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PKIS, August ( Associate. 1'rcssV rThc ( icrmans facing the
Allies everywhere from Arras to Sikssons are in tlir peril.
In almost every sector of tlii.s eighty-nile front the WiCn.y lint are
crumbling before the persistent attacks of ttie llritishi . I'rencli and
Americans, notwithstanding the desperate counters attempted time
alter time ly the Germans. , , '
Near Arras the old 1 1 indenbuTR line is how .well oittlUnkeu. with
tlie Canadians pouring through the gap and driving the enemy in
confusion. ,-,.,
Snitli of the Sommc the French have. taken Chaulnes and in
a swift advance along a wide front have thrOMf the Germans back
in a rfmt, capturing their guns and supplies, taking many prisoners
and recapturing forty villages. ; ;1'..yv j ; :, .-,
Xovoii still remains in German hands, hut is certain to fall with
in a few hours, with small chance
ecr escaping death or capture.
n the north the Canadians have taken C roisilles aud have
inllicted terrific losses upon the fleeing enemy. On tin:: south hank
l the Sommc the Australians are within four miles of Pennine and
are fighting their way forward to seise the crossing1 of the river,
where the Germans arc streaming east in, dill retreat.
The greatest gains of the day. were made by the French army,
under General de Reney. This army captured Chaulnes on Tues
day night in the course of an advance along a front from Fay to
nei r Lasstgny, a swift drive carrying them forward in some places'
to a depth of six miles. Kvcry where the German defense broke and j
by early yesterday morning the Germans were in full retreat for,
the Sotnmc and the Canal du Nord."",The French took Omiccourt,!
Cressy. Ualatre, Champien, Roiglise' and more than a score other'
villages. I
This morning the French cavalry'is close to'Nesle and is every
where uhii the German heels. The French infantry has reached
the left bank of the Somme between N'esle and Falvy as well as the
west bank of the Canal du Xorcl between Nesle and Xoyons and
has seized the canal along the greater part of its course.
The German retreat along this front thas been more rapid than
the retreat was north of the Avre. Guns and supplies were aban
doned and the French shelled the retreating columns heavily with
thousands of "mustard gas" shells, abandoned by the Germans and
tired from captured German guns.
( n the left of this victorious French army the Australians added
to their gains yesterday, advancing in line with the poitus and
sweeping up a sector in the direction of I'eronne. Last night they
had reached a front running' from Fresncs to llerbccourt, within
four miles of I'eronne in places, but were meeting with much oppo
sition to their efforts to cross the Somnie at Hois and I'eronne.
Fast of Arras the old llindenburg line has been well Hanked
ami to the southeast of that city and cast of Croisilles the losses
inllicted upon the shattered enemy have been scry heavy. The Fri
tish guns hac been brought up back of Croisilles and their shells
hae hit the retreating enemy in many places. Particularly in the
neighborhood of llcndecourt, teu miles southeast of Arras and about
"two miles east of Croisilles, the gunners hail the opportuuitv of
seeing where every shot landed and the enemy artillery position
offered line targets Shells in showers were rained upon and into
the lleeiiig columns of the foe and great gaps, cut into the ranks,
marked the hits which the gunners scored.
It i- impossible to say how mans prisoners were tal.cn in this
sector but one corps took more than 2000.
The official report issued by British headipiarters last night
s.ml "( in both sides of the Somnie liard fighting continued through
out the day. ) 1 1 r forces launched fresh attacks, wresting iroin a
desperately resisting foe additional valuable stretches and many
more advantageous positions including Croisilles.
"There secips tn be a slight pause
at tin- cuter of the idc battle field
where thiec of mir armies are mijH;ji'il.
"Simili nf Pay. Ablainrniirt was Ink i
en without .littjculty the (Icrmaus bciiijr
easily pel suaded to teHve in has.'.
