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Americans Score Considerable
: Advance On Mile and a Hity
Front and Overcome' Grenadt
and Flame Throwers
Million and a Hall Men Are Over
seas and Are Worthy of Ev
ery Confidence People At Home
Place In Then
(Associated Press)
Diminished activity on the paft
of the German forces on the north
of the csle opposite to the Am
erican held sectors lias caused a
suspicion that the enemy is pre
paring to evacuate all ground to
the south of the Aisne. This sus
picion is materially strengthened
by the reorts of aerial observers
who said that all night they could
see fires Mazing at various points
between the Vesle and the Aisne
Around Fjstnea the Americans ad
vanced a considerable distnare to. the
Hoisaons Kheims road oa a, frost extend
ing for a mil and a half., Beyoad this
ia these sectors there were onTjr minor
actions throughout yesterday. To ra
port of this advance eaoae from Ameri
can headquarters and wai confirmed In
the official despatch from Pafia last
In the Lorraine sector three enemy
planes were recently dowsed ia a sin
gle day by Lieut. Donald Hudson of
Washington, who thus became the fifth
American "Are".
In a conference with the seaats mil
itary committee yesterday Chief of
HtnfT Uenoral March told the members
nf the committee that the stories of
great lists of American casualties with
held from publication by the war de
partment were wholly falsa and that
all casualties in the American expedi
tionary fqrees were being gives to the
public as fast as tbey wera transmit
ted to the war department by cable
from Franco.
Million and Half Ajnartcatui
Genera! Marc.i noted a further im
provement iu the shipping situation
and said the program for the transport
atien of troops whs going ahead with
out change. The total of Ameirean ex
peditionary forces that have passed
overseas is now more than a milllba
ii nd a lull I
Commenting on the military situa
tion he said tliut since last Wednesday
the French aihanco had continued from
the plateau overlooking Noyon down
to the Oisc Kiver, making a maximum
ndvance of nine miles since August 18.
This had fun -ed the enemy back across t
tnc uisc.
The H r it Ili dad duplicated til French
Huccevses, inaugurating nn attack, on
Wednesday south of Arras. Rapidly
advancing the British forces had reach
ed a depth of three mile.
On Thursday the British trust in the
Albert region resulted in an imxirtant
udvauce bi'tneeu the Aucro and the
So mine and there developed a new sal
ient. The rest of tlio liue had been reason
ably iuict. Allied activities continue
largely as "nibbling tactics" and ar
tillery fire.
Sa rmuies Deserve Confidence
Regarding the achievement of the
Araerirau troops. Uoneral March said:
''The A inern n soldier deserves the
confidence of the American people.
Kvery time they have been tested they
Imvo absolutely delivered the goods. "
lie added that every man who has serv
ed with the Aiinerican troops baa ab
olute ciiiihdencc in them.
He cited t lie reports of American
11 nn nrlicers vilio have returned from
France. One described au action in
which an American division captured
sixty eight Uerraau gua and brought
tliooi to the rear oa srmy trucks, at tbe
Mime time this division captured 3500
Another American division iu a sin
gle action took complete ten tier man
batteries and pieitcated tbem to Gen
eral Tershing.
Penning Reports
In bis communique of August 23,
(rcueral Pershing told of another suc
cessful bombing of the railroad yards
at Couflans, carried out by American
aviators without losaca.
Au American outpost oa the Aisne
between Fismes and Bazooxhea had
beeu driven back in a small local en
gagement but later countered and re
covered t lie poaition.
Jn an engagement west of Fismes
yesterdiyv the enemy resorted to the
use of flame throwers -and band gten
ades but were unable to check Ameri
cans, who proved to be deadly marks
men, killed many Germans, put the
rest to flight and straightened out the
American line to the north of the
Vcslo iu accordance with previous plana
OWKNeiBOKO. Kent in k v. August 25
(Associated l'ressi A iir at Greea
River last night destroyed forty three
thousand barrels of wbiskev, valued at
three million dollum, ciilunive of the
reveuuo taxes.
NEW! YORK, Annum 2 (Offi
eial) rople of the I'nfted State
will share with those nf tlio Allied
Nattoue is tact,' sacrifices of food ,
as well a In their aaeriflees nf blond
in the cause of world democracy,
i was naaoaivteik by UerUcit C. .
