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Aatt.eomander arid
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treats Behind SiWbKeTSErSert
ASjliN'friX). Setc(rtlcr "(Associated IVes) The Awer
lah'Ufiny' is airdin'W the tiiovc ami. iivl-uoperMiiW MjtU the'
French, lias crossed the VcsW' River aUtfHft twcntjf"-mirc.frbnt,r
pursiii' oVitie ariiiy. f 'thsf rdwn rriuoe. 'whithr is rtttMttg noVthj
rly lasl niht the Americans had' adVaifcd ' bttWVcii twd 'and
three intic aiting,,. tWenty-milc frrlV. sianiinuUl lUc Ccrmifl
rear guards, taking some prisoner aild lilany 'uia'chliie'gnns." The
maiii (icrmsn army is sonic (listaiice'alijbad "oV heyAiHcnc'ni, leav
ing inikkhiiic pnnVlletachine'nts ))cliiil yt6(,deta' the )uruit..
ie successes of (ieuerai 'Alagmn along the Afane-Ailettc frunU
northeast of Sotssons, where the, French ami Ajrlcricans have fouKHtpi linni Ijfl ?tll1fi ' IH
iheJf 'jvay o jbsitions tbkl became 'dangefUn Tor the Crown' Irincc lr Nim
between Suissons and Rheiins. rcdehe a' jiotnt vesterdajr vhere th 'UllH'UUILUIIIU IU
retreat- of tnV;ciinan from the Vcslc Vatlev bcL-nfe" iriiterat'fve." '' iSrS i tit irintkrit 1
Under heavy smoke screens
the first intimation of the German..
launched tneir aavance oetween
river at a number of points.
ous machine, gtlhrtcrs, but the
was brief and the mam Allied forces were drivmfj north in pursuit
befOr the -smoke, screens w erf dissipated . ' '. . , J
mAii ARMrwiTkbkAWs
wi i r-.--t.'
, j v'ot pairois oi.i rcnvn nu ."imcriti ncrc vin aenras meat
river in advance of the maitt forces, these jftklrofs wiping out many
Of the machine nun nests and pushing ahead, chdeaVoring to get
into touch with the German forces. Thoy encoUHtcred nothing be-( urtSl, tk tol output has bee 1 ,787,
yolid' the' rear giutrds, however, anJ' it ' appeal levidiit'tht the main ooo gross rona. Beibre the war the
ar'niy of the Crown Prince is withdrawing '''aUcauit; aj faf mirth as',re' pwluetion the country hnd ever
ihV'north bank of the Aisne,' white! it is believed tliat ' the ' rctreal'' k.T.,V 0 H th lwelvc
wiil not stop there but will be continued to the old line south of Uon. ! . Jv".
a rr- i r
An official communique from
the vcsbe reported the general advance,. 1 nc .towis ot, Bazonjcs,
Ferles, bismette and Daslieu are now well behin):.tne ' Ammcan-'
t. ' , -j xa - KL-.-wf. r.kuiVi..iUr
ii.iui uu nit duiiiuc iidj itduicu t
to Vauxccrc, Ulanzy-les-Fismes, Le
' V.-',;r,MrTAWI UAIW5 WUN , ; - - , jtf .p, toll.t ,a ineludej
'Along the Aishc-Ailctte front; wMrev the- opcratmoa .-of-'the-; eK"ywih arajrAng..tfeaira -mfi,
Frahcb-AineHcah's are' directly related toth tetrfcak. o the- GerSi?f ,J' B'Pe tfl ?8Ir
rn?frlVan?,..?r5Viil thirty-nine of wood, '1
mans north from the Veale, thi Frativ'AnierTcaYi gainst wire.am-f a; tdBi. ;wi . .-, ,
portatit yesterday. North of the
crossed some! days ago north of Chateau le Co'uc5'thei,encTtJyeJj
tefdajf irie'reased their jjains, advancing Jo tnc' pulsTf(
le Coney1 and to the edge of Juvencourt.'-. The,,RghUng bete' was
severe, with French, American and Italian -unifjj attadkmg theCerv
mans and forcing the fighting at times to ha,n-to$n'4 ehclinlrs.
South of the AQette the French continued. to drive ahead south
of Leuilly, ia the direction of Vauxitlion, reaching' the riutskirtir of
To the east and northeast of 3oissons the .French' clcarcq tlie
bank of the Aisne as far east as llucy, where fifteen hundred rrts
onefs were taken. . vt .
