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NAMFh FflD QPHfini Q,F,0W Through
llfilllLU I Ull UUNUULU
Board of Education Accomplishes
Immense Amount of Detail
Work At Regular Meeting Held
No More Buildings Tq Be. Erected
Except On Land Owned Or
Leased By Department, Super
intendent Kinney Says
An immense amount of detail work I
mi eoinuleted at tbp reviiler nicotine 1
of the board ui education yesterday
including the official appointment or
transfer of about one thousand teach
pr, the complete elimination of (ler
niHii fioin the S'Lu'j of the Territory,
tlie din ipline of Home teachers and tin
pii.iiM.liuii of others and, especially, the
amendment of the rules of the depart
n t by whi. h the marking by teachers
rt ri,l the board of examiners of the pH
pers of pupils becomes more standard
ieil; ill-... a committee of review ii
pinvide.l for when the markings of
teachers and the examiners (lifter.
"I am very much pleased with the
work accomplished today,' remarked
Supei iiitemleiit Henry W. Kinney, of
the .(i pin I oi. 'lit of public i nsl ruct ion,
who pienided at the meeting. " Kvery
thing went smoothly and much import
ant work was done, especially
r), !
gaid to the new rules for marking of
credits. ' '
All of the commissioner were pre
ent and uere greatly interested in an
announcement made by Super intcinlent
Kiiincv when the meeting was tirst rail
ed to order. (
War Changes Situation
"Considerable-'changes have taken
place iu the situation as to teacher,
since on r last meeting, due to war con
ditions," said Mr. Kianey. "This is
due to so many man being called in the
draft, or who buve gone to the main
land, and the families left behind have
changed their plans. There is no trou
ble in getting teachers from the main
lnnd; the real trohble is in the trsu
portal ion problem. However, I have
Ixen notified thut the Matsi.n Naviga
tion Company may put ou a special
steamer to accommodate the three hull
tired or Hi. ire teachers now trying to
get here from the ('oust.
"A great many of these teacher
have been nimble fo get transportation
to the islands. . I faaae aotitie.l thaiu
that their cs.itracts would be extrmt
ed, but thut they must notify thU
dVpoPtme-nt'Df itifcTl'dr ther delay an-,
make every effort to get here as soon
as possible."
Mr. Kiu.iey announced that at the
begiiiuiiig of tin1 heason I.e had provid
ed for a margin of thirty five teachers,
but now this luis been reduced to four
This year there hae been employed
about I'MI luiite teachers fruii. t lit:
mainland than in I. inner years. It wa
announced tlmi it is now a I must in.
possible to c.et uien tpuchers.
The snperiiitcniient stated Hint son.e
tiling; new had been sprung mi th.
boai I by I he .-."-i" ti ii t ton nf one of the
Kauai liih school teachers by cable
jind the hcciiiiiii; nf a new one imu.e
tiiately by a cable older.
('o.u.u.sMoper W. li. r-inith, of Fast
Hawaii, uid that Miss Virginia Hursl
had been sec:iie.l tin I lie lillo lli'
SehiMil st iff I. nt that Kara, ha I rubbed
Hilo, It win It 1 i.ii:. ii Issii iici Knudsel.
..f Kjiiii.i, ;i in .-d, I. -i l.. i. ..t .iefeli..
himself or Ins island.
It as staled bv the . nt cli. lent
illllinji the j.:i-T,illl as to win. should
lie l. nine. I f.ii tie I i ,li n ;, s.hu.,1, tlia'
nt one liiri1 it i-a s I . r I in .-1 tt :i'-her
fur this si hoiil. but now the s- lmol sn
a most popular one. lie -aid Hint Mrs
.1. Knox Hod.-I. wife of the chaplain ot
the Second Hawaiian InianiM, ha'
been nfTeied a place there so she could
be near her husband, Put that she
now on the i'i.-ist and if was uncertain
if she won'-1 return it. time to fill 1 1.
posit inn.
New School Buildings
At this stae.e of the proceedings the
Oiestioll of new hi-IidoI In. il. lines cum.
np and the super i -it endent nin.le a d
laration whi.h will iiii-an a clini.ee
attitude by the depa i ! nient He stated
that a g eat .leal of lau.l occiit.ied In
territorial s, hmils does not belong to
the school depa-tmcnt , while tnuch was
not even leased and the department
had no claim of auv I-not to land njion
wliteh expensive schoolhouses lia.1 been
"Hereafter no more schools will be
l.nitt," declared the superintendent, j
"except upon land owned or leased l .
j ...i
the department.
The question of a petition from Ka
liului. Maul, for a nc school was re i
f 'rred to bv Mr. Kinney, iu this con . i xam.ii.i." board differed they should
liection, and he said that he had writ i." rew,..l b a committee consisting of
tun to the petitioners that there wiir''lie n-miiii :ut fioin i- eh island, the
f'HHIt) available for the building, but it 1 supervising pnm ipal and the princi
V ould not be erected until the laud ! pal of the high s. hool or normal s lnnd,
n alter bad bii straighteiied out.
f omaiisstoner Kiiudsei. brought up
tlie qteation of supplying a teacher fo'
a school of tubercular children at Ka
J sS, Kauai, but it was stated that til.
Territory wus so short of teacher
that M was hanl t fill such places
if it was shnwn there would be
fifteen children to attend such a school
an extra effort Mould be made to se
nire teacher.
