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Stearriert'Uadinb Will In nj
Insfancet Take Cargoes of
Pines As Well As Sugar
By Benteaiher 10, it, la axpctcd,
there will , reaiaia enW -about BO.tXX) .
Unuemonlt Pnr F1p1 Third nf avcrumont ianiationa or m mi nom that are alrradr enulori
W0Vemeni$ Mr .r?J, ?Tiaad,that ... plaHng or dotac l,r. big e.anlr. .r .dliag iV"
Tnii Month Will Bet AT Lail Irtrraefora U1 kave th.m fUlod in. hci pt, arnt .Bqulwacnt abilo
lilnnth'i Phennmlnal Snfted I -"rt-' w .4i.ui. ni si itkjr w .r the a
J"T " iirt,-iin it umrrrat iaum la the auto- on Mnm he rtnmJ tt-tvtor'
trmr. .1 . ;iVl indaatry. Tae go-verniant jie- gentmrty caiplored rbaa a
uirriwuuii nun to 1
ton of the 19H Hawailaa Mgar eroi j 1 ' alaiiJa, a the iiuntntions
. ... i . . . . . ... ; toe tractoi ia plaguy a lnrno part
to be ahlpped. Ip to the tr.t of thif nhorivnlfp 0tl)m ,'ik,.
month the ahipaxrnta had been 44I,W y to r atillarxer part. Numerous
tona and it ia animated that by Sep- .orders are being piai eil for new ma
tember 10 or 11 thre -riU kave beeal ehinei and these orders are being tak
noved about 33,000 to., iabrt.. . Th U " he i""l of the gov
. ' i . krameat hut the ageneiea for the vari-
eatimate le'eonaersraitTe ana taaea wio
consideration the tact that a number
of. the aeaaela new it port are tak lag
Iart caaned plneapplci and part an-
gar. -..i
Never has sugar moved from the Ial-
anda ao.rapidly a ia the, past five or
ait we It a. , August mane fe reeora jot l
ancmr t)et)arturs acvr before approaea, ;
ed aad the first third of this month ,
will be at practically .the aame rate.'
la Augtist the deperturro ware 103,167
tona of which the bugar Faciora shipped .
9SJS29 and other ahlppera tt3T. .
It is estimated that total shipments
for tbia year wilt be about 083,000 tone
and the- estimate f6r departure np
to and including September 10 is 475,000
tona which, would leave BS,000 tons
fot" later, shipment. J
Orlnd We are End . , J
to the figures furnished by the planta-
tloa agencies to the repreaeniattva or f
tha ahipplng. board there' was 80,000
tona ot sugar awaiting shipateat bat t,
:. ' thia there was comparatively tattle la
storage at Joading point. Taking tkeae
figure, ia aconneetlon witk tka ship
asent figures the total production to
that date was 527,000 ton besides what
baa been ground and refined for local
eonaumptioa by the Honolula Planta
tion. This would leave only about 36,
000 ton at that date a. the further
ad late production.
Bblppen Kept Busy
- t baa now become tometbiag ot a
. problem to keep the sugar moving to
' loading points fast enough to meet the.
atenmera that are readv . to earrv it
away.,, A large part of the 8fl,000 tonp 1
Tfpo"rted a. Waiting shipment the Srat
of tke month was oa Kaaal asd jtha
latere Island company ia jnotiqg, .that,
to Hoaolulu s rapidly as Jta vpsseJe,
... k ' 7. "
houae at various plan.tatioas to a great
and the rest in tran.it. The
amount nt the shipping point ia com
paratively aegtitfible. At HUo for in
atnce there is little and it ia estimated
that tke plantations shipping from
ther have only about 10,000 ton still
to, go. In Honolulu there is almost none
1a atorehouces and the same condition
is reported from Kahului.
Beptember exeecdod past records by
about iS,000 tons and the movements
are now progressing at the rate of 100,
00Q tons a month. The amount on
baad indicates that this cannpt long
continue and that the end of the ship-
eiog. yn,ur ia at hand,
tverted To East
Of the 102,000 tons acnt last month
about 150.000 tons was diverted from
west to rust. This sugsr was ladened
on steamers that had been chartered
for one trip to the Coast but arrange
ments were made to send them through
the canal to Atlantic porta. It was
womiaed after Julv 1 that there would
he shioiierl about 05.000 tons to Atlan
tie refineries so ft is evident that there
atill will have to be a considerable
amount go to the Kast.