"Morni utter storm is sweepni". over (
the tHt t lefiebl hut these me nut li.u
ii. riuK the itritui, ion ii in tii. ir r, Two Reports Contain More Than
1,1 '!vK'"i- ; Five Hundred Names
"III the neighborhood nf the Sendee j :
Kiver the ul.l II i n.lcn bui x hue is now : W V H I N !T . Auuu.t W. t Asso
lieinir approached. . i t I I 'less i ( 'ii luiilt v lifts mailed
"The Canadian forces I'lintiire.l
I'elves and have been fi'htinK KM"H"'
ly in hesvy eiiaenients to tiic south
of Lens. ' '
Prisoners taken by the Hritish snv
that during recent boiubinu, raids bv
tie Hritish aviators the headipiarters
i f Kupprecht were altiu-ked and casnul
ties were caused. I'rince Kupprecht,
liimsidf, was absent, on a visit to his
liancee, and the prisoners bitterly re
sent his absence from the front at n
t rue when n battle of the severity of
the one now- raffing is in progress.
w. a. a.
W AHUJNGTON, Autfust 2S ( so
i iated Press) Hy reason of the refusal
.f the house to adopt the amendments
to the Man Power Hill that were em
bodied in that measure as it passed the
annate on Tuesday, it now goes to a
ciiii f .up fii A nmni if t AA
It is enieeted that the le.-islBtiou
will add 13,000,000 men to the military
Dtreugth of the United Htates.
W. a. a.
Teathlng Children '
Tccthiuif children have nunc or less
diarrhoea, wb'irb cad be coutiollcd bv
giving Chamberlain ' Colic and Oiar
rhoea Itemed v. All that is necessary
.. irlvA kA tireaeribed dose after
niLpsilns nf the bowels more than
lint oral and then castor nil to cleanse
lhe ayatein. It ia aafe mire. Hven
the DMtat eevare and dangerous rases
rt quickly rur) by It For aale by
Benton, fciuitk A C. Ad., - .
of any of the Germans in the city j
. ,
" " 1 "
UnOUnL I I Lit' I 10
""I inornin.' tutnl losses In h
ai my
vv ere
of ivlmiii Iwi-ntv ei.jht 1
action, tiiliitern died
wounds. si died of other causes,
l.r)v were nouiided. t w ent v three were
missing and t iv u were Known tu be
aptuin I ..in T Ii..!..-1 - .if I n cl '
sior Jspiins. Mis-ouri, is niuon the
w ounde.l
The arniv i li-.un It v lit niuilc.l out
vestcida v a f'ti'i no. hi contained .'ill'!
killed ill action, n.nc died ot wounds ',
eleven ul uther causes, itu vv el e vv oij u. '
cl and n.net) six missinu.
I apt. loin P. Kestei. Onk I'ail.. III.
tuns, has been killed in an accident.
and Cnpts. Chnilcs W Itv.lcr of At
llMitu City. Chailes K. hp. ei of Haiti
more and Mil.. .1 Winner of LI Paso
havu died of wounds. .
- - - - w. a. i. - - - I
I LONDON. A utrust F 111 --( Associated
' Press i- Hritish women have proved
their ability in the making nf "tank"
parts, aid in one factoiv the whole
process of tank manufacture Is now
carried out by women, says Miss An
derson, Inspcilnr of Factories,
Miipyurd work is vousideied by in
spnetors as "haul but healthy" while
others see the sanio henettt to women
in the heavy work of ateel aud iron
1 works, blast furnaces, brick works an.)
