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feptewW 6, ; 1014 t.art
tmty fiiir hoars' rainfall,
0.00. Terr-perstitre, Mis., 78;
On Wneatlees and On Meatless Meal
4 no. v earner, near. ,
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v 'v a iv ''v Yi v v v. v. i v vrny wv jfs, x,v k jv " -"
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I I II v W II Mil I U I-1
Franco-Americans Are Skirtin
Vootls Oh West In Effort
To Fknk Cheniin des Dames
Line ;and Attack
FARIS,;ej)tcmhef ((Associated' PressJ-Except for a few ma-
',j;hine gunners, left behind to 'sacrifice themselves in the effort
to reUrd"'tti(; progress jaf the; American aud Vrench; forces, thcr are
' 'no tlerinans left 6uth'of the Alsnc', Forced by the "continuous day
. .and night pressure of the Americana and Frinch south of the Vesle
and by. thtisleady progress fs the rranco-Artiencari army against .
hcr Hght tlank; the army vi the rowir. ririce h&i- i-etreale JUn"V-
i': mre thati a twenty-mile front to escape a worse fate), r ; J I
south t bank ,o( the Aisne, .while the French pfttflyyrecpnnoitentig J
eastward from oisson the north fbfiki of the Aisc. have . reah'ed'iaMaw
. jj.. l i.a.1 x t .11. ...i .u1 T'
vn mf nunc, bui in ui uicutire, nucic iiicv die idling iiic
Germans on the hofth bank of that river. ('
Tliroughuut the day the French employed cavalry to keep in)
touch with the retiring Germans and there were numerous skirmish
actions between the pursners and the German rearguards, the French
attempting to force a more general action that would hold up the i
retreat until the mam I rench and American forces could catch up. ; HSU Shi-Ch3f10 Chosen At EleC
Tlie Germans frustrated this design, however, and made good the I q Jpg Date Of Which Is
withdrawal of their force to the north of the Aisne. I Advanced Somewhat
- - " &
tionsaud burned trreat stores ot
move. The main ammunition dumps at Yillers, on the south bank N'l'l'u Jiji) Hau nhih ( bunn, formerly
of the Aisne, were blown up, the terrific explosions being heard and l"rmi'r un,'er the lat l'reaidi-iit Yuan
reported by Allied airmen. !s,,ih Kai' r,w,,l l'te'1 of the
The pursuit by the French and Americans was as rapid as ,,-1 T:
sible and the Aisne was reached very shortly after the last Germans; nili aucpo.l in the hc.l of the Chinem.
had crossed. The Americans have crossed the plateau along a w ide ', f'air, Uonrral Fea Kuo-Chong who
front anl last night were advancing into the lowlands of the Aisne ! ro,'' thC rV'T :e,e"t,v- , .
... i i ' I hf preiuiieutial flection which him
alley m the direction of Laon. ! r.-miited in Hu' election a to t.e
EXPECT FURTHER RETIREMENT ' h,',(1 Ha,ur,l.v . fr "e reu
, . , ,. . . . , ,. .,, , .1 mm the tlale a advanced.
It is not believed that the Germans will attempt to make a stand nu Nhih Chang in considered one of
on the-north bank of the Aisne, as they did after their first defeat. the ablest and moat influential states
It is believed, rather, that the present retirement is preliminary to'""'" .'" S'"?'. V" !" "",
, ... . i i iu- friend of the late l'reaident Yuan Hhih
another falling back to the Lhemins des Dames line, which is pro- Kai, under whom he aerved aa premier
tecteii iroin direct namcing ty tne forest ot iioi)ain.
N'orth of the Aisne, south and west of the St. Gobain district,
fiencral Mangin is continuing his successes. Yesterday the Franco
Americans along the Aisne-Aislette front captured and passed be
yond Sorny, Vauxaillon, Juniencourt and Coney le Chateau, the ad
vance extending along a front of more than ten miles in length.
