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11IED GAINS llilif EI KMItt '
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,! i(pKt7 indication from the continuous, costly. defeats inflicted upon the Germans during the past three days along the'eritife western line injFratyce. frojn north of
1 iisbJ!u Arras is that the great German arrrvUttdetrQWi Prince Rupprech is face to face with the greatest disaster. that has yet come to German UrffiJ.Ou
The French fighting north of Soissoris have gained satisfactorily in the movements for the enveloping 6F Ndyohi Arid in their maneuver seem likely to crush the sali
ent still held by the Germans between the Sorrtrrie and the Ailette Rivers.
The capture of Achiet-le-Grande by General Haig and the High ground to the so jtheast of that town gives the British a dominating position for the advance, upon the
important junction and supply center at Rapaume . .
Farther to the south the fortress position at Thiepvril is nearly surrounded and must soon fall. With this will go the German hold upon a wide section of their present
f ronL At Thiepval , and Bapaume and at Roiiille to the east of Arras it is believed the Germans have huge stores, brought forward when the drives were made to break
a way between the French and the British armies, aiid the capture of these places, which seems imminent, will be a further crippling of the Germans for months to come.
The British are now standing Well east of Albert, while south of the Somme the are outflanking Bray on the south arid Chlulnes on the h6rth, i.' "V ' T
German Organization Seems
Breaking Down Under Hard
Thrusts of General Byng
LM'X i. August 24 i ss iatcd I Yes) it-neral HyiiK "s K'v"
ini; tlu' mthum im i rt unity to re iri,;inize after his first
wide drive aiNiin-t their lines and lii army i-; now' weepin; east
ward, taking wide stretilux of territory. main towns and villages
and advancing so rapidly that tin- (ierinans arc unable to remove
either their guns or their supplies.
The victory, which is now spreading south from Albert, appears
to lie the worst the (lermans liave as et experienced and the t ier i
titan organization is apparently breaking down. Last nijht the Itri-i
tish were following up vigorously their successes and sma.sl)iti! down :
the (iermnn opposition at all points, taking prisoners and inflicting
heavy casualties on the now fleeing armies. I
On the northern end of their advance the British are rapidlv !
approaching CroisiJJes on the Cambrai mad, while in the center they j
are now within two and a half miles of P.apaume, the important j
railroad junction point.
The I'.ritish are now attacking generally from . Lihons, close to
( haulne all along their line north tu Moyenneville, south of Arras,
a total fighting front of forty-eight miles, driving the Germans at
everv point and along long stretches of the front making gains of
from two to three miles.
Between Arras and f!apaume the towns of 1 lamlincourt. (luinic
court and Krvillers have been taken, the I'.ritish hold of Achiet-le
Grand has been made certain and the Tommies have advanced a mile
beyond and taken Bihucourt.
To the southwest an advance has been made southeast of Grand
court and the fortress of Thiepval, which was a stumbling block to
the I'.ritish in their 1('17 advance, is now nearly surrounded and must
fall. This fortress ts an elaborate earthwork system, heavily defend
ed with field guns and manned by a large force.
The British advance here has been along a six-mile front, against
heavy opposition. Karly in the afternoon the Germans launched a
series of strong counters on this line, which were thrown back. The
British then advanced and thrust the Germans back for two miles,
inllicting particularly heavy losses upon them.
Air observers report that the Germans are now falling back and
apparently abandoning the region between St I .eger and llamelin
cotirt, on the C roisilles road, along which front Prince Rupprecht
hail doubled the strength of the line within the past two days.
It was on this front yesterday that the German losses were the
heaviest, the hilled and wounded numbering thousands. Five hun
dred were left to surrender at Gomicourt while fifteen hundred were
toj.fn in the region of Chuignolles in the section si. nth of the Somme.
Between Brav and Albert there were steadv gains throughout
the dav and 'he British advance is now well past the Brav Albert
road North of Brav the position which the British had christened
"llanpv Vallcv" in their previous fighting owr this ground, was
taken, with the headquarters of three German battalions.
t tins point, beiore Bapaume and along the ( middles line, new
( ierman div i-ioiis are taking in the lighting, prisuuei s from these
having been taken and the identity of their i i ,11; niainls established.
