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Uentyfonr boars' rainfall .00
Temperature, Win., MljiAtii
74 . Weaker, Clear. V, y.'
jiONOLULHv Hawaii territory, Tuesday, September 3. wis -sf.mi-weekly.
I i ; H I N 'A I W- I I i Vtf XVf.AS A I Ifvi If M XV 1 ?-U iTsv . It I If f II Hum rnBITICT FOB TfiniY I ' .
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------ . . . . , . ' . - - - . , , .
tt- ' II ii I ' i ij " i . .n'.fii. i i .1 V '..., . . . . . .
JT ONDON, September 3-r-( Associated Press) The greatest defeat ever inflicted upon the Germans in any one day was administered yesterday by General Haig, who literal
J ly smashed the .German lines along a thirty mile front; capturing thousands, killing more thousands, and driving so' tar ahead in places as to make it practically certain that
the old Hindenburg line, with all its elaborate system of defense, now offers no refuge for the beaten armies of von Ludendorff.
In the north, along a wide front the Germans are falling back panic stricken, with British tanks and armored cars cutting through the ranks, with hosts of allied airmen
bombing and spraying the retreating divisions with machine gun fire, with tank detachments sweeping in behind the Germann and seizing the bridges along the avenues of re
treat. V '""
The Hindenburg line is now hopelessly butflanked on the north, while the French are rapidly approaching the southern base of the line and the Franco-Americans are driv
ing eastward from the Soissons front and threatening to outflank the Huns at Laon. C2
From the appearance of the general situation last night ftseems certain that the Germans will have to realign their positions all the way from Rheims to the Flemish bor
der and possibly almost to the Nprth Sea. ; f"
The southern. portion of the Drocourt-Queant line, known to the Germans as the Wotan line, is completely smashed along ten miles, from the Scarpe to Queant, with
British and Canadians three miles past it and still advancing. ' Here the Germans are falling back in tangled confusion, with so many surrendering that the number of prisoners
is embarrassing tne Driusn advance.
har in advance of the infantry are large numbers of tanks the greater number beincr fast machines, while accompanying these are motor machine gun batteries. These
In the Lys salient the British-American forces are beating the Germans wherever they make a stand ,and advancing closely on their heels along those portions of the line
.have reached the Canal du Nord in large numbers and seized the bridgeheads. Others have advanced through the fleeing lines of Germans to the Douai-Marquion road and
have taken up positions along the rear ot the Uermans, holding them while the oncoming Allies drive the beaten regiments into added confusion.
On the south the British are gradually approaching the Hindenburg line, recapturing several important points during the day and driving the Germans at all points.
where the enemy is making voluntary retirements.
'- i
Smasfej Thirty Mile Breach In Mm
Captain Roosevelt
Invalided Home His
PLEDGBLOYALTYiArn. Badly Shattered
Is Unavoidable
Unity of Purpose Demonstrated
In Processidni and In :
Speeche$ of leaders
an bne MavwYicn IJrftish' and Canatiian' forces smashed through . and iportn where the rendnH-;
and swarmed over tfie famous Wofan line to a depth of three miles t'rf1 ntcririw. the hoMn of labor to 1
along a ten-mile front, with the Tommies and Canuck still driving ' mr. hid in proopioiion otherwinp ;
forward when General Haig sent. in his final report for the day last """"el lbor' holier. Tha Pro.-os
I . ' mon oiixio up of oicn nf every I
The Hriti-.li, under Generals Uvng an.l Ijorn. inflicted the most ' ,,ran':h -f orniMd i.d.try ami the i
severe Ins-s upon the Germans m hght.ng as furious as has yet
l,een nitni-ssed m the whole course of the war, captured many thou- ;i uni)v of , rpm(1lt(,u, fow , whi(h i
ail(Ls and to)k a large number of gllllS. I Ara.-rirti labor army of milliuiiH are
REINFORCED IN VAIN : '""'"'"B llP their lirotliers who are boar
- I injr riflm (ivoroaM in freedom ' raime. ,
The line is thoroughly smashed and its strong defenses scat- J The Hjre'hes of labor leadem ami the .
ten d The 'Germans had braced for the shock, knowing that the ', of workmen everywhere
, ... , . , . , ., . .i . ,i xhoweil that labor him made the dav ,
British were hound to attack again, but despite the lact that they , f eonut,rntionH of ,heiT ... t0 tho
were largely reinforced and that the rushed every available reserve defense of world liberty in the conflict
into the breach when the line commenced to crack, they were mi
able to hold.