Along this sector General Mangin is evidently attempting to
skirt the forests of St. Gobain and Pinon to flank the Chemin des
Dames line and to make an attack upon Laon possible. French
patrols had reached the north bank of the Aisne at Missy and the
south bank on both sides of Vailly w here the liave found the enemy
apparently in force and prepared to make a rong resistance. Other
poilltS taken in this sector were
On Wednesday the Americans, with the French on their left,
advanced on the V'cslc Plateau along Brenellc, Vauxcerom Ulauzy
and Baslieux.
To the north of Soissous the whole salient will soon have been
obliterated as the result of the continuing Franco-American ad
In his communique on September 4 General Pershing said:
"Yielding to the continued pressure of the Allied forces, the enemy
is in retreat north of the Vesle with our troops in close pursuit.
We have taken Bazoches, Perles, Fismette and Baslieux, taking
prisoners and capturing machine guns. They have reached a line
running from Vauxcerc through Blanzy le Grand to llaineau.
"In the Vosges sector a raiding party was repulsed leaving pris
oners in our hands.
"On W ednesday our aviators successfully bombed the railroad
vards at l.onguyon, Doniary, Daroucourt and Coullans.
l ' I. I. . I. . . . ! .. r .
,nii mis exception ami me
on tne csle and raids ot minor
nothing to report for Wednesday.
'"On the Lorraine front at Frapelle the Americans yesterday
met a strong artillery attack, the Germans using more than 3000
shells within a few hours but making no infantry attacks,
. 'V -
t. t-
. . r. i ' (
suuulies which thev could not re-,
Claniency, Brave and Missy-sur-!
exception oi patrol encounters
importance in Lorraine there is .
t. - . .
Vfl ARSilAL FERDINAND FOCH, commander in ihM f th AUd troopi and geniua of the
IT Jl Allied offensive (at left), and General Johi 'J.j Pershing whose army is sweeping the foe
north nd acfoss the Aisne (at right). This jpicture Was taken at.American Headquarters in France.
iKlo, Heiitomber 6 (Mpp.lal to
und t'oreixu minister.
He is ixtv two
veins old.
. w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, September 6 (Of
ficial) Botail prices of food were three
tierceut higher in Julv nf this van Ihin
i .1 ii in. 4.,rl arts.. rr..o. kink.. 41....
in July of 1017, it la announced by the ,
department of labor.
Thexe flfrurex have been aeeured and
reported by the aporlat committee which
is engaged in securing figures on and
making comparisons of costs of living
for a basis upon whU'h to adjust the
wages of workers in government planta
and privately owned manufacturiea
which aro enguged in war work.
w s a
WASHINGTON, September ( (Offi
cial) To consider the desirability of
effecting a stabilization uf cotton prices
and to secure an equable distribution
I of the product a committee is to bo
J named, it is announced bv the war in
dustries board. The appointments wil
be made with the aiaroval. of the Presi
I 1 . A W
ir the coinmitte suall report in tavoi
of the proposal and Its report shall be
spproved the result will be the pra. ti
cal control of the epttou industry by
the goverameat.
v i mm a av m m m mm mm mm mm mm mm - t . ,
LONDON, September & (Asaocl
ated Fresa) Namea of ISO com
manders of Herman sabnurlnes
which hare been destroyed are an
nounced bjr the BritUh government
in a bulletin which wm leaned by
the admiralty laet night. Thus It
proceeds to prove the assertion of
the premier, David Lloyd George
that at least that many of the en
emy's diver craft have been lost
to him and that his campaign of
ruthlessness is ever-mora rapidly
becoming a failure and retreading
more and more against him.
The list which is published In
cludes the names of Kapltaa-Lieu-tenant
Schwelger who torpedoed
the Lnlsltanla and left the world
acalnsf at the terrible example of
Hun f rightfulness- which It present
ed. He, with all of his crew were
lost when bis submarine was sent to
the bottom. Pesidea his name there
can be found in the list that of
Kapltan-Lleutenant Wagonfurth
who sank the Belgian Prince and
Kapltan Schneider who torpedoed
the Arabic.
