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IT-- , , H
V-Mf'-'N' t o'ivv.v. A:-..,';i;..:itAWAIUK GAZETTE. : TUESDAY, SF.PTEMnF.R 3, 191ft. SEMI-WEEKLY.
ONDON, September l-.(A.qefite4 lM) - Through heavy
conrentra.ioQ of reinforcemeats along the r'icardy from, von
llindeftburg ha apparently been
th. '.J. fnv.a Um Vrnt,
the Advance fortes of the French
o qctsy mc miicu advance unm ne is auie 10 extricate nts own main
armiea frorh the Somrne and Santerre battlefields.
. At only a fcw poj,U on th omine front are the Hritish report-
' d as advanciif, while th. progress north and east of the French
third and tenth arrnie has apparently slowed down.
Th great fcattlf hsts ortjy; entered another phase, however, and, 1
t While b renter Ctf thft AUUd advance is bejng held, at either end (
i tS making more rapid progress,
hwi,fnn. frt itr'A innlhcr tiaw
preparingr; to strrkfc another heavy
,411c kJ!"lvV ayiiyiij is rcpuncp nuriii anu casi 01 aoissons, wttn
the ff rPD being consistently driven back from ground that they
rbleSt boW-pp (face the' certainty of another disastrous withdrawal
and aqothe r impf tuous. American pursuit.
t On the northern end of the great battlcline, east of Arras,, the
Capadianjy art batteriog thctr way against strong opiosition and
making such progress that the
evacuation of the Lys salient to
tHe north, which the Germans had
begun in a leisurely way, is now
proceeding at a rapid rate and
along a wide front.
, The certainly that von. Luden
dorff is defnit,ely alodgning all
th blood soaked territory in the
Lyj saljent is shown in the fact
that on f thf positipna fvacuat
ed yesterday is Mount Kertrmel,
the hill that dominates a wide
stretch of the country to the
south, , in the taking of which in
April the Gefmans lost thousands
UpQIt,. . tRQUSanda I nien. Last
ftight, aJoa( 4 front extending from
OBth f,,Ienji Keraneel to the eat of
Bethbhe, dear acrOt th aofcieat, the
jhtnaWfo Vetreating rapidly, with
thftVBrftjaa'on thU- hccU, .mothering
the Geamaa attempt, at rearguard ae- i
j,. ,(7 i ,
W,'fc'"fal,fc1 P.W'
force. At timea the retreating regi-1
meati fcuraed lad daove flere counter .
agaikai' the Uih4 whieh counter!
wLUur4 I. tU- far. of machine 0 ;
a. liTthWrVetffat the Oerman. are !
Along th front east 6f Arraa, where
trie CasadUn. hae been making rapid'
gain f aj point where the entire Oer
man l'P to tb north wax threatened,
the Qeraaaaa. hi,ve ntiaaad) heavy rein
forcements, which the Brltih are en
gaging, lot the face 'of heavy opposi
tion the British line, are telng steadily
extended both north and eouth of the
Hearpe. On the ArrM iHxuai road the
advajirf ia almost within striking dis
tance of VWrjr en-Artei.. South ef the
river tha report tell of advance be
tween the Arraa-Caiubrai and Bapaume
Cambral road, . . ,
Along the British center south of
Bapaume there has been progress of
note in only one sector, that north of
Prronn. Here the Australians made a
.lash early in the day into Mount Ht.
Quatia a mile and a half aorth of the
rif,' where hi tee a hutvdredl prisoners
were taken. The Germane were evident
ly under the impression that the place
wonld not ba attacked, and were wholly
unprepared fox the, advent of an Aus
tralian force in their midst. A denul
tory defense, with the forces engaging
in a haact to hand struggle in places,
waa fferajdv hut th Germans sops
thrw 4w,n their alias and put as
thir haada. (
.Vet satUoetl with this victory, the
Australian pushed eastward and by
' lat night bad taken Kushu, nearly a
niiht Snd a. haf eaet ef Vermis, this
wift advaiu', which the British are
following) kip anil rapidly consolidating
.i..:. T.. .... ik. n.....o...
thoi, puns, mea,na that tb. Germans
loe heavily. In taking Mount St.
Q.,e.ti a.d Bu.su the British losses
iter very smaJL
IpoeraV rfumbert's army ia making
slosj prog, wAit pf Hm toward that
eUf, tJse tWmse reeistiag his advance
NorVk oi oyeas, wkere the French
re approaching Gniseard, there is
besvy. artillery lighting.
