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.... ... ' ""1 H to, y
Petty Sum' Looms large On Ter
ritorial Horizon For It Affectt
Man Employes Now In Army
' j' . ' . n '
Decision Is Rendered Board By
Attorney General In Case !
: . SergeantJ(ahanamoku
ThUty-nioe cents a day. That ia the
etomblint block over which the terri
torial officials are liable to rtnb their
official toes.
.Thirty-Dine cents a dajl Jt ia what
the ration Holeil out to aoldier at
Port Hbafter aad Scbofleld Barracks is
valuci t.
Thirty-nine cents a day ia what the
attorney general of the Territory be
lieve should he deducted from the ex-
trd I'y raid to former e
ploy of I
tho Territory, under the law1 providing
for the difference of hit territorial pay
anf his army, pay being paid by the
TUU. whole question of thirty-nine
rente a day cane before the harbor
commissioner, at their -snooting yester
day .afternoon ia a legal decision from
Dejiuti Attorney Oeneral Harry Irwin,
ia which It is held that the meaning of
the Jaw M pasted by the recent legisla
tive session was that the difference
ia '.' what wan received!' by the eoldier
and what he received aa aa employe ef
the Terrttorr should tie made good to I
hun, and he holds that tfca value of the j
ratio it part of what the aoldier re- .
" '' " ' 'V
J '"It aeemi to iae that the amount is
jirettf amall, anyway," remarked Com
aiaaiener rcallaB.
Weil, it amounta to thirty-nine
cents and a fraction a, .dnjail.t:b,kir"
ua Lyman H. Blgelow.
'VaatOTer it amounta to we will
have to pay according te tha law," a
aerted Com Jmrof-Mfrtrfi'"" There
ia.onlj'ove taaanee la which wo can die
oorae thia money and that in according
to law.' " - nii a"-:' i r
The Ung opinion was baaed npon a
qiierv. from the chairman aa to the re
muneration to bo . paid David E. Ka
hawamokn, a former life guard who re
ceived $75 a month, but who a a eer
graut in the army in now receiving
? a month. . Ho neat la a bill or the
balance of the 75. Brit itow'lt prob
able that tairty aino cent day Will
be eubtraeted from thia aa tho value
of bin army kero-kau.
W1U AiTac Many
, Chairman Blgelow announced that
aadoubtedly thia doclalon. would affect
all territorial employee, not merel
those of tie harbor board ' jurisdiction.
ISTone of tho otbor dopartmonta, bow
over, baa received lay deeleioa dealing
with any similar eaao.
"Take out thit. thirty nino cents a
diy ahd there win .not bo mach left
,;ia some eaaea," commented Com mis
eioaer Met iger. '"Etpeelally where an
llowaace from army pay haa been made
.to. wifat or mother. "
n Tinally on motion by Cojnmiaeioner
MeClellaa tho fateful thirty-nln cent
Sectaldt waa ordered received and plae
AaaJiJo, but whether Hergeant Kiha-
aamoka will receive hla balance of :$37
trjrwrawently "up to tho auditor''.
l?f.r Kopkioa, territorial modUor, oaid
LJljeUerday hftornoooi "Nay, nayl "
or worda to that effect
THavd not aeea any uch decision,"
roorVpfed Anditor , Hppkini, With a
ami "It 'a not tip to mo yt."
But aa was remarked at tho time:
"Hie" troubles are all la front of him "
At If tit thirty-nine eeati worth.
, . W. i. a,
Tor a Weak Stomach
At a general rale all you need to do
H -Ul .adopt t diet aoited to your age
aow-ooeopatlQii and to keep your bo l
' repilnr. When you feel that you hnve
eafen' t mueh and when constipated,
take on of Chamberlain's Tablets. For
' taie bw Benton. Smith Co. .dv.
