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NKW VdRK. Annual 21 (Associated Press) The sweeping
advance of the French Tenth Army n the Oise-Aisne front.
between Ribecourt and' Soissons, which began on Monday, is now!
attaining. proportions that rpark this Ixattle as one of the big strokes!
I denefBl l och, a blow against the Germans that seem certain '
to force a wide realignment of their forces both on the Vcsle front i ,
an in the Nov on salient.
Yesterday the advance averaged nearly three miles along a fif
teen mile front, made in the face of heavy German resistance at
all the vital points. I'p to four o'clock yesterday afternoon a total,
of eight thousand prisoners had been taken by General Magnin, with i
some guns and hundreds of machine guns and supplies. Along!
sections of the line the German loss in killed was very heavv, the
French advancing over ground strewn with enemy bodies.
l.ast night the French had captured Cuta and the high ground
north of the town, thus giving them the last heights south of the;
Oise. In this region the operations of General Magnin have been:
brilliantly successful.
When the battle was resumed yesterday morning-it was against'
lines heavily reinforced, the Germans having brought up three fresh' ,
divisions during the night. According to officers among the pris-jl
I (Iter taL-eni vctprHav Vi rUrman rmmat4 UtA -.- -1 i . . I . II I
the line with these fresh troops and, after the French assault had
been broken and thrown back, a heavy counter was to have been :
Instead of holding the French, however, the German first line:
itself was smashed within half an hour after the French attacked j
atid the Kilus poured through the gaps and over the remaining lines, I
driving the GermatA before them. The French artillery prepara-,
lion, which was the most violent since the opening of the battle,
appears to have thrown the Germans plans into complete confusion. '
The attack is now general along a front from Fontenoy on the!
Aisne to I'imprez on the Oise. During the night the French en-i
tered and held the village of Vassens, north west of Morsain.
the dawn the general advance was resumed and numerous villages
and liamlcts were occupied and passed, including T'lessv lc-Yal, la
I ouraverre
lielfontainc, Hlerancourt, Osly'and Courtil, the latter i
two villages being on the Aisne between Fontenoy and Soissons
According to the latest information, General Magnin's line last
night ran through la Quenotierie, Champ de Merlier, Petit Maupas,
cutting Hill loO east of Mesnil and through Valpricz farm, five miles
.northwest of Soissons, with the advance continuing.
I he advance-on its eastern
... .. ifr-.
mi- v .crniari tmc norm or soissons ana ts torcing the enemy to wholly j
relilKlllish tlte hold he has manaced to retain on the north h.-inW of
rue .isne west ot oissons. 1 he hrench are wiping up the Ger
mans along the Aisne and have reached a point within three utiles
.if Soissons. To the north of the city the French are now advanced
nearly five miles, this endangering the Germans north of the Vesle
and the Aisne. leaving them open to a flank attack. It is thought
prohahle that General Magnin's advance will force a withdrawal to
the Chemin des Dames line.
LONDON, Augiint 20 (Aasocinted
I'ti-um) Hundreds of persons have boon
killed and wounded iu a battle between
Lettish v-nnrdn aod food roiters In the
atreeta of Tctrograd. after the city had
been without food for two daya and the
population rose In revolt.
Workmen marched the atreeta shoot
ing, "Doh-d with the Oermaim down
with the Kremlin."
A serious battle occurred at Hmolnr
Institute, headquarters of the Bolahtv
viki, and the t-itv has been out under
martial law.
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, August 20--(Ofti
oial) An official despatch from Frauce
ays that French aviators during July
shot down forty five enemy airplanes'
within the Allied lines and one hundred j
and thirty-nine Whind the enemy lines, i
iiring the same period forty-nine ob '
servation balloons had been burned, and
535 tons of high explosives were drop- j
ped on German fortifications, liues of :
and t ok lis in 16-15
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, August 20 (Ofrl
ciah The bureau of labor statistics
iiiiiiimnccs that a comparison of retail
food prices on July 15 with last ye-ir :
nt the same date show iucreuses aver
aging sixty nine percent.
w. a. a.
