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W'ASHINGTpW September 2(Ass.icigtel presS- For the
first time "American hrcft have fought on Helgian soil mid
their advent upon the northerly flank of the Western (runt line lias
been attended with success. They have proved ciial to the t.Tk
Set for them and have secured their first objective. Announcement
of tljeir participation in the fighting near Ypres is made in despatch
es from British army headquarters in Flanders and from London.
American forces, filleted with tbe Irritisl) in the Vpres sec tor
yesterday stormed and captured Voormezecle, two miles small uf
Ypres, said the despatch from llrkish headquarters, adding that the
Americans are engaged in other operations elsewhere hut in the same
general locality.
From London came confirma- .
tlon of the report with the fur- ( j
ther information that the Renter's
correspondent at British head-l
quarters has heard that the Am
ericans have, besides taking
Voormezeele, taken several other
strong positions between tb,at
town and Ypres and that their
initial appearance in the norther
ly sectors has won them distinc
In the Jnvigny Plateau sector
the Americans who are 6ghting
with the Trench have again
orirl..! tU f.rrnuA lpftTU tni'""11"1"'
, . ., , I
the North ot ipissofis. 1 ney nave
been placed at the very ape?c of
the wedge which, is being driven
into the enemy lines at tnat point
and are being called upon to bear
the brunt of some, severe fighting.
Juvigny, or rather the ruins of
the village which the Germans
sought to retain and for which
they fought so stubbornly, is now
well within the American lines.
It was taken by them on Friday
and since then the advance has
continued easterly and positions
well to the east of the town have
been consolidated. I he Amen
cans are novy in full control of a
considerable zone in advance pf
the hadly. .battered village.
VANCE . . . . . .
Saturday night the Americans
Started a new drive from their thirty British aviators over the battle
. i - . i i ' fieJd where tbe Allies were dsiving back
recently consolidated positions that K(. .a, , f thp ,.timi.
and pressed forward through the the Oermans. At the inception of th
night and yesterday to positions " XJ' 'UK
two miles further on in the COUfSCiof mnrliin ir,n bullet h, ChRmbprlain fn
of the advance taking nearly six
. ,
pundreu priftners, guns,
tious and considerable supplies.
Here the Americans have fur
ther atrenrrthened their flankinc
positions (in the Teuton line
along the Aisne.
- w. a. a. -
WABHINflTOX. Heptember 2 (As
sociated Press) Army casualties as re
portad i" the list which was mailed
out yesterday numbered 326. Of theie
fifty os wers killod in action fourteen
died of wounds, five of" other caois.
while i!l)9 were wounded and fifty
Mven were missinK after action.
The eonsUut fighting aud increased
activities and numbers engaged uf the
American forces is qiore elearly in
dicated by tbe lists which remain
atendity up in the humkeda.
w. a. a.
Miss Mowry To Hoad House
hold Arts Department
Miss Frances I.. Mowry, the asm in
jtructor who ia to or;uin.c tor J'una
hou School a new department, that!
of Household Arts, is among tbe re
cent arrivals In town.
Miss Mowry is a college womun, bav
init atteiided Wellesley ami Simmons,
and is an expert in household arts,
hhe ia also uu a:i-oniplilniJ musician.
ller teaching experience has bw
at the Southern t'liiversiti of New Ur
leans. I.e (iraud HiRh eW-hool, I.o OraniJ,
California, nnd Nordhoff Hiph School.
Ojai, California. She comes niont high
y recommended.
l'U'ishou has equipped her depart
livat witjk the best possible materials
and it is now ready for the opening
of school, fcttptenibor V. lier depart
ment occupies three roons iu tlie base
ment of Charles H. Bishop Hall and
Mill be elective to academy anil junior
academy atudvuts. No extra charge
for tuition far thin course i made.
President Griffiths anticipates a good
ulaed registration iu this department.
Students may register during tbe uf
fine hours of the principals, beginning
today, nine to eleven o'clock a. ni.
Performs Miracles of Heroism
and Is Recommended Simul- 1
tanegusly For SiQnal Honors J
J .ON DON, September 1 (Offii-iaH !
