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I AspiraatFb
; Committee But Tiierely mm d
Refuses To Withdraw From Head of Ticket
Alttoagh Strongly Urged, So Trent -Will
Not Roo For the. Senate '
R. H, Trent, one of the leading Democrats of the Territory, haa
repudiated the leadership of L. J. McCandless and in a letter to
the Democratic central committee .hat stated that in thia ' election
he intends to be an American first and a Democrat afterwards.
He condemns McCandless as lacking in public spirit and as
being unfit for leadership
He believes McCandless may be technically right in his rice
profiteering but patriotically wrong nd, in a defenseless position.
He states his belief that McCandless is an obstructionist, and
so fair as the' public Is aware, has not done his duty as a; wealthy
man towards assisting patriotic and philanthropic movements.
Trent's, letter was read to .a much startled circle of Bourbon
leaders on Monday night, among the interested listeners being L.
L. McCandless himself.
Did the reading' .affect Link? It did not. Serene in his triple
plated egotism,' he listened and smiled.
Following the reading, when everyone looked expectantly to
wards .Link, expecting him to announce that under the circumstances
perhaps he ought to Withdraw as a candidate at the primaries, did
he make any such a statement? He did not. He smiled at the letter.
In fache almost had to laugh at the suggestion that he should get
oft the ticket for .anything. He probably would have .laughed had
the ring of faces ground him not been so grim.
Finally It was put squarely up to Link to scratch his own can
didacy,, Whkh he flatly refused to do: Instead it was decided that
if that's -the way Trent feels about. it, the; request that he run as a
Democratic candidate for the senate should be withdrawn. And
ii was. ,7 v ,"' , t
Trent's letter was:
"Honolulu. Hawaii. August 30, 111.
"lion. K. M. Watson, Chairman, Demwratic Central Coiiniiit-
tee. Honolulu, Hawaii.
"My Deac Mr. Watsoor I have been Very much honored by the
official visit- of a committee of prominent Democrats, the purose
of tVe' visit bf 'pg to presen'to met ',prty request that I accept
nomination a a candidare on the Deinocratic ticket for election to
the high tKwitiigp.of sejiatoc of 'the Territory of Hawaii.
" "Whileyyjere are la -tbotrsand and one reasons why I should
prefer not to entertain such a proposition, which reasons 1 shall
rwjt.eveti trouble you to refer to here, I must confess that the com
mittee's arguments appealed to me strongly, with the result that I
told diem that if in their "opinion I could render a real service by
heconiiufi a candidate for thi office at this time I would do so, not
withstanding the many reasons which under ordinary circumstances
would deter me from standing for public office of any kind.
"Iiefore I am finally accepted as a candidate, however, and my
name put on the ticket, 1 wish the Central Committee, of wlnchjfroin e.jit.-.-ji to forty five years ,of
von art- the honored chairman, to clearlv understand mv nositiott Up- 'ptain (i. Field, wlective draft
jt ..-'u - .u -i x I olHer, if uriyiiffine a conference with
n oue or two jxiints. And I want to emphasize these points njrht ( the nmlels f he udviJ,y
ill the very beginning, because of the fact that it will be something board and the chairman and member
unusual for a candidate for Affice to attempt to make such condi-, aM '''a' ,lrfl loard of. bJ
. . . . j A , r :.. Territoiv, in order that eery leral
tioiM a I air. alout to name; and the very naming of then, will ,,,,,. (lf ltf ew. ..M(I1 Powr Ae..
j)ndml'l" immediately eliminate me as a prospective candidate; or, may l.c thoroulily undtrntood with a
if I shot-Id U accepted notwithstanding, will very likclv caue siwh ' ' "! -limi.lati..n mistake, in regia-
. , . . , ,' , tratmu i-nd rlujunhcation.
antnjroHwnu within the party itself as to endanger the success ofi A, ti,i -unferBUc will be Ju4ge
the W'liolc ticket. C. W. Aliford, chiiirmau of the legal
'First I will not subscribe' to the 'straight ticket' doctrine. ' lvTrv b.tt: J!tUony 'T'
.. ,1 , j , .. I KawliJia and N. W. Thuyer, aiembera;
u;c I would naturally favor, and assist in every way I could, j cepUiu bi.-u, the ix cUairiuen of loral
.very grnid man whose name might be on the party ticket. I would boards, the chairman of the diatrtet
refuse to suDDort anv whom 1 thought unworthv of or unfit for thel
. . . .
position he sought. 1 know that
10 the old mien of the gome. nnH would
w in for me the autauoniMin ami oppo
Birinn piMmldv of no Die Htroiif element
in the party. Rut 1 linve a new creed
on thi mil ) t , ami am willing to
tuuil or fall with it.