American aviators along the Lorraine front have carried Spu't
two successful raids against Longuyon, twentyjtw9 miles norih of
Verdun'; Dommary -Ilaroncourt, fifteen miles northeast of Verdun,
and Conflans, twenty miles east of Verdurt, all iinportaVit railroad
junction points close to the German border., At each of the 'poTnts
attacked the American flyers concentrated their attention -oil the
railroad yards, where numerous bombs were drop cd with good
clTect. All the aviators returned safely! , ....... .. , : ... .
VAHHIN(ITON, (September 4 (As
su'.'iated lfee) Casualties reported in
the two lits is.iued by the war depart
ni'nt and mailed out yenturdiiy ami
lat aight numbered 5K!. '
Tke dead are iiicnty nine killed iu
a'. tiob aM'i , forty Ave ot' other cause
)m 'ui)i.u aci-idcUt aud duuiase. Wound
ed number 8311 and 10H are miaaiug
a:id ouOria- Vpo;a. Uk. kave been taken
piisouer. AaiOu.tke oRirrra included
. ia (kf liMi l4euLX!yJ. Kuril P. I.aur
soa of Tutt tSlrtVfrSc, (icoria, kill-
such uf Its., KiJIed in antinn, and Onpt
William H. Coaeher, MltefiiM, Houth
by many, leading
and people in pub-
. .' ,C. .1 marrelou reoon.
stniettva tonic. It Infuse tko -tarn
with tha Iron force of keaim
and vitality of youth, building uv
tha body troogF tbaa lchaaa
and dUeaae, and that ia all tkar ia
to It."- If the body i la r strong and
normal . aad tQ) orgaa)o It, veil
regulated aod., porformag' ' tjieti'
functions', there Is Bb sickness.' .'
( S. C.'does that vorjr thing bullda
. '' ' f -- - 1 . : .'' .'' ' .
I ! I r
tfctAt srtie
i -v .' .... i, , JS w .
'cs!'c Vartev b&mV iriitiefati
the retreat 'bce'an Ve5(crday and at
move Jh French and Americans
liraisne.anq -roiuy,., crossing, inc.
' . . .
trussings wcic luiiitMCU y iiuiiict-
delay, in. this preliminary fihtiiS
a . ' ,tl
I a t5V '
,the American Ilikdouaners on
iiiic 1111111111 iiuiiic.piuimaniiv
Granqjlmcau fo ' Prouillly. j
L ;.... ". I
Ailettfe Rrver-' -w.bich liad'ibeeni
NrlW YORK, September 5 'Associ
ated Pie) An American trsns Atlan-
tii- sleanifihip 'compiny' which, u'ltil its
ships wfrf romiiiandeered by tl' ship
pln(r boartl last tX' teller, opeiated eleven,
ships flying tkt Stars aad Htrt es, has
been seiied by custodian of enemy
proierty Palmer. i. . ,
h- w a. a
. .-1.9 ' -' i
M BI.I.V. heptefab-f I (A"jiatod
I'reasl A a Amnrb-aM jitel. Crn4s 'fnn
.r....i u rv.i.iu ; ,,. T
........ -n- ..
has aiTrueit nifOrtaMo. rtdo for tha
benettt of .wudA .America', sohljers
and sailors lu hspitas la. h-4Jibljs
dini,lrt-. 7h tiiHSniiiBj aortHiouy :mmi
perfrtraied ky tha-vly. pVeii(eat, Iwidy
Dories In. ih lseae. of tke president,
the lHMia4ewi of tiranard, torainriy Misa
. . . hi 111 .... ' ' -
av a n
uo yoifr ody ad o4ake.U) attoaiierV
than tha aitmentj that asaail it and.
thoy are beateo and ottorly routed; .
aad health la the reauh That'
why rhawtnkthim, bipod injaurlOea,
lok. headacheat asrvous dftores
1 stons, . aieeptoa ? tight, nemlo;
and rua-4owa ortdUion,WlHou-,
nea 4orpld t Ue(V constltatlon
kidney 4 4idder , aUnunta, Bjiva,
way to. aa aaundd pour. oi a,,
,C,,rn.la eM of Igpg. standing
aan,tbo..bWly .-lbrirts wTtheatth;
Tha . iV-aordlnsl fforlt or at.tt.Ci
, Uorafpra far auperfor .t ' tablet
remadlel Wblta Ipae tbeff kenith '
and,, r,.ofJe,iv tolled In baaing.