smeller winks. A foreman in chnrne of
a blast furnace said he would be will-
i"K to undertake any ferroconcrete
work with women only. -
) 1 1 .HAWAIIAN GWtfh
WA8II1NC.T0N, AuKust i's
(Official) How extensive ha been
the. aneeea of th Allied offensive
U tolil by Oencral March, I'nl
t rT Slates chief of atnrT, to the
representatives of the press nt the
semi weekly conference today.. He
eapeclally pointed out how General
Kwesj ia continyinft to eucceesf ntlv
ntfdoy the plneera tactics igainst
the fot ' '
Wrfpt aiHr'-l, more tnan ll-J.oim
fM6lleHi hiW liefb taken bv the
Xlbl,'9FfterrSfarcW uhlir in mm
,niHr1ftutt mrtilti. . Mw than I Hi't
(UliWii'W - fleW Jtutt v khKbdr h n,l
hut"!1 kme' brff? -tkrn' he'.i k,
lftfffr'of artitnrtttltloH, lil(Uiieiit
UilDi PtArtr TMUc
1 nrrat 1 Mitch 'ml1 1 than the
'aHvante, ' r-jortr I to
lav;' MMrtttd- fhC 'rrentioii tf mi
othfr dep'BalicHt' Id "the :iieinv
tine "whleh It HOW IIB )ut le
twdea !ht"f1brM(". Tllf Frcm h
burr YiMH-heir-iyB!!, within two
mi I it Of Ihn bmmei : '
" Bihrv-ladt BatttftUjfhhe ftritmh
iiltdhfr 'tin fieeta 1 tI'M" '"
it hai vermn the ohl Hlhilrniuir
lin by a ntile fwr the entire ilm
taitee of a, three-hrile froftt. '
"'LWtent iejitfheii to UlP wnr .le
tiirthiehl htillekteit little eel-sl uui
o(" 'thf Slliert ' bfeure nnH i"
KlaadeVf the Brft&M were j)tnren:
y eentinolnn; to makfl "irogrVi"
Oit'tueeila" the Krenrh, Hlon,- n
ten mite fVotlt, arfirtitrt t mil.'-,
tnir advlieef rnlmlnatlnx With Hie
(ipture of ' fteye. Hlnve thfn im
port nut fcrWhil to the east ut Hoy
U1 Icf taken.
' Bnirimtiyltiet tlK" ntilitjii-y eent.M
oh the'Weiiterti frdnt' trttife Hntur
ilt'( Oeherml Mirt'h B1i1 that the
British Bht.eTiV!i ffifwartj the A I
lint linen over the hilly pliiin tn
the ennt of Albert nutinst deter mi n
! remnttni e. On Tucmlny the Ilri
tinb continued their artvam'O to n
depth' of five miles along the t'mn
brai Arris roait.'
Ollie lames Dies In Baltimore
Hospital Had Been In
Congress Fourteen Years
j HA I.TIMOR K. AunuM -Jil (Ansociat
ed I'reiw) Menatur Ollie M. Janies of
Kentucky died in. a loc III hepiilf tii
i iv. Kidney truobl ps the unnj
uf Henth.
, Ollie M ,lanie." w im nn- ul' the yuliu,.'
ei uieiulii'r of the M'ii:it' llthuiili hi
I v ns jnt I'liinpletiiix the sn year teim
i m.d h:.i pre iuli!ly Hfnri, I -it r u-e
1 ne tenii in the loner house of cpii
, Riens. With neaily iDH'tevn y.n of
ei'ntiunuiin terviee in tile nnlininl le
ilatuie he m only t ti ty fC. er yenrs
, of a; e.
- n : r 1 1 1 .InineK ni lioi n in Critten
den Coiinlv. Kentucky. July -7, ISJI.
atteiuifu loiinnnn . and ui'cadomie
Bihoul'. -liidied ln in hi-1 fill her "f
fie snd , : admitted to the Ke
tin k v l.ar in IS1M. Later he was one
i of the attorneys in the famous Oov
ernol tioeliel rolitrt!l.
A i'i hi the Kentm-ky bvitlnture in
l.u h.. I mmih Jameii entered poll
tii'f e.irlv nod nun a deleuate in th,
, Nntinenl I leuux i at ie emvention which
I noniinate I Hrvan in Chicago in lSW'i
I anil nil :it 'Ir.-wnriN hn ardent Bryan
I mippoi ter while the NelirashSii e.as in
the pnl.li. "eve It nun a ningular o
j iiii'i len e tlil he preaided over the
'Raltimu.e iiinxentiun vvhii-h liominatetl
Hil im t.u I'reMiilent arid praetliallv
: uiarki-d the paniej: of Htyan. lie wan
aiMlin I" rinanent rhainuan of the Nil
tiun'l I 'rmi'irai i eninentinu of I'Jl'i
' v h" h ri miiHteil Wilnoli.
I Mi .linniH wa" a iiieitilier uf the Hl'ty
I eighth. Iiiiv ii i ul h and "'utielh rongrena.
' His trim in the nenate would have i'I
piled Mar. Ii ;!. It'll'.
- . yr. a. a. -
AMM'KKDAM, Atiffust lit (Associ
LB. .
ted I'res- - The re naming of the Her
man ships scire. I in American porta
causes the Weser Zeitung of Hienien to
question whether )'n future Uerjtiuu
ships sliuuld
ever be iven foreicjii
Kven ha met luch as
names aain.