Can't Bupjwt Link
"Second Hon. I.. I McCandlcits
will inoKt likely be the party nooiinoe
1or the poaition
of Delegate to t on
rrcHS. A xuch
he would be at tueiWu
head of the ticket and the reeoL'uirj'd
party leader. After very careful con
nl. ration, I have route to the con
lu.Hicin Hint J can not ajalii nupport
Mr. MeCandlea for public ottice, aud
my reason tor thl concliiHiou ure
briefly i follow:
" I- Mr. Mi-rundler hii proven him
Keif, to my mind at least, to be an
ijxtriictioniHt. NotwitbNtauiliiiK the
fuel that hi party plutforoi ha de
ilined in favor of the frontayc tax
kyem for the improvement of public
-reel, he bu doue and i domj every
thine within hi power to prevent the
rt. ski lie of nublie improvement under
tWi plan. And in bin anxiety to block
prrtgre along thia line be baa prob
ably apent more money ia obMfuetiye
littgatioB tkaa would, have been hii
proportion of the coat of any of the
' improvement which he baa attacked.
"S Jb 'theae day we need public
' ,r'' ' aplrited men ia 'publie offiro, i foil
to . find Boy record af any unaellieh
"- puWie aerrlea ever rendered by Mr.
2. H VAUCMilJaa , HiaviBBJiie .eer appear
eTt' iBthr rfpertS.B aetlvitie of the
imiii ; )! eU.ibe'r of eominerte, the Ad Club, the
H Kt4ry fUnb, ar My.af ,tke aemi pablia
r orgBuizationa which are working for
,., :'. :"tbe publie welfare. I bb ntf BwBre
v ' s fl. Ki hn' ever nerved oa any im
' poitmit cmiih :" t ' v ' " " t' do wlthj
. . . ...
this not good politics according
, """"""" T7
JOKewana TtwtH War
"2 Ho tnr a current rc(oit
Vf.r. klcCaudle ba not Mainjed up
tu the war like it $eem to ine a man
Mhoulil who seek Bu go to the Nb
tjonal CotiKrea aa the sole represent
aivr of nn intensely -loyul people. It
oiuy be Hint lie na inietel Kencion
Iv of
hi wealth in I.iImmIv Komi and
Su,iu.' Stamp and U11 contrib
accordlutr to lain uicnn to the
Ke.l Cio, Y. M. C. A., Y. W. C. A.,
aud other wur fund, but imfoitunnte
Iv the coiiiinunit.v doe not think he
kilt, aud with him u it leiuling can
iliilute the whole party will suffer.
"t Mr. NU-Oaudlen. m far a I
know, i the uuly man iu the I'nited
InlCH who ba ione into the court
to block the iiimm! work ol the Na
ionul Vood Adiniuitrat ion in theae
day when perminal intere! umxt be
"iibordioated to the public good. H"
et tne malie mywlf very clear 011 thin
point. I think that the local food ad
miniHtratioii did the rice grower of
Hawnii a rank iajuatice wlieu they de
creed ,tl8t Uuwaiian (jrowu rice ahould
be to unfairly diHcriminaled againt
in rompt'tition with lice grnv p in Cali
fornia and in .Tapan and idd In Hawaii.
No Mich il iffcrenl in U are enforced
hev e)ee,e.l Mr. M.-Ca,,de f.r fbeir ' 'But moat importnn of .. Wl-uai, ,u -.o, .pj j, ftTWi7T,a M. . " Youraek U
vu-nm .ugre-t. aiso to v inui.i ... -e .r , ..u ... vv,w'tT'" i T .. . T .-4..i.11 1" k..: .aZi .uv-. iaA 'tl ?tha Vfthirl srteBiWl :-' saii.