Ifoov tt, I nitcd tjtates food admin
istrator, folHiwIrtg his return finm
Uveal Bitatn And Franca
Th. toHed States wiH next year
supply the allien with four I Tl ' i
pound of fatf), nine bundled m l
Iron pound of beef and heel prod ,
nets, naif a billion bushels of ,c
seals nmi- a m'Mim aati haif town
of SPgAtyb ,
als!j,4' P etitciwbcr 1, tnc:
W.ity Dja.WOBT b uee.1 -Ira-tie
wnliaiujtV tood'ip Ike vouatriea nf
the aIUea ezeept a to beet and
SU0 be M.ii'
I !
Trartisirorl aruf' Stipply Ships
Sari CtV Schedule Without
Danger ot Attack
WASHHS'GTOX; Aagttat 23--(Asso-
citetl Frss)Ta activity of the
Gerataa submarine raldiag against the
Alaatie Voast kars; been cnhnel whol
ly t antaQ saiOng ships and unarmed
cofatuig steamers, not m warship hav
ing btjra attacCed and) at a transport
eitaei threatened or delayed. The
Gaxmajs. eampaiga has bees a complete
failure, sa far as a ay practical results
fos lerlia are eorernei-
8ub' ia; the statemeat officially made
yesterday by Kear Admiral l-rmh ('.
Paboer, acting secretary of the saw,
wU said;
' ' K&eiajr. aabaAriaea operating off
tbe American coast have armolut en
tailed ia their purpoee of interrupting
the despatca ux .troops auil supplies.
Transport ba-; bees kept moving in
a steady stream sod their sailings have
not bee dedyI a single day. Not
one of them bpunl for Europe has been
sunk ar even attacked off these shores.
' "The U boats seem to have directed
their efforts mainlv towards the sink
ing of schooners and fishing boats and
attacking single steamers and unarmed
vessels. While a aumber of schooners
and steamships have beeu sunk, the
only naval vessel lost as a result of
submarine activities was the armored
cruiser San Diego, which was sunk by
a mine.
"The military effect of the 1" boat
campaign has been negligible. In fact
the embarkation of troops for Kurope
has reached its maximum during the
very period in which the sulminruics
have been most active iu American
waters and more than half a million
sobliers have been safely despatched to
Franc since the I' boats tirst nppearc I
off our shores. '
New Revolutionary Government'
In Canton Is Pro-Ally
TOKIO. August -i- - ' .ecilil to Nip
pu .lijii-Ore moie gov eriiineut will
soon be added to II long list of the
countries ivhi-h are now at war with
Germain , the ti') eminent w hich is
Slaking the nc" vin move aya nst Hun '
being the rev olu' miiu: y guvei nineiit at
Cantos. China.
Aceord'iig to the pre despa t c lies I
received heie from the seat of the new
revolutions! v uovei iimeut, the South I
China parliament, which us recently
called by the revolutionary government
at auto" and which is still in session,
is couaidering seriouslv a foiinal doclnr
atioa of war against the Kaiser bands.
It is expected here that the declara j
tin will be voted shortly as the leaders
of the revolutionary government are do
cidedly pro Allies.
WASHINGTON, August "JS (Asso
ciated Press) President Wilsou yester
day nominate. I' Hrigadlcr General John
. LeJeuiM- and BrigaiUer Gcuernl Lit
tleton W. T. WaUer both of the Ma
rise 0rp, aa major generals. Six Ma
rine Corps colonels have also been uor
inated as brigadier generals.
A Is .MI.A.MH I'llKI, Auausl -.)
t Associated Press) Seven men were
killed and a number of others injured
by a bursting shell aboard an American
transport at her dock here yesterday.
The transport was a former German
A CUBAN POUT, August -'5 (As
sueiated Press i sixty one survivor of
the i-r of the Japanese steamer Shu
aka Maiu, hoh was wrecked upon
a coral reef on the twentieth, were
hi ought into poit yesterduy by a
fruiter. The .lapauese captuiu .jump
ed from the lifeboat which the fruiter
picked up and swam buck to tiie wreck
ed ship, refusing to answer the rails
that were mud to huu It is believed
that he committed sun idc becuuse of
the loss of his vessel.