I'AKIS, August ii) lAssociutel
I'ress) German aviators bombardel
Nancy today. Six civilians were killed
and a score wounded.
W. I. a.
Teething Children
Teething children hue moie or less
diarrhoea, which can be controlled b
giving Chamberlain's Colic and Dili
rhoea liemedy. All that is necessaiv
is to give the prescribed dose after
' iti h operation of the bowels more than
-nturul and then castor oil to cleanse
Mi,, system. It is safe and sure. Visn
l he most sex ere and dungcrons cases
r.ie iiiickl.v ii'1 'r it Fin mle by
liensou Smith 'u. Ad
With !
end has thrust a sharp elbow into
i ri i I ii l'l iniiin n-1 I (HillvonlOK
WAHHINrtTON. August 2i (Offl
i-inl i News of the nation's achieve
ments in shipbuilding has reached the
war front and in the words of Oeueral
Pershing, "thrills every American in
Frauec. ' '
General Petshing,s reply was in an
swer to a cabled message from the
chairman of the United Htaten Hhip
ping Board expressing determination
"to put tonnage behind the American
spearhead in France."
WASHINGTON. August 2l-(sso
ciated I'ress i Casualty lists of the
American Kxpeditiouui v Forces made
public by the war department yester
day included 184 men dead in the ser
vice of their country, 111 wounded,
eighty missing and one taken prisoner.
Of the dead, Kill were killed in ac
tion. seventy-seven died of wounds and
een died from other causes.
CHILE RAISES $11 8,000
WASHINGTON, August -'0 fOfH
j t-inl The Anicrban Ked Cross Conn
j i i I has been untitled that the Red
I Cross war fund iljive which was con
i ducted throughout Chile during the
week which ended July 0 was iiistru
mental in raising 1 1 1 8,000 for the
W. a. I.
Soviet Troops Blow Up Baikal
AMSTERDAM, August 20 Associa
ted Preaa) The Moscow correspondent
of an Fspen paper telegraphs that it is
officially reported to Vologna, Kussin,
the Allied troops in tho Archandel sec
tor have withdrawn outside the range
of the Bolsheviki artillery fire.
The Soviet troops are reported to
Have blown up the Baikal tunnel on
the line of the Trans-Siberian railway.
VIABHINQTON, August 20 (Asao
rinted I'ress) President Wilson retura
ed to Washington today.
Germans Lost Along Every front
Where Fighting Occurred Yesterday
LONDON, August 21 (Associated Press) The Ger
mans, yesterday, lost at every point at which pressure was
brought to bear by the Allies, with the latter attacking heav
ily along several sectors. Prisoners to the number of more
than nine thousand were taken by the Allies on the various
fronts and heavy casualties were inflicted.
The Germans fell back northwest of Soissons, between the
Aisne and the Somme, along the Arras sector and in ;he Lys
salient.. In the latter withdrawal on the Scarpe and east of
Arras the British have now regained virtually all the ground
as far as the old battle line of December, 1917, while at various
oints the BrUish have narrowed the Lys salient.
With the French holding Beuvraignes, the important town
of Roye is on the eve of falling.
In the Merville sector on the Lys and on the Oise-Aisne
front, th British and French are pressing the retreating Ger
mans closely.
There has been little fighting along the Vesle.
The extent of the various operations now being carried out
by the Franco-British forces indicates that Foch plans a regu
lar cries of attacks and the keeping of the enemy occupied
until winter in defending himself, leaving him no opportunity
for the reorganization of his forces for another offensive.
Commanders In Siberia Put
i iivii ni inibo uhu.i niT
Supreme Command
TOKIO, August fO (Speeia! to Nip
n .li.iil--The main Cr.eclio Slovak armv
and the main Bolshevik. ,-nniy. the l.ii
ter stionjily reinforced by liberated
r""rrinn Auatrian prisoners, are
lacing each other at , i. i.niisl-. n i,
pnrtant railroad junction sixty miles
.nrtl. f Vl..livr.nk X ; .
na vet reported.
