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4 J
, ' .'"V
Aafiirt 2, mai.it t
tro.r boar' rainfall, .00.
Ttmprature, Mln 71 1 Mm.,
84. Weather, 1'a.rty, Clod.
All MaaJ HmUm and One WlieatUM
VOU LII. NO. 69-.
Haig Makes Surprise Attack
Mong New Front of Six Mites
and Cuts Deep Into Lines
' i
Counter Against General Mag
nin's Force Is Thrown Back
Behind .Starting Points
LONDON', August 27 (Associated I'rcss) (icrman resistance
to the pressure of the Trench ami liritish between the Ancre j
River and Soissons is increasing, despite which the I'.ritish made
gains at Royei still further tightening their grip on this main Gcr-
man center, and the French added to their gains north of Soissons
after smashing and throwing back a heavy counter drive by I'rus-j
sian Guards, while to the north of the French front General llaig
opened a new offensive, striking hard along a six-mile front between
the Scarpe and the Cojuel Rivers.
This offensive came as a surprise to the Germans and they were
driven back along the whole front to a depth of two miles in places,
the British advance bringing them close to the ilindenburg line
along the whole front and over it in places. Half a dozen villages
were captured. Last night the
with the Brjtjsh oyerwfaelpiing the rear guards.
South of the Ctjjeijl further gains were recorded and Croisillc
i rapidly being placed in the same position M Roye and Vapaume',
wrttt the 'British holdblg .the apprbache on the west and command
ing the roads 'oK 1nr cVsk with their guns.
' ' : j pfiittfSES FALLING
-The defenses if -Btpaume are falling one after the other and
it is probable that the Germans will soon evacuate this position,
either abandoning great stores or destroying them.
On the new battle front, east of
the British has removed the threat
to Arras.
Striking yesterday morning
llajg stormed and took Monchy le I'rcux, just south of the Scnsec
River and Wancourt, further south. In this advance they took half
a dozen villages including Croisilles and St. Lcger, just east of
llamlincourt Mory.
A little further south the advance captured Goniiccourt. Achiet
le Grand. Bihucourt and extended to I'avreull a mile and a half
north by east of Bapaunie, and almost reached the city at Avesncs
mm the west and St. Mard a mile east, where they took 000 prisoners.
To the southwest of Bapaunie the advance reached Longueval where
a number of guns and 1500 prisoners were taken.
The further advance upon Bapaunie makes it apparent that the
Germans will stxui have to evacuate the city and make a consider
able retirement easterly to avoid a complete Hanking movement.
The British line at these points has almost reached the old Ilinden
burg line.
From Roye to the Aisne there were heavy artillery engagements
throughout the day. North of Rove the Allies took I'rcsnoy le Rove,
taking more than 400 prisoners on Sunday evening. Roye is now
in apparent danger of envelopment from the further advances on
both sides that resulted from the day's lighting there.
On the whole line from Albert to Soissons there were Allied
gains as the net result of Monday's battling.
Last night the Germans continued their retirement before the
British advance which was keeping in close contact and was over
whelming the Prussian rear guards which were ineffectually striving
to hold back the Allies and permit a retirement in good order,
To the north of Soissons and in the Oise-Ailettc sector, the
Germans launched heavy counter attacks against General Mangin's
army in an effort to remove the threat which his advance has be
come to the C'hcmin des Dames ridge. In the first rush of this
.i... ii. : : :..: i ... i c i i
COlllllCI U1C I I -Ml. It U HI
north of Juvigny, but the counter was checked and the foe was fin
ally compelled to retire to positions behind those from which the
counter was started. Numbers of grey clad Bodies were left dead
on the field and four hundred prisoners were taken.
This continuing pressure north from Soissons and in the )ise
ilette sector is seriously threatening to outflank not only Ghemiu
iles Dames ridge but the Laon sector as well.
Between the Aisne and Soissons, along the (.'hauny road, the
enemy is facing the same or a similar danger of being pocketed as
he is at Hutier in the Lassigny district, unless he can resist the
pressure which General Mangin keeps exercising against him.
The casualties of the third and fourth British armies from
Nugust -M to AugUvSt 25 were 23.500. In the same period 20.000
dermans were made prisoners by the British east of the Ancre River.
The Australians captured 12,000 Germans since August 8. more than
the Anzac's total casualties.
Germans were falling back rapidly.