In this respect the planter have
been fortunate far earlier iadleations
wore that whaf went East would have
to go from the Pacific Coast overland,
tkna adding largely to the eost of ship
ments. Pastern shipments are more
coatly to the planter and the returns
correnspooitinglv reduced tnit to get
tho shipments through ail water makes
tho arrangement far more satisfactory
thaa it could otherwise be.
Canoed Pinna Going
Just at present, and more so from
now on, the canned pines .that wait
ahipplng are making the situation eas
ier to meet far the planters for it is
Impoasible under present labor condi
tions to speed up production. The cn
nera have been clammorihg for shipping
apaee as did the. sugar plaater aad
tho shipping board, rising to the occa
ajon, is giving the Islands more freight
communication between hero and the
mainland than wa ever befer enjoyed..
WASHINGTON, September S-(Our
etal) There 1 no longer danger that
there-wilt riot, be enough nurse to eare
for the sick and wounded in the Ameri
can: Army of .1,000,000 men next year,
it ia: announced by the committee of
national defeuse.
3wenty aavea thousand nurses, all
nod attd experienced, have been en
rolled with the Bad Croa aad a survey
of tho aatioa'a auraing atrength ha
showed that there la a reserve of 100,.
000 more, Xullj trained,
Gains Steadily Saving
Eaooi,a!'ime iin C
v Liulrrs tbcr
rbmi.tioi.a and
hall be a chance in
in I hp policy 01 the
1 ORn ilea
trartur ai a irteat Unor
f" devi'; wtial aanrultural
Industrie, It atau ognia the fiwt
nhwtngp af lalxtr which
: muat Ui met and Ub tiactor in laigely
Uka( iinatkpr. .. Hence the yoxrrnnivnt
will KTBiit and eniouiajtc the m.inu
favtura. of ftartor inaofar a it docs
feat irliuatS' ha diner the rillint? ut' uuv-
1 wV needs.
Fteya Bl Part
n. mo.ii, ,nnfi.loiit ther will be
able to fill, their orders. !
I O. H. 1'. Archer has recently come
ta the. Is'and. from the Molt Tra. to. ,
I mainland office, and will make his
beadquartera here with Catton. Neill A .
'Company, the agent for that tractor. !
He .ay tot the entire output from ;
the I'roria factory ot that eon
concern is
being taken by the government and
that of the output from the Htockton
factory ia a Wo heiog taken. The com
paay is still able to fill orders and
ta peers that Its output will not be
rx peers
more seriously Interfere J with by gov
ernment contracts. Thus far the gov
ernmeat has expedited material for, use
ia. the company factories for agricul
tural tractora as well as those that
are to be employed in war work.
Demand Ia Growing
Since hia arnval in the Territory
Mr.-' Archer has visited Maui and Ka
ColiegVpf Hawaii Announces It
anae . .'. . n ... an. am., a , ' aa I
Expects Him Tb Return At
Close of Sabbatibal Year
The board of rpenti of the College
of Hawaii haii announced that at a
meeting held this week it granted a
ffc.b-,,!' . lc8Vf of bMnv' tor ,he
"M aemostcr of the present college
yyar to'rofessor Herbert W. Walker,
for the pant six vears irofessor of
enl leave of absence for the '
years rotessor of
sugar teehnologv
, m
teehnologv. it also gave hiiu
,ve a aDacp.e
without pay for the
last part of t,lie lir.it semester beginning
with the dose of the spot-in I short
course iu sujiHr laboratory piaetise.
In making tins Riiiiouneeinent the
board emphasized the fart that I'rcifes
sor Walker is not to !cat' until uiier
the rOmpletioii of the spe, ml short
Couise and that he is to return to the
eollegc next September to resume j
direction of the regular courses in
augar technology. j
Prufessor Walker plans to spend hi
leave of absence in the active prae
tlse of his profession, having been
appointenil superintendent of the Pio
neer Mill at l.ahaina,"Maui.
The appointments with the sugar
plantations run from crop to crop and
this means that Professor Walker will
be in charge of the Pioneer Mill for
the-grinding . of tho HUO crop which
niU h,v, bea dUoaod of before the
opening of t lie 1910 20 college year.