. a. a, J! set v Mili ,'J'
'Isarsa i,jltv'
( aitlaal ttrM. f Jsa a4 fllis-.
a. a. . u iw Muj' a. a. o,
Asms. u V MaV flk flarkst,
,..," '--v,.f" .,,'..:,. v. i.
AVtiT, .,. . ...
iRt8tfANA. Koj.tem.er 5
' (AaMf-iaUd Press)-Revolt iurife
. ainou(li,tho (Jrriimo Mililier anl
Uor , la . RimKin, m'rorUitijj to
Itaviil JVvH,l',,',!, 11 M'iMir'ed
' that tft, Estnonla invulmt'dlsatlpn
hii Kireil from a small tcgrt(jniuB
'nj that .Several humlrct hdintod
tlie.reit flrtp; ni tulip le Mapwlltiin.
Tnelr 'ortieera rere ionerlciw to
he'i k.thc .litnrbnrc.
Runsiitn !' report's thai faWarx
at n-vol arc Kimdurly (llafferU-.l
an) hati glvea.ilrmoiiHtratioii of
a similar thararter.
in Tui&iU. uSnih. rn,w
nvus nivmii wiiuHiy nuyuoi
21 Arri'erica Surpasses All
rasi renormances
WAWHINOTON.Heptomber 4 (Offi-
. , i.
j eiHM itmw reenrus in American unin-
.... . .-.r
jiuildioj; Tor August are nnnounced by,
the department of . commerce. j
.. For the twelve months ending Aug-
I". M'" Jrair aiOf SIIIUB liaiVV
beo4 built .ofwhwh ,77 were inland!
erart, iu srairoiay, ateei steamers i
?W M aarwt4 M522
toaa,,llier. were biult 163 wooden ves-
soisa itk p4,287 tonnaga.
Tke Aiijgust tonnage, jocluding tko I
whirh were built for foraiun owners
e4"-"i -J
UWnOHf, September i-Aasoelatod
Press) British ship building tQ; re.'
place the. losses oerasloned "by, Ger
maay's diver warfare ia increasing its'
speed, a' the monthly losses -grow .smaU-j
er. In Asjinsf the BHtrsh aklpyards
completed merchant 'shipping of total
of ' 121,67 j gross tqns.
w, a.
X Y, W YORK. September 5 (.Vsmv
riated Press) - On the eve of the Jewish
K Year hik will begin . KridaV
evruinr at Hiimlon n. Rabbi Wise has
ni ii ilc public a letter which, he has
received from 1'ieniileut Wilseu in
nhirh the President expresses . hi
".deci h ml sincere Interest" in the
progress hiuI development of J'alcstine
ai the lioinelnnil of the Jew,
i w. a. a. mi
A.MSTKI111AM, September 4 Asao-I
i-ialed Press) The (lerman idea of vic
tory is defined in an artioV. printed a
aa iaiorvivw with .the ormao, ,erown
pfipte ia, the PuJapest , nwpVfir Aa
tM, Ti)s mtervlew ilMincs tae yer
wan lib '.a,, it n triumph io, thc..wr aa
tke intinitio
iou to uolil qiir own; Dot to
. ...l...l
imiseMT".." i"uuou. , .,,
,'fio, rrpw.u prince, Hi4 tha( hl ,it"
tfAiv.. n from the Womont
England entered the war. Ho said that
whereas, formerly An"'riea 'a fnfrf. Into
to war w felt through tke supplying
of ,.JaeiiJ, it aas noir oemg icii oy
. L .. . 1 .. .L. t I .
4hfVsMvUuni if. m ta .the .fronts, .
. 4 If; .Vf-f
,.c.,idiini aura naa maaa.
thai vhoh tountry talk. .v' -r
;l', II ' . ' , ' V ..
rf i ' .t' 11 ' '' w. p. a. -
MUlllllU Ukllllll II 1 I
September 4 (Offlt,. 1
UI MlrOeu.l William .. Orarcs.
, wttk' kUtaff, harrlved Vladiro.
tot, )t iin0nnce6Vbr Ueneral March,
United' Slates eoief of staff.
i Ueneral Graves will take rnmmand nf
all tha A Werieea force tkete and li the
American Commander in . the Siberian
forte of troop, tfcti largely 'laereaaiair
ma iireagia.or Amerh-aa oootia
B "Tpsl Akfe VtM ST ANI?