To reenforee the Czc ho Slovaks at
this front and to give de. inivc battle to
the HoNlioviki, n portion of the Jap
' i n n T 1 r . I. !:..!: I. r. ,-ii!.. .1.
Oeneral Kikuzo Otnni. who arrived
at Vladivostok on Monday with his stnff, !
called the commanders of the Allied
forces into conference soon after his
landing. The .lapmnehe commander in
chief waa given at this conference the I
supreme command over all military a
tivities, not only of the Allies but (
the Oiteeho-Hlovak and n number i
uuici iiiit-ieiii ami iiiikki inn tb in i
rne riein.
An appeal from the Czechoslovaks
for the expansion of Allied activities
as far west as the Unikal region, wan
received yesterday, by the foreign of
WASHINGTON, August 20 (Offiel
all The Czecho-Hlovnk national coun
cil has received a manifesto issued by
the newly founded Czechoslovak na
tional committee in Trague. The mani
festo deolnres the main points in the
urogram of tho national committee arn
"uniting and coordinating nil forces
of the Czechoslovak nation for
realization of their national aspirations
and culling all Czecho slovaks to rallv
to the struggle for libertv."
The manifesto aNo expresses confi
dence in the outcoine of the fight and
asserts that by their own strength "the
Cxecho sliivuk people hnve risen from
the grave of centuries and by their
own strength will td-ice themselves in
the light of the world, in the company
of free nations nf the future for the
liberal ion and ci v ilmitioii of man
kind. "
A lending journal of Prague, the
Nnrodui l.estl. which ((hh suppressed
ici'entlv, has reappeareil. Coinnic'itin
mi, the situation it declares that whi)--
"the reichratli i near dissolution the I
Czechs have n pnrtinuicntnrv bod- j
which will decide the destinies ,,f the
Mitioii and adtls that while Vustrin is
ire for destruction, -hould she collapse
'oda" llermiiTi machine guns lire on
hand to aid her. The journal counsel
patience for a few months.
w. a. I.
W sll IMITMN. Aiiioint 0 lOm
ii I t I rs'ii tc lies from HwitxiM luiid
tfitr tlnil Jcfp 1 1 ii i"' I jiU'iaiN in War
ii u . 'I h r-ft-i ji r lull of (irini.i!!
i T i i 1 milling tn't-sf- aritl urrotiiit;
1 lit inliiilnt.'u th. y t 1 nnin hihI IMo.t
nnuirij: IIium' irMstti wert sufpohiat
nit ni nt I . of it ' 't Msto- ia M n i'mhi
mosciI of l')iisli nimv oMitTH.
NKW YtihK, Auyiisl 211 ( ( )ftici:il )
- A'i nts of the alien enemy custodian
have seized I ,(157. 1)1 W) pounds of devit
alized wheat iiluten htoro near here.
which it was believed was to have
found its way into Germany throueh
UtcauM ot lu tonic and Uxativ cfleti
.Iter than ordinary Oulntoe. Doca Dot ciu
wufucii. our rlaginif in the brail. '
tihtt, .here ia ouly one "Ilromo C'-1 t
His War Record Too Much For
Loyal Voters Beaten In
His Own Home Town
.IA("ivH(), Mississippi. Ant-nst L'l
( Associated I'ress) If the early re
j turns in the Demoenttic primary are
j maintained throughout the Htate, Hen
i ntor lames K. Vardaman, has been
i t.ndlv beaten for renominatioti by i'at
! l",rr"-on- Uulipo", now a repre-
" " 1 " 1 1 vr onKreee irom ine sum
sentative in
Harrison opposed Vardnmnn on bis
war record and appealed to the voters
t." defeat the man who had opposed
the President in such vital mutters as
the declaration of war and the various
preparedness measures. The voters
have responded, Vardamnii not only
running away behind in the Htate, so
far as the returns are in, but beiag
beaten in his own ward and in his own
home city.
w. a. a.