I he I ri t i h attack was led by a large number of tanks
whippet and heavy, the great lighting machine
into and over the llun positions, with the
ilieir wake, mopping up the remnants. The ground over which the
liritish and Canadians passed was strewn with German dead and
wounded, while the roads leading to the liritish rear are jammed
with prisoners.
1 ioin the reports of success that have been sent in and from
the list of highly important strategic positions that have fallen to
ihe Allies, yesterday's victory marks what will probably be one of
the most important battles of the war, the blow that may easily turn
iln whole German line in h'rance and Flanders both north and south.
The liritish under General ilyng and tho Canadians under Gen--r.il
I lorn reached the 1 )rocout t-Cjuenant switch at seven-thirty yes
wrdav morning. The advance was to the southeast, astride the
rras Camhrai road, along a front extending from before lUillecourt
i .i , i -.. L- i - i. . . i. ..:.:. i. i ,
lo tile souill oailK Ol tne scarpe iier. in .-mi(i i uini uie di.iisu oi i.anor ami recoKninen tnrout;nout
had completed the occupation of Kiencourt les Cagnicourt. and the wor,1'1 a" l" re,.reet
1 mi i i. n i i i i i ative of organ I led lalior in the n.teil
hue bit ween that Milage and bulk-court, taking several lllliulreu pns- HtateH, entered the hall where the an
..iiers, and this was preliminary only to the great smash of yesterday, imal emigre of trades unioim ia being
OPPOSITION IS SMASHED tjm, Th(. .leleatea roe to their feet
Swarming ahead, the British fought their way through Hemic- ami rheered without interniisHion for
, ..int. illers les Cagnicourt, Sandemont and Dury, the opposition "!l f"ll'"llul w g
being extremely bitter but not strong enough to hold the attackehs, ' M nr'pRFUU nc
who smashed down the defense, killing thousands and capturing WtMtlti Ur LrttW, U
other thousands, who were rapidly disarmed and started back for( ESCRICK ARE MISSING
the cages, the prisoners marching through the barrage the German oaxadiaN jOKT, September 2
-mis were maintaining to hold back liritish reinforcements. , ( Assoi-iated lemo ' Two life boata
Later in the afternoon the town of Cagnicourt fell to the British containing inonvlient of the crew of the
ber .1 i'AHoeikted Pfeaa) Captain
Archie Kooaevelt, who waa wound
ed in the fighting a few weeka ago
in tho Champagne, arrived from
France yeaterday with eighteen oth
ar invalijpd;.oflIeerB jl three hua
do4ua, whu wift. enter Ua" hoapl
tala for treatment. . -
Captnin RooaeveU'a left arm waa
nhuttered while lie waa leading his
i-mnpauy in u charge, lu udditiou
to thii injury he i "aid to have a
K.'id vnxe of shell nhock. Ilia arm in
partially paralyzed anil he may bo
mi the invalided list for month". t
Losses Reported Yesterday Num
I bered More Than Eight Hun
I dred Soldiers and Marines
Americans Assist iri
li Advances on Both
Y.UNCTpN. September 3 (Ansotiftted PrwVr8fehtfril:ai;v ' :J
.. iMfXJT. whfih FiyW on the ito'ulhefV wirmbf lHeTbng'Uttl.t.. . "
umonu the ionget yer annooneed i K an IcirCtfS Pyca important prts in tne gains ana advances tnat
w. a. a.
1 uivrifii
' Tvpieal of the Hpirit of mnnv Labor
l;iv ineHHfle from leaders of labor to
both . the worker nil the aiieeeh of Tiniothv
beating their way ! '"'a. artii.K prenident of the brother-
l IiiiiiiIm nf lfienmiit i vi' firitmn niiit mi.
inlantry lollowing in Lrill(.mn. ,leliv(r(.,, in ci-v-i,....!. ollln.
in which he naiil in part:
"We are proud of the unnelfiah pur
pose actuating the entry of the t'nited
.-"one mm wie preneiu ivorin wnr; and j
to the reuliaation of the noble idea-,
proi lain.ed a" our onlv motive in parti- '
cipatinr in thin appalling conflict, we
pledge our liven, fraternity and our i
Hai red honor, to the end Hint liberty, !
frat'-rnity and eiualilv may be ree- j
tnbliNlied throutrhout the world, politi I
callv. miiiallv and economically."
DERBY. Knifland, Hepteinber li (A
noeiated PrenH) When Haniuel (iom
pern, head of the American Federation
Official Report From Paris Gives
Figures Up To End of
Last Month
from for
, , . . i . . ,t : l ..,- nrinxn hienmer r.crica are m asini;
.,..1 ili -i i -iiirc limw rcii-hi-r I )iif:int Innii vvminir nit the e-ntire . ...
