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jiAWMi&x -Gazette! Tuesday, September ; 10, ipis. semi-weekly, V ;; A
' t ' V
V ) m .
' i. . m m a W
Ua All A I ' llAflU ' ITALIAN FRONT, July MtoM o ea tt thtit way W " rtorl j
ii ..rm -4 Mk a d .. arhin- toward th,UtUoAt..aa
... 1 . .! ' f
FpIat For Peace Mav Soon Be Important Juaetion, waera ine troop
. . EXDeOted If UtteranCCS, OV ISI t..... o i ..m i.. .i.i.artil fn their virion leenr. an I
. ' I i .. 4
Haife's Men Advance Alorig
Are Skirting St. Gobain
Woods Advancing On
. Laort
Total oi mmtt ;
Casualties Exceeds
WASHINGTON. September Sssixiatcd t'ress) Overcom-j
irtj; a stiffening resistance tlie I'.ritish and JhVcnch continued'
their advances yesterday and further emphasized their threats
against St. (Jucntin, Cambrai and Laon. Their progress was less
rapid but important gains were made to the northwest and south-1
west of Cambrai, along the Oise and to the north of the St. Gobain j
woods where the French more closely approached La Fere. Some ,
ground was gained by the French and the American forces to the j
south of the Aisne but advances in that sector were slow.
West and northwest of Peronne, before Cambrai and St. CJuen-
tin. alomr a twenty mile front the British advanced generally at i
some points to a depth of two miles. In this advance they captured j
Hoisel, about nine and a half miles northwest of St. Chicntin and fur
ther north Haig's men reached and took Kpehy. twelve miles north
west of St. Quentin and an equal distance southwest of Cambrai.
From Epehy the line extends through Hesbecourt. to Yermand and
VitltvMiu. the latter six miles west of St. Quentin. This advance
has carried the British at the southerly end of their line to and into
the old defenses which they occupied prior to the inception of the
German offensive last March. 9 I
Cooperating in the advance upon St. Quentin the French pro
ceeded to the north of the Somme and occupied Vaux, Fluquicres
and-a Haniel, where they are within five miles of St. Quentin. to
the southwest.
In the operations of the British afid the French before Cambrai
the enemy reacted strongly and the Allies were forced to overcome
a resistance that was stouter than any encountered for several days
past. It was evident that here the Germans had brought up strong
reinforcements and were concentrating their strength in an effort
to hold the city.
Along the Oise the French also gained some terrain but the prog
ress there was neither extensive nor important.
Further south the French continued to draw in closer upon La
Fere and further threaten Laon and all of the German positions t
the east of those ooints. Skirtinir the northcrtv cdire of the St.
Gobain woods the French took Servias which brings them nt that
point within two and a half miles of La Fere.
In Flanders, to the south of Ypres, the I5ritih met with stout
opposition and repulsed numbers of counters by the enemy who
fought, with a greater energy and determination. Especially was
tljis so near Ploegstreete where the British arc threatening A mien
tieres. On the Aisne sector the Americans took Muscourt. rive miles
northeast of Fismes.
Despatches from American army headquarters in France tell
of a small but brilliant action by an American force which frustrated
an attempt by the foe to retain a foothold on the south side of the
Aisne canal in a wood west of Villers en Prayers and cleaned out the
Gerrnans left there.
The dense woods were packed with German machine guns and
the jxisition was under cover of German batteries. The Americans.'
after a few hours of fighting completely cleared them out anil
straightened out the Allied lines along the canal.
The Americans had no time to take prisoners and the German
losses were very heavy in comparison with the numbers of the foe
and the size of the operations.
General Peyton C. March, chief of staff, in a statement which
he issued yesterday characterized the German retrograde movement
as a general retreat along a hundred mile front frpm Arras to Hheims.
He pointed out that the German line, at its nearest point, is now
more than sixty miles from Paris while on July 15 it was less than
forty-nine. He said the retreat was forced primarily by operations
of the British on the Arras Peronne front and secondarily by the
Franco-Americans who reached t,he Aisne on a' ten mile front. Still
further north the Allies had reached within ten miles of St. Quentin.
(Offloial)AxmyowtNMMw &m
the entrance of the United tut".
into to war aara ,CU7
addition m ariaer mmUm ifroa
watch rtcerety mn 'rapid
net to .warrant rort.A .i.rv tS .