Twenty-five Men Get Distinguish
ed Service Cross
WASHINGTON, August 20 (Offi
cial) ieneral Pershing in his com
mnniqne for August JS says that
"aside Irom artillery activity and
fruitless hostile raids in the Vosges
sector there is nothinp to report." He
also reports that the distinguished ser-
1 Wl'" ''rims hM been awarded to three
ilhieis and four men.
'or August lit. the communique re
I ports: "North of Toul hostile raids
I cepuised with losses to enemy
an.l on that date the distinguished
service cross had lxA'n awarded to
lirtit II e officers and men of f Tie ex
pedit ioiuu v forces.
OKIOI.K, Vienna. Auut ii 1 -'
A sot-iii;t't I'ii'n- Tlit- liniM IVoteurt
wt -niilv uii Moiitlav hi u collision
with t In tanker 'iihiiig. Out life
wan lo-t in t ho .li mint t. The Prott'iir
vvt'ut -li)wn fifty in i n ii 1 uftr ol I i I
in witii t tit taukw, winch KHV 0I
port unit v for t ho
rt'srilc of ull thoHO ull
tun- mail who wut
Ironnt fxrept the t
killcii. Viiit'ty four
ht-rt- viwtTiHV.
jvoM arrive. I
'.VSlllVtm)N, August 2( (Offi
cial) A census report for July shows
that 4,-Mil.27.' tons of cotton sead, not
counting reshipmeuts, had been received
at tho mil In, and that I.lTJ.MVS tons had
been crushed, leaving Id, .'175 tons still
held at the mills.
LONDON, August - (Associaed
I'ress) The party ..I merican con
lessitieu uho a i e ' , -i 1 1 nj: the various
battle .ones started today for the Ita
linn front.
NKW YORK, Auyii-t - I ( Associat
ed I'ress ) -Kiirico ( umish, the great
Italian tenor, was iiiuriu' l yesterday to
Miss Dorothy Henjaiino. daughter of
a New York attorney.
w. a. s.
ItKltl.lN, August -I- (Associated
I'ress i An official communique issued
, yesterday says:
I "Itetweeu the Aisne and the Oiso
(the French attacked today. Their first
assuult broke dowu on the Oertnan bat
. tie linen.
(Emperor Hastens Back
Capital To Meet
TOKll' Aniiiml :'- I Special li, Nip
) p'i The Empernr and Empress
I will return here tomorrow rimming
j from Nihkn, u here tliev hnve been
I spending the summer, their early re
turn beinp due to the tense political
i lit not ion. ( l horw ipe tho would hav
1 Hayed nt thi-ir summer villa until the
tuftrr part of September.
An imprnv ement in the rip riot nil
nation noticed here today when
. the Tokio ri.-c exchange, which had
been closed by tho government inib'f
initcly for hulbna the price of the :a
pie, permitted to reopen. The quo
l tntinns thin miiniin); showed some fall
ing off.
In Yokohama vandalism reigned
J throughout the city yesterday and many
More and residence belonging to riee
' brokers, an well hi those known to he
! rich, ere dent ro ved.
; In Tokio. the great Kinki knn Hall,
in the Kandii district, was luirned laat
night. At first the rioter were
; thonght to he responsible, but a careful
mventigation by the authorit ics shows
that the fire was an accidental one.
TOKIO. August 20 (Special to the
Hawaii Chinpoj Despite the assurance
j by the government kat the crisis in
! hLTil'. ri'" ,it"Btion hd p""-1-
many parts of the hmoire.
Krnm the citv nf Matsuyama. capital
of Ynhime prefecture, comes a report
that a jrjeat demonstration is now in
projfrass. Troops are reported to have
been ealled out to quell the rioters.