do,,.., as ,0 Ike bona lid f the whole wBo a,e o UKe cuarge or ,ao egmrv . , r . - rhya.ri.Kt
beslne.s Lit Im it mav. I won w ora Ue .norougn y ibjwsi . T . r . 7 him bkiJ.Jhai leUU
think that Mr. Me u.lle. 0...-I.I. f-.r ... we ru.e. ...u "SUi.uuu, ,.r. , . -- , , B.ekaebo
th.eomn.oa erood, to ba.eaeml th. . . .t..tratwna a. W'wo1h v . r?eM
aitualiwi w P"';?' -! ."..a:! fLw"' '"rcritXYlu. .llZriw" -I -raW? VMp.ra.or ?UXU .Baile4
aimeir. ana '" '' e. 'H "''. " "'"", rv " : "T" . -; 'r--- .g 1 . . f.U ( 4ti4t sMpeiwiBoti1 Wllr Vy WfM i -nBSilotV, WMthv:-' ferio . J . tb . HolUstor Drug
being itajiistlv treated. rliould.B. much as Po-b c !Jf0 !f. ?f Wen"' . 4l!?ei'.t-- C-CTaT- Ulmi f CtVi - ll HaU f "rvHfaii7-AAdv.' ;, 1 BenaeB ' 8mith A Co.. ageata-
hi pos.tion be;a..a.4 thr..gj.jtHr . "u ' ' " , , " V :. :, cbpT; -v: V ti :'.A'Va., u I' vkmtt:S.J HhwaUaa Wa.da,' , ; ( A4v
' ..... A . ,?
is) '
wno is unable
longer to
stand for Link McCandless and
who withdraws his support
elal ilPtcrmiiiation. of thnihltr lie in!
.iii tuvitr, pvaa tken bia person
t-iU l.i Hiiiall roinuared to the
nut ho ,bav.lmie-the , h
JeM rf food tontral In thaM
Jar- irthy To Ba leader I
"It it wi(h in cere regret thf I'
''el iiii.clleil to Hrite ill tbtH faxhipn.
Kor fr. Mcf'nn ih tn 1 foel a wnim'
,eronnl friendMhipt and yon krmw
ind he !;tiow8. 1 ?ine roimiMentlv ajip-'"
rteil him in every rnmpiiipn from the :
time .e liei nmc a Demonat nntil nav. I
ut 'n bix' timej)f bi ileninniU 1 feel
hiif n nnn i'worlhv o bead anr
arlv ticliet til le-n lie i
net (' public weal ahead of and abava ,
hie private inteie'tx .or pereonnl ambi- .
'" !
I "honld like to meet with, yenf
oinrniii-r nun give personal voire TO
give personal voioe
1 ,
towfrfant a.- Kaiuepti neaient SVOltijiii, ke fourth Hf
uiak.- it Hiisile fur me tiis Ivnlt KktA rVHII,- jftBW'.of.HwWIiH,
h..v.evMr. aeH a T urn - Imrirfmg tWm ,,PM,t thasilaee 0- tB MaeV Of ta
to yon in writing for wilnniwlon 1 to ihe Pi(,,i CirU'V-Coort Made VaeBt by
my feelinfii I"feel siBt nure tknt: Bat .tbeB, aeaini jt .Jf taled ; tBBt
'-rfr o "ye my th promntioBB -.sra . altotfetlier . b.
name appear on ,t. tirlu-t, and 1 ahll pBdeBrriir,B.Mhe: aeeeptaBfa of ' ih.
1.1 .0 note it omitted. But la any fa, oeBUB'4 tka ,Tbbrb
event. my .voting I .akall lv resr ;fenit finnn beieVbr Jawe J. BBk,
enre to those men whose name nppfhr ,Mi,Bt Itai-Ptatea Hatrie
on the IVmoer.tu- t. ket hon. 1 .re , U'omir Bivter . C Hooer,' fatni
pard a worthy and tit fur the offiffj- 4WnfBff ,,f at 4tMi "XertKwT.
to wh. h they api.e. Beyond tkaf I j, 4fcM wmW aM-
on other tickeU, no mattrx whaf the'
party label may be.
'"Voiim very truly,
- 1 1
w. a. a.
Many Knotty Problems Expected
To Arise and Draft Boards '
Must Se Well Prepared
To plun uk perfect n nompniga
t)OKj.iliit- for tli rffriut r I i.tn of mn
.-" repreaeniame. or me mV.
caJ uavmorv uoarti.
"1 rvalue tlmt thin in to be the moat
Import 11 nt reijitratiou we. have yet
lieUl in the Territory," eaid Captain
Field yeaterday, "and more important
(uetioua will rie in connection with'
the handling of regiatraata under (ba
new 'Man l'ower Act' than at any
time iine we have been handling toe
'" eivice work here.