This discussion led to more tnlV aboo'
children nnd Mrs. Theodore Kicliard
said that over on Niihau the scl.oio
children semnied able to talk only in
Hawaiian, and she thounht this ens
wrong. Mr. Kuudsen remarked thuh
this was only because the children were
bashful, and that they could spe.il.
Knglish. It was determined that a
more careful supervision uf these Ha
walian schools should be had
Principal Deserts Post
Knne'ieleli.le.-t K ' ., '.' , t, '
tf, -enh C;l ' Illllii. Ii'li ...il .,f siiui'l
School ou Maui, had .lc-eile.1 lu-i post
of Beer Will '
Sewers of Honolulu
Brewing Company Has Thou
sands of Bottles On Hand
Which Prohibition Forbids It To
Dispose of By Sale Or Gift
Tlir contents of thousands of battles
nf iocnlly made beer will be turned int.)
the sewer or otherwise dumped, offici
als of tli Honolulu Hrewing & Wait
ing Company, believe, fur with the
clamping down of thp prohibition lul
lr.st night, the brewery cnTin.it sell, shin
or give, serve or barter nnv of its
piesent supply.
Having but sixty days in which to
dispose of its product, thp brewery
as unable to unload its putirp stock
ml the storeroom nf thp hrcwerv still
hoi. I n limit ten thousand dollars ivoita
I he officials see no way nut except
to uncork the bottles and allow the
rontents to trickle Into the rit." an I
storm basins and permit the fluid to
tlow out into the broad I'acitic Ocean.
St. C. Sayres. manager of the com
innv, Is now in Hilo am) in not expect
ed brick n,il Hiiturday. .Inst whit dis
position the official have in mind for
their plant, the buildings and beer
making equipment, has not been mad '
public. The company bns manufactured
no beer for two months. It has been
manufacturing ice and part nf ikj
"1dtnrng equipment is used by local
concerns for the storage of meats and
fher perishable foodstuffs
It was suggested that the company
turn over its plant Into a soda water
manufactory, but it was pointed nut
the building and equipment are alto
'tether too large nnl expensive to ns
f.ir this purpose nnd thp operation
would nndouh'edlv cause a loss.
w. a. a.
HonoluJii is one of four c.i.ies outsi.lp
of Japan selected by Yasudn, president
of the Yastida and Third Banks of
Tokio, for the (establishment of a
branch bank. Y a sod a is regarded as
one of the most prominent bankers and
money mngnares or .mpan. ine oiuer i follown: Ferreira vs. Ferre.ra, or
cities selected by Ynsuda for branches !,(,.,. to Bnow rase in divorce case, and
of his bank are London, New York and r.ipm.jrrer in equity suit of J. F. Col-
Iudley l'ratt, son of Dr. J. S. B.
I'ratt, will enter Yale this Fall. He
has received notice of this admission
without conriUiona. He was prominent
ut Fuuahou in athletics and dramatics
and was a feuder'n. student activities,
lie wan captain of the rhnmpionshi)
football team of last" Fall.
w ithout p rmissnin w hen lie heard i.e
'"" i
, , , . -.1- l-.
a.. ueeu iiia.reu, , vm, ...s re,aiies
an. I bill then, ta.ewell. Hut he was re I
jccieu ,.y me oraii ..oaro anu " '
returned to his school. The board en
loisc.l the action of the superintendent
hi 1 1 ansf crri ng 1. 1.11 to another school
and niukmo a simple teacher of hliu.
but nt the same salary; a mild disci
pline, rein.'u lie I one commissioner.
It was announced that it was against
the rules to appoint a principal for a
ao loom school, unless the teacher held
a certificate. It was filially decide'!
that an "acting" principal might be
appointed, and a resolution to this
nect m.lioiied the superintendent to
lame them.
Of especial interest to Hilo was the
.ii.tei.ie.it of the superintendent that
he .i..ii - of Hawaii were ap
parently a leep. tor although he had
ippeuied I.. Uien several times they
ia.1 not provided the land for the new
il,ools needed t In-1 f. lie stated that
'l.e.e was a fund of 'l."i.uull for an nihil-
ion to the I 'mon School at Hilo, also a
no for the laud
but the
land had not been secured.
"It is up to the supervisors of tin-
vnii," icn arkel Mr. Kinney, and turn
in to Coinniissioni t'. H. Smith add
.it: ''Vour supcrv.JoVs seem to nave
.one to -leep altoeet liVr. ' '
When the commissioners n'ft iu the
ifternoon session .csoltit ions were pass
el pt ohi tut i ui; the teaching of (iermtin
.. the pulilii s.'hools. as told elsewhere.
ii.lloAiiie this imp., i taut ai'tiou the
I board we.i int.. executive se-tHiou lis II
! committee of the whole to consider the
atinys of tea hers and to take uct.on
tMpon the marking of tiapers.
Praise a id Censure
The lepoit of the committee censur
ing some teachers an.) piaisiug oth.s
wus endorsed bv the commissioners and
Mie superintendent wits instructed to
M.m. i it, contents of admonition, and
o foith, and the report to each indi
. i . 1 1 i;i I teacher and piincipal involved
. u the censure or prn ise.
It was also leiolved that when the
marks imii bv a teacher and b the
' whichever the pilptl desires to enter,
in the island where the pupil is g:adu
j a ted.