North of Koyaos the French, in the
face of strong opposition, crossed the
tinl du Kord, espturlng ths villages
of Campsgue ani Crsvilly. Csmpsgns
is six miles northwest Of Noyons.
w. s, a. ... . .
special roreiiionv
the Hawaiian fertiliser works yester
day at aoos when ths employes of the
plant presented Norman Watkins, for
many yesrs masager of the works, with
a hsHi0ni solid silver ess ss s testi
siooiaj of their sppreclstion. The m
ession wss When Mr. Watkins fluully
esveted bis connutio with the plant
as s,iajiager te accspt ths umnutremcnt
of the merehsodise densrtineat of
American FactO" Umitsd su.l to be a
(Htactoc At th couipauv.
Mr. watkins' auwesaor will be ('. I
G. Own fprsr superifitcudent of the)
swrjks westlv ia charge of the i
Ban Frssoisco oflftre, A1 who esperi-
ence with the obtnpany In responsible
positions is a guarantee, that he will
''msks good" in bis new position.
Thers . ws a special rcreuionv st I
able to bring almost to a check
.A HrUi.l. ; c..l,.:
and British and is now fighting
With th indications that Focll IS
Klrtf alrn tU k f,
blow along the Amertcan front.
British Losses In
August Lowest
For Some Time -
Although Month Brought Victory
To British Arms, the Cost Was
Remarkably Small
I.hNOJJ, September 1 ( Asociated
Press) Although Angut wat a mouth
of almost uninterrupted British, suc
cesses, with hundred of sciuare mile
of territory recaptured and Oerman pris-
onera taKen bp the aoore, the raaualty
liat for the month a announced by the
war offiee last night ia amallev by near-
It ooe third than the list for July and
oar little morc tha one third of the
reirted for June.
J?l,rin,A,u?,ft the Briti,8bt V1,1"
aetioa and ded from, woundii total 8008.
feriH.h wounded, mining and tahen
prisoner for the month amount to 40,-
I'be total eaaualties for' July, kilKd,
wounded and miaaing, were 67,391 whMe
h offic ,isU ior- toUM
WIASHINOfON, September 1 (As
sociated Press) lArmy louses as re
ported in the easimrty lista that were
mailed out yesterday numbered 303 and
wete classified as sixty-live killed in ac
tion, five died of wounds, one of other
causes, and 232 wounded.
Captuin Edward Schmidt of Mani
towoc, Wisconsin, I. in the list of those
wounded in action.
The war department yestert'ay an
nounced the names of 130 Aaioricans
who are held as prisoner im German
prison camps in addition to the lists
that have heretofore been publit lied, es
tablishing the late of a numler who
have beietofore beeu listed as wt.uuded.
w. a. av
UNDON, August
31 I Asi-,U'iuted i
rtwu))NiaoIi Ueuin(., ,U. Bo!,
leader and head or the soviet ,overu
ment "ow h" bs- wonn led by
'""in, it is reported in den-atches
Mosjvow. Delsils of the tu'l'-
'r ssass!pation sre not told in he
despatches, but it is Indicsted U the
spirit of revolt sgaiu.t the rad.culs is
spreautna; mmwj,
W. S. S. -
Distrust of banks cost a Filipino
couple of Wailuku uamed Agntou their
entire savings of $'1.1), the Maui News
reports. Agaton, a prosperous iiiechnuic,
kept his money in s trunk at his home.
Three other Filipinos, Peter de In Cms,
nn ex convict, Fanstino Cubulmt and
KslnnisliMi Pangelineii, learned the
liidiuir place and the night of A u trust
1(1, when the Agatons were at the mo
vies, tlie.v looted the trunk, the robbery I
not being iliscovered until a week Inter.
The r-blr w-ere lix nle.l in llonoln
lu, where they hud spent the money in
n few days of high life, and takeirtmck
to Wailuku, where they confessed their
guilt. They will be tried uext month.
I W. . S.