Whfr'c the Tide of Battle RM
WASHINGTON. August .4 - ( Hii i
al) The director general of the I'uit
ed states employment sci v it e announces
nt tlieii- is ''enuiiie i ooiiei at ion 1m-
twceii hihor and laiutjil evnern
thloiiejiuut the i-iniiitiv icsultiu from
the 'i.i. -Ileal dcmonsl i a I urn of the pa
trintiMii of luliei anil the rovvin rent
iatioii on the pait of the eiuplovers
of the roiuiiiou inteiest in the securing
of a in a i in u in prinl.ii tinn nt' war mat
erials and war essentials.
lie sin-l: ''suii-e the entrance of
Ameriiii lulu the war theie has been a
niHiki'l psvc lining na I change In the
feeling In-twecn tl itipinveis and the
einplov ed ami then- has come to them
an ii in lei si a ml i ng nt' one another vvlnih
they did not previously have.''
i i ni
h pape
. i,
't,at tl.
,s I, Hie I
nil .1 ro .v in
, wnle nr.
wful 111 1 s , -1
t I V Own
I t I
III M 1 1 v pcoplc
l n :i In a ;iA
of tin- .c.ple
to the tuuiine
II tvph-is.
are -pn.-nl,,,,.
'n the
prev ailed
: li
I hoiisa mis
' ' I " ''mii'iimiiiii'' siiniiinminn xin' iinsar l
I I I hi II 111 II ML "(Mil i "li I ' 1(1.. m -M"-T" WWW iiaa V I
11 I 'liJiei X SVT,iil FM. 1 II Uii . . Cfc ' I
O D AVION fafiFstcsS
STPCt? AJUliu ;
s..y " AHRAIliVr? JaBirti At!
X.fliA- f
-rv ALBMTS, afyTlCOMBtrs V
xs rsr . f Fvia
0Wv II MAMGARtTV. DASirart S ft -A
r MA-uivr viv n sji
rr z w nan 5rr" t v-,f .
i f r r1 v m-Tvrnrtrrm-iTn a
- mw- i r - . ' k -aassvr am J sb. i
a) 1 The ill roe i or general of the I'uit I A iiierien us in Italy and Italians in j
ed states einplov incut s, i v i. e announces i America must light uinler the roiuis ot I
that tlieii- is ''enuiiir i ooiiei at ion he
... . .
tween hihor and iiipital genernllv '
thloiighuut the ciuiiitiv icsultiug from 1
S-Vta mZL?
W'AHIIJNGTON, August i4 (Ofli.-ial i
A iiierien us in Italy and Italians in
America must light under the colors of
or the other countries v h ailed
iipnn to do so. Sieeietnrv Lansing and
the Italian Ainliiissuiinr have sinned
the treaty governing their selection for
sei v ice.
This treaty is very much in the same
t'orin us that eulered into between the
I'uited States and Great Britain vvhn h
;c fleets Canadians and Americans in
t'unadu iu large numbers.
W. s. S.
WASHINGTON, August --( Aaaoi-i
ale, I 1'iens) l'rovtist Marshal Ciowib-r
has issued a call for lsd,77H registrant 4
1,, icpnit fni service before the end nf
the in , , 11 b . The call includes men from
eciv state, but none from the Tern
tnrv of Hawaii. The men will etitrniu
for their respective training camps be
i tweeu A UK list MO and September 0. This
1 ,-all i iic Miles- -itloU registrants for limit
i ! crv icc.
Tbe shifting battli Mm, allowing t&i
territory regained from the Oermans on
th western front tine July IS. Th
rronch, American and British armies
hav won back approximately naU th
terrain over which th aennana ad
vanced In their fir great offensive
drive between March 21 and July IS,
when th tld set la against thaaa, be
ginning at Chateau Thierry and extend
ing along: the) greater part of th front,
through Flcardy into rundwa.
Th shaded section of this snap shows
approximately what has been won hack
by Foci la kls great counter offnatv.
now wall under way. Th4 dotted line
on th right of th map marks where
th Oarmau stood, tola, soring. ..Their
furthest advance la shown by the' dot
ted Una oa th left sJd of th map,
while the black Una la the approximate
front today, without yssterday's gains
by the British.