First Lieut. Kdinund (1. Chambei lain, of ,
San Antonio, Texas, attached to the
United State Marin Corps, lm re
ceived simiiltnnenus recommendations
for thp Victmiii (loss anil conjrr'sMinrKil !
Ho pnrtiripateil in a battle '
on tlie Britiili front in nhich
on the Britiili front in which ivw-ive
prmnn planes nr ifestroypd, five il:in I
aged and two ent nweeping eastward
with damaged planet, scattered a cte ,
taahment of German soldiers Muffed I
three into balciving that a eomoasa was I
a bomb, raptured one anil carried a
wounded French officer back to safety.
Jle then refused to give his name to the
British officer rommandiiyf the aerial
forces for fear uf being reprimn tided.
Lientesant Chamhlain appeared at a
British aviation camp on .Inly -7 and
i'.'ormed the major commamlini; the
camp that tie had personal but tinoffieial
tiermisKion to visit the- camp. During
his furlough from the training camp he
bad asked permission to go nearer to
the front, desiring the experience lie-
"JL" w"rk
The British commander, needing avia
tors, told Cbamblaln that he could go
along with a' bombing soiadron that
was then about fo leave. The young
American on thisflight brought down
one German plane in flames and sent
another out of control.
Kivdwa No Fotr
. j... . L i. : 1.....1 .. v.. :
UT rtmr "1 im'irniii r null.
H( pnrti,.ipaei, with ..adron of
Rvwbipe was damaged and oue of bis
mnhnue guns became luinmed. It
lastead of goiuu home he remained te
offer assistance to two British airplnnes
which vere nt'ncVed be twelve Oermnn
' ,'mathines. Me crashod into one Ofrmu
plane. With a burst of fi-e tie shatter
ed a second nnd he shot off the winjr of
third. The (iermnn lender came
straight to the atMi-' but the Ameri
cans torrent of bullets sent him crash
iu to the c- ''.
Ottfu At BlnTi-iR
With enuiue trouble, the American
startcd for the line but s forced to
volplane amidst n storm of shell and
nati-aircraf t gun bullets. As be neared
the enrth he sent a post of bullets into
a German column, forcing them to dis
perse. Kiglit miles further on he land
I'nable to enrrv qfJT with him all of the
eiuiment of the machine, Chamblnin
seizeil tke cixupass and started running
across th fields. He eneouutered three
fiermans and, wnivini; his i-mupass like
a bomb, he deman.teil their surreader.
Two of thn rnn but the third surien
dered. Proceeding with the prisoner
he found a wounded French officer
whom he picked up. Forcing his pris
oner to proceed before him and carry
ing the wounded French officers he made
his wav into the British liines.
Asks Xetlrinc
Next morning, when he reported for
dutv he asked the British major not
to wak any report of his adventures,
refusing to give his name. The major
was unable to keen the affair quiet ns
full detaile were given iu the report of
the dnv's fighting.
Chjunbuiin has engaged iu fifteen
bombing expeditions oer the euemy
Mary 1. Wiinne will bcin this fall
her twenty-first year of service at l'un
ahou as priqci,.l, of 1uiihIiiu Klement
ary School. She has served succeaaivo
ly as teacher, vice principal und asso
ciate principal and now i.s principal.
'She is to have complete charge of the
elementary school iu C'haiies 1(. iiishop
Sho is one of th; most popular nnd
Cffticieut teaibura in the eitv ller room
has been the rnerra of Mothers and
children for many Punuhou generations.
Her interest iu the children outside of
the class room and her effective teuch
Ui(l in it, have given her i place of
irfluence. ller promotiui to the prin
eipalakipis being reaeivod w4tb sat
lM'actiou by 1'unaiiou pairoii.-'.
w. a. .