"Under sod by virtue of the power of
Sale Contained in that eertais mortgage
lmale November 0, 1901 by H. C. Eas
'.ton to A. N. Campbell, Trustee, which
. mortgage Is recorded in the office of
the' Registrar of Conveyances in Ho
botulu. Territory of Hawaii, in Liber
tit7i oa naves 242 44: and pursuant to
two -provision of the statnte of the
TetWWy of Hawaii, said A. N. Camp
bell, .Trustee, hereby gives notice that
bo- iaUnU. to foreclose the1 said inort
fK' or conditions-brekea, to wit;
Bon-psvmeut o(,( principal and iaterest
. Notim!j hereby given that the prop
erty eoaveyef b'f said mortgage will
Ho sold at public auction at the auction
rooms of James V. Morgan Company,
Limited, 125 131 Merchant Street, Ho
nasliiln 'aforesaid, anetioneers, oo Batur
dwy the 14th day of September, 1018,
at 12 o'clock noon.
. ..The property conveyed by the said
mortgage to bo sold at tho time and
yUeo aforesaid consists of: .
All that eertais tract, pared or pieee
of land together with all buildings and
improvements thereoa, deaeribod as Lot
J2t Boetlos C, Land Patent No. 4395,
to A. W, Biehardson, situate at Olaa,
Pir, Hawaii, containinf sn area of
4.7 .acres, 'bln " the promises con
veyod to . the mortgagor by deed of
ti l A; W. Richardson, dated January
J". (901, recorded in Book 222, page
;Me; - ,..
-,i Terms; Casb, United SUtes gold
eolnl deed at.eiase of purchaser to
VA pmparrd by the attorneys for the
for further osrtlculsrt apply to
ttstle Witblngton, in the Btar Build
jig, 125-131 Merehsnt Btreet aforesaid,
r to- James F. Morgan Company, I.im
ttod, at its auction rooms as aforesaid
- Psted, Honolulo, T. H., August i
,70rAg. 9, 18, 13, 30, 1U.
Captains of Ships
Must Pay For
Sweeping Wharves
Expenses of More Than Five
Hundred Dollars Monthly Will
i Be Taken From Territory and
. Put Upon Ship Owners
' Ok be joyful nil ye captsins ' '
I for you'll have to pur up anyway and
nl ,hnnf
The harbor commissioners hsve dug
up Rn oM rulp ,,, hlMPmfer
Z 1
the wharves clean. This men no thHt
they will be assessed lor thp bi'
of four sweepers, amounting to a t ot I
of 220 a month, beside about :!.r.n
for cartage.
It was reported at the hoard inert
ing yesterday that the comini!siin
paying out this 220 for sweepers to
keep the varions wharves rlean nr'.ri
they had heen clnttered up by th '
cargo carriers, and Chairman Lymnti
W Ritplnw said that Ihn coat nf rle.m '
jng p aft,r messing things around .
should devolve upon the ships them
selves. He suggested the harbormat
er be authorized to charge the enp i
tains of these ship with their pro ,
rata shtire of the expense.
Commissioner Mctiegcr put ihe sng
gestion in the form of a motion and
that the chairman be instiucted to!
issue the accessary orders for liar I
hormastcr Poster to get busy with the J
stvnmahip and other captains. !
The motion, it was explained, was(
based upon a rule, which was recited
to the effect that fhins ilockine ni
wWvHt nlust pay n .,penes caused
hT movin. nf c,rgo, or for damage,
" wan.
Will Enable Those On Coast To
Reach Hawaii
A ateamship la expected to bo placed
at the disposal of the teacher awaiting
transportation from San Francisco to
Honolulu, according to a radio message
which reached Governor McCarthy yea
terday from Palton Alanu. assistant
general manager of the Pacific Mail
Steamship Company.
Mr. M)ann answered the Governor's
message to J. H. Roaseter, president of
the Pacific Mail Steamship Company,
which was sent urging that if possible
a apecial steamer be provided to bring
all these teachers here so that the
opening of the school term would not
be disorganized.
Mr. Mann's wire also contained a
request for the names and addresses
of the teachers now in California, but
as this was clearly impossible, the Gov
ernor wired yesterday morning request
ing Mr. Mann to get in touch with the
promotion committee's agent in San
Fraaeiaeo, who, the Governor aays, Is
also "agent of the board of public
education of Hawaii." The promotion
committee here also sent a message to
its ageat advising him to get in touch
wib Mr. Mann at once.
I it understood by the Governor that
the promotion agent is ia possese-ion of
the information desired by Mr. Mann,
and thit may cliurh matters and permit
each of the teachers to be notified by
the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, in
ease Mr. Kosseter decides to allot a
special steamer for this trip. A cargo
of sugar will be certain for the return
trip and a cargo can easily be loaded
at San Francisco for the down trip.
a. .