IS Plfflcult Taak
" The men to be reritered
thl act. imrticulurly thoae between the
age of thirty one and forty-five, are
more or Ichm nettled iu their modes'j'of
life, both in their occupation aud fm-
ily rare; they have paused the adven
turous singe of their lives, to a large
extftit, and in the rlawifieetidn of earth
registrant more problem Will alias
thun ever before. It will be a difficult
taak to e(iiulixe difference and place
them in cluilicatious, purticularly
thoae who are to go into Cluss 1-A, 8ud
be Kubjcct to flist call to military serv
ice by 1'ronident Wilson.
"A lot of ignorance i certain to be
encountered unions men bjjw'ii tli4a
ages Tliete are men under this Act
who came to Hawaii from foreiga cojia-tri.-s,
who did not have the advantage
of proi iiriiit; an education aueb Ba thoir
ton'-- mid younger relative Were priv
ilegeil to obtain. It will be MM work
to educate these men to an undereTejia
HA 1 ml
.,..vKv l.V. ?n
Eilr.AQ'oanoui-CK tTpatft In I
. Rflnkiof-HavifaiJ Judiciary
Fourth, Ci wait Court of Hito, wilt bo
ov mnaimI ja4r of th Fintt Cireuit
Court f.Hoaolula. 'j." .
f poritian.jajule-vaot t5 tbr promotifn
ifn,:miri'jaiBa. .,
H r.klH, indjfUtM that tkf ia
a lmonrl nkkffla the jvxHei&ty ia
ern"rf br th Dauoeratie M
,oril.v ff.nfTaj ', 6e at '.WjLthJiigtoa
n -lTort t fill tb plaVe af Jodjfe
naiim j-. wuvira, wavu riwjgnMoni;! . , .....4 VLHti
ytvt at. Aiifunt 1, acMirdias to a-U
' , - r - 1
WnKkinirtoS. .
' Kb fv ' tba avallahle DemoersHa
ml Vki attoraeylf af Hawaii for noaiUoaa hi7ij ..iW S,
e re.-.t elrroit eourt jude. that thara ha iT.tV U iSt k it? -ole
, Ke a ahlftlBR sroand of thoae bow sold- i "f ";
Maa-U. ! toe '-oWr eonaeoneatly to promote flJWpjW!
Firt -trirenit ronrt. whleh MBrt.- arin, J 1 cuatJt '
musflMt Tilled fmra one f 'tba' atbar 1M. "runft u
fouria, apparentlr, while tbU Uat ewirt i .WKlii ih
will feeetve S new ludea.
nnft pomlni'TB ttaaali))
Aeeordinr to tha ' BBOlBeial report
tain iprruennat intemma r tna Tim-
tor, banked b' minnnrt OB tka Baaijl.
i, Wahiof inn,- ki aaeamd
from Attoraey Oenfral Qragory tnU'
fire ottos 'to Jndiw dlnra o-tl v
rajit -mwma eourt nwitioa of BMOtr -
at 'u.Hao An annHu Ihnt lnilM
r f reared tn the 'til6flia. mitr1
i be filled w ba BppOfhrartBt trom'ht:
r:. wne a rJmg iknnar if a taptt
" a-jfM)Wirajreo Hn in ore
looking f4ntt4 Jn rttMotf fbefWer
Pi "IC-i BiU 47 e HBM . B B -w
inc wrth a jimile, "and 1, nave aot
reeeived that offer yet. Ip faet, I will
believe St wbeB I eet t.Ke order from
AttoraeT Oeaeral Ore.ory to taVe the
Jde r:un am aireaur oeen it
tlnfr aa a member of the anpreme eourt
bench during the baenee of ' .Tadra
Kemp, who it oa the foaai Bo -far a
anr eonditloaa are attached to the ex-
perted pffer, JSdffe Kdingt eaya tkat
it waa all newa to him.
Alto witb AanUsat Diatriet tornr
Bank. Judge .ank deniet that ht
nan reeeiveo afl orrer 10 rui bbt r'-
cv on the bepeb of the Fourth Circuit
Court and aas t iriven the matter
any ronalderatloo. Tfeitber Baa a
heard. MUST,: t apy off?T. ro.Jvflw
Kding of premoUoa to
.ri l - a.
tT will ha timet annriDh a BrtffikBinsir
- -
Tka. mttr mhea the nrrar tn ane is re.