hjiatsiie HayUHiii, a .lupniMne girl,
dived into a nest of rocks at the
public baths yestenjnv and painfully
lacerated her scalp. slic uhs given
first aid treatment at tl niergency
WASHINGTON, September 9 (Special U Cat Advrtir To farnig tau t li peopla U the natloni the fact
thai tbU wa cannot he by th oUUe cor to, rrf aJn bn cni M iWf etttaan, nan, woman and
child haa hi and her part and duty ta perform aa a mtmW f the tmlud am af pee that la fighting' ha aid
to the nqltM irmy of war, Preniden WUaoo. tMa animin. ta tha puttta Lab Pay acUmatlU of the
stronaeat doc omenta of tho that bar eomafroia hja facUn mj, -
Tha Prealdant calla attention to Uo aoUUka U concoatloa of tha aaoaatM of tho wa ta tha pant and tha roco
nltioa of tha true purpose and tutauta of Germany now an maea It lea that tfelf la a War auproaio tmportanco
ro the Kboror, nip the wiiuiaji of wfcfca aiait tho aojaro of g that for- whfrk JrtPf Wf ftrlvsj from ttoho.
""in cltar'and epmlse word tft President mat it e Ideal that than U a paitaenhlp te4w the soldier and the
laborer and with cktaa-cut foitefabjees bo ahowa tho tat erd4ann the on aaoa th atjia. - "
h i protiamauon 1 aa follow:
My "Fellow Cni.ens lbor Day, 1018.
I ul-r r Day that we have known. Labor Day was always
deeply -ignihVaut with us. Now it i aupramely algnitt
:i m - . ., , , '
Keenly as we ware' aware a year ago .or tha iPiitf rprl as
of life noil death npon which our nation ha4
we did not perceive it meaning as clearly as We do
We kuew that w wera all partners and aiuat Hand and
striv e 'together. But we did not rvalite, aa ye npw,
that we are all enlisted inen, members of a atngtft nrmy of
many parts aud with winy tasks but owisdl bf a
nv:e ol.liusHon, our faces set toward a ninln objee
live. know that every tool in every easentik! indu
iry is n wvapnn and a weapon wielded for the name pur
pose that in army rin , wielded as a weapon Which, if
t were to lay down, no rifle would be of any fe.
''And a weapon for whatf
"What is the war fort
"Why were we enlisted t
"Wliv should we be ashamed if we wore not enlisted!
"At first it seemed liarilly more than war oWnnsn
tiii nst military aggression of uermany. BelgSiMni had
been violated, France had been invaded and Oermnny
wn- afield again as in 1KT0 anl 100 to Work her awbi
tious in Kurope aud it won qeeessary to meet her force
v ith force. Biit it is clear new that It. t sn-uph aaoee than
a war to alter balance of pewer in Kurope.
'(lermany, it is now plain, was striding at what f r e
men everywhere desire and must have; the right to de
termine their own fortunes, to insist upon Justice and to
oblige governments to act for them and not tor priva'e
and selfish interests of a governing cla. 1
"It is a war to make the natiofts and people of the
world secure against every such power' aa (Jerman jjutoe
racy represents. It is a' war of emaneipatlOn and not
until it i won can men anywhere live free from eonatant
fYar or breathe freely while they go about thetr itnily
tesks and know that governments a" their servants not
their masters.
"This is, therefore, the war of all. war a wbieh Iwbor
should support, and support with nil ha 'eoueeBneUd
power. The world cannot be safe, men live eannot be
secure aud no nian'a rights can be eonjdenlly an tt
cessfully asserted against the rule -and mastery ot and
trarv nr,,1I' and apeeial interests so Jong a governments
like ttuit which, after long premeditation, drew Amdria
and llerninay intp this war are permitted to eontrol the
destinies and the daily fortunes of men and nations, plot
Cavalry Crosses Usuri River tn
Pursuit of Radicals Who
Retreat la Haste
TOKK). September 1 (Special to
Nippn -liji) The Japanese cavalry, at
tached to the Twelfth Division at
Koktira, nd a force of nnti-radie.al
Cohsni-ks that has joined the Japanese,
i -i-ossed the I'sMiri River yesterday.
Tlie i- ii y is fast falling bnrk to-
ard Kluuarovsl:, a city iu the Amur
I'mvime und the very hotbed of tbe
Bulsbe imii where are also many Te
le ased (.el man ami Austrian prisoners.
It is the sent of their
tastern Siberia.