TOKIO.: SeWemW rtnitaf' i
Hipf Jijl)-Thi mpvrtaitl ,eUrA of
Iman waa tituml bjr the aiaaee l
vaata detafhrrtrnt front the BcUherikl
roira, feaniin Mi aaffiplil aanouai e
iot aiado ubli ,tolay Uv tha Japaa-
nr, 4e.ataiati . i. i
. I una. in a -eitjr vtrthe Amur rairwir,
ail(iatai,.Jia)tra. bfllweea Vktrfiraatak
aa4 IkfcabaravBh, Tba eaauf of laiaa
opeoA wjr ftt at attack V AUioil'
fwrrqo tka vlt f Kbahatavokt.-wkicK .
in tko ,9ty aeataf , tha JfiolkevU
activity U ;tka.,taterB Siberia. The
eaawjr at, tkat, e.iU.ia etimutcd aum
Iter ia tko aeighVorhow of MJOtiO, tbt t
majority, f whom. are releasoil Verttim
. fiuI.'AlfttHpN,.jrisoaprt.
I ,Thfl fJl t ?t.hnbaravKh u fortifv
iB8" Wf,ity aotjrivatioir of a carir
attack by thnAlie. A atruuK fore
, of the JptooA jki anJ iikeiaUtl, Teu-
tnale nrihif4 hmi tkl.... in aiU
at, a point, bouV. of. the 'city to cVc k(
. the ajSvabee.." .
1' 4'ronrto rom'
gt KiavCbita.
toicNicb to -
tTbK.?C7rii,, September t-(8pe-i
o.iyjij,.yspan,, eiepiemoer l
i Miv... flii-.t. -
i"trrVJ7T:" f'W lorera
eetjUjr, Janded $t Vladios
tyh fjlTrir W WaJva for a
ladivostok have
Liberia n-
l!!fr"J. hTf't .. campaign by Com-
mandf ra-fcklef . K. Otani of the allied
foreei now la .Hibpia, ,
WAskrWOybVi j4piemjer4-(As
. ?'0'V. HY&i! . , , : ,
,JViaiaYi 1i (TI 1 1
T: -1 1 " . 1 V v t c-1
11 VI? rj.' ' afY TT7 ieH' -. , -k .
JX(lilCl"'lJTi. vv P tt0tn - r 7nMfi
vavw. ay mr ar f O. iyjfk
anuoanee TVTOy-;kll, tfta total embarkation p( Anirri.na troos- for oversens
'servlee, inchldlilff the Hibe'rian expeditibn, has pa-scU i ! l.iiini.dtiti i,IHik on
August(aU -n:r t . ' '
Revlewiafj the Biilifarr. situation, March says that the una.liHii .Irii e
across tke oM Queatit I)rrfi our,' line has brought the British advance to within
seven .and; fcalt miles at CamWal- Jiaat of Arras the British, have crossed
the HindcnbuTg line on ,nj eight-mile frout, , The maxiinuin British advance
tiaee the drlta started :ln Picardy is M.mileav lu the sector nurtb of Hoissons
American troops ar. advancing stetdiljt agaiaat a jtiffeniut rcniittanea.
JiMnh Wefcbtf; Ai Fxferids
. and Work o Farmer i Given
WMWoW.of'PraW' .
SACK AM ifcjrjfj)', September 4 (Of
'if in 1 In dedicating the Japanese ex
hibit at the Calif orain State Fair, prom
inent Japanese and leading Callfornisus
exchanged mutual congratulations.
The representative of the governor
of California at the ceremonies said
that there .will be rloaer cooperation
between the United states and Japan
for the winning -ol the war aad tke re
construction bf the world when a vie?
iorious peace ha been secured, lie
said: "We are ready to give tho Jap
aaose the recognition that as .there are
Jeeauee troop - standing shoulder to
houhier with' Our troopa iu Siberia,
I just so in the great after the war'
j there n ill be a brotherhood of nations. ' '
,Tie president,,, or the (tat board of
agriculture paid .a giev,ing tribute to
tke Japanese farmer of California who
kavo. reolaimed pnproductive land, and
added uw auurces of wealth to tho
itato. . ,vl. , , ,
Vrof essur . Nagwi, of Waaeua College,
Tpklo, said,: , ."Ve. are. ilghtiigAOe
maay been as in this war feudalism ia
making it last aland sgaiast tb eom
lnu of, democrar.r; Let Germanv be
feudal. if ah wakts to bui sha must not;
sead her system over a world that j
has outgroira it.