President Lincoln and President Grant,
thi iistii'i siivs tmvp beenme imiioaai ble.
,(,,. ' 'aBvne Imasiiie a litter
I iianmil ll, lr...iiliiiil WIUilll V1' If in R
(lermaii vsrd and flying tho block,
white mi. I red cdlorst
ws i. a. - '
j PAK1S. Auii.l PJ (Associated
i Piess Women employed la all branch
es of industry in France number til!o,
(K.U. a. . ..rdiiitf to an- ofiiciai report
I This ii, mi. arcs with 47,1)00 employed
in ii.iiuial tunes. This increase is due'
' a I in . ii ' en 1 1 1 I v to the cuiplnv ineut oft
frntil hr rriminiv
wuu n metal industries, elueiiy in . most overnight . u new merct.ant marine.
in .1 n 1 1 ..... noiks. 'Ike weight which Hv lll'.'l vve have assurances that "5,
e o nu be required to carry in'oiHIO'iO tons of slilppinK w ill be iin.l. .
fsrt.iiv nrk is limited by law to fifty i the I'nite.l Htates flu u 'I'll is ineans
live p. inn, is. more tonnage than that owned and
Women his widely employed for the ' controlled by the British piv eminent .
it.spcitii.ii of finished (roods, the ex corporations and individuals prior to
amine separate parts for automobiles;
venfv liMit shells, fuses and grenade
plus They inspect bin sheila eiter
in. Ilv and internally by the use of elec
tric lamps arid they teat the caliber
iis.nk . .implicated measuring aparatui
aud niis.ri.se. .pes. They nnil up eases of
all kinds, even eases for airplanes and
automubilea. The women supervise the
buildings where men are at work and
keep them clean.
JFWt'AVj AUCUST '.W, 1918.
General Orders Used To Express Fear General Uprising May -Re-Commendation
Distinguish , suit Frdm Allies Recognition
ed Service Crosces Given j of People's Rights
WASHINGTON, A titot ( A my AMSTKBJIAM, Anaust 211 ( AnaiK-ia-
eialed l'res i l1(il, triluite to the valor ted 1'ieva) hteporta from ienna in
and niurnle nf the expeditionary Torres 'H'Hte Ihut Austria is mneh alarmed
tinder him is paid l.v General IVr-hiii t the posalhllity of uprisinpn among
in jfeneral orders iued bv him. a opy tne .lugolav and C.eehs and that
of which lui" Keen caMed liv the Asso- the seed so n by the Allies in recog-
eiated I'tess i orresj. undent at Anierienn nitiing the ri(ht to- 'iidenendcncc of
headquarters in V'rpiiir. The text of those enples hua sprnutrd and il rusk-
thr order was n- follows: I
M1, .4. - , . '
i( It HIIm on tt'ifli iiri.li- to ri-ror,! iti
general iir.lcrs a tri'uite to the service
and achievements of the third corps,
Anierienn expediti"ii;iry lurce-.
"You iiiiiie to the battle field at n
crgcial hnur fur the Allied i ause Kor
nlinot four years the most foriuidab'e
army the world has vet seen had
pressed its invasion of Kinii.r and
"looil tniea'enihg -its lapnai. At no
time had that annv been more iower
ful or menacing thnn when on Julv
lu, it struck B(ji"" destroy in one
gront" battle the lirnve men opposed to
It, mid enforce its buital will upon the
world and civili.atiuu.
Mark Turning Point
"Three days later in con junction
with our Allies you counter attacked.
The Allied armies gained a brilliant
victory that marks the t urnln point
of the war. You did more than give
the Allies that support which a. a na
tiun our faith is pledged to give. You
proved our altrui ni. our pacific spirit
and our justice have not blunted our
virility or courage.
"You have shown that American in I
Itiative and energy are as fit for the '
tasks of war as for the pursuits of
enee. You have .justly won unstinted'
praise from our Allies, and the eternal
grntituife of our ountrviueii. j
"Wii hnve paid for our success with
the lives of ninny of our brave com-
fades. We shall cherish their memory j
always" and claim for our history and
literature their bravery, achiev emeut I
and sacrifice. j
"This order is to be read to all or I
gatiir-ations at the first assembly for
mations following.