The .lapanew are hotly pursuing the
ret iruti iiiz enemv.
- W. 8. a. -
Madrid Government Loses Pa
tience With Huns and Decides
To Carry Out Its Threat
MAI ill ll, September ! ( Associated
1'ich.m All of tiermany's interned ves
sels in -hamuli ports are to be. seized in
i-oin c ii -:i I i.iu fur the losses to Hpai
through (icrmnny's continued campaign
of unrest iicted und ruthless tubman
ing. Aiiuoiinceineut was yesterday made
by the goverument of this policy to be
carried out iu accordance with the re
cent note that was sent to Berlin, even
if it shall produce a declaration of war
uu the psit of Germany, and it is re
cognize. I that this is a strong possibil
ity. t'remier Duto told tbe cabinet
that a Spanish steammship at Azoiendi,
carrying coal from England to Hpain,
tiad been torpedoed and sunk since tbe
sending of the Hpanish note to Berlin
is which it was anuouueed that Spain
would protect itself from further out
runes by the taking of interned German
ships if oiiunion should arise.
The cabinet then decided upon the
taking over of the interned (hipping.
w. a a
Has Excellent Chance of Winning
National Tennis Title
V'OliKST Hll.La, Sew York, ktep
tciubi r I I Associated !re) lnhiya
Kninngae, the dupanese tennis crack
who is picked as a likely winner for
the national championship, on Satur
day defeated I -vie K. Makan, taking
three out of four sets by a oie of
four to xin, six tu three, six to noth
ing mi l six to one, iu the national
singles tenuis championship.
K uniugae will play W. a Tilden
of I'kibiilelphia on MiMnlay after
winch the winner will meet K. Liadley
Murrav of California iu the finals fur
the championship.
ia not lika any
LONDQ . September 2 (Asaeeiat
d Bress) Nikola Lenine; head of the
Ruasiaa Soviet oVernmnaf. whose ma
' rhinitlons with hi Bolshevist fellows
brought the downfall of Kernky and
. - i i I... g
a (iimooornora wjib usrmisj
and tbe Central Powers, la dead. TbU
la the report that reaehad here in
advice frnm Petrograd, received by
way of Copenhagen
it oi uiuvnnsKrs. I
The Fetregrad message aay that
on k"riday t-enine was wounded twice
br bin aaaaain and later died of the
w. a. a.
TOKIO, Beptember 1 (Speeial to
Nippu Jiji) K. Ofuri, a wealthy
merchant of Tokio, was given a wara
ing yesterday by the government
against cornering fionr supplies.
An investigation, seeretky conducted
by the government, has revealed that
Oguri has been attempting to corner
flour supplies in Toklo for some time
in an effort to force the price up. The
Ifoveraiueat, ia the warning. ?ivea to
day, ordered Oguri to atop his pro
Steering attempt at ouce, qt a proaecu
tion would be brought against him.
WASHINGTON, September 1 (Offl
rial) Using circulars and pamphlets
a weapons more deadly than bombs,
an escadrille of Italian aviators made
a flifht over Sara and dropped more!
than a hundred thousand leaf lets. This
propaganda Luf arms tha inhabitants,
tbe Slovak of Awatria Hungary of
tb pragreaa of tb,ir ewa peqile in
arming to join th AUja, th auccesses
of tha AUiea aad incur aim.
v. a, a.
D. T. U WVn, a young CUineso
doctor, met trouVlo coming and Jtoiug
yesterday morning when his antomo
blle, a new one, hit Choi Chin Yar, a
Korean, nt Fort and Kwkui streets.
Wong waa taken to the police station
aud the Korean, suffering from assort
ed bruise and cuts, to the emergency
VVong was booked fo "heedless and
careless" ilrlvi.ng anV deposited 1 1U
bail to insure his appearance in court
to answer this charge. The police then
discovered there wa no license at
tached to bin car aud tkia aeolect on
Woug'e part produced 125 additiounl
bail on a aecoad, charge.
'(he Korean, with his hurts patched
up at the emergency hospital, was Inter
transferred to the Jaiiauese hospital.