-In making tae anftovnetMoat M
total ctAnaltio U tba Aawy, . la..
war 4fsrtBMnt. auMirtded;, tfc
)o - m ' fouawat ndKillad ;lstac'
Uca. CS40," lichidlng '. Ml toot, at A
t ; at dead ef woada,;leSa:.da4 (
di 1M; dead of accident aa4 ','
other caarta, T94 woaadad ia '
- . i,4.w7i inrartnc la action, la
clodial: . BriaoBoraK M4 : '
.UwM at, ead taijW7aW'ir '.'
Tnt Hat. 4m net; tndndri eke ;
cs maltla- tit tha iMartiie-. Cons -which,
whew added, (wUl trio, tto '
total of caevaltiaa ha. . tkaaa twa
Branches of th eerrlca aber 11,
OOO.i .! i int. 1 It
fa tba MMr Mat Whlckrwaa
r'a-4 Dy taawu :4asfipiH
rertttdaf"i,taaro aypMadV"tM
aaaita, Uta toiled la acttoo ' bwom
brtd tvwnty-MTo,adaaf
woMds tr ddC athar caMta, ".
wondod Its and aniaatng Mrnty
tbrM. i-
Atncng tn offlcor lncludod In
tha VLst waa Capt. John rauat of
Venaontviuo, Michigan, -
w. a. a. i -
Mah Fi-dm Matii Is
Listed As Woiinded
WAJslIIJTOTON, HrptfinbfT 9
(Axaorlatoil Prean)-t-ln th Manual
ty list tiich wan rekufrj laitt nixht I
thcri' appcam the name of Cor
poral Manuel V. Kodrigues, who has '
been wounded.
In the army m-nrd the aame of
Mj. Maria F. Rodrinuor, l'aia. Ma 1
ui, i gien u the nearest kin of
Coiporal Rodrijuen.
4 AllsSuSDeCted , .m"U"? unt.cr n. ""' onrmalte tho UMa-'antrTalookJat
! ' . mTiniMiq rani wco eooRea ror Tnr ... ... llW. . vnnnlr.ir', I
- ' - . 1
NCtf YOHK.ryrrt"' D-MAinwela V ' r ' lr" 1 " V, , lemowtda aland wma ircnaaV4iarf
hi-hfW for poaeo from th. ZJ&uS l lSTk
re anal rower art expected to follow who for fen dayt and nlghta. dtwva , ""j "f n!
thAlli-ntr4;ssWe,;tha.aVeatera their freight throagh continuova ah.ll- hZl nTt
ejr,r,oiaA. rqai t Turkey .Indlca- fcwdquarle.l. Ke-. froai' tr"iPortef ,,VAht VSt.
. .!. 1 i- . . . . . m .. . - farm, and eana of. hot eoltpo and t
.p,tca ,rrtye4,M.A..terd,wbkll, A?f ' W'tV P. ,0" rvhaeJth.
w r"T2 ' , fT vlata the ar.hnwfcAewaa.a-
tallaCof ialervtow frUta waa gHtrea ro,,
Prisoner -Taken, - Much Booty
Secured apd . Important Rail
road Lint Captured In Recent
Engagements ;,. . ,
M lka Mav Fiot Prtw ry. th Tar- f HBeora dawn oa tha alght of Jan 14. lont ,oew.wioll of duatoreid eot, I SlWINOPF f KtrAhti
.raana. it im Aunnu ho fMn-vBenun urna browa fee aarf auagrr moath i - TO ADVANCh f
hih aad-Wrierv' Talatt Paiiha. BrM Auatriaa (hock eam.y Behind umB browa fee had hoagrr
t.ia thi fefiottod .liUfftview , tfeoi Taa- t wiiuag iianaa array woro. rour YrangporUtloa Frobltroa . ; f -kM
raadiialoB ald that aa boliovod. Metiaaa of Ameriean ed Crota ambu- c . ghootdr or th oMoiata
pea obM torn befoio the ' whiler, -. laaeaa., Maay of tha Aaiertcaa an duty.' u-Jrll-, u wj aiWdx rhdi
.hat.tha.h.d ..Iwiuated Mtaalf i. ra new to Italy and lav war. Th "Tni oVtrta-pCaUol- s"d
itiarhicremcnta adbat Ua.eootiao. wnorar wera vateraa qriver irom xa. Mri'tBlt h,, a, gtoVe4 t aomo .Mf
ajia waa pinHinnm, ewany aa wm , Une front lh Jihek Md'-M M WrtVet
W IDC 1 1 UMl, ..VI . 1 V -..wwww.ww -
a drrfa apoa tlu beat blood at the waf- theit orle long before tha
rtnjrfere that eould aot atueh long- tKatelard war. The eartoua faeV . Mon . ; . .
