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Huns Launch Frenzied Counters In Vain Effort
To Check Foch's Steady Progress But
Victorious Sweep Goes Gloriously On
LONDON, August 28 (Associated Press) In d ives and smashes all the way along a seventy -five
mile front, from the north of Arras to Soissom, :he French and British yesterday drove into and
over the German lines, despite the frenzied counters delivered at various places by the German who
are striving to check the general Allied advance. These German counters, delivered with an excess
of fury nd a minimum of planning, have nowhere more than temporarily delayed the Franco-British
progress, each counter being thrown back and the a. tacking force either wiped out, captured or forced "JAPANESE LOSE HEAVILY
into (light. ! J IN THE FIRST CLASH
HINDENBURG HNS CUT AND PASSED ' tokio. aurum jt-ih,.,, ii t Nip-
On the northern section of this great battleline, east of Arras along the valley of the Scarpe, the' J.,;' Vhc 1TVh "r"'' Ko
Canadians have cut and passed the old Hindenburg line, which was strongly defended. The Canadians! v,',.' tiinrst"!.- t 'w'kiUo.i in
took many prisoners, a number of guns and much material. They fough: their way into and captured " ''" te present Miherian mm
Cherisy, Vis en ArJois and Boiry-Notre-Dame. To the south of this they took Heninel. early In the'V"'"" ""7 ""i ;M';i'on.y
. u j v i t At. e ,, .. . , . fone, under the eiimniand of Urneral
uay, inic iiuwiiig me iimucnuuig nne lor tne nrsi time, i ne Canadians lougnt along a six-mile tront
and advanced up to last night more than three miles in places.. Their general advance being on the
front bounded by the Arras-Cambrai highway north of the Arras
Douai railroad. This advance is driving in the German line in such
a way as to make a pocket of their front at Lens.
In this sector, on Tuesday, the prisoners taken east of Monchy-
lc-Preux were more than two thousand. 1
At Croisilles, just of this front, on the Sensee River, there has
been continued hard fighting, with the German garrispn being rapid-
ly pocketed.. Fontaine les Croisilles, two miles northeast has been,
nH M.t of thu mint m f .h. HiK, u
ni. r. ...,i ,n, Kv ti, t
I'.ctwcen Croisilles and Uapaumc, six miles to the south, the
llritish made some notable advances and are holding the outskirts
of the town, the ruins of which the (icrmans are defending with
Miiall detachments of machine gunners. The city itself has been
acuated by the main garrison. General Haig is thrusting his forces
ratward loth north and south of
men Dy attempting to storm the machine gun nests, the occupants km-mo-i a maximum depth of two milci
of which must eventually surrender when cut olT. Heugnatrc. two -,ni1 u hlf of tl10
miles northeast of Kapaume was reached by the llritish last night.',- ''"i. "utf", t0lH' lllr?
, ' . . J " 1 nr tin' ilav of live iiiilci, the i rcnrli
GREAT SUCCESS ON SOMME i ii,,e rU,.,.in thr ..ii-, to ti ,t
' u the front north of the Somme, between l!aiaume and I V I"' lan yestpnUy.
the greatest success attended yesterday's fighting. Attack-
on a front of eight thousand
tauban and Maricourt, bringing them within six miles of I 'en nine '
from the northw est. Mou.in de Farcy was taken in this advance j
and numerous (.ermans were captured.
Along the same line, lut south of the Somme the liritish have
oM-rrun the Gcrifian 1ifi?s and have taken the entire massif oser-1
, .
looking the river clear into rcronne itself. I he British arc now.
almost at the doors of I'eronnc and arc sweeping forward toward
that important city from both north and south.