Mil injuries arc Hot serious.
ting while honest men work, laying Urea of wbieh lnn
cent men, wotnea and ehtldren are to be the fuel.
"You know thje natyr of tbJa war., Tt l a "a' w.hb h
ln.Usir, must sastaln. , ?( m i-tn
"The rmy vf laborer at home is a importanUand. os
e seiuiaJ at tk army oi Ightlog mea in tbe far field of
actual battle. And the laborer Ta needed fa much i act
diw in this war. The aoldlet Is kis rhampion'aad hft
riuraseataiivf. Ta fail lo win wonld be te imperil every-ti-liig
thai tue laborer has striven for and held dear sine
freedom flr-t had it dawn and his struggle for justice
Ixgan. One svhlier at the front know this. Jt ateela
their mueeies U think of it. They are crusaders. Tkey
are NghUna for aa ntUUh advantage for their own aatioa.
They would desplM anyone who fought for selfish advaii't
age for any lutrtm. Tkey are-giving their lire' that
h. i.ies every where, as Well as homes they love in Amer
ica, mil) be kept aaered and aafe and men everywhere lit
li ee as lhe iiit upon being free.' They are fighting for
the ideals i f their awn land, great Ideals, immortal ideah,
i'likle bhi.ii hall tight the way for all mea to places
.here justii is Ooie and men tive with lifted beads
lint emancipated aptrits. That is tli,e reason they fight
with solemn joy and are invincible. e
''11 u muke thin, therefore, 'a day of fresh compre
hension not only gf 'what we are about and of renewed
i u.i riei . j ci reaointion, but,alsd a day of eoaseeratioa
ii. which we devote ourselves, without pause or limjt, Jg
tbe great lash of netting our ewa country and tke who
v oild tree to reader justice to all ami of making it im
possible for a smalt group of political rulers, anywhere),
10 disturb our peace or the peace of the world or' in anf
way to make tools and puppets of those upon whore
consent and upon whoee flower their own authority and
their owp very exiaUvca deiepds.
"We may rouat upon each otkr. Our nation i of a
single mind. It la taking council with no special elast.
It i serving no private or singl interest. Its own win I
hna Lee cleared and fortified ty these days whWh bur
the ilroe away. ,
"Tbe light of a new eonvirtion has penetrated to evety
class amongst us and we realize, as we never have real
ized before, that we are comrades, dependent on one an
other, irresistible when united, powerless when divide .
And so e join band to lead the world to new and better
Ages From EeiQhteen To Forty
fivt Determined Century and a
Quarter By Forefathers .
i .
. XyASaiNQTON, September 1 (Offl-
ciaJl In tailing into military service
the abje bodied men of the' eountry
from eighteen to forty five years the
Nation ia establishing no precedent bnt
l ia aeeeDtias an obiiimtioa which
undertaken a ntry nnd a Quarter
ago, President Vlson declare in his
proclamation which sets September 13
as registration day for men between tbe
ages of eighteen and forty-five year
that ate as yet unregistered.
In his proclamation the President aald
i part:
"Fourteen month ago the men pf
this country between the ages of twenty-one
and thirty-one years of age were
registered for military service. Three
montka ago and again laat month the
men who had since then attained the
age of twenty-one year were register
ed. It now remains to Include in the
registration all men between the age
of eighteen and forty-five years.
No Maw Policy
"This i not a new policy. A cen
tury and a quarter ago those who were
then responsible for the safety aad the
defense of this country ordained that
the duty fur military service must rest
upon all able bodied men from eighteen
to forty-five yaara old. We now accept
and fulfill the obligatioua which they
then established.
"We solemnly propose to wia a deci
sive victory of arm and deliberately to
devote tbe larger part of our military
man power to tho accomplishment ff
ttit imipoe.
"The younger men, from the first.
have bona ready to go to tha front.
They have furnished voluntary enlist
ment ottt ot any proportion te their
auavbers. Qur military authorities re
gard them aa having tke highest com
batant qualities Their youthfnlneaa
aad enthuaiasm, their virile eegeraesa
and their gallant spirit of daring make
them tha admiration of all who
them in action.