SUGAR saving record
Aarordihg to a recent Kood Admin
ist ration announcement,, the cafeteria
in the Food Aduiloistratioa Buil.t'uig at
Waxhiagtoa has demonstrated the rea
eenabieneae of the new sugar ration of
two. pounds per persou monthly by
making 30 pounds of sugar do for the
aerviog of ti.OOO meals. This covered
tka me of sugar for all purposes, it is
stated. It was doun by using honey,
maple syrup aad other substitutes ia
moat of the desserts and confining the
use of white sugar almost exclusively to
.... ... I
serving wttn tea aau corxce.
. Thus, it is pointed out, sugar wa.
used at the rate of only eue ound for
120. uteals, while the two pound er
month ratioa ia at the rate of oue
pouad for forty five meals.
NEW OHLKANS, U., Aug. 12 It ia
reported here that the Kenilworth Su
gar RefihHig Cbmpanv, Inc., has signed
a contract with Lewis Colwcll, of Chi
cago; engineer and expert in bone black
refining machinery, for the installation
of bone black equipment at its Braith
wait factory.
- w. a. .
HAUl'K, September tl -1 Associated
Pre 'Vigbrous protest is to be pre
heated to Berlin by the Dutch minister
against Oerman brutality, it is oftifial
ry announced by the foreign ofhVr..
The instructions sent to the minister
require him to emphatically and vigor,
ously protest agaiust the "merciless
action" of a German submarine in
ahelliug the Dutch trawler Krommtftiie
on Auguat 7. lie is to demand compen
sation for , tho outrage. t
llftS YEAR'S LEAVE- I'M I OFSUFflCf-' L- .
ua anl finds oa botkiaf those ial-
anJ couaulfltahle dcmajiJ for machines.
ng the
r tMr
Kaani. He
ennxidra tli demnnd at trciit hrae
and ia confident U b at 111 U'jfer
ncatt yratv s,w vir'j . n 4
.Dil.laul he found that ',Pala.aa"ke--'.
th-Uer la 4he -.use of tan , tractor with
ithcta r J',a,, lag tha1 lekd TloeeHj, how-; ,."
ever. ri'Wret kafottr acliflM amt ; ,
Hn .found that M let Hag dowa .ara , 7 ,
ala er- k ji nwviae.o fjta tea to
. thirtv .reet,.-Pfe..rrar reah.; .
I 'e snd eaougk im ear jifne.waiaiV., ;.,
reru la as.vftl pttugh tii buy tractor. '
trvek Mmet.llNK.(.,(.',W: ...uv.,:
Oil. tJHu riaata'iion-,,Cu4 one
forty H Ve horae power tretr r)l 4W '
three It'nwsj. and , will save the pse nfx
tireotj-tour brad of atock.and two-,". '
i',- - vVi?
,t he-.the fielda are email' the opto-
toiK,.lraila that the fort r-if , horae
power -ia preferable., to., the. Mvealr-.
five, thenar bojag the mod a' a pat, ott btm
the Holt company, vV?kera tht field is
larger , the seventy-Tai horepower . it
preferred for ther..is a .dilfereaee 1a,,
cost ,nf oajr 1000, nn lift, hfe,ratoii.i
or, oaitr fion .uiir. ;Mla -jtbe,-, large
rhsrhVne will , do, about twice the Work
of tka small, one;, ,. ...Y. v .'-W
.A. of th plantalrnn that are nsing ' !
tractors are swell,!plese4...yith ,.th'.lra-7
aulta, .and arlV,niiflg , them, ' for, wasr j I"--r!W
.fkey-ar tima'anveraak weUii
aa labor! srrs gnl sa- suck their use .
ia eon.ta,nUr, . attphndlng,;,,,, -m ; :f;; v;, t .
,In Hawsiiaei there are three ,.mn .lea "
of . machUcir in,' common . ?ee',liue of.. '.
the. plajiUtioiiaAnaIa,'ldi(rerentintiKea(J1 ;' y
In,. tHa, .past, two ears, (the inumber, ,4a, t
use has more than doubled a ad. the rmr
,nK -'.yr wiil see, large-iiicreatea. in." ,'
their nse. :- - '-a-v.-t-.-,.-. ..vi..- -
Costs Are "Rising So Fa's
! a. ' - J (a. at .
Sugar Industry Wb'tilrf Not
Be ReaBy fleneTittefl
t .