These divisions are being rushed into the battle 111 an effort to hold
up the British advance until some of the supplies and guns can be
reinov ed.
The whole 'ierman line for many miles is giving and there are
main indications that something approaching disaster lor Prince
K'upprecht is at hand The Germans are frantically working to save
what thev can from the impending wreck of their defense system.
In the I.vs salient the British line has been slightlv advanced
to the east of I.e Touret
HKRLIN, August V't- (Associaie.
Press) The official renort iss I us
terday says:
The Itolisl have renewcl liii.r at
tacks southkest ol Hupa N. n l ;
liert the (lermans are luaking e.e.nitei t
ttltacks and are fori-iug the fighting on
the Souinie. The arlilleiy is l.vel.v lie i
.tween the Ailette and the Aisme liivci
W. a. a.
LONDON'. August 'Jl i -su
Press) Kvidence of (i. rinan bn
ill the governing of i's i-.donn'-to
the war being collected I.
Itritish government it was ant
by Ijrd Hobert Cecil replving
llnment to the claims of In W s
the German colonial sc. retarv
Lord Jtobert said that 1 1 v
will aoou be publisiel and I In. t
01 compileil it shows brulalitv a
government so clearly as to p
every possibility of uluiu ol
ioluui to Germany.
nit t
TO KID. August : .(Special to Ha
waii lloehii The emperor reiurned to
his i-ahice at 'I'okio yesterday, a month
iiulier than he had intended to return
fmni ins summer quarters. That the
foi.il crisis is responsible for his haste
is eeiiciallv l-elicvetl.
In miiI icipai ion of the inevitable
change in the cabinet. K. Miuno. see
ntaiv of the inteiiur, is said to be on
the point of icMguing. He was a
former member of the powerful Seiyu
Ion (.ally which will probably be the
next in powei when the uew cabinet is
w a. i.
W ASlll NGToV, August ITt ( Vssoci
led Press I'aviuent.s to the Allies bv
. I lilted l;ilcs hlll.c It entered the
in stio. lo.la at .C..OHH.01.-I 7"0 Tics
lilesent- the a"giei'ites of the cheel s
... i.ii'1 is ., .,. ,1 ist t nc uishe.l from
le ci.-.lits vht h have be. n -illowed
o-iii and loo cot a el all been
-c.l. The lot I'M figures amount to
; r.ti'.'.ouijii.ii
- w. i. a.
.r( A.MsTKKHAM, August i:t (Associ
il at.-d Press New s has been received
le h.-re that hmpiess August.' 1ctor1a of
-c li.-iioauy h:ts l.-!!cli ill due to the i.ver
si ia 1 u of in relief tv 01 It.
WASHtNOTON, AiijruM 2.1 (An
Ot'iu,tf il 1'reiw) Throe Ainorienn
mfrrtiant Htramers hnvc lit-rn s"tit
to the bottom by riprman diver ernft
within the punt ten Ivh. I'lirv
were the Lake Kdoii, Wmtliiiclne
(inil Clibore ml ill ere mink in
Kuropean water.
The Culxre was the first of tin
three to he Hiink. Hhe wax xulm;i
rined and muik but without lows
of life, on August IS. .
On (uKUit 1( the Weston.'!- rm't
her fate at the hands of a (imi:m
under sea rrat't. She was torpedoed
sud sank with a losa of three mem
hi-rs of her crew.
The I,ake Kdon'was most recent
ly lost, meeting dent ruction in h
similar manner on August L'l. Kiom
her sixteen are reported as missine.
W.f. I.