The Important battle fronts Indicated
1 The Lys salient where General
Haig la nibbling and the German are
retiring, la anticipation of a heavy prlt
isk offensive. -An unconfirmed report
yesterday credits the Oermans with
gains In a counter attack against the
Dranoutr ridge on the north aide of
this salient. .
8 Tbe Arras-Albert front where the
British Third Army under General Byng
is advancing victoriously. Yesterday
the British captured Bray and Thlepval
oa this front and ar rapidly approaching-
Bupaume. the fall of which Is ex
pected shortly.
5 The Soimne front where the Brit
iih Fourth. Army is operating and mak
ing steady gains. Roy and Cbaulnes
ar the two points t which the Ger
man ar tenaciously holding and which
the British are now flanking.
4 Montdidier-Koyon front where
General Humbert with the French
Tenth Army Is clearing th Germans
back. The progress of this army has
been halted temporarily while artillery
is being brought up. . Noyoa is th
present objective on this front.
5 vAisne-Allette front, where the
French under General Magnia have
won a series of brilliant victories snd
driven a wed?e between" th armies of
th Crown Prince and Prince Bupprecht.
The main fighting on this front Is to the
east along the line north of Solssons,
where French progress imperils the Ger
mans north of ths Vssle River.
6 The Vesle River position occupied
by the Americans. Yesterday the Sam
mies drove the Germane back and im
proved their line north oi the river at
Fismes. Tbe despatches Indicate that
tbe Germans are preparing to fall back
all along this front to new positions
north of the Aisne and close to the Una
from which they advanced in May in
their drive down the Maine valley upon
WASHINGTON, August 'Ji ( Assoc i
ated Press) Kepublicau senators met
in conference today und selected a
Moni leailer and discussed policies on .
several issues. Among these vv us w om
au sufiiugc ami it vas decided to urge
the immediate passage of the concur
rent rewilut inn. alieady passed by the
house, submitting the coustit utioual
amendment to giant eijual suffrage to
Senator Lodge was selected us floor
WASHINGTON. August I'i-.Udi
in 1 1 Kciiewnl of the arbitration
treat v between the 1 int.-I States aud
.lapau to extend in el a period of an
other live years is a 11 iiouuced. The ex
tension wus ulYccied bv the signatures
of Secietary of Slate Lansing aud 1 lit
penal dapaiie-e Ambassador, Viscount
MLL1G Bffl
1 ONDQN, August 25 (AisocUted Press) Without a paust the
- British Third Army is continuing to drive the Germans back
along the Arras-Albert front, while ta the south of this sector the
Uritish havt captured the important td,wn of Cray and have taken
the fortified positions a'vlTltepval by storm.' ' t
Early this morning (Sunday) the New Zealanders struck in the
direction of Croiselle and captured Henin on the L'ojeul, four miles
northeast of the city. Elsewhere along the front, in many local
actions, the British report uninterrupted success.
Thiepval was captured after desperate fighting, the British
swarming into the lines in the teeth of a heavy machine gun and
rifle fire. The entire garrison was captured after the British had
driven the defenders fronArench to trench in hand-to-hand fighting.
The prisoners here number more than two thousand.
Miraumont, north of Thiepval, was captured yesterday after
noon and early in the evening the British swept into and through
Bray, advancing their lines both north and south of the Soinme,
towards Peronne, gaining a wide stretch of territory. A large num
ber of prisoners and guns were taken at Bray.
During the afternoon the Tommies added Avesnes les Bapaumc
'to their toll of villages taken and the fall of this point means the
early capture of Bapaume itself.
General Haig, reporting last night, says that despite the heavy
German reinforcements at the crucial points the British advanced
steadily yesterday, having hard fighting at times. Bray, Thiepval,
Miraumont, Grandcourt and Orvillers are among the important
points taken in the advance. At Miraumont the Germans clung
until the last moment, when the British gains both north and south
made the further retention of the town too dangerous and it was
hastily evacuated. Large stores were abandoned.
The British are now safely astride the Thiepval ridge, which
gives them observation over the surrounding country for miles
around. Across a wide stretch the Germans arc seen to be falling
back, with their transport apparently badly confused. Along the
Thiepval ridge the British are advancing steadily eastward.