In deference to the lighthouse de
partuient the range light at Kihei, Ms
ui, will remain burning for another
three months. The matter came before
the harbor board at its meeting jester
day afternoon with a letter from Light
house Inspector Arledge, in which he
Jiointed out that authority to discon
tinue showing the light at Kihei would
have to come from the secretary of
commerce at Washington, as well as a
notice to mariners of the proposed dis
continuance. He enclosed certain forms
to be filled out and returned.
Inspector Arledge, whosi' letter was
in answer to one from Chairman Bige
tow informing him of the desire of the
board to discontinue the light on Orto
her 1, suggested that the light be kept
burnipg uutil Novemlier 1, instead of
October 1, so that all formalities might
be complied with.
Commissioner Vfetr.ger said that he
did not believe the board had to defer,
legully, to the lighthouse department,
but bad the power under an act of con
gress. which was n-ad, to shut down
the light at anv time economy dictat
Commissioner McClellan, however,
said that as the light was on u chart
aotion will have to go through the
same channel to get it off the chart.
After some more discussion, it was re
solved to defer to the su(reestioTis of
the lighthouse inspector and the form
Were filled out and forwarded
land South Coast --Hanupepe Light,
heretofore reported extinguished wis
relighted August 27, HOS.
C. A O S. ( hurts 4102, -1117
(Light List, pacific ('oust, I'.'ls, ; i.;j.
No. 851.
Buoy List, l'.tth District, 1!M7, p Hi.
By artier of the Couimixsiouct of
Buperuiteudent of Lighthouses.
1H a District.
'Kahuna Has My Numhcr
Says Hawaiian and
Claiming that John Kanaele, a Haws'. nn, died from pure fear, think
ing that a kahuna bad eet the death mark on him, the London Accident nnd
(Guaranty Company, represented by Judge C. F. Parsons, yeatenlav morn
ing took up the matter before the Industrial Accident Board in 1 f " says
the Hilo Tribune of last Saturday.
Kanaele formerly resided in Hilo but. ome years ago, cam" inio n sum
ot' money that enabled him to proceed to Maui, Knuai and Oahu, mi nil of
which islands be lived, for some time. While on Maui one. of ln children
died and a kahuna is alleged to have told him that If he rer.i.miic I in the
house all of the family would die.
This story frightened the man and lie moved from island to o -Inn I until
finally, he returnoil to Hilo, where he obtained a job with the Mil" Iron
Hevernl weeks ago Kanaele was injured while at work. The injury
did not seem to be severe but the man was taken to the Hilo Hospital .vhcre
he was placed in bed. Fortwo days all went well but. thru some foolish
person Informed Kanaele that two persons had died in that particular lie. I.
That started the man worrying, and he declared he knew he going to
die. He was lifted ,to another bed but steadily got worse. A I- m mm. he
said, had hi number. Jit the end of the fifth dnv trH Hawnii m -wore be
was dying and insisted upon being taken to n prritife idm,' It was juut
half an hour after arriving at the bouse that Kanaele passed miv
A poet mortem revealed nothing wrong with the matin' organs The
slight 'wound iutlic.tH by the accident at the iron works was healing and
there were no complications, declared the physician who performed the
Before the Industrial Board the physician said that he had henrd of
men willing themselves to death but the information was only gleaned in
general reading. There won no record of any Mich thing in any medical
work obtainable in Hilo.
The Industrial Board took the stand that if the man had not been in
jured he would not have gone to the hospital, ntid that if he had mil been
informed of the previous deaths in the bed lie occupied, the fear of knlni
naism would not have entered his brain. The board therefore declared that
compensation should be paid the widow and children and it is said there
will be no appeal from this decision.