The Uritish have swept through Moulin dc Farcy. I.cniafave,
I n. ih-s Wood and Yaux Wood. Australians and Scottish units have
taken Fontaine, in the neighborhood of Dompierre. six miles south- j
isest of I'eroime, and the liritish pressure has forced the Germans
Ink here farther than they had planned to withdraw in the face
i.' the furious onslaught. An Australian force, in the bend of the
nei north of the Somme, is clearing the section there of the enemy,
ilv. ineing east from Suzanne.
At British headquarters it is estimated that the Germans have
used seventy divisions, or well over a million men. so far in the
lighting between the Scarpe and the Aisne between August 7 ami
ugtist 25. During that time they have lost close to a hundred
thousand prisoners alone, with a tremendously heavy death and
wounded list. Since Wednesday the British alone have taken twen
tv-lour thousand prisoners, making the liritish total for the drive
this month close to fifty thousand.
Succeeds Crowell, Named Direc
tor of Munitions
Washington. August L'7 .W
ciated I'lfisi It was announced ,it h,
war ili-paitiiieiit today that John I).
Ryan, tin- noted cupper iiiagniite re
ill I v lliaile diiecliil of iiei olill'lt H , li:i
I i appointed si" mid iissisten; nei re
tar :' . ..; the dnectorv of aero
niiiitiis in his chaige. Major rleuedii
'. low ell nssiMtaut secretary, has
been made director of munitions, with
i iiiiiplclc iintliorit v to procir" and fur
nihil llictn. Kilwaril Stettinlus, s. run!
iissi-t n nt who hn- been in rhare of
suppl'cs. will leinaiii in l-'rauce 111 the
special i c ii cue ij t a t i e of the tar de
art nn-ii 1
W. I. I.
I'ARIN, A unnct 'J7 - ( Ahnoi ilnl
rrren- A Kirnrli niiviil uitrnl in the
Mr liln nun. hi ten in- i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 i'i I I .nii
Ii'IihiiI i liwii'i'i, lin ni on I In hi 1 1
itiiimti1 Hint Mink tin1 I ,usit:inia.
w. a. i.
TOKIO. Aiiy ii t 27 iniinl to n.
in .li.jii T 0;i, m i' i rlii i y Ht t II Jhi
iinri' li'uliim in llir Cit ol' Mrxiun.
vhi tuiliiy HiiiiDttilril us tin' now ruimul
rnrrul lit San J'l in-ini . Hi" mir
in'ili II. Iluniham. mIio whk rvicutly
ii'ralk'd to Tokio, to Hcrrjit an appniiit
iiii'nt ah tlie hrnd of I'oinuicri'ial biiira.ii
iu I liu urjmrtiiiciit of forciyu affairs.
the city and is not sacrificing his
yards the Tommies captured Mon-!
ciiileil I'ressl- rrcsiilcut Wilson mday
nccepleil the resignation of Walter
Mines I'age, ambassador to Great Hnt
ii i n A inliassadoi I'age has been in
poor health for some time uml felt he
could no longer carry on the important
duties of his office us A incricn 's rep
rcseutut i r at the court of St. Janu s.
s rep
W. I. a.
Amendment Exempting Submis- I
sive Strikers Added . J
WAMIIXOTOX. August 1'7 iAim :
1'intnl IVi'hhi- Tin- MriHt(i tmlay Hiirn
vi'il tin1 "work or li(lit " hiiii'ihIiiii'iiI
nf tlir H4 mi 1 military roimtiiMrr to tlir
Man I'ourr Hill. itli tlir iru mum
that it nIihII not (i''lv to KlrikriK w Im '
j rrturn lo work uml Hulimit tlirir ilr j
inamls lo t lie var Inhor lioanl.
w. s. I.
LONDON. Aiinimt 27 ( Anniruitcil
1 ' r "i Tin1 Oftu ial (lii.i'llr miiiioiiiii i ll
tin' RUHnl of tlir in i I t h ry itiish In Cail .
Krrmit Ifimnfx i'U for Inn Hvrvirpn itli
I he Uritish tioom ill M rnoiot am in . In'
lorr In- HHt t ranifirrrj to the Ainrri
i an furi'Oa.