(Signed) " I'tUSHlNG."
Crosses Bestowed
In his cwninuuHpie for August -'I.
the American commander announce. I
tea utluiiuine.l aervieo crosses na i
,lren awarded to four omeers, melt ig
or.g uen. w. . buck ami seven en .
listed men of the An.er.ei.., ex liliH
arv forces for acts of gallantry
The citation for (.eueral Huck said:
"Before and during the attack
r. , , . ... i i i
oil Ilerzv esee .In v L'l, he displayed
., . , '
conspicuous gallantry in the heroic
I ,u 1 1 1, ru Ii i i i,f lii i. mil mi, ii, I W Iii'ii I
most of the other oflicers of his brigade
had fallen, Buck, with a contempt for
personal danger, in spite of heavy ar
G'lerv bombardment aud machine gun
fire, traversed in front of his advancing
forces and gave directions to his or
gniii.il ion commanders, then led I he
first wave uf the culminating attack
which stormed and captured the town "
w. . a.
LONDON, August r.) -( .-.:ci;tt' l
I'rrM!,- Women have uulrlaxHrtl rni'ii
io rortuin W)i k in Hnt ish ulnji arl-v
anil inort' of thrni nic Im i ti icMrii
the nhi biiililiiiy f tint's as ia'iillv a-
jMt.S-sl hit.
At Loril Kuriii'ss' wiiii vanls on tin'
i (.4. pii Imtoln-il uimit'ii Hlf work
in with 8ai,lfM ami hIiovcIh, on t-
I tt. i ions. oinr ot t lit n nil n lui w
hrtMi HiHt i jlc in tlit hit i hi i it of h
tniiorai v laitw hv nt the an Is an!
ot hi i s la vi n roiicrttr !a t fornix oi
Ij,,:: ,bt' kui"" "f sl""B '""
I" preparing concrete fr the I I
la t fornix hiih of Cornell n:li In-
na iv (jan4 of mm. atitl in out- insfiun
the women beat the men hv four nihir
a"lH- Numerous other im ideutts have
been cited w hereby the w outpoint
ed the men workers on the same k i n I
of rk
There' are branches of work f
ivhiclf women are barred, because thev
haven't th uscular en,lrnec, but
whenever pnaaible Lord purncss has
been replacid; fit men of military
ayr' with women
At first there were iiuitiv siiraincil
Mi-Ules, diw to the h h t i t of vv.nneu y.i
iug to work in flimsy bunts, often wilh
w fir n pcjfijtwp heeis. which were no
use anions loose soil n. stones A
I stKinlard loiv heeled slnj.vunl boot has
now born introduce. I.
w a. a - - -
WILL HAVE 25,000,000 TONS
.Tuhn II. Hnsscter. diie.-tur cf opetu
tiolis of the I'nited Mute- hippinj
Hoard, in speaking lit i. n Diego b.-l
Thufsdny snys tii Duilv Couiine'ciul
Nevvs of August l'l. amoii other things
had the following to say:
M'e have created, one mikrht sav. ;.l
the war.'
novel th rauM. Uacd tbe world over
to cure a cold in one day. The signa
ft t LA 11- 1 III II. L I.
M.iiulaiiur.u ty tut i.ibj.s min
CINtt CO.,.8'., lui, U. 6 A. r
VlGtOkY OVER fiOlJriEVlkl I llJKM MM"-
' ..I
'K growth.
Gurnet liinir like
ueneral moliilixa- ,
tiun, Ihene ilennati lies nay, i underway
in the I'ulifh. C.ei h nlid Wiuitr) Hlnv,
or JiiyoMiiv, riintriet.
(iravF t'eiiiK Hie t 'jsprpKxed thnt netunl
fiiji-tilities niny noon lie rommeneed by j
bioulil about through the connivance
of t no Lutente Powers. It i- admitted
(hat the spirit of revolt is strengthen-
inee iiiiven iniu Hie uruii iiiki nu,
in;; and the mutlei infjn are growing
louder than ever in tunc.
w. . a.
soeiated 1'resa) Germans at home
are being told that their armies are
falling bark to lead the forces of
' the Allies into a tiap that has been
j set fur them.
j Writing for the Vossiehe Zeitung.