Tlekaliiu 4i,(i::il Pnaulisu 513117, lido
ll.l, OiKiinea li ll. 1'epcekeo lerir
ed, Hon.. inn 4St)H, Olaa lMiMI. I.supn
ho-lioe L'tlMI, Ksiwiki IMOU, llaiuukuu
Will Restore Eastern Front AYheO; Russia
Forms Anew Behind Screen of Ailed And
r t Czecho-bloyak Troops; Finances Needed
erttUent of New.1 Government
f Tells Need of Laraer Forces;
- FJnances Also Are Needed As
Soviets Took Currency
ArtCHANGfcr., August 2ft (Delay
ed) (Assoeisted IVess) More Allied
TW7- iSS'J"
eminent must be formal and nronnr
atlons completed tor the restoration of
Eastern front. Thin Nicholas
TehaikovHy( pr,d.Bt f ,he sovereign
government or Northern Birssia told"
the Associated pres Enough muat be
VZy Z2
iced strongly, wits this dune the
I?''"1 frout ",,uu,1 b "',0"'J he
BifMia told1 '
itant Needed
I,t Bomtoy President Tchnikovsky
eenferre with Ambassador Francis snd
the diplomatic representatives of the
,h,f 'AIM r Alh(Ml tid in
finessing ths new government. Much
id has , been mnda necessary by the
ttion ef the Hoviet government in re
moving all currency from the banks
in the territory from which it ha. been
driven forth. The future surcex of
the new government and its forces will
We dependent largely (upon the ld
which the Allies will furnish. Fur sup
plies and munitions must be bought
lot the fighting forces and the neces
sary gO vera men till expenses muxt be
Ninety-five Americans, including all
- w. s. s.
Recjstration On Mainland Set
For September Twelfth
WASHINGTON. September 1 (As
socio ted 1'reiis) September 12 will be
registration dav for voutlis between
thv ags of eilitcpn nml t went one
years snd for men between the ajes
of thirty two and forty five years us
iler the sew Slen Power I. aw which
was wade effective yesterday when
signed by President Wilson, who at
the ssjue time issued the piot liirnutiou
which fixed the time for registration.
On ths basis of the last census it is
indicated thut the registrs tiun will be
approximately lL',778.758 but draft of
Hers say thst it will probably be considerably-
more than those figures. . .
It was originally planned to ha've t,hr
registrations made on September S.
but the slight delay, ia the pulsing
ef ths measure aude thin impossible.
The bill reached the President Friday
evening and he lost no time in grant
ing his approval.
w. s. a.
s Cocktays
Drink of Potency
A ne politicsl beverage, one tlial
bids fair to rival in lame W. Jenuina
Bryan's graptj juice of cartoon fame.
hss beea cgusocteil 111 Hawaii. I he
politieal reporter ef The Uilo Triluine,
breswmably after confirming the du
biuiis report of "Link" MCundless '
f Sndi.lacy, delivered hiniHelf of the fid
tawing: '
" Uonoka cocktails are now nil the
rage along the Hamukua coast. The
ingredients are kept secret but it is
kovwu thst the uoacoction is at least
I wet. I
"The iruniediate effect produced !v
ijttbi bi 4 the refreshment is an over
wbsUniug desire to vote ugainst K11
, hio. The tipple bos even caused red
I hut Rpublicu.U8 to declare themselves
i Uome killers, but even the worst th
i mixture csun du liajt not so far, created
j sny votes for Doctor itaymoud.
' ' TLii new driuk is uon-uJcohollc. l,
is far worse lliua that. It affects the
polUiral faith of everyone who pr
tiivMi Tt i rumnritil thnfc lllciiit '
Kuhio will I to atdted to sample the stulV
when he passes through Monokan, the
purpose being to have him retire iu
favor of MrCaiidlcss. "
Perry Pu, a student of I.atiainjluaa
school, aged lit, was drowned is the
en off Hneo Mrui, Inst Monday While
trying to rescjie1 his ten year old bro
ther, who was strangling in the break
ers. The motJier of the boys narrowly
tscnneil deuth when she bravely went
I to their assistance but succeeded in
I bringing the younge1- lad to shore after
a tisnl fijih'. 1'i'iry tiecniue exhnuste I
i.nd went down.
w s. s.
WASHINGTON. September l--'s
suciuted ' Pre-f ) ricpreentil ivx
Posh has acceptcl the offer of chair
iiiauship of the liepuldi ini coiii res
hi u ii ll I ciiiiipa yn c ii ill iii 1 1 1 r und nil) mi
deituke the londio-t of tho eninpnivu
lit once, nroiiiises a short but energet
ic program.
W. S. 1.
W MI!V'TO. September 1 Asso
ri' tod p-essi Von llcrtliug is soon to
rcsi;:n, is the Kviliu rumor whiih is
reported front neutral capitals. II i
railvSJinc'iii.' nt'e is Given ns the cause
and it is suid that Dr. W. S. Wo'f.
now colonial secretarv will sucei c I h in.
denting August 20.