- - w. a. a. -Eeep
It Handy
I iniiiril in 1 1' rolirf in nei'i"arv in at
'icW of iliarrhiieH ('haiiiliorluiu ' Colic
anil Diarrhoea Urinnlv slioulil nlwaya
bo nn haml. For sale by Bcnaoi), Smith
t Co. i.d. j i cm
Pursuing Huns Along, Front of
TWk Mil Tiwinn Thm
Twelve Miles Giving Them
No Time To Reform
PARIS, August "M ( .Wm-iated
Pressl Breaking the liack of the der
ma n line of tlefeimc hirh rested upon
Hove, the Kronen icMernay ruptured
that Ml r o n j; ln 1 . 1 ami rpt on punt it,
Hlonjf h front of tnche ami a half mile.
Hi ltmt lituht tliia uilvum.i hu.l tip...
i i.hhi iiini, iroin riHiiii on i ih iiortn,
(rapeaunicsnil, four miles M.nth of'
tl,r.... an. . ...i.l ,n..l C I ' I. .. . . 1 - ...
Koye, the. victorious poilus were pur -I
' " Kk "I h i"
V8111.e buf Hr). r,.vil,jj ,,,, ,hoir nir .
i-lnnes to prevent the l remh from !
,1m,n'inX '"o 'cUeiv rw,, heels. The ;
r.nlente aviainrs are fighting numerous I
battles with these German machines.
The Krench line north of Rove ha-s
reached the neighborhood nf ilatten
Southwest of Koe the Germans carlv
yesterday launched a heavy counter,
which the French beat back, taking
en hundred prisoners, including twn
Malum commanders. This was in the
region of St. Mard les Tmit.
North of the Aisne, on the Suissons
Ailette front. General Magtiiu made
another advance of three ipiarters of a
w. i. a.
Mrs M H. Churchill, principal of
the Waialua school, has ben officially
notified that her sou, l.icut. H. Clair
Churchill, linn killed in Krnnce recent '
n Ottawa, Canadn, despnti h recci
M il here August L'l aiiuouiiccil that the
liritish casualty lists contained the
u.-ime of Lieutenant Chun-lull of Hawa i
ii. not did not give the date of his
Mrs. Chun hill sain her son went to
the trout in December, HIITi, and has'
served in France almost emit iiiuouslv i
' since then. He was an ofticer of thei
, fiL'ud Canadian Inluiitiy Battalion.
. II..,. . 1... I,... O... '. r....- I, u- u I
" "n..
working on a newspaper at llunlsford.
Nova ScotiH. He bus never lived in'
the Islands, but his mother has resided I
here for about twelve years. A aister j
also lived here until a few years ago.
when she went tu the mainland. j
Lieutenant Churchill is well known
here, however, through letters of his j
writing at the front uml published
locally j
W. . .
A fiinnal ram1 112 of a lii nrrvlrc flag
t'nr tin' .liifiHiirifr roiiimuiiity
lll III'
ln'M ii tin-
nrnr Inliirc al llir Nnuaiiii
till' HUlil im of tin' Jhuii
A. Thin Max nn) informal
" Y '' ,!'I",V,'
ly unliirU'il Nt N liinrlii'on of tin Juiau
rr ''V' hr. tail Sunia Hl'trinoon.
I'hr Mil'' iih iiihiIi liy thr ,1a iiiir!ir
Y. M ". A itli anl fioni tlir Juiunt"i'
r h ii i ii In- r of i oinmrirr. to hiMior tlir KUO
.laiiaiiri-r niMltrri now arrviny tlir
I iiilr. I siah"i in llir nnlitarv jiti ire. An
i nsi n i ion iji I'!iii;IinIi, ''Thr ,)HiHiirHr
. . 1 1 1 1 ; in t'M nf llai'liu nlion thru Inul
Iv uml I rii'inUhip, ' ' "H- h il iI I In
SrrirtHi' H M. Miilmi.tiiiH to a'loi n
I hi' flii"..