......... - - e. -I - nn, have not been heard
-out hern end of one of the strongest of the German lines of defense, more than two weeks.
I , l 1 1 11.1 IS '.' I 1 - r . H'l. -4 r.L ..a. d n OKQ1
me tnat nail lireviousiv neui tne nritisn on ine rvnois iront. ' '"r ......1 v,
s the advance progressed yesterday the defense strengthened,
ilu (icrmans rushing evers available reserve battalion into the bat-
ilc in order to stem the tide of deleat. No opposition could h
. i i . i . : " .
iitish, however, the tanks continuing to plow over and through
the reinforced lines, with the infantry withering the smashed bat
lalioiis with machine gun tire ami the air lighters in swarms bomb
ing the 1 1 mi concentrations and directing the liritish shell tire into
the back positions.
The liritish last niht were well east of )nry and Gagnicourt,
.nid had completed the capture of the Hois de liouche
Metween the Scarpe and the Somme, along a thirty three mile
iront, the liritish made other important gains yesterday.
toiiH burden and wa" torpedoed on
Anoint Hi. It i" Mill hoped that the
uipin berx nf the crew- who are mltojing
hne been piclii'd up bv Home ensel
which hint not yet reached a port at
Hindi it could report the renciie.
w. b. a.
VHTOHIA, British Columbia, Hep
tember " (Aaaoeiated Iren i H uur
I'AltlS. September L' ( AHMOciateil
l'ret - l.nfes i 'li, te-! upon the enenv
in prisoners ami in booty taken since I
the tierin.'in offeitN.ve collapsed with '
their ussii ii It on the Marne on July 15
and tin- Allies u"Kuined the offei."ive I
three I:iyh later are told in the ollicial j
report which wa" isnied innii the war I
ottiee yesterday.
In priHiiniTH the fue l.:m lost to the '
Allies ,,, u munth and a half I JS.Hlt'J
nieii ol' wlioin luro numbers with ofli
. ei-. 1 1 1 this losi in prisoners it can
be judged how enormous must have
beeu Hie casualty lint in killed and
w ouuded.
Ill booty 2 (Ml!) Inre uiis, field and
larger caliber have beeu taken, 17ii-i
mine throwers, i:i,7H.'l muchine guns,
mnnv trench mortars aud vast iuanti
ties rl' munitions and supplies.
These figures do nut iuclude tlie pris
oiiers mid booty taken on Sunday and
w. a. a.
j,. WHHlTOX,, 8o,,tcmbar
'ia4VJ !nieii.
in ine two liwrawliich ww
out yesterday niimbere.l H.t.'J, the linti i'
i ............. . - i-n
IM'lll Ullllll!
from the war denartmen? althniitfk i Went to make nn the total of Allied enrresaa infn tiveeninir vitnrv
T I 1 " " --!-- -...-v..
that from the ofllce of the Murine . . .. . . . ., . . c . , " - J
rul w,,s not heavy, the army furni.ta ( !1 1,10 utherly W,nK' t0 northeast of SoiUOOl nd ptO-
iuu- n! ot ihe ioies. The killed in ceeding east from Juvigny. the Americana on Sunday reached. the
. imieii in yesteiday's lists were 182. embankments of the Laon-Soissons road. This advance ws a
ot whom Mi were of the army branch.
of the service. I haardous undertaking and a feat to try the American nerve for
Sum. nut i.ed the lists were an fol .. c u j . . .i j- .
lows: Army-Kilted 102, died of ' 1 " Sani',es na to 1 "t their way, proceeding out in the open.
Mounds thirty one. died of other eauei , through acre after . acre of barbed wire in the face of a heavy ma
fourteen, wounded Oil. missing 150 and , . . " , -a n i- t . i .t. .
knon prisoners one. j chine gun and rifle fire, hvery foot of the way wasbontested by
Marine Corps Killed in action 1 .crnian troops that were skillful and showed no breaking down of
three, died of wounds one, died of;
ther i iinses one. wounded eighteen morale, nut the resistance was finally overcome and nest after nest
f machine guns, guarding the enemy retirement, was taken. A Reu-
tcr's despatch says that the Americans have so far never1 perma
nently yielded ground in France and have kept their proud record
bv their conduct on the Juvigny plateau. -..- s -
W hile the Americans continue advancing in this sector tht
French Allies continued their eastward advance from Crecy au Mont
and Juvigny and have occupied the important positions of Leuilly,
jTerny and Sorny.
Wilson Goes Below Figures In Bill' control whole plateau
.... .. to I
..ll.l '.,, II jr,,ii'MI-l (Fill.
.Aiming the otbeers wounded was Col.
Kiniik Howard Adams of Atlantic City.
w. a. a.