No Idea of Antagonizing Present
Allies By Selfishness 1
After the War
V SllINCTON. Augut 1- , sso.-i
ateit l'ress)--The I'nited States is not
building her great new merchant mi
rine for selfish objects, declares Kd
wnid N. HHi'ley, chairuian of the I'nit
ed "-'tntes Miippii." UohiiI. in an otti
cial statement yesieidaw It i to be
expected, he snys, thnt the enemy pro
pugamlists will attempt to ireute dis
trust by pointing out the dan em to
ftther irnt itinie pov. ers of nuch a Heet
as is novv buililiu. I i: T to thi Anier
ica can re-dy by pointing to her record
in this war and o' '! iy, . Mi, Hurley
sn id :
"To carry out her great military pro
gram, Au:ericu is binbliu a large licet
of traiiHports and food ships. Alter tin1
war this men hunt marine will be uwd
in Aineroa'-t enornioiiH ocean carrying
"It i- to be expected that enemy
propaaiiiii .shouU eiolea.or lo u-i.
this Anit'Oinii loci. Irint (bet .is the
basis for aroiiaini; list rtir between u
an ! on Al.ic. Oui gtiarant.'es of fair
dealiii't in itns inatter are toluol in
America-- ou.clttsh ooln-v in lilitiiiu
f0" deinoc rai v, in l'rei 'ent WiImui
devotion to the cause ol Immunity mi l
also in America's paM record. 1
" I'rrsiileut Wilson has ilemonst rated
to the world that the people of the i
I nitod States are not lighting for the
permanence ol then own liberty alone,
but t'oi tltc liberty of civ iliatiou ever
'liere. It is un' Ii in k it I le that u nation
fighting i-ImmiI.Ici to shoulder ni'h other
great dcoio nicies sliouM, afier I lie w ar,
turn its resources against tl.ein tor .
trade conquests of the very knot whnh
weie largelx i usi ruinen t a I in bringing
"if oui Ki.ii.s a.. ,,m i,ri.. w, , ;o- '
to our neighbors, as well as to ouiselv es.
lour own pr.de in the achievement wiil
be diininishe l. Our ships will be opernt
i ed after the wnr iii.ihi thos,. principles
which re. ooui.e human and nutionul!
. rights and equities.
I "Thi" is part of the consistent policy
of President Wilson. Il is ina.lo plain
in his public statements. It is also
plain iu the history of the I'nite l
niHies, wniin is i ree from seinsii agres
' sinn in ei'lo r territory or trade.
"In biijhling her merchant fleet. :
Americn plans first of all to win the1
war ami after that to overcome her own
neglect in providing ocean transporta
tion for her own trade. To this end
the people of the foiled Stales are
preparing to lev. lop 1 1 in.-l ...rtnt ion on
their own trade routes without dis
turbing the trade or the rights of other
nations. And they furthermore hope
that tin' American met. limit marine
will plav a huge part in bringing neigh
boring democracies of the American
hemisphere . loser together.
"Suggestions of sellish methods will
j of course be circulated in connect ion
with the fleet we are building. Kverv
nation I I up against auto. rtu v can
be depended upon to detect the source
' of such suggestions and to discount
them Hint maintain a s. lid line for
ilemocra. v and humnnil v . ' '
1 w. a. a.
Teething Children
Teething i I. ,1.1., ... I,, , ,
d ill' 1 hoc:.
fiv iug ' I
rhoca p.-t
j is to go
led bv
I . , la.n's ('..Ii.-
v. ll i.,i .
and Hint
I.e. -ess" ' V
dose at'rer
more than
to cle:if.-e
Mill r;isH
.1 tlx
I .I.e. I
I el'i-h ' I" I it t 1 . . . 1
naluiiil and 1
V. ,v,te.,l I
the must s,- ,
I Me ouift. I
j Ueusoa. Smith
11 n.l
an.' -
Ki.r sale bv
Four Proposed Amendments To
Lepislztion Are Defeated and
Only One IS Given ApprOVal In
Lower House
s i i i i i v
( Associated
of tlu? "Man
AugMist 24
'rcss ) - Pas
Power Bill"
practically as proposer! Iv Pro
vost Marshal i ,enetal ("rovvder
'making the draft ages from ei
teen to fortv live and not d
(.fp f-
rinj servjee for youths of from
eighteen 'to tvventv one years, ap
pears practically
the action taken
assured from
liv the house of
representatives eterUiy when
all amendments ottered, with a
single exception, were defeated.
Consideration of the new draft
law legislat'on was taken u, lv
the lower house at its session v es
terdav and four amendments
were defeated and one accepted.!
