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Says Hawaiian! Wilt Make Good
As Homesteaders If Given
Proper Financial Assistance
makes good citizens
Says Farmers' Loan Act and Fed
eral Reserve Banking Law
Should Be Extended To Hawaii
A talk outlining clearly nil attl- I
( tude, on public land in thin Territory I
were the features of an address by I
f' lr. .lames H. Raymond yesterday be- J
' fore the Ail Club. The Maui medico,
who in socking the nomination on the
-; Democratic ticket as delegate to eon-;
: preen, chose for hid subject "Can the
I Hawaiian be Placed upon the Public
Land of Hnwaiit" As this was the
first public seech that Doctor Kay- I
mond has made on Oahu during his
present campaign there was a large
number present at the meeting to heart
where he Mood on the laad question.
rl ' , Doctor Raymond said that at every
nook and corner on Hawaii, where he
addressed gatherings, he alwavs asked
his auditors whnt legislation they were
most interested in and what they want
ed their delegate to congress to get fpr
' them and invariably the answer came
back, "Land!" The Hawaiians, For
tuguese and all nationalities, eligible
to take np land, are vitally interested
in the land question, Doctor Raymond
said, and the national administration
at Washington is also vitally intercut
ad i this subject, which was evidenced
by the fact that Secretary of the In
terior l.ane was aent her from Wash
ington to carry this message to the
people, at a time when bis time and
services were of vital importance to
. s'i- the government at Washington.
Whaths Problem Is
Opening lands for homesteadiag was
a simple problem, the speaker said, but
.', ' the taking ear of the homesteader, the
financing of him and assisting him to
make a success as? his agricultural ven
ture. was the problem with which the
thinking people of Hawaii have to
. tleaL Whether this legislation should
be gotten from the Wat legialature or
by- a direct appeal to Washington was
V ' a matter of considerable importance to
. .' the leaders of both parties.
. "I have bees ashed by thinking men
.'v men who have studied this question
of publie lands if the Hawaiian would
go on these sugar lands if they were
oiened up tad get right down to the
the serious business of raising sugar
ease," said the speaker. "From a rest
denee of twenty-live years in these
Islands; a clone) study of the Hawaiian
race; active eiperienee as chairman
of the territorial land board, I main
taia that a large number of thrifty in
i dustrioua Hawaiians will go on these
land if they are given or are assured
' of any financial assistance when they
doi. Fanners in every section of the
, United States but Hawaii are receiv
ing financial backing and aid from the
federal government through the Fed
oral Reserve Banking law and the
Farmers' Loan Act. If these laws were
modified to fit the conditions here, I
i .. bclinve that every sere of cane land
( . wh4jji is to be opened up shortly would
have bona fide settlers upon it of both
t&e Hawaiian and Portuguese races, who
'would, within a very few years, make
then lands even more productive than
they sre.
Incentive To Cttisenabip
"It takes money to do thin and the
men -you are appealing to to go on the
lanrs have not this monev. I. ami i
the Imsis of all wealth. It is the anchor
-' that holds all eoplc to the eninmiiiiit
Y enpially the poorer people and those
who have to work for a living. To
own land upon which a man i-nii bnil.l
, his home and upon which he can live
aixliull the place a home, in the strong
',) est incentive to good citizenship.
''One of your speakers who proceilcil
me said that the Ail Club should gc
behind this iuoenient for 'A greater
Honolulu I believe this, too. The
- way to get a greater Honolulu and ii
Greater llilo and a (ireater Wailuku
is to have large iiunibcrs of proMperou-
farmers on the land. It' the farmers
who help to make the citie. A man
upou his own land makes a (food eltl
aon. Huch a mail thinks arnl arts, not
' only for bis own. but for the comimi
nity'a iuterest. He becomes a pnrt of
the community hii.I therefore a wurkei
for the coiiimunity.
'. "A survey of the public Inn. In of ilm
Territory will convince any thinking
nan of this community thut the Inn. I
problem is the vital question of nil of
the people of this Territory, both rich
. or poor. I am in politics for the uood
I can do. If 'I Ian not do any good for
the majority of the people of Hawaii
ly going to congress, then I don't want
to go. The policy I have outlined is
' ' the outcome of my own convictions af
ter much close and careful rtudy and 1
-ball stand for it, win or lose, with my
btu-k to the wall, as the case may be
but I believe I will win.
