOi
Perrelila, Mrs. Hannah Chung Ing. Miss
Anns Chang. Miss Frnncea Fosti'r. Miss
Kda Overton. Miss Wlltiehnliia Jsusseii.
Ilauula Miss Maria Pllkol. Miss Hal Ile
paaawa J. P. LiMiney, Henry K. hii
lllillgo. Miss KIlKabetll Kllgllsh.
Walahale Mtss Alice 10 Mildge, Mrs.
Louise Fraln. Miss Helena hi liinlill
Kanrnbr I'llillp II. Co., Icy. Mrs. lUltliu
K. Coole.v. Miss Margery Krsklue, Mrs. Fa
ts J. Butler, Misa Jessica Hiuun-r. Miss
Kulce Marshall.
Kallua Akuul Absu.
Walmaaalv Ous Weliliiig. Mrs Marie
Weblllig. Mrs. Miriam 111. liar. Is
MeKlnley lllxh M M K,..tl Miss Alice
M. Hansen. Miss Clara C. Pearson. Miss
Klllnore Tassrlex, Miss Clara I. .legler.
Miss I'lllla M. Morgan. Miss Jennie
Chsrlesworl h. Frank A. 1'uiiiiiiig, Mlsn
Harah K. Mathews. Miss Kiilherlne I.
Wooilfurd. (leorge P.. KSHtou. Maurice (t
making of alleged profiteering ,'rw"'v, -V1"? U '.""'""'J, MK" ' i'.V
, K . fei 7. line Mil, -hell. MeV HeluiH klnney. Miss
(leralillne Hurr. Mrs. Carrie lloliel-ls. Ml
hours Anns M. Illlle, Miss Laura M.-crcart Miss
Helen McKecTcr. Miss Dorothy K. Sleiiilel,
Miss Margaret Kneiper.
Music Instructors Miss Margaret M.
Cooke. Miss Nancy Daniels.
Physical tralulug -Miss Nina .1. Ailauia
Hawaiian Mrs. Kiiiiiih M. Nakulna.
Hieeial Miss Nellie 11 ay lies
l.lllsakalanl I II (lilisou. Miss Mine
ola Clougb. Miss Mary Ferreira. Mrs O.
C. Hnfgssrd. Miss Clara M. (liirnev. Mrs.
(1 lady a A. Pesrce, Mra. Clotbllde Vivas,
VJisa ksttieriuu Klllull, Mra. ,' 'an M. Cuuii-
among .1 a pa iichc rice importers. The
conference lasted for several
uud at its conclusion, it waa decided
to continue this conference today,
when those suspected of profiteering
will be called upon to explain their
method in handling the rice situation
here. A similar conference was held
by the nee importers yesterday after
noon, the result of which wus not giv en
out tot publication.
Mrs. Klleu Vlckery. Miss Kthel F. Hail get t
Miss Urace lug. Mrs. F. A. Batchelor, Miss
Krlka Hsgen. Mrs. Kllxsheth Ho. Mra. Iia
C. Correa. Mrs Kails Matsurawa. Mrs. Ho
phle Keiuu. kllast. It nth R. H Tseu, Miss
Annie N. T Ho. Miss Klla Hohm
I'lider nnd by virtue of the power of
shIc contained in that certain mortgage
inn. le November li, HID I by II. C. Kas
ton to A. N. Campbell, Trustee, which
mortgage is recorded in the ofliee of
the Registrar of Conveyances iu Ho
nolulu, Territory of Hawaii, in Liber
2-7, on pages L'U and pursuant to
the provisions of the statute of the
Territory of llavvuii, said A. N. Camp
bell, Trustee, hereby gives notice that
he intends to foreclose the said inort
gnge for conditions broken, to wit;
lion pav -incut of principal an. I interest
Notice is hereby given that the prop
erty conveyed by said mortgage will
be sold nt public uni t inn at the auction
looms of .lames F. Morgan Company,
lainite.L I2ri lHt Merchant' Street, Ho
lioliilii aforesaid, auctioneers, on Hatur
day the- Hth day of Hcptember, 1'JlS,
nt 1 2 o 'clock noon.
The property conveyed by the said
mortgage to be sold at the time and
pliu-e aforesaid consists of:
All that certain tract, parcel or piece
of land together with ull buildings uud
improvements thereon, described as Ijot
124, Hection C, Laud I'atent No. 4.'lll'),
to A. W. Richardson, situate ut Olnu,
I'liun, llavvuii, containing nn area of
211.7 acres, being the premises con
veyc.l to the iiuortgugor by deed of
said A. W. liitriinnlanii, dated January
:il, I '.III I , recorded ill Hunk 222, pago
Terms: Cash, I'nited Stutes tfold
coin; dec. I at expense of purchaser to
lie prepare. I by the allot iievs for the
moi tguoce.
I'or further particulars apply to
Castle & Wlthingtuu, in the Htar Build
ing, 12") l.'ll Merchunl Street aforesaid,
or to .Inines K. Morgan Coiiipuny, Lim
itcd, at its miction rooms as aforesuld.
Diitcl. Honolulu. T. II., August !,
A. N. i AMI'BKI.I,,
4 7ii2 - Aug. , Hi, 2:i, 30, ID la.

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