I II was also de.-iiled thut In the fll
, tare the daily no.k of a pupil will
.oi, ni foi fifty percent, with the ex
i in i ii a : i n ma U to count fifty pe'eeut
to be , -.muted separately; with the ex
' e ! on. lo.we. that tlie passing mark
-.! 7 . pe; i ent must be reached in the
I '-iiul'sh '.-i a eiiage, cotiipi. sit i"ii, cram
ur" an I spelling.
Tins minor! ant rule i-aiise.l cons'der
I able discuss,,,!., but Wis felt to be a
icce-sity under the i 1 1 vi insl ;i in es dn.'
to tin osuiopidit a n 'haiacier of the
t err 1 1 oi in I schools.
Other inlcs passed ale to the etTe-
that liTeafiei bool. agents or canvas
' sars will not be allowed to enter school
premises dm mo school hours.
1 More ,i si i etii.n was also allowed the
superintendent to grant haves of :ib
in., to iia)ich..is with t'-iv. ai d tie wa
ji.lso given etia authority to in:. he ap
p,,l n t men I s. '
w aamai was
Major Henderson of Royal Engi
neers Owned Hawaiian Se
curities Worth $210,000
A petition was filed in the office of
Henry Hm.ith, clerk of the flrst circuit
court, yesterday by A. fAcwis, Jr., nom
inee of the domiciliary administrator,
for probate of the local aetata of tbe
Inte Major Henry May Henderson, of
Red House, County of Pembroke, Fng
land, who died oil Cnre.h 10, 1917. At
the time of hi death tajor Henderson
was In command of th British Royal
, ,. .... i
hngmeers in t ranee. The petition for
adininistratirm will be, heard on Sep
fembcr 27.
Major Henderson's estate, consisting
of bonds, stocks and other collateral in
Hawaiian corporations. is valued at
''09,12K.fl. the heirs being his father
and mother, John Ilanhnm Henderson
and Mrs. H. A. Henderson.
The Hawaiian estate of the deceased
is as follows:
Held In name of B. A. Henderson
and Oe.pt. John H. Henderson, trustees
for Henry Nf. Henderson: forty-seven
shares C. Brewer k Co. and twenty-five
"hares Onhil Railway 1-and Comjiany.
Bit AJriomiit In Bank
Held in the name of Mr. B. A. Hen
derson, trustee for Henry May Hender
son: One California (las Klectric
Company bond, valued at H17.50, and
savings bank account, L'tl,1M." 51.
In name of Henry May Henderson:
!'H) shares C- Brewer Co., 0 shares
Hawaiian Agricultural Company, seven
shnrcs Onhu Railway & Land Company,
nnd thrpe bonds, Inst mentioned vulued
at .1itfi5.
Titilge Kdings yesterday grnnted n
divorce to Avelinn Nakai from lilwrt
Nukai on thp ground of nonsupport, the
mother being given the cirstody of the
three minor children of the couple. The
decree will take effect on August 31.
The 8nnl aerounts of Oeorge Robin
son, administrator of the estate of
it. vv. .Ionian, oeceasea, were approveu
by Judge Kdinga yesterday. .
I'nrler 200 bond, Judge Kdings yes
terday appointed Benjamin N. Kahale
puna as guardian of James Maulinla,
Aftvr hearing ,tho order to show
cause in the divorce suit of Victoria
I.e Roy vs. Christeen I.e Roy, which
cume to nothing, Judge Kdings yester
day set the case for trial at two o'clock
tomorrow afternoon.
Tnd re Kdintrs' calendar for today is
bun vs. Knpiolani Kstate.
Suit for damuges in the sum of 400,
an action arising over a wrecked auto
mobile which was insured, was insti
vi.t,l.v bv Ihp l'hoenii As- I
s.irance Company of I.ondan and Frank
Santos vs. John Ferry.
tin motion lil.'d by the plaintiff. Judge
F.dii.irs yesterday ordered discontinued
the suit nnd discharged the attachment i
in the cuse of the California Feed Com-
. 1V- ('..-.I.. ,1.,;,,,. l.oulnos. I
..Ull V Vs. . i,, uiixuim. uui.it "un.,i.
- p j- rom,iny. This
. . ,i.i ,1.1,0 !
M,rrl.ee . paUure
Filed on August 11, the papers in
the divorce suit of Mileka Puni Sui
HooM vs. St.i Hoon were returned from
service yesterday, the libellee being
served at Kaalaea, this island. The
couple were married in Honolulu on
February 24, l!Ho, by Rev. Henry K.
I'oi'i Mrs. Sui charges nonsupport.
Four suits for divorce were filed yes
ter.lav, making twentv six instituted
in Honolulu this month: Rachel Don
nelly s. William II. Donnelly, cruelty;
Roseliua A. l.uke vs. Charles A. I. like.
nonsiippoi t : t.lina Pod res vs. perg i
Pmlrc", cruelty and nonsupport and I
n ,.'., Caraballo vs. Klisa Caraballo,
desiri o'i '
Street Improvement Suit j
Claiming that it will be damage 1 to I
the extent of l.ri71.75 should its prop-;
' . . , , . i
ertv be condemned for street widening I
.... V, . .
purposes, ttie ( lty jiiii s ompany, onv
.of tl
uiany defendants in the suit ol .
the 'itv and County of Honolulu vs.
... ,.-i-.ffi..irv ..... .1.
the iiai.u uai.way ol i.ann onipuiiy mm
otl""" hied it i answ er yesterday.