. Didn't Attack Plantations
"Political enemies have spread the
report that I have attacked the plan
tatiou interests in my speeches on Ha
wail. This statement is anything but
the, truth. The plantation needs the
' btonlesteuder eud the bouiesteador needs
the assistance of the plantation. Both
must work in harmony on a roocrative
basis. It must be fifty fifty on both
aides, or else the whole problem will
fail. Heeretarv Lane told you this and
', I and all thinking men will agree with
him. Secretary l.ane told you that he
could not prolong his stay, here, iiiui li
as lie wished, it. because he had to hurrv
back to the mainland to oversee a pro
jert of 0ening up twenty live million
i acres of land for the men who will
rime back front the war in Krsn. e
soinw maiuied and crippled.
.jf'Ou.' boya are coming back hen
. '' some of them possibly maime.l -1
';;.,.- ' ', ! rripplttL Ther will want a little home
'. . Btead some place where they van muke
finMMITTFPQ RI IQVi Spent By Harbor
Several Meetings Held Yesterday
, and Arrangements Advanc
ed Toward Completion
The committee on Pan -T'aciAV week
are getting busy. Yesterday there were
a numler of meetings at the Pan l'a i
tic club house, the flag committee rc
lorted that the silken banners, ilupli
eates of those aent to the President
are well under way. At the meeting of
the 8ervice Flag Sunday ceremonies,
the program for the afternoon of the
fifteenth wis decided upon. This com
mittee has requested the use of the
executive building; and the old Palnce
will be draped with service Hags. One
of these representing the Hawaiian Jap
anese will have NtfJ stars on the licld.
The Kllipinos, Chinese, Koreans and
Portuguese Hawaiians will also send
their service Hags at will the Hawaii
ans; the British club and it is expected
more thnti a hundred schools, cougrega
tions and firms will lend service lings.
An offer was made from the Hongwanji
congregation of its service ting.
A meeting of the committee to pro
vide music for Pan Pacific week will j
be hebl at the Pan-Pacific club rooms
at two fifteen this afternoon, and will
have as a starter a request from the
Service Flags Sunday committee for a
good leader of mob singing, the Pun
Paoillc Fort Shafter- aggregation of
singers, the Kamehameha students
chorus, and the Royal Hawaiian bnnd.
It is proposed to place the bund and
the chorus ou the lower lanai of the
Palace, mauka,' and on either side of
the steps the Boy saml (iirl Scouts with
the flags of all Pacific nations. The
speakers will occupy the platform mid
way up tho broad steps. The follow
ing is the tentative program.
2:30 Band Concert.
3: (HI Mob singing.
.'1:10 America s service. S. C. Hulter.
:i:23 China Dai Yen Chang
;!:.10 Jnan . . . .-. I'. Okuiuura
:t:.l. Korea Dr. S. Rhec
:t:40 Philippines N. C. Dizon
1:45 Canada and Australia
R. O. Mathcsou
3:5(1 Mob singing.
The next important committee meet
ing will be .that of thr Pan Pscifi.
Chamber of Commerce committee with
its hundred memlers from the chain
tiers of common of all races and its
intcrisland members and shipping men.
This committee under director of the
Pan Pacific I'liion (ieorge Deuisou will
have the opening and conduct of the
entire week of the Pan Pacific Confer
ance on ifs hands, the shipping ques
tion of the future for Hawaii will be
the problem it is ated to solve.
Los Angeles High School Teacher
Held Here Joins Faculty
At Oahu College
Deliorflri K. Walr-h mik thut it in nn
ill v iiitl tli Ht llow iiolxi'tly ivoo.l.
M i wi W ii I sh 4 a in ( to Hawaii for a
short iMtt this mi n. m it hnd 'fouml
t rannportation far i lit it'! ho poor that
nho wa not nint; to In ahlo to i'rt
back to Iht uiu i tila ml Nrhool i n timt.
hhc iw hh nfTt'r'(J a posit ion at Puna
hou. ms'itiu'iI a Imw oi' iilisrm-t' from
hi'r m hool upt'i i nt 'nlni t . :nnl now
propose- to t'n jtiy ht-r ijsit to Hawaii
noitM'w lutt 1 1 m i r i al leisure.
M iH W'alfh in a (jru'ltnttt of Po
niona Collfr anil if" rikrriiny the
inai i nt um mhIk i y n tt'arhrr of mat ho
Hint its in thr I .on A n y rltw h ijjh HfhooN.