I. i i
ne vetoed t successes of Sunday and yesterday by the Franco-American
v sn inwton. September 2 .(mi i u.rces have completed the conquest ol tne entire Noissons plateau.
illTOiny.tp the Chemin
cinl i - I'lesident Wilson today, by pro Tin- question now is whether the enemj
emmaoon. nxe ,,,e m.n.mun, K"r (,es )alnes KidKe which the F rench advance
iihi-i-ii u nr in w ii I'm i iut inr ii'iy , ,
cmp at i'.l'o a bushel. i'v'cs ur w,!l 'a1' ,)acr stl11 'lirtber. Indications that they will pursue
"ihe figure Hied by the Preaidetit is, the latter course are seen in huge fires in the vicinity of Vauxaillon
twenty cents a bushel lesa than con . , , . , . , .
press attempted to fli in the Agricul 1 vvhuh indicate that the enemy is burning his supplies for it is re
ti.iv Appropriation Bill wjiirh the ported that there is nothing else inflammable left there. From this it
President vetoed because of tho at I .
tempt at price filing. The senate had j is surmised that a longer retirement is contemplated and perhaps
soueht to make the figure ftiLBO but a;- :n nrmrrMa '
ompromise was reacbed on SZ.40 and ' J
' auxaillon men-
Kaiser Is Reported To Be Plan
ning For German Children
TllKIO. September J- (Special)
ICaiser VViltiidin .u-i-or l t to reports
enii nut i ny from llerliu. Ii.-is just issued
a y ni-li'r to tin- Oeiniuu urticers
ami .nil i in Silieria m:iir' the lots
was embodied in the bill aa it passed
This measure was vetoed by Wilson
in a mrssaKO in which ha said the
Wheat Corporation could care for the
situation as it had been created to
do and the measure wall 'IcpauUe'd by
bnth houses with the price tow wheat
w. a. i.
as a
. 1 1
't' (ier.uaiiv
II u i biii, minister of education of j the (iconnu Mood
hlan wolueti,
I'm Intern
i r r i ; 1 1 1 puliei tnv;mls the Kar
I'dsl is tin reaching :rnl the Kniser's
aim in i..suin the nr'ler thut every
tleouan ntlii ei and in:in '-hall marrv a
It ii- h i ii ii m i in. -in is li aicoiiiplish the
Oerinani.iii of Silnn:i 1-v menus of
of tho
W slll(IT()N, Heptember J (Asso
cialcd Press) Provost Marshal Crowd
er veslerday issued a call for 7725 addi
tional draftees to the Colors, for
eial service. No Hawaiian draftees are
included in the call.
A further cull issued by General
Crowder last ni'lit was for 0054 limit
e.l mm v ice men.
w. a. a.
(Oontiuuad on Ps i.
the Chinese republic has beeu shut und
killed, it is announced in ealde mes
saves from the Orieut. His assassin
, was a MhucIiu who later committed
suicide. It is believed the assassiua
tluu resulted from political quarrels.
tiiturc KtiNHiaii jieneriil ii'iis.
The Kaiser is reported as consider
hbh wnriied o cr the siti.Htion now
fast dew'lopinp; in Si'i-riu, following
the (i.nmenceiiient of military activ
ities lu Kasteru Sit.enu by the Allies.
I. DM Hi.N, September 3 ( Associated
Press i- The Herman ofticial report is
sued ia Berlin yesterday is an admis
sion ,it reverses that occurred oil Hun
day but conceals the seriousness and
importance of them. It said: "The
British won ground on Sunday la tha
Arrus sector and north of Headeeourt. .W()0 and 4000 prisoner
Commenting on the services rendered by the Americans in thlsi
advance, General Mangpn, the French commander in that sector said
that they surprised him for their conduct as comparatively new mert
compared with that of the best seasoned veterans and he expressed
the warmest admiration for them and the valor and stamina they
i re showing. 1
n the north wing the British with the assistance of American
lones continued their advances in Flanders. After taking Voorine
eele the Americans proceeded on easterly, overcoming the enemy
resi-tance as they progressed.
The official report from British headquarters in this, the Lyi
sa'ient, said the liritish and Americans were continuing their ad
vance, pursuing closely on the heels of the retiring Ciermans. Dou
ui and Lavcrriere had fallen to them and the opposition at Steen
wiuk has been broken.
Continuing their advance to the east of Ketnmell the British
made decisive) gains in the direction of Spanhroek and Moulin, be
H' ecu Kcnimell and Wytschaete heights. The I.ys Hiver was reach
ed and Ktuv ir.glisa was passed.
In the vicinity of leroone on Sunday the British took between

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