The rase is attracting much attention among the Hawaiian
declare they have known of similar itiFtnnces iu the past,
Investment Capital Is Being Rationed and All New Business Projects
Calling For the Expenditure of Sums In Excess of $100,000
Must First Secure Governmental Approval Through Capital
Issues Committee
I WASHINGTON, August 1 (Mail
! Secial to The Advertiser) The ia
; tiouing of investment capital to make
! uirc of an adequate supply for enter
i prise , compatible with the war pro
' reeds apace. Charles S. Hamlin, who
heads the President V Capital Ihnihm
; Committee, points out that the applii-n
tious are coming in numerously at the
rate of fifty or more a day till the
total is someth:tig' over l,.r00, and that
many more millions worth of npplica
tions nre grunted than are denied.
The law apecirli'd there should be a
governmental ). K. upon isKiirs of
00,IKK) anil over. The purpose of the
committee is not to decide uHn the par
tii'ular merits of a given enterprise but
to deterrnine, after enpert exnminutioii,
whether money can well be npent tli.'re
on in view of war ronditionn and wat
demands. The ('apitul Ikhiics Commit
Ire is very careful about its judgement
and ia also careful, uh the law prescribes
it shall b, about permitting those ex
terprises it has approved to advertise
the government's approval.
The work it becomitii! verv ininiire
hensive. The committee has authority t
by which it can put a strangle hold 011 ,
almost any new enterprise of mugni- '
tude. There, may be doubt as to how I
far the promoters of nn undertaking of j
particular magnitude could go without
making application before the t 'apitul
Issues I ommittee. But just one in ,
stsnce indicates how the committee
r.ould step in und call a hull. Many
new undertakings call for the use of
steel or other metals, none of which can
Vie had nowaday unles the government
is willing.
The Capital Issues Committee is rup
dly building up strong coiinectioiis witli partition!, estimate that between $250,-i-xpert
bureaus of the government. 1 f j im(l,(MJO and 500,000,000 a year is in
i group of capitalists want to open a . vested iu fraudulent securities iu the
new coal mine, their aploation to the
Capital Issues Committee is turned over
to experts of the War Industries Hoard
and also of the fuel adiiiinist ration and
to the fieologii-ul Survey. The enter
prise may be entirely meritorious but
government appruwil is hn-ed chiefly
upon the iuestion whether mines, now
under operation, are adequately taking
care of the tritionul needs :tn, whether
capital can properly be spared for open
ing new coal properties.
All Must Submit Projects
States and other erMtncntal units
are expected uUo to submit their pro
jects to the Capital Issues Committee
and are doing so. If a ,tate is pro
jectiug an issue of boio or certiti
cates or other form of obligation to
finance a new highway . Its application
is turned over to the liiited Suites
tiighway Commission u,,. well to
army oflicials and officers of the depart
..r ...... ....it ..... r... u....i u .. i...
A Tanii.,., iv i, .,.!;.. I i UU- l'.,r I
approval of an issue of bonds to be used
in river front improvements. The pro
ject was u public spirited character, i
which ill normal times would be en
eoiiragod from every quarter. The Capi
tal Issues Committee, however, reported
unfavorably on the ground that the ex 1
itiug docks and wharxes Mifliced for
the time being. If the improv cmciit in
question were saio t loned, other cities
uwl towns along the riier would want
to build better docks find w li it r c.-. It
was felt the necessary .'apitul could be
be'tter used for oilier purpo-.es and that
these river iinprov eiiirnt s , ould wait.
School l.tnl'lingi, bridges. county
court houses, sewers an. I divers other
local projects in.- all . ii' under the
eve of the Capital lnc. Committees.
New school lion.-. ti.stmg o er .tl'1'1.
tllHi i are i.'ici . i to I '
"i Claxton, of
t ' ' r reinirt lis
:irt n-iilnr com
iiplicntion is
c w el'-, pupc rs
I, of the pub
Mie burenii ..I' .
'o the tii'cessiiv
nun it v ctTc. t t
for capita! to
1 1. 1 1
in Hi
1 1
m-ti ii
gO tO SurCoU I . c IK-1 Ii I I '.I ,1c
lie hell It Ii i i i i. e. Sn mint on
lo lltcl.c I to -t ii.lv II,.- to.