or fe borna,. ; , ".-r: "ooa he roeordj of ithe et- xd. p0rthara ttafjn lHMt, ,Vaai
-t'.Oiir-'WifmleaotAeafludiBg Atnof- eiwoe aad tho amateur there atandf rovfTeA 'n, k network -f atarea -at
lag . hoatUltiea 'longer,
ntrateirie Dointa. and eroerRency eom
munieationit "Marked oiHWha the a
rorces ,nas us tnect on boi
tneviki Who Offer Lesi Resist
ance man hormeny
KtEVYORK, September 9
11 (Associated Press) Grow-
WiaraKI Wf W. W( , : ' . . re.rlin-;invalr
laek eame. within tbr bowa t "f ' "
ipintea up Dy me assistance anu
support which they are receiving
from the Allied expeditionary
forces arc reporteT from Vlady-
.vostok.and Tokio in official anM
jw a . -f t e
w-. .w. .T "V -h lllHnr, SMtlon N. 1 r : -jetment of the Horl temi-omcui reports, i ne lorces
; 1 V ...' the lKeit of the four neetiona, takca Croea worked aa a unit , daring thoaf I pf General Semillpff are advanc-
n.. ' mi., .ai-i.i "..1.. i j C. ' ter.' Qoldnhwaite II. Vorr. of Nutlev,
i. .,1, ' "1." on rlutv nt an advanred pout whien waa waa npuermoat in trie Beans or an
battreeront. a.errwaere, w aow oc . , tb - -neinv ,bon 'hieh demollnh- VV
eupy our aew pomnone waicn were pre- . - f . . . aoaaoletetr ' Th. foreroinir waa wrlttea br a rep
eovered hla ambulanre. Ketnrning to reeatat4r of tha aedCroae. let Italy
ira," he eoaUaue.1, V wH ehotily reotf- today little dlfferenee. Coolhcadcdnena
ftiae that thttr m no aenee in eontiau- nmier. nra la eooa learned it it can do
...... . 1 . . , . . I I . I 1 .
; mmrfl n a nn to oaiansn ino ri-
,.mm m pi"in e early news reached. Koroe, t ae emei
qiwntly 1b more eager, in a eareer la mechanim w at work. B
whlnh the Kalne of eagef noaa runa aiIrna bf automobile, oceatfoally b;
a elore aecoad to dexterity and common f reqatly aa. tb, baml-bag
aep;r..i .,: I ,. of rc,l croaa ofBcera hurrjiog T-
ftetams te Puty , I the front, aamtllc moved forward.
., A report anade to the Italian upreire prOie!ian of . iladen ? cantiens atarteil
eomman ty tae eommanner or Amen- from rentcrii in norraern limy.
uEluiimlif UCCuhu
pared la advance."
r w
t , jr-aa.f -',i'w
Secretary of War Pays His Sec
ond Visit ( Since Nati6n
Entered Into War
' Nil fa. w t I a. IS iilri riJtl'IfU 1IIB HUlUUinui
The light offlcial report aaid: -Thera Ufr h.rt, of
i. noth.nKn.w from the battlef root tt Uo?tkm bf ,
ty w.a..-r-r--v - . (r(turiied te the
. . Ml
WalUr .Scott Victim of Smallpox;
Governor .Asked To Notify Sis
' ters Supposed To Be Here
V'alter 'fieott. a machiniat, formerly
of loaohilu, died in. Manila of aniaii
pox . on "Jlan-h 2i) at the Kan Laznrc
Hoapitali''notire of hla death rearhinp;
Ooveraof C. J. McCarthy, yeaterday in
a letter from Char lea C. Wnlcutt Jr.,
artin ehlef of -lira bureau of innulur
affairs of the War Department, Wah
'The tiovemor waa requested to com
aiuiieate with, the young man 'a tun
HMtera, Jcnitia and Buliy reott, on he
half of: the bureau, in order, that n
etnnil amount of property may be turn
eil ver to them.-
., Thav only Walter Mtrott in. the lint
of. ,pMtplacin tha lalamla waa a ma
chinijit with tbo Nawiliwlli Oarajte,
rTawiHwfli, Kauai, who IKed there In
lOin. It is aaeumcd that the man
who died in Vtanila la the aame per
aoa, for jthe naln does not appear in
eabYuciil liectores of the Island.