I von Saltzmann says: "It Is to the
advantage of the Germans to entice
the enemy into the trackless, road
less Somnie waste. There they can
not bring up adequate supplies aud
will be at the merry of our forees
to attack and cut them to pieces."
w vsii i VdTi i v ,..t 9B,nm.
, Mn,will,, n,,onilid health cond-
-n ,hc mehHtlt mftrine tr,iinR
, . AtIallti(. a report of
tii M ,,(1I)rd na, id' tody.
,n month ()n on(i
. ,, ..i-Vio
oceuried among the SSiKI men trnloiuir
. , ... . , . ,.
mill during that period the sick rate has
i. . 1
record is regarded as remark-
. w. a. a.
I'liKIO. August 2H (Mpeeinl to Nlp
': .Ii iii--The naval armory at Yokf
hama naval station was burned down
: ii- moriiin'r. The naval authorities
iiic investigating the origin of tin fire
vrs,. suspec.oii oy in iotcs .Ka.r,
so far but plans for the mve.tigat.on
I.ONHON, August 1! (Associated
licsi O f I In- most siuniricaiit
c:iinres of the aerial bombiiitf uffen
-iw of the llriti.sh is the loud respolise
I h;is elicited I rum the German people,
in M i-1 1 i.li new spiipcrn.
The I ii mi I ii n of Kiiu 'ami brought no
iphiiut, but uulv renewed resolution
l the I'ritish people; yet Germany,
suffering from the first preliminary
luniks of the British attacks, ut once
bciin to cry out ac;alnst it, and pro
lest upon protest is pouriiiK into the
German authorities from the populace
of the different a reus at tacked.
This means I hut the Hritish bombing
offensive is effective, that far reach! tig
! " .s ,..-, cans,-., ,,, .,y
,'m" ' ",,lh '!",t,or'p!:;. "J"1 ''"' '
! German .1. that Hritish raids have
ta.--,.,.l.ll.o.I ..oll,.,,;j serious have been
i ""!'Vii . ,, , , . ,,,
. ' 'U, ',U"'": V"." ..' Z,
. : ,, 1 i . . i
bv the Gei man censorship, but the voire
, ., ., , 1 .
of the German people cannot m-rina
nentlv be, stilled, and it is asserted there
is ub'un.lHMt photi.Kraphie and captured
.l.icumentHry evidenci that their feara
are based upon real execution done.
w g g
CTrnurnc rrc iti
w I trnCPIO UknUd in
!s. PI.' VN'CIX'O. August Jlli -I s
soeiated Press) With returns from
coiiMilcrubly more than half nf the
election precincts in the marj(ii !'
tcn Gov n nor Mcpheus ami Mayor
liul .h remaias uairinv. Only uboiit
T.uiii votes m-. unites t hem- with Htepli
ens iniiintniniiiu his lead.
IM HUN, August y ( Associated
Press-The Sinn Fein prisoners in
Dundalk and Belfast have jrnnc on
strile because Ihey were not satisfied
with the pis(ui food. Hv a concession
; lies' pii-imcrs had been permitted to
e cm . food fiom outside and then
tie... I
s.il.l II
' . I..I i
in the co.iitry kept them well
I prol'e-sor l-ldv aid He Valrra, j
i iterned in Lincoln Jail. Kna
land, sent out word to his followers
Mi:it thev we.-e not thus to relieve ,thc
I ...v . i ii.neiil of the necessity f..r provtd
I r I. ami this directum I g obey
mil fooil. and this direction beincj obey
ed the prisoners had to full back on the
urUiuaryirUou furs. ,
TtJKlO. ABjtilst 8H '(Sfieelal to
Klppti A'1ji)-The Jitranea, Almfr
ffmi. ntiah" ami , Frrrtieh frtreM
hVe been pursuing Hi, retreating
Bolshevik) army since Monday
inoining. The Miles forces are ail
v ancing, ilda bf aide,
' Tlif ' Anterieton, Itritlsn and
French roinforeementa .otned th
Japanese aflVanee defnclinent .just
rfffer the flrat enco'tintef oft ween
tee .t panose and the Bolshevik'.,
which was fnnght for two dnra
r b'af iind Katufdly. The Bolahe
v Ikl were nVfeaterl hfter some
Reree fighting and began a retreat
nich is atill in prnfrreinr with the
Allied forren hotly on t;heir heels.