WASHINGTON, September 1 (AsSo
cisted Pre) The Allien assumed the
offensiv on Anoint Jtl, It in officially
announced from Toklo. The enemy won
routed and the Allien proceeded on to
the Kraefs district w here they bsltetl
n the left bank of the Previa River.
From there they are now fSrei.arii.g ft
teniim their advance
(ienersl HememifT und his nnti rsdical
forces have nlwo advanced succSNsfull
and they are now occupying a siding on
the ruilroad about thirty live mile west
of the Manchtirinn line. 'J'
Vladivostok advices any that the
Allinfl Unit tVlO Pvjli-lm.Silf.l.AL rm.m
hsve attacked the Holsheviki Red
Ouards on the I ssuri Kivcr Front and
sve driven Hie enemy back for fif-
t(.Pn miles, i.,fii, iin con.ider.bie lo.-
es. riome prisoners were taken as well
ns puns, machine ium and mm mil
lion. J
TOKfO, AiiRiiMt .11 - (Hpeclnl)
Fighting a(;.iiiiHi a superior force of
the Holsheviki and liberated Germans
nnd Austrian,, a troop of the Japanese
cnvrflrv. sttcchc l to the Twelfth Plvl
sion at Koliura, emerged trom the bat-!
tie victors, defentirg the enemy th
Are Recognized As a Federation
By British Government
LONDON, September 1 (Associated
Press) London's inuiicipal police
force which struck for u higher wage
and a recognition of i orvn'iir.ntnw
has returned to work with its demand
practically granted in fnll $$f
went back on duty yesterday morn
ing as asHo.l an. 1 ii.i.ut piuiuike vl
sympathetic, attention to their de
mands. ,
The government bus agreed to recog
nize their organization us a federation
Uu not as a ,tnulcs uuiou.
Die maxiiujirui weekly wage is to be
fifty thre, bjllilg. ta-whicb is to be
adde.1 twelvshFlirNirre-.n .fl.r bomiM.
added twelve slilUrSiirs' as a'war
bonus. J
ugs in- I
They are, also firpajted ten ahilli
crease for eucnkchool child 1 it the f.- t- I
...i.. J1.1 11: . . .L
ily and" tw4u sliJUinsn six
children under VchooT oge.
w. a. s.
STtX KIIOI.M. AiiKu.st :il (Associ
" v
ated Press 1 -- Kstlionia is ferhuit t he
iron heel of (.rmnny Is the report car
r ii' I l n runner who has arrived here
and who is buui.d for France.
Since the taking over of that part
of Hussia li.v the (iernians following the
signing of the Brest Litovsk treuty,
the courier says, the Teutons have
been bent upon crushing out the na
tiounl life and culture and the political
unity of the people in every possible
way and bitter resentment is felt by
the Kiissiuns who sorely regret the
(Jenuiiii mude peace.
w. s. a.
i cjtjpiu Anniversary of Dedlca
lOlAlieifl HIIIIIVeFidry Ul UCUM.U
tion Will Be Appropriate
ly Observed
Next Suinb.v, September 8, The
('lunch of Our lady of Victory in I .a
haina, Maui. I .nuuti to the Huwaiian
as Maria l.anakiln, will celebrate the
oMieth a ii i! i m rsiirv of its dedication,
it is repoited in The Wailuku Times.
The church as dedicated sixty yesrs
ago by Hisliup I.ouis Msigret, vicar
apostolic of the Huwuiiun Islands. The
framework was made in Honolulu by
the French mission brothers and na
lives and :is taken to Lahuina for
erection. Ue. Father Albert, known
to the natives as Mnkuu Aubereke, was
the first pm st rtf the. church.
Three old pnntiniis decorate the in
terior of t (h- li.irch, which has been
eompletelv renovated fur the reded o-a
tion. One of the on int i ni;s, represcntiiiu
the Ascension, lias recently been retouch
ed bv Hiotlo Kiiink of Wailuku. The
otlier paiiitiiir ere yifts from Kiny
Kanichuiiii'liii III and Queen Kmina.
Marl. el b inipfer,sive and appropri
ate ccrrnooi I--, including h ii earlv
mass nnd Iml'1! mass at 10 o'clock, the
celebration of the church's sixtieth an
nivcrsarv iill conclude with n rcat
lean at the Cntholic school. The Maui
band will be in attendance.
