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12 :
r 'Y,.;
fteptember 9, )0l' Last
twety-four hoori'! 'rainfall,
0.00. v Tempera! a re, Jlin., 7Uj
Ma., Hi. Weather, . Clond.
AU Mania Meatlaaa and Ob WimUm
VOL;- LII, NO. 7i.. 1 1'
x t : r ' V; ' . ' :- ....... i i . , . . 7 .
' - .'. -) i- ' -: i Y :.-Y. 'j ,v i.:Vv Y-.; .
.i ( .
Rosfstance Stiffens and
Gain Points of Advantage From
Arras To Riieims
N1$W YORK, September 10
Germans offering increased
J oh thti various sectors, from Rheims to Aras, the great battle that
1iaMen raging for months appears now to be entering on a new
feimci' The Germans have evidently reached the line they purpose
,i6 defend and will endeavor to retain what is left of the old Hmden-
, , ... Iurg'ine, only thirty miles of
I lo l.arere, remains intact.
. ' I. "' fypecially heavy efforts are being made to prevent the capture
ui.Vtlrtiii,bral and Laon. The British yesterday found the rearguards
redoubled and backed up with much artillery and the Americans,
advancing between Rheims and the positions held by the French
on the Aisne, were met with the heaviest machine gun fire they
have yet been called upon to face, i , : -RESISTANCE
Despite the increased resistance of the Huns, however, yester
day was another period of Allied advances and of German defeats.
The British made substantial gains of importance in their advance
towards Cambrai, taking the ground along a four-mile front between
Havrincourt and Pei2icre, southeast of Bapaume. driving the Ger
mans backV This gives the British the old ground thev held previous
to von Hiivdcnburg's drive In March, frott). which positions thy,4J0w.
dominate Gouzeaucourt and the
shelter oE.wnlcWGermn amctin
' Hindenburg line where it runs closest to Cambrai, on the southwest
of that city. V,-
The British advance toward St. Qucntin continues, despite the
German desperation in defense, now being aided by heavy rains
and mud. I
Northeast of Peronne the eastward progress of the British is
persistent and the advance has now reached well to the cast of.
Roiscl, some seveif miles east of Peronne. Here, as further north,
the German lines which have been taken up just in advance of the
old Hindenburg. line, are strongly backed by artillery. Throughout
yesterday the Gcjman gunners shelled Roisel heavily. j
On the southern end of this front the British are now within
five miles of St. Qucntin. Yesterday morning British patrols en
tered the towns of Vermand and Verdelles, both northeast of the
objective city.
North of Arras, along the Cambrai road, the llritish made a
formidable thrust yesterday, beating down the German defenses and
pushing their lines ahead in preparation for the main drive, upon'
the city. !
In Flanders the German artillery east of the Lys River is in ;
creasing in volume. ;
Along their entire front south of the Canal du Ford to the
junction of their line with the French and British advance yester-!
day was steady and every desperate effort of the Germans to hold
proved futile.
The French north of the Somine are advancing abreast of the
British. They are now close to the Hindenburg line west of Cam
brai, where the line runs some four miles west of the city, and are j
pressing forward close to Fort Liez, four miles north of LaFera.
At this latter point they have crossed the Crozati Canal, a branch of
the Sonime Canal system running north from the Oise. '
In the neighborhood of Lal'erc the French are striking in to
the north of the Forest of St. Gobain and threatening to cut the
German line and open the way for such further successes north of
this forest as to threaten the German hold upon the highly strategic (
position, the retention of which is essential for the defense of Laon
and the entire southern end of their present defense system.
Between the Oise and the Aisne the army of General Manirin
is now practically back in all the old French positions of the spring.'
The Germans are offering heavy resistance to further attempts to 1
advance and are making some counter attacks. Northeast of Sois
sons, where Americans are brigaded with the French, the heaviest'
resistance of the enemy is bemg encountered. Two strong counters
were delivered by the Germans near Laffaux, which was thrown
lut. i...r u;.rl.t., : i.- i. i i 'W. t
avn, viiiijr ji in i lentil iiduus. i nc prisoners were
identified as belonging to fve different regiments.
WASHINGTON, September 10
the casualty lists which were released
yesterday there ere coutained long
er list tbau for several days past, the
''.";. .'.4
Offensive Draws Into
(Associated Press) With the
resistance to the Allied advances
which, from southwest of Cambrai
Gouzeaucourt Wood, within the
I total of army and Marines losses be
ing 7S4.
The army losses reported showed nlne-
ty two killed in action, thirty two dead
i of wounds, five of other causes, i0'2
i wounded, IN.") missing and one taken
prisoner bv the foe.
Captain Joseph Walker of Haver
I ford, Pennsylvania, is among those
In ' wounded.