Acacptaaca fa Call
"By the men of tbe older group, now
called upon, the opportunity now open
to tbem nrhll ho excepted, with tha calm
resolution of thoee who realise to the
full tho dcen aad tolama ajimineanee of
l what they do. They will realise per
il apa a aa at n eft eoul BOW entirely
their own fortune and all tbej love
are put at ataVa in, this war fax right.
"TUi U1 V oar Anal dwsonsUition
of lovalty to dwnocracy, of will to wia
I and our solemn notica to all tb world
that tbe a.t aad tbe West are u to
gether la f common neaolutioa and pur
poee. . Ii ia a eU dut3r tQ hioh
every true man in tbe country will res
pond with pride aad with the con
nciouauesa that ia doing aq he y'V1 his
part ia vuidication of the great cause
at whose turn moo every true heart of
fers it tuprejulQ, MCrUJcC-
w. a. a,
Ale Huaaey, arrested Saturday night
on fort Street, after, It was charged,
he hud vociferously abused a number
of tyawuiiau In military uniform and
had made oro German statements, is
being held lit tlie puilce station pend
ing action by the federal authorities,
which, today being a holiday, probablv
will not take a definite course until
If the charge acoinst Hunsey can V"
fully substantiate! it is possible that
he will face trial for violation of the
espionage act.
EV VOKi September 2-e-( Associated Tress) Peronne has
f. (alien to the Australians. Striking at widely separated points
frpm Ypr? rQ the'Jpviny Tlateau the Allies yesterdar scored pew
advances jmd eaptnred , liwmbers of towns, further strengthening
their positions and more seriously weakening and threatening a
hadly battered foe. Victories were, won by British, French and
American forces. , Leps and Armentiers may soon b in th hands of
Jhe AUies in their fpjward sweep, lumbers pf prisoners were taken
in yesterday fightiog.
v ", The Gerttjans continue to yield before the advance of the llies.
Daily the events serve, to accentuate the fact of tbe insecurity of the
rnemv lines and their utter pulnhty
IlindbaMs tone
Iadicatbg Fears
Says Life of Gerrnany Hanw on
This Battle and Idmits. thjJ
pnes Are Seriously Threaten
ed By the Allies
AUSTVRDAK, September 2
(Asoiated Press) -(Gloomy in
tone almost, tn the point o( desner- '
ation and ' widely different from
his, aoafldnat utteraaee of last
Spring ia tbe birthday telegram
which has been sent to von Hurt
ling by General von, Hindenburg.
Berljn prena despatches quote von
0 Hiadepburg as aaytagi
"Germany i tghtipg a bitter
battle on which her very tyfe de
pend. Tha enemy ia trying i force
to cause a decisive break. Upto
the present time they have failed
to ent onr line.
"Becent announcement of ene
my statements (how their deter
ui. nation' and will t annihilate us,
thus demonstrating what ant coun
try may eipeet unless we are vic
torious' in this battle.
Sewlng MacMqes and
Bicycles Cin't
Go Without Permit
Japanese Leaving Hawaii For
Home &y mo Intp Cala.rn.ty
Whiin Hew RegulallQn Is. fa
forced By Customs Officers
The affection of a' Japanese for hi
bicyel is second only ta hi regard fur
kis wife. And bin wife tjainks a great
deal of her sewing machine, for it's a
handy and convenient source of kimo
nos when properly fed ri4b raw ma
terials. This is merely explanatory uf tha
grief that overcame a number of Jap
uuese, who, leaving here recently for
lapan, were almost forcibly divorced
from their tw feet power autos and
himono mills.
Shortly before boarding a Nippon
bound liner the Japanese learned that
tkey rquld not take their bicycles and
sewing machines, with them unless they
had obtained speeial permits through
the collector of euatou. They did
n't hava tin) to somply with tbe reg
ulations aud, perforce, left part ol
their belonging behind.
The powers at Washington have tie
creed that sewing machines and bicy
cles are subject to, stringent export
regulations, fur some mysterious reason
doubtless more or less connected with
the war, and permits for their ship
ment ont of the Territory are npw re
quired. JAPANIWT!