An uniipie feature of the celebration
will be the hi ing of the corner stone,
where documents and contemporary
newspapers will be dcKisitpl.
moves the cause. Used the world over
to i-uie a cobl in one dsy. The signs
i ture of K. V CXOVK is on each box.
Mannl -i,-tiii, .1 ly ti.e I AUIS MED)
CiNU CI., L-' -xjoi L'S A.
a kesv loes. The rssnnltle T'ir the
- I he Ustll Tietla .fhe .l.ipssese
Svni v nnd Kel Outfit wss fought on
AdKunf ill, near Krasjnkeski snd lasted
4i Si hour.
1 -M-Dimr ens c.ptnred by the Jnp
sneve the II rut to be lakes since they
Went into field. He dropped into the
:-er in his hasty rctrfst and nsrrowly
mi-'-erl drowning before being rescued
yy Ike Jupanese.
As result of (he snwers of the prls
oner it became knuwn that the defeat
fd ,Vif1,fr;l M'T ' ,r"R
V1M1 iMl JuM 4itd e'glrt mschfne
guns. It wm . portion of the Hoi
he il i force luniled from the Amur
sepindmn in an effort to mske a fitnk
movement sgninst the lliei, the pris
oner said.
Two days earlier, on August 87, the
.Tapmiese cavalry won an encounter
with the enemy. Tlmt fight occurred
on the bank of the I'ssnii Biver and
'he .lapnnese took a bridue from the
The Holsheviki. before retreat, at
tempted to blow up all the bridges
that span the I'ssuri Hivcr to cheek
the pursuing Japanese. Thus four
bi iflj;es were destroyed.
On the river the Japanese captured
a steamer which was deserted by the
A strong force of an anti-radical
Cossack cavalry has joined the Japs
nese cavalry.
The Holsheviki are fast retreating
northward, with the Japanese and Cos
sacks closely In pursuit,
Torpedoing of Ship Makes It Nec
essary To Act Or Retract
PAHIS, September 1. ( Associated
Presi) Spain must now determine
whether it will curry out the terms
of it' note to Germany ho the subject
of losses throuv b submarining or enter
:te diplomatic "Oi troveisics qnd per
naps rescind from iTs position of tulini
ton for ton nn cu.uil amount of in
t"i;ed tiermso liiipisf for every ton
deployed by ti-eminii Jiaval force.
The ship Alexandrine hus been sunk
by s torpedo.
Spain ba tier is red that tk sole wss
in the nature on an ultimatum but nt
' " ' . V VMl r
"t,on to "'"" neutrality
the same time has e' pressed a detenr.in-
W. s. .
VMAsniNOTON, September (As
sociated lress) Faulty espionage and
a breaking down of the intelligence
service of the German army is blamed
, I'y the uerman press for recent military
I : . i. u,i
I 1.1
1 1 ne Derun newspaper uisisi mai nuu
tlie intelligence service been informed
i of the positions of troop eoucentration.
j the results would have been different.
' '
WASHINGTON, Asgu.t (Asso
cistsd Press) President Wilson is cou
sidsriug mnkiug a tour of thv Pacific
t'oast on the speaking trip for the
fourth Liberty Loan.
w. a. a.
Son Writes That She Is His In
spiration and He Dreams of
I Her Even In Trenches
"Dear mother. You sru viititing me
every night In my plvasani drvums.
Your love aod inspiration is the source
of my vigor and determination. Don't
worry. Your son is doing his bit on
the battlefield in franc for himself
and for you."
The .above was a part of sn inspiring
letter received a few days ago by Mrs.
Aoki from her only son, Junic.hi Aoki,
who is nW swatting- the Hun "some
where in France". 'SMT-s. Aoki resides
on Nuuanu rtt'reet.
Jnnicki was drafted last April in
Nebraska, where he had just gone to
enter school and after some training nt
a inuinlaiid camp he was sent to Prance
with an American contingent.
"Dear mother," the Japiinese sol.
dier ill France soys in his letter ft) the
mother, ''pardon aie for nut writing
for such u long while. You must not
worry over me, for I am doing nicely.
"Mother it ia sqme JLj;h. T'e war
fare in the trenches as well as shtlV
turn tields are beyond all description.