Arras, yesterday's onslaught by .
which the Germans had offered
the Canadian Forces of General J
filling KM 111111 rtl 1 "III .'Idl'l.l
FAG OF UNITED 1UGO SLAVIA IS UNFURLED AT WASHINGTON Thi was the first appearance of the new banner
ol a country that it to be born out of the, war! It represents Serbia, Montenegro and the Austro-Hungarian districts which
are inhabited by Serbs, Croata and Slovenes whose asperations for independence and unity have been endorsed by the Allies. Some
of their forces have already joined Italy and legion are being raised in this country which will fight with the Allies. The recognition
of this flaf is a disturbing action to the internal affairs of Austro-Hungary.
(D- - .
Will Follow Taking Over of In j
dustries Jjy Government If
'.tyi-H. Found Necessary
.iMf, ,
CHICAGO, Anuuitt 2d (Anouite-l
Pre)'tltal9i(.4he:aUUiul of. Ui
dnijBiitita Wwr'l thr conwription
of labor, Loiill K. I'ot, Kramtaut to the
MvrstarV of llor, hiiIa it clear that
labor will not be i'onxtricto.1 until the
induKtrien In which it U emplovcil have
beon takca liver by the noveriimput. M
tttatfiiirnt in )rai'tiBllv a rrprtition of
utterance's that have boen iiibiIp by the
necrttary of labor in npeei'lim nt ilif
feri'tit tiiiifH when he ti)iii')iel upon thin
mibjei't IkiI rxplainn t lie uilminiHtrationx
liolicien more explicit
HueakiiiK before a incotiuy of coin
inerciai HiHociationn, Mr. I'oKt sail:
"The time may rome when we shall
htne to conscript workers for tho
minvK, the forest ami some of the fac
tories, but the workers will not be
ilraftcl or coiiMcri pte.l until the places
where thev are to be nunle to work are
first taken from the private owners for
Kovcninifiit use.
' This ilemocrucy is the sunie as that
for which the world is (iyhtiny ami it
will not stanil for the conscription of
men who inav be put to work to earn
prulits for other men. "
w. . s.
U ll INtiTON. niit -'li i Ass...
ciatc'l I'icn-, C.-isoitltics iiiclixlcil in
tile lits ninilcil nut I iv the nr depart
iiirnl c-IcmIh itunilctci .'150 of vv limn
lull wctc killed in iiciiuii, tM'iitcune
died ut wmiiids, nine uf other chuscs,
'0ll were wonnrled nod twenty eiht re
ported missing.
Aiming thuse killed in nction were
I'riMitc .luliii It. ove of 'Hill Hnmd
l.ane, MhiioIuIu. ('aptiiiu John Carver
Adams. Ciipt. Krnnk C. Vulentiiie. Can
aila. dipt. Kirliy Huldwiii while T'apt.
A. M. I.lllott died of ucci,leutul
W, I. B.
AMIIMi I'D.N. Au-ust :'ii iDfhci
a 1 1 it h i n the borders of the I nitod
Htates there me living about UIll,flOl
unnatural i.ed male enemy aliens who
liHve been rcislcred iimli'r the enemy
alien registration proclainat ion. It is
announced by the department of jus
The report on the registration of en
eiuy alien women has no! vet been
completed but it is iudiiintc I that there
are less than JIM 1. 1 KM I of them enrolled.
- w. s. a.
XKW YORK, August .' (OhVial)
Kabio KamoK, Bra.illan consul at
Yokohama, Japan, and Mario hit. Hri.
zou, BraMian coosul at Calcutta, In
ilia, have arrived here after a confer
once at Uio Janeiro wherein were dis
cussed Brazil's plans for world trade
after the war. I
Ruth consuls will soon return to the
Orient. I
Japan AskedToSendLarger RRT SH A IRMFN
Forces To Siberia Says
Persistent Tokio Rumor
TOKIO. vugust 36 (Special to Nippu Jiji) Two o( the'
leading powers ot'thf Allies are said to have asked Japan to
increase her expeditionary forces in Sj'beTia to insure the suc- .
cs f the Allied o,ylita-- acti,vities! according t a ruiggf
which is prevaiftng in-thf well-iirformcd circles her4 '
(jreat Britain and France arc the two powers and they
arc said, to have urged Japan to make substantial expansion
in her activities in Siberia.