In Moji. a seaport of Fukuodn pre
feeture, troops were ordered to the
scene of various desperate fights be
tween the mobs and the police, to as
sist the lntter. A large number of
Koreans residinn in the city are report
ed to hnve participated in this rioting.
In Osaka the situation remains un
improved. Last night the Tenman la
Theater, one of the largest play house
in the city, was destroyed by fire. Ar
son on the part of the rioters Is sus
I'p to date more than 180(1 men who
have taken part in the rioting in Osa
ka have been arrested by the police.
Wkayania, a city not far from Osa
ka, was yesterday the scene of fierce
disturbances. The police, with the aid
of troops, arrested 1!J0 ringleaders.
In the prefecture of Yamairuchi. one
'hoiisnnd coal miners have started riot
A mob in the city of Tohatn, in Yu
kuoka prefecture, attacked and looted
the rice establishments, rarrying away
six hundred bag of rice. -
In Kobe but little improvement is
seen in the tense situation. To date
15.000 riee stores, wholesalers and re
tailers, big and small, have been at
tacked and looted. The mobs have car
ried away over SO.000 bags of rice.
In the city of Fujiyeda, in HhUuoka
prefecture, eleven wholesale rice estab
lishments were burned, while in Oka
vain a a mob applied the torch to a
g eat rice mill. The structure, as well
as the rice stored in the mill, went
up in smoke. The mob then dispersed
satisfied with their revenge npon the
rice profiteer.
WAHKINOTON, August 21 (Offl
eiali--The American Army is using a
million and a quarter pounds of butter
a month and seven hundred thousand
pounds of oleamargerine, according to
a statement issued by the war depart
inent .
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, August 20 (Offi
cial i An official despatch from Swit
zerland says that the Vienna muni
ipul iiuthorities have ordered that
hereafter three days of the week shall
be meatless.
HAI.TIMORK, August 20 (Assoc in
ted Cress. Kwnator Ollie James of
'i iitucky is gravely ill at a hospital
h i i e
Just a Bundle of
'.iiii,ei- and nerve pains "tt
..in,' l ''Uii eal Kidneys. Many a per
-uii c. ho u in rn a u ei trifle and is til it
id., I mill ii ,. In in. i l.eiiinut ie pain
U'l liiiikurhe. wuuld find ipiick relic
tliiniigh u u""d kidney reme ly. If yu
mil' ui-rvoiiK attacks, with hea'aches
.n. km l.e, d .v spells and sbarp.
boot ii t: i'iiu.i, tiv loan's Baeka.-h.
Kidney I' lis. Thev are for the reliel
if weak kidneys mid have brought
.nick benefit in thousands uf such
" Winn. Vuiir Hack m l.ame Renieiu
Ti flu N :i in. ' i linn 't simply ask foi
i ki.lne remedy- iii-k .lii.l ini tly fui
)iiin 'i Ilii. -km lie Ki li.ev I'ills ami ti.k
mi i.tli.'i,. I'l.ni. HinkH( he Kidnc
fill- hi.' s.il.l In ull druguists and store
,-.',.f ..i .ii . .11 li' iniuled (n receipt o
nriee l.v (lie Hollifter I run Co., n
Hcik.i. "-inith d I'ii, afrits f-r th
iIhwhiihii iHlauds ( Ad vc rlia-dintiut
L()')(). itnt 'l i so(. i.itcd I'tis-i I litre are many it
(Itcatinns tli.ii tin- ( ,,-rtnatis will withdraw altogether irom the
l. salient ratlin than attempt In hold the protnnl in the face of
the heavv pre'-Miro now lieiti drought aatnt them hv (ieneral
Ilait; anil in the practical certainly that thm prcMire will grnw
stronger dav alter da. )ne nl the iikm certain sins is that the
cneim t withdrawing his artillery, as he did almiy the tniens front
before his wide withdrawal there, leaving miK unsupported itifati
trv to hold st n inpi lint s while the mam arm retrejits
It ii apparent now that the tiermans have practically no artil
lery left aloiiK the western side of the salient and the reply to the
Hritish uns is hv lony range pieces well in 1 lie rear
ieneral llaijr. is advancing along the entire western end of the
pocket, making a total advance yesterday along a six-mile front of
PARIS, August 21 (Associat
ed Preaa) Rene Foru k, the great
French ace, added to his already
famous record yesterday and set
a new air mark.