.. Tito nhief , of police of Manila, in
a coiumunieatiqn dated April 18, ad
dressed to the eiceutive secretary of
tha atvtina iia unl ran the- hoadauartori
another antbnlaaca of the organitatioa in waahingtan
returned te the Held of ; battle ,ln i4:-it fw.,f "f
ordethat hornet continue h work Q I 111 M A 1 ! PQ U
Tha report of ro.tioa No. S la fuB of OUUIIinillllLU LTI
siail'ar instaace of braverr. .JOa via'-
I ter Xlillor, Jr., of Kcnora, Ontario, Can
' ada, and , Frederic J. Agate of. Scars- j
,'dale. Kew York, were-, Ordered ta a
1 front -.uoat; rrivinz ala .reea road
A portion , of General Seniin
pff's forces nas occupied Ifada-
bak and another portion Chin-
.aatSKaya wnne nis main army is
concentrating at Bolja, it is an
nounced m semi-official despatch
'es from Tokio. In these success
less the Czecho-Slovaks took 100
prisoners,. two machine guns and
ISf.iuSi: Officer Of Germifl 0-Boat Seen Ir 'Re . quantities of war stores, in
lew York Saloon By .Captan
of Vessel That Was Sunk
iiiaee with the heln of the machine, v-t d rAf.' I eluding a number of motor cars.
gnnperators. thoy tore down and open.J iv? c.it I The Czechoslovaks who are
ed the barhed wire, and advanced 300
meters further, and reached a nowe
where the wounded were being eared
for while bullets of the two armies weia
raining all around them. Having loaded
their automobile with wounded, thejr
returned to the stations where the in
jured -received Brat-aid treatment, -raa
At three o'clock on the morning of
June 13, the commander of the section
Judged by the Intensity of the bom
WASHINGTON. August 19 A new
spy menace appeared today when the
navy, .department jecelyed .'parts tha,'.
Herman suhrnariqea, are.jtauding: .men on
the shore of thai United States.
"The ' first ' officer of the American
steamer, 0. 8. JeuniAga, aank recently
off the coast, reported to the navy de
WAxHINUTON. September . (As
aoiiutc.l Press) Secretary of' "VYar
r.a'ier nikI his party hnve arrived safe
Iv in Kranca, it in announced by the
r ilei.H tment. A niHr those in the
I nrtv nre John P. Ryan of the ar
crnft prucliirt ion uoanl and turijeon
(ienerHl Uorns. ,
This i tho neiDiid visit ef ecpe
lii Kt
nan can-fully withhelil until it could
lie annoumed that the party had ar- n... .v.Kn. nh.i. W. K
rivea. saieiy. . I Beattv, who wns Uo a witness to
The party will vihit the coceiitra I th)1 .j,,,,),. 'j-fce boily was cremated
Ikon and traiuiuv points for the Am ..... .k.. .u.,.. .,..a.l ..r In J Taurt
erirans. mav have vie of the battle' ,. ui.... .,K,ni,r b, 047 Calle
Onppiu,, sUniln, . Nearest ralati'f-s:
Jennie and HubV Ptdtt. Honolulu. D-
I eenwad wa bora at.Kilaaea, Hawaiian
' i InlaniU.-, H left-a w ill which is in
possoasion 'of Attorney Hiison. His
' personal effects were ordered destroved
' by .Doctor Beatty." The letter also
J mentions a small .sum, of money de
ffomted in the rMiffippiiie National
iBank. .
! Mr. Waleiitt informs the Governor
' that . tins luiau has liooi uiisui'.ceSiHful
in 'locating the two sisters, and he is
renunaloil to make h pearch for them.