H.iu hard and horrible the task may be,
however, nothing can stop us from nc
"omplishiug our noble aud supreme pur
pose, that of niakiug the whole world
safe fur all nations, laige and small
alike, from the threat of Prussian mili
tarism. "Dear mother, you ore visiting me
every n i i; b t in my pleasant dreunis
I hae in the trench, right under the
bursting enemy shells. Your love and
inspirnt ion is I lie only soon e of my
vigor and determination. Don't worry
n bit. Your son is still oound and is
doing his bit for the country which is
giving you a home and its protection.
Please take care of yourself and wait
for my triumphal return to your mJe. "
PVRIS, Senteinlirr 1 - ( Associated Press) The principal efforts
of the hrem-h today appear o be directed toward the turning
i lite flank of the army of the t'rowu Prime which rests upon the
heights between Soissons and Aniy, on the southern el:e of the
lrorest of I'inon, the success of which maneuver would force the
evacuation of the territory letween the I'hemins des Dames line
and the.Yesle an' cven imperil the (lerman ho!d on the former.'
With the forces of General Mangin along the fine north of Sois
sons are many American units, which are taking a leading part in
the heavy fighting now going on. - '
At various points yesterday General Mangin overcame powerful
resistance, the Germans fighting desperately in full knowledge of
the Hanger the loss of the line would be to their entire arny as
far east a Rheims. Despite this resistance, the Franco-Americans
yesterday crossed the Aislette-Aisne canal and advanced their line
to the village of Leuiry. s ,;'u
the day the I rauco-Americans maintained their
'ieu v pressure on the German lines, driving these gradually back in
a seaies .of local hattles, each gain adding to the threat to outflank
the German positions along the
Correspoadent Says
MPeace Mania" Has
Seized Germany
Many. Wholly Indifferent Now To
Prospect Of Qefeat Want
Peace Qn Any ferm Rut
Speedily )
WASHfNOTorpiember i-(A.
sociato.1 Press)-A "border eorrespon-;
dent", reiortiug through AWatrdso,
says that many Germans havs bees
seirei with peace mania" and that
n large piirt of the population todsy I
u holly indifferent' to. the prospect of
defeat so long ss a spssdy peace es
k. i . i ii w
be secured. This "mania" has peas-
(rated some seetioqs of ths army and
recently two regiments who had bees
"r.r ,L" iiJ.V
One hundred and thirty Of the Oit
neers wcrs sht.
Antl-Wsjr Prnpaf aa4a
As sflleial despatch frost Ftsjm,
Quoting 8wjtzrlnd reXrts, sya that
despite th.e efforts tt the civil and
military authorities of tlocmasy to sujjir
press the cireulatlan of revolutionarr
d"i;Wrf,I,g1' " ' P"WM-
One revolutionary document said
that the Kmperor Wilhelm must dis
appear and be replaced by a demo
cratic governjaent.
The despatch said; "Thonsanda and
thousands of coiiies nd loose sheets
are being distributed throughout ths
empirs wTiirb contain articles hosoTing
the repudiation of the Germsa gov
ernment methods ly Prince Liehnows
kv, the noted diplomat, snd by Doetnr
Muehlon, the former director of
Krupps, the Isfter writing to Cbauctd
lor von Hethinauw tlollweg severely
criticising the government.
Coming Bom to Aoost
heen dial
a'so anonymous,
uassss by peopla the police have aid
succeeded iu catching is worth meu
tion. It i devoted to the crime Ger
many committed against neutral Bel
gium." Another official despatch from
France says the Czechoslovak. erw
uf Aust.ro lluiigarioji warships in the
harbor of ('attaro, Adriatic. Beu, have
revolted, ('sec bo Slovak Depot v Houk- 1
up is said to have left Prsgue for Cat- i
tsro to di fend ths ssilors at the court
AustcUns Woul4 Quit
Press rorrsspondeuts with ths Amcr
ieau srsiy ou the I.oraioe (rout, where
th German line has been, relufureod
with Austriaa. aay that an Austrisn
prlouer declared the morale of the
Austrian army is so bad tbst German
troop re habitually pUced bnind
the Austrians with ordsu to shoot any
man who endeavors to desert.
W. a. s.
WASHINGTON, August SI (Offici
al) The war earden commission an-
I nounces that 5.L5,000 war garden plot
have been cultivated in ths United
I Ststes, 383,000 mors than last rear, the
products being vslued st $323,000,000.