" ll t lir .l;i i.'i iii'in' il i n f t 'Pn will Ik' in
vitf'l UK linnoi urali" 8t thr foriiial
ruiain of thr Hug,'' aa m Mulsiiuwa.
All AntUBolsheviki Elements In Far
Pact llnit-f I InHr s.hri i 11 PrfQirlfnt
Japanese Lose Heavily
Hundred and Seventy Killed In
Battle North of Vladivostok
With Bolshevist and Teutons,
Including One Captain
VLADIVOSTOK, via Shanghai.
Align 84 (Delayed) Oaneral
Pleshkoff, chief of the natulan
force la Siberia and Manchuria,
on behalf of Prorintooal Premier
Horrath, the antl Bolahevlkl lead
er, him aamimed control of all the
RuRnlan military forces In the Tar
The Ruaatan rolunteer army, rp
reaentlng ail the elements In oppo
Hltion to the aoTlets government,
hare joined Premier Horyath'i
cause In a body.
I Kikuzo Olani, IhikIimI in V lmlivoHtok
! two weeks so. Tliooijli si-urea of names
of nun eommissioneil oNW cri" anil men
'ntr rontsineil in the honor lit of tltoae
j killril in ni'tiou, ptHin Konomi it ss
Ilie only ofhrer to fall.
rhe flglit, in whirh Captain Kunomi
1 n killed, oecurreil at a point about
j ixty milrn north of Vlailivimtok, be
! Iim"ii a ,lapsneie ili-tacliment anil a
I mipciior force of BoNlieviki, reinforreil
I liy relenaeil (lerman anil Austrian pris
oners. The Japani'i ilrtai'hment was
j a pnrt of the reinl'orrement sent to
st renjrtheii the main Czeebo -Slovak
! army, whirh is facing a superior euemy.
, The loss of the Japanese was one
hundred and seventy killed and wound
ed, a heavy easualty list in comparison
with the size of the detachment.
The loss of the enemy cannot be
learned exactly, but it is believed' to
have been large, as indicated by the
number of dead left on the field
The Czecho-Slovaks ' main
armv, I
which is facing a superior enemy, is
anxiously awaiting the arrival of more
I Japanese reinforcements from ladl
j vostok, w hen they expect to commence
nn offensive.
I Lieutenant General K. Fn.jii, at the
i Ii t-ix of a strong Japanese force, arrived
yesterday at Manjuri and established
his headquarters at this important town
WASHINGTON. August 'JS (Assu
; ciated I'resa i--Henry Ford seems lis
' sureil of at least one nomination for
I'liitcd .Slutcs senator, if he doesn't
I get two. At an early hour this morn
iug it was li 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I that in the count
of votes cast in the primaries yester
I h v ill Michigan Ford was leading
James W. Meline for the Homoeratic
iiomiiiation. Truman 11. Newberry,
however, was leading the Detroit auto
mobile maker for the Republican noui
Ford occupied the uniiue position
of being on both tickets. Several
months ago the Demorats annum d
theii intention of running Foul as their
nndnlate, and suggested that the He
publicans make it unanimous bv run
ning hiiu likewise Although lleline
ntcred the race. Ford's nomination on
the I leinocra t ic ticl-et was virtually
conceded It is stated that beyond say
nig that he would run for the Repub
loan noun nat ion if he was tantcd and
that he uould not spend a five cent
piece to get it. Ford has made no cam
pai'n so far as the Republican noui
mat ion is concel lied.
In Iowa Representative Woods has
failed of i enoini uat ion, it is a n noil m ed .
and for that reason has resigned the
i ha i i ma nshi p ul the Republican con
'ressional coiiinnttce. He issued a
statement saving that he resigned "in
the Interests of harmony and unity hi
t he commit tee. ' '
A despatch from Columbia. South
Carolina, says that Dial is leading tor
iner Gov ei nor Coleman I.. Hleasc tor
the Democratic mini i nil I inn for thl
w. a. .