Ill I t tic Hoi I I - I i .,1. ;i
III"! 1 .1 . ' I I, inlil i
Brtd'lug Public Enterprise
II tin ..! . Oi l c -
e pert are
i t nation
t hoi OU.'ll
I c is ,,i i. cl V . er V
I t. r i ! I, ii on A mei li' II II
li v i-1 i ii c vv tiling 111 the
'c ' :i I e;. . cr n inc h t n lid
I 1 ' I I I li 1 . ' ; 1 1 I o 1 1 of 1111
'l in i Int.- VV ould UUV'T
enterpi i
, l,isi..rv
I ' II r it s ;
thorit i
n Ii n nil
have been tolerated but for the war and
economic necessity. It is bringing hun '
drcls of people to Washington to as
...1....1..... k. .... n.n.. ,kn A
quired approval. But it is rather i" I
. 1 1
" nn-".- ' -rt-
the federal licensing of raUroadt
and for federal control over the iseu
slice of railroad securities. Present war
activities over the regulation of capi
tal likely will open the way for modi
tied form of continuation after the war,
esirfHiially if the war time system is
conducted to the sut infliction of the
. "nit rj .
New lines of activity pre constantly
lie:ng pressed upon the Capital Issues
1 milliliter. One is to protect holders
nf liberty bonds from . fraudulent en
terprises. Vigorous action may be ex
pis ted before long, because of many
oinpluints out of the Wmt. Promoters
o? oil wells and coal mines and other
enterprises are advertising in patriotic
phrases to catch liberty bond investors
'I he promoters urge that those who
Irive gone over the top foi the govern
incut and bought of its war bonds can
do the government another good turn
,y exchanging the liberty bonds for oil
-docks or coal stocks. ,.
Blue Sky Projects
The truth of that depends very much
iu the kind of oil stoeka the liberty
bond owner in getting. There are many
wildcat schemes, the promoters of
which have as their chief concern the
possession of liberty bonds. Iu turn
thew bonds are placed upon the mar
ket for sule for whatever they will
bring. This is to the detriment of the
I,. B. Kranklin, a director in the war
loan organization of the treasury de-
1 uited States and that from eighty
five to ninety percent of this activity
is now centered iu trafficking in Liberty
Hon i Is. The treasury authorities are
naturally interested in conserving this
large amount of capital for more legiti
mate ami profitable enterprise,.
The Capital Issues Committee thus
far has done little checking up to aa
certain how generally applications are
being made in behalf of the new en
terprises requiring money. Some have
urged that organizations be built in
each federal reserve district, extending
to counties and towns, by which new
enterprises of all kinds, whether for
1(1(1,000 or for less, be promptly re
ported mid compiled. It has even been
suggested that vigilance committees be
forme. I in every favorablo commu
nity to keep watch ou investment and
i, munition activities and. at least, to
make formal reports that would event
ually reach the Cupital Issues Commit
tee. ,
However, the committee seems to be
proceeding cautiously and there is aver
sion to becoming anything like a com
mission against 'blue sky" enterprises.
Iii ii letter received lit thi,offlce of
the nt. Sal, in League, Dr. K. C. Din
vvid. lie, national superintendent at
Washington, writes as follows:
It will be nleasing to you to hear
thnt we are well along in our campaign
for the ratification of national prohi
bition. I a in hoping that in view of
this fact the liquor traffic has gone
from Hawaii for aye. Unless I mistake
conditions, our amendment will have
bee ratified by February or the first
of March of next year, and, us you
know, it becomes (ffei'tive one year
theici'l'ti r We already hnve fourteen
Mliites. sn of which were 'wet' when
our problem originally, upon the sub
mission of the question by congress,
mis to entry urn 'drv' States and nine,
nil' ones. I confidently expect to
ciiitv from forty to forty two Strifes
.mi of the t'oity e ght. ;is u minimum."
- ' v s a
IS Jllst
isled ii
s -1 n I ;
Stilt ion.
M. Quest li, I ne violinist, who
ighteen years of age, has eu
the t'nited States Navy and
ned at I'enrl Harbor Naval
lie is already organizing a
I orchestra amoug uavy men.