The Marines list showed one killed
in action, four dead of wounds and two
MAJ.-OEN. OMAR BUNDY AND STAFF To Oener.1 Bundy and hia division of Ameri
cans has been given the credit for driving the Germans across the Marne as well as for
th first, great American victory at Chateau Thierry which was the inception of the offensive which
has swept the foe back to the old Hindenburg lines. This picture was taken in front of divisional
neaaquancrs in France.
nun i i uii i 1 1 1 u
Machine; Gun Fire Stiffest They
Have Met Since Crossing
Vesle But They Advance
WA8HINOTON. Heptember 10 (As
aoclated Press) In th fsoe of the
lifteitt hdiI mpst hrsHiu(( macliiite guu
r whirb th havr f ountrrcd nirn e
thy eromatl the Vaala River, Per
hink'a ton 0m the Aits to the Went
irt-f Blih arored alynrffi U certain
poiuu iB a curvau iiaeivBiuh rani rram
OleiaMt6 YjPlpl Arrr on a frppt about
vi Diil?fTffTiSrtrTBia BiiTam; .
lreeie.L U 'a roDalderkble bowbar.l'
Wnt of tt)V aiaehiaa gua nests hV the
Awerioan Batteries auil behind this the
Aaieriians uiale their way forward,
cleaning out hest after next of run
nerit, to their objective ponitions. 7
&ash Daqgar ZJaa
Between the Alletta and the Aisne
Rivers, the Americans and the ea'h
with whom they are cooperating have
evidently reached the line beyond which
the enemy considers any advance dan
gerous. In this sector the enemy yes
terday attacked Jtha new Allied liae
with an energy and force which dis
pones the arrival of fresh troops thrown
in to Ntem the advancing tide.
Pershing Xaporta
In his communique on the fighting of i
latti naiuruay ueuerai reraning said:
"To the south ef the Aisne our troops
entered the village of Mum-ourt and
captured fifty prisoners. A li entile
con titer in this section was repulsed,
our line, advancing slightly later.
"Two strong raids iu the Woevre
district were beatt off, leaving pris
oners in our hauds.
"In Alsace a successful raiding party
inflicted losses on the enemy."
I'nonicial reports ou the raid in Al
sMcc aid tlist the Americans peuetrated
deeply into the enemy trendies and iu
Hided severe losses following twenty
minutes of artillery preparation.
w! a. a.
HAN JUAN. Porto Hico, September
10 (Associated Press) K. C. Roberts,
Hpocial Agent in charge of the I'uited
Htates Employment Hervice here, has
annouueed that within a short time
several thousand women will be regis
tered and ready to go to the
I'uited I
states to help in war work.
The women, as well as the men. are
being classified in such a way that par-
ticular types of workers can be sup- i
plied to meet auy particular require
meiit. Mr. Huberts said that a consid
erable n umber of the women who are
enrolled have had iiiflicient commercial
training to make them valuublo iu the
offices of exporting houses having busi
ness in Hpanish speaking countries.
BERLIN, September 10 ( Associated
Press) Last night's official report as
issued from the war office says that the
British attacks on both aides of the
I'eroune lanibra road failed.
The report issued iu the afternoon
said that the Allied attacks to the north
of Armeatieres had failed aud that
some prisoners were taken. Between
the Aisne and the Ailette it reports the
French to have been repulsed with
heavy losses.
. ' - . '
... - X- . ! -ot
wiiiiiiina.v llla.1.1 llllll . T-,. .... . 77. .. . 1 11 I lllllll llllllil 111
:. ii
I nrniini in iifi
1 H V-V?
Majority is Reduced
But Governor , Se
nator and Foiit Con
gressmen Be&tyDe-
PORTLAND, Maine, September
10 (AaeocUtad Praaa) The Ra
pirbUcana have again carried
Maine, but by a Tery much "de
crcar.ed majority orer the results
of two years ago.
Governor MllUklna, who won in
1916 by a plurality ofiUhtrteen
thouaand, waa reelected, bat hia
majority la only about thirty-eight
hundred. '
Apparently the Demoratic ean
dtdatet got many Republican votes,
and at times, daring the count,
it seemed taat the congraaalaaal
tlfket of the Democrata would
nose out winner. The final count
was not complete last night, but
the end waa sufficiently near to
show that Senator reroald and the
four Republican candidate for the
house had been reelected.
w. a a.
Newly Elected President of China
Will Not Accept Unless
Factions Get Together
THIKKi. September 9 (Special to
Nippu .1 iji ) Though Hsu Shih Chang,
foiiucr premier of China, was elected
by the Peking parliament president of
the Chinese republic, it will be some
tune yet before be will assume his
duticb if he ever does.
Hhu. according to a Ptking des
patch received today, has declined to
accept the presidency pending uniflca
lion or tne country. Me appealed to
the people of China to set aside all
political differences for the country's
sake and unite iu order to put the
country on a (Inner foundation.