. - i
?"1 '!
maae it win .... to o. aawerea
once and with a m.nlmnm of delBT. 8
far, bowerer, I haTe not heard
" "'""'r' ' ; .
otlleial about tbe poattton. "r; 1 itt wWJ .iBbttha4BaMrttwU
It I troe that;Jodjr paba ld of pjfc aUitogtr
me that I Would eeelT tbe oflr .to. tib riBf eritlciW.. jot talk btLe,Mv i,, '4.Ib aa lo: tM.bUitw o- best and
aopreme eonrt withU a week; but t.at .hartiaBt-TaaVoABBUlB
waa two weeki aeb."'adder Jadce Ed- tba' 8tob. .Haniika itaaWn-B-la-BBBtt'B.abbdV ..-' 1 .
I.. mial aenditioBa here-BB4 have the ,hamt, of atBrejiBrtf SbU. Jt 4 ndstee .tua.theBhad-t) aa appro
lngiU apeeU aaboiaUtiii aa4 for-, . 'rteilshiB. 'fit MSfK'. 91PWMMtKlK.tto frt'ti't boavrd'of b.
fein birth-ao ,traiphtea4 out that we
wU1 W P.PV't'.
all eaaee that come up.
- rr-
"At tki eooxereace I will tab ap
matters which I have had usdor con
sideration for a loug.tima.with -Uaitad
Hute. Dletriot AttoraeyHubef aad Aa-
tataat IMatrxrt AM J"V pwti -
CuUrly Uati relMlf " W 1 fiU"! 1
"K- Ta An :ZunZ: klrV
, tZZ
IUKII BB B.-fla Bsna aawsaiBF aa- f
this- phase aloae.' J -already have
rulings from Wash! agtoa oa the
Ifcet. 1 -
"I ha-vb wvUtoa tea eBavrajea or local
hoard of tbeowter Ulead to ad viae
me by wireless tykon will b the- moat
convenient time for then to eome to
Honolulu to talk tha all oveiv Th
meet UK may take place iaa week sad
not later than a fortalgh. ,
"I d-airo to , have a uBiformity-of
action by each board, both, ia BKthol
- . - b .
of preceduro B4 -interpretation or nil
nmvlMNMK xrou ,nMst
11 ttl
ridiret(MM j
A hiiiru not is tkt'c1
hj county ffaif.',.i s utllr U
ioe. ba. oaed 'W a object for baa j
.'.A . ."' , 'lf ' ,"l
tTh.a !. kofc It ia krtfli WM
attaaU. waU tt 't MkiU ,
.Irtia. hi...ll a. Af (ta rk
'.ri(v na is- graaii' jury-ra-port,
allkoif ! k propoaal 0 auk
imu av '. ' tV ala was 'genaraOy
nowa iM'titra at'iaa lima.
H6wi t U- a-rab.1 . iorV rhariM
k.'' rhs: pnror ,ef1aert4 otter
a'.t i.ounty .prepH tor 'wheik
kr mm m' Utlk rcaaaa ') Jnatlfl.-a-
t.i ,sa 'thrra'oU haa b. la tk
IBaaaank- Is Ta '
' -t'MB? Ua reoJtvf tha tfiala f tha;
Uparvltora,BB4rtha .bBataaai bmb will
itepaati (tba UeikioB B,ta wkathai lia
DAiuarnU w oelir .ta Us n
an, it ,ia ca-.
prknaat, tlinav
rcadiac ..would
ba baad4lp Oka rbntga tbAt tka'tta-
( kata- dmb recKiaat
ajiMBillflS tba naSkr
; Abarfa .JrelytAid
tume aialT ektu.
I.kk. ta mmIiIim f iU.mihu
hoar Is tt iaboHi taara lB ealr Wf
' m kl.l.tea fnrimlMoa-nf raftM
pi II l&e MfNii pngn. ...
t( 4b riAH V U eltlo.1 LI i tbL4 : ArtkBtB .