Hoiilr lirr fia-hini: vx pfritMU'p in her
roiltjn t. hIi( i- thoroughly familiar with
tht' .1 u m i or II i jh School s ntt'in of 1 ,011
njjr)i"-i, whiih ih i'iH' of tho ht io
t ho I "nitctl Matr On tlii account,
her Hiiirt'-i will lir isptTinllv alnnlil
ni if vnr at rtmahiMi Iumi' th .luuior
aalcinv in jtixt hrinj; 01 a nicil.
IH'MI.IN. September I - ( Associated
Press i The iiumicIihl' up of the British
sUekcrs who eainc to Ireland to escape
eonscripl inn is proceeding thoroughly,
but has nut produced anything like the
iiniiiiH-i ni iiii-ii mm uiui.1 pt uiiu niiu-
U i licit tu be mailable. Estimated run
ning as hi'li as ,i0,000 were at one
time current, but the best opinion now
fixes the number at one fifth of that
The deportation of these people w as.
piitc pnpulnr. Some of them are sup
posed tn have taken to the hills to avoid
arrest, iiiul there are rumors in Dublin
that the Dublin and Wicklow moun
tains arc affording them shelter.
A Good Suggestion
Try Chamberlain Ii Tablets when
bilious ur constipated. You are certain
to be much pleased with them. They
are casv to tskc nod pleasant in cfTet-t.
Knr sale I all dealers. Benson. Smith
& Co.. I. til . iiviii- M ;i "
a liiu. lias any iuo i'Nu'mi lieen
iua.lt- to take .are of tlienif This is a
Hcriiuis pinl.letn an-1 one ttuit thinking
itieh nt' lliis en 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 u 1 1 v sliuul'l ;'n i'
their attention to.
' Ket ui n my tu I lie iUCHtiou as to
whether or out the Hawaiians and I'm
tuguese ami other nationalities among
the poor and working classes will go
on the luinl ami iie clop these home
Hteads and agrii nil in a I lumls, I repent
hiihiii that they will. They will, if the
government will Hist tlicin, a the
go crniiieiit has in other parts of the
l;uitei States ami I v tln from a
knowledge I liae ii - 1 1 1 1 rt I in nix lui'i;
icsnleiiic lieie ami a lung study ut the
si tent iiiii. The Hawaiian nul the I'm
'lii'iice will liei nine a uo'l hmni'sl i:nlel
i' he l- lli'll lit liiist 11 lil'tvlil'ty
i hniii e.
How Much Has Been
Boards? Nobody Knows
Metzger Thinks It's Time Com
mission Had a. Regular Busi
ness System So It Could Get
as r- i I n mi
hi rag is aim nuurei mmen
ThCyVe Needed
Following the receipt of the annual
report of the board ef harbor coat Ml,e, or hew much he will hav avail- rtHqd bills, during the meeting of the
missloners yesterday by the members able for investment ia-the Issut of new board of harbor commissioners yeater
ef the board Commissioner D. B. Mets- Liberty Bonds. -If the stockholders t day afternoon. Commissioner Korman
per asked Chief Clerk Frank Poor If err. n then the" cash going to ' K. WatklaV threw a verbal waaada
thera was any way of tndi.g out how tht enstodian will be comparatively I , u! 7. T -7,f ,
many million, of dollars had been spent . ,ma0: ia amount, otkerwia. .U may 1 at you. fellows lesned
altogether by all the various harbor amount to a considerable sum. var. "-wards last wesk when' jrou
boards for improvements in this Ter j Compilation af the paymeate la sob-1 l"J that role to get a fsw dollars
r,trr- I aerlptioas for the American Factors. 1 out of the shlnnlmr
The qnestiou almost took away the.u-.itMl t,at ..riri..t.. .kw
breath of the chief clerk and startled , t,f, iB TMh, of 2,7SOJK)0 in cash,
the other members present. Mr.' Poor aiuan.SSO In Liberty Bonds aad $1,
anawered that the only way be knew 3nH,300 la exchanged stock,
to Deft at aiieh lmiri waa In mi haek i , . ... . . , , v,..
, .. -- - "
year by year and dig them up out of
the various reports. This eitra work
did wot eeem to appeal to the board,
nut Uaiina a.t i II axmnvAjl ss 1nnaa.
...rTu "! ' " , " I
"What ha. been poured into these
impfovement. and what has been got J
t A sa ' J.M t9 K Am laa kar flan nnnnla
ii ii van vs issvr lis ' " nuai tmv in niiir
1. what the
of this territory have a right to know,"
remarked Commissioner Metr.ger.