"I'uless the people are united fer
the country's welfare and hearty sup
port of the government." Hsu declar
ed in his statement. "I cau not but
decline the high honor bestowed upon
me by the parliament iu electing me
the president of the republic."
Jlsu's plea for a united couutry is
rearded as an answer, and at the
same time a warning, to the revolu
tiouaiy government in Canton for the
stand it took ugainst the Pekiug gov
ernment. Its leaders issueil an otti
rial declaration following Hsu's elec
tion and refused to recognire the elec
tion as legal on the ground that the Po
king government is an illegally con
stituted body and any election by it
must In; deemed null and void.
If the Southern government insists
ou maintaining its hostile attitude
against the North despite Hsu's plea
and warning, the inauguration of the
president elect will bv called off.
i i w w ii a
Ctfii... I .1 T..i.- I r
ru..T9 tcau ui turns dMU oays,
Kaiser Honestly Desires
a Lasting Peace
iiiutcii,.i, I
AMSThRDAM, September 10-(As ,
sociateu rrcss) hollowing closely up-
on the interview nhich was given to a
Vicuna newspaper by Talaat Pasha,
Turkish grand vizier, dentin fires the
first Teutonic , gun in the expected
" aefl.yrewvf 'fc JiKk ' wiU-ndonbt
f eilly lib launched by the Central frtrf
; crs in view of their .'reverses during
j the summer campaign,
I Ctemin has also given an article to
a Vienna newspaper and he also gives
j voice to expressions of a more peace
ful tone.
I In this article he says that he favors
, a league of nations just as the A men
I can President t'avors a league of i
1 lions and as do many of the leaders
; in the other Allied countries. The idea
j is nothing uew to the Central Powers
who are working eut the problem.
The principles, he declares, are
favored by a great majority of the
(Tcruian people, including the emper ir.
and they honestly desire a lasting
4 peace.
w. a. a.
WASHINGTON, September 9 (Oiti
rial ) Plans for a uniform and equable
system of compensation of injured cm
ploycs or the dependants of such em
ployes as may be killed while in the
service of the railroads of the coun
try are being considered by the railroad
administration. It is also hoped that
there may he made a positive arrange
ment for the retirement of employes
on pension at a given age and pro
visions for health and old age insur
uncc at reasonable rates.
further extended
WASHINGTON. September 10 -( As
sociated Press) The house today pass
cd the senate resolution which con
fers upon the President the power to
establish dry zones around munition
lactones, and other war produc' ioi
plants just as they are now cstab.i .Ii
ed around army and uavy training
The resolution now goes to Wilson
ami his proclamation is expected lo
follow quickly.
A M ST KM) AM, September 9-(.sso
ciated Press) Turkey has secure.! s
loan from Germany, is the announce
ment made by the Turkish minister of
finance. He says negotiations have
been completed for the loan of 4.V0O0,
000 Turkish pounds.
This is equivalent in
innate tg a loau Of $1,
1'nited Stales
Successes of Czecho Slovaks and
Allies Grow Larger In Sibe
ria and In Russia
WAHHIVOTON, Heptember 10 -(Associated
l're i Reports of continued
snd growing successes for the Oecho
Mlovaks and the Allied forces both in
Siberia and in Russia com from various
pnrts of Russia anil from Asiatic
On eptcmlier ::, the Czechoslovak
forces took Chits, the capital of Trans
Imikalia I'lovince, it is told in messages
reaching here from Peking. Confirma
tion of this report, ami news of fur
ther successes of gn-at iniKrtance was
contained in Vladivostok semiofficial
reports which said that to the South of
Chita the Czecho slovaks had met and
defeated the Rolsheviki and their Teu
toaic former prisoner Allies and by so
doing had been nhle to effect a junc
ture with the forces of New Russia.
Opens Up Route
The capture of Chita and the suc-
reeding victory has oHned up a route
from Irkutsk to Vladivostok
The enemv is reported to be in full
I retrent and to Iss poisoning the wells as
, they go.
Brave Bluejackets
Uespatches from Archangel tell of
,lr, reiPnt fighting in which American
Kluejaekets participated ami distin
gunned themselves bv their bravery
anil success. This force was a part of
the seventh American Blue Jackets and
it assisted in the capture of Obersera
kava. -la tha vourse of this nVhttnff. la
the Central pljVt.im9it''9 aneeeeafally extricated tbeaft-
""w innn a uaogerou position ana
serious predicament after having been
surrounded. Completely encircled they
flnnlly succeeded in fighting their way
through the enemy cordon but they
struggled for two days to do it and for
much of the time were imbedded in
Hundreds Shot
Meantime internal troubles at Mos
cow and Petrograd aud other important
Holshevlst centers continue to grow. A
Russian official despatch received in
Amsterdam announced that 512 al
leged counter revolutionaries had been
shot. Among these were two members
of the right or Social Revolutionary
The action was taken by the soviet
government in reprisal for the murder
of Moses Uritzky who was chairman of
the committee for the suppression of
counter revolutions.