1 Ah the Manila authorities understood
! f!tor Heots woa on at Kilauea, Ka
uai, it; -is likolv ihat Rolert Hcott, a
eareiiter at Kilauea, is a relative.
the Thilippiiic Inlands, reported the
juu nt m.ii fnllnwar "Walter
riaker to France and. lis la h Heott... American, t0 Veers old. ainBle,
in-tnii e, news of hi departure i ,..,; ..hlnUU He died at Hun
Lsvrjire, HospiUU Man h XV, ivi. or
frout and will hold important confer-
eiiccs with French and British leaders
I military uml civilian.
' w. s. a.
bardment that a certain advanced psrtuient that he recognized, ia Stf
post required a reinforcement of a1"""- York saloon, one of the officer ef thr
lance rour unjeer. were aeuiiN Mbw,riHf..wblefc ank hi. veserU Th,
. rki... llli.rri. nitdlev V. tlerinan orhcer recognized him aro, thi
Wolfe of Irvincton on Hudaon. New 'American sailor aalil, aadeacaped be
Tork. Lucius H. Davidson of Great fore he-couw givo. ta,aiBrn,
nd John A. uor
concentrating to , the north of
Manchuria have decided to enter
aibakal and w ill soon be moving
forward in tnat direction. A por
tion of their forces have already
ntered Mahcnuli. "
Official despatches from Vladi
vostok say that the Japanese
"General staff is informed that the
Cicho-Slovaks now hold the
ailway between Olovana and
P.eiiza and are preparing for fur-
Villane. Nova Hcotia,
don, of BB,rrc, Vermont. They advanced
to thla post, in spite of a violent en
emy bombardment -of shells and tear
gas' bombs. (One of these men is now
in Milan, being treated for a serious
condition of the eyes due to g). This
medical, post became so dHageroos dur
ing their work there that It had to be
abandoned but they continued to carry
wounded, gathering them from, the road.
And this task una continued and accom
plished by them day and night during
the entire Kiffejisive.
On tho night of June 17 two of the
new volunteers who had just joined I ha
ertimi dintinuuished themselves.
Anot her. ,toty reaching kexe . war lther advances alone that line.
. . ... . , ,A.t . i
ma l I nc capxnin or a tranwiiw nwi'i
being ordered to the -tocmarine with
was .istminded ta see. w
his uaiiers.
the desk' of the Xlnran, commando
copies of New York dailies of the aame
date. . ! i - I.'iii-w.
This rciujrted activity of Germai
suliiiiariiie caused ..Wore-, scriou, cop
earn ainonu naval officers than the ai'
tosl dnnisifc done b-r tho Germans in
sinkitiff i roatfwiao- vessels). '"At ia-.poa
sible that suhmarine lOfficc.ra will - U
nble to obtain information of trooi
inoiemnnts and transport sailings bj
I lemon si visifcs tuhore;.-,
Cut Oablea to West ladlea
li ws renorfed from hiuhest offi
ter .1. Fcder of t'incinuati, Ohio, and;,, , .4Uy that-' -en of '
a. i . ys ty M WT , 1. XT T " ....
rhc opjjoskion which the Allies
ire encountering Jias not been so
strong as had been expected and
he Bolshevik fight less desper
ately against the Japanese and
heir qther Allies than. when they
;ncountered the Czecho slovaks
icfore the arrival of expedition
ary .forces.
Loss of Prisoners By Germans In
Week Shows KowHcavy
Must Be All Casualties
'UKBNF, Hwitserlaad, Heptrmher 8
(Oflicial) The presence of American
troops oh the Italian front ie having
a demoralising effect oa toe minds of
the Austrian aoldiera.' They bad 1eeirrtrrea' in -Virrvpe
told , it was impoHHilile for the I'uited
States to participate sufl'i ieetly to.
even hirlnents rwsults iu France sn I
to And that there are also American
trOOiM in Itslv has convinced them
that the United Htates must have large
af .
I u. ;HtoiiW siqum is .CM and rrst , ,
thO oik arKiiW I" i. Thi Kut rusi known fur
tnlniRe Um Tullnj esssamasMS tsw s
" I f -" .7T . . I . . ' - ...1
y Ptimsi Iii1, IMkHaia, WO, I j. i.viiwiiM
fui Msnufsiurcr.