Manv slioiilations were also tiled yes
ter.lav in Ihe same suit, granting addi
tioi'-l '.me in which the defendants
tnent.oiie.l are given to plead, as follow-:
Inter Island Steam Navigation
Company, August .11-1 Oahu Railway A
Laud I' .uipnuy, S. (I. Kibler Estate,
'l a w n i in ii Tiust Company and Rev.
Father II Valentin, trustees under the
will of John Una, deceased, Hawaii
an I. and Improvement Company, Ha
waiian Pineapple Company and Amer
ican Can Company, Sentember 15;
I. ewers & Cooke and V. Aliin, Septem
ber L'lt.
- , . I. a.
l s1rrJ;ftKM ftmKD
P.y In. er I si In li rl Mt"no.r M n
'i Hawaii slid Mailt ports. Aniens! '!"-
I'roin Ihiwutl Ur. Mil rut n. S. Shlmails.
' '.e rii. oil-. 1 II (iljnoli.v. Mrs. W. T.
linrdeti Mi: null Mrs. I.. Newton. I. Kil
t.".ilet v.iss V. .Inrili.n. Owirire i Sell
Mr ami Mrs. V W. T. Hnltolllh-y. Mr Slid
Mrs I II VVInslnnl Mr. it". I Mrs. leo
Mown.' i. N K Wlllliiins. I-' l ' Ath-r
ton. Ho I: Montis nt. Mrs V . I! Mc
Neil I'. .' 1 .11 Mill' h X I! Itose. Mrs. .1
Ii. Wlillieuiore I-: Casleiir I'. A ulearv.
lico II ii v Ml s T vu.iil Ml s Kekl.
I'. S Mien Mrs S It Allen Mr. Slid
Ms V On. .' s: via... s- V li, H,
"' Ino I' s,,. is I' TsuJI. Mrs. A.
Kiiiinii Miss l: Mala' ana. Mis II. S
Ihi.IIii. . I M .Ionian M k v..(-...
i -,. l ' .se v' ii MUs ft
Johnson .s A liiirtlev. uit. A ('.
Cot, In ll MaJ II .1 Mielilotl. .link lleshn.
,, I VI lit:'" 1 ' ' I 'i ill ' "I
ills l,,,,.L'.. Mol'i'I Miss Klllltel. Miss
hiiin.'il Mis i; i, iih nnd ihlld. Miss 'I'
Ashl.i'ook .VI i ami Mrs :- I -'-til Mrs
" ' I It" v ,1 i ll" W. It MllleV .
I-' il .oi. It W I or It. II II It I'orler
i I,,.. :, I' It VI i to... Miss II III. I
en.,"' 1... n It VV V. . VI t II I l',,ll j
vers. I Ihi'ld V. . II S I til t I I'll . :
I o : ,. VI' s I' .l, VM . I
I ki.'d... I. lllllll'.litl'-l .1 S It Itoh I
el! VI, -- I I'.Mtlol'. Miss A llolllelo i
Mi-- V I . i in .1 Vim -in ii I,.... Man I
I ' 1 1 1 H . i II VI V Ill W I III I
1-:. I. mn
II. 1 1'
rl Ka:
Mis KeknhlM nnd
Mr iiinl Mis K
i .o v. T
li'ol M'-s I I'. .si I
h.iliiliill. Mrs l-'ul-
i -I'vrei v T
mi s v Ho. tie a.
s , i i n est ru in Minn
,;...l.... III- a
II M.i 1. r
Mrs VI., iv
,,i Mr
.-la. M
Mi .s
'I c:
M-s. ,
l lil..C
i I II
II I '
VI I .,
nl. Ik. -'I.
I. I ;.
K i , i 1,1
I ,".
Ii l.nf
Factors Is
Six Hundred and Sixty-one appli
cations For Shares Received;
Afl Classes of Sacieiv R 2Dre "
SCnte((--Litti3 felloWS TO GS.
FirSt CfiafiCt
MoVe tl liri a m.ili.n nnd half do!
wb'i oversnlis. i il.ed for the shares
of the new A1..1
sureessots to tl
n i'.n lors, Limited,
I 11. Ilackteld ti
the t u on i sting ma
1 ,, . -,,, ,,
i0., 1. mined, nl.i
chines of Trent T i.si (dinpany finish
ed the work last mIi! ot listing the
naiues .i .he .uli -. mem, tlie xhaie up
plied for, and t.ie amounts johere.l ...
rasa, or in l.ibeity Bonds.
ti. hundred ami sixty one subscribers!
i t..r .in .kfl..,. r
market value ol l.-.o each, represent
ing a total of H,0!i.-..l00, although only I
.W.lKM) shares are otiered for sa.e oi a I
total value of a;,.-,ini,ii00. The over
scrlptlon of sha.es totaled lO.fKU.
Doctors; law vers, s, hool . teachers,
cIptks, ts.tehsHii.V csipitali ts and lHt,or
ers, elemosyiia.y institutions, a, id largo
.... I:. ? ".
vim siiinii runiiii i ninp .iri .uuii); ,ni.i
subwribera to the sto. k, as llsteM per-
ally last ni-dit by R. H. Trent, re
itative.in the Hawaiian IslanOs
of V""iis! odiaa of Knemv I'roiierty I'alm
er, of Washington, a;id ('. U. Heiser,
who Is aseisitiiig Mr. Trent in American
Factors, affairs.