The .amendment adopted makes,
the law applicahle to members of
congres.s ,;ml to state legislators. I
i Two amendments relating to
minimum for draft age were first
defeated. nc of these raised the.
draft age to twenty-one years
and the other t nineteen.
Net lo he considered was ti e
i i-i i i r
amendment wiiicn provmea lor
the placing of voutlis who have
n t attained their map rit in a 1
sc;ava;e and deferred clas winch
would not I.e called until their
elders had Keen exhausted. This
pro io-.ll a!-'j was reiected.
! A fourth amendment raised tli
dra . t aue i ! uu lot t v live to Ii 1 1
vears. Imt this met the same late
as the three amendments relat
ing to the i Hinder' men.
I hen the house went on record
as seeking no favors or exeinp-
tioiis for its own members or for
ol her
vv 1 1 1 1
lators. An ainendment
lldeil Specilivallv these
ses within
the draft was
ad. ipted.
The mov ing-picture industry,
production of films and their ex-
Jubit ion were given official recog
inition as an essential industry by
war industries board in an
announcement issued vesterday.
- w. a. s.
Food Administrator Assisted In
Great Accomplishments
Y(i;K. AuiiHt 1 AcsiM'iHt j
'ho Allium ist 1 aim- lit"' j
u ei 1 ct urt'i .l t nt la y f I'fun
f! I'm-
.r t ' H u ,-i
Km t 'h "mi 1 1 1 p
w 1M1 t lie fnoiT
iiii-l ititVrtPl
IM-. I'llit v of
t In- t nm Hi;.' Illi't
tin- miiiii' tin
tlfii t-. tu im
i 11 v I i i in- nm f i rn'.l j
( ontmltTN nf tli. Alti 1
j . ;i iih t'nr ini'i'tin tliH
the fofnl situation for
nmn iihil intiM and t
i cut iit' n I (mmI t rcr '
tf imv 'iiii-iL''iirv that
might Inlel
1 l.c
arise suoiil.l tin ic
ii 11 crop shiotage.
11 11 t o r
!'.,,.,... II, ,
' - t ... 1,
's c .11 1 . ren.
Mlied r. ,cl
I i 1 e s . : 11 I ;t 1
I 1 . 1 1 1. 1 1 1 vv 11 :
with the
( 'oil lie 1 1,
lo lie
I 1 '
'II... I
j MTV YORK. August 'J4 I Assoeint
ed Cross; In nn air mid upon Cologne
j on Thursday morning the populace wss
thrown into a state of w ild alnrm.
I Amsterdam despatches said that there
viere five killed nod two injured aad
t llini much HHinage to property resit t
eil. 'I'lie people we;e innii" slricken
nud lire in feur of for: her visits.
Vive iiiipurtniit (leiinuli cities and
tow ns were vlsiteil bv Hi iticli aviators
on Wedne olay night ami during their '
expedition over the enemy linei five
airdrome. .were destroyed. The expedi
oiiii i ii s cootuuseu 01 tare ijouinio);
iiini'liiiien. scouts and combut planes and
dropped u large quantity of explosives
on points of military importance, ia uu
olticlnl Rritiah report.
American air activities are told in a
nienstige from General Pershing who
ouid that on August 21 two raids were
conducted behind the German lines ami
the railway station and sidings at Fla
beuuville were bombed, all of the Am
! erienn planes returning safely. On the
snme dnv and on Thursday raids were
conducted on l.nngiiyon, Audun le Hom-
an and Conflams, railroad, Hidings and i
military points being badly damage. t
by the number of hits observed. Again
nil of the aviators returned safely.
J.ieut. Louis Verdier, formerly head of
the Lafayette Air Squadron has been
l i'le.l in action. He was a brother of i
Paul Verdier of San Kranciseo
W. B. 8.
Two Anti-Bolshevist Governments
In Accord
WASHINGTON. August VI - (Associ
a'ed 1'resh - Satistyilig assurances of
:i ;;c;ty of purpose that has been miss
ii;' lieictnf lie in Russian governmental
affairs are contained in despatches
which have rem hed the state depart
iio rt. These u.'sumnccn say that the
nee. Omsk a id Vladivostok govern
tii h ' f , both stronplv opposed to Hoi
'hevisoi are in I'Omplete nctord.