The capture of Bray gives the British a dominating point over
a wide territory to the east and British guns are being hurried to
this height to cover the continued British dric and to add to the
confusion of the already demoralised enemy.
North of the Somme, since Wednesday, the British have taken
mure than seventeen thousand prisoners and numerous guns, to
gethcr with vast quantities of supplies. So rapid lias been the Bri
tish advance at places that complete batteries have been captured,
the guns being turned against the Germans and the supplies of
shells in nearby ammunition dumps being expended to aid the
uncs for whose destruction they were brought to the front. Howitz
ers and trench mortars in numbers are among the prizes of the
South of the Somme, in the early fighting yesterday, twelve
cannon and a number of prisoners were reorted taken. The des
patches last night do not report any further progress between Bray
and Rove.
The fighting before Bapaume is reported to have beeu very
heavy, the Germans making a desperate effort to hold this very im
Goit.-'nt junction point, from which four railroad lines and several
important highways radiate. The British stormed forward through
out the day and were driving hard at all points east and south' of
the town last night. The Tommies arc now at the very outskirts
i I the town, behind the ruins of which the Germans are holding
i'.h numerous machine guns.
It is apparent that this stand is being made to enable the Grown
I 'rim e Rupprccht to save some oi the great military stores in the
eitv. Kvcrv road back of the German lines here is jammed with
i.msoorts. attempting to make their way eastward. The British
guns are shelling these roads heavily and British airmen arc eon
tiunoitsly Hying back and forth bombing the trains, destroying the
roads ami sweeping the marching columns of the enemy with bursts
i f machine gun fire.
The greatest confusion prevails, the roaiN being jammed with
tbe wrecks of lorries and gun carriages and covered wilh German
In the I.ys salient there was heavy lighting yesterday along
two small fronts In a heavy counter the Germans are reorted
to iihvc K'L'Hined their hold upon the
Drauoutre ridge, southeast of Keuiniel,
directly on the Belgian i'rencu border.
Kb.ewhere in the salient the British
have gained some ground und have tuk
nn many prisoners.
()u the Kreueh seetions of the front,
from BoisMojis to Cbaulnes, yesterday
was comparatively quiet. Although
the Krenea are ereeping nearer aud
nearer to Noyons, tbo (iormaus wore
apparently continuing to hold the city
last uight, although il fail is mumuu
tarily expected.
General Magniu has apparently cens
ed his attacks south of the Oisc, await
ing the outcome of the British drives
in I'ieardy before crossing the river
in force. The artillery is maintaining
ita activity, both east of Noyou and
between the Oiae aud tbo Aiauv.
w. a, s.
AMSTKHDAM, August '.'4 ( Assoc iu
ted Press) Krom the German point of
view it is oue thing for Germany, by
use of its submarines tr sink neutral
vesse Is but quite a difTeient matter
when a neutral nation seeks to recoup
ill losses by th taking of German in
U'i'iicd vessels in reprisal.
Despatches from Berlin say that the
Germrui foreign ofhec has sent to Ma
drid a formal protest in answer to the
note iu which Hpoin eipresaed its in
tetitionvf taking Oerninu shipping to
replace the vessels, ton for ton, sunk
by German submarines.
W ASHINGTON, August -o ( Associ
atctl Press ) Official casualty lists is
sued by the war nepiiitment and the
oltice of 'tbe Marine corps yesterday
were .'onaiderablv- smaller than tor sev
era! du v pusl numbering less than I'Oli.
The arinv list of losses showed four
teen killed in action, eleven died of
wounds, twelve dead of other causes.
117 wounded und fifteen missing.
The M,ai ine corps list gave the names
of six killed in action, five wounded,
one. nii.ssing und one dead in action.
W VsHINGTON. August L'" lAsami
ated Press)- The ,1.-st rover donated In
the l-'nited states Navv bv the Philip
pines is In be called the I ' S. S. ,loe
Hlal. in honor of the ineinorv of the
great Filipino putriot.
- xv. s. g. -- -
ItOUL, August -Jl i Associated
pre- Vfiei a cntnpaiative lull of
several days the Teuton tones in A I
bnni.-l have lesuoied their activities
and vesterd.-'v lli. re wete renewed at
tucks from the lower Seiinni Kiver to
Toiuoricu bulge.

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