Fev From Mainland
The Subscribers ::re from "II pa-ta
of the Islands; less than fifty are
t rn.d the ii.aiula ml.
The clerical l..-ce of Trent T:nst
Company worked until nejily midnight
last night on the tahiilati.u of the
silb-.rMif ins. p ."isifltur' to ge'ii'ir
Out allo'tment notices without delay,
and it was announced last night thnt
the name will lie in the mails in Ihm
hours from the clos
. . At . ' , . .. ,
As previously announced by
announced by Mr
Trent, small subscribers will lie given
the first consideration in the allott.ne.it
of shares, and they will be allotted the
fnll number subscribed for unlesa in
particular cases there be reasons why , lan,,p' rorim telling of action taken by
this should not be done. Some of the I fhe Pxutive committee in opposition
Inrger subscriptions will have to be 1 to t,e teaching of German ii the
sealed down ns much as twentv percent ! whools of the Territory by the pas
or more, f6. permif this policv being ""P' of the following resolution, which
carried out
l.lMirtV KfllUlB IllTArJIl
Subscribers whose too liberal offering
of I.ihertv Ronds mv. .eem n inrlicst..
an nnrea sonable dpsiVe to unload gov '
ernment Hecurlties will be given an op
t.nrtrini- H ..ibiititi.ta larirae nm. 1
portionate chsh pavmeht in demonstra .
tinn of their natriotie alnceritv. nr else
reduce or wVl.draw their siibscriutiens.
The I.ihertv Hnnd offered in "nnv.
ment of shares" applied for amounted ""' H"' resolution requests " assert
to 1.100,0fib, or one-third of the total ?. Knperuitendent hiiiney, who is bim
of subscriptions.
One hnlf "of the subscriptions,
l.l.l.l..l ..... .!.! ... c.
on' III, in linin I . , I 'DU, BIT I II I
shares or less, and of the total of
, . ,, ... , .
There are onlv aixtv three snbscriii
Hons for mo-e than 100 slmres, and
these varyfrom 12S shares to i
shares, ther'e beinir seven subscribers
for the last named number.
w. a. a.
R-ar-Admiral R. IL Doyle, I,. S. N.,
coniiimndant of Peurl Harbor Naval
station, yesterday made public new
,, ,jrastiC(, regulations just received
. '
fro mthe nnvy department, proliibiting
' 1
1, uP.,;n ool of nl,'..l..,lii. Honors
to any oflicer or memher of tlie nnval
tr(.,. in r 0tsiue the nuvy depart-
1 J 1
ment area
No leeway is given under the new
instructions which withhold the use
of liquors at any place within the
Cited ISutes by officers and enlisted
men of the navy. No officer or member
of the forces under Admiral Doyle's
command may be furnished any liquor
by any person. Inasmuch as liquor can
not be serv"d to an officer or enlisted
nil. n, the regulations strictly prohibit
one officer ur navy man giving or serv
ini' honor to another member of the
The publicity which Admiral Doyle
gives to the order, coordinates with the
general prohibition proclamation of the
President, effective (rt every part of the
Territory at midnight lust night. Ad-
miral Doyle, in a letter dated August
2(1 and addressed to the editor of The
Advertiser says on the subject:
"The commandant is in receipt of
n formation from tne secretary or the
navy to the effect thut the (leneral
Onler legirding the giving or selling
of intoxicating liquors to members of
Naval Forces within certain zones has
beon modified by inserting the follow
ing provision:
" 'Outside of said zones, alco
holic liquors, including beer, ale
and wine, either alone or with any
other article, ahull not, directly or
indirectly, be sold, bartered, given,
served, or knowingly delivered to
any oflicer or member of the naval
forces, within the I'nlted Htates,
their territories pr possessions, or
any place under their Control, ex
cept when administered for mCdicar
purposes by or under the direction
of a regularly licensed pliysiciuu
or met Heal officer of the Cnited
Stutes. '
"The Pensr'ment desires that this
be given the widest publicity."
VK7.0 OINTMENT ia guaranteed to
cure bli ui, bleeding, ItrhL.g or pro
truling PII.KS in - iu l- lay o
nisinev rrlutii'id Al mot, lun bv
tbt ' AH I.i M I llK'n-'H Cvi ,St k.oi.is
1 a. a.
j ,i- t 1 ' ,v Kl'l(AVI I I
With action itarteA bf the Hawaiian
Vigilance Corps the cause of "kulfcor"
received a serious solar plexnt blow
veste.dav. when the hoard of suDer-
visors, as aovernora of th Island of
u, prohibited thtuse of the German1 1
language iii the im.idings under control i
of the county; also when the school
...niissioner. of the Territory resolve
lo ..ui t.lc leachn.K i.i Lfiumn in alt
the );u!diir schools of th Territory. Ha
V , , . ' t-ape' ftflrhukal 0 the I'ujia Coast,
. Zt'A th; "nnT' " ,,p'rV,"nlime 'rytrrif6tv.'' With the cftft?
was sta-ied when a letter was read , , , TriWr1on
from Mayor Joe whleh he , f J .
i !
" mBV'' ' '" rounly
a ... i I i . a
" " i
"'",r" m " "00 ""
iimter the care ami
dihI control or tne rxiaro
h"M be used for any purpose it.
. or 10 "". tw!-
" Wman. .
aub-."""" , , .
"While the course of atiidv is a mat-
,pr tor, territorial department of
";l'-ition, through its commUsioneri..