I tc 1 1 t er"k. ii n r -- - i
S IT U ITC. U;S ,11
Everything In Readiness For Next
Saturdays Horse Races
At Kapiolani Park
Seats for next Saturday's horse races,
tllfl HlSt Of the enmlno thpAa..lm' ninal
t Kapiolani Park, are going fast, it ,
was reported yesterday. Owing to the .
inclusion of two great track events ia
ahich there will be army eatNf, 't is
expected that sevvlee men vljl on
ii a nd in great numbers,
i There was some liveiy work on the
. track yesterday morning and there were
ninny "railhirda" in evidence, around!
he judges' stand, in the bushes and
at the posts. These aere'the last work- 1
out for the ponies. The animals will
tuke things easy from now on until
I Saturday afternoon, anil the "rail
birds" will leave their stop time pieces
go unwound until then.
Here they are, just as they passed
under the wire at tho judges' pagoda:
Warren Stables Oneonta was sent
five-eighths of a mile in 1:01 " 5, which
he made as follows; F.igbth, :12; qiur
ter ;24 1 ."; three eighths. .Vi 4 n; half.
I'mp'iua was clocked five eighths in
1:01, the big fellow doing the distance
os follows: F.ighth, :12: quarter, :.'l
n .V three eighths. :3.r. 2.": half. :38 2-fi.
i Khwailanl's Fast Time
Kav ailnni worked half mile as fol
lows: Kigth, :12 1 B; quarter, :24; three
eighths. .V 3-."S: half. :48 1-5.
! Malolr, galloped three-eighths in :.17
Onetn. mnde five-eiRhth in l:02ty,
!-clr clocked as follows: (Quarter, :24:
hnlf, :4HVi.
Creeper worked the half as follows:
! Quarter. :25 2-5: half, :5X
Macfarlane Htnbles Huante and Din
I ner Bell were sent together five-eighths
1 as follows:
Httante F.ighth, :11 3 5; quarter.
3 4-5; three-eighths, :35; half. :4fl;
five-eighths, 1:02 1-5.
.Vk"- : 'c".?""''
rnrpA.oifrhtha .rt ,,. half .AO r. a
1 three-eighths, :3fi
five-eighths, 1:03.
Dreamery worked the half as fol
livvs: Kijrhth, :12; quarter, :24 4 .',:
. tWe eighths, :37: half, :50.
I Peter Post made the five eighths in j
1:"4. a follows: Kiirhth, :13: quarter.!
j :'.V.'A: three-eighths, :37U,; half, :50Mi.
O'Rourke Stables Beretta Dee went
j three one-mile heats in 2:1", 2:14, 2:1 .
II. Vibrato Not Bo Fast
II. Vibrato made the hHlf in :50-i;
guinif the first quarter in :25'4.
l.n falma wenl over the fiveeiphths
as follows: Quarter. -.24: half, :48:
five eighths, 1 :0L' 3 5.
Rorginndo negotiated the three-quar
ters: Quarter in :23 4 5; half, :49 2 5;
th'ee quarters, 1:15 2 5.
Waiinea went over the five-eighths in
1:'UH: Quarter. :'.'H: half, :51'v.
Other workouts yesterday were:
Kealohn's Deiiervn paced three heats
in 2:15. 2:14, and L':14i,.
Tom Holliuger's Welcome Boy, three
heals in 2:10, 2:15, and 2:13'.
All the times given above, it must
b, understood, were furnished The Ad
vertiser by one of the erpect "rail
birds". Just what the make of his
pocket clock is must remain a secret.
w. a s.
The Saints practise this afternoon.
There are some fans who think they
need a lot of it. especially since last
Nundnv's Waterloo.
Some Snappy Coast Ring Dope
From Typewriter of Good
Old Jack James
Willie Mechlin -we have ilie word of
reliable witnesses for it is actually go
to train for his bout with Jack
Dempsev here on September 13!
Yes sir, ' a fact, the roly-poly Willie
is going to tvetid his way up to Billy
shannon 's famous conditioning center
in the wilds of west end San Kafael, and
while there is going to eat nothing but
law meat and do nothing but swiug,
iliiMiliells and boxing gloves and pull
chest weights. He is going to do this
for about three weeks, so they say.
Such a happening has not been since
the memory of man ruutiuth not to the
contrary. Willie hus always been the
siinic rolv puly fat boy, and, seemingly,
the more avoirdupois he shucked, the
poorer showing he made in the ring.