Chief Clerk 'oor explained that the
hooks were closed every year and no
balance of improvement values was
r".rrt'lSer" .. . i . iiu
"I bol.eve th.s board should have a
business system , with a proper capital
. . L .1
account to show whether we are go
ing ahesd or falling behind; also to
indicste what we should plan .head."
continued Metrger.
Again Chief Clerk Poor explained
that once-lonn aUo-hc had made some
-mh report, which II. Gooding Field,
"an expert accountant," had stated
was a fine one.
"But Auditor Fisher said that if I
kept up such report, they would soon
show that the Territory was owing
the commission money, se no more such
reports were made.'1 said Poor and
the epmmissioncra had a good laugh,
but Metnger stuck to his guns.
After some discussion Commissioner
Norman K. Watkins said that with 2,
000,000 of property in its care ami so
much business to look after, there
I"nid harbor board of
:.Ptod.Uem,tro the"rdwork
ive ail the time necessary
should be
three members
who could give
to the job, instead of commissioner,
who were so busy with other work
they could not do justice to the work
in hand for the board. This ended j
the discussion with jio action taken to !
find out the total value or improve
ment. made.
, . w. s. a.
On motion of A. M. Brown, city at
torney, the charge of publishing a
criminal libel standing against Roderick
(). Matheson, editor of The Advertiser,
wa dropped in the circuit court yes-,
terday when Judge Heea ordered n
nolle prosequi to be entered. !
This particular charge grew out of
the publication in The Advertiser of a
series of advertisements signed by
"Dixie Ooolittle," in which the local
luilnc of Kilts came in for mention in
connection with the bar maintained in
the lodge's social hall.
Richard H. Trent and R. O. Matheson
were indicted by the territorial grand
jury, the former V author of the al
b'ltcil libel and the latter for publishing ,
the so called libel, as editor of the news-
paper. Mr. Trent was found not guilty
by the jury after a sensational trial sev
eral 1 1 1 . i n 1 1 1 h ago, but the charge against
Mr. Mstheson was continued on the
court docket until yesterday.
w. a. a.
Resolution of Respect For Her
Memory Adopted
Kemlutions of respect for the memory
of the lute Mrs. Sanford B. Dole, who
died last week, were adopted yester
day Iiv the Hawaiian Humane (Society
at its first regular meeting after the
summer vacation. Mrs. Dole wa. pres
ident of the society for six years. Fol
low inu in the resolution:
"In the death of Mrs. 8. B. Dole
the community again suffers a loss
which all must feel keenly. No one
can fnrct the grace, tact and universal
kindliness with which she filled the
dirhcult position of wife of the Prcsi
dent of the Provisional (lovernmetit .
then nf the Republic of Hawaii and
j later as wife of the Governor of the
! Tenitorv of Hawaii. Hut with these
'tu'icK she never forgot the obligation
to be kind; anil ntie was alwavs th
i to all who specially needed aid and
svinpathy. Her sense of this obligation
I did nut stop with mankind, but extend
' ed to iluoib animals. She took an a
tm interest in the work of the Ha
waiian Humane Society from its in
eeption, becoming its first president,
ulii. h iiflice she filled with distinguish
e.l ability for six years, till failing
health induced her itlnlranal tinin mi
H'-tivc a position, Therefore;
"Resolved, That the Hawaiian II u
i ic Society, recognixing the loss huh
tinned bv the cummiinity as well as it
self', teels it an liiinnr to place on its
id iirds, this tribute to the memory
of Mis. Sanford B. Hole, whose pluee
in the membership ui the Society will be
lun. I In fill, whose position in the hearts
ami nieiniii ies nf all fneuits uf the ilis
tiesseil. both men .iml animals, csnin't
be filled.
"Resolved. That a copy hereof be
sent to the bereave. I husband ami he
published iu the daily papers."
l' n 1 1 1 ii nas or en nmwiy isste j
mined on what bt th aSsrtts of Cash '
. , ' . l , . k :. I I .
ad Liberty Roads shall l destributed
t among the stockholders of H. Hsekfelil
fc vvamn ii win if ut im iwnwiiiv iv
?""' ." "-h ,iJ '''..d
. ... - i
n nil mi i uui
nsru ittinrivriltl UaTk) llUlUldll llalllVlllA
fin i lati "i ii a isi .