Ldjolluu .. a : 'jllibatiilaatB Aka. AVliiB
ad VatM ariik aka ickkmia- CarrUe
OompaBr, f yihUk tike 'llil.taSafttV
(StV T. 'Keaei,. ill 4M Uai, bBaiaM
vatoB - Vacated. TM
amah.- idietod. lu pertioat 01 ut te
fMt daitB StttS Ul kbc4 Bf tVt
lBvoetira4Ua reed M follwttf' ...i '
WtaoaMlVtrr ,i;'ft f ;'
KVtdakaB . BraJ . delved - ! tki
rottaiittee : teadlag 1
eeJtatbttBB.VrttBea -ih' fkiiBaakrbK
tkp,M- LMrt- Jkd HatatUbrk'JllSf
AklBaBii4 TBUi.Biar .Very
Tatea, for; lBtke, uri-ktUed a r
lfim tis ekbha'. irUtf , jOtj.: Uti
BtaUHalB. of. about auHlaf Ko
paVebt ,Weft;: JikA-Mfota K.
Tatea lafi to ola tk AhBT thB earj
wbleh bad bee dfiltertd t aad need
Hma- , aa fihl mA "
- .. TjH.MBtMv;B4rlUiBae V Wer'
rf iir ocutu Liwriifp. '.vvy
flrnaMtanowaYar, Hire; natf
1 ti bib to.itMBeib r . rear '
cafupijad JM iBupBByiwrB,-' (A kni
iury report xaarfliBiere aeua'er faarA.;
: t tjka BMP der jBtaa(ifpatB itbsi U ,
j i . injaUed 4y. ,slijUl opioaBBta.',
I Wae wh'.revn..iia 4aiiate4 ibiaj
ouUr itkargefabaKHr,! bjeeaaeA af,
, .be ,bb4 f aels PHiW (i'tbe tfad
jury report, Jaatt .-b(ee dera"ere
uaar ' aVpVnlWM vjta Demeara.U
; the jury ' whit Bd-tB afeat'lfS
, tub, -. , vj -f ... - , - 1
WtU 1alt fill TTwilleSB '
, Batfvye'i&nku iVi-
1 i....irtii. Jh5.; rioU..
i tLV'S
..... -. -j . 1 ' . j . . .
: tnat aone or-tBbae"iniueiea-wir -De
WiB(tef UW'faH ereloiul,tw,
a ...: . . . j ' . -I
. air political oior trui-t ;nvmy an
1 . . .i .. . y T ' I
, ijini waaa xaa eaaea no' romo dvioii
rvaonem wmtiKi 'it, Bfi V7'' Yhr x6BuiUt4e feel lb
uMrTtlV'hJatabjrtjMVtUiUln UkZLtaSSR 91 V
I'.JVW.i tteetrt:;of Hbe eraod I Th .-ttt.'-7 i
I f the r4 Jnra'which etWBd, tae.ltDotUv was .eobUlaed ia tha reeoo..
, indltim,nV - -: . - ,
AB;BXTeeied Befeaf of tb KlcUd
V srsW litW.s
I 4ne.ef thftrfawaii eeonty .ttorBf3r'aieyB.Hi aeSahlT-!' -l :,'.
, .jltf,-; thBli BBUBdhaWW'.-v,.;
' rttVasat' of a j htftd' tddrtsr
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nltUil(d tat Jiba; for the eprt Stftaa
llatKi SbliiUsa kVhlea sro, filed with
taaf 'aaaret taet nf tha miaad' tar.
icark hut ul lafaatnra .. kerjiunan. tkjiJ
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t the report but la
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.Before eUrtta It mm tka detail
f JW ,teBort , t opukilt'tee take the
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the pUrUw-of the Statute Ja eertalB
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jonnion' paid stunar a . ear taai tost
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.et4r 99tferraiMVBg i ezUted
WStJflJ" if.'B . h)hum- CA.
riajtCTCo. thal th.aaehjBS-.iiai oueation
Objecls Are To Prevent Profiteer-
ing In Provisions and To In
; ; , .create Available Supply.
,The orgaaiaatioB of a Japanene fool
emmitWe.BBiler the JurJiMlietton of the
TerriMrf bb4 enttrely imlependeBt of
tke apaaeaa ,aJyiory eomraittee ap.
point"1 vby food AilmiBlatraler io Mm
wall .J. abela Child, , waa , perfected,
at fVara;ryog of the pleading Japanese
af heeity Aeld at tie loeal .lapaneao
eeDBulat. yeeterd,ay ' afterneoo. The'
roramlltee Brill be known a the ".Inp-4aeeVV)-CoBtmUlon".