"The ideal of Japin will be achieved
when the emancipation of all nations
has been reached and they.arUl be free
under a world , -democracy, and such
ideal of 'universal emmanx-ipativu ',' is
essentially contrary ie uermany a am-1
bition for ' universal empire '2 I ,i
"This is oae.rOf tke chief reasons
that Japan is at war with Uermany.".
Jr- . s. I
The following, official envelope mail
has been. reHisaad . unulaiaud to lx al
raf Board N"i.' t, of Honolulu t Chin,
VJng. elo' l,U' J,ri tofe,'. Vswaa Junc
tion, Honolulu; Benjamin Kaleiopu, I.i
liha and Vineyard, tets.
' CbjunWlain's Cougk Remej j
This rrniedv-' has no mp-'rlor as n
cure for rolda, croup and whooping
'cougk. i
It ha been favorite with another
J of young . children for almost forty
t yeara .
- Cfaamiierlain 's Cough Remedy can
Inavs Ii" Hepeuded uou and ia pleas
.'ant to take.
t It aot oolp ur eld ad igiip, but
) prevents their result inn in pneumonia.
vChatnberUin'. Cougk Remedy .con
VahU ntt oploin pr other narcotic and
'mv be given s eonfliti nilv to n i-liild
a to " mlitU. "VVif so'e bv hll ifenlers.
wtim.. Hm.H l Co..' I.til.. agents for
r-r,vrn i n? for
GRAVES now at Vladi
vostok in command of Arnert-
.can expeditionary force.
: J'"
i 't.V. J
'tr1 l're A Jcspatch from Ir
katnk, ilatril .ngmt XI, nays that the
RoUkeviki army past nf Lake Baikal
has been destroyed. -The Connnrks are
eoperatinfr fully with the Crcho Slo
vaks end winning throughout Silirris.
AH the Ameriesns in Hiberla are safe.
IjONDON, r-'i-ptemlier 5 (Asswint
eil Pren) The British fiovernment !m
sent tflexrapb iiieein(cs to the Bl
shetlki government demHndiii; 'reparn
tioh and the prompt pitiiihineiit of
those who ssi'kc.l ti c British Kmba'sv
r I'rfi-opriid Inst Hntnrdsy. k-lliim
VMaln f'li.iiiii't m roiiK'ilar attiK-hc.
r T
-(ClfAeial)--lieiierar Miin li. . Ii..f of staff.
Austria-Hungary Is Given Hun
drcds of New Foes
HATTI.K (RKKK. Mie)iiuan. Sep
tfniber 1 -lOtrleiah-Oath of citien
ship was ailminiteie.l t.y a jud,e of
the I'niteil Ststes Cnurt nf I.W2 aliens
IoiIhv. Iiicludeil nm.'iin these new citi
r.eis are several liunilreil from Austria
lin ii tin ry who had p't4ioiiesl for citi
oviship in order that they might jni ti
Hie I'nited States liRlitini; force. All
oinyd the army. t
Another laijie rutip of the Aliens to
'ef iiHturHlied later ill the week i nines
from BuMe, Moiitnim iiii't includes a
lare deli'i.u,tiiiii of .Tun" Slavs. Tlie
?ne a patriotic send nT to n pait ot
forty of their fellow countrymen ct
'rans of lliis and other mm, nho me
toitiiiK for overseas service.
Hiiudreils of JukoSIus have left the
milling sectinns of tliis state to join
the lijjbt ma fo.ces nyiiinsl the Hum
and the , Uiiphlnir,.s who m.-ule llieir
earlv life in their old eoiiiitrv miser
W, S. a.
TOKll), Hepteniber (Special)
Hintinp by strikeis is now becoming
common throughout .lii.iin
Yestrrdiiy rioting occurred at the
lusva. Kiiioliimii and Aichi coal
in I ii of. rnoiisniius or the miners taknijr
: t in the disturbances. The iniliers
dniainl a raise in wanes niid when
their demands were rejected by the
mine on tiers, w ith little consideration
the declared a strike, the rioting
foltoniug immediately after tho walk
w. s. a. - .
TO Kit). September 4 I Special ) -
fifty persons are knonu to have been
drowned ill the city of Tokuahliiia.