WASHINGTON, September 5 (Of
flciul) Iurrcuseil output of the Amer
ican ahip4mildinK yards added to the
shiiivard deliveries of the Allied eoun-
tries have placed eonstruction well
, ahead of the destruction accomplished
hy tho enemy submarines. For the
first' six month sof this year sinkings
of Allied and Neutral, skips totalled
2,0KU,:iu:i tons while deliveries of new
ships were '.',11.1,591. Jilly and August
creases over the earlier in the year de
liveries and increases the margin of
new ships over losses during the first
eight months of the year.
w. a s.
MADRID, September tl ( Associated
Press) AxKHSMiiation of the unfortu
nate former Cmina of Russia, whose
husband whs murdered by the Holsbc
viki, and of all of her family is re
ported in a mc.agc which has been re
ceiveii from London.
In view of the fact that King Alton
no has taken steps which look to the
transfer of the entire Romanoff familv
, to Spain the report is treated here re
servedlv and further details are await
ed before giviug it credence.
a lores io utv ut msm
T" V
Bolsheviki and Released Teuton
Prisoners Use Hun Tactics
In Their Retreat
TOKIO, September 5 (Special I
Advance detachments of the .Inpaneae
cavalry, after capturing the important
city of I man, is proeeedinir toward
I Khabarovsk. The Japanese today reach-
ed Hikin and learned that a HuUlieviki
force ia evacuating Uskina.
J An anti radical Cossack fur. .. in , o
operating with the Japanese in the
vicinity of Iman.
The Japaneae are meeting with some
hardships in getting drinking water in
region evacuated bv the en em v. All
I the wells are wrecked and poison i put
in them, reudering the water until for
men a ud horses.
Every bridge over the rhers along
the Amur railway lias been wrecked by
the enemy iif an effort to check the
advance of the Allied forces.
Chinese troops arrived at Nicknlixk
last Thursday and joined the Allied
forces there.
General Kikuo Otani has ixstied his
J first official proclamation to the Allied
forces under bis command ami said:
"Kvery officer and niau in tin expe
dition, ia earnestly asked to do his ut
terinost in biingiug vietory to the anus
of the Allied forces in Hiberia."
WASHINGTON, September ." (As
I sociated Press) United States Consul
Hay nes at Helaingfora, Finland, has
reported to the department of state
that several American consuls, members
of Allied missions and civilians left
Kusia freely and without molestatiou
on September It. In a special t ruin they
crossed the border into Finland safely.
The party should hove reached Hupa
ran.lu yiwterduy.
twche unabTe TO
VN FK AN CISCO, September (i
i Associated Press) More than '-'on
teachers who are seeking to reach the
HiiMaiisn Islands bni'ore the upcnin
nf the schools for which they have ln-.-u
engaged, are held up here, unable
!ict passage to the Islands.
Among those here is Herbert sic .,i'
Wade who was an important mtn .
in the Preparedness Parade botuui z
W IfI V Kl I K ll M I
J fjlf J. J. JLI ) IV 1 1 kJ 1 1JLLI
British Take Positions In Flan-;
ders Which' Open ty$yiFor
I Assault-On jlssines Ridge;;
I French Make Long Advances ;
VJ EH' YfJlK. ScptembeV 6 ( Associatcd; -ress Along the
IN whole line from Yprsti Rheims the retreat of the enemy con-
-J timies and thc.'estructioot material oac'oi nia lines inuic(cs .