In this flrt enioilnter, the Jap
atrese lost 17IU-fty kilted fend 12
woiindeil. Captain T. Korlomi was
the only nrhrer killed in action
h!le the li( of w onniled loiitain
ed the names of Lieutenants Tn
yamn Miki and al'a.'a. The rest
wore lion commissioned oflicers and
the men.
The enemy's toss is estimated at
more than KMH). Three hundred
dead were left by them on the
field in their refreat.
Lieutenant General Khnx. who
is to j-ommnnd the British force in
HiberilJ. will leave here tomorrow
for Vladivostok, tie a' rived hero
a few days ago from a llr tisb
NKW YORK, August 29 ( Aasoeiated
res) Gains for the Allied forces in
Piberia are reported in despatches re
ceived from 4ondoa and Pckinir.
1 London despatches said that Grnernl
Heinlnoff, commanding the anti radical
forees had crossed the Manchurian
A Beuter'a lesatch from Peking
snya that the Bolshevist forces on the
t'stifl BlTer have retired before the
advancing Allies and have fallen back
for a distance of all miles.
W. a. a. r-r-
WASHINGTON, August 2ft (Offi
cial) It is estimated by the war de
partment that tho educational institu
tions ancepted thus tar for the organ
ization and equipment of students in
units of the army training euros repre
sents afl educational plant which is
worth half a million dollars to the Na
tion. This corps will bo used in giv
ing to men over eighteen years of age
intensive training prior to .their be
coming teebnrVal eibe.rt, 'dfticeri of
tho line and n-commissioncd oflivcraf
w. la.
WASHINGTON. Augitwt 5 Port wnd
harbor facilities along the Atlantic, the
,h, y.- ,(lo,,
lB) r throe f(M ft )rovi((i jm
ma i mum service of the American mer
chant marine, now in the making, when
once it is release. I from war traffic
Immediate espanaion is necessary at
many ports so thnt coal for New Kn(
nd war industries can be moved by
a ter.
I'hese facts have been established In
the preliminary study of port conditions
j made hy the 'recently created 1'oit and
"nrhora Fatifitlcs OnWlllLssimi of the
cvhippinjf Board, headed hy Kdwwrd K.
'arry. Hresent facilities nre shown to
'"" inHilt1toale, and in time new purls
niaV be efented.
j New Tnrk nod Hostnh tun bors have
been examined by the cuinniissioii, and
similar i n vest iunt inn at ail the larger
ports of the country will be made soon
by Mr. Carry and exports attached to
the cnmnitssioii. Thev plan to visit the
rapidly Kruwiii)f ports of the Koutli.
The first complete inventory of port
facilities In the I'nited Stales is now
bcin made under the direction of Mr.
Parry. Authorities at all ports used bv
,,,-ean jfilnfl traffic, have been requested
, ,llpv ,.ovpr-, llt,,
years reardin docks, marine railways."
Hd entraneen and' ilearaneea in domes
( ,.,, f(rni(rn ;v(,rv ((((.k
plant has been ealled on to nil'
" questionnaire reV.r.li..B the tvpe
nf its fncllltles. present tonilition, exact
.. , .. r ... , . , ,
location, whether this loeation is ad
., ,. . .. . , .
' ""U'fT T '', ,
d,,.i,,.',? of "'" h f rma, rates, and con
,l,,,0" " h,uh J,,,;i" ,ru ed. the
number of ah.pa docked ... the last five
years, the averajre period each ship was
I '" rtoek. and a brief atstement of the
'work d
one on it. Special information
Kht rer.srdin ports where
coal and oil are handled.
I "The coastwise trade in cnnl and nil
perhaps the most iinnortant that Im
' "eo henilie.-ipped bv inadequate facill
Al present this trnde is limited
bv shippinir and mrt faivilitic- Th..
virvpv ahowa these ports tnned to cpe.
''v t preacnt. and in inanv instances
' vertaed. and in almost all instances
I 'cm? serious congestion unless speed
' ilv etpaa'derl.