Fljrl&g over the enemy's lines
he waa attacked by three Qerroan
plane. By swift maneurerlng and
accurate Are he downed each of
the thro Germans, from the open
ing of the air battle until the
third Oermaq machine plunged
to the ground being exactly twen
ty seconds.
Fonck shot down his sixtieth
enemy machine last week and his
triple Ttctory yesterday makes his
official score sixty three.
- w. a. i .
TERS IN FRANCE. August 20 (Asso
ciated I'ress) Ameraran troops today
captured sixty Prussians near Flames
without any firing on either side. The
sixty K.ere all that remained of a mu
ebine gun company which hud been in
line less than a month.
A prisoner informed the Americans
of the location of the survivors. The
sixty men aaid they had agreed to sur
render if the opportunity arose.
w. a. a
LONDON, August 1!0 (Associated
I'ress) Keuter's correspondent with
the French army reports that the en
emy reserves nre not yet exhausted.
The Hermans may still possess thirty
fresh divisions (about ;i0,000 men) he
estimates, as well as 400,000 vouths
of the class of 192U.
w. . a.
" W absolutely cannot fill out our
(uota of draftees for service hi re
quired at Hchotleld Barracks and Kurt
Miafler frem the ('lass 1-A lists, mid
munt rely upon the new registrants just
turned twenty-one to complete it,"
uid Capt. H. (i. Field, selective draft
iifticer, yesterday.
From reports received nt draft hen. I
ipiurters from the various local boards
of Hawaii, Maui, Kaui and Oahu, the
effort to raise Class 1 men from lower
cliisnes, has been fruitless. There bus
been little chnnge in the status of reg
iM rants since last year, the local boards
discover, and there is little more reason
cxi-ting today than lasl year to change
the claHsificat ion of the majority of the
re-iit rHiitH. In the canes of some who
have changed from essential tn linu-I'-cent
iul urciipat ions, and thoMC v ho
hiid dependent--- last year and have
i"ne new, they have been placed in
Class 1.
( HI'-. Kin Field Mnid positively yenter
'i:v Hint the yinm-; men who register
I on .luh' Ml. in ii n t be prepared to
an-iwer a call at no enrly date und cu
ter military service.
The college student! lire begin ui tie. t.i
on East. A number nf girls, graduates
of 1'iinnhiHi in ilii year's i-lnsi, will
on leive to tnke up their studies.
Dorothea I'nnke and Elizabeth llol.dv
" enter Hrvn Miir Mnr"nret AikI
rade and l.aura Cnssidy will enroll at
Mills College in California. Florence
Dcuisnu will go to Smith College.
All of these girls were active iu
stiideui affairs at I'linuhou and excellent
stii.lenis, Florence IleniHiiu, Dorothea
Cooke and Eliy.nlicth llobdv being
honor students.
Deunet W itt iimtoii will leave in a
few days to cnlri Harvard, lie is the
tilth Witt ingtiin to be gradual!'.! triini
1'. innl. on and In enter llarvurd. All
uii" liae pieviiiusli entered have won
hen "II". I'aiil and l.itthrop were
meinl.eis of the lootball team and ot
Ho- .-iov. l.itthrop being captain in hie
senior xear. I'aul was also prominent
n wieitui'', winning the Inter Colleoi
ale . Iianipionship. and in sw iiiiuiiiig
I :i id woo his letter last spring in the
. t . which defeated Yale.
more than tour miles, wiping out
small (ierman detachments as he
pn ceeds
This advance i astride the Lys
and has reached and passed l'epi
nett, north of Merville. while the
villages of Vierhoiiek and l.acou
rotine have been taken.
n both th north and south
sides of the salient the British
are creeping in, winning ground
and narrowing the ground over
which the Ciermans are falling
back. At ieux !!er(ttin and east
of ( )uttersteene two hundred pris
oners were taken, while north
from ("livenchv numerous raiding
parties have penetrated the (ier
man trenches, rendering these un
safe for occupation.