But nowadays it's a different Wil
lie. The boxing instructor of theSan
Pedro Naval Keserves (his self uswum
ed title) sees a lot of glory and honor
in the lifting if he manages even to hold
Jack Dempsev to a draw, and if he
should win oh, lady! lady! wouldn't
Mrs. Willie Meehan be sore to think
that she had caused the heavyweight
champion such extreme mental anguish
that he was forced to seek solace from
Judge wruhaui!
Dempsev, by the way, is doing light
,vork to keep himself in shape. He ef
poets to leave New York on August
i!h fur-those parts. . ,
B.-n'tnn Orteaa Has Offer'
i Kvidentlv the promoters of Butte
fiivor Buttling Ortega. The Battler has
' been back from said citv but a short
I time he fon.'ht Leo Bcna there a few
weeks ago and won on a foul when
romes an offer for further engagements.
j one on Labor Day Vicing specified. The
fiiL'i'ested opponents are Holdier Hurt
field, Ted Lewis or .lack Britton.
Kemcmhering what happened to
him at Linery ville, one would scarcely
expect Ted Lewis to come back for
more, though he might have s desire to
redeem himself.
Tommy Stuiptou baau 't accepted ss
American League Race"' Close
One, However, With Cleveland
Still Near Contender
Hoatnn 130
Cleveland 122
Washington 120
Chicago 117
New York lie)
N. 1-ouia 11
Detroit tlO
Philadelphia 120
Yeaterday'i Raealta
At Boston Boston 3, Detroit 0.
At Philadelphia Philadelphia 1.
Cleveland (.
At New York Rt. Louis 3, New
York 2.
No other games played.
How Series Ended
Washington J, Chieugo 0.
Detroit 2, Boston I.
Cleveland 2. Philadelphia 2.
New York 2, St, Louia 2.
Tod."y'i Qatnet
Philadelphia at Boston.
New York at Washington.
No other games scheduled.
P. W. I Pet.
New Vork
r:ttahnrgb .
Brook I vn . . .
I.onis . . .
I Tortorday'i Results
At New York Brooklyn , New York
I At Chicago- rhleago 7. Cincinnati B.
1 (first eama) : Cincinnati 9, Chicago 0
j (second -irnmc
Xd other games played.
How They Stand
f'hicntro 1. Ofneinnati 1.
Brooklyn 1. New York 0.
Today's Oam04-v
f'ineinnati at Chicago.
St. l.ouis at Pittsburgh. '
Roeton at Philgilelnbia. ..
Brooklvn at New York.
ST. I.OT'IS. Miseouri Apifmst 14
Bert (iallia, pitcher for tie Bt. Lonis
Americans, resigned last night with per
mission of Bob Quinn, business mana
ger, ate) departed for Texan, where h
will attempt to get a rommittdop in
the army.
CLEVELAND, Ohio, August 13-Ont
fielder Bobby Roth of Cleveland hat
ben suspended by Manager Fohl for the
balance of the season because of indif
ferent pluying. Roth did not accom
pany the Cleveland team East today.
Eddie Collins, second baseman of the
Chicago Americans, who recently join
ed the Marines, was purchased . from
the Philadelphia Americans for 50, 000
and in addition to getting (10,000 as a
bonus from President Comiskey, his
contract railed for 1 15.000 a year. He
is thirtv years old, married and has two
President Comiskey, on learning that
Collins had decided to enlist, immedia
telv wired his congratulations
CINCINNATI, Ohio. August ll-He
Chase, first baseman for the Reds and
one of the greatest ball players of the
major leugues, Saturday was suspended
for the balance of the season by Garry
Herrmann, president of the Cincinnati
club. The suspension followed a tern
i.oiary suspension imposed by Manager
Mat hew son when Chase failed to take
part in several games. The reason
given fyr the suspension was indiffer-
J en re.
POUTI.AND Oregon. August 14
! J'iel,,''r ,"n''''' f"1" ,im teuiin of the
('l'"'.'-'(' White Sox, world's champions,
""" T ",n " ''
I nrow'tix has accepted a responsiDte po
sition with the Foundation Shipyards
of Portland, nnd will assist in the man-
ugement of that yard's baseball team
in tho local shipyard league. Jones is
above draft age and is married. He is
an expert lumberman and will inspect
the big timber used in building ships.