.Mill I llil ! t I Mill : U
. V BJ IL U U IUk.ll I I
wa mar noaica, iviroann, i " nicvung resoiuiioa nau oeea i
hllrtre nj others of the Haekfold ' Pil to charge the steamers at a
stockholder, who were not permitted to j rf for the expense ef cleaning up '
e,tM, lhe Mrw eorporation mar be paid 'loading or unloading cargo, i
i . ....... . . r ..lvf-.l. Til I m m I
"or tneir Holdings in cash and that if
U( u Aow fce wlU havi
,Mi Mrt of , mil,ioB j,nnrn
in cash for Investment. It i said that ,
this ia the suggestion of R. H. Trent I
yet answered
One of the demands that was pre
,.,i l. .(.tki,u,.i
t"t " more than sixty percent of
Bub,,r,m ,houla bo frfim Liber-
. a ssi.:. . , . . .
wii. iris miiini ur lasrn tu
' ... tj:.L i -l ...
,f . , . . .
. JfJJi. TJ"?" Vt
..V;" " " T
tVj 1? J J ?-
,.he e".H' '"n !? tod would
- " - m-"
Z" v v
Xo adviees.have as yet been received
from Washington as to whether the
auhscnption to the new issue of Lib-
enr Bonds made by the custodian from
dited to the Hawaii quota. He wlH
receive from the bond, he gets in this
transaction a hsndsome sum in intent
which will make available miBMrrfption.
to subaenuent loans within the next
mP"t of "teat later enter, into
th m.tter of Hawaii '. quota. '
' . -Tl. i . -
i nus ine auesxion or tne invest-
Makes .Preparations For Holding
General MeetlnO.Tp Obtain
Suggestions Fjorr Public
Three maps of HonoRilu harbor were
scrutinized yesterday morning at the
chamber of commerce rooms by the
"Oreatrr Honolulu Hrbor" commit
tee, and one .was aelecjted as the best
tn lav ' before a getuiral meeting of
the chamber-of conjuyres, and. of clti
cim, generally to. KMisaiq j suggestions
for the drafting ofiM' report on the
rutur 'aiiipping raeiatiea to be for
warded to J. H. Roaseter, director nf
operations of the Emergency Fleet Cor
poration. The meeting was called simply n
review the map. presented by varim:.
persons. One of these, was shown by
Col. R. R. Raymond, chief of the army
engineer department; another by I.. H.
Hi jelow, superintendent of public
works, and a third by the Inter Islaud
steam Navigation Co. The maps show
all the improvements to date, and in
I our a plan mr ruiurv aeveiupmeui in
shown, indicating where additions to
the 'present Honolulu harbor facilities
may be made and how the adjoining
Palamu basin may be utilixed for ex
The purpose of the session was to
discuss a tentative plan of the general
scope of the greater harbor that Ho
iiiilulu is to recommend later on to the
national government.
Information arriving here from Han
Kiancisco recently indicated that Mr.
ItoHscter is yet the director Vf opera
tions of the Kmea-gency Fleet Corpora
t in ii, and will continue as such, and wa.
recently the guest of honor at a ban
met which was in the nature of a
farewell function preparatory to his
leaving for Washington. The story of
the banquet proceedings also included
a ntatemeut that he had risen in twen
ty years from the position of an oftire
clerk to the head of some of the largest
coast shipping and other corporations,
and that in hi. new government posi
tion he has boon given almost plenary
powers to arrange for the utilisation of
the vast shipping tonnage which the
I'nited State, will have at its disposal
after the war. It was also stated that
he had opportunity to arrange for
the disposal of .;o eminent funds to
ciliary harbors to uicct commerce de
dust when the general meeting is
to be hebl was not decided yesterday
but it may be deferred until September
IS when the chamber of commerce mem
bcrx have their mouthly meeting. There
is u disposition, however, to call
snci-inl meeting tu cousider
Prof. J. Macniillan Browo of Christ-,
church I'nlver.itjY New Zealand, now
visitimr the Islands, will give a lecture
on "The Languages of the Pacific"
before the Hawaiian Historical Society,
in the Library of Hawaii, on Thursday
evening, September 12 at eight o'clock.
ot my members of the society but
also all those interested in the subject
-re invited to attend. The lecture is
The board of managers will hold a
meeting at half aat seven to elect a
treasiuer in place of Bruce Cartwright
Jr., who has entered the military ser
vice of the L'uited States.
lliarll Pntf f iWiTnc
IllkU l VII VUUlLi
Injure Ilonolalu s 5 ' t
Til 'ui.k.;'i n '.j ik fi i. it
I 1 1" nai uui v oudiu u 1 i.cancu
Ovr ftar.kwarria Wrion It Tat.