JkpNU. when the lower poitmii of the
' city was subniel(!il In one nf the
woisl foods li veins. The ilumage
to propni ly is icpotted tu be heav v.
The great storm which has been
s-'eepi"- .Inpii'i h o nliuost abut
cd. Whit.' the .la in. 'me to pioirl
n hensv throiigliuut .1 1 ii u . the rice
". MiV ii now nenrbij. l.ti vest,
jni nn niL ui iLnuinu
' 1 A' r t tpo Wtdtt ynL-KT
IAS ()KK. Sciitember 5
continue ti yivc ground at
that now extends for a hundred and fifty mHrjsyifjin Ypres in Flan
ders to klicims iu the (. hampngnc. It i. mva uestion whether,
the Germans will be able to hold any new line that will bear a rcla
tiotiship to their present ftoht. '' .' , ., ., .
FiK-h's strategy, whfch hrs inaiic it ltccetssirj for the German '
'.o (all back in Flanders, the Artois section and in I'icardy, it now V
roitiielliiig the German rtiah command to withdraw the ( icrnUn
lines bark in mi the Vesle River valley between linsoiis and Rheiins.
Northward toward tlvc Aisne the tsie line is oittllanked on the ,
.est an I there is also great danger to the Germans along this front"
it a wide turning movement from Noyoti as well as one from Sois- ,
ions. This danger has compelled the new retirement toward the
Aisne. , ,
in Flanders the Vritish and Americans, who arc assisting them,
made further advances from Y)res to Neuvc ("hapelle, at which
jioint the llritish crossed the line from which the Germans laimehed
their dric against the Channel J'ortslast Spring. Sally sur la Lys
va taken as was Nieppc. Retween these jKiints Croix dti liac fell. 1
Pctiuite news of the evacuation of Lens was received and the
HiitFh, pressed on eastward but pnly occupied' the outskirts of the
city while the pursuit went on. This gain is considered of deep ini- '
ortancc for the Allies, as Lens is an important coal milling center
and (Jet many has been drawing large coal supplies as well as iron'
from that distract and the district around pouai.
Along the Arras-Cambrai road the advance proceeded to Ecourt
St. Ouentin w hile further south the Canadians, crossed the Canal
hi Xord and' the' Tortilc River on a wide front that extends north '
rom Moislaus, three miles north of f'fcVonhe. They obtained their
"(Kithold by the capture of Rumincourt and. further southward they
ca iturcd Inchy en Artois antl Dcmicourt. In this fighting more than '
a thousand prisoners were taken and the Gerpiah retreat is rf ported
;is progiessing in more or less confusion. I'roin l'cronne the British
had crossed the canal as far south as Kpancourt and were keeping
in contact with the retreating enemy.
Further south the French .also crossed the Canal du Xord and
continue to piish the Teutons csatward. The Foil us took Chapitre
wood and were approaching Crisbllcs, whUe th cavalry, advance '
had reached close to Guiscard, the main German center of that sector.
At no point in the whole long line had the Germans held during '
the dav. . -J . - i
An official statement by the German general staff says: Hr'itish ,
tn.Kips in tha Lys salient have wortcd'torwrd to' a's far as the line ,
of ulycrgheni, Nieppe, FjacNSt. Maur, La Centre and Richcbourg .
St. Vals't. On both sides of N"oy6n French troopsjearried out stronff !
attacks on the high ground of Caiiipaghbulssy.1 'Between the Ailc'tte i
and the Aisne, French Americans and Italians have renewed their
attacks, which were repulsed in many instances with hand to hand . i
Newest Registrants Now All Have
Order Numbers First Cap- j
sule Drawn By dovernor
All the J4IMI .Toiinjr men of the Terri
tuiy who attained the age of twenty
one years since July 31, 1II1T,
and who registered on July 31. this
year, now have order numbers, the
ilrniii) for the same having been held
M'sterdav niorniiiE at draff hoad'iuar
te,s. dovernor McCarthy drew the
apsule from the glass jar, which
contained "IK) pellets.
Tin- .liMninirs l.e.'un si half nasi nine !
o'clock, with Captain F'ield in charge,
and .Mis. W. U. Og, A. R. Hmythe, of
st l.uuis, and W. P. Tliotuas acting f
clicckers. The first number was Ml.