SACRA M KNTO, California. August
L'o Apnointment of a rivilian rifle
team of sixteen members to represent
California in the national matches be
ginning September 1(1 next at Camp
I erry, Ohio, was announced today by
Adititant Oeneral J. J. Borree.
F. L. Frahm of Hen Franeiseo was
named captain, and W. R. Jackson, Los
Argile , nrich. Othe- members were;
A. L. Th'-mpson. Paadena; F. W.
Moo'e K dlf nds: Ocrcr S. HsIJ. Wal
tor Bellow. Sen Diego: B. W. Forvth,
A Rowland R. C. Ainsworth. Paul
i Tbelen. A. C. Reslerv K. M. Norton,
Hen Frnncis-o; Don phlpintrer. Freder
j irk Ruck, Hue rem 'ntn K. L. Elliot, D
' ft VHckev. Ins A uncled . i
' ' "
j')''"''!'" having a few plant of,;biJ
I overt for T.nbor Dur. i
Tommy H yes Running Aaruck
Thev must feed those guys on Goat
I In ml concentrated essence of raw
meat and red pepiier.
Tommy Haves was a peaceable
. enough chnp in private life when be
was a lour rounder, but now that ne
has ionic. I the navy he just runt wild.
The other day he issued a chal
lenge to anv nine men from Texts
he specified Texas, for some reason or
other- to a battle royal, and guaran
teed to dispose nf all nine. But, strange
to say, they wouldn't let him carry dut
his guarantee.
tuoiB rACToms, ntrnra and
nrsuxAifOB aobwth, ,
'i riantariea Onttpawf
raitaka Atrtenltaral Co Ltd
, :. tnokaa Bngar Co- Ltd.
fCehala Sugar Coapaav
Wahlawa Water Company, Lta.
rnltoa Turn "Works, ot Bt. Loo it
Habeook A Wlloot t ompany
Oreea't Fnel Eeooomleer Onm
rkae. D. Muoro A Co., Engineers
Get On
a raoney-aaving basis. This
it especially a time for curtail
ment of expenses.
We pay 4 interest on savings
Bank of Hawaii,
Corner Fort and "erehaftt Ptreets
Regular Ballings to BRITISH
COLUMBIA (change at Victoria, B.
C, for Seattle; Vancouver is con
necting point for passengers by
o"oi via tS. Paul, ChicaCgo or Mon
treal, FIJI, NEW ZEALAND and
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
Coocissioa Merchant?
Sagir Factors
Kwi Plantation Co.
WaiaJua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Works of Bt. Louis
Blake Bteam Pnmps
Western Centrifugals
BabccMvk t Wilcox Boilers
Green's Fuel Ecooomiter
Marsh Bteam Pumps
Matsoq Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Shipping uo.
Kohala Sugar Co.
chinery of every description made i
Issued Tuesdays and Fridays
(Entered at the PoatofD-e of Honolulu,
T. H.. as second class matter)
Per Vear f'.m
Per Year (, foreign; $:i.(hi
Payable Invariably in advance.
Tae- AssesUtsS Press is saslnatvely so
UU4 to the ass for rspnhUosUsa of all
nwt-4eepatche etsdttsS te it or not othsr
wtss cr4it4 la Uls pet snS also ths
lecsl nrt ahUshsS tksrsla.
0. S, OKAKE, Business Manager.
Whether or not a person found guilty
of embezzlement, who afterwards ap
pliet for admittance to the bar to prac
ise law, should be admitted, is a ques
Hon which the Bar Association will be
railed upon to ronsider at a meeting to
be held next Wednesday.
The association was called to meet
veatftilsy but quorum not being pres
erjtfl te meftlng was postponed.
- A f reposal to have a rule adopted
in the courts making a conviction for
emheaelement cause for the rejection
of an application to practise law was
received by the secretary a short time
lnco. No discussion Oi the proposed
rule was held yesterday.
w. s. a.
In the published list of those who
received commissions as second lieuten
ants at the Officers' Training Camp at
Schoflsld Barracks, the former rank of
loa F. Colbert Was given as private.
He was a corporal of Company II, Bee
ml Infantry, and la now Second Lieu
tenant rJothort B. 8, A., attached to the
esth U. B. Infantry.
Castle &Cooke,
' UMlTUi
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