Plantation aeix-lca and stockholders
of the HUL'ur i-omuanies are atill miesa-
" -'"r'. J":
eent raise at least and are hmilmr for
If the rais sbould.be less, than
a cent tnev wi
ill be disapnointed. Last
suvices 10 ue reeeiveil rroni the com
mittee of ii(ar planters thai went o
Waxhington to proftout to tho iovtl com
nissioa axil the sugar i;oniiiiittea facts
and figures on costs in Hawaii avere
flint they h-l )a I a hearini;. had stated
their rase aul no action had been taken.
They aperted to remain for a time
longer in ,aw tbey nhould bo, saUed
upon for other infornuttiqo. and data.
They expressed the belief that a raiac
had boon iletermiaed upoa by Relph
ami his collenguea but did ueUvcuture
I a gueaa ou what it wiuUL .Uo,
I Last reuorts from malnlaml
were that the sugar commissions aad
the Cuban growers were at deadlock,
tko couiuiissions proposing an' inareaito
ni Jtair a eent and the Cubuu uluuters
tleiiianding a cent increase. . -.
Jt is the i-onveusua of Mttion here
that, a half cent increase wUI put, the
Hawaiiau planter in no ltter poaition
than ho has tweu thia year, that costs
are incroaslng so that .a half, cent a
(Kiund, will about . meot the additional
cost and that unless a greater increase
is made there will be little gain iu
j On the other haod a u-eui pound
; will be auflit icut to, make n fair Vroflt
i or soaa . uui not all or tko eompaaiCs.
opiuioa laai.naa, boon Ream
!" tht hia ,u eorKration will play,
!,." '"" '6r and that
"dividual facts and-eircumatapnM -will
l?cu ,l"0 eouameraiioa ,with aoai
of the cane -nnianie just as It wipT
w ith aouie of the beet -cempaptoa, witS
tkoae of both that are unable 'to prdr
duce with profit at , the price that Jia
be fixed. This would not, , howeveo,
affect the general ruu of the plautattQlis
for even at present prices they would
not operate at a loss. Ther. aia a
etimparativcly few that are faelng a
ttlkMllulalv i . r,.fi , l..u. .1.1
absolutely profitlnao pear, oven. at, .the
j present price, though, there , would be
smaller dividends and, entailer payments
iu excess of war profits.
fin"al f1gSK'f8fF7m
. NKW VOBK, Auguai 17-Final flaC
prqa of the Porto Hii au crop of 1817 )1,
M given out this woek b- John Fnrr,
aeeretarv of the Porto Rico Producer'
Assoeiution, show a total production of
42,81" tons, or 40,262 tons leas than
the crop of IUik 17, and n,0()0 ton loss
than the climate mads for thia erop at
the begiuuiug of. the- season. . , . ,
Further figures giveu out .by.. Mr.
Farr show that to July 31 there bad
been sold, shipped and allotted out of
the eurren' , n i a total of 3.1,094
tons, leaving iu:.5 tons in the island
to be moved. Thw includes sale 'Of
30,150 .,iif In Porto Riio l'0r consump
tion in lite isliiml. ,
Allotments of Porto Kicaa sagare for
August motemeut have been 81108
tons to date, leaving about 71,000 ton
to be ahipped after the end of the urM-
cut month. ; , ,
j RECTORS spif '(treat -plrtiSn ugar piahahon efcbnopiiei
I an4,n many other ways.,.. In the, upper picture js shown a Holt forty-five horae-poer drawing
! a plow and a harrow while in the lower ictue a tractor of he ame type is drawing a train of load-,
j ed cane cars. Indications are that rith labor shortage' durine;, the' war the tractor will play a still
iWrgeraft In sugar plahtitiod' affairs thait it hai in the pasW - v.'O'v. -vj'-V
ne..-ay wyw
Repdrl Current That Arrange
' rneht Has-Beeh Made To lm
' t'Rfty ThbusajidTons
wAlilNCTOX, August 10 if the
Snforuial piotlus vidcudi effeetetl by
the, war trade. board wilh the Vether
landa government through Charge
il Affairs Beaufort goes throuj;h it
is quite iiossiblo thai a considerable
tonnage of Java sugar mav be moveil
to the United States before the en, I
of the year.