(Mioials sa.d that this menus that n'l
Sii-iia is virtually under one govern
n i at with onlv a small portion, near
LI-'itsK. sllll 'n :he pot-session of the
I'- Isln'v ik i r.n.l tiie former Austrotier
in.-iii pii.oueis w l,o are their allies.
1 c roiad despatches qoole the Wet
e: ciiiin, Hrt-men, despatches as say
' ; lientnil I'etopoff lius fallen into
if hands of the unti Holshev ist tones
lid h a prisoner of the Allies.
w. a. a.
WASH INCTfiN, August L' (Asso. i
ati'l Press. I'asualties in the aony and
the Marine corps in the lists which weie
issued yesterday numbered
The army casuulties reported were
tvventv nine killed in action, twenty
two dead of wounds, nineteen dead of
other causes, sixty two wounded, fifty
two prisoners and one missing.
The Marine corps casualties were
three killed iu action, four dead of
wounds, one dead of other causes, fifty
nine wounded anil five missiiiLr. Cant.
Lester H. Wass of (iloucester, Mass.,
itas iiccii niiitni ill uciiuil 1IUO cn.i. .1 u
ph 11. Murray of Concord, Mass,
w ouudtol.
Moth are Qf the marine corps.
w. a. a. r-
WASIHNdTON, August L'.'l -(Asso.
lite I Press)- As result of an accident
explosion which occureil on the I . r.
Ari.ona 011 August 17 three enbsted
men were killed and eighteen injured,
it v as announced by the navy depart
mei t today.
w. a. t.
I Its, A 11 just
. I 0 11 11 .
tl C Itv '
.1 1 .- at tli.
"I A ssociate.l I'rr'ss )
11. d v es'ei.lav as host to
A fieri, no 1 o'lgrcssoiHIl -it
-e headunaclers yesterdav.
Me ill. ei ol the Aniciicau naval . . 111
im 1 1 ce we e also quests td- the King.
Ihriig the at'le'lu.ou t'e Xlll'liclill
- vvit."-ssed the Italinu citation
, c! ,o,.,c i- ihe Kii't' ptescutlt.g 11 lliim-
1 1' dec,,' ations to his .oldoTs for
con pii nous In a v cry.
Advances of French Force
Render German Positions
Difficult of Retention
PSUIK August Jl i ssociatcl Press)- General Mangin's prog
ress, while steadilv continuing;, is slowing up and the territory
won yesterday is less than in any previous day for a week. The
gains nuidr. however, are strategically imjKirtant and place a large
number of the men of the Crow n Prince's force in serious danger.
'I lie right wing of the Cernians now rests upon the plateau
north of Soissun. between that city and the Ailette River. The west
rn end of this wing; is now practically enveloped. The French con
trol the Aisncfiisc section both to the west, south anil north of
where the tiermans are making; a stand and are driving their south
ern and northern wcdg;cs steadily eastward, leaving the (let mans
fin the south, the French have cleared the north hank of the
Aisne. west of Soissotis, to Romtniers, within two miles of the city.
On the north, ten miles away, they have driven across the Ailette
livr ami hold all the ground as far south towards Soissons as
Crecy au-Mont. The railroad between Soissons and Chaunv has
been cut and an advance of a few
French astride of the Soissons Laon line and in a position to drive
to the north of the Chemins des Dames defense line, upon which
the Crown Prince is depending to protect him from another sikIi
Franco-American drive as cleared his forces out of the Soissons
Kheims salient
The position of the (Jernians still holding N'oyons is likewise
precarious. The entire length of the Noyon Canny railroad is under
he direct fire of the French, who hold all the south bank of the
Oise from Sempigny. less than two miles front Noyons, to the junc
tions of the Ailette River, a distance of nearly ten miles. The left
bank of the Ailette is also in French hands almost to I.e I'aradis,
on the southern edge of the -Forest of St. Ciobaiu and across the
! river from the Forest of l'inon.
the (ierman luttleline when the drive south to the Maine was made
by the Crown Prince in May.