Ambassadors Green and Doraney, the former representing
t ireat liritaiu and the latter France, are said to have made the
requests to the Japanese government, acting under instruc
tions from their respective government! in London and I'ariv
All of the leading newspapers of Tokio this morning print
ed the rumor, giving much prominence .to it Some of them
intimated that the foreign office may soon admit that the re
quests have been received from the Itritish and French am
bassadors in Tokio. The officials of the foreign office, how
ever, have as yet made no announcement as to the truth of the
According to the Peking dispatches, the Chinese govern
ment is apparently deadlocked on the plan of sending troops
to Manjuri to protect the Siberian Manchurian border from a
threatening invasion by the Kolshcviki and released German
and Austrian prisoners, because of her inability to secure the
iimnc) needed to cover the expenses, ft now appears that un
less some of the powers go to the rescue of the Peking gov
ernment with monetary aid. China will be wholly unable to
bear her burden in the Manjuri expedition.
Decorations Are Bestowed
Many Heroes of Warne
WASHINGTON. August 2l (Offi
cial i--Kifty live officers, lion enmruis
sioiied officers and men of a certain
American army division have been
awarded the legion of hoiicfr, military
medal and war cross or the distinguish
ed service rross at one of the most
brilliant decoration ceremonies the Am
erican armv bus held in Krniuc, it is
announced in press despatches. Docora
tions have also been awarded to seven
ty two others who are in various hos
pitals. Most of the awards were for gallaut
conduct m the battle of the Marue.
w. a. a.
HAN KHANOfcR'O. August Ull (Of
ticial 1 - The secretaries of the Japan
ese associations of California, Colorado,
Nevada and I'tah, in annual coaveu
t ion. discussed measures to aid the
I inted .States government in its Lib
crtv Bund campaign, lied Cross work
and methods to enforce the work or
light order to iucreasc I he efficiency in
industrial aid to war plans.
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, August -Jrt i Offi
cial i Three more ships will soon lie
added to the shipping boards' training
fleet of ton vessels on which are being
trained volunteers for eervice. iu the
27, 1918 SKMI-WEEKLY.
. -.'. vi-.
Pershing Replies To
Council In Kind
W ASHINGTON, August 2ti (Oftici
nli Press despatches received from the
American front give the text of the
roply of General I'ershiug to a mes
sage which was forwarded to him from
the federated council of the Churches
of Christ. He is reported to have said:
"In tho naaie of the American army
in France as well as in my own bchall,
I thank you for your kind and stiiin;
lating message.
' 'It is the consciousness of the soldier
thnt he hus behind him an undivided
nation which enables him, whatever Ins
rank, to face his task with courage
"The Ainenean forces have the ml !
ed inspiration and encoui agement Hint
flows from the example of friendship
of our Allies who, for four years, huve
been fighting our battles in fighting
their own. Standing by theii Hides we
expect not only to vindicate the com
mou cause -of justice, honor and right
eousness but also to lay a solid foundii
tion for a world's peace.
"The invisible, but unconquerable,
force let loose by the pra.vers, the hopes
ami the ideals of Christian America, of
which your church is representative, is
"Your message of loyalty to us
draws a reciprocal message of our lov
ally to you. May m prove ourselves
worthy of it."
merchant marine. Three thousand have
been trained each month and this addi
tion to the fleet will enable the train
ing of four ttiousaud.
Two Are Successful Sunday But
Seven Machines Are Lost
In Thursday Attacks
M- 4- ' t
LONDON", Angur. !!0 ( WaaoeiateU
Hreaa). ucceWuJ rajrta ok tw points
uale by tho Hritish air squadron
tin Hunday 4-oiiip'iiKiitinK for the losses
which were sustained in similar raids
On Thursday of last week, when, heav
ily out n 1 1 m he re. I . several British ma
chine were downed. ,
On (Sunday the attacks were directed
at the railroad siutiou at Kiankfort
and the chemical mnnufaciuriii pluuts
at Mannheim. At both places n mini
ici ut hits were made and following
terrific explosion fires broke out.
Kvery machine of these raiding parties
returned to its MM inn safely.
In the attack on Mannheim on Thurs
dny the British aviators reached their
objectives and dropped some bombs be
fore they were attacked by large an
forces nf the enemy. Heavily out mini
bered the Britons fought hard and
downed t h i ee of the enemy attackers.
Seven Itritish planes were lost in this
expedit ion.
- W. 8. f .