Announced by War-Trade Board
According to Uio announcement nmde
by' the war traile bourd, Dutch tonnage,
snflinicHt to move from aO.tiim to 100,
000 tons of sugar aad alio much ueeil
rd quantities of tin and ii itiino to
United. State porta, is to be placed
at the disposal of the Americau gov
ernnient. through tbia agreement.
'In .retnrafwr the-, tonnage the wur
trade;. board .will . audcrtako, on behalf
bf. the United Htntea, to license normal
OX4iorta to tke Dutch Kast Indies, sub
ject only .to suck;-., limitation of com
modities us is made necessary by the
war program.
ThQ aaapuncetMeot stated that for
ty idle Uutcll ships would be put into
thia, treda, ' but it ,'U not believed in
shijnyiug'CU'elqe that quitc that num
ber are.uow, bile in the Far Ku,et. As.
however, there are large quantities of
goods awaiting aliipmeiit to Java and
other . Duts-h Hsaeaions at various
JL'nitotl mates itorta,. imliiding iTiuclj
necped iiiac-hinerj- and equipment for
Iho. Javanese srigar mills, it is thought
pq.sjljle. tbnt enough vessels cquld l
.dlyfrtP'l ifroui ul.liqt trde runs, iu acl
dl'tjbn to hoatt now idle there,. to bring
the fleet tojiic used to carry sugar, tin
fcnd quinine close to the number
Equallxation Board Greta Offer
It baa been known here for some
time that offers of between 50,000
aad 100,0OQ tons of Java sugars have
been Biada to the augar equalization
board si are- the, first of the : month.
These offers have beea given serious
consideration. Thetme obstacle to
ItygpuridiH.a o tb'uae iiogars by tho
poarJ a. t,b past bd been the lack of
American tonnage to ajiove them, and
th prohibitive freight rate asked by
tke Dutch .steamship lines.. Now thut
these obstacles bjd fair to be removed
through diplomatic agreements, there
I everr reason to believe that the
bqard will ays-il Itself of tm opportu
nl'ty of buying as much of these su
gars as can be moved.
If the above plan goes through the
Java would begin to arrive the latter
part ef Octohcr and early November
and would eome at a time when the
Palted Btatea sugar supply - ia at its
lowest ebb for' the year. No intimn
tioa has 'been give as to where these
augar woul.(le delivcteil. The short
est haul would bo to the pacific Coast,'
where doubtless the ing.r portiou will
lie couftigood i tho-plau uiaterialitea,
. , i i ii i i i in i i i i ii . i
' i AVA'.V H K MAY
;s t a
The "international sugar committee
gave out thia week its statistical re
port covering eomumptioti for the see;
ond quarter of this, year, naniely,' April
1 to June 30. A indicated by thoae,
figures, the consumption rate for this
eriod approximates twenty-five pounds
per apita, or an increase of five pounds
over that recorded for the first quarter,
whiili was rated at about twentv
pounds per capita
Rats Of 90 Pounds for Yl
tu k:-.i a ukk. u
1 m,,.;0- ruttt f0r th firt hi. mnnth,
of D M tn hnvit hinn fitrtv-fiva, taniin. u
per capita, which if it wore possiblo to'
niuiutaiii ..for the last half of the vear
would bring the yearly consumption
rule up to 90 pounds, or soven pounds
higher than the 1917 yearly rate of
x.'l pounds. Uuder the present ra
nt rictious effective August 1 the at
taiument of any such rate is impossi
ble. Furthermore, .any estimate as to
the consumption rate for the balance,
of he year would be a speculative one,
us the amount of sugar the pubfic
will save by conservation after August
1 can only be determined whin the
end of the year ia reavbqd.
The fact that ho large a or capita
consumption is recorded both for the
first six months and for the second
quarter, in view ff the, fact that muny
Of the manufacturer , have been re
stricted during thia, period ' and moat
largely so in the second quarter, imti
at.es that a much larger supply of
sugar ka reached the householder thaa
whs generally) believed' to be tho' case,
fn thia respect it indicates that to some
fix tout an invisible upplyjoxiats iu the
louaebold larders. ... ,
The Quarter' Figures . .