This drive on the Oise Aisne sector is imperiling not onlv the
army of the Crown I'rincc along the Yesle, bv threatening to get
in its rear north of the Aisne towards I.aon, but is lul ling form a
leep salient of the entire position occupied bv the armies of I'rincc
Kuppiecht, a salient into which the British are driving in Northern
Yesterday the army of Cencral Mangin completed the clearing
if the south bank of the ( )ise and advanced eastward into and across
the Ailette Valley, clearing this along a six mile front The latest
reports stated that between the Ailette and Soisson his advance ha I
progressed c,ist of liagneux and north of Crecy an-Mont . F.arlier
m the dav a French force cross the isc and passed the ' ise Aisne
Canal at Manicamp. eight miles east of Noyon. Thev also crossed
the i iv.cr close to Nov on and reached the outskirts of Morlincourt.
Iu these operations ani those of Wednesdav . a total of over live
dioiis.ind prisoners were taken. with additional guns.
dcncral Humbert is pushing on in the enveloping of the ".er
niaus at Noyon, hav ing cleared the left bank of thei ise almost to
the outskirts of that city. Yesterday his men crossed the );vettc
River, which Hows into the ( )tse at Noyon. at I vriiourt. five miles
west This force is mw pushing east to a point north of Novoti,
i:h the apparent object of cutting the Canal du North and the unl
oad connecting Noyon with Ham, the only line of retreat left in
( Ierman hands
WASHINGTON, August 2n (Offi
cial 1 The tesolution which I'resident
I Wilson sen! to both bOuafB of floa-
giess 1 11 'I hursdav. w hich
is designed
j to p
i the
unit refugees who, are or muy be
11 from then own coiintnes by
ar to come into the I'nited States.
prepared by the labor department
v as
mi ri
iiimcuitiition of the department
d state
This measure is specifically designed
to permit the entrance into this conn
try of lstMl S-1 1 1 1 11 11 icfueees, of whom
"Oil are children. They sought icfugr
lirst in Kusaiu and now desire to funic
10 the I nited States
The 1 esolutions coitain provisions
vvhi.il waive clauses uf lie 1 in 111 igi a t .,,11
lu.s .so tar as they would nffoct re' 1
tecs 1 1 no war ridden c.iinti ii's it is
pioposcd that the ri'solut ions shall rc
tlllllll ill effect tor the peiiod of the
var and six months thereafter.
moves the cause. Used the world ove.
to cure a cold in one clay. The aigna
'ore -f K XV. t'.KOVK i.s on c ai b bin
Vlanulacluitd ly the I'M: IS VKIil
"INI? CO.. &: .wmiji. U b A.
miles further east would put the
which marked the extreme ri"ht of
LONDON, August 1 (Associated
I'ress) (lupe .of winning the war is
fading fast iir tho Ciirman tieu.-hes. if
lettej-ataken fro'nV Xome (Ierman iuia
oners aeeurutely reveal the morale of
some of the (ierman troops,
I "The Americana are in front of tis
utul they are terrible men," read one
biter taken from a (Ierman pii-onur.
''We no longer have anv hope,' ho
: continued. "My company of bill is
down to JtO." 'Vjlj, ,!;';
teily di niolished. "wrote another (lor
man soldier. "I nm ajuuvs hoping
the 1'ieiich may succeed ia roping us in.
We should t.tyen at anv late be rclicvol
from the moral anguish we are eontin
ualy suffering. Our strength is biv
c. lining more and more supped and
some of us do get home we shall bo
bi ulv-ii men. ' '
I w VnliK, Aupust - Minici ill
I'.'' u 1 '1 i !!' 'I'ler ten ivecks's sl'iv il
i 1 1 1 1 . 1 :i ..I 1' ance. Sir b'obeit Hoi. 'en,
I 1 I "f I "l II '1 . 1 n . is sltoili' In 1 s
t lit I III the cellaintv of .access for tli"
V His and wain ill his I' . I 01 i I II I i 11 11 11
lie spii,t w 11 11 Ii ,t beim; show n. Neve"
is ih.-it spir.' line., teadla'-t n i,
.11 than at ' ' .
cue i' 1 time he mi id.

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