V'"'f Vty "" T' "h.ottM,"b' .af'
'ord 0;pir -rd fnc I'tles for the con-
. , . , i
."''hmg of the lonie of the
'V " ov e ""'" "BI- !
Z t i
enemies frtm the curriculum of . meri '
crn edo "tional cer'era. j
"I edvise the serious consideration ;
of Viis enemv langitflfe nurstlon and j
iian.su inr iroTT'irai laniriicire or wuriu n i
ask that the action Of .this board he
taken, in as far as its power goes, so
as n bar German being spoken in ,
ithe Tuib'ic buildings under the control j
'of ti r c'.tv nod courty. "
Hey .t-.;rTn rp-"-'-." out the si";ges
of Mavor r.'-n " e-e pushed en'd (
";l vnvp tbe effect ef n-p'-er' fi.
' ,. r..r- ' r e hc01-
' ' p : :iv of ;!.c co-ati- choo!
....i.. .urd Rm rurman
The first thing done when the board
of education for the Territory met at
its aftprnoon session yesterday after
noon was when Superintendent Kinney
read a letter from the Hawaiian .VIgl-
j Colleges ami the College of Hdwnil'f
n ..a nu,i win ti, -i. Lfiuiif aim vauu
"That it is the sense nf this eom-
m.ttee that those pupils who have parti
nll.v prepared thpmsplves for entrance
I college exni'iinations in Oerroen should
He given turtner instructions in tnat
lHn".n"' f,,r ,nt pnrp"". but that
orner insi' iciions in Herman snouiu
i'jciinrnged. "
1 ne.ieva m point? even Tnrtpe'
eir a Herman scnniar, ana eurring
it out altogether. '
No Compromise!
Commissioner I.. 0. Blsckman, prin
cipal of the Honolulu Military Acade
me, immediately took up the matter in
' ni" 'n,,Mt emphatic stv.e and mane tae
official motion that the teaching of
German in the public schools be done
n" ay w ith entirely ami w ithout any
I compromise, stating that to continue
t its study gives German altogether ah
I ntipearnnce of too much importance in
the eves of the pupils.
"i o epee- it" of beinjt familiar
with flermnn " added Commissioner
PVickmati. "There are few occasions
when ore would have to (to to the.
original Herman scientific text bookS
to secure ideas for study, as good trans'
' la'.i .in be In, I ef nil worth whi'e
In the future there will be onlv two
lant'uages for thp commercial and liter
arc world, Knglish and French."
Commissioner Blackman then submit
f. '. his re-oliiion and included Spanish
as the lanouage to be taught in the
p'ace of I'.pi.imn. There was some op
position to making Spanish eomnulsory
such as (icrmnu was in some cases, and
, it was made an elective study, ,with
which amendment the resolution niseed
unanimously, eliminating the study of
Herman in the schools of the Territory'.
w. i. a. -1 ' . .
11. llachfeld & Compnnv, Limited,
w ho yesterday concluded ststy nine
years as a business firm in Honolulu,
sent out circular letters to its' patrons
informing them of the officinl change
from Haihfeld t Company, to Amir
, i.-an Knctuis, Limited.
A second circular letter wn-i also
I m.dosc I from the American Factors.
Limited, signed by Allen W. T. Hot
ti mley. pn s.dent and manager, tfiv
tug notice of the new name snq an
nonncing the names of the dinvti rs,
i fticers and eieiutive ftaft.
I he HaiUt'eld farewell announcement
coin hides ns follows:
"The transfer is made as of August
'Jti, I'HK, ami the new corporation hai)
acquired all or tne assets ami asaumeii
all of th
i liabilities of this company;
.tiling from the business in
"On ictiiiiig
which we have been engaged for the
pa-t sivty nine years, we wish to con
vey to you an expression of our ap
preciation of the support accorded to
us and to bespeak for our successors1
the American Factors, Limited a eon.
1 1 ii 1 1 it t i ii of your esteemed good will."
The American Factors Bnno'utice their
status as follows
In in a k i l. o thin nnnouiicement. w
wish to state that it will 'lib the aiul
of this company and its management
to successfully continue the business
whiih we have taken over, in mch a
wav that the wishes of the federal
government for the amerlcanizatiou of
j the company may be truly realised, and
! In that end we respectfully solicit your
kind cooperation. We believe that our
1'ir.irls to i'"v out n policy along
these lines will prove of mutual ad
vantage, ' '
mil IN 7MRIT0M
rP quarters
r 1-rob Iblt ion workers todny v. ill fcnve
fw s . ,
,"'1 Z
tit the Haa1fpil Btyd IsHnrl -reaVrVa-
tion to tli farthest Kdnthesst point on
..?., ai.ge la map shadings is,
YlAaWsaM-sVaS ' a41sV M Ww.Msfr.A k Mria. i r. i
" v-v si a . vi l J H 1 UIUUI VI HITt HI'IIUV
ra'the UbiU ihA WhtaNla which' mst
rome o th,. alrlagliff 0.rrjn of the
S.17,00() populavt1oa of Hawaii, whether
, l w .. n.,i v-i. i
thf jugnfl, Ulr 'Wa BJauilh or
(johu. ).