ShiDDlna and It Too Short
Slanted ' - . . . - f
I a to the middle of a discussion about
Chairman Lyman B. Bigelow aad
Judge D. K. MetKger aat up- and Won
dered. Then they remembered that at
!lV"5 rt?'"!i' -h'J 3T!
vnairmau mgeiow answered!
But that is what we paid that truck
for that wo all agreed to diacontinue
" S?0"" ? " pen".
, wn" w'vico uoea a ship get
"It gets tho right to come to a line
wharf to load and nnlond cargo," re
'''vP.!"1',1"!! ! igelow
, ' ",?bt. 'wh ' we K"
for taxes!' ',' intcrposeil MetxgeT.
it 1. . , . - ,
It IS a question a to whether put
.ting up small bills to our shipping
Uoeau'i hurt the port," ..id Wathin.
on't agree with that proposl-
, .. rtt0Ttt)i cmmiasioaer Metiger.
Bhips come here for profit and charge
accordingly, and not to have the officers
entertalaed at luaus. They pay for j
what they get.' I
"Well. Baa Francisco is a port of
high charges and the result has been
VTr -
Francisco,' ' ld Commissioner WA-)
kins. r
Again Commissioner Metr.ger answer -
ed, to the effect that for 8eattle U was
mrgejy the railroads which bad so much
in better rates to that port, especially
, for grain "
I. be,,e.Ve t"' PUt "
o ao wun mil Mine ur Denitie in max-
the shipping make, any difference, as
the steamship rompaaies make their
rates and the publie. pays,'.' he' added.
Chairman Bigelow .aid it would take i
ari act of congress to change the wharf-
asre rates which Hswaii wsn allowed to
charge. A discussion ou the board rules
followed, during which Commissioner
Metr-ger told Commissioner Wat Una
that he agreed with him In the prinw-
Vl sfiL 1 ... bL6!rgJ
iiOTBfcsrj ::i :
M thlnh thlt U . r.ttv fine int
remarked Wk In. P ' ' ' I
"Well, it means that the board wiU
have to pay four .weepers at tho rata
I of $35 each a month, or a total of $220
a month, beside 4150 for cartage to
keep the wharves clean," said the chair-
'All Ilm " r;irl,l Watlrlna
"I think you all leaned over backward, i
to enforce this rule."
"We cannot raise wharfage rates,"
replied Bigelow, "but the steamship
companies can aad do."
Soaking the Guest
u "8e.! w'Vv'' ",1 "nmi,0BM.wt
k.n. " f I have a guest at my house
anu ao mave. rae n on lDe i.u.i ,
7"V "0V?d".?.W" W "i JJ
' ' 1 "a " "v. , ,w J
servant in cleaning up that lanai."
" Mavbe not, replied Mettger,
if a guest at a hotel dropped dirt on a
-arpet and spoiled it he would have
to pay for it."
"It's the same with the steamships,"
retorted Watkins, "If they damage the
pier they pay for it."
It was finally acknowledged by all
three commissioners present that the
freight should be made to pay, as is
doiio on the other islands, where a tax
per ton is expected for all freight land
ed on a wharf. No oflicial action was
taken iu the case, however.
w. a. a. i
Every Frenchman living la the Ter-
ritory of Hawaii wno was bora ia tne
year 1000, and who ti)l retains his al-
legiance to the French Republic, ia
ordered forthwith to report to Dr. A.
Marque., the Freneh consul, prepara-
tory to being drafted into the 1020
Vi47e Nnrmrin iVAslfftr
class for service against Germany. sion.lly on tho wharves as a stevedore.
Any Frenchmen of the age designated j Thev went into this swipes making
who fail, to report in person, or send business, she said, to help feed, her
his name and addres. to Boetor Mar-1 family, tf her husband was arrested,
quea, will be posted aad considered as ( her children would starve. I inveatl
a deserter. This call provide, for any gated the conditions surrounding thi.
Frenchman now eighteen year, of age, rase and found that what the woman
and the call i. not only imperative but told m was tmc.
it is understood that under the recent Make Big Profits
treaties with England and Fraace with i "The other arretted were members
a ' regard to the French government se-
curing Frenchmen living in the United
states, there ia no other way out.