Iivsn, S I
NKW VOUK, Haptember Hr-rtAaso-oiated
I'ress) -(lejinaav ' ianaease
losses iu the lighting on, the Western
front while she struggled to fall back
iu a seuiblain-e of oruW.are reflected
try the nnmber of prisoners taken bv
the British. ,'
OHii-iBl reports received from Lon
don yesterday hh'hI that in the lirst
week of ISi'ptcniber, tieueral Haig's
farces Im.l takeu more than I'J.OQU pris
oners. ,
He h nUo captured large quanti
ties ef uiai lii ne guua, uusibats of field
Kuns and Ireiuii mortars and large
stores of munitions imd supplies.
The ilenperute efforts of the Ger
main to reorguui.c and strengthen
their depleted forces are shown in dee
pntthen from Amsterdam, which Sv
that many Oeruiau uffiriala in Bel
gium hsie lieen called away ,roui
their ilolimiH ami are now being re
placed ly women officials. The men
are luing called into immediate active
service. ,
w. a. i.
WANHIMiTON", August 2bWUnd
ing fieldii fur aeroplanes are. being e-
taldiHded nt intervals of approximately
every ion miles across the entire Uni
ted Hf ii t i'm tlie wsr department announc
ed todiiv Mnm of the fields are now
completed m 1 M in idaniiei) to equip
tliein for liirin.liin gsn and oil, ma
chine hliuii rseilities fur aviators. Chains
tif landing lields hnve been cvinpleteil
in New Yovk, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Il
linois, District of Columbia, Texas,
iporgiu and California, while work is
under way on fields iu Arkaasas, liias
issippi, New Mexico and Nebraska.
Lfttiib riild Achy
Every Mbfiiiri?
1 1 m
Thera 'a little eaee when youajiid
neya are weak awd while at first there
may be nothing snore serious than dull
backache, sharp, atabbing pains, head
aches, disxy apells and kidney irtegu
In rifles, yon must aet quickly to avoid
the mora serious trouble, dropsy, gravel,
heart disease, Bright ' disease. Use
bean 'a Baekaeaa Kidney Pills, the rem
edy that is no Warmly recommended
here 'and everywhere.
"When Ifonr Back is I.ame-Bemem
bor ills Name." (Don't simply ask for
a kidney remedy ask distinctly for
Doan's Baeksche Kidney nils ana isk
no other). Petl'l Backache Kidney
Fills are sold by all drueaists and store
keepers, or will be mailvd on receipt of
srife br the Jtollister Drug Co., or
Benson Smith A Co., agenU for the
Uawaiiaa lalaada. (iulvertiaeuieat;
Koliert a Cory, of Newark, N. J., went
to a front post whore Ughting was very
fierce, and were stopped by a colonel,
nho told them it was Impossible to pro
ceed. At this very moment, the Colonel
was htruck and seriously injured by a
piece of shell. They carried him im
mediately to a Surgical Htation. On,
theis return they were stepped at a
bridge of military police, who sa(d it
was fatnl to'go further; hut taking ad
vantage of a moment 's inattention on
the part of the geards, tftey went on in
spite ef this. warning, and sueeeedod in
arrylnir a great numoer ox wouuuou
from this area.
Canteens Spring Up .
. .Nut long after the first ambulauce
moved, American Red Cross ennteens
sprung up at favorable sites just be
hind the lines. Ten. canteens had been
in. operation under the Department of
Military Affairs for1 months; seven
more were added immediately. .The
emergency group were placed, equipl'd
anJ directed by B. IUrvey Carroll,
American consul in A'euice. . Out of a
long experience iu Bed Cross relief
in that besieceil city. Mr. GarrolL. waa
able within, twenty four hours to gath
er and ship through the teeming con
of ojieratious euough coffee, cigarettes
and chocolate to supply stations where
the daily average of men served was
Honietinies as high as 3000. Each
poMt was directed by two American
Ucd Crose niqu for tha purpes. , '
Knrly in:the offensive, nfleata tic
curred in the Amorican Bed Cross
forcs. .LuiutentrntEdaaid M. Mc
kry ef New York I'HyU who- had taken
the (I rat American canteen to the Dal
ian front last winter and who had
lately moved to a site on the I'iave
front too hazardous to be entrusted to
younger men, was instantly killed by
a shell on the morning of June if,
Lieutenant McKey was buried the next
day, his grave marked by a plain wood
en cross, Inscribed with his name and
rank, like tho two rflw of Italian dead
beside him. A siiihH American flag
has been placed benido the eress, and
throughout the battle his Italinu
friend kept fresh flowers on the grave.