WITH Till-: AMKlUCANs ON Till;
l.l.li. AuiMt -7 I A Mm ialml I'ri'sD
Aini'iii Hii lronis n 1 1 h ki ll the (ler
. inline IihIiix' ill tlir region of HuKorhrfl,
illuri' mill'" writ nf Kininri. uml nirnnl
' i'iiiroii"ly llir (iriniann utlackeii tho
Ainriiinn lull'- at Kixiiirtlr, a mill'
nnrt h ri"t of I'i-liU'K. !
, slinii i ii In ii 1 1 nhlin ill thfl ont
;liiti of Ha.i In- in rout inui nc with
the A in it ira ni iiiiiinx t Ii i- Uii'r liaml.
'llir lliimiiiiM arr kIm'I I i ii( Finiui'tte
hi'U il .
j 0.rninr; thr at link. (In mini arro
i si mi ' I n hi t llr iiM-i Ki'inrllr, ili,.i.in
liomlii ami -orkniy to ilrur the Amrr
irani form I lie limine nn that they
Hoiihl I hi t' liirrli for I'l'linan mu
' , hin
uiiiiiTk I'li tril on the lulli.
w. . .
Uo.Ml.. AiMi,.t '.'7 i Ahhih iale.l
I'lesiW- Hiitih troniH tmlay raiileil un
Austrian ioiitioii un the Aaino in
teuu In a fienr tin ml to hanil atru
mIc they ovenanie the Harrisons
aptured 2U.
GENERAL HORVATH. Ui ProrUlonal Ruler of Siberia Thin soldier
and statesman w:lh. until recently, general manager of the Chinese
Eastern Railroad He was chosen in July to be Premier of the Pro
Visional Siberian government
ii 'S
on the Siberian Manlicuriun border.
General ScminorT, who recaptured
Mnnjiiri a t'rw ilaya ho from the Bol
sheviki, is now hollv inirsniiii; the dc-
i feated eiicmv, tit the head of u strong
anti railicnl force. The enemy is rc-
'.ported to be fleeing north from Man-
TOKIO, August ''7 -(Speciiil to Nip
pu Ji.jil Kor some icnson yet to be
learned, ti portion of the Chinese gar
rison at Kiiiinshi. 11 town along the
Americans Fight On
Even When They
Are Badly Wounded
One Man Gets Sixteen Machine
Gun Bullets In Body But Re
fuses To Quit Austrian Troops
Identified Among Germans
WASHINGTON. AiiKiiHt L'7 nn,,,
111) A ('Hl'll f I Dill till' l M -' : ' ; l 1 1
front says Hint Austrian tnm li.ivr
Ijt't'M nlwit 1 1 UmI opposite the pusilinn of"
it rcrli.iii American unit. It is i n
kilobit whether or not they nn- in the
line, hut it is known defimteU tiu.t
thev hit viii in leserve.
A not h
r itespateli salt) ttutt Am.'iu.ni
eouiHe .mil
rit were 4'xiiinpli
urdjt nihf when the unit on t h
re front rcpulMc-l ;i (ternuiu mi l
out HfrioUN Iosh. One Ainerienu -
j ett hit teen min hiin' gun Inillet
I luit t'oiiLfht on. lit' will I'cnivi i
prolMv It the Atnericiin tecwM I
hi in u It h neon-' s on ihIh.
iittt he r A inei o ;t n was I h ! I uni,i
j eil i n the o in ar h f I oin 1 1 ; 1 14 n m n l .
iiale. his nose Mown nil nn-t
, Imiii. lint lie enii 1 1 n in-d to lihl tlx (
iiiiiii4 aiol hal iiliniist to lie toti ;
o to a o!resMin station.