- jThe meeting yesterday afternoon wbj
attended by .CoayI Oeaeral -K. Moroi
and, Vjce Connal T. lmsl, beside tba
Jeading Japnneee 'ef the elty. Af er a
report of thi eoaferenea between Dov
ernor McCarthy and the .lap acne com
ehfttae of Bve waa made to the meet
Bg by K. Tabids, secretory of fh
Japanese Association of Hawaii, who
was largely instrumental In holdinj
UB reeeot Jnpaaeee maa meeting ot
the Arahl Theater, it kw decided
BBBBMriBuety te bate the new committee
epiD.Bg ti Japanese orjranisel at oiiro.
Tha olUaw(g were recommended by
he meeting- as member of the ner
anonael of ConualUee
liPtJ' .phyaie.ianT chairman; O.
ASfforo, director of the Japaaeae Asso
ciation, -vice chairman; K. Ihila, anc
rftary o, ike .Japanese Aaeoelation,
executive aeeretarvi a Aoki, manager
hf loeal branch ot the Yokohama Hpe
cie . Batik; M. Kawakara, Importer) K.
Ha tori, editer of Hawaii thiopo, K.
Hamamura, Importer; ' Fred Maklao,
waer of Hawaii Hochi; 8. Murakami,
pteeuteBt of "Hawaii Cbohoj Y. Boga,
Negoro and Ishida,
Japaaeaa food eom
noon Governor Mc
Carthy this morning to report to the
chief BseeativB Bf-,tBe Territory th
formal jDrgBBiratlon of a new fool
Oereraer McCarthy, :w ia in full
accord wtth the plan ef the Japanese
leadera'te orgaaise a food committer
eft their rnwrn,.; wilt make fttrfflrt ap
polBtment Bi the )weve Japaaean re-Coitioiitde-rt
4 be nembera of the ter
rtriaJ '. food eommisslon.
. ''.Tha orgaBleBtiflb of thia commit
le aaid fehbla last night, fia tU
ri aetuat ' itep taken1 by the .lapaa
e. lesdere of the City to help aovi
the food' problem aa it affeers the
118,000 Japanejie resident is this Ter
riser. We-are w that oar plan will
wet wkh aa apeQvaJ, f roro-every elt-
'The sentiment' of the Japanese as
Ividly ahowji at the recent mass meet-
iag.at tM Aaabi Theater was in favor
ef our sew. plan, ia fact our effort to
Began, the new food body amoBg our
sehree teiag the .direct result of thia
aurtiag. The meeting denounced prof
iteering in nee by some of the local
lapaneae koerohanta and' aaked for
xtriet supervision of every merchant
vfca) deale . in not only rice but miao.
coy and other provisions. The birth
if a bow and efficient food body waa
a demand of the hour. '
"The- purpoee of our new committee
14 to take every, neeeaeary and legiti
mate- step to preveat pre6ieeriag by
he dealers in Janaseae provisions sad
ft tha same time o increase the sop-
plies or these to force down the prioea
1. - -.1. 1 - -- IPL. . .
a irB tivrrv. iuu mv-vn vs.
pur activity, therefore, will be wide
Bad wilt cover not only Honolulu alone
but .sl the Islands. As all the mem
ber of the sew committee are xenlous
to help solve the food situation as It
pffeets Japanese .livelihood, we are ex
pecting some remarkable accomplish
mepts." ,
monrniouop Sinese
: Owing - to
certain modification re-
ported tn tke inimigrpHon law rerentty
for the trurpoee of making it easier t
ieeare'neeary agrleultoral labor for
the mainland, it la proponed to havt
the trustee of the Sugar Planters' Aa
serration of Hawaii, or ita represent
ative, look into the possibility that
these modiflcatlooe will pefait of the
imponattop1 for the pert od of th war
ef Oilnene tabe ta the Terrttovv. '
Vorryirig Along
In iSame Old Rut?
.MJpr .
'Are you laai e ery moruluir. tlrei all
day,. tortBred witB dull backache or
Bbarp, ptabbing pnlnst Doat 'lra
Blpngr wlth It. guspeet your .kidney.
If yeu have hesdaabes, rberaaatia pauiB,
diy epells, with annoyUg kidney lr
rcralsrftlee, don t wait for worse trou
ble to eet in; una Uoaa'a Baekacbe,
Kidney rl- They have vOrked well
You can
Lame J?menv-
ply ask for
distinctly for
and tako
aad itoro-
reeelpt oC '
Co., or
lor tho

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