Tlie remaining capsules were then
iliann liv (iuy Gilt, of the Boy Scouts,
mc.-iseiiger at draft headquarters. The
si-cond number drawn was S'.O, and
this number produced the Orst order
iiuiuber in, Honolulu, being that of Iwa
ki Wataun.be, of 271 Beretania Street,
iii draft district No, 2. The flrit man
dihnu in Iocs I district No. J, of Hono
lulu was William Nuu Yuen of 1003
Wilder Avenue, whose name was in the
third capsule drawn.
i.ach local board iu ike Islands will
Le informed of the order .numbers of
the rcL'ist rants iu its district, and ouea-.
i ... .
'..'.'' , r . i .'.....
tionnaires will then be mailed to each ooa-wrua; ioi guarinnR ir-
i.i" the reuistrnnts, to be returned a a rltirlal waterfront property t Hono
soon as possible, following which the Hi)h nd Hilo. The ej.enditure of the
local board will clamifr the men. AU . Utr ki0UVt 01.1.V coef period of
those placed hi Class 1 A will he im-
mediatclv eligible for arniv service.
Nearly two hundred of these youhg
men are to be called to fill up gaps
in the Kiist and Second llawaiiaa In
fantry regiments,
w. a a. i
WAMUXUTON, September 4 (Offl
cinli- The I'nited States is in a I Kiel
ion to supply its own military foreei
and the Allied armies and the civilian
Mipiilntion of the Allied countries with
butter without seriously curtailing the
consumption of butter at home.
. w. s. s.
WASMINOTUN. September 4 (Offi-
ial i --Increases in wagea to railroad
employes w hich were annouueed yester
' --In - ii. Ids n hundred million dollar
to the pa lolls. It made tke total
of inerenaes since the tfoveruinent
. tool., ove. tha control f ke railroad
(Associated l'rcss) The (jcrmini ;
all points along a fighting front
Refcdlpts FprJearSHoW, increase
Over Previous twelvi Months
Says Chapman Blgelow
An exceedingly complete annual ro
pi.rt of the board of harbor commia
sioners for the .fiscal year ending June
10, 101S. illustrated with plana of im
provement made and in tke making,
was ia evidence for the first time at
the meeting of tke board yesterday aad
fttvorablc comment was mado as to the
' tn,t)M ot for the year.
In hm f nrownrd -I :h a kransi at I vman H
Kin-clow, summariaiua tke roeeipte ami
expenditures for tke year, savs in part
"Kceeiisl ftr tkn ear amount to
11111,11, an increase of 5,408.31
I over receipts for the year previous.
There has been a marked decrease in
our revenue from wharfage at Honolu
lu, owing to tke withdrawal of many
vessels of large tonnage which have cu
te i cd the service of tke Federal Gov
ernment and have been substituted by
s fleet of smaller tonnage, but our loss
in revenue from that source has been
more thin offset by Increased receipt
from moorings,, outside wharfage, oil
pipe lines and office rent. The eame
renditions apply to Hilo, Hawaii, tko
receipt from Hibh amounting to 19,
:HM1 It as agaiust $18,307,111 of the year
" Kxpenditures for the year amount
to 330l02t.71 11,13.34 from eur
. i cut ltiitl $:IHMi4.S4 being for salaries
of reirtilnr emplovest i I:i0,:itf0.03 for
i niHLNirsiiirr, vnuniunn biiu mtuhhiuc-
.. .. . . ..n a. a i ie m W .
Avu aiid otie half months and was drawn
from the plergency Koni since there
a as wo ippropriatlon ,to provide for the
con Hnpcucy. ,3:trtJ04,rt ifrom ttoan
V'aud for now work consisting of wliarf
aud .knrbojr Improvements, , for all of
which details arc shown ia the accom
panying report."
. .AVAfcHINOTON. riepteuher 4-( s
snciateil rrs1rRed , Cross activltiea
SBionij the civilian popiiUtion in France
shows tka wide aad splendid scope of
th work that is going steadily for
ward wbllo activities in tke military
contluue to .increase. Is Jlily relief
wai extended to 371833 civilian of
whom 3fl,Ul wre treated la tko eight
hsapltala and aeventw dispenaarie tko
Red Croaa is ceadneting ia Franc. A
large pari at Ike work was combatting
lt teala a4 ! Bi'l.
All ATI VK BkOMOOt'tMlNBtwltlBir.4
'Uet than ardiaonr yrsMv 'nini'ie
,. mu.mn, rtwHi -s4 es.
f i -lxs. tlw is i to .,lf k."
... ,,l" I lt.,V. M. ' !' '

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