W. . 8.
ASHINi; TON'. Aiiyiiat 27 "Hin
ah lnrriran Hr I I'iohh i-imm' i ;i I im
ltll A IIH'I il'll M tllillS (Ml the I.iitll
firlil ami lirlnml thr linrs ilirin tl
luiiil liirhtiiiif (' the nis month
lirinrJiiK eirrs-iiiiM of ai'i n mi i'
from the exieilitiounry forrrs, ari-nn
iiU to a en III r " in in frimi Mnj'U lirn i
Kolirrt Hnllaril, rinniiianil inj; tlln r'n
lliviaion. I'iiniiit ami lilieiul v i ( ' -1
tiiin rc it-1 an aliiiinliinre of nu ( 'I -1-;i i
It i I haw lii'i'ii lenilrrril liy tin an l'
Hiiee netvire in 1 1 n niinrt i ii'' the mihh
eil in a way not only timely l,ut n, r
an ry.
, hi I ) - M ore I lin n
I n n of sli i ph w r i
r i n an injl i i-hn n t
Anrinst 27 (Old
in. nun ie:i,r,-ht
ml. leil to the Am
nun nir Mining tl,.
eel enillll August 22 li'
thr i in
an, I nil.'
jilrtlun of M'rli st,. vrssrU
w leti sh i, im i , ii ii sh i p ;
This Iii on lit 1 i.t .1 1 ilrliv rriis
iIhIi' lip to '-sl rsseU nt ai,
(.ate ilrnil n eie Ii I In r ol 1.
tnlul of fi vrssrU. ii m i
2 I2".II.'I7 I'cinliM'ilit tons, hnv
In First Fight
. .. r. f
South Muiichii.
nn Railway, yesterday
,t!..L .i , i, i.. .... I
railway station. The Chinese soldiers
were soon reptilsed by the Japanese.
The .hipancse commander Ht the ilce
made a strong presentation to tho com
mamlei of the Chinese garrison and
ilcmnndeil an upology for the incident.
The Chinese coinniiiuiler apologized and
the incident was closed when the Jap-
jancsc inni ma inler tits given assurance
'by the Chinese commander that he
Matter will punish severely all those
lio hne taken part in the attack of I
the .1 n pn neac.
1 eiate'l l,re')--rjir asuiilty list of
! tho AniericHn K.p''litioniiry Fou rs in
i Kianrr for to lay Klines tho total initn
Kor of Antrr'ieHi eHsualtii'H sinee
' l"nite States t roopn entered tho eon
' tliet Up to L''HO.
Tho en nii alt v list HiuiouiiriMl to.la v
1 inolihloil f ort mi'voii kille'l in nt tioii,
sixtoon thoil of wouikIs, eiht serious
ly woiiihietl, I'- voiiiile. le-.s serious
ly hio- ni iu'1 y th roo niisiii. 'apt.
Kay l Harrison, of t'oluinlua 'itv, In
liana, was anions those kile in '
turn. ot. Kossuth I. Orosen, o!
' A 1 1 ?i ii v , Ohio, 'I io. I of woun.K
! The . n unit y li-t iiuole pul.lir v itei
j . I ;i y w n as follow s:
j Anii: Kille-I in ii' linii, I ; ilieil of
! wouiol-s, I s: ; other rauHOs. I,
mi m e I , '.Hi; in i ssi ny , -i.
Aiming t hoe who have iJiel of
w.uiimU m dipt. Oii!le . Lfw'is of
( ;i 1 1 it, Ten ne-re.
M a ri net : K i lie I in net ion, ; l io
m woumi, -; woiiii-le.l, ' ; tuissiny,
apt. Arthui H. Tuiner t)f tho Ma
i i ne- has I een w on ol e I in action. 1 1 is
home is i ii W 1 1 k on I a i to, I V n n -y I a u ta .