J making 'effort totake up the poaitjon which i Hindenb'urg
occupied prior4 t.to his redrcment add . withdrawal yd l?17.'but the' jf.
il - ptikms Beciired by the -fitci along the fifo of 'several otthe secy ,
;;orsji1tt'y ' render' 'this 'iossible rwV forW. a furtheifemeit io v
..i .n.l trl, nnJUni-il" .
iVIth the British arid Americans
British, further south and at the center, tne rrencn louowing up
advantages on the British right and the Franco-American forces :
pursuing the foe on the left wing, the day continued to the advan-r
tagc of the Allies and the disaster of the Teuton forces grew greater
in extent. , f' ,
On the north wing, below Ypres, Ploegstreets. the scene of bit-.
ter fighting two years ago, was recaptured by the Allies as was Hill
AXIMTKBDAM, September rt -(Associated
Press) Kennomie, so
cial and political conditions in the
province of Brandenburg and Ber
lin, its capital, aie evidently seri
ous or threatcu to become so for
a decree is reported to have been
issued declaring the law relating to
a state of siege to be in force. The
Prussian reichstag is in session and
the question of franchise reform is
being urged and it is reported that
von Hertliug, rliancellor of the
German empire has resigned, giving
as his reasou ill health.
Cologne despatches suy that the
Volks Zeitung publishes an article
which says that von I.insingeu, com
mandant of the Brandenburg
province has Iaaue.1 a decree which
places Berlin and the whole of the
provence of Brandenburg under the
"law relating to a state of siege
which provides penalties of fines
and imprisonment for persons cir
culating untrue rumors which are
calculated to disquiet the popu
lace." Von Hertling has returned to Ber
lin from army headquarter and
yesterday consulted with the con
stitutional committee of the upper
house on the subject of franchise
reform which promises to be an is
sue forced to the fnre at the cum
ing session. He tidd the commit
tee that he was convinced that the
protect ion and the preservation of
the crown and the dynasty are at
stake in connection with the fran
chise extension issue.
It is iu this connection it is be
liecd, that the commandant has
thought it advisable to issue hi1lc
cree to prevent the spreading of
icports of disaster on the Western
front and an insistnnce that with
out franchise extension not oiilv Is
(he war lost but all hope nf poll
tnal freedom. Dcspntchcs fnnu
Munich and Geneva sv that win
Hertling' has resigned hs piemier
alleging ill health hs his leasou
Such an action has been forecast
' for several days, his advancing age
ami failing health being given a.
i the probable cause for his expected
striking at thhlivlnjf?tT.T' '
Sixty-three, and the line thus ad- , ,
vanced to a point which will per-'.'
niit of the storming of MessineS C
Ridge. In this sector and. down,'
! rough the Lys front the British '
line extends from Voonnezeele .
through Wulverghem, Ploeg
streete. Iliephe, Givenchy, Laven-'".1
tTe and on south to Xeuve. Cha- .'
pelie where they have reacnea tne,.,.
line which they held prior to tho. ,'
attack of April and east of Gi-. :
venchv thev have taken the nosi- '
tinns which the eneniv then held.
I Between the LaBassee and the',
j Scarpe Rivers, in the Lens sector, ',
the British were yesterday engag- ; '
' cu t!iii:iiy iii i uiiniMiusiui .. -j
gains and attempted little in the
way of advance. , - -.v
To the west and south WSt ' of ,
Cambrai they drove the enemy '
across the Canal du N'ord at sev-. ,
eral new points. Fast of llermiei ,
they have cleared the entire welt;
bank of the canal of the enemy
as far as the Sensee River and
have captured Xeuville-Bourvou- '
val. In this sector in the past
four days they have capture ' : '.i
more than H,0(X) prisoners and
taken more than a hundred big,:.;,
guns. ;;:;'
To the south of the Somme
General I luinhert and his French i , :
lorces arc rapidly advancing. He
has captured (iuiscard and ha(S ", '
crossed the ("anal du Nord near ,
iin, Tim .... ;i, r
nestiay aim inrotigtioui yesterday ?.
the I'oilns pressed hard after'tht
! enemy rear guards, gaining along;
the entire sector. - , '
I ties licliin.l the German lines
from the northeast of N'oyotl .
smith indicate that the enemy i j .
preparing to abandon Chauny, v, '
la Fere and probably
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