TOKIO, Beuteniber 1 (Hnecinl to
NippU Jiji) Oue fl( the. worst ajtorma
for years swept Japan yesterday, caus
iuir heavy damage oa land and seu.
Deport received frqm many uaata qf
the ijupire indicate that the damage
was eaooelallv beavr ia tha middle aud
eastern, prt of Japan. Telephone j
and telegrapU line are il9wa at many
point and communication is consid
erably Interrupted.
Off tha euast '' Japan many
fishiug Voats were caught in the storm. .
raaay are ripvrea es miBBiB.
dies in the east
Henry A. P. Carter, on of the late
Ckurle I,. Carter, aad nephew of
George S. Carter, died, tecntly ia Al
bany, New York, after an illness of
several months.
New of the death of Mr. Carter
reached Kaony fsVott, of Manoa Road,
yesterday, from hi sister, who is the
mother of the young man. Henry Car
ter had lived away from tha led
most of his life. Hi f&thor waa one
of the few men killed during th revolu
tion in Honolulu in IWH, being shot by
revolutionist on the eve . of th out
break at the foot of XKamond Head.
Henry Carter waa alap tbe grandspn
of the Inte H. A. P. Carter for whom
he was named. He as about twenty
seven year of age.
to hole) bach: the aggres$pe Al
They seem entirely utahe
to guess the tactics (t Foch and
his thrusts at varying points bat
ter their lines. ,
Where two months ago great
Mlifi?3 projected into the Allies'
front, these have been flattened
pr are being blotted out. In
spfTie instances the Allies have
themselves driven wedges into
the enemy front.
With the Marne and Picardy
sectors practically all reclaimed
the wings of the Allied front are
now moving in a manner that
bodes ill for the Germans.
In the north, where was the
I-vs salient, now all but obliterat
ed, the German line is bending
Uaclt under the strong pressure
maintained against it by General
Ilaig. There have been volun
tary retirements and points have
been taken by assault. Further
retirements seem inevitable.
On the southern wing the
Franco-American forces are con
tinuing their progress in the
Ailette and Aisne sector more
than ever seriously threatening
the Aisne and Chemin des Dame
ridge positions through flanking
Capture of Peronne by the An '
trab'an forces ,was reported hy
General flaig in his official corn-.
munique to the British war office,
lie also reported the occupation1
of Flamicourt and St. Dennis.
The outskirts of Len are in
the hands of the British and fires
back of that city as well as other
fires in the region of Arnientieres
indicate that the Germans are
making preparations for retire
ment from both places. Before
Lens the old llindenburg line has
been crossed.
Southeast of Arras and east of Croi
silles, BuUer.ourt kaa bee a taksq mark
ing a closer approach to Queaot.
Bancourt and Beanchavenes, north of
Peronqe, have beeu taken by the Lon
don troops aud the prisoners taken
by these and the Australians numbered
more thau two thousand.
Between Peronne and Nesle, Epen
eourt fell to Haigs forces aud to the
north of the Koinuie Buoy has fallen.
Official announcement wa made by
the British war office last night that
during August the Britiab force took
57,31i prisouer. 657 field and other
guns of large caliber, more than 8750
machine guns and more than a thou
sand trench mortars with much am
munition, supplies and other booty.
On the French held sector of the
Western frout action continued
throughout (Saturday night, yesterday
and into last nip-lit.
To tke east of Kpaneourt the French
infantry crossed tb Homme canal and
further south at Kuop te Petit they took
50 prisoners
To tbe north of Soiaaona ia tha
Ailutte-Aisne sector the French made
further gains of considerable Import,
aace and are making less tenallle tha
position on Chemin doc Dame Rtfce
upon which it ba bee expected tt
foe might fall bark from the Vesle aad
tke Aisne
Iu this sector l.oury waa taken and
several strung renters of enemy defenea
were captured and more Ikon tkou
sand prisoners wera taken To the couth
of the Ailette Crecy au Moot waa taken
and on, the north of the river a foot
ing was Kalued tn the woods to tke toft
of Coucy le Chateau
Iu this sector a strong resistance Was
met, the enemy countering fiercely as
it fell back befure the constant pres
sure or tyangiu torce
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