"This order include, all aoa. of
Freuch fathers," said Doctor Mar-
que. yesterday, "wnether H9rn in
Prance or in its colonies, or in any
foreign country. It also includes tho
sons of natives of the French posses-
sions; rtle sons of foreigners duly nat-
un,,,,! French subjects! and the
Df foreiga parents, born in Franc-
or in French colonies.
"French subjects bora previous to
moves the cause. Used tb world ovot
to cute a cold in one day. The signa
ture ot B. W. GROVB is on each box.
Manufactured ty the PARIS MBDI
CINB CO., &: uoait, U. 8 A.
MAncifAi cmivco
, .ether and Large Amount of 1;
- . . i Evidence l secured
,y;i-. riu 1 vvT :----
Smlddy Says Industry' That Has
. Recently 'Flourished Js -
' Facing Its Doom v v
Five manaftcorlei of swipes- 'were
pot out of business, '.quantities of the
stuff seised at evidence and a'sumbef
of arrests made yesterday when Vnited
States Marshal Bmlddy and Deputy
M.rah.I Uval
f . t i J. i j
M,r,haI I-rml ow odd,BV
uneipeetedly upon a voritable aest of
the tljielt boose markers. . The t Ivs
lointa were located almost with la . &
, , , IT'. .7 r.
",0M tbrow of one smother a School
Street and It wa. suggestive Of tho
f,te of the habitual swipes drinker that
clnity of the Insane asylum, If for
roavenieaee sake.
All of the swipes Joists were running
full blast when the officer, made their
raids upon the places that have been,
it is said, a rendesvous for soldiers and
dissolute Hawaiian, for some weeks
These wholesale arrests ars among
the flrst made nnder the federal prohl
D"'" nw' . ....
Owing to the fact that military pro
hiblrloa under proelamatioa did aot
prohibit the manufacture of liquor wjf
U but merely ptohlbited tio
"du Vl.-la-.VuS
' iaea the dry Oaha proelamatioa
1 w, P" o ffeet. Hswaliaas haro
ont ,B, "l M,T. V? .v
,.moBeJ. nd when raided by the police
tbsy have al way. malatalned that they
1.11 !f,"L."ll ...vtt VlJSl
proved. It was Impoasiblo to .obtain
conviction, under the territorial taws.
014 Order Fs. .
Conditions have vastly changed, how-
ever, under the federal -law aad the
presence ' borne manufactured
BUd brsin destroying brew upon tho
premise, of anyone la Hawaii will be
fon.idered prima faeia evidence of It
bv tho person span whoa
Ptemlse. it ia found aad srrests sad
333 .ajar. T-"
XHpJs, frank I.uia, 8. Mahuil, WUIIant
W PbP FtriUa., Tarshkl
br,"ht .JS ;'k
ru1' orIJ7,0""c' "W Darroui
till un u.i in. v. " T tj..', wh.vh jtmv
out a stench that permeated tho Whole
federal building. Jode Banks was
driven out of his office by the noiious
fumes, which arose from this evLUne
' b P'omiaei that the defendant, in
these esses will be givep a speedy trial
In ordeT to rid the marshal's room of
the reeking and foul smelling mass of
"exhibits" in the case. U bs called.
I Bwlpes Making Common .
"8wipe. making is going on all over
th(, ln . fMt r,r the Xer.
H, M,Mh Udy. f "Tn
cat this condition is caused by
ignorance on the part of Hawaiians,
1 1 . 1 . , . - A l ,L. .
t wno nave not oeen moicsieu ia inv- uasi
. , . . M . I v i
Tor me manuraciure or locir noma sww.
The police could aot do anything with
them as there was no territorial law
covering the case. If a man wss ac
tually caught selling the liquor, ho was
arrested andhi. conviction foUowod.
"In the arrest, of today, there were
two rases where there were extenuating
circumstances. Mahuia, the second man
nrreated. is destitute totally blind and
has a wife dependent upon him. He
freely admitted having made and sold
this vile stuff but gave a. an excuse
that he had no other means of liveli
Wife Would Substitute
"When we raided the Freita. joint,
Freitas kicked over the tub of .wipes
and after making hi. e.cape through
the back of the house, he went Into
hiding in the neighborhood. We can
get him any time we want him, how
ever. His wife pleaded most tearful
I IV witn me nor to continue ine scares
im fcer BU,hand. She said that she was
; perfectly willing to submit to arrest
, but begged that her husband bo allow
j ed to go free. Tho woman said that
.he had a number of small children,
, Her husband eould only get work oeea
' a rn of lofrs and bum. who
have taken advantage of these road i
tions tn make an e.sv living. Thev are
too strong to work and lie .round thfss
inints 11 dav debauching aoldier. and
. .....