. For tke.,ierQUd quarter tho sugar
passiiig iutu aousumptiou cuiue from the
following sources; '
, Long Tons
f'ajio sugar reiiuers 098,729
Beet sugar uiauufauturers .... 117,488
Direct consumption raw aud
washed sugar 10,091
Total supply (1,202,137 ordi. .... -
but.it is aot tboffght improbable Miat
some of the augars will come to Fast
i-rn ports, where return cargoes can
be most easily obtained. . ;
Bo far as can be .loarubt), this pro
gram for moving the Java sugars lias
not as yet been definitely settled, nor
hiis the sugar equllizatiou board made
any purchases of thorn as yet, but It
is safe to say that there is every reu
son to believe it will go through.
These sugars, It la estimated tiy the
sugar men now in Washington, would
cost when landed close to 0.(81 cents,
which would put them on approximate
ly the same bufis as the present duty
paid, cost and freight basis of Culms.
The proposition has attracted consld
cranio interest here, and the consum
mation of such an arrangement for
bringing to the Western Hemisphere
some of the surplus sugnrs aow. ac
euiiiiilutiii' in large quantities In the
Kuatero Hemisphere, wll tie regarded
as a oisiuicr acniavciueui lor
equalization board.. - .. ,; '
aaving brl time, labor i.e 6t itbck
nary -tons) .I,120M)8
I.os .difference between foreigp,
expprts and , receipts of Ha
waiiun refined
Total passing into consump
tion (1,241,120 ordinary
1 llltl t IV
. .
in this table the amount supplied by
l ... .!.. -I ........
"1 'iMn i (.uieimmfjii uum
a biuntf of niiictv-tlirco irtrut of their
' melting as reuortail to the .omiiiittce.
T. i a i.
, -S3- ar '
nn. ,,,,:.,,: . .ii.trilo.tin,, 1
7. . .
committee in Chicago and that tor raw
' and washed sugar , yonsnmed. .without
refining from the import license record
in the case of, foreign augar aqd,.repurts
to the ioteriiKtiopa) augur committee iu
the case of domestic raws.
The rWt and - washed sugars going
into iljrert consumption came. from the
following sources:. Cuba, 0,2O U'"ig)
tons; other foreign countries, 470 tons;
Philippines, three tous; Hawaii, ll.i
ions, and Por,to Kieo, 0o0 tous; a total
of 10,091 tons.
For the quarter the following pur
chases of. row were arrawgod for, by the ,
liiteruatiouul Sugar Committee , .,
Long Tonal
Cuban . '
Porto Hit'Q ,
(San Doiningoes .
0. .T3
1, 7
Ht, Croix
Honduras . . . . , , . . . .
puriiiams '
CoMh Rieas
Peru .
Totala . .i..........'....'..
Allotted to L'uitod KluVcs re
finers Allotted to Canada
Allotted to the trade
Stocks in refiners' hands as of Julv
1 were abnormally fipall, and are givefl
TnLT-,tp--Tanrarrn-fcia af t i a m,a
in the stutistus as .14,720 long tons for tiou authoriiutt the. preidont,to estab
all Atlantic and Gulf ports and 3,879 i "drv" zohes alout mines, ship'
ton for baa Franolaco, or a total of 1 vards,' nmnition . plnnts and other war
40,004 ton. of reflaad..
i no renners . receipts tor ine enure
rountry for this period comprised 878,
081 long tons of Cuba, 7,278 full duty
paying sugars, . 1 17,000 tons of Hawaii
ans, 120,050 tous of Porto Ricos, and
26,000 tons of Philippines.' A small
figure of 7 tons is ere. lite, I as coming
from Continental l'nite.1 States. The
total receipts of raws for tho period
rigors 1,154,898 tons.
Alexander Hussey, a Hawaiian ar:
rested for alleged disloyal utterances
last (Saturday night, was dismissed with
a warning yesterday by Distrlot Aton
ney Huber. , Hussey has, five sons in the
service of lrnclo Sam. and has purchased
liberty Bonds liberally. An overin
dulgence in swipes caused the remarka
that Hussey (("alleged tobavo made, ho
I told ' Mr. ttuuer yterviayc; , . r "
If They Remain Twd vieeU, LQnrj
er Out' of Schbbl';Ne6d: 1
Would Still Prevail ; , V;V
i yesjcls. coming la from tiij Orient ,
ar brihgihg ver few Killpiio laoera(
Indicating tiV the ;laborqueliin for ',
JUo,VlnUttaaai Jatill t'HtJnfi '.Jolav
Mon 'laMbe Philippine there are
large number, of labor recrnita but they
are in the Philippines aad that, doi-a
not hflp plant and cultivate and! har
vest sugar in Ran ail. -.