I v... V... L II.. ..I ..i ; .... i.. -i ..
.- ,'i n , 11 , , 'r- i i i , ii , i , n
overtaxed, and some Southern ports.
rsiw'a'lv (inlvpsuri, need expansion
'II '-''U'thern ports, it is exuect. ''ill
e ei'la'sred beBusp sin of coimestion
pre arendv In siirht. ThisoM.lition r
"ilt from heavy traflic ).ein diverted
'- 'n'r-inds from ovi"lii.l routes North
., M,,thcvn Hurt eittier for shipment
North or to the West Indivs and South
A inerica.
W. . I.
Kiunir Kniifj Tom,, a fhiiiese youth
treated at the emori'eney hosuitnl
vesterdnv nftefnoon for aM'eral seveVe
'.bensions hIiouI the le.wj cnns.i.l by
,eii.K run into by an automobile, di iv en
by a Japanese. The injured lad wus
Utar Bulletin newaboy.
harbor mm
Attacks On Bazoches Repulsed
But-Ground Is Giverr.At Fis
mette Where Tide Ebts and
Flows Through Day and fight
First Objectives Are Won In Hour
of Fighting and Heavy Counter
Attacks Are Repulsed Big
Guns Are Roaring
ASIIIN'GTON', August 1
(Associated Press)
I "ightiii); desperately at tlirec
I uints the American forces yes
terday and last nijjlit had scored
successes at two and had licrtt
compelled to j;ivc ground at a
third where they were counter
ing and contending for the. recov ery
of jMisitiuns from which they
had been forced to temporarily
Heavy German attacks were
directed against two exposed Am
erican positions on the north side
of the Vcsle Kiver yesterday, Fis
mette and Dazoches.
At Fisiiictte, just across the
river from Fismcs, the (icrmaits
held the little town late last night
after a day of righting where tin
line wavered back and forth with
the contending forces in turn oc
cupying the town. The Ameri
cans were countering strongly
and the Germans were desperate
ly chnjnng tv the town.
! ' ''AlrHfitts REPULSED
' '--fT"
At I'hzoefies, three miles west
of Fismes, and also on the north
side of the V'eslc there was ;i
desprate struggle for the river
crossing in progress. Here, as at
Fismette the tide of battle llovved
back and forth but at midnight
the Americans were strengthen
ing their hold on the whole of that
regit hi.
At Juvignyi seventeen miles
northeast ' of Soissous. on the
south b;ink of the Ailette Kiver,
.American forces billeted with the
French began an attack shortly
before seven o'clock yesterday
morning. Within an hour the
lirt objectives, about five-eight lit
of ;i mile forward to t'he mull,
east of ChaviiMiv. Follow inv. die
loss of this ground the Teutons
countered and soiiohl it recovery
but the Americans held all tlieir
gains with the cxicption of one
wing where thev fell baek slightly
to straighten their lines.
Throughout the day the light
ing cinitinneil. numerous coun
ters by the enemy being repuNed
but most of the fighting, extend
ing into the night was artillery.
The early actum was a part of
a plan to be carried out and it
was carried out exactly as
planned. There was artillery
preparation and a heavy barrage
protected the American infantry
in its advance.
w. a. i.
YOKOHAMA, Japan, August ID t A -i
soeiated Press) A new foreign Unite
bureau established by the; city of oko
hama is Intended to furnish Information
about Japanese (rod. and thereby in
crease Japan's export trade.
W ANlllMI TON, Auyust 2,vj -(Oftl
cial i - Authority has been granted by
tho e'er trade board for the importat ion
from .lupnn of 'JOllO tons ftom the Jap
a.iese catch of codfish.
This action was tuken upon the rep
resentation from the Japanese, embassy
llinl the stoppage of all codfish im
ports would work a considerable hard
ship upon Japanese fishermen.
w. i. a.
('. '. Xumorra. a Filipino employed
bv the .VTaiiufaeturers' Shoe Co., and
Akans Co., to aolirit business at the
annv posts, was arrested Yeaterdav
nfternonn nn.l la being ax.nl n held for
Inv estiuntion by Captain MrDuffla. It
ia aliened bv the police that Zmorr
i ahort in ui cmU. , :.w

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