Hswsiisnv The iuir costs nttie or
rue stun costs nttie or
make, as It consist; of
pineapple peeling; lira a,
little sugar r molasses
nothing tn
banana and
rotoea. a little
in fact anything which will ferment,
Ther get one dollar aad fifty i nits
a bottle for the stuff and are tharnriqg
war prices. Twenty year ago when
liquor was axpemive hero, swipe. old
111 Ullll Lsw III! llllwltv
, a a ailnhfli n in
rnr firtv cents a gallon. Taese reuows wnicn ta. hitherto been a free body (
are profiteer. s well a. moonshiners." supported by membership, and by vol
A preliminary hearing of the case, untary donation. A special masting
will be held before Commissioner George of the member will bs held on Tuesday
Curry thi. morning. In the meantime next at three-thirty in tht afternoon,'
the federal huUding reminds one ia the chamber of commerce room fur-
of anvthing hut a hav loft filled with
new mown hay, judging from the odor
that assails those who monnt the teir.
to the marshal's office.
f4,isalatlow OnaspacT
' ,llok A-rlraltnfal Co UtL -"
jt wekaa Sugar Co Ltd. ':!
I ' Khala Sugar Company V .v .'
.yi ahiswa water uompaay, ui,
... t,u
' Fulton Iron 'tafki, of St. Loois
Babcoek ft Wileea Company '--.:!
Oreesl's Fuel Esoaoulser Cofaima
thai, C Moors A Co englsoarg
IUII09 KATI0AT1O1 .'crOniTAiri
; - , otq join kii'tA, 'J
"1 W fit V
'V l
r' i 1 S " 'V
How' Do Yoiir
IK !;(f-
By using checks to pay all
bills you will be ' abls to say
positiyely an4 at once just how
you stand financially .the first
of each month. Such a system
makes for economy and conve
nience. . '"";";--,.,'..':
Bank of Hawaii,
Ltd; :
Corner Fort aad ?'erchant rjtraatl
a TTCPfi A T . A Of A XI
Buguiar Sailing, to BBITI8H
COLUMBIA (changs at Victoria, B.
C, for Seattle; Vancouver Is eon
aeetingi point for patstagers 'by
to or via tS. Paul, ChicaCgo or Mon
treal), FIJI, NEW ZEALAND and
Thco.RDivies iCo.Ltd
CASf LE & COOKE Cd.rittd
Comcissioii Merchant;
Sugar Jittors
Ewa PlaaUtioa Co.
Waialaa Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Work, of St. Louis
Blake Stesm Pump.
Western Centrifugals
Babeock WUeoa Boilers
Green's Fuel Eeoaomlaor
Marsh Steam Pumps
Matsoo Navigation Co.
Planters Line Shipping Oo.
Kohala Sugar Co.
ihlncry of every description ta4 to
Issued Tuesdays and Friday.
(tutcred at the PoatotBo of Honolulu,
T. H, as second-class matter)
Per Yaajr k.. i$2.00
Per Year (foreign) ......13.00
Payable Invariably in advance.
The Aa.sstatsa Pim Is aslastvelv sa
ttUs4 te Us use far MabUaUa of aU
aawa-aaspatcba. craSHad Is 11 h net ether,
wise eradltaa ta UI fnpt and . alas US
taeat aaws Mbllsaaa taaraia. ' .
0. a CBANx BujOboso Mismot.
In view'bf the action of congress i
appropriating funds v.ndet tha Agrl
w , Bi wltr ,fce weatB bu-
, , ' i . . . . ..
rmmn I. .nA,..r.t. , I V 4V. U.. .II.h
, r
Volcano isihAjsoclatlos, in the
work, pt vvlenc le'(envit fhe ,Ha-
wpliab groctpi and hi' ordari that the
necessary formalities may bo the mora
eaaity complied with, the director of
the association, at their last meeting,
decided that It would bo advisable reg- ,
ularly to incorporate the aseocletioa.
ther to consider the question. .'Th
meeting will be open to all who sre
interested in the work now. carried on
at th Kiiaua OWrvatorr.-

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