The (ierman withdrawal, vvhivh
is seemingly constant, makes it
certain that the German high
command has definitely aban
doned any hope of being able to
resume the drive for the Channel
ports, as the positions now being
i-vacnated arc the logical ones
from which such an enterprise
would be launched. The positions
now being; Riven up are those
which had been taken in the
spring at the cost of a hundred
thousand men.
South of the t.y salient , the Ger
mans are also withdrawiag. South of
Lens, in the Arras sector, the enemy
has drawn back, the greatest retreat
being east of Fampoux. Here the
Hritish are following clonely, aa they
are on the l,ys, where the Germain
have fcft a number of wire entangle
ments to impede the Tommies in their
The Hr!tih nre taking prisoners
regularly, the total during the past
few days being H45 men and nineteen
orlicers. In cases, the men surrender
voluntarily, this accounting for the ilia
parity between the number of soldiers
in- compared to the few officers.
North of Hove, on the Somme front,
the Hermans launched an offensivo
against the Hritish at Chilly, just south
of Chaulnes, which has now become thn
principal point of defense for the ene
niv. Four separate attacks were made,
each being repulsed.
The Fieuch dsove .loser to Roye ill
yenterdtiy 'i. lighting on the Amiens
r'n. nt an. I that town is now held by
the Allies nn three sides. The French
n.l u nre j-ne them possession of Bnuv
uii,ucs, the loss of which by the Oer
mans means the speedy fall of Koye it
self. North of Roye the French gained,
till ing Hi Hcqin-iiinnl and clearing the
Fcuc-dii woods.
West of the Oise, further to the
vnitli in the Yasgiguy sectiou, there
was geuerul artillery fighting only ilur
in-; the day.
NEW YORK, August 20 -Official )
I io eruineiit first issue of .V- percent
l.il.eitv I. oiin I. on. Ik sol. I here at $101.
In. ii new high mark fur the stock
A Most Remarkable Remedy
aew medtcJna
of extraordinary
merit Is . M. C.
It Infuses the
system wllfc -ha
Iron force of,
health and the
c u u
vitality of youlli. It contains herb
wtipse medicinal virtues working
with nalurs. clnsiiM. streiiKthen and
readjust thn entire tiiii-rlor machin
ery of the body. A marvelous stom
ach medicine, wonderful blood build -r
and purifier, remarkable kidney
and bladder remedy, in unsurpassed
preparation for torfld tlver. sick
headaches, nervous, dlssy spells,
backache and kindred ailments, a
mild laxative. H. m. V. miiAi all
accumulated wast matter, th cause
j( picom.uie old aa and Infirmi
ties, from the system. If the body
Is strong and normal there is no
Ickneas It is a body builder and
makes tb body stronger than dis
eases that assail It, routs out decay
and restuivs health. H. B. C. Is en
dorsed by many leading physicians
and people In public life. For vein
a forfeit of 200 00 to charity has bean
offered if It failed to loot ess th
strength of delicate, nervous, run
down, weak and anemic people after
several weeks' us. provided of
cours thai iliey had no serious or
ganic trouble All diugglats. plan
mi lou stores and dealers sell It
B. B. .'. I ra-relally re-reiaiaeaded
for La Urlps-e, Ueagar, a- Hreah
kese fr.
I'rtie, II 0 per boitle
B. . C. Agency, 111 King Street
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