At the Planter' Association labor
bureau matter appear to remain status
quo and aad not lu status quo ant bcl-
lum by any -means.. Just at present
the thief effort appears to be to hold
aehool children workers on for two
weeks more work, to finish planting
j and help with the close of the harvest.
Tbia demand or request has come ooieriy
from Kauai where ..the i sb ' of vjtild
labor appears '.to have bee post, preva
lent. It seema odd that the plaatationa
of the Island ahnuld bo ,oreed to
utilise ehild labor a do f.ke eotVoa mill
of th southern alates hick custom
brought' about the passage of tkf child
labor law that was decided to be un
constitutional, j' 1
Sentiment Pifforent .1
Among the people of' the-Islands gen
erally there was no objection to the
use of larger and stronger school chil
dren it they were properly cared for,
too. great a strain not put upon them,
and surroundings made satisfactory. For
the employment of Scholars when the
schools have opened there ia a differ
ent sentiment w)ich ia represented by
the superintendent of publfe instruction
Vho hns stendt'astly stood agalnef de
lavrng school opening.
Htill aeeling to utilise suck labor, for
thf. mopth of Heptember a eounr pro
position has been made to the auperia
tendent of public instruction, to keep
the oliler, children, these .over fourteen
years of age, out of school for two
weekti. Mr. Kinney appears not t fav
or thia kla grouad evidently being that
mr than 2000 cholar wjill be. band!
rappe4 by starting two weeks late and
the work correspondingly delayed "for
the others by. the backwardness of that
nurnbfy f,tudcnts.
Osnajd Denied
Ono of the published argument, for
continuing the child waborerf until tke
cud of, the month jwa "fhat they might
secure their bonus by worklhg more
than twenty days ia the month." At
an agency . hich, haa employed a. num-,
bcf of .school , children during thi sum
mer it was denied that If the scholars
returned to school when the aehool s
opened they would ".lose their J)onus."
It. wjis said that if they went back
when the schools opened thai would be
rxaetly what was expected whon they
: ..... . .. -1, ...I 1,1 m.L n..
" crT, pm ,iu " n i.u H",. "
i Uiffcrenee wihatevcr with the arrange
,, ,.,! whew thev started work
I i i j : av L k... J
j nniri were i unrviii iruin iwnr waun
! ftth oril'mary plantation laborers.
nj Temporary . k . .
I tl 1. I i - I.. .nH .iiat am tanan.
' muur j, hi i -".f .t'
erary makeshift for wbea the young
workerp get back, to aehool work the
plantations will be 'ef' short aod will
continue so, unless a real solution 1.
fousd. until another school year is ead
cd ami Jlie scholars, could go to work
again, seven or eight months later.
Meantime the plantation are left with
out labor to do the beat, they may.
Plauters and agenta aa.v they have
no advices on any remedy for the seri
ous situation they face.
ST. l.bl'IH, Keptember 6 (Offtelal)
Ten thousand negroes, representative
of hundreds of thousands of other,
opened a convention h.re todtyK Arat
piod,ging their loyalty and support to
the Nation in the conduct of tho war
and adopting the slogan "A Block) Face
la a liadgo ot 1-pyalty.'
w. a. a. :
rv -
TOKIO, September 5 -(Special ' to
Nipiu Jiji) The Japanese goverantent
haa decided to im-reaso the ssJarios of
the olGciala of the various, departments.
The rause assigned for the increase of
salary was that of high coat bf liviug.
drTzoNes VOTEb
WASHINGTON, September 5 (Asso
ciated Press) The senate without roll
call, adapted Senator Kellog'a resolu-
.'plants. The measure uow coes to the
- w. a. a.
LONDON, Hcptembor 1. ( Associated
l.'ras lOonc, never to returnt are tbs
cheup pie win prices of clothes. That
is the view of an expert writing in
a British trade publicatioji, aud bl
predicts aivothar rise coon. ,
F.vfiy shot II red from a 12 inch gun,
lie suys. uses up half a halo of cotton,
niul' in three minutes a machine guu
will squander a full bale, , ,
The price of wooloocloth todav is
from two and three quarters to three
times greater thnn it was in July,
1914. Linen price this year, it I
stated, probably will keep at least
03 'i percent above those of 1017,
- .-' .'"'- ' ; V : i ' ', '

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