Anxiety la Felt
Anxiety is felt for the safety of
various consular officers and other rep
resentatives of the Allied nations.
Norman Armour, secretary of the Unit
ed States embassy to-Russia has arrived
iu Stockholm where he has reported
that British and French consular offi
cers and other officials throughout the
pa its uf Russia that are still controlled
by the Bolsheviki, have been arrested
by soviet officials and are being held
pending the result of negotiations with
the Allies.
w. a. a.
NKW YOHK, September 10 (Asso
ciated Press) Advices received here
from Turkish and Arabian sources tell
of insurrections among the troops of
the Turkish army.
At Konia, half way between Con
stantinople and Aleppo, when orders
were given to a contingent to entrain
for Palestine, the troops seized the
guns, large and small, and made for
the mountains, where they formed a
new revolutionary centre in Alia
Minor. They have so located them
selves, that they command the main
jthoroughfare belwven Constantinople
and Palestine.
In Smyrna and Aiden some fifty
kilometers to the south similar re
volt has been inaugurated.
In the Caucasus, the Turks Have been
hsving a hard time to pluck the fruit
of the Brest l.itovsk conference. They
are being resisted by the Kurds, the
Armenians and (ieorgians, and have
made little or no progress in seizing
the coveted lands there. j
WASHINGTON, September 9 - lOlfl
! ciiil .-All records in cotton ginning
have been broken this year. I'p to
! September I, it is announced by the
I census bureau, there have been giuned
, I ll.'tO.H.'O bales, which is more thau
has ever before been ginned up to
that time of the vear.
Japanese Foot and
Horse Capture A
mur River Squad
ron; Enemy Con
centrates Heavy
Forces On Upper
TOKIO, September 9 (Sp- :
cial) The Japanese army
in Siberia accomplished what is
regarded as an unprecedented 1 ;
feat when it captured a whole
Amur River Squadron at Khaba
rovsk, capital of the Amur prov-: '
ince. The squadron, now in the
hands of the victorious Japanese,
is composed of fourteen river -go
ing gunboats, four" transports and
many other smaller craft. ' ;
The Japanese cavalry and in- v
fantry, which occupied Khaba '
rovsk Thursday, at once -began, s "
seige of the naval base at tffe ehy 5
so as to clear the river of naval ,
forces. On Saturday, after a (ee- f;
ble resistance by thessjajj Var- , . .
ships, the commander of thec. i
hoisted a white flag' over the. main ..' K
mast of his flagship and surirend i" ; ,
etedp-tbe ee-- the- flerow-
ing 'the ksadf ef "their f!shiplNot ) i i
a single ship attempted to run up : . V ; :
or down the river in an effort to J,,
avoid the capture. -' '!,
A naval wireless station, equip-
ped with a high-powered wireless ;V
plant, was also captured by the ,
Japanese. ' .
The capture of a whole squad- , .
ron, without the escape of, a
single ship, by a land force, is said - ;
to be the first in the history off:
wars and the announcement of J , , :
the victory of the Japanese cav
alry and infantry over the Amur
kiver squadron at Khabarovsk . r
was the signal of gteat rejfjicJlg S .
among the people throughout the :
Japanese Empire. ' :
TOKIO, September 9 ( Special to
Nippu Jiji) The Bolsheviki command
er at Blagoveecheaak, a city of the
upper Amur River In the Amur pro
vince, is concentrating a large force
of Red Quards and released German
and Austrian prisoners at a poiat
south of the city across the river, in
an attempt to give the Allied foreea
a decisive battle. The Allies, fceade4
by the Japanese cavalry, are rapidly
approaching the city from Khabarovsk.
Workers MoblUsad
To make the radical force aa large
as possible, the Bolshevist commapder
ordered every factory in Blagovaa
chensk closed and the workers released
for immediate military duty. Accord
ingly all the industrial plants have
suspended operation and the relaaaed
workers were armed and assigned ta
take the field at once. The eaemy in
that part of Siberia Is estimated to
number more than 40,000, the majority
of whom are formes' German and Aus
trian prisoners.
Otanl la Harbin
General Kikuto Otani, Japanese eom
mander in chief of the Allied forces
in Siberia, with his staff, has arrived
iu Harbin, Manchuria, from Vladivo
stock. w. a. i.
WASHINGTON. September (Offi-ciali-
One out of every six persona ia
the I'uited States bought Liberty
Hon. Is of the third issue, it is shown
bv a report that has been sent out
bv the treasiirv department. There
were 1 S,.t0..iL'5 subscribers which h
17 7 percent of the 103,000,000 astl
mated populatiou of the United Statae
.! Vi

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