The following draftees, to whom no
tires for induction into mi lit u I y ser
vice weie mailed, and which not ices
have been returned undelivered to the
I. oral Dm It Board No. 1, of Mono
lulu, are requested to apply nt the drnft
oltlce fur the documents:
Joseph Kuil.oiiiiii. Kiuilon, Onhii:
"slei Knluile, Cooke Street, llono
in hi; ji'iili Secretary of Htnte l.snsiag o
Oorokiihi Murnoka, Metcalf Street, the l"nitet Ststes snd 'he Orecian aB-
lCnnolulu: bn-s.v'or for his nation have signed the,
John Kclii, KiC.l (ueen Street, Ho tientv betweenth two countries atak- ;
iiolulu; 'In' .tJ' elMc" of .eieh roetr who '
fsir1ibflr.ln,' ft, H. ;taiis' Ka.s- AJi.wt In the other, avnilablo for
Honolulu; . I siltlrwrr -ervicc. The treaty is- Pv
i.( v ..-,,), S, Kib aejir Ala tticrlt' i Vnlbal in terms with tbosa
pui Ktreet, Honolulu. I signed with other co belliereut. f
Aisue and the Vesle. The heights
dominating the Chemins'.des
Dames ridge from the west art
now being attacked by the French;
who are making gradual gains. . .
Describing the fighting on this
front on Frtdav, La Liberte saya
that the positions won by the
Americans give a fine view along
the Themias de Dames ridge,
With the spires of the Laon cath-
"1 well within sight from the
Anjerlcan lines.
Keuter's correspondent with
the American army on this front
,ays that the battlefield between
(k Aiss sn.,1 ths Aibtts and far to
southeastward atony ths Vssls is
S VU ' rt. with the
Oerman reslstisg denpsrately in ths
fB kanwWjfe o? the grav strategic
vahie of the Tins thsy r deffstiuu. '
.. .,.
WAriHIKGTON. fVtawer 1 (OtB-
eial) A.i Jwspateh-from -th Ameriesa -army
la; f.ee says thst 4 reeorj bss
been svads y as Amsrlran air anii,
with seventy Ave pilot, whirl dnring ,
.f ulv fetuif AnH tin(v alijkl mimhiv
; airplanes on. "balloon, f. eh vk-torf
bia2 osleisJll attested. Eighteen other
plsnes are 'elatisned for -the n ait, bat
without oUlelal Vsnflrmstion.
During tb month the nuirhinca of
this unit engaged in en hundred, and
forty font combats sal went uk on an
add'tional ose husdred and thirty oio
. roukbst pstrols.
Ameriesa airplans in Free made
nine hundred and eighty-four flights
during the first two week of August,
engaging U aioety f our eonUats ssd
1 bringing down st least twenty enemy
machines and oue captive balloon,'
with probably two other airplanes un
ortiiially accounted for. '
RaLUDg Nortli of Vial
Bombing airplsnes with Aaierlcsa
pilots atlscked Conf'ans, I.onguyon,
Dsmourie in daylight, dropping fir
thousand kilograms of projectiles.
Saturday, according to a report from
0mrrl Pershing, American aviators
took part la a raid against ths railroad
yard of Rerrieourt and Cosflaaa, tho
raidera returning safely.
Genersl Pershiag also reports that a '
ntrong Gsrmsn raiding psrty, nnder
cover ef s barrage, sdvsuevd to '
Aineriean lines iu the Vonges, bul
driven back without securing any ;
l .ui.
Battl Satisfactory
The fighting in the west front la pro
ceeding satisfactorily, Amerioan snd
Kreuith fpreea under General Manila
sdvsneing on ths ulatesu north of Sois
sons to ths edge of Crouy, taking Chav
Ignv and Cuffles after hajed lighting..
General March, chief of staff, ia -roo-frrene
with the senate committee oa
military affairs yesterday, said that
American troops bLgded for training
with the British s"id French armies ara
bsiijg withdrawn as rapidly as ponaibla
to Join tV first America a field army.
americmtankeYTT -v
sunk Br submarine
WASHINGTON, September 1 (As-,
soeisted Press) Loss of the Amer
ican tank ' tesnjer',".il Joseth Cula
hv, 90ST loos, snd the ywdv
able loss of a ayniber of her crew,,
is reported. Sh was submarined OS
August 17 about 700 snlles off the eoast
of YnurnuJ snd speedily sank. Thir
teen of her crew of sventy Hv hsv
been rescued, leaving sixty-two vnae
i counted for.
V. a. a.

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