Best House Work
Besides these canteens in the verv
center of the busiest fire, there were
vthrr and equally buy Ked iCross rest
kotiees at the railway stations in the
rear. At thesu junctions, tired uol-
(ierinan submarines equipped with ca
lile cuttinir auuacatua bad succeeded re
centlv ill' cutting two cables from the
L'nited Hlates to the Went Indies. Om
wus a Freurh cabin. These rabhpi wen
repaired by a cable ship operating
under eonvoy.
From, this swine ioftieil ,aovace i it
was learned that three large German
submarines of the Deutschland typi
hnve been operating e too Ameicas
shore. f.llirHe vessels, arf or the i-ruis
Ing type, S00 feet long, armed fore an'
aft with lnch 0Sk and with a cruis
ing resliimraf'dfiOVO aiilcs.
200 U-Boats Sank . -
The natv devartmetrt also has rr
ceired i Hiformatloa Uat -200 Oorman
submarines .hare iiecit .suk toy ,thr
American, and Allied OeeUt more ir
offleial informattoo fnrtlrer that Oct
snnar.hae ffetn 10 to l0 abmrifie
. .." . m . .. A I.- I
left, amy a xew. or. xnan mm jo . AwerieiB tr,de
which the German navy boasted be I ,
h -ataMi1..-'-rtt; l. I ' !'" f Tl . I I
. As aowi viewed). aere,4he. objeete of
the Ooriuan L' boats are shown to be
Hr.i in terrnrir.e the naVv dhritrtmenl
iuto recalling wnrsbipat-fioavifcoospeso
patrol duty by carrying suomartne op
orations tnt inericaa.''waier, TW
ulan has 4 tiled. becaiuM VH anvy be
liavi its ennvov arrnnircments and
coastal petrol adequate te safeguard
tFoop. shipmeUtaiand , uroteet t larger,
roastwase vessels from . attack., and ao
, UM V, September S (Official)
tcpreseutatives of l'eru and fhe Unit
id,. States hae. signed the agreement
'or the transfer to the control of the
United Htates of all German shipping
hat has been interned in the I'eruvinn
harbors. .The. understanding in that
the shipping shall .be unci I primarily
for the benefit of the l'nited Htates
ind the to belfgerents.
"This transfer will enable the l'nited
-ttatos to release ar.ve.rnl vessels f a
ilower and less useful type for trans
atlantic traffic for use in the South
HAN FUANCIcVCO, July (Odicial)
To confer in New York and Wash
warships will be recalled from tbelington on the subject of furnishing to
Kuronead fleets .l-'' 'i-- I hc't'nlted Btntes some of th'e produvts
, .L . '..: A U..I. nSTl .L. - - ' t a-, . -
oei'OiHi, w ih. uiiipi intn vast iniiiiiig iniiunrries or japan
from secret, telegrarphlir omipunicauoi I and other parts of the Orient, F. Ku
with Us forces am Allies abroad bvlnsra( Japm,', "t'oiiper King" has d
cutting cables. WBicrais , swi unis
would fail, he cause if traneatlentte
cables are cut they can be repaired as
easily as the two West Indian cable?
were repaired, without further damage
than that resulting front delay ia use
of the cables daring repairs.
OJ iotUe Diarrhoea
Are you subject to attaeka of diar
rhoea f Keep absolutely quiet for, a
few days, rent I bed if possible, be
careful of your diet and take Chamber
Iain's CohV and Diarrhoea Remedy.
This medicine has cured eases of
chronic diarrhoea that physicians have
failed on, and it will cure you. For
sole by all dealers. Benson, Smith k
Co., l td., ngents for Hawaii. Adv.
(Continued on Page a, Qoluma ft.)
parted for the Kant. He was given the
privilege of a special car for his jour
ney. f -''; ti 'i .
WASHINGTON, Seutcmber (()!
tialWith the establishing of head
quarters by the Caecho Slovaks iu
Praio, an has been- announced iu des
patches from Switzerland. Deputy Hon
kop will be in charge and tliero will
be a local council composed of repre
lenUlives of the various 8.ccho -
ROM K, September 8 (Ofllcinl)
I'remier Orlando today received Btate.
Uenator Bood of New York.

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