Ot the loin) ca'-ualties n n non n c-l to
ilnte. I I'.ti w eie k tile. I i n act , I
in-. I ol woaioN, J I 1 T -lie. I of -I'M a-e,
in . i. lent ai'l othei causes, I l,i'7 veie
w nn ti' le I a ii' I were in i si n , in
i liulin 1 h o.e known to haw t -cc h i a I
en priMinei'N.
W. 8. 8.
French Corporal
Single Handed
Captures 700 Huns
Twenty three Year Old Member
of Tank Corps Awarded Cross
, of Legion of Honor For Re
markable Exploit In Battle
ON 1111. Klil.M
7 , Asm., int. "1 I-.
I- l(i INI
I Hr
1 1 inn t K
nn al ho
( i r i inn us
II I.M'l.-lll
, I , .1 ( 'rii
i I ,i. ml .il
, 1,1,-
, "t
.1, I
I II I ' 1 .111,1
1. 1 '.I ll
1,1 II, ,11'
M-iil 1 1, : i
' I"
, l. 1 v , , t ,. . I
ill tl,,' :. ,
,.f the I . " "
I ;i'l 1 I' Cell.rl. I
;i.,' I n il. Il t:,l
I'lir.'tlll- hi
ImiOii'I thr ;
Ills llla.'lillie
ii;i! iilli
tin nr, I
I .
I iii ;
ins on thrill.
Kar iii'i the
t . .
I i i
' Im
ir.l ami i rl
- t hem to I hr
iili'iit ha'i, ii
i it! 'av.
W. H.
.1.1. k l(;in ii ,M'II
.ii. I I 1 1 III Si, ii I' ; ,i ii. i -.
V.iuiim lintel. Mi
I nt tin isl.in.l
k ii ii Inn, !n;
n. is a m.i, -I , at
H v a li will ilia kr
PA.O OINTMPNT is guaranteed I,,
inic blind, tileeiliii, Itching m pio
1 1 ii.l 1 11 H Pll.l'.S in h li 14 lUvs in
money rrliindrd Alaiintai tuit d I,
tlie ' K1S V I IHlIN!'. v'- i " i
Charged With Running County
Into Debt In Excess of Money
On Hand .ind With Conspiracy
To Contract Illegally
Heads of Big Firms, Branches of
Honolulu' Houses. Named In the
Charges All Plead Not Guilty
On Appearance
I. itgiist JS , Special to
he ih i t t i-.t r i All the
members of the ll.iuaii oitnty
boaril hi itir iors ; Christian
("asteinlk. former manager of the
1 1 ili i I. ram h of the then I lack
li'lil i ( o ; I ( riaiikinton, man
ager of the I I ili i Fleet rio Fight
C onipaiiN ; . T. Muses, rejiresen
tativc ol the Sclntman Carriage
C oiiii.ni i .I' 1 1 1 .1 H ilu I ii. ami ( ieorge
I), knssell. manager of the llilo
Iron Work-, a branch of the Ho
nolulu Iron Works, were indicted
bv the territorial grand ittrv ves-
each ii
on I nun two to nine counts'
ii chaiges ot i out nu t i ng imiebt
fur I he i iniiitiy in eicess of
- on bund and of conspiring to
cont ra't illegally,
snpei i-ors are Chairman and
mono -ii
u I II
'I he
Othier am Kiiiihane. A. M.
CalirinhH, l.iiL'one II. I.vmmi. WUIiarn
A. To,.i. ,1. K. Ako. A.' A. Akina.
Thoxe in. uied in tho iiotiet inont an.
. cm
I vrstenlay afternoon tetorc Cir-
eui! .hol.o tiiinn, rntoriHjj plfsK of
not K"ilty. -'inle ltiitin jet the datft
loi the trials at October 7, whirh ii
just two days a ftor tho primary rlec
tions, in which a majority of tor offi
e iit Is are i tt ml ill Ht os for rrnoratnatied.