tesferdev jroif ennld jrive vour
rsierrtev von eniiin jtve vour
frieriil k Wi'tllr hot" If vou felt 'hha-
ritnbly Inclined. Mi It tiiitlay ah'd von
will violate the Kuhio Hhepptrd Ha
Prohfliitioa Art which has brousrht
the rlftrtige in the -fiKihrtiil ion ina
r.ii,,,n bcii pur'enos ine enange in
th, hatita and diatoms of two rliirds
fiaiiinps aert por'ends the change
of the Island population,
n .il "
. , ..
rn Blbifioq rahie to Chn witt out
"a Ja-r.' 8 thii Island has Ireen in
"Hry territory since the presidential
"r,"4nn.aion went into effect on April
1 But the nesting of John Hfirtcvervm
from this Territory, nt leai imtll the
Tar is ended,' must have left dim
memories tlllfi tnorniog of a cV!li-ioa
on Vn HmTHftWnrt where the hnhtt
f . al''inem-e "hi stifl to' tie aerrrfi8d,
lieeirllv SI mnrlt n..lnl mm 1, ITn.
I li-Sai rti. .1 lit Vr.t . i.ir.i l
- .i tit 111- , u.l DIIU WHI'-I! nilVv
-.:ise.1-fl ti'ntfti raSea fOi' tLe- thiiity
traveler pn he $ifc Inland. '
Theoretically al Hawaii today is
''bcrne dty,' and not even a doctor's
preactlpHoh legally "ea get a feeble
patient a "shot of "straight stuff,"
even nnder the (tiod provision of the
prohlblllbh art' whleh rftill permits al
eohol' to b nser"r6r Wdfelrial prtr
. I
. Tbf aon thereof la that the liquor .
boards which nave federal nower dele-
. .. - - - - "J f
gated to tbeni thront'Ii the Governor
for the' KeeoHn'r ot-the" iihporttlryn
and. distribution - ot liquor for rhedl-
cium, aacrameniai, meenanirai anu sc.-
entitle 'inWhave' tio't hat! time yet to
RTant th netfeMary lieehses. In fact
the forms needed to secure permission
to make aneb purchases were not ready
for htnnaaea until ywitertlhy.''
It wnt-h. fit ieaat Uodav before
any HdbqIuIb .'flrutfstoTe' br other' s-
tablishment will fet a Urease for the ther of the scheme," and Governor
permitted falent lirtoor, s", due to1 McCarthy 'a representative for the Ter
the 'ttbseaca of p. . Qooke, chairman i ritory, Iri securing proper regulations of
of th Okhn 'titiuor board, fhtrn ran ' the iiermitted importation of liipior for
be no meeting until after he re urns
from ttiwnit In -float Ifaturdny. Carloa
ItUg, ewretary'of the bbard, savs that
the twenty' fonr hours' 'notice will be
requirect to call a meeting. Whether
the licenses ran be issued at once will
have to ba decided also.
Bara Are Tp
i''n tbfc tleahtime aale, transporting,
iinpbrtiilg rtr alvfng awaV bf liquor
will be -a violation of the Hawaii Pro
hibition -ArV, arrbohgh' physicians atid
drugstores can continue to use alcohol
ror enaipounOlnr thedieine, for which
they are of required to aecure a
license. But the-alCohoV must be in
a irierli kri'eonipo(in3' hhd to Ihipnrt it
a pif harftb 1 aeeBrod under the
requlations prOmnljrate.l 'by the Gov
ernor. 1 r." !' f ' i' ,.'
On the eVa a- tbh.Uion net j
Kunif; iniu rurri, .or qurni.on was
; .1 . . . .
.Ta" !V:?!l.bH
sold until 'the new drills of licenses
are issued.
Dealers in this eommoditv seemed to
have taken it that their business was
not affected by the new prohibition
as the kind of nteohol thev sell
not usually considered as an in-
toxirating liquor. This is because j
such grades as wood and denatured
alcohol are often used for the purposes
specified. However, there are grades
of prairi alcohol largely ued for me
rhanical purposes, such as for wireless
I 'unls and chemical mrrtnrea, which
can be made IntA'a pawible drink with
out danger of instant suicidal results.
vVTut Jb a Drink?
In an offhand decision, Assistant At
torney Oenernl Harry Irwin has ruled
that the transporting, importing and
sale of the various grades of alcohol
come within the meaning of the pro
hibition act, "if such alcohol can be
drunk so it will make tbe drinker
drunk before it will kill bim aa a
quick poison." He explains, though,
that the ' distinction regarding the
various grades and posslbje use qf tbe
nlcohol jwilj 'have to' D determined
"by th facts rather than the law"
in ench ease.
t follows that. In view of fbia ruling,
h!jh scboolti, tajlege,.oY other institu
tioi.s buying fctain"alcrihol for client
ical tests nnd uses will have to follow
the territorisl regulations and secure
permits fdr the in rc base or Importh
' tion of (he quani)y Heeded. It may
follow also t hat 't iris Hawaii Prohibi
tion Art will-stop the manufacture of
atedhrN frttm' rtolaseea, ' f 't the Puia
Uttpttr mill o ' hflaiii, althodgh need
pately for Wetfhaeal ifai'PosM, unless
denhforM atf tt ehuld' trot possibly be
used ni' I bevragi ' 1
Kkfy Ii Affeetad7
IncirJittitalri'CTstrict Attorney Huber
nniit'fft annfh'er hff.tln.iof ileMsinn- Ihn!
! He beffevefl "thail the nrfval ttutliorttits
1 will liaie to follow the Governor's
' regulations a he aecure permits through
I t he lirenM IritpecUr ta Import grain
ilk-phut lor use h) the wireless plants.