VV IWNi;TON, Alight Jii i Asoci
fitted l'icssi N new plnns tot intioii
iiij: of foods 4i i e I'uiitcmplated bv the
I food minimis! ration nt tin tunc. Iter
j licit I '. Hoover told the 1'iesidcnt ves
tcrdav in tlo- III-! con! crcn. e the food
i ud in i inM i it t or has h;nl with the i.xecu
l Live siioc In refill 1 1 floni Kuiope.
! New cuuipuicjis fur economy in the
imc of foods and for the furl he f preveli
tiuii ol waste of those foods most i I
'"'I liv ""' fighting force and the Allied
peoples will soon be starteil, tic sun!.
w. a. a.
HI.KI.IV August :'r--( Associated
I'resH i lii the ofti'iiil icport which
was issued t nun the war oftii c !avt
night it i- siiiil tlint tl neniv ion
tinned it :itl;e ks on both soles o! Mil
(iiuioe iiinl pciict r.ited the lictinnu I s
lit Moiv. wct ot Hiipniimc. t Tin!
lov uiol ollici points ol 111, hue the
iiiiiiini' '.iiis nud the iiitnnttv thicw
la Iv ii 1 1 etiem v nil ;n K .
W. B B
VV A 1 1 I -T( ) N . August Jii A-vi
ciMtcl I'rcss. Sciiale pi oh I lii t i on Ich I
eis ile. lure. I todliv Hint President VV 1 1
son is not opposed to the national pin
hil.it legislation Hint i pending. I.ul
Iihh suggested that the piopnxc.l tunc
of filing into effe. t l.e pustpniic.1 The
legislation would have made pioliiln
tion cfte.llve Januaiv I. but ina be
extended. Senate leadeis said toiav
that prohibition supporters have ugiee.l
to a ditte uf Julv I, M.ll'.l.
Pershing's Forces Are Carrying
On Task of Making Enemy's
Positions Too Uncomfortable
For Long Tenure
In Local Engagements Sammies
Make Some Gains and Take
Prisoners Air Raiders Drop
Bombs and Return Safely
WASI 1 1 ( . I . August 26
t Assi iei;tteil l'ress)
l-'ulrilling its task uf hampering
and harass 'in; the enemy to the
north of the Yesle alonp; the Am
eriean army front and to render
his positions untenahle, Amcri
taii long range guns eonducted
a heavy homhanltnent yesterday
and blew up a number of large
munition dumps, the explosions
indicating heavy losses to the
forees in the vicinity.
Such infantry engagements as
occurred were of a local nature.
To the west of I'ismes I'ershing'B
men made sonic gains and took
The Vele line between Klieimji A ,
defense, for the Aiaiic is ctuse TjeV ;;
hind and most of its bridges can
be shelled from high ground
south of the V'csle. This Tarde- s
imis country is very well known
to the Hritish army, for in Sep
tember, 1914, it drove You
K luck's rear guards back across
it as we advanced from the Marne
In the Aisne.
The ground between the Crise
and Yesle, and that between the
Yesle and the Aisne consists in
each cast of a high Hat plateau,
the sides of which drop very
sharply into the river valleys.
Niittliwest "i the Hraisne Valley
the esle opens out to a width
id three miles into Hat meadow
laud, with an occasional woods,
and this low riiitnd is complete
ly dominated by the plateau to
the south ol the Yesle, front the
lop ol which the course of the
sne .ind the hi);h ground be
voiid it arc in full view as far as
aillv. si. th.it on this stretch of
jhe nver there should be no diffi
culty 111 destroying German
bridges, while those cast of Yail
Iv can beiote long be reached by
howitzers wmkiug with airplane
observ crs.
In the osges sector there was
a considerable activ ity on the part
of the enemy, taking the form of
patrol engagements.
American livers yesterday con
ducted a successful raid back of
the eiieinv lines, bombing (Jon-
llaiis heavily and returning with
out losses, tin- encuiv machines
Hot entering into any engagement
w ttli 1 1 1 e n 1 .
'leuet al I 'el slung'., coining.-,
1 1 0 1 in- lot ugusi J4'Svs: "U'mM--oi
l'.a.n bes ,.ur troops slightly
advanced their line. In the
osges H'Uiit a hostile raid was
lepulsid with losses. I r iin other
sectois held bv our troops there
1- nothing to report ' I he com
manding geuetal's report lor Aug
ust J.s savs "In Alsace hostile
raiding p. titles were again dliv -in
li.uk in atte npls to reach our
lines t oilier points the day
vv a- 11 1 icv 1 1 1 1 1 11 1" .
.'V. s. ;
', - :

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