A nNeiiil in e-t iat iiijj vontai.itva
of the j;ra u-l jui y has Ihmmi at work
ilelv i n- into the i-oniity H nanrial af- !
laus Iih some w eokf', Immiik a9niitil
ii Itepuly Att (teneial Light
foot who hrtl In en M-signril to til A
i n ost ij;at ion iy A t ! or nev (ionrral Ir
w iu.
Recomrmcud Impeaciirtifint
This committor, in its report, found
that tho Hiiperv itmi s liavo Imtii eon
il lit-1 i M(j tho count v'b afTairo in "nn ex
trcuiely rarolonn and slipfhop inaiinor
uml ha o ei pemlod pnhlic f uihIh rt'vX
le.-lv ami without rnutiiu.M
In its toport, thin committor alm
i ei online in let) that un Mar h input pro
ceeili us ho i list it u tod hnia t the eu
tire lioiinl, ine-pectio of what ction
mijjht le taki'ii on tho i ml iol inout n sub
mit:. .1.
api Julian li. Vatos of tho Krennd
Hawaiian I n fa nt ry . now a t Srhoflohi
Haini'ks, i a memlier of the Hawaii
hoard of .supei inors. Tho wirplons
from Hilo does not specify whether he
is included in the list of 1 nd lit men t
The text of t lie i g ssae, how o orf
reads ''all su pel isoi s. ' '
W. 8, 8.
Tell President Wilson They Are
Sending Wave Message of Con
fidence To Native Country
MTIOHT. MiihiMi,,,. August 17 -The
l'ii-h National Conijre in neMHion
here tola -ent a telegram to lrewiiieiit
WiUoit expreMin ' ' oni uu ml profounl
hiiI i niuplete ic.xpeet tor and Blleji
Mine ,i the uieiieaii nation.''
The tio -je i-diii lmle with th
HtateiiMnt tl',1' ''we ii i e Heniinf
n a e nir ;i:r t ln'oupli the ( icrmmi linii
into I'olaii'l M'-elt' an, .nto ilie t
inemlitiiil iitioiis ot out mother rotin
t rv ... i iipiril I iv ( iei ma u Hin I A unt nan
po it Thf mrsne;!' eo rv fhrr.
fuiiit'.e I'ImI iHiitiileme in tho tiuul
wc'nii i) !ll- ?Ull'1 Ilinl Stupes HII'l
the itllie-i liiitious 'I'll lb IIM'fiHae 11
ilestim-l tu lii'iifthen mir luothtMi Nil
lei tin- nil.- of The rentml powers HII-1
it snt t n!ii.ue.l i-tTolt tbiltl UII
' I a ' i m 1 11 1 t 'ol:i ml ile put le nho iu the
( -1 ort H ji i"! iiitiinii pai li:itMitt itry
Inn I w :i , e n;:n nar aaiiMt th "lark
to. is nt Tin i.:n li,inii at ton ami
iiiini tin lVli-.li people aaiiiNt th'
leihtiij '-Mi iieiliilious H'Kanren of
I i a n in i I I r u !s i n
iliploiuaiy . ' '
A -n i . i , tl n
M.ist -J
int 1 1 I,
.1 l.v the
K ii ii; Ii I -
tl III hrl
I L'S.Hi'!'
hllM ,!
I l ,l,l.
siiirn. ; i,
, , in .1
Inmliiis to'lnv at a ti's
.,m , M,,,l -I,. ,,,,, tl.ai
i - .'I t nr iir:inii'.i io i
. r,,,,,s
w. s. a.
I ,ir 1 Ii 1 1 t . - . in I H
. i ii I i h I I I 1 i , !r i heio
t Im la t 1 Ii irlit li. 11111,1
, run' pus-. ! MM,-,. He
- , in. IM, i i r:iliin and
I 'J.,
' i"
' i
j.. t
if i
f. it'
1 i

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