ThAuandVdf 'ga noils' of the liquor are
required to supply tuese wireless plants
6hJtl."e Vorloua Islttns, It ts said.
' 'The "law .mlijiei' ho exceptions,"
said both Attofhevs Htlher and Irwin
when asked whether the navy would
have to get the importation permits.! session dining the period of traus
As one of tliem poiuted out, it is doubt I puliation.
Granting of joint jurisdiction to the
territorial courts and officials in the
enforcement of the Hawaii Prohibition
Act, which went into effect at mid
night last niefht, by congressional
amendment of the new law, has been
recoihmended to Attorney Oenernl
Oregofy is the best way violations may
b checked and violators prosecuted
had punished.
Thia recommendation has been msdo
to Attorney (leneral Gregory by Dis
trict Attorney 8. C. Huber and Marshal
J. J. Rmiddy upon he suggestion of
Assistant Attorney General Harry Ir
win. The reco'mmendation is the fed
efal Authorities' answer to the attor
ney general's qnery as to how the pro
hibition law is to be enforced in Ha
waii. Unless some such action is taken
and taken" almost immediately, the fed
eral authorities and others believe the
United States marshal's staff will have
to he increased to a force of twenty
v or thirty deputies, In order to cope
with the situation as it stands today,
and provide the needed machinery
trietly to enforce the new low.
If some such action is taken the
several district and circuit courts of
the Islands and approximately "0 i
lieeinen will be as much responsible for
the enforcement of the federal prol.i
bltion law as they are for the enforce
meat of the territorial litpipr statutes.
Method Ii Easy
Amendment of the Hawaii Prohibi
tion Act, no equal jiirisiftetion will be
gfven to all territorial courts and ofti
eials with that of federal authority,
will be a simple and effective expedi
ent. Alt that will be necessary, it is
aaid, is for congress to add a short
section to the prohibition act, express
ly stating' that this jurisdiction has
beenx'teiided jointly to the Territory
with that nOw imposed in the federal
courts and onicials.
Hope is expressed that Attorney
General Oregory win realize the need
j t.;k .............. .... 1. 1. rn
VI linn O limip'l'l"1"', " " ' ' ,n ,u,ij
informed of the local conditions and
ht,w the w6rk of a large territorial staff
of policemen must be enntinued, or
their services retdace.l with .federal
bffirers, and that he will at once ask
congress to pass the necessary amend
ment. Beveral benefits will be derived from
the passage of the joint jurisdiction
amendmear, in the opinion or Assist-
ant Attorney Oerteral Irwin ''the fa
i sacramental, mechanical, mediciiiul and
stvnnne: purposes.
(!hief of the benefits will be thn
great saving of expenses to the fed
eral government, and to witnesses, de
fendants, and all other litignnts in
volved in any liquor cases, he says.
For instance, he points out, by this
joint jurisdiction arrangement a de
fendant arrested in Kailuu, Kona,
could be tried in the Kailua district
or circuit court, without the necessity
of being brought to Honolulu with all
the necessary witnesses fend arresting
officers,, as Will tie Otherwise reojuiriJd,
a the law stands.
"Besides," Attoruey Irwin aaya,
"The present requirements of the law
will U.hke persons on the outside Is
lands backward about giving informa
tion regarding violations, us they
not want to become mixed up in
a CUliri HCIIOIl WHICH winini I " C"
"''Also;'' be .ays, "the Island poll
a court aetiou wnicn won hi require
will have an interest iu arresting vio
latori of the law so long as the de
feudants caa be prosecuted in the
courts of their district, which they
,. L,.ru:.s uo.ol.l it'll knip HO I CI 11 u nit
i tn,v ii,;.,., iH tt ,niter for federul
. attention. "
In addition, Attorney Irwin asserts
that under the present legul require
ments of the prohibition act Ihe Cult
ed Btates marshal's force, now con
sisting of only two deputies, will bu
entirely inadequate to control vinln
tios of the law.
It is he who estimates that it would
require at least twenty five or thirty
deputy marshals to provide a force t"
replace the services of the territorial
police, unless the services of these to
lice iu enfuv'ing the law as expressly
required by statute.
Huber Trust Folic
While District Attorney Huber be
lieves the assistant attorney general
has struck the right solution of the
probleni of the federal snthorities in
gaining the necessary machinery to en
force the prohibition law, he exprc-se l
confidence yesterday that the territori
al police could be depended upon to
arrest all violators of the prohibition
act iu the meantime while the aineud
ment to the act is being secured froin
But us has been pointed out lief ire),
all violator of the act arrested now
run be prosecuted in the territorial
courts only for the sale or alcoholic
liquor. With this the cuse, violators,
charged with iliegul transportation, im
porting, exporting or giving awav of
liquor -will have to be prosecuted iu
the' federal court, until cougress.
amends the Hawaii Prohibition At.
ful if a shipping company could be
induced to accept the alcohol fur trans
portation to these Islands, nnless an
order for transportation had been "f
cured through the necessary channels.
The order for transportation ntithor
ir.es and requests the movement of all
tumors imported, and is the "scrap
of paper" which chauffeurs, transfer
men, rnilrouds and shipping companies
must have under the new regulations
o save them from arrest for knowing
ly transporting liquor upon the prima,
facie evidence of liquor ill their pos-

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